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Perfect Like The First Time Around
The site is always easy to access and search. Found what I wanted and watched it for a few weeks and when I found the price was right, I purchased it! It was such amazingly quick shipping and arrived within less than a week coming from CA to Toronto, Canada. So impressed during these times too. Payment for duties is easy as well as I get notified through text/email and pay online. I always pre-calculate the amount before buying to know I am actually making a savings vs buying brand new. Never had an issue and packing is always substantial to make sure delivery is smooth and unharmed to the items. Tracking is always on time as well. Would definitely recommend Fashionphile as FASHIONPHILE have the largest selection with great savings, for the most part.

3x I've purchased an item with overnight shipping and...
3x I've purchased an item with overnight shipping and have yet to receive it a week later. I don't know where my package is at. It's impossible to get a hold of anyone and when I do it's met with a simple "I'm sorry". I've asked to speak to a manager several times and have not heard from one. The customer service is disappointing to say the least. Ive spent a lot of money with fashionphile but that doesn't matter. Everyone I've spoken to seems content with this level of service. There's no going above and beyond.

Restocking fee
Like many of you here I have been with this company for years, I purchased and I also returned what I didn't like or later found the same item cheaper elsewhere. As today, August 27th 2020, I received email from them saying whole bunch Thank you crap and the end FASHIONPHILE informed me that they start to charge 10% restocking fee on all returns once the return rate is reaching 70% and up, ok I am close! So If I buy a $3000 bag and need to return it, I will be charged $300, which is way more than both way of shipping cost they paid, not even talk about how much they already have made from me by buying so many bags. I think what s fair would be to ask me paying return shipping fee instead of 10%. Totally scam, that s not how one should do business, not in these days. Besides I have read online from PurseForum that Fashionphile sold FAKE bags, totally wrong in many ways.

The 2 stars is due to me messaging the accounting department
The 2 stars is due to me messaging the accounting department. I sold something to you guys for store credit for the extra 10%. You guys made a mistake and gave me an ACH transfer. I asked if I could get an extra 10% back to apply towards this. I sent a message to accounting that NEVER got resolved - no response since Nov. 22nd. I called btw and spoke to Carmen (Which this isn't her fault) but she said to email accounting. Accounting didn't do anything for me. Plus your inflated prices for everything is getting out of hand.

My wife bought this same purse from y'all a few weeks...
My wife bought this same purse from y'all a few weeks ago. However, we had to return it because the strap was (very poorly) altered/shortened. Whoever altered it did a sloppy job and this alteration was not disclosed on the listing. However, after returning it, we saw the same listing at the same price go back up without any mention of the altered strap. Y'all know the strap is bad. We told you. And still you're trying to sell it to some sucker at the same price. Shame on you. I am purchasing from y'all again because its my wife's birthday and you're the only one with this specific color in stock. I have nothing but bad things to say about your company and my wife has made sure to let her friends know to beware of your listings.

Very difficult to reach anyone by phone AFTER an order has been placed.
I have ordered from FASHIONPHILE for years with wonderful experiences. However, after my recent purchase I was unable to reach customer service for post order issues even after waiting an hour on hold my first attempt and an hour and forty-five minutes on hold my second attempt. I gave up and resorted to emailing customer service. Excellent service before and during placing my order, abysmal after my order was confirmed. Please make changes to go back to your old ways, FASHIONPHILE!

Wonderful Chole`
This is my second purchase from Fashionphile and I love this one too! I was skeptical at first but I am a true believer now. The descriptions of the bag(s) on line are modest at best. This bag arrived in better condition than described. In addition, the return/buy-back policy is fantastic! I have purchased from another pre-love site/company and NEVER AGAIN will I shop with them. If I were not on a budget (for real) I would probably buy something from Fashionphile every week.

Good concept terrible service
In theory the concept is great with reserve payments and in person stores. However, contacting with any questions and concerns will leave you with unanswered emails or waiting over an hour to receive a call back. Shipping is slow and the representatives will lie and tell you you will receive the item on the desired date and it will not even ship by then. You would think 2 day or overnight shipping would be included but no, even paying over 1k FASHIONPHILE will ship it after 6 days via ground. Would not recommend.

Even Better Than Expected
My purchase was listed as "Excellent"
Condition but it was perfect with no visible signs of use at all! This was my first purchase from Fashionphile. I have used other high end consignment sites that don't take returns for bags and been sent bags that, if FASHIONPHILE were lucky, would be considered "good condition" at best and were labeled "excellent with no signs of wear". I am more confident in Fashionphiles authenticity verification and appreciate their return policy. This will not be my go to site for previously owned items.

