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Horrible Customer Service!
Horrible, horrible, horrible, customer service! I would give negative stars if I could. Place an order and it was suppose to be 30% off, a FLASH sale. I got my PayPal statement and nothing was sale priced! I called the company and their customer service representative said there was no way I got 30% off she was very rude. When I gave her my order ID she told me that wasn't the right number or I couldn't read the number right... what! I told her I had a copy of my order (FLASH). I was lucky that I had saved it. She slyly told me to copy it and email it to customer service (she gave me the email address) and it would be taken care of. I did this and guess what, I got an email from their customer service that Fanatics could not answer questions through email and I would have to call the company. I tried to call back, was on hold for over 25 minutes then, I asked for a supervisor, after another 15-20 minutes on hold I got a supervisor. She apologize and told me to contact her directly with my FLASH add, which I did. She did credited one of the items 30%, the copy I had. She said all she could do was 20% off on the rest of my order, which should have been 30%. She asked me if I would like to take a survey and just to stay on the line, I was disconnected. I call once again that evening to try to get my additional 10% off and yes I had to wait and then the person I spoke with was very rude and disconnected me again and I didn't even get to take their survey again! I suppose they got their wish... I gave up! I know it was only 10% more, but when you are on a budget every penny counts. I will NEVER EVER order from this company again! Be for warned! To much of a hassle to try to order from them. As soon as I receive my merchandise I am cutting ties with Fanatics and all their emails... advertisements.

Lies, Lies and More Lies
What a terrible shame it is that a 0 star rating is not an option, as that would be more appropriate. This Christmas I have asked Santa Claus for a time machine, so I can travel back to the day I placed my order from this company and advise myself that swallowing razorblades would be a better use of my time and money.

My order was placed this order on the 26th of November 2018 and was advised I would have my items shipped within 1-2 working days of receipt of the order. 3 working days goes by and I receive no such notification. So I call their contact centre and speak to a member customer services team, Caroline, who advised me that their website had said 2 of their items Fanatics said they had in stock, they didn't. Even though they had taken my money and were perfectly happy to leave me in the dark with no idea when I would receive my items. She could not advise me as to when they would be in stock and because I needed these items before the 12th of December I wanted either to cancel my order in total and go to another provider or have the two items removed, have the rest of the order processed and then have the additional money for items they did not have in stock refunded to my card. But I made it clear that the most important priority was making sure they arrived before the 12th of December which, given the fact that was two weeks away at the time, seemed like a reasonable request. Naturally they wanted to go with the option that kept my money with them. She assured me that I would now receive the items and my partial refund within 5 working days.

8 working days goes by. No refund, no order received at my address. I call their contact centre again and I am cut off on 4 occasions before I can speak to an advisor. Then eventually I get to Rachel. Rachel advises me that she does not know why my order has not arrived and my refund has not been processed. But she was going to have this request sent to the "Order Amendment Team" (nice try by the way, very original) and they would be able to process my order and have it sent to me within (yup, you guessed it) 5 working days. I explained that I no longer had trust in the company and I wanted a refund. She then placed me on hold and spoke to her manager. After speaking to said manager she came back and said that she had now sent the request to management and they looked at this as a top priority and I would receive it sooner. I then asked why she didn't do the in the first place considering my circumstances and unless she could guarantee that I get the order before the 12th of December, as I was going to Germany, I wasn't interested in processing this order anymore and they had failed me on two occasions so I no longer wanted their merchandise. She said she could not guarantee when I would get my order and partial refund but I would 'definitely, probably, maybe get it in a few days". After going back and forth for 20 mins and she referred to her manager on 4 separate occasions I explained that unless she could guarantee me that it would arrive by the 12th of December, i wanted my money refunded. She then agreed to do so and I ordered the goods from another provider. I received my goods the next day, so lovely and simple. Rachel agreed to refund me and said I would receive it with in 1-3 working days - which is nonsense, because a BACS payment to a debit or credit card takes 3 working days minimum. This company are terrible at setting customer's expectations. I don't look fondly on my time working in a contact centre before I graduated but I do remember one thing that was paramount: you do not lie to your customers and you always keep your promises.

The following week I am in Germany and I am notified that my next door neighbour has a parcel for me from Fanatics. I check my bank account and there is no refund even though they promised. I now have 2 sets of the same merchandise and Fanatics have taken my money.

I have made the decision to not pursue this any further. This may be their business model: to misinform, lie and take money from customers who do not know any better until they eventually wear them down to the point where they do not want their money back and are happy to live the rest of their lives without having to hear about them again. I am more than happy to do this. They can have my money as I feel safe in the knowledge that those people on the phones or in the warehouse are probably going to work everyday living in a miserable hell of an existence that they have created for themselves. I am also safe in the knowledge that I am not alone. On ReviewFeeder there are a total of 1484 reviews for this company and 1172 reviews are rated 1/5 stars, and it will be 1173 once I am done.

My main points I would like any potential customer to take away from this are:
1) This company misinform you deliberately
2) They do not keep their promises
3) Their employees are trained to lie to you and cut you off
4) They take your money and will not give it back
5) Their website is substandard for the purposes of ordering stock
6) There are companies out there with the same or better stock that value you
Keep their promises.

Hope this helps x

Awful experience turned positive by 1 staff member
I will start off by saying that a week ago I would have given Fanatics as a company a negative 5 stars for worst experience ever. Some procedures need to be fixed over there for sure. Ordered a jersey Sat 4/20, received package Mon or Tues of following week. It was the wrong jersey. Called customer service ( - sister company to fanatics) and customer service rep seemed uncaring & treated it like any typical request for an exchange. I said I needed correct jersey asap via expedited shipping to receive prior to a flight on Thurs 5/2. The rep never told the manufacturer/vendor to send it to me expedited shipping. The replacement was sent to me via regular ground shipping - set to be delivered the day of my flight out of town. Had to have FedEx station hold it there for me to pick up prior to my flight. Opened the package at FedEx and AGAIN it was the wrong jersey and also in the wrong size. I called Fanatics cust service reps and Fanatics gave no option to even do another replacement and said could only "request' to the vendor that the "vendor" reply regarding what THEY want to do about it. Not acceptable. Then I called Fanatics corporate office phone # and left a message. Also went on better business bureau website and submitted email to Fanatics through there requesting that corporate office call me by phone. To my surprise on Mon 5/6 a "Supervisor - Fan Relations" named CHASITY SANCHEZ called me - very nice - and ensured me that she would get me the correct jersey. She said she had a team who had direct contact with the "vendors" and they would make sure the correct jersey was sent to me. I told her I could not stand the possibility of opening a 3rd wrong package and asked that they have the new correct jersey (3rd attempt) sent overnight directly to her desk first for her to inspect. And if she saw it was correct with her own eyes then she could overnight it to me. Well she said that was no problem. By Tues she had a response from the vendor that they were sending her the correct jersey overnight. By Wed she had it in her hands and it was correct! She inspected it and sent it to me. And by Thurs morning it was at my house - correct jersey! WITHOUT CHASITY SANCHEZ "Supervisor - Fan Relations" I know I never would have gotten the correct jersey - ever. Thank you so much to Chasity - and a I hope this is a learning experience for Corporate that they need to fix some things on their end to avoid these issues in the first place. And they need to give Chasity Sanchez a major raise for having to deal with this issue!

