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Horrible service
We have a very frustrating issue with Farfetch. Two items were ordered on-line (order# 25VFGZ); one item was a blouse, the other a wallet. Both items were returned, but separately, in December 2020. To request the returning of items, Farfetch directs the buyer to enter a return request via their website. Jane, the buyer, did this for each of the two items. Farfetch subsequently sent Jane "Free collection booking confirmation" emails – one for each item - informing her when DHL will arrive for pick up. The emails instructed Jane on how to package the return, which required attaching the Return Label and signed Returns Notice to the outside of the box and presenting the open package to the courier. No instruction was given that Jane should make a copy of any of the documents or obtain a receipt or any sort of evidence that the courier received the package. Farfetch contracted with DHL, not Jane.

Jane followed the packaging instructions Farfetch provided, and each item was picked up by DHL on the prescribed dates. Jane is rated by Farfetch as a "Platinum" client; their five tiers are: "Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Private Client" and these ratings are assigned based on the amount of spending by the client. Jane has been a customer of Farfetch for over 4 years, having made over 50 purchases. One single item itself had been purchased for over $2,000.

On or about February 1,2021, Jane contacted Farfetch about the status of the refunds for the two items since she had not been contacted by Farfetch regarding the item's returns, which were made over 45 days prior. On Feb 9,2021, Farfetch sent an email to Jane stating that the blouse had been received but that (translated from Simplified Chinese to English), "For another returned product wallet, the following return logistics information corresponding to this product has not been queried in the system at the time. EN DHL has been notified of this situation and investigated: the possibility of missing items is not ruled out."

This means that Farfetch had not inquired as to the return statuses for over 45 days. Farfetch did not bother to do the following:

1.) Follow-up after December 14,2020, to determine if their contractor, DHL, had picked up the blouse and wallet.

2.) Inform the buyer in a timely manner of the status of the blouse and wallet returns.

It seems both unprofessional and careless that Farfetch waited until the buyer make an inquiry 45 days later before beginning a determination of the return statuses of the two items. One would expect that any customer – particularly one rated "Platinum" -- would receive better customer service than this. But Farfetch seems to have a policy that refunds are ignored until a customer remembers to contact them about it.

Over a month passed with no information from Farfetch regarding the wallet. On or about 3/19/2021, Jane again contacted Farfetch about the wallet return and refund. In reaction to the buyer's inquiry, Farfetch informed her that the refund on the wallet would not happen. When Jane complained via email, Farfetch responded via email on 3/19/2021, asking Jane for the order number of the wallet. By now, after the previous emails and conversations, this obviously should already be aware to the Farfetch customer service system. This appears to be an attempt to "drag their feet" on the issue.

Nonetheless, Jane supplied the information, and on 3/22/2012, Farfetch sent an email stating that they cannot provide a refund because there are no records from DHL indicating that the item was picked up.

But that would be an issue between DHL and Farfetch since they have the contract; if DHL lost Farfetch property, they should file a claim but refund the money to Jane nonetheless.

Farfetch also stated, since DHL cannot find a record of the pickup, that they would need additional proof from Jane. However, according to Farfetch packaging instructions, no proof is required to be obtained by the person returning items. If Farfetch wants other proof, like signed receipts of pickup, they should have instructed either Jane or DHL to produce it at the time the courier picks up the package. It is common practice when one drops off packages for shipment at delivery services (like USPS, UPS, FedEx) to be given a receipt of shipment, so why not also provide a receipt to the sender when the delivery service picks up at one's address? If it is DHL's normal practice to not provide a receipt, then that is also an issue between Farfetch and DHL and should not penalize the customer.

Farfetch also commented that the investigation period for the wallet had expired. Jane reminded them that if they meant that too much time had passed (expired) to continue this issue, then that was because they ignored her requests for over a month.

(As a side note, but as an indication of how incompetent Farfetch customer service is, another order (9B9ZAN) for Jane was lost in transit by the courier. Eventually, Farfetch agreed that the order was never delivered because it was lost. Farfetch refunded the money to Jane. However, over a month later, on 3/25/21, Farfetch customer service informed Jane, "We're sorry we can't refund your order 9B9ZAN - SLR120457660. Unfortunately, your order 9B9ZAN is out of the investigation period. Our internal teams and the courier are unable to conduct the investigation due to the extent of time that has passed. We're therefore unable to issue the refund." But, as mentioned, the refund was already made over a month ago.)

So, what is more likely here? That a "Platinum" customer for over 4 years who has purchased thousands of dollars in products suddenly wants to cheat them out of a $380 wallet? Or did the Farfetch supplier, DHL, simply lose the package?

I believe the answer is obvious. I suggest that Farfetch realize the flaw inherent in both their and DHL's system and reimburse Jane for the return she made in good faith. Another option, of course, is to settle this issue in small claims court.

I ordered earrings from that were not...
I ordered earrings from that were not what I expected (more later) and even though the site aggressively promotes their free returns policy, and the materials I received with the shipment detail the free return process, when I tried to return the untouched items online the site did not allow a return, nor explain the reason. In addition, after the purchase I received an email thanking me for the purchase and again promoting their free return policy. By calling customer service, learned that earrings are not returnable. I was told there is nothing Farfetch can do since I agreed to this in the terms and conditions. Of course, if an item is an exception to the policy they should communicate this overtly, not in a legal agreement that will be checked in passing. I feel that this is deceptive practice, and unfair to the consumer, and they were unbudging in their claim that there was "nothing they could do." This is of course not true! They could and should allow me to return the item and refund my money.

In regard to the item, the problem is that they put pictures of it without indicating the scale and gave no information on size or weight that would indicate that these earrings where of exceptionally large size and weight — 5 inches long and hugely heavy, when I assumed from the picture that they would be on a more normal scale. (In my opinion, they are ridiculous and unwearable — and thus returns.)

My experience with was totally unacceptable, and I recommend that others avoid this company. Too bad fro them too, since my wife had a shopping cart full of lux items that she wanted to try out.

I had read plenty of bad reviews on Farfetch and I...
I had read plenty of bad reviews on Farfetch and I was a little concerned about buying from the site but after a through read through of the sites FAQ's, shipping and returns sections I felt confident. I feel many of these negative reviews are coming from the buyers own misunderstanding and lack of online shopping.

Farfetch kept me information of the progress of my package and it arrived with in 5 days of my order. I love my shoes (Valentino Rockstuds) and would HIGHLY recommend Farfetch to all my friends but as a online shopping veteran I will give you a few tips: (these should be used when shopping online at ANY store)

1. ALWAYS pay with Paypal. It's easy to sign up and verify your details. Your details are secure and your money is safe should the package not arrive or be a fake (Farfetch does NOT sell fakes, this is more for Ebay)

I had noticed a few comments had stated Farfetch had asked for a copy of ID or proof of credit cards – This is a normal practice, MyTheresa and MatchesFashion can do it also, if you pay via Paypal there is no need for this because your details are already verified during the paypal set-up process.

2. Get the package delivered to a place you know will be manned during working hours e.g. If you work full time, get the item delivered to your work (provided it's safe to do so e.g. you have an office) because it's couriered, Farfetch need someone to sign for delivery.

