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Fairy Season

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Avoid At All Costs
This site is a total scam. I tried to cancel my order within minutes of placing it. The site clearly says it is no problem to cancel orders within the first hour (even after if it hasn't shipped yet) and that Fairy Season have 24 hour costumer support.

It took almost 3 full days for someone to get back to me. They email dismissed my request and said, "Sorry to hear that you want to cancel order.

Our goal is to provide products with competitive price and good quality.

We promise that you will receive the goods as soon as the address is correct.

And we will be responsible for any damages or losses incurred in the shipping process.

How about you keep this order, maybe you gonna love it when you see it."

Um, WHAT?! I said I want to cancel the order. This didn't address what I wanted and is highly unprofessional.

I then reached back out to them about a dozen more times, they never got back to me until a week later and said the items had already shipped.

Totally unacceptable.

I disputed the charges with PayPal and they ruled in my favor. I am not paying them, and we'll see if the items ever actually come in.

Bottom line. Do not shop here.

Fairyseason is THE WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD! The WORST QUALITY OF ITEMS I SEEN IN MY LIFE! NEVER NOBODY MAKE ORDER FROM THEM! Not spend your money and time on this $#*!! Their swimsuits look like a $#*! and quality like a $#*! in real life! Nothing in common with the pictures! I will just garbage them, cause when I send them the mail that I want to return them back and just to have my money back, Fairy Season bull$#*! me more than 2-3 week with their stupid offer like 10% discount on my next order I trued replay that I'm not ready not just 10%, I'm not ready for 90% of discount, cause I NEVER CAN WEARING THIS $#*!. I even if they offer free never put in me SO HORRIBLE ITS MADE.
Usually in real life I'm very educated and never even not spell word "$#*!", but I can not to find another word to describe what they sell. So, guys, I'm already no need money back from them, I just want nobody make the same mistakes and order from them, u will be VEEEEERY DISAPPOINTING!

Great experience
I already placed my order when I thought to myself wait did I just get scammed. So, I decided to look up reviews and found this forum. I thought I was out 50$ but it arrived yesterday so I decided to share my experience. I ordered the mama bear t shirt and the sweat shirt. The two tone shirt is beautiful exactly as pictures. The sweatshirt is truthfully a long sleeve shirt with a hood. Was disappointed as I was hoping it to be thicker but it is not. The shipping took almost a month 3 weeks 4 days to get it. Fairy Season came with out tags but individually wrapped. Do go up a size though I did the measurements online and I'm usually a small but ordered a medium thinking worse case senario I can have it taken in but it actually fit perfectly. There was no smell or sent of chemicals either which I was surprised about.

Already placed another order for wine soxs. Hope this helps those out there!

I didn't even want to give them a star, I should have read the reviews!
I have never written a bad review in my life, this is my first. A month later, without my purchases, I believe I have lost my money with this company. Understandably with Covid 19 some company's are having trouble and make this clear or close their companies. This company quite happily took my money and then AFTER processing stated there was a problem with delivery. NOWHERE before hand did the company make aware to customers there was a problem with delivery. Waiting would normally have been fine but I was wanting seasonal things due to weather, so I messaged to cancel as it was not make clear before hand. I then received a message saying it was dispatched and I would not get a refund and couldn't cancel, no acknowlegdgement to the issue was written. That was the first week, it's now been a month my items are still dispatching. I generally believe this company "dispatched" the items in order to avoid cancellation.

Never received item
I ordered an item on December 1,2018 with the intention for it to be a Christmas present. I sent two emails, plus messaged them on Facebook 2 weeks later after I had still not received my order. Fairy Season finally replied and said the order was shipped out that day (coincidence? I don't think so). I never received it that week either. Fast forward to after the new year, they finally responded and claimed it had been delivered. It wasn't in my mailbox, not at the management office, never on my doorstep. I asked for my money back and they refused. They were confused why I said I was going to leave a bad review if my item had been delivered. It had NOT been delivered. I kept persisting. Finally, they offered me just the shipping fee back, though I feel I should have gotten my entire money back. Do not trust this company. Do not order from them.

Incorrect item and TERRIBLE MATERIALS!
Fairy Season advertises some awesome prices and extremely cute clothing on their web site, but the quality of the items is ridiculous. The materials used are CHEAP. I ordered overalls and a Romper and Fairy Season feel like plastic picnic table clothes. Not only that but they sent me the wrong size for another item I ordered.

