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Doesn't deserve 1 star!
I ordered a $3,000 trolling motor, which was easy. But the trolling motor was a lemon and the head unit fried within 45 days of purchase. I sent factoryoutletstore an email and responded stating we could send it back for an exchange. Waited 2 days and still no prepaid label. We called back to inquire about the label to only be told "oh we are not taking it back, please find a service center". After 8 calls between Minn Kota and Factoryoutletstore we just took it to a service center. Three days later, after I left another bad review, we received another call stating they would exchange it so my husband drove 45 minutes to pick it up so he could ship it back. So another 3 days went by with no prepaid label. We called about 10-12 times and they were rude, confusing and unhelpful every single time. One person would say 'you cant return this, oh wait I see the notes, call back tomorrow if you do not receive the prepaid label by email". This went on call after call. My husband had to call a local dealer just to get a box... Wonderfull people unlike Factoryoutletstore. After all this we are here today with no label, a broken brand new $3,000 trolling motor, and a refusal to just refund our money, and we also have to pay a restock fee if we ever get a return label. Donot use this company or you will be screaming LAWSUIT like we are.

This is by far the worse internet store in the entire world. I ordered a 3100. 00 Panasonic computer. Never heard anything about my order no emails no phone calls. I finally called them and received no service or help at all. After several calls got me to someone who called my bank with me on the telephone to confirm the money out of my bank account. It took over seven days to get them to do this. Because they were late they shipped two day to me and charged me to 2 day air fees on my return. Terrible! I was asked by their service member if this was a gift card. No it is a bank visa card. They have no idea what they are doing. I returned the product and they received it on 10/1 UPS today is 10/10/14 still no refund. Their web site says 2-3 days refund on all returns. I have had to stay on top of these people every step of the way through this entire process, from ordering to the return. That is a lie. After several more calls they finally sent me an email with the amount of $472.99 return fee. I am told that it will take 24-48 hours for this refund to him my bank. That is there typical excuse "Your order will be filled in 24-48 hours" "It will take 24-48 hours" for you refund to hit your bank account. They even had the nerve to create a ticket on my refund when I called in and kept telling me that they would need 24-48 hours to work the ticket. The person on the phone today was rude an unprofessional putting me on hold several times and lies every time she opens her mouth. He put on hold and pretended to ask if she could waive the return fees naturally she has been instructed to lie. This Panasonic PC is a great product – Panasonic need to sever any business ties with this company as they do not do their product any justice or good. Terrible service everything about this entire experience has been awful. I will never order anything from these people again and I highly suggest that you take your business elsewhere. They put phony dates in the return received 10/9 when actually they received it on 10/1. It took these idiot 9 days to process this return after several phone calls from me. The incompetence it mind boggling. Crooks incompetent idiots need to be put out of business.

Rip Off company promise features then do not deliver minn kota trolling motor
Rip Off company the division selling minn kota trolling motors is
Ripping me off. I asked specifically if the $1199. 99 NEW Terrova
Trolling motor with blue tooth and I pilot had the transducer built in.
Sales rep says YES So I ordered one. Got it delivered, installed it. 3
Hours on my boat due to inaccessible bow inside area. Ordered the Sonar
Transducer adapter from ebay for 1/2 the price 24.50 vs 49.00 from
Factoryoutletstore. A couple days later, when it arrived, I went to
Install it. Surprise, No sonar transducer cable in the head! Called them
Up and asked for only $100 refund due to misrepresentation and found
Out the only unit had with built in transducer was in a package
$310 more! They would NOT give any refund and only offered a 2 year
Extended warranty a $149 value according to their web site. I did NOT
Want a extra warranty but I noticed that they offered a 4 year warranty
For $199 so I said I would accept that for the error and I'd have to buy
A cable and do an external transducer for the bow mount trolling motor.
Their answer NO, No way we cant do that or give any refund. Called the
Credit card company and filed a dispute. Unit I got was $310 inferior to
What was promised. How do these guys get away with this kind of
Customer care? In reality it would probably cost $60 just to ship it
Back to them since the box is huge and heavy. Since they say that all
Their order calls are recorded then they have a record that I asked
Specifically whether the sonar transducer is built in FACTORY. That is a
Major difference in the features of the unit I received. If I take off
My boat they will be getting a used unit with extra holes drilled in the
Mounting plate and the electrical ends already cut and replaced with my
Setup. What is wrong with these people. Oh, Yeah, One call and you will
Realize that you probably wont get get anyone without an Indian like
Accent. I did everything right and asked all the questions I should have
And was very reasonable in my request to rectify the shortcoming. So if
You think the prices are good then think again because what will you do
When you are being screwed by them. 3 times I was told a supervisor
Would call me back shortly and guess what, 2 of the 3 supervisor call
Backs never happened and the 3rd waited until the next day to basically
Say. Too bad, Then send it back. FOOL. I may send it back simply because
I'm so angry but they will pay all the freight and refund 100%
Guaranteed in full for a now used, modified installed unit.