SCAM Website! Buyer Beware! Prices change after placing items in cart, WATCH OUT!
I'm a big sports fan and buy all kinds of sports related items, but Fanatics should be avoided at all costs, unless you enjoy: price changes after putting items in your cart, long shipping delays, added "handling fees" to every order and return, no customer service reps available (ever), slow website with glitches and security issues, cheap merchandise, and overall a big waste of time.

Just spent almost 2 hours adding products to my cart, but when I looked at the cart all the prices had tripled and quadrupled, even though when I added them to my cart it said the price was "locked in". Guess it's only locked in for 5 or 10 minutes, probably because Fanatics want you to rush your purchase before realizing how cheap everything they sell is.

Was hesitant to make another order because last time I ordered from Fanatics website (14 months ago, Oct 2020) the package didn't arrive for 3 months. Ordered several of the items as Xmas gifts and that didn't happen since the shipping was so delayed. No notice of shipping delay or update to my order on the website. Some of the items I ordered didn't even come and I was not refunded for them until after having to send multiple emails (yes, emails, they have no way to reach a live person) and disputing the charges with my credit card company.

The website hardly ever works. You click on one link, but it takes you somewhere totally different. Most of the dropdown menus don't work. After seeing all these issues still present, and possibly even worse now, from the last time I ordered, I decided to pass on the $200 in merchandise I had added to my cart. Glad to have gotten away before more pries changed and I probably wouldn't get my package for another few months. There is also no way to reach a customer service rep to ask about shipping delays, items missing from an order, price changes, overcharges, or questions regarding items on their website.

Do yourself a favor, save the headaches, buy from a more reputable sports site.

Guaranteed delivery fail
I ordered a superbowl shirt as a gift for someone during the promotion for guaranteed delivery by 2/2, or it's free. In addition to the promotion, the item specifically said it was in stock and guaranteed delivery for 2/2. On 2/2, I hadn't received it and the tracking information said estimated delivery 2/5, which is the day after the superbowl. I called Fanatics and the woman told me I would receive it on 2/3. She said the shipper was committed to deliver by 2/2, and the truck wasn't that far from me at that time, so it would be here on 2/3. I said if she couldn't guarantee it I would like to order another one and have it overnighted for saturday 2/3. I was willing to pay to overnight it. She said I will receive it. I called on 2/3 after not receiving it. I spoke to a man who said Fanatics weren't allowed to overnight things on Friday, which is why she didn't allow me to. Interestingly, the woman didn't tell me that, she just lied and said I would receive it. The man tried to offer me a 30% refund despite the fact that the website said guaranteed or it's free. He first said it wasn't eligible for that promotion, but I persisted and he agreed to refund me the full price as it was only a $30 shirt. The problem is, I don't want the refund. I want the shirt to give as a gift tomorrow. I cannot find these kinds of shirts in the recipient's size any other place. I called Lasership to ask where it was so I could go pick it up. They said that they ship on "line haul" and if the company wanted to expedite the shipping they should have used Fedex or UPS who use air transport. She said they were given a date of 2/5 and that's when I will receive it. She said it hadn't reached the facility in Boston, so there is no way I can go pick it up.

Buy somewhere, anywhere, else
Earlier this year (2017) I received a gift of a SF Giants shirt. The size wasn't right so I undertook to exchange it. The company doesn't do "exchanges." You have to return the item and start all over again. I queried the customer service rep about how the credit works. I didn't want the original purchaser to know I had exchanged the item. I was assured a credit would be set up in my name and the original purchaser would not know. I was told I would receive notification of the credit within a few days. After two weeks with no word, I called customer service again to ask about the credit. I waited on the phone for eons while the matter was being investigated, only to be told the credit had gone back to the original purchaser. Exactly what I did not want to happen. The credit was taken back from the original purchaser (talk about adding insult to injury) and put in a credit account in my name. Meanwhile the company bombards you with emails, always with special promotions: free shipping, no minimum order, 20% on merchandise, no minimum order. In early September I received a notification that if I didn't use my credit in 30 days it would expire. I live in California where gift cards, gift certificates and credits cannot have an expiration date. If no goods or services have been provided, these credits are good forever. Unfortunately, this company is elsewhere. To not lose the $65 credit, I placed an order totaling $62 today. The screaming banner of free shipping was this weekend's offer. When I checked out, I was being charged an additional $6.52. I'm not great at math, but if I use only $62 of a $65 credit and get free shipping, how do I owe an additional amount? So yet another phone call to customer service. Even though I was not applying for any other special promo, I was told that free shipping didn't apply to my order because I was using a credit. Dumbfounded, I asked why and was told it was just the way it is. If I purchased with a credit card and not used my credit (which will disappear in a week), I could get free shipping. Just to get rid of this company, I placed the order, paid the shipping. Meanwhile, Fanatics still have $3+ of my credit which I will never use. I expressed to the customer service rep that I will never, never, ever do business with this company again. If you are thinking of ordering from them, please don't. There are many other companies offering the same items who are way more reputable.

Don't even know where to start
So I placed an order for a personalized Dodger shirt for my dads birthday in November. It allows you to see what it looks like prior to purchasing. It was the pretty Dodger blue, the letters were big so I was like great. I placed the order and I received it within a decent time, I had waited a few days to open it but once I did, I was soo disappointed. It looks nothing like the picture. Granted I ordered a 3XL which measures 30" in length. Out last name has 10 letters so you would think 3XL plenty of room... well, Fanatics only used 9" to put our last name. The color blue is even off, it looks cheaply made and it even looks like it has some type of spots on the front that I just noticed when taking the pic. So the packing slip doesn't have a phone number, you go to the site and it tells you to chat with one of their reps after going through all that, they finally gave me a number to call, I talk to the rep and it was like a too bad so sad, after trying to get a sup with her which she refused when prior she kept on placing me on hold to talk to her sup, now no sup avail. I told her I would hold she refused and disconnected. Called back got a hold of someone didn't want to tell the story over and asked immediately for a sup finally after some back and forth with the rep and being on hold I was able to speak to a sup. Pretty much, it's personalized so I can't return it. They can't have another one made because they said it would look the same and then I asked for a full refund and the sup had to send to another dept and they would call me within 72 hours. The sup couldn't give me a direct # or even his employee # all I got was his name Joseph. I wish I would have read the reviews sooner because now I spent money on a cheap tacky looking shirt because Fanatics false advertised the merchandise and are now not willing to fix it. I will NEVER order from them again.

