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Sounds like a set up to me
Hi guys, *** i am adding from my lasership review to talk about fashion nova**** I wish i could give zero stars, i swear to the lordt! I ordered a large shipment of stuff from fashion nova. Around $540 worth of stuff. Since I didn't need it in a hurry, I opted for standard delivery. My shipment was supposed to dlv on 6/10, it didn't arrive. The tracking site shows dlv on 6/11 at 10am. But there was no dlv. I tracked the package on fashion nova's site and it shows dlv 6/11 at 6:30pm. That's problem #1&2. Problem# 3 is that it says it left the facility at the 29th min and delivered the 30th min of both 10 am and 6 pm.
I contacted Fashion Nova regarding my non delivery, and Fashion Nova are no help. Stay tooned for the review I'm about to leave them. I went to the companies site to get a phone# to call and i was able to do the contact us and leave a message on the site. I got an email that they will contact me within 48 hr. Still pending the reply from them. So I m super upset and per fashion nova: once the items leave there facility, they are no longer responsible for the package. They will not refund my money, they will not replace my order and they told me to contact the shipper myself. They had the nerve to offer me 25% off my next order. Who does that! One of the reasons these shipping companies were able to leave items at your door with out a signature is because a lot of people were not home and the companies they worked for didn't allow personal deliveries to the office/ work place. In order for these companies to be able to leave packages on the door someone has to take responsibility for miss delivered or non delivered would either be the merchant (i. E. fashion nova) the shipper (i. E. Lasership) or both. It would not be on the customer unless they provided a messed up address. The fact that fashion nova will not accept responsibility or just re-ship the order at there expense it the #1 problem. Even the richest people don't have $500 to just throw away. Every dollar spent is accounted for for the rich. While i am not rich or poor, all of my dollars are accounted for. I think it is real messed up that they are basically saying I'm out of luck. I ordered the items on line. Please tell me where i am at fault? Fashion nova as large of a company they are don't have a customer care phone number. I'm so upset. And not about the money, more of the fact that they don't give a F once they got they got paid. It's what ever with your items. Sad! I'm gonna share my email correspondence. I'm trying to be respectful by blocking their email address.

Until it happens to you...(lengthy but informative)
I have shopped with Fashion Nova for well over a year now. Each time I ordered from the site, I was happy with my purchase. The items arrived in a timely manner, sizing was usually accurate and the clothing was as pictured on the site. Until now, I've been happy with this company so I'm leaving an honest review for others.

I'm sure you've read by now that you do NOT get your money back, instead, you receive a store credit (or as Fashion Nova like to call it, a "GIFT card". Really?). Some may not be happy with this, especially if their experience was terrible, but I was never upset by this given that I enjoyed shopping from the site and never had any issues. I often looked forward to my store credit PLUS using 30% off and shopping for something better.

Each time I returned items, I spent $12.90 to ship it back. Yea, pretty ridiculous. But I let it slide as my returns were not frequent.

I have read and heard horror stories about this company's customer service, but until I had a problem with Fashion Nova (now), I ignored the complaints. Here's my story: I returned two orders to Fashion Nova. One was mailed out 3/12/2018, delivered 3/14/2018 and I received my "gift card" of $38.50 on 3/20/2018. No problem.

The second return was sent out the SAME WEEK (3/14/2018) and was delivered on 3/16/18 (thank goodness for tracking numbers). Now, let's do a little math, I've already spent a total of $25.80 ON SHIPPING! Anyway, I never received my "gift card" which should have been totaled at $61.59. I reached out to their "customer service" after 1 week (March 23) and explained my issue. "Dennis" did not respond to me until March 26th. He told me they did not have records of my return and to send him the order number, names of the items sent back and a PHOTO of my return receipt. I absolutely complied and responded that same day. I still have never heard from Dennis. It's going on two weeks and after reading more reviews, I'm not holding my breath and expecting a refund. Sorry, gift card. Customer service should not take 3 days to respond. Then again, when you have millions of angry customers because you aren't an honest company, I'm sure you're swamped with emails (since you can't be reached by telephone).

I'm out of money (in this case a total of $74.49, order total plus shipping coast), with no items, no re-fund, no "gift card". Nothing. I've raved about this company to every woman I know but that stops now. They price their items WAY HIGHER than they should be. I guess one thing good about the company is that they somewhat acknowledge that their prices are BS and offer 30% all the time (SAVE30, use it if you're interested in shopping with them for any reason... works every time).

Anyway, I'm dissatisfied. Of course I'm pissed about the money, but I'm just as disappointed in the lack of SERVICE and COMPASSION this company has for it's consumers. I am DONE with Fashion Nova.

P.S. I've ALWAYS used PayPal when checking out. Never through the site. I can't imagine what I would have encountered if I had.

Fashion Nova... Fashion NOT!
Yes, their clothes are cute, and even some "celebrities" wear them, BUT, there is a price to pay, my darling...

Problem #1 You DO NOT get what you pay for. Fashion Nova needs a much needed lesson on how to Manage Retail Inventory. Fashion Nova need to hire a Retail Consultant ASAP. There are too many inventory computer software programs for tracking inventory for them to be making the same countless mistakes.

Case in point, there is a 90% chance you will encounter this: You add your item(s) to the cart, Purchase, Wait for your item(s) to arrive and discover there is an item missing. You receive their Oops, were sorry card with a discount to purchase additional merchandise. You will eventually get your merchandise credit via email (if they remember). There is absolutely no reason why this situation should be happening repeatedly if they have proper management of inventory.

Problem #2 Store Credit Only. Riddle me this Batman: How does someone pay for your product, you do not deliver the product and then tell the person they cannot get their money back? You dont even give them an option if they want a refund or a store credit? Now, you have just pissed off your customer, and this is why I have officially thrown the towel in with Fashion Nova.

I received a store credit for my item I never received. So I ordered another item and guess what did not arrive? The item I ordered with the new store credit for the item I previously did not receive! So, I was given another store creditsound fun?

Problem #3 Fashion Nova is always sold out of everything. Fashion Nova does not carry the optimal amount of inventory. AGAIN, Inventory Management. Listen, an online store either has too much inventory, too little inventory, or there is a balance. You know what this says to me? More inventory means more warehousing costs, more investment on product presentation, hiring more people to manage a bigger inventory. Moral of story: Cutting costs and being cheap. Money is the bottom line. And if the no refund/store credit only debacle is not proof enough, then I dont know what is.

Problem #4 The Quality of their Clothes. You get what you pay for. As far as fashion innovation goes, their apparel is what Chuck-E-Cheese pizza is to authentic Italian cuisine. The theme of the store is straightforward; form-fitting, basic print dresses and top/bottom combos appropriate for nightclubs, pool parties with Stevie J, Greek picnics, barbeques, and the 4th Sunday at church. That is all.

Problem #5 Their inconsistent sizing. If you do not know their sizing you will quickly discover Fashion Novas clothing is too small. Matter of fact, extra smedium. I will give them credit that they recently created a Plus size line. Their size 1X will fit a Size 10. Their 2x will fit a size 12. Their 3x will maybe fit a size 14. Make sense? Not much. Their sizing is iffy.

