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I downloaded an app that showed me the followers that got sent to me got deacvited due to being fake. I brought this issue up with the company and Famoid couldn't give me a real answer. Also the likes dropped aswell I raised this issue also in my email and again no help at all I was told I was wrong. I left a review on thier website and they wouldn't post it as they only post the good ones to the public! This is false advertisement saying real followers when some are fake.

Thanks you
I am pretty active on Twitter, always sharing my quotes and poetry, but recently, I wasn't getting ample of likes and retweets on my posts. On a whim, I tried Famoid's services, and it helped me to gain engagement on my quotes. I am quite satisfied with their excellent services.

Bad Worst Experience And Nobodies Helping I spent A lot of $#*!ing Money I'm Disappointed
I had at least 40.4K followers now I'm decreasing within 5 days I have went down to 35k followers I'm decreasing I've sent an email contact support and no help I want my followers i spent too much money for nothing! And I'm starting to get pissed offi need my followers back

Thanks you
If you're looking for high-quality Instagram likes, famoid is the place to be. These are genuine likes that will boost your profile and bring more people to your page in a short period of time. The service is really fast, and you'll get your likes in no time

Horrible Experience
Horrible experience. I was told that facebook likes are non drop by their customer service but within a few weeks I noticed the number of likes started declining. I emailed customer service again and at first Famoid tried to deny that likes had been dropping. When I said I had screenshots with proof they claimed that yes likes do drop but that is why they gave me more in the initial add period. This claim was completely false. I have never dealt with such terrible service.


Stay AWAY!
I lost almost all of my followers and still losing...! I just wasted 150$. Be careful! I bought 10.000 followers and Famoid are fake, Instagram blocked most of them(I found them on blocked people on my Instagram settings). Stay away... Stay away... Stay away...

Bloody scam site. Drop protection is a lie!
Famoid will quietly try and remove followers everytime you have an increase to make it seem like it is natural. But I was counting! I lost 579 followers... all whom are fake btw. Nothing is real. You buy to add a cushion to real followers dropping. But instead its the total opposite. What you pay for you lose. What you get for free ( real followers) remain. So if you wanna waste your money. Go for it. I asked for a refund. They said it was refunded. But nothing yet to this day.
Just work on your profile guys. Do it the natural way. Because in the end. Famoid is just gonna scam you and entice you to buy more because you suddenly need to keep up with what you have got. It's the sly way of making you buy more.

I had been using famoid well and for a while, until I had a problem. I purchased 500 followers and got them on the next day.

The following days I started losing followers until I got back to my initial number.

I wrote them a complaint and what I'm getting back is that it's not their followers, but some other company's followers that I'm losing, when I never used another brand to order followers. Really?

Next week I tried to purchase 250 followers... Same thing happened. I'm not even going to bother complaining now.
I am getting "copy/paste" messages.

Switching to a different provider.


This company is a totally dishonest. So basically If you purchase followers. Famoid get delivered and within ours they start to drop. It's like watching your money go to waste! They have a stupid DROP system that doesn't work. Customer service is noooo help. All they want is your money! As you can see their excuse to everything is all their followers are real and that's it. All these other 5 star reviews are bought.

The service Famoid offer is so poor. You will start to drop your followers from the minute 0. If you find positives reviews is because the write their own reviews. Don't buy their services because you will spend your money for nothing. The have a ridiculous refill service but work worse than their main service, imagine. 0% recommended


I have had the worst experience with Famoid, I was scammed by them and two of their workers (Daniel Smith and Kathy Wilson) admitted to it and laughed about it on the emails where I have been complaining.

I have been trying to do something about it for months, but of course, I will have no refund, and I got no followers plus a banned Instagram account I can't anymore.

This was in 2020, so I think it is something to take seriously, since I was indeed, recommended to them by a review I read online. This company is scamming people and getting away with it.

Unfortunately, due to the health situation, I am trapped in Indonesia, but as soon as I can fly back home to the US I plan on suing them.


Don't loose your money with them, I did already.

All this positive reviews about Famoid Technology are fake. Famoid probably created those reviews themselves. Firstly, when you google the company address provided on there website you will realize it's a fake address. Secondly, they promise their support teams will get back to you within 24hours, but it all a lie. Once you make a payment they will never get back to you if you have any issues. Thirdly, they never answer the phone if you call them. If you buy fake Instagram followers from this company, the followers will start decreasing after few days until it reaches "ZERO" and if you call or email them to complain about it, they will never get back to you. Even though they wrote on their website that when you start experiencing decrease in your followers they will automatically add more IT IS ALL A LIE. They never do. If you don't believe me, experience it yourself then you will understand what am talking about. DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU WITH THE FAKE POSITIVE REVIEWS THEY CREATED THEMSELVES

The only good thing is that Famoid literally start delivering within seconds of ordering. Unfortunately, all the followers are from the Middle East and want nothing to do with my account. The majority are fake accounts with no posts and not even a profile photos. Some account names are just random letters like a bot. Some of the accounts are actually pornographic and crude. Will never use again.