These three items were purchased at least 4 months ago and during that time period I have tirelessly been arguing with them over refunds. They are trying to say they can't locate the order for the Incorrect Item and that they will only give me 25-30% back for the other two garbage items they ripped me off on. They also do not do Returns because it is "too expensive" in their words.

I am highly upset with this company and the customer service and policies AND their ORDERING system. I have sent them the same photos of the items I want refunded four AT LEAST 3-4 times and explained the issues with them even more. Either to employees working emails do not read the prior email conversations, they are incompetent, OR they are hoping I will get so annoyed I'll just give up and let them keep my money.

Little do they know, I don't give up. If they fix my issue I will leave a review letting you all know it was handled, but as of now, it's nothing but a waste of time and energy. I do not recommend ordering from this company unless you have money to burn for crappy items. Because 4/6 times you purchase their items, they are terrible quality. If I could select 0/5 stars I would. They do not deserve my one.

Absolutely Terrible Company
An absolutely terrible company that is obviously a Chinese knockoff sweatshop. I ordered a "Hallmark Movie Watching Blanket" for my wife for the holidays. What arrived was a product so awful I thought it was a joke. The "blanket" could only be described as a paper thin, single ply oversized "scarf." The printing was of the cheapest quality and the logo was not that of Hallmark. Similar, but defiantly not sanctioned by the official company.
When I wrote them requesting a refund, I was told Fairy Season don't do refunds (I should have read the fine print), so their solution was to sell me more of their crappy merchandise at a "possible" not guaranteed discount. As if I would want anything else from them!

Beware! You're not going to get what you think. Go to the official websites of whatever product you desire. You will be pissed and deeply disappointed if you deal with this company.

Terrible service - dishonest company
I would not give this company even ONE star unless the review site forced it. I ordered a shirt for a Christmas present - it arrived after almost 3 weeks and was made from the cheapest possible materials and almost see thru - it was the Hallmark Movie Watching long sleeve shirt. Not only that - it was at least 2 sizes too small (I ordered a Large) for my petite wife to allow for some washing/drying shrinkage - and Fairy Season will neither exchange or provide a refund. It has never been worn, and I followed all of their emailed instructions and requests in my attempt to return the shirt. I plan to bash and blast their terrible and dishonest company in as many places as possible - but my advice is, unless you just wish to throw away your money and not deal with a reputable company that will stand behind their products - DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this crappy organization called FairySeason.

Take note of the shipping times
The shipping took about 3 months, (ordered on march 13, got items may 24). I ordered 2 swimsuits, and Fairy Season were both in good condiion, sizing is correct and they both had padding, which I found really great. One of the swimsuits had a small black "stain", but it almost completely came off when I rubbed it, and I am sure when i wash it it will be 100% gone. So 4 stars because shipping was long but I think the swimsuits are definitely worth buying there. The shipping also didnt cost much, and for 2 swimsuits + shipping it was 13 euros, its great price and im happy with them. The customer service is also great and answers fairly quicly (in about a day or less). Other people here saying that they werent able to track their package was a little weird to me, because they let me track it using the website 17track. Be patient with them, because shipping does take a while and ive seen people be angry because they havent gotten their order in 2 weeks or a month. If you have ever ordered anything from china/aliexpress/any types of those stores you know the shipping takes VERY long.

Never use this company
I purchased a tank top from them in August and my card was immediately charged, not just a hold put on it like a lot of companies do until the item is delivered. I waited 60 days, as per their instructions, and emailed them when my item had not arrived. The tracking was not available to me. After a few days Fairy Season emailed back saying it appeared my package had been lost, and now the item was out of stock, and I could choose another item that was the same price. No offer of a choice to refund. So I chose another top and immediately emailed back with the info. Another several days and they emailed saying that my original item had been reshipped but that the tank top ran small so my size had been bumped up. Umm, what? Didn't ask, just sent it. When I received the top it was huge. It did not run small, but in fact big. I emailed back saying this and that I wanted to return it and I expected a full refund, as I had waited now 3 months to receive the wrong size. They would not accept a return or issue a refund and asked if I could keep it for a friend. What? They knowingly sent me a size I did not order and lied about the product being small and then won't take it back, and by this time it has been 3 months since I ordered it. The emails were ridiculous and each time there were days in between replies. I called my bank and explained it to them and they issued me a refund, so I emailed FairySeason and told them my bank had given me a refund so I got my money back and now they're not getting their shirt back and receiving a one star review. They emailed back saying if I insisted on returning then the return shipping would be on me. LOL. They kept emailing after I kept telling them to leave me alone, I got my money back so I was done with them. So unprofessional, so crazy, I will never again deal with them.