Problem #6 Yes, they are known for having super affordable and cute clothing, but guess what? Their clothes are overpriced. You can find the same dresses elsewhere for less. Save your money. Its not worth the hassle. Check out or

On the 3rd of march, 2018 I placed an Order#12805747 with fashion nova for 10 items. The order total was $142.01, which i paid using a $50.39 e-gift card that was issued to me for a return made on a previous order and i put the remaining balance of $91.62 on my visa credit card ending in 6346. I received a shipment notification from them on the 5th of march, i tracked the item on the 8th but it was showing as a pre-shipment status(which indictes that Fashion Nova just generated a shipping label to create the impression that the items have been shipped but in actual fact it hasn't). I checked again on the 11th and there was still no movement! I sent an email to them on the same day inquiring about the status of my order. I receive a reply from Vanessa on the 13th stating that my order has been shipped and I should expect a tracking update within 48hrs. I kept checking everyday for any updates but still none. I received a service review from them on the 16th wherein I replied that there's still no movement on my order and that i was unhappy with their service and why there's been no explanation as to the delay on my order. I didn't receive a response from them at all on that one. I called the customer service number on the 22nd, no response. On the 23rd, I sent another email saying that there's been no movement, it's been over 3weeks with no expalnation. I also called the customer service number twice and after being oh hold for over a total of more that 30mins, the call hung up. As of this morning, the 27th, the tracking info hasn't changed since the 5th. I called twice earlier today, didn't get a hold of anyone after being on hold for over 15mins each time and had to leave messages for them. Eventually, I get an eamil from someone called Karen Loza stating that they have completed their research(what research?!)and they have decided to issue me a e-gift card with no explanation or apologies whatsoever for the delay. WHAT?! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, RIGHT?! I PAY ALMOST A $100 FROM MY CREDIT CARD WITHOUT MAKING ANY RETURNS, IN FACT THEY'RE THE ONE IN DEFAULT AND THEY'RE ISSUING ME STORE CREDIT! ARE THEY TRYING TO FORCE ME TO BUY FROM THEIR STORE AGAIN?! THAT'S DETESTFUL! IT'S BAD ENOUGH THAT I DIDN'T RECEIVE MY ITEMS AFTER OVER 3WKS, I HAD TO GO THROUGH THE MOST HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER AND NOW STORE CREDIT?! PLEASE KINDLY ISSUE MY $91.62 BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FORM OF PAYMENT, IN FACT FOR THE INCONVENIENCE THEY'VE CAUSED ME AND FOR THEIR SHADY TACTICS, I BELIEVE I DESERVE TO HAVE THE WHOLE $142.01 REFUNDED TO MY ORIGINAL FORM OF PAYMENT BECAUSE I DREAD HAVING TO SHOP FROM THEM AGAIN!

Fashion Nova has extremely horrible customer service and crooked policies
On August 2nd of 2017, I placed my very 1st order with Fashion Nova, (order #6862614). I was charged for all 4 items, but when my package arrived I had only received 3 items. I contacted Fashion Nova and Fashion Nova sent me a Fashion Nova gift card. If I order an item from a merchant and they dont have it in stock, I do not expect them to charge me for it. Therefore, I dont understand how Fashion Nova charged me for the item that was out of stock (although Fashion Nova never mentioned on their website that the item was out of stock, which is very concerning). By giving me a gift card, I am now forced to spend the money with Fashion Nova instead of it going back to my bank account, which is extortion and criminal. One of the items on my first order did not fit, and which I sent back to Fashion Nova. I was given a gift card for this item as well, which now makes a total of two Fashion Nova gift cards. I decided to place another order since I now had two online fashion nova gift cards to use up, and of course I had no choice but to shop at Fashion Nova, which is extremely unfair. On August 18th 2017, I placed my 2nd order (order #7256953). I used the Fashion Nova gift cards to pay for most of the purchase, and whatever was left (which was $4.91), I used Pay Pal to pay for, which Pay Pal has fully refunded upon complaining to them. On the day I was supposed to get my package, while checking the tracking information, it said Delivered, but I had received no package. I went to the post office to discuss this with them. Note that when I first spoke to PayPal about this issue, Pay Pal confirmed that the address they had on record was my correct address. However, the address that Fashion Nova shipped to, as well as the address they used for my billing, were both an incorrect address. How is it possible that Fashion Nova was able to process the transaction and bill me with an incorrect billing address? That is also very concerning. This transaction should have never been approved in the first place. This suggests that a mistake was made by Fashion Nova. In addition, the reason my package is now lost is because Fashion Nova put the wrong address. I filed a claim with USPS in September. USPS responded to my claim by stating that this incident was not an error of the Postal Service but of the merchant, which I tend to agree with. I have wasted a lot of my personal time emailing back and forth with Fashion Nova, filing claims, contacting Pay Pal and going to the the post office numerous times. In all the times I contacted Fashion Nova, it was always a different representative, which resulted in inconsistencies with information regarding this issue. I truly believe Fashion Nova is responsible for this error, yet they have done absolutely nothing to resolve my situation. Fashion Nova made a mistake and they expect me, the customer, to pay the price for it. Like previously stated, I have had enough of this and I will be escalating this issue. Fashion Nova has extremely horrible customer service and crooked policies that allow them to swindle, cheat, and poorly treat their customers. I will not let this issue go until it is resolved. This is beyond money; this is fundamentally about principle. A lot of my personal time and energy has gone towards dealing with this issue. I am invested in this issue financially and emotionally to let this go without any resolution. Thank you.

I normally would not waste my time writing reviews about company's, but I feel as if my experience with Fashion Nova should be known. I am very upset with my overall experience with fashion nova. A year and a half ago I purchased a set as a birthday outfit and I was sent a different color top than bottom. I wanted a refund for that purchase because I couldn't wear it for my birthday since Fashion Nova messed up the order. They informed me all I could get was store credit, so I just kept the items to avoid any further annoyance and inconvenience. I decided to just not order from the company going forward, until recently. Seeing so much promotion and popularity on social media, and giving much time to grow as a company, I decided to give this clothing company another chance. So I placed and order with 2 day flat rate shipping for clothes I needed for my upcoming vacation. This ended up being very deceitful because 8 days went by without a notification that items were even shipped. After the headache of contacting their support team multiple times, through email because no one every picks up the phone or returns phone calls, asking to cancel my order for a refund (since it was not shipped and therefore would not get it in time) with no response to my inquiries the package was respectfully over-nighted to me. Now I get the package finally, and in time. The front belt loop on a pair of shorts I ordered came broken! I then had to pay to send the item back to them as a return. They then sent me a store credit e gift card for 13 dollars when i paid 26 dollars for the shorts. I emailed them about this and they have yet to get back to me with a resolution. Going forward I refuse to give them another penny of my money and would like to share my experience to help potential customers know what they are getting themselves into. Come to find it, many have had a similar experience with them. DO NOT LET THE MONEY THEY PAY TOWARDS MARKETING WITH SOCIAL MEDIA DECEIVE YOU!

One of MANY emails I have sent to Fashion Nova that summarizes my issues with the company. I have spent about $1,000.00 with this company and this is the type of service I receive. I have NEVER been able to actually speak with someone, I have only received automated messages. The first time I ordered it took OVER A MONTH to receive my items and half of them were not even in stock. I was supposed to be issued a refund and NEVER received it. That is STEALING! I was also issued a 30% off coupon that NEVER WORKED. The most recent order was going to be up to 7 days processing because of the holidays (which I agreed to) but has now been 10 days and my order has still not been sent out. This is the 2nd time this company has ruined my vacation. Fashion Nova can resolve this issue by contacting me and making arrangements to have my package shipped out TODAY via 1-day shipping that I am willing to pay for. I will continue to post negative reviews on ALL social media platforms and discourage everyone from purchasing from this company. I will be contacting bloggers and social media influencers to write about this poorly run company.


Lauren Bourgeois
Dec 20,09:01 PST


I placed my order on Dec. 12th (#10*****) and it has yet to be fulfilled according to my account. Your website says UP TO 7 DAYS processing delay and it has almost been 10. I specifically ordered these clothes for vacation that I am leaving to go on on Dec. 26th and without them I will have NOTHING to bring with me. This is the SECOND TIME IVE HAD TO DEAL WITH SHIPPING AND PROCESSING MISTAKES WITH THIS COMPANY and I am BEYOND ANGRY with this company. On July 20th I placed an order (#60*****) and I only received HALF the order. After emailing several times I was finally told I would be given a store credit THAT I NEVER RECEIVED and was also given a 30% off code that NEVER WORKED! That is practically considered stealing. I want my products shipped out TODAY via overnight shipping. This company needs to MAKE THIS RIGHT. I dont care if I have to pay for the overnight shipping but my package needs to be shipped out TODAY.