Inconsistent elevated pricing vs. competitors & restrictive gift-card policies - AVOID if poss.
Fanatics is parent company that operates most MAJOR U.S. sports organizations "official" online retailers. Fanatics own and operate sites like MLBshop, NFLshop, NBA, NFL... you get the idea. They also operate Those websites DO NOT attempt to deceive anyone, as they are very clear being a part of the "fanatics" family. Unfortunately being a part of the family DOES NOT carry over into the world of pricing. Please understand pricing and promotions are KEY to the Fanatics experience since the "standard" price is usually 10%+ ABOVE MSRP and usually 25%+ higher than competitors.
FANATICS.COM WILL NOT MATCH THEIR OWN PRICE from those "family sites." This is important because Fanatics pricing can vary dramatically... up to 30% I've found. Logically if you buy someone a gift-card you'd want to buy a gift-card that could be used in most versatile way... or if it couldn't you'd expect pricing to be consistent at least. Fanatics giftcards cannot be used at all Fanatics sites, rather ONLY at the single store... despite using the same billing process, same warehouses, same customer service... you get the idea. The site differences are superficial at best... with the exception of pricing. This is the first time I've experienced a parent company retailer GC intentionally limiting the customer options despite very actively promoting parent company affiliation. If you sell a Fanatics GC but it cannot be used on all Fanatics branded sites make that expressly clear on all sites (most of the branded sites ITS VERY MUCH opaque - on purpose no doubt) and clearly disseminate it EVERY step of the way during GC purchase T&C. ANOTHER SOLUTION: Unify your pricing system. Final Alternative - DON'T market websites as "Presented by FANATICS" or "Brought to you by FANATICS" or "a "FANATICS experience" because they are clearly NOT. A Fanatics experience would allow me to experience using a Fanatics GC.
NEVER give anyone you care about a Fanatics GC (enemies, maybe). If you get one... regift (to an enemy) or use it as soon as possible.

Refunds not happening
I placed an order in 2019. I returned two items in the order per their return policy and never a refund. I spent a lot of time talking with customer service, who gave me lame excuses by trying to educate me on the banking industry. Order at your risk of no refund. Low-rated Ebay sellers are more trustworthy.

Funny how when in April 2019, I contacted the company and spoke with the same agent "Chastity" who is responding to my review, giving me the same crap story below as when I spoke with them a year ago.

Chastity S. Wrote: -------------------------
Thank you for reaching out. Is this for the Arizona State Sun Devils WinCraft Pitchfork Lanyard with Detachable Buckle?

Stephen W. Wrote: -------------------------
I returned the lanyard as well as a button up Arizona State polo shirt (did not fit).

Chastity S. Wrote: -------------------------
We apologize for any confusion but we issued that refund in April of 2019. The refund went back to the credit/debit card used on the order. Please check your bank statement for the week of April 25,2019.

Stephen W. Wrote: -------------------------
This is the same nonsense over again. I spoke with you on the phone as well as someone else. Taking time from my workday... and I emphasized over and over that the bank account had been closed! You could not issue me a credit to an account that no longer exists. I even checked with the bank and Fanatics confirmed that this is how the banking industry works, and they were even patient with me while I insisted them to check on this refund... and, wow, there was none! No account, no money credited to it. So a year later, your company refuses to do anything about this, while you have resold the same merchandise to someone else. Even a moron understands that if you have no account open, you cannot do transactions on it, even credits. So instead of just sending me a merch credit and making this smooth and proper for everyone, you are going back to the old inaccurate story.

CEO is Doug Mack, who also does not appreciate decent customer service.

My mother ordered two shirts for Bucknell Football on Sunday August 27,2017. She ordered one orange shirt, and one blue shirt and paid extra for 3 day delivery. Yesterday, Friday September 1,2017 when the order was not here 5 business days later, she contacted customer service via online chat as there was no number available for her to call. She was told that there was a processing timeframe, that was not mentioned at the time she placed the order, and that the shirts would ship after that. Today is Saturday September 2,2017 and one shirt arrived... she ordered two shirts and only one of them is here. She had ordered them to wear to a game today. The orange one is here and the blue one is not. Also, there is no invoice with the shirt to confirm that her order was processed correctly or so she could call. So she contacts customer service by live chat once again at which point she is told the blue shirt is in route, but based on where it is it will not be here until Tuesday because Monday is a holiday. The representative also proceeds to argue with my mother about details of the order and what was and was not stated on the website. The first rule of customer service is not to argue with your customers, but Fanatics obviously did not read the rulebook. My mother was credited with a refund of the shipping cost as even with the processing timeframe of 2 days, neither shirt was delivered in 3 as she had ordered. Upon hearing of her problems I read reviews and found this seems to be a recurring issue for this company. You would think they would learn from experience and fix the issue. I don't know how they remain in business when all they seem to do is refund people their orders/shipping costs. Perhaps they should send their entire management to work for Amazon or Lands End to learn how to properly treat customers for true customer satisfaction.

Never again, I am due a REFUND, don't believe anything they "guarantee" on their website
Placed an order on 12/15 and paid for expedited shipping to "guarantee" delivery by Christmas or its free.

Fanatic website said delivered on 12/20. No package. Called Fanatics and Fanatics said "Oh, this happens sometimes. The website says delivered but its still on the truck. Give it another few days". Ok, we did as they asked and I also opened a inquiry with the shipper, LaserShip.

Christmas eve, no package.

12/26 received an e-mail from LaserShip declaring the package lost.

Called Fanatics on 12/30 and was told "We'll be happy to reship the order and refund your expedited shipping but the guarantee to arrive by Christmas does not apply since the package showed as delivered in our system". Told them we had confirmation from the carrier that it was declared lost but was told that didn't make a difference.

So much for their delivery guarantee. Rules changed at the 11th hour to fit the misinformation in their system.

Sent ******* an e-mail on 12/30 requesting a refund because they did not meet the delivery guarantee.

Opened a PayPal dispute on 12/30 with the same information that was sent direct the Fanatics.