Refused to Refund
Fairy Season sent me this email 10 days after my order was placed:
"Dear Customer:
Sorry to inform you that the item(on the title) under your order is sold well and may take us some days to get the stock. Could you wait for it to be restocked? Or Could you you please go back to our website: and choose another item as replacement?
Please just offer us the item number, size and color of the item you would like to replace with. And then we will arrange the shipment asap
Await your kind reply."

I asked to just cancel the order and issue a refund. They begged for me to accept that they couldn't send my item and to wait for restocking. I replied no, I just want to cancel my order and receive a refund.

Two days later I received this email:
"Dear customer,
Thank you for message.
Glad to tell you this item is restocked!
We will ship you the original one.

Your whole order was shipped out with the tracking number#"

They sent another email with tracking info that says it doesn't exist. Awful.

Do NOT order from this company
I ordered a dress back in late Nov 2019. I followed the size guide given and the dress was way too short and too tight in hips but big in stomach and arms, plus the material was terrible and was not like pictured. I emailed the company the next day to start the return pocess, took me forever to get a return address to ship it back (January 2020) to get a full refund only to have them decline the package so it was returned to sender (June 2020). Fairy Season company tells me I did not return the item (attached picture of the return to sender and correct address on returned package) and since it was in 2019 they can not give me a refund. They can send the same size and item to me or give me a 10% discount on another item. Its a big run around game to scam you out of your hard earned money. Please save yourself the time and disappointment and do not order from this company or its sister companies.

Order arrived in just over 2weeks
Like many others on here, I didn't 'review' before placing an order. DOH!

I ordered the hallmark blanket on 12/5. After 10days of nothing but a charge on my CC, I then googled ' reviews'. Needless to say, I panicked when I saw the reviews.
On day 11, I emailed customer service about my order. Never got a response and when I checked again a couple days later I had an email that my package shipped and I tracked it to find the pkg was in China. Great, by the time Fairy Season ship it over here by boat it will be spring! So much for a christmas present. The next day I decided to check the tracking again and to my delight I found it was in the states, they had flown it over. When I got home that day it was in the mailbox.

So, overall my experience was 'ok'. I did panic when I read these reviews, but it all worked out in the end.

The blanket is probably not much heavier than a flannel sheet but I was more interested in what it said on it than how warm it was.

Save your time and money
Do not order from fairy season. Their sizing chart doesn't match the actual size of merchandise you receive. Poor quality and does not come as how it's advertised. I ordered 5 bathing suits and none fit and were poor quality. Ordered all in large and referenced sizing chart... nothing fit to chart. Their large would fit someone who is small (size 2-4) not a US size 8-10 as larges usually run. I tried getting a refund letting them know i would pay for shipping and Fairy Season said the best They could do is offer a 15% rebate on my next purchase with them. They are totally delusional... why would i ever order from them again given they won't give me a refund of any sort. Veer away from purchasing anything from this company. Their stuff looks great on their website but definitely false advertising. You'll be disappointed like the other thousands of customers.

This company is an absolute joke! I should of done more research from this site! Fairy Season have Horrifice customer service and no phone number to call. I have been emailing with customer service but it is always a new representative and you have to start completely from the beginning. I tried to return my items and did everything correct. THEY GOT THE PACKAGE AND RETURNED IT BACK TO ME! I have an email from a rep stating that it was not in the return allowed time. I called BS and said you never said there was time limit once it was returned I just had to notify you within 7 days of the return with tracking number and I DID! Even in their policies it states may take longer to ship due to covid. So how can they blame the return is not on time? They have given me EVERY excuse of why it was returned including customs denied it (i gota customs letter in the bag that says approved). I've sent them pictures, demanded refund and they just talk in circles. I am so frustrated! We've been ripped off by these damn non american $#*!ers! TRUMP 2020! YES IM PISSED!