Stay Away!
I made a purchase on 28th May 2019 for 12r items (Order No. 34244285). Fashion nova advised that the order was dispatched on 30th May 2019. Shortly afterwards I was contacted via email by a UK company called Global Freight Systems (GFS) asking me to pay customs fees / taxes prior to my items being released to the carrier - Yodel. Please note, GFS only had 2nr methods of payment - by bank transfer or by a link on their website. After accessing the GFS website, it became rather apparent that something was wrong; the website did not look legitimate at all, notwithstanding the methods of payment were not in line with other businesses.

At this point, I began doing some research into whom GFS were and their relationship with Fashion nova. It didn't take me long to figure out that both GFS and Fashion nova had done this before to several other paying customers - there were loads of complaints on Google RE: customers not receiving their items after paying GFS monies that Fashion Nova demanded. Albeit, there were complaints that contradicted this. Therefore, I chose to contact Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to confirm whether GFS were authorised to collect customs fees & taxes on their behalf. As confirmed by HMRC, GFS are not authorised.

From here on, I demanded a full refund from Fashion nova (via email and social media). It's now 21st July 2019 and I have still not received a refund (or store credit) from Fashion nova. They either ignore my message or when they do reply they ask me to confirm my order number and the events but then proceed to ignore me.

To resolve the matter, I would like a refund in full to my original method of payment. Due to the fact that I will never shop with Fashion nova again, I do not feel as though store credit is acceptable. Additionally, I have a $5.99 gift card on my account from a previous order. I'd like this sent back to my payment card also.

I would also like to state that I've purchased from Fashionnova times before and have never been asked to pay customs fees / taxes until this order.

Scam/ Treat of Fraud
This review will be long- this is the only was ive been able to reach them. This is my third time ordering from FN. All of my orders have been over 75$ so Fashion Nova qualified for free 2 day shipping. What they fail to inform their customers of is how long it could REALLY take for them to fill the order. I've never had mine filled in 2 days though. My shortest order fill took 5 days-mind you there was no sale during this period and my items were in stock. My longest order (current) has now taken 12 days and counting.
I have never dealt with such poor customer service. Let me tell you about my current/worst experience. Order was placed 2/18 Sunday morning and was for 217$. It wasn't until 2/21 that I received my confirmation email. (suppose to be immediate after order purchase) Expecting my package around 2/26 but order was still unfulfilled. 2/27-28 I had called 5 times, 7 emails, 3 mess. Through facebook and posted on every recent social media post. All asking why is my order not filled/shipped not being rude or accusing. To my surprise- they were deleting my comments on their pages. 2/28 and I see that people that ordered on say 2/23 had received their orders. ( I had ordered almost a week before them) I had a large order, before their site sale started and still had no contact from them other than the auto message emails. At this point I am livid. Big $$$ no contact and deleting my posts. I decided to completely bombard every post they had with a short explanation of my problems and to stop avoiding/ ignoring my contacts. Luckily some other customers saw my posts (on FB) and having the same issues, started trying to get their attention. Amazingly all of our comments were being deleted. I screenshotted most of them( FN does this a lot) as evidence. I go to their insta and the same happens. 3/1 im practically harassing them to email me back. That afternoon I was blocked on Insta and FB. My order still unchanged. I emailed my family lawyer and was advised the law (in KY) that a company cannot refuse contact in an appropriate/due time. To email (save) and send a certified letter stating- Fraud/ Embezzlement claim through my bank would be charged if no contact and or order delivery by 3/2. Also state that a claim through the BBB and Customer Affairs would be sent. Inform them of your evidence (screenshots of com./ blocking) and proof of emails/ call records to be sent as well. No refund through store credit accepted only placed back on my card. Today on 3/2 for the first time in 12 days of order they email me that my order would be express delivered tomorrow. A basic 'sorry for your wait' here's 20% your next order. I have always loved FN products I've had a few bad items sent but its really cheaper/easier to sell than return. My order was almost $220 this time- I have always tried to place large orders instead of small lots. My order was before their big site sale so I paid full price. I would think that they would want my money before someone that ordered a week after me. This whole run around/ ignored/ avoided experience has made me NEVER want to order through them again. The simple fact that they would block me on sites because I was begging them to please respond to any of my countless attempts. I think that says ALOT of a business. If they feel the need to hide my experience they SHOULD fix it. I've done a lot of research lately and im not the only one this happened to. Its sad that they would rather lose customers, than address their problems. Honestly- if they had told me that they were behind or that something was out or even that they lost my order- I get it. Its tax time- business is booming for them a lot of people are ordering- but I had placed mine before the big boom/sale- and deserve to be informed/ a priority. I think its pathetic they felt the need to block me instead of emailing or mess. Back. Im honest with my review- I really like their product- but simply dealing with customer service is a turn off for me. Never ordering again, Im still making a claim through BBB & CA. If I do not get my items by Monday I will claim through the bank. I just want my order that ive waited 2 weeks for. If I cant get that- I want my full $$$ back to my card within a week. This company is pathetic in regards to their customers. I wish I had never ordered and gave them money. Shameful business.


I waited about a month for these work pants to be restocked that I wanted. I ordered them as soon as Fashion Nova were restocked and two weeks later, I received a package from fashion nova saying that it was the pants on the label. However, when I opened the bag, it was the ugliest jacket I had ever seen.

It was a huge jacket that I would never wear. I figured it was an easy mistake to make so I tried calling the customer service line which sucks and no one answered. I sent many emails and included a picture of the jacket in them. I finally received an email back about a week later saying that in order to get the pants that I originally ordered, I must return the jacket, pay for shipping, wait to receive store credit on my fashion nova account, and then REBUY THE PANTS.

This was their mistake and the right thing to do would've been to just send me the pants. IT GETS WORSE.

After some more back and forth emailing and trying to get some one to call me, another week later I called the service line and was on hold for almost an hour because I just needed to talk to a person. I figured it was worth the wait. When some one finally picks up and I explain my situation, she tells me the same thing that I would have to return them and then wait 2 weeks for store credit. I agree and ask one more thing.

I asked her to check for me if the pants were still in stock since I waited so long for them to be restocked. After another 10 minutes on hold, I was told that the pants WERE NOT IN STOCK ANYMORE. I would have to return the jacket, wait for store credit, and then wait until the pants restock to buy them again. I ordered these pants the day they got restocked and it was their fault they sent me the wrong item.

At this point I said no if I can't get those pants that I ordered 3 weeks ago I want my money back. No store credit. Hold for 30 more minutes, then she says she can agree to give me my money back, after I return the jacket with my own money for shipping...

Fashion nova is such a scam. Please do not buy from here there is always problems! I have also received the wrong size on an item before and I should've learned my lesson that time.

They have the worst customer service. Any other company would have accepted that they made a mistake and just shipped me my pants without taking my time away and making me return the wrong item for store credit. All they care about is their brand. Never shopping there again.

No delivery
I made A purchase over $300 for my birthday. I used the payment plan Klarna to make my purchase. I chose the option to rush ship it to ensure that I got it in time for my birthday which was early September. After about a week of me waiting For my purchase I contacted the carrier to see what the delay was. I was advised that Fashion Nova charges you for this option however The carrier does not have a rush of option. Fashion Nova advised that Fashion Nova Is charging us for an option that the carrier doesnt offer.

I stayed in the house for several days to ensure that I did not miss the package. Early September I received a notification claiming that my package was delivered. I rushed outside to look for my package and noticed it was not there. I then called the carrier to figure out what happened to my package. I thought maybe it was a accident.

I did not see the carrier nor did I see my package. I thought it was a mistake or maybe they delivered it to the wrong address. They claimed there was no accident and that the package was in fact delivered. I think contacted Fashion Nova informed them that my package was not not delivered.