3. READ the FAQ's, shipping and returns section before you buy, ALL the information you need it there.

Of course there will always be disgruntled customers and mistakes will happen but Farfetch is great.

Unsatisfactory resolution with defective sneakers
My husband bought 2 Golden Goose sneakers over Christmas, one for me one for my sister in law. Within a month that I could wear them a couple of times (a bit cold for sneakers in January!) I noticed the tongue of the shoe acting weird and rolling under my foot, very uncomfortable and not expected for a $400+ sneaker in only a couple of wears.

I contacted customer service right away and Farfetch were really nice and friendly, solved it within a few weeks by refunding 50%. They wouldn't take them back but at least it's annoying deficiency wouldn't hurt as much for half the price (still pretty pricey!). My sister in law told me she was having the same issue so I told them about it, sent fotos of her pair as well and would've gladly sent the shoes back.

I questioned the authenticity but apparently it came from different sources so I trusted that yet was still upset with the defect and the money spent. In the second case, they offered no option or refund. After getting very upset about it, they offered a 10% which seemed like a joke when they had just acknowledged the issue and different compensation for the other pair (for which I still paid a high price even with the discount!). They told me it was too late - within a month and a half for her shoes! Such a supposedly high quality sneaker shouldn't fall apart within a month and a half plus I wasn't warned they could turn out so bad so we didn't try them right away with snow on the streets!

I was very disappointed with how Farfetch handled the situation. All good if things go well but if they don't, good luck, you're on your own.

Horrible customer service. Or NO CS at all
I was shopping on farfetch last night and as it's having the 20% further discount thing their website was easy to crash. So when I was using my phone waiting for the discount code to be applied (anyone shopping today should know how slow it is), it just directly jumped to make the payment even without the discount! Maybe it was because I was clicking on "add the code" impatiently as it didn't work and wrongly clicked on the payment part. What more astonishing was, as I had shopped on farfetch before using my paypal account, Farfetch didn't ask for my paypal password but directly charged me! And the shipping address is wrong in the order as I was just trying to know how much will be the price after the payment. I searched their website and found they say the order can be cancelled before processing by the seller. But no one pick their customer service phone so I had to send an email to them stating my horrible situation, requesting to cancel the order, and I sent twice. To my disappointment is, I received no reply from their customer service team after I wake up this morning and my order has been in processing. Swear I will never shop with them never ever again. And I'm wondering will there really be anyone handling our problems after we write our reviews here (although they do reply here). Even no one is dealing with the customer forms send to them on their website but they are trying to enact their "hospitality" here.

Poor Customer Service - you do not get what you paid for!
I have made a few orders from farfetch and Farfetch went smooth. I recommended the website to many of my friends. I didn't believe the bad reviews posted online, until it happened to me!

It started from receiving a wrong item. I purchased a white silk Michael Kors Blouse online. The photo and description both show the colour is white, but I received a black one. Item was returned on the same day. I was going to close the bank account that I used to pay for the item the next day.

I called the customer service on the same day the blouse was picked by DHL, and asked if the refund can be credited to my account instead of refund to card. The answer as positive, so the next day bank account was closed.

I have waited until the order was updated to "refund processed"- but no store credit was received. Called the customers again, and was informed it was sent back to my bank account. OMG, that was not they confirmed to me earlier!

My hard journey has all started there, I then contacted the bank, the money was received but no account, so it was rejected back the the sender - I found out only the blouse was refunded not the shipping fee. I contacted Farfetch again and confirm the shipping refund will be shop credit this time. Answer was yes again. However, no credit received. I had to call the bank again and finally last week, I received a bank check of $35 shipping fee. The money I paid for the blouse has never received!

It has already been few months since the initial purchase. I have then sent many emails to customer service and beg them to check if the merchant has received the amount rejected by the bank. NO REPLY received! My money is still in the air or with the merchant!

I consider FarFetch as a decent online shopping website and sell top quality products, but I have to say the level of customer service provided by Farfetch cannot justify the price of the products.

Here is a list of bad service from Farfetch:
1. Order not checked - wrong colour item posted
2. Cannot do what they promised - give shop credit instead of refund was confirmed but wrong action twice
3. First refund was only the product no shipping refund as promised in the email
4. NO reply from customer service

I will not shop on Farfetch until the matter is resovled and hopefully there are more people aware that they are buying luxury items on farfetch with a risk of experiencing very poor customer service!

FARFETCH- A new HORRIBLE way to shop.
I am an extremely dissatisfied ex-shopper of this website. I purchased a pair of boots which was listed from France. Nowhere, prior to ordering, did it say I would have to send the item directly to this boutique in case of a return. I ended up spending over $200 for DSL postage and custom fees! Then the boutique would not even acknowledge it's affiliation with Farfetch and would not accept the package from DSL! I had to make numerous calls to DSL and multiple e-mails to Farfetch (which is their only means of communication) over a three week period until the boutique would finally take the boots back. Then another two weeks to see the money back in my account. So much for trying to treat myself to a nice birthday present! How can Farfetch sell items from various boutiques in other countries then not handle the return or supply the customer with a return label? As a company they get discounted shipping rates. But no, they expect the customer to pay hundreds of dollars if they need to return an item. So now I'm out more than $200 and have NOTHING to show for it but a bad experience. Also, their response time to each e-mail I sent was always three days or more! I guess I should be happy I received a response at all. I think they only responded because I had gotten DSL customer service involved, who were extremely helpful.

Farfetch does not protect your purchases in any way...
I have been placing orders through Farfetch for a very long time, I have Platinum status. And for the first time I faced such an unpleasant situation, which made it possible to feel a complete lack of customer protection on the part of Farfetch Russia, a complete lack of desire to help and understand the essence of the problem on the part of Farfetch Russia employees. Everything in order.

I ordered a Tag Heuer x Supreme stopwatch at Farfetch in June. Delivery was carried out from the Stadium Goods boutique (USA). The courier brought the order - the box was intact, without traces of opening at any stage of transportation. And what was my surprise when inside the box I discovered the absence of a stopwatch and a neck strap for it. Everything else was in place - the box, instructions, return documents. I called Farfetch straight away, then emailed them photos of the content. The support representative promised to investigate the situation. Then a month of waiting and I receive a letter stating the refusal of compensation due to the fact that the boutique announced that it had put the goods in the box, and DHL representatives said that the weight of the parcel did not change during transportation. I was not provided with any evidence that the boutique put the goods in the box. The fact that the weight did not change during the transportation is logical, since I received what was sent from the boutique and the shipment was not opened during transportation. The weight of the package I received is 600 grams. The same weight is used in the DHL system. This is just the weight of the contents without the stopwatch and neck strap. If the boutique had put a stopwatch when sending, then the weight of the parcel would be about 200 grams more, that is, about 800 grams - even a schoolchild can understand this. But the "specialists" of Farfetch Russia did not want to delve into the essence of the problem, even after the repeated appeal and sending them a video with detailed weighing of each attachment from the package and the whole package. After another month, Farfetch also sent an unsubscribe with a refusal to compensate, in which they did not even bother to indicate the correct weight - instead of 600 grams, which appear in the DHL system, they indicated 1300 grams.