As of today 1/11/18 I have not received a response to either.
I guess they only respond to negative reviews (within hours from the looks of it) so I'm trying here. - Please don't respond telling me to call you. Please just issue my refund or e-mail me if you want copies of the e-mail from LaserShip that your person on the phone was not interested in seeing.

Fully disclosure, I received what I ordered, eventually, but I am still due a refund based on their stated guarantee and the documentation that I have from the shipper to support it.

Buyer beware...

2 Day Xmas GUARANTEED Delivery Was 4 Days
I placed an order on December 22nd in the morning. Chose 2 day shipping because it was offered as a free special to be delivered by the 24th, gaurenteed. The items arrived all in one box to the Greensboro facility in plenty of time to be trucked 10 miles to the Winston Salem facility and delivered to me. However it took 3 hours to go from Greensboro's FedEx hub to Winston Salem's hub. I could walk that and have time left over to spare. Pony Express would've been faster. Regardless, the gaurentee to be here before Christmas never happened and Terry / Naomi didn't leave a good taste in my mouth to make good on what was displayed on my receipt and I was given a run-around because the maximum amount that can be refunded, according to them, is 65 dollars. Further investigation on my part by researching emails, disclaimers in those emails and my order receipt via email did not include this information and with that since my order didn't arrive before Christmas it should be free. My order came the 26th... That's unacceptable. Everyone of my items should be free and FedEx should be held liable for repayment to Fanatics for their failures as well. FedEx trucks were in my neighborhood up to 9 pm on the 24th when I saw the last one go through. The gaurenteed delivery time was 12/24/2018 by 1am as it was mailed as standard overnight. The whole ordering/fulfillment/delivery process contains multiple flags and contains multiple penalties. The State AG of NC has recieved a complaint on Fanstics and the BBB as well. I was so mad I didn't get my order in time because at 10pm I had to run out on Christmas Eve and go out and try to purchase items to put under the tree for Christmas morning because I was trusting Fanatics "gaurenteed" delivery by the 24th. I'm sure other customers have been screwed as well and this customer isn't having it. Social media is a good tool to bury and ruin a business and that is my next course of action. A class action could be on the horizon if I don't get the result I am due.

Cynthia made ALL the difference!
Initially making my first purchase from was disappointing. Not only did I make sure to enter the correct mailing information, but also checked back to make sure however not only did I not recieved my order due to "an undeliverable address", but speaking to two other representatives I was offered no level of understanding, accommodation, or rectification odd the issue. I recieved a half hearted attempt at an apology, 10% off and a refund (when my item is finally recieved back at the warehouse). Not to mention I ordered my item on the 6th, and was given a delivery date of the 17th. Almost two weeks? Really? I know I didn't pay for expedited shipping, but that's ridiculous. So after waiting over a week and still not recieving a status update I finally decided to call and luckily was serviced by Cynthia (a real testament to TRUE customer service!) Not only was she able to identify with what had happen (not that all reps have to personally, but it helped), but she was more than accommodating in not only reordering the original product, but also making sure personally that the shipping label was correct (as the customer has no control over what the computer auto corrects to, defaults to, or interpretsatfter you submit your information). She also applied a discount to my order and expedited the shipping at no extra cost! All of this while being friendly, courteous, understanding, & NOT acting like she was inconvenienced or "hands were tied" as to resolving the issue. Whoever her supervisor is should literally stand up in front of everyone at the next meeting or go to the person who makes the most money in that entire building and read this out loud! CYNTHIA IS THE SOLE REASON I WILL CONTINUE TO DO BUSINESS WITHIN MLB.COM AND WILL ALL FOR HER PERSONALLY NEXT TIME I (CALL TO PLACE MY ORDER)! THANK YOU CYNTHIA! She explored options that NO ONE ELSE even attempted to pursue and was genuine and sincere while doing it! She is a model employee!

I placed an order on 11/20/16 confirmation of order was sent same day. Email stating my order was shipped on 11/22/16... still waiting on my order! A label for shipment was created with FedEx on 11/22/16 but the package was not sent to FedEx. But of course Fanatics took my money on the day I ordered. I have called customer service 5 times... different story every time I call. The first couple of times I called they told me they were very sorry and that I would have my order the week of 12/5/16. That week came and went and no order! Called back on 12/9/16 and they said that they were sending a ticket to the warehouse and someone would email within 24-48 hours. Never received any communication from them. Called back again on Monday 12/12/16 spoke with a supervisor, she stated that she didn't know why they haven't shipped and she was re-shipping the items and that she had sent a message to the warehouse and they had 24 hours to respond to her and then she would call me back and let me know what was going on in the morning (which is today). Didn't receive a call so of course I called back... then I am told that the re-ship would go out on 12/15/16 (tomorrow) and it would take 2 to 5 days for processing and then they would overnight it to me if it was still in stock. Well seeing that these items were Christmas presents I don't think that will work! This company is horrible. I am not sure who is running this business but you need to examine your processes! I would be embarrassed if my name was associated with a company such as this one. As a business person myself I understand that things are sometimes out of our hands but don't represent yourself/company as having these products and taking peoples money when you will never be able to fill the order. This has been dragging on for almost a month and still no resolution... that is simply BAD BUSINESS! The customer service people have been extremely nice I feel sorry for them having to deal with this crap all day every day!

On December 8, I ordered the jersey from my daughter's favorite baseball team as one of her main Christmas presents. I live in a rural area and there is no home delivery of mail; everything goes to a PO Box, although the street address is used by UPS for its deliveries. I used the PO Box address when ordering the jersey. NOTHING in the website said that PO Box addresses couldn't be used. On December 23 I got an email from (1) saying that the shipper (OnTrac) couldn't deliver my package because Fanatics didn't deliver to post office boxes; and (2) asking for my street address. I sent back my street address literally the moment I finished reading their email, which was less than two hours after they sent the email. On December 26, I hadn't heard anything back from them or from the shepherd. I called the shipper. They told me that had transposed the first two digits of my street address (thus creating a non-existent address), that the package was undeliverable and had already been returned by the shipper to I called I told the customer service rep (from another country) that what I wanted them to do was send me, by next day delivery, the jersey that I had ordered 2 ½ weeks before Christmas, an order that the company made at least three independent mistakes on. After being placed on hold for almost 15 minutes, I was told that the only thing the company could or would do was give me a refund, which would be processed hopefully 7 to 10 business days after the shirt was received by them. My daughter is a hard-core fan of our local team, but if was the only source of baseball-related items, I would tell her to forget about baseball and become a curling fan. For absolute certain, I will never do business with again.