The next day was my birthday and I needed it before my flight the next day. I had to buy new clothes at a local mall. Fashionnova for some odd reason shows that the order was delivered in August however the carrier they chose claimed it was delivered in September the date that I had received the notification.

I thought maybe my package was stolen so I contacted my local police station to file a police report. However a crime must be committed n order for you to file a police report. The police officer came to my apartment complex and we went into my apartment complex office to pull up the surveillance cameras. The camera shows that the package was never delivered and no one ever came to the complex.

My credit is now being effected because I have to pay over $300 for a package that I never got. Fashionnova claims my package was delivered on august 26th but ontrac claims it came early September.

Do not buy from them. They will take your money and you will be at fault even if you have proof it never came. The officer and my apartment complex management saw the package wasnt delivered.

I have now lost over $500 and my credit is now being effected. Thank you Fashionnova. It is really unfair and I show many of your customers are experiencing this. Its sad.

My package was supposed to be delivered on August 27th. That was the promised date but Fashionnova emailed me on September 3rd a day before my birthday claiming it was delivered that day. Very unfair to lie to your customers about a eta and make me waste so many days in the house waiting for it. I then got an email when I tried to file a claim and they said they show it was delivered on the 26th. Very unprofessional and all over the place. I did everything right. I paid for rush ship option, wait ed in the house for several days, re bought everything using my birthday money at a local mall. My birthday was reuined and now my credits. Very unfair. Do not buy anything from them!

Not recommended - Horrible customer service who will hold your money hostage
Live in Australia, paid via Paypal. Tracked shipping has taken up to 4 weeks in the past even though Fashion Nova advertise 1-2 weeks, which is fine, but not this time. TWO MONTHS go past so I email customer service and I am very clear: either find the tracked parcel and get it to me, or refund my money. They come back confirming the packages (which they absolutely know for certain because it's a tracked parcel) and offer store credit, not even daring to acknowledge that I said "refund". I say no, I want a refund. They come back and say they'll need a affidavit. If you don't know what that is, it's the USA equivalent of an Australian Statutory Declaration which is a legal document and looks EXTREMELY INTIMIDATING to people who aren't familiar with it. Completely unnecessary step in this process that basically assumes all customers are liars even though tracked shipping has already confirmed. They also tell me that I should allow THIRTY DAYS for the "investigation". This would exceed my timeframe to escalate my Paypal dispute to a claim (which I am not willing to miss since Fashion Nova have made it abundantly clear they want to hold my money hostage after they failed to deliver a product). I told them the date I would be escalating the Paypal dispute to a claim. No acknowledgement of this, no effort to escalate, just another chirpy canned response saying thanks, please allow 30 days! :) Absolutely uninvolved. Would never shop again and actively warn other people against it. That refund should have been greenlit the same day they confirmed the tracked parcel was lost. It's up to Fashion Nova to insure themselves against lost parcels, NOT for me, the customer, to have my money held hostage while they drag their heels with unnecessary red tape and pathetically slow turnaround on complaints. UPDATE: Had to escalate my Paypal dispute to a claim, which was resolved in my favour and I've received my refund. Thoroughly convinced Fashion nova would have held on to my money or outright stolen it if they had the chance. I would NEVER recommend you make a purchase through this site but if you absolutely have to, PAY THROUGH PAYPAL to protect yourself because Paypal has a competent complaints escalation process and Fashion Nova doesn't!

Fashion Nova owes me over 200$ and now they are ghosting me!
I have not received the 220$ refund Fashion Nova owes me for products I did not receive. Fashion Nova offered me the refund assuming I would take in-store credit, and when I asked for the money back (because I had already reordered the items plus an addition 150$ worth of products) they mysteriously stopped responding. Basically I am really pissed. I spent money with them and was a loyal valuable customer who was treated like garbage when their company made a mistake. I spent more money with them, and they still never refunded me. I'm leaving negative reviews and contacting the BBB in hopes this company will rectify it's error and refund the money I spent with it for merchandise I did not and have not received. I am also posting my entire email thread with their company so everyone can see that they acknowledged this mistake and offered the refund and then disappeared when I asked to receive the refund over in-store credit. I think it's worth noting that I spent over 3000$ in 3 months with this company. My original complaint included multiple photographs of all of the items that were shipped, all of the items that were incorrect, and the packaging with the package weight so that they could verify I was being truthful. I understand that business is strained right now, but you can't even contact fashion nova through their support email address. You cannot call them, you cannot write to a physical headquarters, all you can do is open a complaint through their contact us page and pray they respond - not that it matters if they do because I've been ghosted for 4 months now. Buy at your own risk. If ANYTHING is inccorect about your order, whether it be your fault or THEIRS, they will not offer any solutions or support.________________

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Dear NovaFam,

Thank you for reaching out and for the information provided, We are happy to look at your request.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. In this kind of situation, I can offer you a refund for the full amount of the item or re-ship the item(s) that you ordered.

We look forward to your response.

Kind Regards,

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Thank you. I already reordered the items so hopefully they will show up this time and it was simply an over site in your shipping warehouse. I would like a refund for the items missing because they should be being reshipped through my new order!

Thank you for your response.


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I still haven't recieved s refund for the 220$ worth of merchandise I never recieved. When can I expect to see that credited to my PayPal?


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I have not received the 220$ refund you owe me for products I did not receive. You offered me the refund assuming I would take in-store credit, and when I asked for the money back (because I had already reordered the items plus an addition 150$ worth of products) you mysteriously stop responding. Basically I am really pissed. I spent money with you and received nothing for it. I spent more money with you, and you still haven't refunded me. I'm leaving negative reviews and contacting the BBB. I hope your company will rectify it's error and refund the money I spent with you for no products.

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Edited: Ambiguous return policy, and terrible customer service
I used to LOVE Fashion Nova. Their jeans are literally amazing, and I run a small Depop shop and regularly refer people to Fashion Nova jeans, believe it or not. Fashion Nova have so many options for so cheap! The problem comes to their customer service. If you are lucky enough to never reach any issues, Fashion Nova is great. However, when it comes to returns, they are the absolute worst. I have never returned a Fashion Nova item because a) I was happy with it and b) I knew that I would only receive store credit. It's their policy, and I happily abide by it. Moreover, I knew that they don't accept returns for bodysuits, and I purchase a lot of them, so if they aren't perfect, I keep them anyway because I respect that they are non-returnable!

Last week, I received an order from them, and one of the items, a bodysuit, was actually visibly damaged (the sewing was coming out pretty badly and it was unwearable) and, because I chose to not even open the bodysuit up (its in a sealed bag), I emailed their customer service for help. I had a few back and forth emails with a kind rep named Domonique, who, after I sent several pictures of the damage, of the sealed bag, and of my return shipping postage, stated that I would receive reimbursement in store credit for the bodysuit and for the return shipping, and that was that. I was very pleased! Until yesterday.

I received an email yesterday morning alerting me of my reimbursement gift card, which was about half of the cost of the bodysuit. I emailed customer service again and kindly asked if this was a reimbursement for my shipping, or just one of two reimbursement gift cards, for that was about a third of the amount I was promised.

A rep replied and flatly told me that was my reimbursement for the bodysuit, and implied that that was all I was getting. I obviously replied and reexplained the whole situation, but I really am unhappy with my experience! I was not even provided with an explanation by the second service rep. I would NOT have returned the unopened bodysuit if I wasn't promised by Domonique that I would receive a full reimbursement for the bodysuit and the shipping. I completely respect their store-credit return policy, but I feel I was baited into returning the bodysuit, and now they only want to give me a third of what I was promised.

It is safe to say that unless I am reimbursed for the full amount, I will not be shopping here again. It is too risky, for though their clothes are cute and cheap, if something goes wrong, you really do lose a lot.

EDIT: I have added one star to my review. The second rep contacted me and agreed to issue me my promised store credit, but I can't say she was the most amicable or understanding. I am glad at least that the issue was resolved, but it was a stressful and tiring encounter, and now that I have redeemed my gift card and purchased something to replace the damaged bodysuit I had returned, I am certainly never shopping at FashionNova ever again.