The conclusion from this whole situation is the following - when making orders through this service, always keep in mind that in the event of any serious problem, Farfetch will not attach any to solve it.

I thought I was the only one having a nightmare of...
I thought I was the only one having a nightmare of a situation with them, but now I see I am not alone!

In early July, I ordered a pair of shoes for my wedding. A couple of days later, I ordered the same pair in a different size (I'm a size US 10 and when shoes in my size run out Farfetch are GONE, so I didn't want to run this risk with my potential wedding shoes). I received both pairs but when I held the shoes up to my dress, the color was not a match. So, I prepared the boxes for return and went to my account to print out the pre-paid labels. Only one order showed up on My Account, so I had to email FF for one and they sent me a label. So far, so good. Still under the 5-day return window, I dropped both packages off at UPS.

On July 26th, both packages were delivered to the boutique (Edon Manor in NYC) and someone signed for them. Two weeks passed with no word from FF about my refunds, so I reached out to their CS again. This simple question has unraveled into a real headache situation - and now all I want is my refunds but it looks like they are being held hostage!

First, FF told me the boutique was unresponsive after contacting them several times. I got a weird vibe from it all, so I opened up a dispute on Paypal, which is what I used to pay for both pairs of shoes, stating that I had returned the items for a refund but that neither I nor FF had heard back from the boutique. I then received communication from FF, confirming that the boutique had received the returns and that my refunds were being processed. However, I was told by FF that I would have to close my Paypal dispute before they would refund my money back to my account. I was going to do so, and then I received yet another email from FF saying that they were sorry for the confusion but only ONE return had been "accepted" by the boutique, but the OTHER return was still unconfirmed. Well, I sent over all of my documentation to FF, including the delivery tracking confirmation showing BOTH packages were delivered to the boutique on July 26,2013. The FF customer service rep told me she would look into the second package and to hold tight until the boutique got back to her. She again said that I would need to close the Paypal dispute before FF would refund the $482.82 for the first purchase.

The Paypal dispute page says that you should not close a dispute until the issue is resolved, and says that one should wait until the refunded money is back in one's account before closing a dispute.

I emailed the FF rep again to ask why they are asking that I give up my last resort remedy before giving me my money back. I mean, once the money is back in my account, it is obvious that the issue has been resolved, and I would have no footing to pursue any dispute (not that I'd continue anyway, I'd obviously close it the moment the refund came through). But what I am saying is - this feels like I'm assuming all the risk (they have my money AND I paid with my bank account via Paypal, cutting off any other remedies) and I'm a bit nervous that my money won't be refunded at all. I mean, this has already taken so long!

I had ordered from FF previously with no incident, but this has really been the most ridiculous return/refund process I've ever experienced! I hope it all gets resolved, but the fact that FF wanted me to cancel the Paypal dispute prior to issuing a refund leaves a sour taste in my mouth and is a real red flag about potential shady business! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Kind remind for everyone who are going to shop on Farfetch.
Hi, everyone~ I am Qi.
This is the first time I wanna write a review to complain my horrible experience suffered from Farfetch. Its just a very disappointment for me on Farfetch. I could promise I am a loyal and patient customer on every shopping website such as Net-a-porter, Mytheresa and Farfetch. I have placed over 20 orders on Farfetch. Well this time I am afraid I will stay right away from Farfetch even their price are good on some items. I was shocked and angry by what Farfetch done to me.

Today, I write this review to kindly remind myself and all people who have or haven't shopped on Farfetch. That is, when you received a poor quality or damaged item you must take photos of the details as evidences in case of they received your returns and blame the damage was done by you. Because that was all I have just experienced. Horrible and unfair experience.

I have bought a Lavin jacket on Farfetch which was on sale the price was very good compared to its original price. And the style of this jacket is just my favourite. Then I placed an order to bought this. Well, things started turning to bad.

When I received it, I tried it only once and I realized the straps on this jacket had already damaged (slipped and dropped). And the clothes itself was not fitted me. I decided to return. I tick the return reason as fitting problem not poor quality because I trust Farfetch would not blame that damage to me as it is damaged before I received it.

But I can't believe, after two weeks... They email me said they could not accept this return as its been used and different conditions compared to its original. I asked them to send me pictures of these usages.
They sent me 3 pictures. First, it is about the damaged straps. Second, the inside label are unstitched. I even didn't look at the label when I received it not even say I touched it. The jacket was on my hand for not more than 24 hours. And after I tried it I putted them on my coach and never touched it again before took it to DHL centre to return. How damn know when this label damaged!? Third, there are some drapes on the jacket. This is even more ridiculers. I am not a profession to fold clothes into your boxes. I tried my best to fold them like I received them. Who can make sure there will no drapes at all after long time delivery!?

They haven't reply my email and no reasonable evidence and explain to all of these.
I think I will never accept a shopping experience and service like that. They are just forced me to take this fken poor quality jacket without a fair explain. Now I just regret why I didn't take photos to record these evidence down not let them blame these fault to me!

Anyone have some good ideas that can deal with this situation?
Thank you

Horrible experience with Farfetch! Don't buy from their website!
This was my first purchase with Farfetch and definitely would be the last time forever! That was totally a nightmare! The delivery speed was quick; HOWEVER, the product arrived in a piece of rubbish!
1.The express post parcel box was not sealed properly; anyone can just open it and my more than AUD 1,000 Chloe handbag was just sit in this unsecured box.
2.My item just sat in the box barely with the thinnest wrapping paper in the whole world and not even to mention that the wrapping paper was ALL WET, BROKEN AND full of orangish and yellowish stains!
3.The Chloe cotton "storage bag" was the same $#*! condition; completely WET and FULL of color stains!
4.The metal parts on the handbag were all aired and just like a pre-owned OLD item! Even the handbag was also a bit wet, probably because of the moist from the wrapping paper and the cotton bag which were used to wrapping the handbag.
I could not believe this at all when I opened the parcel once it was delivered. I thought Farfetch was an online store that sells brand products but the experience and their products were even worse than buying a bag from a non-branded store! I even doubted if that is a real Chloe handbag or a fake one! The only thing that I appreciated was their customer service on the phone. At least Farfetch responded quickly and agreed to do a return and full refund (processing). Will not shop on their website forever and will discourage my friends to shop there too! Completely disaster! Photos attached! Should have checked their reviews before my purchase! Everyone just stay away from this online store. Horrible!