Sold my bag and refuse to pay
I sent them my purse, it's long been sold, and FASHIONPHILE refuse to pay me. Their system logs every address you've ever had and they mailed the check to the wrong address. Their customer service rep (Corbin) seems to be a fake alias since he doesn't exists on LinkedIn or in any records. After many back and forth emails they still won't mail me a check siting they are unsure of where I live (even though I've had three bags shipped to me at this address). I'm so disappointed in the way they're handled this matter and the disrespect they have for customers. I will never shop here again or refer any more of my friends. Furthermore I've had to escalate the issue just to get paid for a bag I sent them. It's basically robbery at this point. Do not sell your stuff to them!

My shopping experience!
I like that you all have a working number that I/we as consumer can call for person to person engagement. I also liked that when I paid for two day shipping that it actually was two day shipping. For me it was an easy process, and I even showed the product to the ladies in Neiman Marcus and FASHIONPHILE were blown away at how well of condition the bag was. I have also told friends and family about Fashionphile and the level of products that you all carry. I am pleased and I will be returning to shop again and again.

So pleased!
This is my second purchase from FASHIONPHILE, and I'll never buy from another luxury consignment site again! I tried twice with another very popular site and was disappointed in their inaccurate item quality descriptions—and actually skeptical of authenticity on one item. FASHIONPHILE has PERFECT item descriptions: super accurate, fair, mentions if there's any odor, and their pictures actually SHOW any wear instead of trying to hide it. FASHIONPHILE has earned my trust, and I'll be buying from them again for sure.

The Main menu (top navigation is sometimes annoying...
The Main menu (top navigation is sometimes annoying when the 2nd row menu is being displayed. When mouse pointer is hovering on the top section, drop-down selection of the Main menu keeps on popping up, overlaying view of the 2nd row menu.

The clickable "New Arrivals" menu for some reason does not pop down when mouse is hovered. I think all Main menus should be like that. The auto-drop down effect is convenient, but it is too sensitive and annoying when it's constantly popping up and hinders the 2nd row menu.

Need more well trained customer service representative.
As I stated in my previous review, the wait time to speak to a representative is far too long. Fashionphile reps have informed me on numerous occasions that business is great. As a business owner myself, I find it unacceptable that Fashionphile has not invested in hiring and properly training additional representative to enhance the customer service experience. It has caused me to refrain from making new purchases.

Managers are outstanding and very knowledgeable, but the time required to speak with a qualified representative is beyond excessive. I hate having to escalate my questions/concerns to Mamager because the general agents lack adequate resolution skills.

Although too expensive for used items. But i like that...
Although too expensive for used items. But i like that there's variety and trendy stuff. However, i would have made it up to 5 STARS, if i was given a welcome promo code as a first-time shopper who also signed up for your new letters to be flooding my inbox, prior to shopping! Your competitors typically issue from 15%-30% discount to 1st-time shoppers to welcome and encourage them to keep returning. Hence, i will update my rating to 5 stars once you issue me a welcome code. Note: 2 stars dropped due to 1. Exorbitant price for a hand-me-down. 2. No encouraging warm welcome discount.

Great Product, Slow Shipping
My wallet showed up as listed. Great condition, included the dust bag and proof of authenticity. The only issue I had with my order was that it took a month and a half to get here. With that being said, we are military stationed overseas but we do have a US address and anything sent priority mail is usually here in 2 weeks or less. However, this package went snail mail and ended up coming by boat. I don't completely blame the company for this, as FASHIONPHILE probably didn't know, but I would suggest looking into a better way to ship to military personnel overseas. Next time I'll order it to a family member and have them forward it through priority shipping.

I had the most amazing first experience with Fashionphile! First of all, the app is super easy to use! Also, when I wanted to see the bag in natural light and on a body, the FP team sent photos via email right away. Lastly, I purchased my Chanel Boy Bag at 9 p.m. on a Tuesday, by Wednesday at 9 a.m. my shipping label was already created and the bag was shipped out the door that afternoon. I really appreciate this kind of promptness - especially when I'm waiting for my first Chanel bag!

Thank you Fashionphile Team!