I have ordered two times at fashionnova and those two times I didn't have a big deal except for the first time Fashion Nova did the trick with the gift card and by mistake for one and two items send me the wrong size (could have happen with any company and I ordered a lot of clothes that time), the second time was perfect. I was suprise when I saw all these negatives review about fashionnova and now... I understand why!

They are money hungry, it's already digusting that some of their clothes are so much cheaper in other places like Ali express and they sell it way more expensive and then there's their manipulative tactics with gifts cards and to gain more money from shipping.

They pretend to give coupon codes like 30 % for ex: than play the gift card trick they issue you with no explanation about why the heck you will not receive the $#*! that you wanted and the card is not enough to buy what you really want, can't even cover shipping so the coupon code didn't serve up to anything.

They supposedly give 15 & off for each reviews while it's stupid because at the main page I often see 20 %, 30 % (so you see it's more worthy than writing a review for their money hungry manipulative scam ass that they are!) What a joke!

I'm having $#*! right now because in one of my order that they throw me their stupid gift card I used it to buy other stuff and when I received my cloth wasn't there! That's what I was waiting the most for.

I have enough of this shameless company that needs to be shut down.

Those of you who never had a problem with fashionnova (of course they aren't going to scam everyone) but wait until it's your time and turn in your next order you risk of being disappointed. Also, I'm sure some of the positives comments are from the fashionnova. Don't waste you money with this company!

I'm so frustrate right now since I'm on budget and was hoping to find some durable clothes even tho some are expensive.

From what I read on other websites this shamelesss company delete the negative comments. They are trying hard to hide their shadiness and don't care about anything than finding ways to make tons $#*! of profits in many ways.

All jeans don't fit the same!
I've had my fashion nova jeans for a few months now after my sister bought 3 pairs and none of them fit her properly. She bought them because so many people say how they're great for curvy women. My sister has an AU size 6-8 waist and size 12 hips/butt so she ordered the size 11 jeans but the waist was too big and she couldn't order a smaller size because she has large muscly thighs so any jeans smaller wouldn't have fit her properly.

Then I bought the jeans off her since I usually wear size 11 jeans no matter what brand I wear and I have similar size hips to her but a larger waist. The jeans fit well around the waist and hips but that's it. Even though all the jeans were the same fit (high waist super skinny) just in 3 different colours, Fashion Nova all fit differenty around my legs.

A black pair are the skinniest of them all and I would only classify them as skinny and not super skinny because there is still some give and looseness in them especially on the lower legs. Maybe it's just the shape of my legs but in all the jeans the bottom part of the jean legs were so baggy on me, especially a white pair, because I have small ankles (in most full length jeans I wear I get this problem of having the jeans a bit loose at the ankle but the fashion nova jeans are the worst I have had this problem). I only ever wear skinny jeans because anything else I find extremely unflattering. The fit was just weird because I have muscly calves so jeans might be skinny on the thighs, get wrinkled at the knee, skinny on the calves, then baggy on the ankle. The white jeans fit moreso like a boyfriend fit. They're not even skinny on the thighs. They get wrinkly and gather in places because of some bagginess which I don't understand because I have fairly large thighs. A pair of dark wash jeans fit in a similar way to thd white jeans, like these jeans fit skinny on my thighs but then they have a straight fit on my lower leg.

As well as this, I have long legs and a short torso and often find it hard to find jeans that are long enough for me, but these jeans are definitely long enough, though I still find the jeans are slightly too long. You can see this on the fashion nova models because their jeans are always wrinkled at their ankles because the jeans are too long. And also the models always seem to be wearing heels so the wrinkled ankles don't look as bad as on someone like myself who always wears the jeans with sneakers, and I can tell the models don't have long legs so they wear heels to give them an illusion of longer legs which I think is a marketing tactic. I know this is a long review but if you're a short person definitely don't get these jeans because you will have to roll up the ankles many times.

Hope this helps!

Poor Service, Poor communication, Poor organization
I placed a $300 + CND first time order in Canada after my daughter raved about their products. It took a couple hours to finally pick my final selections because everything was SOLDOUT. So confidently, I placed my order. A couple nights later I decided to order more and checked out the BACK IN STOCK. Super excited, I made another $300 CND order. However, I was on my cell and the site went really wonky. I screen shot 3 pictures in for reference in the case something went wrong. Well, did it ever! It would not let me add my 30% off V-Day discount and Fashion Nova site said it approved 3 times on my card. So, I sent an email immediately with the pictures attached. I asked that Fashion Nova pls confirm how many payments threw, commented that I could not get my discount and to make matters worse, the site never allowed me to proof check sections. I requested they cancel that order and I would reselect. As a business owner, I decided to also follow up the following morning rise and shine. However, there is no number in which you actually reach a customer representative which I found very unprofessional. They did contact me in a couple days later via email stating they would reimburse me and stop the order. Cool, NOT! They stopped my first order! The order that was perfectly fine! The order that took me hours to select, proof read, apply a great discount and was excited to receive! So, I had to send another email expressing my concern and that I was dissatisfied. I asked them to pls send my first order and cancel the one that had the pictures proving that there was serious problem on their behalf. They then replied to my email stating, once an order is placed it is sent out and cannot be cancelled. HOW IS THAT STATEMENT EVEN TRUE OR POSSIBLE when they just sent me an email stating they were cancelling my previous order that was paid for in full? So now, they are shipping me an order that I know I will most likely have size problems with but Im eager to get it because at least half of the order must be good to go. Right? Nope, tonight I just received an email stating they are having my items returned and refunded to do incorrect address. FTR, my address has been the same for 10 years so if there was a problem with it, then that would have been confirmed when I sent the pictures stating there was a serious problem and could prove it. They could have spared me the disappointment and aggravation that this has been. I placed my order a month ago and had three events that I had plans to wear some of these outfits too! After reading the reviews, Im not going to be surprised if they too rip me off with my return too! Over all, very unhappy! They have many disputes on Amazon as well and they need to be reported! If you look under their Career section, they show all these great benefits and lure you in with sweet words, but their address is only (Head quarters are Downtown LA) Where in a home office run by a couple foreign woman who barely speak english importing clothes directly from the supplier to consumers home?

Burn your money instead.
Honestly, burn your money instead of buying from this place. I got hooked into all the videos of YouTubers reviewing their clothes and, after months and months of looking at my cart and having to take out items that sold out, I finally caved and bought $80 worth of clothes and a pair of shoes. I remember thinking that the clothes arrived faster than what I anticipated after reading reviews of people waiting months for their packages online.
HOWEVER - The quality of the clothes are below mediocre and absolutely not worth what I paid. I bought a pair of "velour" burgundy joggers that don't even go down to my ankle and feel like they've been worn already, but I can't return them since the item was on sale. I bought a tunic top with an embroidered rose on it that has threads everywhere, a pair of olive green joggers and cropped sweatshirt set that is practically see through and, again, the joggers don't even reach my ankle so I have to wear them on my calf. I'm not a tall person nor am I someone who wants joggers to be worn on my calf. I also bought fleece leggings that came in completely different packaging than the rest of the clothes.

The real gag is that the galaxy print shoes I bought didn't fit (the quality is also awful and there are weird brown splotches in the print), and so I filled out the return form to send them back. When I got to UPS, I found out that the cheapest option for a return label was NINETEEN DOLLARS. That's almost what I paid for the shoes! I checked Fashion Nova's return policy and Fashion Nova require the original packaging, box included. UPS determines shipping label costs based on dimensions. I emailed Fashion Nova and explained why I'd like a pre-paid label, and it took them two days to get back to me only to tell me that "Unfortunately, we do not offer return labels at this time. However, you may still return the item for a store credit via E-Gift Card."?!? That doesn't make sense! I'm asking for a return label TO RETURN THE ITEM FOR STORE CREDIT!