Boutiques Use False & Deceptive Means To Sell Items! Beware!
If I would have thoroughly read the reviews for FARFETCH I don't think I would have ever purchased an item from them! I am furious! I purchased a Maison Michel straw hat from ATELIER New York (a boutique) through the website about a week ago for a trip to Mexico. I paid for express shipping because I wanted to receive it before I departed for my vacation. Well, I received the hat the day before I was schedule to travel and I was extremely excited about the idea of having obtained an item that I searched high and low for! Instead of receiving the perfect fedora to compliment my wardrobe all I was left with was utter disappointment! The hat that I received was NOT what was portrayed on the website! Upon opening my packaged I realized that the ribbon was falling off of the hat and that the metal 'M' logo that was supposed to be stitched onto the ribbon was missing. At first I thought that maybe it was provided separately but there was nothing else enclosed in the box and no indication that the metal 'M' logo ever been stitched onto the ribbon, I am a Fashion Design student and I purchase luxury items on a regular basis so I have acquired sufficient knowledge of the detail an item must possess. BUT anyways! The package was received on a Wednesday at 1:49p EST and immediately processed for a return online and delivered to a UPS center for processing, the item was shipped back to the retailer at 5:07p EST. I left for my trip to Mexico immediately the next morning but I proactively followed up with the tracking of the items delivery! When I noticed that quite a few days had passed and I had not even received an email acknowledging that my returned item was received I decided to contact FARFETCH directly. During my initial interaction I was told that Farfetch could not locate my return order and needed to investigate the matter. The associate that I spoke with reassured me that he would either return my phone call or send me an email with an update. I did not receive either during the timeframe that was communicated so I opted to call back to follow up on my previous interaction. I was placed on a number of lengthy holds while another agent followed up on my claim, she then informed me that after their investigation they were told by the boutique that the item returned was not received in the same condition that it had been sent and mentioned them having an issue with the box that it was sent in. I sent the item in the exact condition that it was received which again was NOT what was portrayed on the online website (after all that is the very reason why I am returning the item!) I also returned the hat in the same exact packaging that it was received in. The agent then proceeded to inform me that ATELIER New York was refusing to accept my return and would be shipping the item back! I asked for my dispute to be escalated and I was then asked to hold off from doing so until they could find some type of resolution that would benefit both parties. I have never been so insulted! I have since read a number of reviews from other customers with similar issues and it is now very clear that FARFETCH does not vet the boutiques! Retailers such as ATELIER New York are using false and deceptive means to sell their products and are being protected by FARFETCH! How are the customers protected! These boutiques can essentially sell us items in conditions that are not made clear on the website for a great deal of money and we have no way of fighting back! How are they even able to do business in this manner! I am now on a quest to make everyone aware of my experience because I would not want anyone to have to go through what I have recently experienced.

Some problem but Customer service knows how to correct it. OK for business
I bought 2 pairs Burberry sneaker shoes online. There were their mistake to post the price, it was cheap compare with another stores. Then Farfetch don't sent them to me, while they already charged my Paypal account. One week later, I called +1 *******798 then got respond to wait. After that 1days, I tried to call again, and Cátia Barbosa, customer service, told me there was wrong price, she offered 20% off. I was OK but because I need to contact my brother for the other pairs ( 2pairs, 1 for me, 1 for him), so I said to respond by next day. She agreed and send me email for written document 24 hours responding.
Next day, I called back, less than 24 hrs, she did not want to answer me instead let some guy to answer. He read the email to me, I agreed to buy but only 1 pair for me. I just questioned if I can change the model and take 20% offer with it. He asked me to wait 1 minute, then return back to me let than minute. He said My order was cancelled, he can not do anything, I have to buy at regular price even with the current model, which is I ordered. No mater of what, they will not make the order with 20% off offer.

The regular price is $472.00 so 20% off is $94.00.

HOWEVER, few days later. Customer service called me back and apologized to me. They accepted the 20% off for my next order.
The good thing here is company read review and corrected their mistake. That is how to do business. Good to be honor with customer and correct the error if it happen

This time, farfetch/blondie really give a $#*!ing mad time. I purchased the "Legalize It" Palm angels tee on 11/11 sales onfarfetch. I really love this tee. So i recieved them today. What i recieved is a $#*!ING joke from blondie/farfetch. The tee is really nice but the main big issue is. All the printed wording on the tee is all cracked. Not minor cracked, it's $#*!ing bad crack. It's like the tee have been worn or thrown in the washing machine to be washed. Basically all the words are cracked. It's like u bought a used stuff. Now farfetch do not have exchange policy, end up i paid extra taxes RM123.74 (30USD). Because i love this tee so much and yet i have to pay extra high pricing instead of 11/11 sales price, and another extra tax. $#*! U farfetch/blondie. I'm really $#*!ing mad and disappointed at you guys. You guys don't even check the condition on the tee before sending out to your customers. And yet just give a refund to settle it. I contacted the $#*!ing customer service and all i have is a refund and $#*!ing free shipping LOL. Please be more serious to your customer instead of sending a $#*!ty condition t-shirt. I paid so much and yet i received a $#*!ing joke from you guys. Refund is $#*!ing not enough for me. WHAT $#*!ING JOKE $#*!ING FARFETCH. Please refer to the pictures to see how bad is the condition of the t-shirt. PLEASE $#*!ING CHECK before u $#*!ing sent to your customers. IS NOT nice to pay taxes again and again, and yet no taxes refund from farfetch. IM REALLY $#*!ING mad at this issue, WHAT A PIECE OF $#*!ING JOKE CONDITION I HAVE RECEIVED. I DONT ONLY WANT THE FREE SHIPPING CODE. I WANT A $#*!ING ADDTIONAL DISCOUNT THE ITEMS. I PAID 166USD FOR THIS TEE AND NOW I NEED TO PAY 213USD + taxes. $#*! U FARFTECH,


I give them 5 stars +! *****+
I have no idea where all of the negative comments came from and am certainly glad that I paid no attention to any of them. I purchased a pair of Lanvin shoes recently and actually did it by phone due to some questions I had regarding some of the negative reviews I found on this site. I found the customer service rep charming! She answered all of my questions gave me assurance of the worry I had being authentic as a no problem return policy if I had any issues. I got my shoes at 50% off what our local Neiman Marcus was selling them for, yet I had found them on sale on-line but was having difficulties with my size and Farfetch was the first that I came across in my size and at decent price. I had hardly a wait on the phone which I must say many companies, you can't even reach by phone. I am extremely pleased with my order probably the best choice I could have made as a new customer and am in the process of ordering a few other pairs of shoes. Actually I am going to look at all of their items now that I have my order in hand and know that Farfetch are the real thing. I am stumped at all of the negative reviews and I promise, I have no connections with this company; it was my first but not last purchase. They wrapped the authentic box in beautiful paper with ribbon, included a very cool card with description and even gave me a very nice designer bag with the purchase. My shoe bag was included in the box and I cannot brag enough. It is really a shame that so many people have made comments which I found contradictory to my experience. You are missing out on some good deals. I did find others that are quite pleased with the service and company too and have already started tweeting to friends about my experience. I am glad that I went with my gut and continued with this purchase and I saved quite a bit of money. Note: the product was shipped from Portugal to the US and I was only charged $10 - DHL kept me informed from the day of shipment and the whole transaction didn't even take a week upon delivery. Nordstrom's can't get me items that fast locally through the USA, CREDIT is well deserved for Farfetch and everyone needs to read this. I highly recommend and will gladly discuss with anyone that questions my words. Sincerely, the D in DC.