I wish I never heard of Fanatics at all
I would give 0 star if it was an option.
I have ordered a V neck white T shirt with a Buffalo logo, placed the ordered on 5/6/21 as I needed it for 5/15/21 regional tournament. Just to make sure that I receive the item on time I (unfortunately) opted for the expedited shipping, costing 13.99 extra... The $21.99 T shirt ended up costing me $38.79 with tax and S&H... When I received the order on 5/12 I was excited until I opened the package... inside of it there is a flimsy, thin, strong vinegar like odor covered wrinkled T shirt which I would be ashamed to put on a sale rack at Walmart even... Since it was a regional tournament for our tennis team one of us went to a store where Fanatics T shirts are sold with the Buffalo logo on it and ended up buying a different style for the team. I did not wash my shirt because I knew it will be shipped back... The morning of our regionals our team got together and looking at the different store bought T shirt which are cheap quality as well, but at least Fanatics did not smell, we decided that we will wear whatever outfit we have on, and the girl will return the shirts to the store. At least it can be done.
Here comes the icing on the cake...
When I sat down to process my refund to my surprise my refund will be $13 plus few cents (I did not write the amount down as I expected and email confirmation right away). The shirt $21.99 plus tax minus $9.99 to ship the item back. Basically it cost me $25 just to look at this awful T shirt, but I rather take my loss then keep looking at it. So I printed my return label and read the email from Fanatics acknowledging my return request without confirming the amount due back on my credit card, as it will be done only after they received and processed the return. Will see how long it will take.
I decided that I will go back to their website to write a review, but I could not found an option to write my opinion (only numbers are available for rating), so I had to google search for this website.

Horrible Customer Service
Sadly I will not be ordering from this website anymore. I love how Fanatics constantly have deals and coupons but my recent experience with customer service ruined it for me. I had ordered a Yankees hat with a Visa GIFT Card that I received for my birthday. The gift card was for $50, and after ordering the hat for $27.91, I used the card at another retail store. Once I was finished with the card, I ended up tossing it thinking I didn't need it. Now I understand I should have kept the card but here is where it gets messy.

Once I received the hat, it was way too small for my head. So I immediately got right into starting a return. Before I sent my return in, I contacted customer service and chatted with a representative about how I used a Visa GIFT Card and did not have access to it anymore. They told me it was no problem at all and to fill out a return form as a gift return and they would credit my money back as a gift card to their website.

So I followed their exact instructions and sent the hat out the next day. Fast forward two weeks (took forever) I contacted them to make sure things were okay with my return and they said yes. I then double checked to make sure I would be receiving a gift card and not money back to the original payment, and I was told yes. The very next day I get an email from them saying that $22.41 ($5.50 taken away for shipping) was refunded back to my original payment method.

I then called right away and explained the situation and I was told by a very rude rep that there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was essentially told the same thing. They gave me a visa number to call, and it wasn't even the correct number and I had to be transferred 3 or 4 times and on top of that there is nothing that the Visa Gift Card people can do for me. So I am not out $22.41, because Fanatics made the mistake of refunding me my money back to the original payment when I was told TWICE that I would be receiving a gift card. All I wanted to do was order the same hat just a different size, and I cannot believe that a company of this size would not be willing to credit me $22 for a mistake they made, especially when the money would have been going back to them.

(I called again later that night to try my luck with a different supervisor and he was much nicer but still would not credit me with a gift card to their website. He did offer 30% off but I would not accept that)

HORRIBLE customer service! Would rate a 0 or NEGATIVE if possible!
First of all, if I could rate the customer service a ZERO OR NEGATIVE I would. I have never in my life (48) been so poorly treated and had more customer service reps speak over me and not allow me to explain! Second, I am NEVER one to post negative feedback as it is usually someone who is continually irritated at the world! However, someone needs to properly train their customer service reps and rectify this so others are not treated so poorly and disrespected! I had received a sweatshirt for Christmas (last year 2018) which was the wrong size. We were told to hold on to it and see if additional sizes were restocked. By February, In unfortunately forgot about it and started the attempt to the return process in November. After finally receiving a return authorization form it was shipped back via USPS (using the Fanatics return label provided) on 11-5-19. As the days go by, I keep looking at the tracking # and on 11-8-19 I check the tracking # again... to view this message "Your item has been tendered to the returns agent at 1449 (2:49) pm on November 8,2019 in OMAHA, NE 68108. The Postal Service no longer has the item and no further tracking updates are expected." After calling the post office, their breakdown of the message is that on 11-13-19 at 2313 (11:13) the package was delivered in Buffalo to a third party shipping company. Fast forward to 12-10-2019 and speaking with 6 (YES SIX) different individuals including three floor supervisors (and a total of approximately 5 hours), Fanatics still do not have my product, have no idea where it is, why it was shipped to Buffalo I finally received a credit (to the gifting individuals account) which is a pain in the A. To obtain my gift. Unfortunately due to this horrible customer service, I will NEVER purchase anything from this company or it's affiliated businesses ever again!

Horrible customer service
Horrible customer service, ghetto and careless
Horrible customer service! My goodness!
So I ordered two items from this website IN TIME for it to make for Christmas. But unfortunately on my part I had typo when Placing the order on my address. So FedEx contacted me (doing their part) explaining to me that due to the carrier (Fanatics) Fanatics couldn't not release the package to me, because they have restrictions. Now that's not even the issue because UNDERSTAND each company is just doing their JOB! But they made it seem like suchhhhh an easy fix, all I had to do was get ahold of the carrier and have them contact FedEx with the OKAY to release the package.
Ok so I call, the 23rd automated system hangs up on me 3 times... then I try chatting with customer service, I got two ppl and both disconnected with me finally I got a third person and they told me that the package was already to far out and that they couldn't do anything. I explained the situation. How I was told to contact them. And they would give my package. The representative said she's never heard of such thing! WHAT?
The 24th so I try picking up the package in person, but due to me just moving in to this address my I'd is not updated. FedEx won't release it to me and once again explains to me that all I have to do is call the carrier to contact them. Which. I explained I already tried and nothing. So I step outside and try calling the customer service number, I get connected I tell the girl the situation, she rushes to put me on hold to "find out "what she can do. Didn't even ask for my order number? And then I'm disconnected. Then I call again ( I'm determined I really had hope they would help me) I get this ONE gentleman who I wish I would of gotten his name because he was willing to go the extra mile, he told me to try doing a Congress call (3way) with him and FedEx in the process I lost him.
So I call a third time. Another gentleman who automatically tells me there's nothing they can do. Not even asking for order number again. Is talking over me supertrrr ghetto oh my god. So I said can I speak to a manger please he said ok but she's just going to tell you the same, I said let me speak to a manager. The manager gets on the phones says it's above her, she can't do anything. I told her THEN WHY WOULD FEDEX TELL ME TO CALL THW CARRIER. She said it's what "their suppose to say "what! What does that even mean? If that's the case just tell your customers they won't get they're packages, that it'll be returned and refunded and they'd have to order AGAIN. They disconnected me I called on last time same thing I asked the manager how ONE representative was willing to go the extra mile, BUT SHE WONT? I'm so upset goodness so up set. These people are careless. I work in customer service for over 10 years I go above and beyond and if I can't help i FIND someone that CAN! Horrible experience, I'm still mind boggled at how no one managed to contact FedEx for me. Ghetto, careless, sarcastic people is who they have answering to customers problems. Now let's see how long the refund takes after the package is sent back.