They don't even deserve the one star
This company is lead and serviced by a company of liars. I ordered a new GPS that I needed for a road trip down to Arizona. Their ad clearly stated that it would be delivered within 2 to 5 days. Business days that is. I received an email from them saying that it would be delivered Sunday evening by the end of day. lied. I double checked the tracking number to FedEx and then through SmartPost and it is not scheduled to be delivered until the end of business on Wednesday, three days after we leave for a trip. I use a credit card through PayPal so I've contacted PayPal and my credit card carrier to decline the charges as I asked repeatedly for a manager on the phone starting on a Thursday, I was not contacted until the following Monday and they still could only apologize and not offer any resolutions. When I called the previous Thursday, I gave them the option to get a new unit and get it sent out overnight are to me at their expense that I would make sure that the other unit, when delivered, would be promptly returned to them by having relatives of mine check my porch. They absolutely refuse told me that they would get a manager on the phone and they would call me right back. That phone call never came in. Like I mentioned earlier that phone call from manager never came in until Monday afternoon 3 hours before us leaving on a trip. These people are absolutely disgusting. The company is run out of Mumbai India and their stuff is shipped out of a warehouse in New York City. These people have no concept of customer service whatsoever, and these vile disgusting people that do not listen to actual concerns and take no responsibility for their lies or their failures.

I bought a CELESTRON NEX STAR 5 SE Telescope. clearly sent us a used product. The tripod legs all scratched from extending in and out. The Telescope glass had all tiny scratches. Then upon further investigation there was a deep scratch on the glass from the inside. They flipped the glass. When the company requested photos using the same email from Factory Outlet. The company would reply we never received the photos. This went on with numerous phone calls speaking to Supervisors three weeks. Then they wanted me to carry this big box to a return store. When Factory outlet finally agreed to have a scheduled pick up at my house. I was told to call UPS in the morning to get an idea of the time. After taking off from work calling UPS no pick up was arranged by Factory Outlet Store. When I called The Factory Outlet Store I was told by a Supervisor they only use FED X Ground. Now once again they told me a phony pick up was arranged. Finally they picked up the product after three times. They sent me what was supposed to be a new Telescope promised brand new product. I could not believe what they sent me. The Celestron Telescope box with this delicate instrument inside looked like it was dropped off an airplane. It had a someones prior label cut out of the box. So you know once again the lied about their product. Box was torn, ripped it was put back together with a roll of strapping. I called FED X right away refused package. They picked up next day. Called Factory Outlet today 9/21/17 they just today after it was returned two weeks ago several phone calls refunded my money. They refuse to give information on CEO or phones numbers to contact to complain. This company is a disgrace. Rosanne Graham

BAD creepy service - don't trust them
I ordered a Garmin GPS unit online after talking with someone via chat about their product. Then I got an email saying there was a problem. I called them, This man Allen with an accent from India had we tell him everything about my information and my order. He was real insistant I give another phone number, I didn't have any others but he kept asking. Finally he said my card was rejected. I have excellent credit with no balance on my account. He wanted my credit card info again, and foolishly I gave it. He said it was rejected again. I have never had my card rejected. I bank with Chase not some fly by night bank. Anyway I said I wanted to talk to a manager, he said he was the only one on the floor. Really! I said I wanted to talk to anyone else, he would not let me. I said I wanted the order canceled and he kept asking for another credit card. I wouldn't give one. After telling him several times to cancel the order he said he would, I asked for the confirmation number and he ignored me and said an email will come to me, I asked 4 times and finally he said he could not give me a confirmation number. After again asking for a manager, his boss and getting to where, He did say it was canceled. I hung up and raced to my bank and canceled my card. The bank said there was no sign anyone tried to charge my card. So weird, this was so creepy. I will never do business with them again. This phone interchange was today July 11,2019.

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone from Factory...
I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone from Factory outlet store. Their website promised that the unlocked phone would work at near 4G speeds in the USA. After receiving the phone, I was unable to get it to operate at high speed. I was disappointed, and called them to discuss. I had long wait times on the phone, and was disconnected a few times, but I did finally talk to someone that suggested that I send it back for an exchange to a phone that would work properly. I got the information that I needed to return the phone on an exchange, figuring that the phone was defective. I shipped it back to them.