Not as bad as everyone says in their reviews
I want to be fair and say, Fairy Season have it all laid out on their site regarding no return policy and the way the wording is, it's clear this is coming from another country. With that being said, the price you pay for the items is low, therefore, you can't expect Macy's quality; however, the top I ordered came in and it's every bit as pretty as the picture. Today is my first day wearing it and I've received a lot of compliments. The color in the picture was more a dark teal, and the top is more of a navy blue but still very pretty (note the descriptions said blue not teal) So I got as described. Over all, I'm happy with my purchase. It took about 2.5 weeks to receive which wasn't bad. Especially since it was free shipping. The only downside was that their 2X is more like a Large or small XL. I read the reviews first and so I ordered the larger of the sizes. I have a 40 DD bra size and the 2X fits just right.

Not a Bad Experience
I ordered a Halloween dress and used their free delivery method. I ordered October 2 and received it October 28. This isn't too bad knowing how far it had to travel and it was free delivery The dress was the right size (M) and actually ran a bit big. I could have gotten a small and been fine I think. I have ordered four other items so I am hoping I will have the same experience. Although, this time I did pay for expedited shipping.

Update 11/28 I did make another order from the site. It was shipped in two different shipments. The first order took about three weeks to arrive (I was already expecting that), however, the shipment that got here Saturday 11/26 was a seasonal Thanksgiving shirt. That really aggravated me. Guess I'll have to wait until next year to wear it. BTW - I did pay for the extra shipping so I could track it. The tracking mechanism is not great though...

Horrible customer service
If I would have read their reviews before I ordered, I would not have ordered. Unfortunately Fairy Season don't let you see the reviews on their website, so you have to google it. Anyway, I ordered a "Mama Claus" shirt weeks before Christmas, and when I went to track my order it didn't even show up on my account that I had any recent orders, so I messaged them. The lady gave me a tracking number and told me my item should be here in a few days. One day I got a package with no receipt in it or any logo of where it came from with two rompers in it. I messaged the lady back and they wanted pictures. I sent the pictures and they told me sorry and that I can keep the items and they will give me 20% back. I told them no thanks, I want the shirt I ordered or a full refund if not. Then they said they will give me a 40% refund. This company is horrible! Don't order anything from them! It's a waste of your money.

I wish I could give no stars...
Don't buy this stuff, it's all bs. I ordered 2 tanks like 2 weeks ago, it was advertised free 3 day shipping, went to order, and it was either free shipping for whenever Fairy Season felt like shipping it out, or pay extra for 5 day shipping... well I needed them for something (that 5 day shipping would get them there in time for easily) so paid the extra shipping fee... they didn't even process the order for 3-4 days, and then when they did, the tracking didn't work. Well, once it DID work, I could see almost 5 days later that it hadn't even left their shipping facility (assuming it's even really there to be shipped). Messaged customer services, and a day or so later was told basically that even though I paid extra and it was past the delivery due date, I should just wait, and then was eventually told that it was stuck in customs... now... how can something be stuck in customs when it hasn't even shipped yet? Hmmm... well, fast forward several poorly answered emails later, and 2 weeks after paying for 5 day shipping... I get offered 50% back of the shipping I paid for (so I can have 50% back for a service that wasn't even performed?... ok then) and 8% off my next purchase... because I'd order from here again? Read the online reviews, it's not worth the hassle and loss of money. I'm going to assume my tanks aren't coming, as the 'tracking' shows it hasn't even left yet. Their excuse originally 'stuck in customs' has now changed to 'we have a lot of packages piled up'... sure. Sure you do.

Poor Customer Service-Stay Away
Shop elsewhere! I bought five dresses from this company, spent $85 - great deal-so I thought! First off it took forever to get the dresses. It was difficult to track the order and I was uncertain if the dresses would ever come. Once the dresses arrived I tried them on, Fairy Season didn't quite fit right. I uses the measurement guide but still didn't like they way they fit. On a few dresses, I even bought medium and a large just to be safe to the sizes. One the medium was too tight and another medium was too big. One a large was too tight.
Per company policy, I contacted customer service via email and I sent pics of the items ordered. It took over a week to get a response back. They initially asked for my measurements, indicating I measured wrong or didn't reference the size chart. I am not an idiot, I know how to measure and read a chart. Nope that is not the case, so I sent my measurements to show I should fit in a medium size they said sorry the items didn't fit. I waited 2 weeks for a response and sent numerous inquiries between. They then recommended I should give the dresses to a friend or family member. They offered coupons and discounts for future shopping. That is not a remedy. I responded, I told them I want to get a refund and would need a shipping address etc to return the dresses. Another week went by before any response. Then their response is that shipping would be too costly and would take to long to process and they would still like to offer me a coupon. What a joke-a complete SCAM. Do not order from this company.