I'm livid that such a ridiculously large online store who prides themselves on their millions of followers cares so little for the people who buy their products. This company is disgusting, manipulative and shady. If you look at the 5 star reviews, you can see how many planted ads there are among the fake people who were probably paid to give them 5 stars. The language of those reviews are so telling. If this company cared even in the slightest for their customers, they'd stop trying to drown out people with truly terrible experiences online and start implementing really simple customer service solutions. LIKE PRE-PAID RETURN LABELS.

This website repeatedly advertises their clothes, and promises FAST 2 DAY SHIPPING! I've filed 2 complaints with the BBB and you guys should too.

These reviews of people complaining Fashion Nova never received their packages are legit. I've shopped at this company for two years (why i keep going back is because it's cheap and gets the job done for a dress you'll wear once). However, 70% of what you order will be cheap AF looking and you'll need to return. I've returned items and never received credit for them. You never get a refund, even if they deliver your items months after you order. Just a stupid FN gift card. That should be illegal. No customer service phone line. And most recently, I ordered Christmas presents weeks ago which have still not been sent out. Obviously the positive reviews with today's date are the company trying to do damage control, because everyone else's items are backed up too! My friend ordered hers a month ago and still nothing. How horrible to do to people during the holidays! Stop promoting your store if you don't have the staff to fulfill your orders! Spend that ad money on actual STAFF. This company is as fake as their model's butts.

Oh and get this - last time they were SO LATE in shipping my package (a couple months ago), they told me that the 3-5 business day handling time was in 24 hour increments! LOL So "1 business day = 24 business HOURS, not 8 business hours they have per day, a FULL 24 HOURS OF OPEN SERVICE" WTF IS THAT! This company is garbage like most of their clothes. Do yourself a favor and order from another website like hot miami styles or missguided. Their items are quality and they have amazing customer service, and will REFUND you. We need to show this company they will lose customers with this type of service.

Look at this review, "Judith" is obviously fake damage control from the company because literally NO ONE has gotten their order on time. There is no customer service, Judith. No phone number, and it takes them at least 3 days to respond to an email, if they even do! Nice try.

Judith W.

Fashion pleasure

I appreciate the way the customer service helps me in every way.
- 2 day shipping thats completely free!
- wide choices for each and evryone!
- Very good website design

Be merry until you experience the wicked side of Fashion nova
Fist of all, Fashion Nova hype the site and you get unrealistic idea of what the item looks like on real people. Secondly, they have hidden return policy (Read to see final sale policy if you don't want to see the wicked side of fashion nova).

I thought I was lucky to find a site as stylish as this until I spent about $750 shopping from this site. I was given a gift card for items that were out of stock meanwhile they were available when and after I purchased them (site credit gift card who does that?) shouldn't that warrant an automatic refund to my original form of payment? After all I never asked them not to update their system if an item is unavailable. I went back to look up the same item and it says 13 pieces available so why in the world was I given a site credit minus $7 I paid for shipping.

When the items came in, I paid about $13 in shipping and returning 4 items worth almost $100 guess what I received as site credit? Fashion nova issued me $12.89 for items I paid $98 for, they said the items were final sale when there was no mention of it in the description. According to them all items ending with. 97,. 96, or. 98 are considered final sale. I asked that my items be returned to me and they said NO! How are we suppose to know this if the description did not indicate "final sale"? They receive these items new with tags never worn and resell them for the actual price...

One of the dresses I purchased tore when I was trying to take it off ($34.99 down the drain), could not return because I was being honest since I already wore it, I simply tossed it in the bin. I hardly wash and re-wear clothes so I'm not sure what the quality of these items would look like after one wash.

Please read the reviews on here they are true either good or bad (if I hadn't had to return an item I would have thought Fashion Nova is my go-to store or if I hadn't been issued site credit unjustly especially for an item that I purchased but later not in stock during shipping, I wouldn't have known how terrible this website is).

I should have read and listened before spending my money on this site.

They issue you site credit or no refund at all.

Customer service is ZERO! You can't reach them via phone, send emails and they select who to respond to.

Dishonest, Poor quality & Unprofessional Horrendous Costumer Service
I wouldn't recommend this site to everyone after I order from them several times just to use my credit. The first time I ordered 6 items and only one was worth keeping for the price, the rest of the items were the poorest quality you could find and smell extremely like mold. I returned it BUT Fashion Nova DON'T want to return your money, they "only give you a gift card". The second time I ordered just to expend the $204 they kept. I ordered 5 items ended up keeping 2 items. Again I ordered 4 items for the last time I thought, I just pay the shipping through Amazon-pay as I didn't want to give them my credit card again. And, Do you know what they did? They charged the whole amount to Amazon. I immediately call them and after waiting for around 45 minutes I spoke to a guy who said: "Sorry to hear that but we can't reverse it, but if I order the same items it will show as a double order then we will cancel an order and we will refund it to Amazon." IT NEVER HAPPENED! They are beyond dishonest! I still have credit but they reduced $17 from it and of course when I called they hung up after 40minutes. I ordered one more time just to finish those $50 and they send me to pair of bikinis that are NOT AS IT WAS DESCRIBED. Absolutely thrash and I got a receipt saying "FINAL SALE." Ya think? Obviously, they are very aware of what's going on. Therefore I can't return it.
There are more reasons you should consider before purchasing from Fashion Nova:
1- While Fashion Nova does not work with factories directly BUT, its clothes have been made in sweatshops that paid sewers as little as $2.77 an hour and owed workers $3.8 million in back wages, the paper reported, citing federal documents and other sources.
2- They removed their negative reviews from their website.
3- They filter their bad ratings from the web.
4- Fashion Nova declined to comment about their company was based in China BUT the retailer recently said that it works with about 1,000 vendors, mostly in Los Angeles and China, who together manufacture enough products for it to release 600 to 900 new items per week. Where do you think they will get away paying $2.77/hour? Not here in LA.
Do not support a company that is dishonest, violates human rights, and takes advantage of the ones that have no voice. If you have doubts just Google them is all there.

I am between 2 & 3 stars - i have mixed feelings not all bad
I don't always write reviews, good or bad. Sometimes i feel its necessary and this is one of those times. So far we have ordered 3 times. I have to say, the 1st time we ordered and it went off without a hitch. Online ordering was super simple, and the item arrived a day earlier than i had expected. It was the wrong size (our fault) we did not ship it back so i cannot comment on the return process. Although now heading closer to my daughters event, we had to yet again place the order for a different size. This time I had to pay for extra shipping to expedite the item. The item never shipped and now it was after my extra cost shipping date. I emailed them and Fashion Nova quickly replied with a generic email that basically said "shipped", ad then the next day or 2 we had the item. We assumed it was a fluke thing and moved on and she was very happy with the item itself. Now this is when my review might go bad, kind of. Just last night I found out my daughter ordered here on her own back in March. She told me because her orders has not come yet. St off, oneof her items in her order was out of stock. They are not crediting back her credit card, and they told her store credit only. I can see a return being store credit, but if an item is out of stock and you realize this after the order is placed, hen a full refund should be given, but we will let that go. I had to email them today over 2 months later for when her order was placed and I got that generic email again that says "your item has been shipped". I am not looking for excuses and an explanation won't change the fact that someone "dropped the ball" in their company, but it might have an influence on whether or not we choose to order again. Not to mention they are holding money that is not theirs forcing us to order again.

Pro: so far the item(s)s we have received we are happy with as far as quality and fit

Con: 2 separate orders i have to chase them down to get them to ship even after we spend extra shipping cost for expedited shipping

Pro: when i do email I have gotten a prompt response and so far followed through with what their response stated

Con: store credit only even if it was out of your control with being the item was out of stock after it was accepted into the shopping cart

I wouldn't say not to order from here, just be sure to follow up with order and don't order if you need something last minute.