What a joy to shop at the Fashionphile! I've purchases several bags from them. I've also needed to return a couple of bags. First the returns - as happens, the color was a bit "off" on a creme bag - it was more yellow than the photo showed. Returns - a true breeze! Find your purchase in your account - print the prepaid mailing label - wrap and ship.
Regarding a purchase - I've also purchased several bags from them. FASHIONPHILE ARE QUALITY people to deal with. No "funny stuff" like you get from a couple other sites. What you see is what you get. They guarantee authenticity. And, after you use the bag - they have a guaranteed repurchase price. The description of the bags is complete, honest and can be relied upon. Then, in the event it still is not what you expected - they happily accept your return -not sure about that "happy" part since they are in the business of SELLING not accepting returns but still they do accept them with no hassle. They have a large selection of handbags - the rest - shoes, accessories - not so much but growing all the time. I check their site frequently with some very happy surprises. I would give them 10 stars if available. That is how fond of this site I am. Not a single complaint. How sweet and how rare. Thank you Fashionphile people.

Unprofessional and WORST customer service
I came here with a large bag of designer purses to sell. To start off I felt rushed from the minute I sat down. The woman grabbed the bag of my items saying she would be back. I didn't know what was going on and why my bags were being taken to a private room. I felt uneasy about the whole situation. We are talking about thousands and thousands of dollars worth of bags just being snatched out of my hands. After waiting for 30 min she came out with a printout of what FASHIONPHILE would pay for each bag. I almost laughed out loud. My bags btw were all in flawless condition and only a few years old. They are a bunch of low balling crooks. I did end up selling two. One small Gucci and a Chanel. What really surprised me is that she didn't even ask me for the authenticity card for the Chanel which leads me to believe they are ripping others off. I mean wouldn't that be your first question if you were buying a used Chanel? All and all it was an uncomfortable and unprofessional experience. I'm glad Chanel, Gucci, and LV have always treated me with wonderful customer service. I would never shop here nor would I ever sell here again. It's too bad because I could have referred a ton of friends here had I had a better experience. So basically they lost a lot of what could have been a lot of business. To the team at fashionphile, if you'd like the authenticity card feel free to reach out to me and I'll sell it to you. As you can see from my photos I still have the card.

Seller quotes are complete rip offs! Beware of Fashionphile
I used to sell bags to Fashionphile. FASHIONPHILE never gave what I would call a completely fair price, but it was acceptable, and with the free shipping and convenience, I did this often. I would always see when I consigned bags to them for say $400, they would then turn around and sell for $700, which seemed suspect, but I kept selling them bags. Fast forward to 2020, their seller quotes are laughable, and so outrageously low that I will never buy or sell to Fashionphile again. Shame on them.

Lots of selections and great customer service but prices...
Lots of selections and great customer service but prices very high! Often get unpleasant surprises when buy with retail tags attached and even small items priced over $250 over retail price tag when under $1,000 usd so with Canadian conversion it makes way over retail price. Plus huge dings on customs otherwise would be 5 stars. Canadian consignment stores if item brand new will always be least 5% below retail price to make it worth it. Had this happen least 3 times and returns are a big hassle from Canada. Wish the regular retail was posted so you r aware and can make informed decisions to purchase or not. Also item rated excellent have come with stains or defects not mentioned in descriptions so it's always a risk you wish you didn't have to take if international

Quick and easy
Quick and easy. Though I am disappointed with your hiring manager in NYC.

I had a lumpectomy and I confused the dates with my interview because I was so anxious about it (my mom had breast cancer, my maternal aunt just finished treatments for the second time, my maternal grandmother breast cancer twice and died - all between 42-63. I was very apologetic, willing to show them a note from my surgeon showing the date was a day apart. I was willing to take a significant pay cut from my current position as a freelance wedding and floral designer, which ranges anywhere from $25-35 per hour, depending on the job, because I really believe in the company ethos of Fashionphile. There appears to be room for growth and my strengths are just what the job requires. The honest mistake was due to tremendous personal anxiety, not anything work related.

I would have liked another opportunity. I think considering the circumstances, it would not only have been the kind thing to do, but the practical as I'm certain I was the best candidate for the job. I am very disappointed.

Nice item, nice people, bad website
Due to glitches with the FF website, I had to make three calls to customer service. The website is horrible - defaulted to pick up in store, showed I had a balance after I'd paid in full, wouldn't let me pay the balance it insisted I had, and then randomly refunded me for the money I was told I owed. However, everyone I talked to over the phone was SO nice and helpful, and the item was as described. I'd purchase again, but hope the website issues get solved. Such a big company shouldn't have silly glitches like that.