Further conversation with Samsung told me that this model phone was manufactured for use in South America and wouldn't function fully in the USA. On the day that my phone was to arrive at their offices, I called back again. Once again having long wait times and getting disconnected a few times. I was told that didn't have a different model phone to send to me. I asked for a refund. They said that they would charge me a restocking fee. I insisted that this wasn't my fault, because their website had promised it would operate properly in the USA.

Eventually I spoke to a supervisor, who told me that I would get a full refund. 10 days later, the full refund (no credit taken for shipping or anything else) was posted to my credit card.

Although I was disappointed with the phone that I received, they made good on their refund.

Item was OK but Something happened
I have used Celestron Factory Outlet Store and I purchased two Items one was the celestron AstroMaster LT 70 AZ Telescope and a Meade Instruments Infinity 50 Telescope I purchased that Telescope from Meade Factory Store Outlet. The Tripod was not good I needed a replacement and Meade Instruments replaced the Tripod. But then I purchased a Celestron UpClose G2 10 X 50 Binoculars I then received the Binoculars and one of the Objective Lenses broke off. It was delivered by Fedex. All other Astronomy items the box had a Handle with care fragile and another box that has a Telescope says Handle with care, Frigile, Don't drop. I also purchased a 2 Year Factory Protection Plan plus a 1 Year Celestron Protection Plan from the Manufacurer. I ordered the pair of Binoculars from Celestron Factory Outlet Store it was ok but FEDEX delivered it but dropped off at my Pourch of my house they dropped it without nowing what it is inside. It was broken by FEDEX which I think they did it. I called up Celestron Factory Store Outlet and wanted a replacement but thye will not give me a Replacement they will not send me a new pair they will not send me a Celestron Upclose G2 10 X 50 Binoculars. Other Telescope companies if somehing broke they will replace the Telescopes or Binoculars for me. Celestron Factory Outlet Store said they will send me a full refund but they will not send me a Replacement I did send then a photo of the defective Binoculars but still they won't send me a Replacement item. I ordered from Agena AstroProducts a Celestron Heavy Duty Alt Azimuth Tripod and something was broken on the Tripod I sent the Tripod back to Celestron and I am going to get a Replacement Tripod I also ordered a Pair of Celestron Binoculars from Scientifics Direct something happend with them I got a replacement Binoculars from them and I ordered a Telescope from Orion Telescopes & Binoculars and they sent me a Replacement Telescope. My Opinion is this Celestron Factory Outlet Store is a good company but they will not send me a Replacement Binocular. I feel they should if they don't they shouldn't have a warrantry they should honor the warrantry and replace the item nothing more nothing less. They are not very honest.

The "positive reviews" all basically say the same thing which leads me to believe they're fake. I wouldn't be surprised. I'm currently dealing with them now with my purchase of a watch (Suunto Ambit 2) and have been waiting the entire week for just a tracking number. keep telling me it will be available in 24 hours. Well, a few days later and it's still not available. Called again today and they told me end of day now. I tried to cancel but it was "dispatched" already to the carrier and cannot be retrieved during this process. I intend to immediately re-send it back purely out of disgust for this company. It does say on the website there is a restocking fee and shipping costs will be charged (I see some reviews that state otherwise, so I'm sure the company wised up and made this more clear). Still sucks but I'd rather get this behind me and never do business with them. Also, my watch said it was "Brand New" on the website but see complaints of refurbished items. I'll be curious to see how mine arrives. I should have known things were fishy when they asked for me to fax them a verification form (signed) with a photo copy of my credit card because my shipping/billing addresses were different. I didn't do it. Never have been asked that and that just seemed arcane to me.