Do not order from fairy season
Do not order from this site. You would not believe what Fairy Season have put me through. First I ordered a bathing suit, next thing it arrives but it's not the size I ordered. I emailed fairy season and their response to it was that they didn't have the size I ordered and paid for in stock so they just went ahead and sent me a bigger size. Emails went back and forth for days. They would say can't you just give the item to a friend or family member. Finally I got fed up and started writing bad reviews. Then I received a message from them asking me to remove my bad reviews and they would refund the item. Well I did and days went by and still no refund. I emailed again and asked where my refund is. They replied with asking me if I took down bad review and now if I did they would refund 50 percent I'm done with this company never again will I order from them and I strongly suggest you don't either. This company is a joke

I ordered SOCKS for a Christmas present on 11/30/16 and Fairy Season were not even shipped out until 12/11/16. I understand the busy holiday season, but come on. Anyways, it is now 1/2/17 and I still have not received my socks, which means my boyfriend did not receive one of his gifts. When trying to contact the company, they took FOREVER to respond to my complaint. All they basically said was that it had been shipped out and there's no tracking information since it was free shipping, so I just have to wait until it comes. If after something around 40-65 days have passed and it hasn't come, then contact them again. 40-65 days?! Who wants to wait that long for socks! This company is ridiculously slow and I would suggest never ordering from their site. After reading other reviews it looks like almost everyone has had the same problems as I have.

Good experience
I am very pleased with my order, but would let you know Fairy Season ship internationally. When ordering keep in mind that after order is filled and shipped it will take some time to get to US and through customs. The material of the dresses we got has a very soft, silky feel. Looks good with leggings and boots!

I ordered two dresses and my cousin also order two dresses on Nov 24th. After ordering I heard a lot of bad things about ordering from them so I was a little nervous, but $12 for each Christmas design dress, I thought why not. The website did not clearly state it was being shipped international, but after reading reviews I figured it must be because of how long it takes. I work for USPS, so I am use to international packages taking several weeks, due to customs. One of my dresses did not ship within the first week of the other dresses, so I went on their website and ask for refund on the dress that did not ship. They gave me the refund the next day without any problems at all. My cousin and I received the other 3 dresses three weeks after we ordered it. Worked out great for us, we need in time for Christmas and we got them two weeks before Christmas. Sometimes with international orders the sizes run smaller, but these dresses fit just right.

I ordered product on 11/4 not realizing it would ship from China. My purchase was for a friend's birthday on 11/25. Due to covid-19 and shipping delays I realized I wouldn't get the product on time. I checked and the order had not shipped so I emailed customer service to cancel my order. Instead of canceling as I requested Fairy Season emailed me back to try to get me to keep the order. Then on the 12th they send an email with a tracking number saying the product shipped. The product did not actually ship according to tracking until the 14th. The best they can do is give me a 50% refund. I have been going back and forth with them for 3 weeks. The product I received on 11/25 is of poor quality, not as pictured on the website at all. I'm not sure about these positive reviews on here. This company scams people out of their money in my opinion. Be careful before you click purchase!

Slow and shady... SHEIN is better
Slow and sketchy... SHEIN is a lot better

I purchased a couple of pieces of clothing and pairs of shoes from the site. I placed my order at the very beginning of September for my wife's birthday at the very end of September. I received part of the order@ the 17th of the month, and the last part of the order on the 30th, a few days after my wife's birthday.

The quality of the clothing material was awful and looked nothing like it did on the website. It was so bad that I did not even present most of the the items to my wife. The shoes were fine. So now the kicker. I have been going back and forth with customer service to get a return authorization. Next step: Charge back.


I received the following from customer service:

"Sorry for replying late.

We apologize that the item you got can't meet your expectation.
You can send them back for exchange or refund, and the shipping fee is on you.
The international shipping fee is little expensive.
It will cost you too much to send them back.
Is there any chance for you to keep them as a gift for others or resell them?
For the inconvenience, we can refund 10% of the item price as compensation.