84 One-Star reviews can't be wrong
84 One-Star reviews can't be wrong. Let's all consider that again. 84 One-Star reviews. 84! I had the WORST experience with FarFetch. Ordered a Dsquared2 gown on behalf of a client for whom I am a stylist/personal shopper. I witnessed my client try on the dress which was a little too small and didn't drape properly. Immediately arranged for a return tag and had the item shipped back per the site's specifications within the appropriate time frame. Lo and behold, the dress arrived back at my doorstep last Friday (with no heads-up from FarFetch customer service) The boutique asserts that the dress is "damaged" and in addition to dumping an unusable dress back on me Farfetch charged an additional $120US for the privilege of being screwed over (duties and shipping) FarFetch has provided me with the same tired "your agreement is with boutique, not us" song and dance that others have received and has done nothing to lobby for a more satisfactory outcome. I've offered to pay a restocking fee. I've asked them to negotiate a lesser refund. All to no avail. I have a dress worth over $1K that does not fit and was not wanted by my client. So, add BOTH me and my client to the list of aggrieved patrons of FarFetch. I've had previously successful purchases on the site but given this experience I will never shop here again. In fact, I will actively discourage others (including the thousands of members of AICI) from shopping here. Not worth the headache and financial damages one may suffer at the whim of their boutiques. Far better sites are and for items in these price points.

Fast shipping, and no problem with return
I'm writing a review to help other customers like me, who may be concerned about returns and refunds. I got a bit worried after I placed an order with Farfetch for two Zanellato bags, knowing from the beginning that I would only keep one of the two, and then I found the comments from frustrated customers about their horrible return experience. I thought I may have a problem with returning, but that was not the case. However, I agree that the process is not entirely straightforward. Here's the deets. My order came from Italy to the US in two days, from two different boutiques. The bags were packaged carefully (one of them was placed in a very tight box and could have been packaged better. But that's a small detail, and the orders were fulfilled correctly and quickly). The bags were in perfect condition, in their dustbag. After I decided which one to keep, I set up the return via their website. The DHL courier showed up on time, and the bag went on its way. Now, I should point out that the Farfetch website did not update the progress of my return for several days after my return was picked up. It listed it as in progress, but not even "collected." That was slightly concerning, but thanks to DHL tracking I knew that the bag was moving along, and after two days I saw that it was successfully delivered. Here is what Farfetch does not tell you: The return process involves two steps. The customer will send the package to a sorting facility in the UK, and then the returns are dispatched from the Farfetch UK warehouse to their final destination. The only slight problem is that the customer does not know the tracking number for the second leg of the journey. I did contact customer service after my order was received in the UK, because the system did not list any update at all about this return. Happily, I received a reply within 24 hours, confirming that my return had indeed arrived to the UK warehouse, had been shipped on to Italy, and had arrived at the original boutique. The CS explained about this two step dispatch system. A few hours later I received emails from Farfetch confirming my return and my refund. All in all, my return was picked up on 1/17 and I got the confirmation email about the return/refund on 1/21. In sum: the system works well, but it could be improved in terms of letting the customer know that things are moving along. I found customer service perfectly responsive and I feel much better about ordering from Farfetch in the future. I hope this helps other people!

If I could give them 0 stars I would
If I could give them 0 stars I would.

I had previously attempted to order from them in 2012, and Farfetch wanted me to do a bank transfer and show extra documentation. I adamantly refused and requested a refund. By the looks of the reviews - I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to recover my money very quickly, but I monitor my money very closely, so I was calling and e-mailing on a daily basis, and when I didn't receive an adequate response - I was very publicly contacting them through facebook.

As that was nearly 2 years ago, and remembering that they had had mixed reviews at the time - I again let myself fall prey to the Farfetch siren song for a designer handbag. I elected to pay via paypal and use my credit card (not my bank account). THANKFULLY, Chase immediately flagged this as fraud (Farfetch: what does that tell you if one of the largest banking corporations in the world recognizes you as a fraudulent company?). It gave me enough pause to look for recent reviews on this shop/site. THANK YOU. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU REVIEWERS AND TO MY BANK FOR SAVING ME FROM A TERRIBLE $$$$ MISTAKE.

It looks like every review site on them has about a 50% rating. So you have a 50% chance that you will receive your good, or a 50% chance that you are going to lose your time and your $$$$ (and quite a bit of it).


I’m not one to write reviews but I felt inclined to...
I'm not one to write reviews but I felt inclined to write one for Farfetch to help clarify some of negative reviews others have posted. All of my experiences with Farfetch have been absolutely wonderful! I have placed orders, submitted many inquiries via their customer support email system, and returned items.

Customer Service – I have always received prompt replies on every inquiry I have submitted through their customer service email system. The fact that Farfetch don't have a telephone number does not matter to me as I prefer to do everything through email anyways. I can see how it would bother those who do want the immediate service or prefer talking to a real live person. Suggestion for Farfetch – perhaps you can implement an online chat system to address the "immediate" responses.

Delivery –Fast reliable delivery service from Europe to USA. All my orders have arrived within 3-4 business days. I know that if I place an order by the weekend, I will receive it by Thursday/Friday of the following week at the latest. This is a lot faster than some of the other online retailers I've ordered from within USA.

Returns – Super easy process. I love their new free collections return process. All you have to do is log onto your account on Farfetch, request a return and print out all the necessary forms that are generate for you. The delivery courier will come to your house and pick up the package. You can track everything with DHL to be kept abreast of the status of your shipment.

I want to share a recent experience about a return. I just returned a Prozena Schouler PS1 handbag so as you may know; this was no cheap return ($1500 USD). I was very anxious about the refund because of the large amount. First, I had concerns about the safety of my item because when I handed over the package to the DHL courier, the package was unsealed. The courier took it away unsealed so I was already nervous about the fact that I didn't physically seal it myself. Who knows what can happen once the courier took it away. The instructions from Farfetch said to keep the package unsealed until the courier arrived so I'm not sure if the courier was supposed to seal it in front of me or take it back to the shipping station and do it. Anyhow, I sent an email to Farfetch and expressed my concerned about the unsealed package. Customer Service responded within 10-15 minutes and said they would contact DHL about the unsealed package so I felt a little better. I logged onto DHL site to track my shipment about twice a day, very eager for the boutique to receive my package. It was shipped on a Monday from USA and was finally delivered to Italy on Friday. But I still had concerns whether or not my package was tampered with or if the handbag made it to the boutique ok. I emailed Farfetch on Sunday evening (after hours) asking if they could check whether the boutique received my handbag ok. The following Monday morning, I received a response from Farfetch confirming the boutique received my handbag and will accept my return. I also received a second email stating that my refund has been processed. So within one business day of the boutique receiving my handbag, they processed my refund. This is a lot faster than some of the other online retailers I've dealt with in the USA. Farfetch confirmed that I would not get refunded for the original shipping cost; there are no other fees. I'll have to say this return has been a bit stressful (just because of the dollar amount at stake) but Farfetch Customer Service has helped me see it through. I will post an update once my refunded amount is posted on my credit card. Thanks Farfetch for the Fabulous Service!