Takes your money, does not send your items, horrible return/refund policy
I have ordered from Fashion Nova a few times in the past. The first time, it was honestly a great success. Fashion Nova have beautiful clothing and it is very nice quality. With my first order, I did not like what I got due to personal preference, but it did ship very quickly (I ordered it with 1-day shipping). I wanted to return some items because I did not like them and they make you pay for return shipping. I found this a bit ridiculous that overall I paid $18 for fast shipping + $8 just to return the item, but they did refund it. Only gave me half back on some of the items and sent the refund in form of gift card. That was annoying, but I used the money to place another order and that one came very quickly and I was IN LOVE. Absolutely adorable clothes and very comfortable shoes. Happy happy happy.

So, I am going to Chicago this weekend and decided to place another order. This time, I went big, I spent about $120 and with that was promised 2-day shipping. I received a confirmation email and the money was pulled from my bank account but I noticed that it has been four days and I still do not have a tracking number. I received an email a couple days after I ordered, explaining that the company was doing some renovations and therefore orders placed after June 13 are delayed.

I understand renovations and delays but here's my beef- if you're going to charge people money and motivate them to spend over $75 to get that 2-day shipping (which is really why I went over $75 in the first place), you should PROBABLY tell people if you're not going to be able to get those shipments out PRIOR to them paying for it and expecting one thing and then getting another. I emailed them (like everyone on here) and got a template response. Called (like everyone on here) and could not get into contact with a person. I am frustrated because now it is too late for me to order clothes from another company and have them be here in time. Terrible customer service and only adds to my irritation that they have this chipper template voice calling you "nova babe" and giving a SORRY30 coupon code in a sickly sweet voice when they're just screwing us over. Will be contacting FTC, the Bureau of Consumer Protection, and my bank first thing tomorrow after I get off WORK. (Capitalized to emphasize that I work hard for my money and don't appreciate it being stolen).

ORDERS #6088267 & #6259282
Pissed off would be an understatement of what I am feeling right now! I can't even put into words how upset I am! I feel taken advantage of and scammed! I've ordered from them before and recieved my order so I thought Fashion Nova were a trustworthy and legit company, well I thought wrong! These people took my money and never sent my order! I ordered one package that was $286.19 on June 22,2017 and the other package that was $198.19 on July 1,2017! This adds up to be about $484! Still haven't even recieved a tracking number which means neither package has been shipped yet. Which means the 2 day shipping for orders over $75 is a complete lie. I've watched many reviews on youtube of customers who haven't even recieved their orders or have recieved some of the things they ordered but not all of it. Which is pretty $#*!ed up because the items said they were in stock. I've also heard that when they don't send you your order they try to make up for it by sending you this gift card that is even less than the money you spent when you purchased. If you guys can't send customers their first orders, why would they want to order from you again? I've heard so much bad $#*! about this company it's ridiculous but if they are scamming they will eventually get caught! I've called Fashionnova, no response. Emailed them, no response. Contacted them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, still no response. I'm going to give this one more week, after this I am done. Fashionnova send me my orders like a trustworthy, non-fraud, non-scamming company would do. I either want EVERYHTING that I ordered sent off together or my money back! If my clothes are not shipped off in the next week and no one calls me or reaches out to my email I will have no choice but to file a claim with my bank. But I won't stop there, I will then take this into legal matters because I do not play about MY hard earned money and cannot respect the fact you guys could potentially be stealing peoples money! Send me my orders and contact me ASAP.

What happened Fashion Nova?
I usually order from this site and always more than 1 item. This weekend is my bachelorette party, so because of stress from the wedding I have lost weight. I didn't want to order unless I knew I would fit into my clothes. Well it's loose but I want to be comfortable ANYWAYS. I leave Friday 7/28 in the evening because I work or else I wouldn't be under stress to find at least a bathing suit. I choose a bathing suit from Fashion Nova so I don't get weird tan lines, don't want that on my wedding pictures. So when I saw I haven't revived any shipment info I called for a good 4 hours and NO ONE answered the phones. I'm at work doing everything I can to reach them. I finally email them with their "24 hour support" I get an email stating that because of inventory Fashion Nova have been delaying shipping... hmmmmm maybe putting that either on your site, your social media or before checkout would have helped me save money. Then I replied to that email and a robot named "Ariel" was emailing me back I asked her (if it really was an actual person) if there is ANY WAY I can pay extra to get here on Friday she said "no" and I told her well then cancel my order so I can get my money back and go buy something else at a mall (I know if I did get money back it'll take days to receive, but when you're having a wedding you're trying to save as much as possible) she then told me I'll get an E- Gift card. WHAT THE HELL I don't want an E gift card. I went ahead and looked at their shipping did anyone know there are options? They have next day shipping for $15 with FedEx if ordered by 1PM pst, but when you check out there is only one option, which is $6 flat rate shipping. I believe this company steals from you and has these policies so they can keep your money no matter what. I can't BELIEVE this company is going down this way. I have so many friends that I introduced to this store and I will be letting them know about my complaint and all the other ones I see on here. I will be calling BBB today, and I encourage many of you to do so as well so their policy can change, cause it's rediciculous.

Please don't buy from this site.

2 Day Shipping? Umm... Nah! More Like TWO WEEKS!
I ordered close to $100 worth of items for a trip I am taking on 1/28/17. I ordered online on Wednesday 1/18/17, and received a confirmation email from Fashion Nova at 9:07am CST right after I ordered. Now, being that the company is in California this order was placed WELL BEFORE their cut off time of 1pm PT. I used their free "2 Day Shipping" since my order was above $75. **** I'm so curious to learn what their definition of 2 day shipping really is.**** I then got an email that my order was shipped Friday 1/20... but no it wasn't. That is only WHEN THE SHIPPING LABEL WAS CREATED. My items were not actually rcvd by the post office and shipped until 9:08pm on Monday 1/23... That's right. Nearly FOUR business days after my initial order (not including Saturday & Sunday). So my item took FOUR days to ship. Ok. At least it was shipped out right? The shipping is only two days right? I anticipated that at least I would get my items two days later... Again... FAIL! As of Thursday 1/26/17 the item still isn't even close to being out for delivery... WHERE IS THIS MAGICAL TWO DAY SHIPPING? So from the date of my initial order it has now been a full SIX BUSINESS DAYS (EIGHT DAYS INCLUDING SAT & SUNDAY) and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ITEMS FROM A COMPANY THAT CLAIMS Fashion Nova OFFER TWO DAY SHIPPING. WHEREBOUT!? IF (and that is a HUGE IF) I ever have to order from this company again, I suggest paying for the fastest shipping so you can at least get your items like a normal ground shipping package (5-7 business days). The company's FALSE two day shipping is just a scam to get you to buy thinking you actually got a good deal... Again, TODAY is going on DAY NINE and there is no package even scheduled for delivery for items that where boasted as being sent by TWO DAY SHIPPING. Wow Fashion Nova... Word of Mouth is the best and worst advertising ever... I'm telling everyone I know to BEWARE of your false shipping claims because you damn sure didn't have to wait two days to get that money from my account!

Ethically bad company
I'm so disappointed that it's resulted in me having to write this negative review, because I genuinely do like fashion nova clothes, however what I experienced with my latest order is just not acceptable, and shows the company in a really bad light.

I placed an order, and about 10 days later (international shipment, so time span was not a concern) I received an email from fashion nova, stating my order had been successfully delivered. Immediately I was concerned because I wasn't at home at that time to receive any parcel. I needed to know where Fashion Nova had delivered my parcel to. I sent an email enquiring to the whereabouts of this parcel, as the tracking information didn't provide an address. I was told that it was delivered to a neighbour (instant alarm bells). I responded, asking which neighbour was it delivered to, because I have a whole heap of neighbours, and the ones next door, said they didn't have it. I was told that they couldn't tell me where the items where left, and that fashion nova have done their bit, because they have successfully fulfilled the order. Well no you haven't because you basically delivered my purchase anywhere, and couldn't tell me where it was, so I could go and find it.