Thanks for your support and understanding."

So I have put in a charge back dispute with my credit card company for a refund for the clothes and shoes I do not intend to keep.

The only reason I trusted this outfit is that I have had good experiences with SHEIN in terms of quality (hit and miss, but overall pretty good), and great in terms of customer service. Spend your dollars there.

These fit perfectly and are so comfortable!
These are honestly some of the best sweatpants that I've ever owned. Fairy Season are very comfortable and fit perfectly. I like my sweatpants a little big and these are just right. I am 5'0 and weigh 150. I'm a little overweight as in chunky but I'm not a very heavy person. A large fits great. They are a little baggy in the knees but I like that. I think that someone up to 5'4 could wear these without the all of the fabric that I like while cleaning house and running errands in. I loved these so much that I bought two more pairs. They are nice fabric too. The price for these is great for these sweatpants as I am particular about the way things fit on me as well. I could have definitely worn a medium but love the feel of the large. They don't look too large on either. They also shrink too. Another reason why I bought a large. I cannot say enough about these sweatpants! They are the best! Thank you!

Do not order from this company. I have been fighting with them for over 2 months to get an item I ordered and paid for. It never arrived. When I contacted them it was "just wait 2 more weeks" over and over. Until finally I had just gotten fed up. I said NO GIVE ME A REFUND. Fairy Season refuse. We'll resend it. No, Ive already waited almost 3 mo. They argue and email me daily. "We'll just resend it" No how may times do I have to tell you I'll just take a refund. Now they've agreed to refund me but want to deduct a shipping charge from my refund. The shipping they say they paid to a shipping company that never delivered a product. This is between them and the shipping company. I never received a product. I expect a full refund. They are relentless with excuses and ultimately are refusing any refund now at all. I know it's tempting because the pop up and are so cute but Don't do it!

This should not be legal...
I ordered a bunch of clothes from the website. The clothes the models were wearing looked so nice. Fairy Season were nothing like what I received. It took over a month to come in also. I totally forgot I made the order until a few weeks ago, when I got an email saying it was shipped. I then searched up reviews (stupid me for waiting) and seen what I read here. I was really bummed. But I'm glad I already expected what I got. All clothing made from (probably) a sweat shop in China. I thought this was an American Company? No. Please, do not order from this website. Knowing I probably supported child labour is disgusting. The clothes are all see-through, made with a material that feels like paper, it all looks nothing like it did online. I will be donating the clothing I received. Didn't receive a receipt with the package, and after reading what their customer service is like, I'm not going to try to get my $130 back. Learning lesson for me truly. Also the tags on the products are the side of a pea and just say S, M, or L (depending on size).

I've ordered on this website 3 items on two different occasions. From the first order 1 out of 3 items were wrong. I ordered a beach towel, it was some type of table cloth. Second order: I ordered 2 shirts and a bathing suit. I still have not received one of my shirts which I ordered 2 months ago. Second shirt was an extra small when I ordered a large and my bathing suit is also a small, when I ordered a large as well. I'm pretty average in my size, but man! These sizes are way too small, and to top it off... I cant locate my packages at anytime. I was shopping on this website because I thought Fairy Season had descent clothes for a great price, but I was wrong. I will never order from this website again and I hope I can save you money and your time. Because I sure did waste $60 for no reason. :( makes me sad because I do hate giving bad reviews. But I'm only being honest.

Want a refund? Prepare to do backflips.
I ordered over $100 worth of merchandise from this business. Most everything I was okay with, except one shirt was too small and the material is very scratchy and poor quality. I emailed and asked to return this one item after spending over $100 with them, and Fairy Season gave me such a run around to make the return. They asked me to send pictures of what was wrong with the item. Pretty hard to send a picture of scratchy material. The item fit me but it was not fitting comfortably. I should not have to send pictures of an item to get a refund, especially if I'm only sending back one thing out of over 10 items. The customer service representative I was emailing with gave me serious run around and wasted a lot of my time back and forth, and eventually never replied to my last message so I guess I'm not getting a refund from them. It's a $10 shirt so it's not worth my time and effort but I will never order from them again and I will do all I can to make sure that nobody else is taken advantage of like this. Clearly from reading the other reviews, they are not to be trusted. Don't fall for the cheap price tag. You get what you pay for.

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