Misleading Prices for Burberry Polos
I just want to say that Farfetch seemed to be a legit website when I first saw them as an alternative in Bluefly (which by the way is a great site that doesn't LIE). I went ahead and looked for some Burberry Polos and found on their Sale tab that Farfetch had a couple for a very very good rate. Unfortunately, I couldn't get them in time and were sold out by the time I made up my mind. I put a request to inform me when they would be getting more. The price was 68 bucks each. A couple of week later they sent an email that they had more in stock, I immediately went back to the site and bought the two shirts. Prices were great and they were supposed to be sent in 4 business days. About 1 week later I got an email saying that the price was incorrect and that they offered 20% discount (much like other reviewers here). Of course I felt scammed and replied telling them to cancel my order.

Its been more than a week, I actually went ahead and bought the two shirts on a local bloomingdales (which by the way raised their prices in the mean time so I ended up paying way more than intended), and since I haven't gotten a response back from Farfetched and of course, haven't gotten my money back.

They took the 150 out of my checking account immediately after I pressed "Sale Complete" and I had to call the customer service representative to ask her why they hadn't processed my cancellation and gave me my money back. She said the employee who was supposed to help me had been out, and that she was very sorry for this.

This is very unfortunate and feel powerless in this situation. Big companies like this get to keep my money for as long as they want and mislead people into thinking they're getting something that's not. Very VERY disappointing. Hope people read this and stop buying from them.

I ordered a pair of boots, 400£+, paid for delivery...
I ordered a pair of boots, 400£+, paid for delivery etc and on the day the boots were supposed to be delivered to me I just saw the UPS truck turn around and leave my street without stopping. Then the status of my order was changed to "Refused to accept the order. Had not placed order. Returning item to sender". I had paid 400£ for these boots, I sure wanted to have them and had not entered a random street address either! I immediately contacted UPS to check, sounded like it was a mistake on their end. Farfetch said they were ordered to hold the goods and eventually to return them to sender. Sure, on the evening when they were to be delivered, 7 days after I had placed the order, they miraculously decided they want them back. I spoke to Farfetch, they said the issue was with UPS. Got back to UPS - the issue was with the sender. You can guess how this ended - boots got back to Italy and I was only refunded the amount of the item, not the shipping cost. I had to chase the support person to have them refund the shipping as well.
But that's not where it ends. A few days ago I decided to buy a pair of trousers. Placed the order, paid with paypal, all good. 30 minutes later I received an e-mail that the order was cancelled. Tried again with my card - same thing. I had opted for boutique delivery, so I decided to try and have it delivered to my door instead. Tried again with paypal payment - cancelled. Card - cancelled. I waited for a day, then asked my friend to pay with her card and see if she will be allowed - cancelled. During this period I spoke to a few support representatives and they said my payment was refused. Well, I had just used that card to buy x-mas presents and had had no issues whatsoever. Farfetch also refunded a few payments, which means they were actually completed. Last time I spoke to support, they mentioned their "goods are expensive and they need to make sure billing address is fine". They said in order for my payment to go through, I would have to send a copy of my credit card and a utility bill. Not only did I not receive my 400£+ order, but I had also been blacklisted! Awesome service, Farfetch! I currently have more than 1000£ being blocked by them and it is Christmas time, so this makes it even more ridiculous. Don't ever buy from them, horrible retailer!

EXTORTIONATE prices you can feel you're being ripped...
EXTORTIONATE prices you can feel you're being ripped off on the spot but that's my fault I admit.

A quick search on Google should have unveiled the truth about an online company that charges two to three times the amount you would pay for the same merchandise/brand at Bergdorf goodman on FIFTH AVENUE, or in Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols in London, and this is totally preposterous.

Now I don't usually leave feedback online to people/businesses. I find it time consuming and a little PREJUDICED as it could tarnish the reputation of a good company. I say "prejudiced" because most of us tend to treat POSITIVE experiences as innate second nature sort of thing. You don't usually get back to your laptop to express your full gratitude and satisfaction about X product unless you were totally blown away by it, and because it's the least you would expect for your money. With NEGATIVE experiences however, that's a totally different story.

Now my son found a beautiful Jil Sander Jacket. He's been looking for that particular color and model for quite some time [red wool double breasted featuring peak lapels and flap pockets]. On their site Farfetch had it listed for $2,500 [Two third of the world population still live on less than $2 a day by the way]. And although I'm lucky to be born to an upper class NY immigrant family, it's still against my morals and upbringing to spoil a son and buy him a 2 thousand dollar jacket.

Long story short the boy is obsessed with the jacket and he had money savings from a part time summer job and so we both agreed to split the amount. He availed of some 20% discount coupon and the jacket was bought.

A few days later, the jacket arrived soiled with little wear marks. You can tell because wool jackets don't lie, especially RED ones! This was definitely a display item as if it belonged to an outlet store or something. I insisted he returns it but it was the last one available in his size and so he decided to keep it.

To add insult to injury, 2 months later my son discovered that this was from a previous season. He knew this when he found the SAME EXACT JACKET, same color, same brand and same size at Century 21 Stores in lower Manhattan, listed for $499 PLUS 25% DISCOUNT!

My question to Farfetch is the following:
Do you harvest BRANDS from outlets in New York and cheap European countries for a fraction of the cost then take some professional shots and list them as Brand NEW on your website? Is this a legal practice? I need a clear answer please.

This is the jacket:

It Currently states: this item is sold out.
Last seen for $2526 at FarFetch US.
Get notified when it comes back in stock.

And this is the jacket directly from Farfetch website:

Thank you.
Ben J. Rawandi
Executive chairman
26 Broadway, New York City, NY 10004

I ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, a type...
I ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, a type that I could only find here. The price was a bit higher than on other sites, but it was still the best along with the shipping, because I'm from Hungary, but JC is american. Plus this site was the only one, where my size was still is stock (EUR 40) in any types of Lita...
The shoes came from Italy, so I didn't have to pay any taxes or duties since we were both in US territory.
First I had problem with the paying, because the site temporary didn't work. I contacted them on Facebook, because I didn't want to pay for expensive international phone calls. Farfetch sent me the link to the online costumer service which I couldn't find. Before I could reach them, I tried to pay again (for like the 4-5th time), and the problem solved itself, the site worked again. (Maybe the servers were too busy?... I don't know.) So I made my payment by Maestro card, they did not want me to send my ID or passport copy or anything else.
They shipped my shoes right after I made the payment. I could track my package 4-5 hours later. I could see the whole way from Italy trough Germany and Austria to Hungary. It arrived on the estimated day, 5 days after it was shipped.
So I had a pretty smooth shopping experience, it might be cause we are both in US territory, but I enjoyed it anyway.
I recommend this site, especially if you are european.
Have a nice shopping! ;)

Never received my package and still got charged
I placed an order online from Farfeth. It was 4 items Hat, T-shirt, ( Scarf and Shoes), totaling $2,105.64 on May 17th 2021.
The item came in 3 packages and different delivery date (one, one and two) so I missing 2 items (Scarf and Shoes) Delivery date of this items was on May 24th 2021 and I didn't receive it on that day. I walked around my house to check my package but I didn't see it and also asked my roommates and no one saw my package. I started to call Farfeth and emailed them on May 26th that I didn't receive my package. I'm requesting $1,426.26 back as I never received my package and asked for reshipment and Farfetch said sorry about missing an order, they said that they need time to investigate this situation.
June 2nd they emailed me (Thanks for waiting while we work on your case. The investigation into your missing order is reaching an advanced stage and we should have an outcome for you soon.)