Branded shoes are my life
I love wearing designer clothes as well as designer shoes. I wear only branded things actually. Of course, some people might state that I waste my money but I can just tell them that it's my money and only I decided how to spn it. I found this online store recently when I was in search of exclusive pair of shoes. I found it here, because there are plenty of designer shoes. I chose my size and ordered this pair. It was delivered within couple of weeks, because I live so far from the nearest cities. Anyway, FASHIONPHILE were in a good condition and they have a perfect smell of new pair. It's worth smelling it actually.

Fashionphile sent me the wrong size of my Celine bag
Ordered a Celine teen red bag & got a small one. Didn't realise size was wrong as I had not seen a teen or small size Celine before so I cut off the label after checking for the condition. It was only after I looked at YouTube videos of Celine teen bag and realised it only has 2 compartments with no zipper then did I realise it was a Celine small bag instead. I have already paid the import taxes for this bag since I live outside of the US and this is really frustrating. This is my first transaction with Fashionphile after hearing so many positive reviews and I have to admit it's a huge disappointment that FASHIONPHILE cannot even get something as basic as the size of a bag correct.

I have really enjoyed Fashionphile and it definitely...
I have really enjoyed Fashionphile and it definitely is my favorite of the pre-loved/second hand stores for bags. I did not give five stars though because I missed out on a bag that I was seconds away from getting. I think there should be a limit of 30 seconds or a minute as one inputs their credit info and such where the person have "claimed it" and then after that time is up it would be re-released to the public again. I pressed purchase, but someone else had already snagged it as I fumbled with my information. When the page refreshed, thinking I had already purchased it, I was dismayed to see the "this item is no longer available" notice.

Final payment
I decided to make my final payment with 10 days left on my reserve. When doing so I owed $252.50. Fashionfile's system would not allow me to put in the cents value ans also would not let me round up to the nearest dollar $353.00. Calling customer service FASHIONPHILE could not explain but processed my payment. But this final payment does not reflect on my PP history for this purchase. Tech service should be notified and problem should be fixed.

Pleasant and easy to deal with but could not answer my previously mentioned technical issue

The fashionphile concept is incredible..
The fashionphile concept is incredible. You offer designer bags and a layway option that makes it feasible for those who may not be able to purchase all at once. I just that your items are authentic, and it helps being backed by Neiman Marcus. BUT your customer service is just bad. It's almost like you don't have to treat your customers well because the product you offer is good. It's like you have the take the treatment or leave the merchandise attitude. You asked for feeback and that's what I provided, my honest expereince with you on numerous occasions.

Scam** Beware Before You Sell them Anything
I was looking to sell one my Louis Vuitton bags. After weighing my options I decided that Fashionphile's offer of $400 was the best way to go. While less than I could probably get by posting it on Posh or Ebay, I figured FASHIONPHILE would pay out faster with no work on my end. I read the disclaimer that they charged $75 to return an item if it was deemed to be a fake but confident in the authenticity of my bag, never gave it a second thought.
Well, I should have because I receive an email stating their authenticator found "inconsistencies" in the hardware, the offer to purchase was revoked, and if I wanted my Louis back I had to send $75. I asked for their authentication report or some other evidence showing to back up the findings.
Long story short, got my bag back, had it independently authenticated, sent that certification to Fashionphile, they refused to refund my $75 or give anything to back up their findings.
I find it suspicious that they refuse to give any backup for their authentication determinations and have no avenue to dispute the findings either. How many people don't pay $75 to have their item returned? Then these people get a free designer item they can turn around and sell for 100% profit.
Something is off here. Be Warned!

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER. I highly, highly recommend moving away from this platform. First, I had to email few times to find out if my return was made (after waiting for 3 weeks). I got a response back that FASHIONPHILE cannot refund it to me since I'm "missing" a tag. I told them there was no tag from the beginning and the product is obviously in an original condition. Then there was no response, so I had to call them and ask. They kept saying they'll try to give me an "answer" before the day ends for 3 straight days. I had to chase them down every lunch time for three consecutive days and today, STILL no response. It's a Chanel sandal that's worth more than $2000. I have never experienced this much unpleasant and time wasting online shopping. Please save yourself from this kind of hassle.

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We want to buy your luxury pieces and are committed to providing you with the highest payout value. FASHIONPHILE provides you with quick, safe, and simple methods to unlock the investment that is currently sitting in your closet.

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