After knocking on 7 neighbours doors, still with no help from this company, I finally located my order. I shouldn't have to do this, and fashion nova took no responsibility to even get in contact with the company they pay to deliver their shipments to get a delivery address. This information should and will be on their records. But fashion nova have their money including the $15 delivery charge, so they don't care!

Going through the items I realised that some of the jeans I ordered are not included, instead they included a completely different pair which looks nothing like what's on their website. I again contact fashion nova giving photographic evidence. I was told that I could send the items back for credit, but Fashion nova will only cover up $10 for shipping (alarm bells again). I'm based in the UK, so it's going to cost more than $10 (£7) to ship the items back to the USA. It's even more insulting that Fashion nova charge $15 for international delivery, but only want to give you a fraction of this when they have made a mistake. Its obscured that this organisation expect you to pay for their errors, whilst still taking you money.

I'm based in London, and I've never dealt with an organisation that lacks so much integrity when it comes to dealing with their customers. I understand that Fashion nova is a small company that is growing rapidly, but they need to understand that it's the customers that are making the company a success. They need to understand that if the product is good and price is good, but the service and business ethic of the company don't stack up, they will experience a faster decline.

I'm not sure if the company owner Richard Sage is aware of how the customer service of this business is operating, but I will make it a mission for this to be acknowledged. I can't take injustice of any form, and this is what I and a lot of valued customers are dealing with. Fashion Nova has a lot of people endorsing their company which is great, but we have to remember that the people that are endorsing this organisation are not real customers, there are sponsors. They receive free items or cash rewards for their endorsements, while we the true customer suffers! It's not right.

I would like Fashion nova to acknowledge this, and rectify the issues stated above, because I will take to social media in a big way to let people know wheat to experience, and they purchase from this company at a risk!

Item was lost in mail, They were little to no help
I ordered Fashionnova jeans because I heard such great reviews about them. I tracked my package excited about it's arrival. When I received the notification that my item had been delivered, to my dismay I arrived at my apartment to see that my mailbox was empty. Since it was late, I figured it was dropped off at the apartment office. The next day, I go to my apartment office twice and my item was no where to be found. I contacted the post office that gave me inquiry number only to tell me that Fashion Nova have it listed as delivered. I called the post office back, for which I was told to file a claim. At the same time, I reached out to Fashionnova in hopes they would understand what is going on, and maybe just resend the item. Instead, I was told that they need a denied claim. I received a phone call on Monday, that post office can not do anything about my item, and if the carrier left it at the wrong box, then it's no longer their responsibility. I emailed Fashionnova with my entire dilemma. All day, I did not receive any notification or return email. I then decided to call. I spoke to a very nice young lady and as sweet as she was, only offered me a promo code. Granted, I appreciate her attempt to try her best to resolve my issue, however she was denied. I only asked for my item to be reshipped because I needed by Friday and they were not even willing to do that. I work in customer service and the sign of a good company that cares about the people they serve should go above and beyond. Especially if it is not at the fault of the customer. I provided claim ids, screen shots of my claim, and reference numbers to my claim, as proof that I'm not just trying to score free jeans. I just want the item that I paid for or my money back. I do not understand why this is difficult. Looking at some of the reviews, I see I'm not the only one. Sadly, I had planned my next outfit that was well over 100 worth of clothing. I am so disappointed on how difficult it is, to do something that is right by the customer.

I am SOOOO LIVID I could cry right now! I ordered the "Love Sex Magic - Wine Dress" from Fashion Nova nearly a month ago, on 7/30/2018. When I ordered the dress, I paid 2-day shipping on the dress because my birthday was on the August 10th, and this was for my Big Birthday, my 21st birthday! I thought two weeks would be plenty of time to order a birthday dress, but with this company, I couldn't be more wrong. A couple of days after I ordered the dress, I received an email stating that my order had been delayed, but it would be shipping out soon. My order did not ship out until 8/4/2018, five days after I placed my order. But guess what though? Fashion Nova definitely charged me on the day I placed my order, July 30th.

I didn't receive my dress until the 6th, and when I received it, the dress was DAMAGED! IT HAD BLEACH STAINS ALL OVER IT! And now my birthday was four days away and the dress I was supposed to be wearing what was not wearable, and time was of the essence. I emailed customer service immediately (btw, Fashion Nova don't believe in answering their phones, so don't even try.) And a customer service agent named, "Diana Sabillion" responded to my message, she apologized, and she said if I return the dress, I would be issue store credit for the amount of the dress, and refund me up to $10 of the return shipment fee. Although I was not happy about this, and I knew I would probably have to buy another dress, I thought that was reasonable. I returned the shipment, and I provided Fashion Nova with a picture of the receipt so I could be issued a refund as well.

Well, as most know by now, Fashion Nova could not care less about their customers, and they are very negligent. The following week they issued me a store credit of $15 via gift card when my order cost me $29.99 EXCLUDING shipping. I notified them of their mistake, and I sent them a screenshot of my order, and then another person by the name of "Dennys Flores" replied, and she promised me they would be issue another gift card with my correct store credit amount... guess what, that was a whole WEEK ago. So in total, I spent 35.99 for the dress and the shipping, and then $12.90 for shipping. I spent nearly $50 bucks on Fashion Nova for a damaged dress that took almost 10 days to get to me when I paid for two-day shipping and to return a dress that shouldn't have been shipped out like that to me or ANY customer in the first place. And now Fashion Nova continues to ignore my emails, even though I did nothing wrong.

Overall, even though Fashion Nova has very cute clothes, they ARE NOT worth the hassle. At this point, I want a full refund for sending me a damaged dress, having me pay out of pocket to return the dress, neglecting to answer any of my emails, and lastly making my 21st birthday one of the most stressful experiences of my life!

Please see go to the link below. I have attached pictures of the damaged dress, the receipt, and the email conversations exchanges between Fashion Nova and me. You all have the right to know the way Fashion Nova treats their customer. ( I will provide updates if anything changes!)


Lastly, Fashion Nova, you all should be ASHAMED of yourselves. Let's see if you all care enough even to respond and speak on your poor customer service.

Extra Fees for Uk deliveries
If you have had problems with your order when ordering to the Uk or Europe this may help you.
After waiting 2 weeks for my delivery (sometimes normal waiting time) I received an email from 'Global Freight Systems' asking me to pay a fee for duties and taxes. I was hesitant to pay this and at first thought it was a fraud company so I ignored it. I did email Fashion Nova about it but Fashion Nova didn't say anything about GFS and just said it can take up to 30 days to receive my package so I carried on waiting.
30 days had now past by and still no package so I emailed FN again and the send me an affidavit form to fill out so they can investigate where my package was. The next day they let me know it was with 'Global Freight Systems Ltd' they were awaiting my payment for the duties and taxes. She sent me a new tracking number along with a link to the website which is:
So now I knew it was legit (despite all the reviews saying its a fake company, it isn't). It also states on their website that they work with some companies including FN and they had a right to charge duties and taxes for some packages coming from abroad, it also states that FN does not mention this on their website or delivery info (hence why so many people are angry and don't know whats going on with their order).
I paid the fee that day and each day I checked on Yodel to track my order but each day it said 'Your parcel will be with us soon' Until the 7th business day it said it would arrive that day and I was able to track it the whole day until it arrived.
So I received my order after 5 weeks. Finally!
I hope this helps some of you and I really think FN should make some changes to their website so UK and European customers know to expect other fee's (Everyone who has had this problem should email FN asking them to state that we may have to pay more fees)! Otherwise they will carry on doing what they are doing,, Its not fair, they are a multimillion dollar company, their customers have the right to know!
So after this long frustrating wait I am very happy with my clothes but due to this frustration I won't be ordering from FN again. Shame as I loved their range so much!
Im sure I'm not the only customer they are losing due to this.
Time to make some changes FN and notify your valued customers on your website!

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