Horrible, bad faith return policy. Do not buy from this company.
I purchased a baseball hat from them last month. I had ordered from them in the past, and while the shipping speed wasn't all that fast, I didn't have any issues once the items were received.

Well, I tried on the hat and wore it for all of about 15 seconds, decided it was too big, and sent it back. All original packaging and tags were included, it was sent back in the original box, and the return form was filled out and included. Approximately 30 days later, I receive an email saying that Fanatics did not accept my return because the items had been damaged and "customized or modified." This hat was literally worn for 15 seconds. And I don't even know what modified could even mean? I did nothing to the hat, and they're making it sound like I ironed a patch on the side of it or dyed it a different color or something.

To make matters even worse, since they did not accept the return, they told me that the item had been donated to charity, per their policy. Apparently if they unilaterally decide that a returned item isn't correctly tagged or in any way altered, they just get rid of it (probably write it off as a charitable tax deduction or something). They gave me NO option to return the hat to me, even if I were to pay for shipping. How absurd is that? I could have at least sold it on eBay and got my money back that way. The hat was tagged and new.

So in sum, I paid for the hat, the original shipping, the return shipping, and I have nothing to show for it and no recourse against the god awful company.

Do yourself a favor and just buy from Amazon, where the return policy is actually made in good faith and ethical sales practices are followed.

I will never, under any circumstances, ever buy from again. By the way,,,, and all the shopping links on the leagues' own websites (e.g., are all powered by fanatics. So if you're looking to boycott this company like I am, avoid all those sites.

Bad customer service, DO NOT FULFILL orders
DO NOT ORDER! I placed an order Nov 1st as my husband and I were planning to attend a football game on the 13th and were promised the items by a certain date. As time passed on, the order was then divided into two shipments. We received the first shipment in a reasonable timeframe. The second order showed that it would arrive before the first shipment. That Thursday before the game I called fanatics just wanting to cancel the order. I was told that I could not cancel it at the time, but instead Fanatics would send a cancellation ticket and at that point I would receive an email in a 72 hour period. Doesn't make sense, but okay. We go to the game and come back, and I decide to call back again in hopes of cancelling this order. The person on the phone basically called me a liar and stated that I was not told the details of what I was explained & told me if I wanted help to hang up and call back. I honestly wish I would have caught his name because the gentleman should not be in a customer service environment with that attitude. I then call back and a lady helped me. I explained my frustrations and she listened and was able to push the cancellation through so I thought. I receive an email hours later saying that it could not be cancelled, but they would waive the return fee once I received the item and I could send it back. The next day I get an email that they were unable to fulfill my order so now I have to wait 7 business days for a refund. HAD THEY CANCELLED MY ORDER WHEN I ASKED THEM TO, this would have been a better solution. I think it is complete BS not being able to cancel the order. Just say you're broke and need a loan, instead of holding on to people's money knowing you can't fulfill and order. RANT OVER!

Returns are a nightmare!
I have ordered from Fanatics in the past, and received high quality products and timely delivery. However, my experience this time has been less positive. For Christmas this year, my husband and I ordered items for each other, including a men's Broncos vest and a ladies Cowboys jacket. After paying well over $200 for the two items, we received them and decided to return them. The items were again high quality and without damage it was more of personal preference in the decision to return them. We went online and printed out return labels after receiving an email confirmation from Fanatics. I mailed the items on 1/11 and was provided two tracking numbers. When searched on USPS tracking, I get the following message: Your item has been tendered to the returns agent at 3:12 am on January 12,2018 in DENVER, CO 80227. The Postal Service no longer has the item and no further tracking updates are expected. I have continued to check my Fanatics account and under order status it still shows my item as "shipped" back in December - the original order. I contacted customer service and asked why it doesn't show that a return has been initiated. She had no answer. I read to her the FAQs on "track my return" from the company website and again she had no answer or explanation. I was told enough time hadn't elapsed for me to receive notification of a return being initiated or to receive my refund. I explained that while I understood it may take 2-7 days to receive a refund, I couldn't understand why there was no indication I had even returned the item. I believe she became frustrated with not having an answer so eventually she said, "Oh, I do show a return has been started. You account definitely shows that you are returning an item.", but had no explanation of why that wasn't clear on my online account. Now almost 3 weeks later, I would think the item has been received and scanned as a return but still my order status is "shipped" which makes me wonder if we're ever going to receive our refunds. Disappointed in the lengthy return process and lack of knowledge of company policies and procedures by customer service staff.

Never, ever order from this company...
Ok, so on Nov 24, the day after Ole Miss' Egg Bowl victory over Ms. State, I order my husband a tee, size XL for Christmas. Item will be shipped when manufactured on Dec. 4. Item ships on Dec. 5, no prob I think, got plenty of time til Christmas. Follow tracking and on Dec. 13 package transferred to USPS... only Fanatics don't receive it. I call Fanatics 12/18, because tracking shows no updates since 12/13. I am told by Nadia, after her conversation with a supervisor, "it's either Fedex or USPS problem, not ours". Call Fedex and USPS. WHAT? I call Fedex, who of course show transferred to USPS and I call USPS... can't check it because I don't have a USPS tracking number and real people don't work there. Dec 19, still no package, I am angry and pretty pissed that my Ole Miss alum and fan won't be getting his gift. I call back to Fanatics and ask to speak to a supervisor. I get a young man named DJ, who apologizes and says he will ship another on the 20th and it will be at my home by the 23rd for Christmas, sent fast Fedex, not smartpost. If the first one comes, fill out the return label and send back. I get email with new tracking the next day and sure enough, it's smartpost with estimated deliver 12/29... What? At this point, I tell Hubs that a special gift might not come until after Christmas, I would do something else. Low and behold, Friday, 12/22, the original order arrives. I wrap, place under the tree and all is right with the world. Surprise, Tuesday, 12/26, I receive a bag from Fanatics and thinking I'll get to it, I leave it to open until just a bit ago... In the second bag is a BASKETBALL JERSEY, some player I've never heard of, size L. WHAT? And, no invoice of any kind for return. So, I'm supposed to send back your mistake at my cost? Hell no. Thank God, I used PAYPAL for this transaction, so if they come calling or try to charge me, I'll dispute and let Paypal handle it. Buyers, please know when you order from MLB or Ole Miss, your order comes from Fanatics. They sell the same stuff on EBAY. If you see their name, run for the hills. We'll go without other than order from this company EVER AGAIN.