June 10th they emailed me (Thanks for your continued patience throughout this process.)

June 15th they emailed me (Thanks for waiting our investigation is still ongoing.)

June 28th they emailed me (We wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten your situation and working on this.)

July 2nd they emailed me (The investigation is nearly completed we should have an outcome for you as soon as possible.)

July 7th they emailed me (We apologize for delay. The investigation into your missing order is taking longer than we'd hoped.)

July 9th they emailed me (We can't give you refund. We confirm that your order was delivered to the shipping address that you provided, so we unable to issue the refund.)

Anyway The first mistake was the delivery guy should never left the package just in front of the house without individual or signature and when the problem happened this is how Farfetch solved their problems with actually did not. It's really worse experience I ever have had from online shopping. The worst customer service ever. So I just lost my money for $1,426.26 for them. Never shop with them again. You all should be considering if this case would ever happen to you for sure you will have a high chance to lose your money here.

Never deal with this company or risk losing time and money
I would caution anyone thinking about making a luxury purchase online to steer clear of Farfetch. The company is an operational mess, Farfetch charges a premium compared to other sites, and you will be left dealing with lost returns and high mark-up and shipping fees. The bottom line is I would never deal with this company again, and advise everyone I know to take our business elsewhere.

The company sources inventory from "boutiques", i. E. other e-commerce sites around the world. But because of their poor management and irresponsible customer service, the business model creates significant headaches for the customer:

1. Items can be shipped directly from third parties, and there can be multiple return labels with conflicting information. This creates a logistical nightmare: return labels are not linked to orders in Farfetch's system in any way or form, and when packages get lost, Farfetch will happily deny any responsibility even though the customers are following instructions provided. I personally had to swallow a lost return package for $800 even though I used the return shipping label included in my package, because Farfetch did not have it on records and they deny ever receiving the return back. Customer service dragged on this investigation for two weeks at the pace of 1 email a day, providing boilerplate responses that go in circles. In the end, it's a small price to pay to learn never to deal with the company again, and I want this to be a cautionary tale for anyone looking at buying there.

2. I don't really understand why Farfetch needs to exist because their "boutiques" are typically other well-known e-commerce sites, e.g. Stadium Goods, Tessabit. Farfetch charges a premium if you purchase through them, whereas you can just make the purchase directly through the other sites at a cheaper price, with free shipping, and without the logistical nightmare discussed above. It seems that Farfetch are inserting themselves into the process without adding any value or providing any benefits to the customers, which is mind-boggling to me how they are still in business. Even when they are treating their customers in a shady way to squeeze margins, they are still losing money hand-over-fist if you skim through their financials.

I ordered what I thought was a relatively low priced...
I ordered what I thought was a relatively low priced item (sub £100). However due to problems with my debit card Farfetch wanted me to send a copy of my passport and/or card that I ordered the product on to them.

I called, suggested I give them another card - however they said they had to get a copy of these documents and another card was no good. Turns out there is no problem with my card - they simply ask all new customers for these documents.

I work for a large data protection company and when speaking internally my colleagues are all flabbergasted that a retail company would ask for these details and I was advised in no way should you ever provide these documents unless by banks/government or at a stretch travel agents.

Unfortunately they already took payment even though they were never going to send the products without personal documents. From a user experience perspective this should be made apparent on the checkout page.

So now I am awaiting the refund of the amount. Terrible experience - from a marketing point of view if a company is providing a premium product/price range, the service needs to reflect the increased cost to the consumer. Otherwise there is no point in paying the premium as the value is not there for the end user.

In this case there is no added value of utilizing farfetch as far as I can see.

Shame, the site looks good

Absolute RIP-OFF
I received the wrong item four times in 12 months: First a Rick Owens bag - different model. Then, blue Neil Barrett jeans? Nope, black. Saint Laurent leather boots? Nope, Suede! Velvet waistcoat? Nope! Incompetent/Dishonest, or somewhere in-between. Its Okay for one or two orders if you're lucky enough to actually receive what you ordered, and if not, well refunds were processed quickly enough until now so I continued to shop. Big mistake. Finally, I returned a waistcoat which was meant to be velvet but I received something clearly NOT VELVET! I returned it. Thought Farfetch would apologise and send out the correct one but... the boutique (a little shop in Italy) has claimed to have received something other than what was sent out?! Now, i've spent probably thousands on this website and they're claiming I've returned the wrong waistcoat costing £140! Despite me raising the error and posting two photos, one showing a non velvet waistcoat and the other clearly showing a plastic tag hanging from the garment displaying the Boutique's name! They claim they don't sell it, despite their tag hanging from it! Do Farfetch really believe I had a spare waistcoat hanging around?! It's bizarre and I have to pay for this stupid error. If they're capable of sending out the wrong waistcoat in the first place maybe they're also mistaken in thinking they've received the 'wrong item' which i've returned. Yet Farfetch has chosen to side with the 'boutique' and obviously not given much thought to the evidence provided. It took weeks for customer service to reply with all their "you'll have to pay, Thanks for understanding but have a wonderful weekend" nonsense. I do all my shopping online and after thousands of orders Farfetch has been the only time i've ever had a dispute. Congratulations! Very troubling and I will pursue this dispute as a a matter of principle and fairness. Shame on you Farfetch!

3 weeks later…
Absolutely the worst service I've ever received in my life! I bought designer shoes over 3 weeks ago and was advised latest I'd receive the shoes was 7 days ago. I still don't have my shoes that I ordered for NYE! I did the courtesy call of calling DHL to see where my package, which I was advised Giuseppe Zanotti needs to arrange for the parcel to actually be picked up by DHL from their store. So, I Called FARFETCH immediately (over 7 days ago) to advise them what I've been told and what needs to be done. I was calm about it, actually overly nice if I'm being honest. So I called back 2 days later to make sure my message was clear and understood as I still couldn't see the parcel had been arranged for pick up and based Off another discussion with DHL, apparently it was misunderstood.

So I let them know I was pretty frustrated now and wanted it sorted immediately. I was told someone will call me back in a few hours. I waited 3 days as I know it's a busy period, no one had called me back yet... So I decided to call back again, this time extremely angry.

I warned the lady I was quite frustrated and that it was probably best I speak to management straight away as I didn't want to take it out on her. Instead, she decided to give me attitude back, abs no management was available to take my call. Clearly the agent hasn't been trained properly in how to handle difficult calls because she asked if I just wanted to cancel my order? No honey, I want my shoes that I already paid for over 3 weeks ago. What a way to piss off an already irate customer as it was.