I got my likes and views instantly. These guys are cool and 100% legit. Also, I ordered followers t
I got my likes and views instantly. These guys are cool and 100% legit. Also, I ordered followers today I could not get them thats why my account was private so Famoid mailed me automatically then I made my profile public and got my followers instantly, freakin amazing experience yo!

Don't buy
If you pay with PayPal, you gurentee them not stealing your money neither losing your followers, unfortunately I have not paid with PayPal like a friend of mine. 25 days passed and i never get Autofill despite hundreds of emails I sent them. And after one month Famoid appologize and say sorry we don't do the Auto refill after one month. I have all the emails and pictures proves that they did not do any Autorefill. Please if you want get them contact me..

I constantly post on Facebook but I realized that I wasn't gaining so many likes. I heard about the services of Famoid and I tried it out. I ordered the basic package and I was surprised that Famoid delivered within 12 hours! I will surely use Famoid again.

Waste Of Your Money!
Famoid is another joke. After 48 hours of getting followers I lost almost half of them. It seems like everyday at some time I loose more and more of the followers I got from them. This is a big DON'T BUY! DON'T BUY! Work hard for your followers.

Thanks you
I had a great experience with famoid and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for good service and quality. I placed an order for 5000 likes and was extremely satisfied with how fast it was delivered. Famoid Instagram services were provided on time, and the quality was great as usual. I love it!

Amazing services
There are so many stunning things to like about the Famoid team. The customer care services are always a sign of genuine company. Online chat system is a huge bonus for those who want to place their order at the ease of thier home. The delivery is so accurate and so timely that you will be surprised to see. Incredible guys how you do it. Just beyond my expectations. Thanks for such amazing services as ever.

Will come back again
Customer care services are always a sign of genuine company and famoid is on top when it comes to satisfying their customers. Really made everything clear which is important to know about your order when you want to place it. Overall a great and happy experience. Will come back again.

Scam City
The only reason Famoid have so many positive reviews here is because they specialize in fake reviews. Complete BS! Paid for 1000 youtube subscribers. They stopped after 120 then wouldn't respond to any contact. Completely dishonest! Had to go through huge red tape to get my money back through my credit card company. Don't do it!

Famoid, you made my mom happy, thanks!
My mom was looking for a way to get more customers for her online bakeshop. I helped her to purchase subscribers from Famoid and the next day, she was all smiles when she told me that she has more than a couple orders! Famoid, you made my mom happy, thanks!

The Best!
My best friend and I want to share our photos so we want other photographers to see what we captured. On way we found was Famoid. We ordered the premium package and we got a lot of likes and followers. We are so psyched! You're the best Famoid!

The follows are instant, this isn't a scam, and I'm not a fake account.
The follows are instant, this isn't a scam, and I'm not a fake account. This works 100% the way Famoid say it does, although the followers don't stick the way you'd like them to, and they eventually mostly all drop, however the customer service is AMAZING and they refill you through there support email almost instantly. 4/5

Super quick delivery
Super quick delivery and the affordable cost for the services s really what makes them special and effective than others. Throughout my experience i have never been let down for a single time. It shows their devotion and courage for their customers. Highly recommended

Scammers don´t believe them!
I ordered 1000 followers for Instragram, and I saw nothing and still I see nothing. I ordered it yesterday, Famoid told me the followers didn´t delivered because of a Instagram update and it will take 180 minutes, but after a whole day I still see nothing, go to the website right now, the saying: the delivery will be around 2-4 hours. I ordered it since yesterday at 22:15. Don't believe these scamming websites

This site is an absolute scam. You might as well throw your money away, rather than purchase their product. Famoid have a "30 day protection" for the "real" followers that drop off - the kicker is the "real" followed start dropping off after the 30 day protection.

The good reviews are either fake, or the reviews are done prematurely before all their "real" followers drop off.

If you are still tempted to pay for this "service" then pay via PAYPAL so you are able to get your money back.

I thought the company would resolve this issue, but they couldn't give a damn about their customers.

I have an online business and I want to help my brother put up his own too. I told my brother about Famoid and his face light up when he saw a dramatic increase in his IG followers. Not just one but two satisfied customers right here. Thanks Famoid!

Famoid has done wonders to my Instagram. The followers Famoid delivered are organic and I am a bit worried about a sudden drop but I intend to keep my followers by updating my account with outstanding photos. Famoid is really helpful in increasing views and likes. Will order again soon!

Not real followers, and especialy not high quality followers... Fake profiles from Turkey without profile picture and posts. Followers like these, I can get free with any application, like Followers+ etc. 8 eur for my foolishness. I never will use again..

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