Customer Service is severely lacking - do they even care?
Interaction with customer service twice now. My shipment was lost and the first time Fanatics brushed me off. She was rude, short and did not convey any interest or concern for me as a customer -she says to me: "you will have to speak with FedEx" - who in turn sent me to USPS (because it was a "smartship" - which by the way, not so smart! I was on hold for more than an hour and the post office personnel was clearly annoyed she had to "help me"). The product was tracked and in a facility near my home town - but they could not (would not) reroute it. I was told to speak with Fanatics because "there was nothing they could do" - really? I don't buy that - So back to Fanatics - we all know how that went the first time. So after calling back and waiting on hold for another 10 minutes they tell me they will reship and I ask if it can be expedited as it has been 3 weeks (on a 10 day ship)... This lady was also very disinterested in helping a customer. They will ship out a new product - see below for a separate but related complaint ** - to me - I ask for it to be expedited but I get this lethargic "I can't change that - but it is going to my supervisor and they will fix the shipping address problem" great but how will I know this is fixed? You should get an email by Thursday? Really? Wow

** Are their internal systems so archaic they cannot resolve my problem with the initial shipment (e.g. Change the address on the "smart ship") or at the final stage why is it so difficult to make your customer happy? I will not shop with them EVER AGAIN - I have purchased a number of items from them and I think they do alright - but honestly, they charge you to return stuff and there is better service out there -

Fanatics is the worst company I have ever dealt with
Two years ago I purchased a Toronto Maple Leafs backpack for school with my birthday money. Within two weeks of its arrival, the zippers snapped off. I decided to just try and go on with the broken zippers, until Fanatics eventually completely snapped off. I called fanatics and spoke to the rude customer service providers, who reluctantly sent me a new backpack a few months later. Within a month of the new backpack arriving, the zippers completely snapped off again. I just decided to duct tape the zippers back on again to spare myself the hassle of dealing with customer service again. That worked out ok for a while until I got into high school later that year. With having to use my backpack so much the duct tape wouldn't hold. When I tried to contact Fanatics again, they rudely told me to go away since it had been past their return deadline, even though by the time I had received the new one it had not been. Then I tried to send Fanatics emails which they outright ignored. Finally, I tried to live-chat someone who works at Fanatics, but by that time, they said it had been over the date even though I had tried to reach out to Fanatics before that. Fanatics ended the live chat by terminating the connection while I was still trying to type back, proving that they do not care about their customers. Now I have to go spend more money on a new backpack that I shouldn't have to. I will never deal with Fanatics again now that I know I can't trust the products quality and that I am not at all significant to the customer service employees. I have contacted fanatics privately like they said and then all they could do was issue me a 20% off coupon. Do they really think I will spend any more money there. When I tried to negotiate with the customer service representative, they said this issue has been resolved and then told me to go away. This just continues to show what a terrible company Fanatic is to deal with.

Toxic Vendor
Twice when I've needed to return a product to a Fanatics-owned or branded company I've had headaches making returns.

The first time was with a hat I bought through Fans Edge. I received it dented in an undented box. It had a very noticeable dent in the front of the hat above the brim. I was forced to call customer service for a return and got nothing but the runaround. I ended up being totally stymied in the return process and had to eat the loss. The hat was unwearable. A return was impossible. I concluded that the return process was deliberately designed to frustrate dissatisfied consumers. That one experience made me determined to never do business with Fanatics or Fans Edge again. However I ended up doing business with Fanatics again out of ignorance.

The second and most recent event was trying to return a hat I bought through, another Fanatics company. I wouldn't have bought the hat if I had known Fanatics was behind it.

I didn't discover that until I decided I needed to make a return because the fitted hat was too large. There seemed to be an online return process, but the online entry would not recognize my email address or order number. That was an absurdity because I had an email from with the order number. I tried three times, the second and third times absolutely verifying the accuracy of my data input only to get the same message as the first, which is that my email address and or order number were / was not recognized or associated with each other.

So I filled out the paper form that came with the order and mail the hat back. I paid postage on the return because it didn't come supplied with return postage or label. That was roughly five and a half dollars. When I received my refund, there was a big chunk missing, I assumed to a restocking fee. It was ridiculous. When you consider the original shipping price I paid plus the return postage plus the cost of the hat itself, I got back about half of my total financial input.

I will NEVER do any business with Fanatics or any company owned by or affiliated with them. I wouldn't have bought the hats from if I had known Fanatics had anything to do with them. is a REAL SCAM and LIAR, especially to unsuspecting international customers.
On 3/12/2018, I ordered some shirts and hats amounting to USD 113. Paid with my VISA debit card, which debited funds from my account. As soon as I made the payment, it appears that my order was REFUNDED (but I still didn't get anything nor a refund was reflected on my account statement) On the other hand, when I clicked on the Order Status, the status stated the order was PENDING. Funny thing, I did not receive a single email from you, up to this point, when all your customer service staffs promised to drop me an email (for the sake of peace of mind) Then I called the Order Verification Call Centre, and was told that my order was flagged and didn't pass the initial screening (probably because I have a terrorist name?). The staff later made verification of my account, and told me that I have to reorder and get my card charged again (and I still havent gotten the refund yet). She later confirmed that a refund was initiated on the 4th and the amount will be reversed to my account in 24 hours time(please dont respond to this review that I have to wait 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS for the refund because that period has since passed). Long story short, I spoke to ELEVEN(11) Order Verification staffs, EIGHT (8) LiveChat staffs and everyone gave me different responses. One even told me that the order did not exist and Fanatics did not get the payment, when I could simply login to my account and look at my order. On one occasion, a staff named Felisha/Felicia put me on hold for 50 minutes without any response, told me that their IT guy haven't responded to my query yet (see attached Photos). Most of the staffs put me on hold forever. LiveChat staffs were not helpful at all, some even disconnected me in the middle of conversation, and the only solution they provided me is another redirection, which I expected and happened not to be helpful ( see attached photos). Theres even one LiveChat staff told me that my Order will be shipped out and had no idea that my payment should be refunded already(or they actually never initiated the refund process at that point of time/ at all?) At one point, I tried to make it easier for them by calling the VISA and credit card customer service lines respectively. And I know if a refund or reversal was initiated, an Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) would be generated and attached to the transaction (I work in the Legal Department of HSBC as the Legal Counsel, I totally know what Im talking about). None of your staffs have any idea what an ARN was, so much for having a particular Order Verification careline. 113 USD might seem a little amount that shouldn't be of your concern, but for a person who lives in a country with an average income of 300 dollars a month, well that almost half of what Ive been putting on the table for my family. I bought those stuffs for my nephews in California, but it seems to me that you don't appreciate your customer at all. And what Im asking is a REFUND, but you don't work that out. Period. Really sorry guys but Ive to tell you, you guys are the real scammers. Don't ever buy from WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ECER(SEE ATTACHED PHOTOS)They really wanna scam people, overseas buyers. They know that we are not able to reach them in the States thus disregarding our concern should be their whole idea. I'm thinking about bringing a class suit against Any concerning parties do contact me thru my alternative email at protectwithpru[at], a real piece of work.