I requested someone fix the issue now and call me back… after being on the phone for almost 45 minutes, put on hold twice while she was looking for a manager only to come back abs say no one was available. It's another way of saying "we have f**ked up really bad and don't know how to handle this call. Lack of support from management for their staff too, let them to take the call for your lack of doing as a management team. I got an email from management but no call. I got the email over a day later, cheers. Email basically saying it's been escalated, whoopty doo, I could do that too.

Farfetch should have done everything in their will to get MY shoes to me, but Farfetch didn't and haven't. I am beyond angry and will never use their service again. Absolutely disgusting service.

Absolutely atrocious experience
Absolutely atrocious experience. The e-mail chain below says it all. Farfetch passed their failure to deliver off as alternatively the boutique's fault or DHLs fault, while failing to take any responsibility for the order (or take any steps to make sure I got the item I purchased)

I'd be very wary.

Dear [me]
Thank you for your reply and please accept our most sincere apologies for all these inconveniences. I really do not know how to express how sorry I am.

I have been getting in touch with DHL in order for them to inform where your package is but Farfetch never gave me a final answer. The boutique has always informed that this was not returned to them. We apologize for this.

However and since has been too long, I have asked our finance department to process you refund. You will receive an email notifying you. Again, we are very sorry for all the inconveniences caused. We really hope to keep you as a customer.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for shopping at We look forward to seeing you online again soon.

Kind regards,


Customer Service Advisor

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Dear Andreia,

We are now at three weeks and I am still terribly disappointed. What goes on between Farfetch and your contracted boutiques is not really my concern. Given that we are now over 3 weeks, I think it is really necessary that Farfetch display some good will and make this happen - and I would think a pretty solid discount would be in order. If we don't have a resolution by the 20th of March, I am going to post this e-mail chain on the same Farfetch review sites that I read (and unfortunately ignored), prior to deciding to use Farfetch. As I said before, it is a good concept, but the execution is really terrible, particularly given you pitch yourself at the high end of the market.

I am sure you have already, but if not, please escalate this to the senior management at Farfetch and I look forward to the company's response.


From: <*******>
Date: 13 March 2012 2:10:59 AM
To: me
Subject: Re: why hasn't my order been dispatched yet (TK-98390-QZUF3Z-TK)

Dear Me

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I totally understand your frustration but we still have no answer from the boutique.

Anyway, I will ask the boutique to send this to you as soon as possible. Please bear with us.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for shopping at We look forward to seeing you online again soon.

Kind regards,


Customer Service Advisor

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Could I please have an update on this order. My patience is really wearing thin.

Thank you

Sent from my iPad

On 02/03/2012, at 1:53 AM, <*******> wrote:

Dear Me

Thank you for your reply.

I will ask the boutique if they can do this for you. As soon as I have an answer, I will send you an email. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for shopping at We look forward to seeing you online again soon.

Kind regards,


Customer Service Advisor

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Yes, please ask for it to be sent to me at the delivery address I requested, which is:

On 29/02/2012, at 11:42 PM, <*******> wrote:

Dear Me

Thank you for your reply.

Actually DHL returned this to the boutique. Please accept our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you.

I will ask DHL why this was returned. Please bear with us.

Meanwhile I can ask the boutique if they still have the item to send to you if you wish. Please kindly let us know if you still wish to receive it. Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for shopping at We look forward to seeing you online again soon.

Kind regards,


Customer Service Advisor

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It has not been delivered yet.

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On 29/02/2012, at 2:47 AM, <*******> wrote:

Dear Me

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

DHL has informed us that this was delivered. We hope you are satisfied.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for shopping at We look forward to seeing you online again soon.

Kind regards,


Customer Service Advisor

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Order Code: FXXEHRF
Item ID:

Contact Number:


I like your concept, but it seems that all of the reviews of your site are spot on. We are now 6 days after I ordered this wallet and it still hasn't been dispatched. Frankly, Mr Porter would have delivered it to Sydney by now. What is the delay?

Could you please contact your supplier and determine whether and when my order will be shipped.


WORST customer service experience and very poor communicating willingness for a lost package
I purchased one US$616.25 Issey Miyaki dress on March 15th, 2020 and the package was shown delivered in UPS tracking status on March 19th while I sat home the entire time for COVID-19 Stay-in-Shelter order but I actually NEVER received the package. For such an amount, Farfetch shipped it via UPS without signature required.

On March 19th- Within an hour on the same while I found UPS tracking status showed the delivery was made, I contacted Farfetch by phone immediately for not receiving the package in fact and following up with emails after phone calls. At beginning, Farfetch told me to wait for their investigation with UPS. I waited for a month and contacted Farfetch again for the outcome, Farfetch simply told me the tracking status showed the package was delivered and they cannot do anything. So? After one month waiting, Farfetch's investigation is still only nothing but the UPS tracking status which has been up there in UPS website. At that moment, I was really helpless and Farfetch insisted they have done their part and they cannot refund me the lost of package (merchandise) as the tracking status showed it's delivered.

In beginning of April- While Farfetch doesn't give any support and is not willing to help a loyal client in such an incident, I had no choice and I had to dispute this charge with my bank and in the meanwhile I also tried to contact UPS by myself to find the lost package. UPS was actually attentive after I started speaking with them and asked for the investigation, they took around 2 weeks to look for the lost package/incident including to contact the local distribution center and confirmed with me the lost package on May 4th. In the end. The UPS gentleman we spoke with is John on Investigation Department and he confirmed with us UPS would be responsible for merchandise credit + shipping cost to Farfetch as Farfetch is the Sender.

On May 4th- I was really happy to go back to update Farfetch with the news which I believe they can refund me finally as UPS is responsible for the loss. Since then, Farfetch started telling me their interval investigation has been closed within 14 days and they could not open my investigation again unless I can provide a documentation from UPS to Farfetch. Throughout the whole time, I have been doing the job for Farfetch to get the money back from UPS and then they still asked me to get a proof? Fine, then I went to UPS to ask for a documentation for Farfetch, UPS told me they can't reveal the paperwork to me as I'm the 3rd party and they can simply provide to Farfetch if Farfetch requests. I forwarded this information to Farfetch anc they are still not willing to take a look nor rejecting to speaking with me and UPS in phone together while UPS is willing to do a 3 ways conference call to provide information to Farfetch directly on May 8th.

On May 8th- After following up with Farfetch for 2 months, their supervisors always declined my request to speak with, and their customer service agents Emily M. In our long email chain and Bruno I spoke for 2 hours in phone on Match 7th always told me they understand my frustration but they cannot help ANYTHING. Today, the customer service agent Carolina C. Emailed me directly that they cannot investigate anything anymore. Period.

There is no choices because Farfetch has disconnected to work with this lost package incident, I can only work with my bank and just take the loss for US$616.25 if the bank cannot stand for the dispute in the end.

I am willing to provide all email chains and audio recording of my conversation with Farfetch as an evidence to prove I'm telling the frustration as a fact/truth.

I have been shopping with Farfetch for almost 5 years. What a customer service I have received! If you plan to buy anything on Farfetch, good luck! Be ready for your loss and lose money for nothing, because they simply do not care their clients even if their client tries so hard to work with them.


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