Update 13/12: Look at how Chastity S. Responded to this review. I was asking WHERE IS MY REFUND? She never really wanted to work this out. Simply said that they didnt collect any funds. And I DONT WANT TO MAKE ANY PURCHASE FROM YOU ANYMORE. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! If Fanatics is helping me with this dispute I dont mind taking down this bad review. Hell yeah, I am pursuing legal action and I will report this dispute to FBI as a credit card fraud, as they could not provide me with that ARN Number, which is supposed to be a standard procedure for every reversal/refund transaction.

I honestly never write a review but this was the last straw for me and I just had to do it. It appears that Fanatics believes that as Fanatics grow bigger as a company that they can treat their customers like garbage, I guess this is how you act when you fell as if you have a monopoly on the market.

The other reviews on this website DO NOT lie. I have been ordering from this company for many years and have put up with late deliveries, wrong products being sent, crazy shipping fees and exchange rates, but I have always been loyal. The customer service has never been great but was at least adequate in the past and they would eventually listen to your concern after a few attempts and some reasoning.

However, if you are buying Internationally, DO NOT DO IT. I live in Canada and my most recent purchase of around $120 came out to roughly $210 dollars with the exchange rate and the over $55 dollars of shipping and tariffs. Even still, like a sucker I put up with this because if you want NFL and NCAA gear it is the price you pay when you live in Canada and the local stores do not carry as much stock in ways of these items.

The reason for this terrible review though is regarding the purchase I made prior to this one which I just received yesterday, which was to be given as a Christmas gift, the shirt size normally ordered is XL or maybe XXL if it is a slim fitting item for this person. However, the item we received was an equivalent to a 4XL size if not even bigger and would not come close to fitting the recipient of the item, as it would almost fit like a dress. When contacting Fanatics Customer Service for over an hour and dealing with four separate representatives, two of which disconnected from the chat, all of them refusing to provide me with a fair solution. They wanted to refund me for the item and have me repurchase it with new shipping costs while also requiring me to cover the shipping costs of returning the item in question, furthermore, while also losing the money for the original shipping and tariff fees. So sorry for the long winded review, but long story short, please save your money and do not give it to this company. Buy local or support a mom and pop small business that will provide you with far superior better customer service. I will NEVER again purchase from this company after spending thousands over the years with them. The reviews on the internet do not lie everyone, they have four reviews that I know of rating them 3.7,3.4,1.6,1.3, respectively and this many people cannot be wrong or it cannot be a coincidence, which I know from experience now to be true. STAY AWAY! Do yourself a favor and save your money and your frustrations, you will be happy you did! The absolute Customer Service

Guaranteed by 12/23 or its FREE (actually NOT)
I ordered a Jersey on 12/22 and selected the 12/23 guaranteed delivery. I placed the order at roughly 1am on the 22nd. My buddy placed his order at roughly 2am on the 22nd. He too selected the guaranteed by 12/23 shipping... Whats the problem you ask? My buddy received his on 12/23... me, I'm still waiting. Why? Because my order was labeled as standard home delivery (3-5 business days), while his was labeled Priority Next day (or whatever FedEx calls it). To confirm I wasn't crazy, I called fanatics on 12/23 to confirm I picked the Guaranteed 12/23 shipping and I was told I did.
Well, 12/23 has come and gone, so I called to see what the Guarantee was? So I call and I am greeted by a gentleman who seems agitated to even have a job (I assume because he's fielded 1,000+ calls like this) and he tells me the guarantee is that if it didn't arrive by 12/23 than its FREE! Great, I said. So I explain what happened. He asks for my order number, I oblige. He then tells me (I'm looking at my confirmation email while I'm on the phone with them) "Sir, your order didn't qualify for the guarantee." I said "How come? My confirmation email says otherwise!" He apologizes and said there is nothing he can do. I again express that my confirmation order from says "item eligible for 12/23 guarantee blah blah blah". He then puts me on hold and says we will just refund you $65. I said the promo said "... By 12/23 or its free"... Here is my question. If it was guaranteed by 12/23 or ITS FREE (not or you will get a maximum of $65), why am I not getting the FULL refund? Further more, this would be a non-issue is whoever processed the shipping label selected the higher priority shipping? Completely dissatisfied with my first experience with I have had better business dealings with jersey companies in China!

Buy at the Ballpark, Fanatics-Losers
Order# 98156561

I ordered two shirts, and both have issues, Customer service basically said you are screwed.

The first a women's medium shirt. Shirt was delivered on time, but was extremely small for a medium. I called customer service to return it and was informed that Fanatics will not take it back as it is a custom shirt. They will have the vendor (another company that makes the shirts for them) reach out to me. I am still waiting.

The other shirt a men's x-large sizing was good, but the front logo has nice bright colors and the back logo is all faded and looks like it has been washed 100 times. Again the same response from customer service, they will not take it back or give a refund.

These were not $10 t-shirts, They were over $30 each. At that price I would expect a quality product and good customer service. Seems fanatics is out for the one time sale and not repeat business.

Also upon receiving the product and wanting to return the site would not recognize my e-mail address or order #, so I had to actually wait on hold and talk to customer service. Once I actually spoke to customer service they verified the e-mail address and order #, but told me they will not issue a refund or return.

This seems to be the second strike, Poor product and poor customer service.

So here I sit writing a review. Out $80 for 2 shirts one that does not fit and one that is faded. Maybe Someone from Fanatics will respond to this review and help workout a solution.

After reviewing this site and seeing all the negative reviews for Fanatics I wonder how Major League Baseball allows them to continue to produce trademarked product. You would think that the MLB would at least vet the vendors and partners they set-up and authorize the use of the brand.

Final thoughts - Buy year gear at the Ballpark.

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