I already bought my Suunto Ambit 2 again from Amazon just today. It will even probably get here before the Factory Outlet Store's with just regular shipping used on Amazon. Don't stress about your item... just use the normal channels you are comfortable with. Price reduction is not worth the hassle. Brooklyn, NY 11232 Brooklyn, NY 11232
We did not receive this order, number FOS3870365E, because we were advised to refuse delivery with UPS, which we did, since the phone was sold to us under false pretenses. Your sales agent Andy extension 250, told me that the GT i9500 numbers after the name were color codes when were actually European model numbers. In addition to being told by him that Samsung would warranty the phone for the first year which they will not. I called Samsung right after I placed the order and they told me they do not give support of any kind nor warranty European models being sold in America because the insides are different and they cannot provide GT LTE service which defeats the purpose of the phone.
Further Samsung said they would not warranty any phone sold by your company since you are not an authorized seller of Samsung phones notwithstanding that you list yourself on google and on your webpage as Samsung factory outlet store.
Samsung - Cached
I immediately called you on the same day of the sale and cancelled the order for misrepresentation and sent emails of cancellation to the order department, processing, shipping, and customer service info telling you not to charge my card.
You refused to cancel the order and charged my account on 4/2/14. Customer service said to send it back when I got it and they would waive the restocking fees but I had to pay to return it to you. Instead I refused delivery.
UPS confirms you received your phone back on 4/9/14 and it was signed for by Posada. It is 8 days later and there is no sign of receiving my money back nor have you contacted me. You have used my $494.94 for 15 days when I specifically told you not to ship the phone and not to charge my card which you did anyway. I also advised my bank not to accept your charges but they did.
You must return the full amount you charged my card since I cancelled the order in plenty of time for it not to be shipped or charged as bank and UPS records verify.
Please advise me when you will be putting through a full credit to my account. AT

Not a brand new mattress right from the factory.
On July 2nd, 2015, I placed an order for a Melnick Beautyrest Recharge Mattress with the Factory Outlet Store. I was assured that I would be receiving a brand new mattress directly from the factory. I was also told that this mattress was made to order and that it would take about two weeks for me to receive this delivery because of the holiday weekend. On July 21st, I called to enquire about where my delivery was, and told me they had called the number I had given them and that the number was disconnected, and that is why the delivery was late. However, they never contacted neither my personal phone number (which was also given on the receipt) nor my email to try and make the delivery, it seems they had simply tried the first number and left it at that. The delivery was finally made on 24th. But after the person that I purchased this mattress for (who happens to know about mattresses) came home, inspected the mattress, and informed me that this is not a brand new mattress right from the factory and that the mattress is defected and is actually a Shakespears Collection made by Simmons Company - specifically for a mattress retail store, not the Factory Outlet Store. According to the receipt sent to me by the Outlet Store, my order shipped on July 8th, yet the mattress that was delivered has a tag of being made on July 11th; that is three days after the shipment on my order was made.

The only reason the wrong delivery was accepted was because the homeowner, who is not myself, trusted that she was receiving what I have ordered, being that the invoice that was given to her had the correct information.

Right away I called the Outlet Store to report the problem and I was assured someone would call me right back, on the 27th I called again and spoke to another person that told me the same thing (someone will call you right back). After several more phone calls finally I received a call from the initial sales person I spoke with when I placed my order. He requested I sent him pictures of the mattress I received, which I sent on an email; I was then called and told that there has definitely been a mistake and the mattress delivered was not what I had purchased and that a supervisor would call me back by the end of that day. After three days of not hearing from anyone I called again and spoke to the sales person, who apologized telling me that the person in charge will call me back ASAP… the next day he sent me un email of apology and acknowledge a mistake had been made (assure you that your complaint will be handled in a strict and serious way. We take full responsibility for the error and we guarantee that such incidents will not occur in the future. Assure you that your complaint will be handled in a strict and serious way. We take full responsibility for the error and we guarantee that such incidents will not occur in the future.) He proceeds to say (At present we are looking at our schedule in order to arrange a prompt and proper exchange of the merchandise in question). That was on August 6. How many days are needed to arrange a proper exchange?
In total I have spoken to 8 different people whom have told me Mr.--- ------) who is the person in charge, will call you back. I have yet to receive that phone call. I find myself just repeating my predicament over and over to a different person each time, without any solutions being made. It has now been 19 days since my initial call, several emails have been sent, phone calls have been made, even those I have spoken to have agreed with me that a mistake has been made with my order… nothing has been resolved.

Don't trust these false advertising liars!
My review is too lengthy to include all the facts in chronological order, so here is a summary.
1. Ordered a Stearns & Foster mattress (good price) on line and was asked to choose a delivery date. I picked a date for the following week, and my credit card was then charged.

2. Later that day, I received an email directing me to contact them via phone, as further info was needed to complete my order. then stated that due to the Corona virus, my order would be delayed at least 18-25 business days. That's reasonable, but why wasn't this fact indicated on their website? Why did they have me choose a delivery date? I think it's obvious why.

3. Mattress was delivered a month later with the incorrect box spring. I re -contacted and was told the correct box spring would be delivered in 5 to 7 business days. Two months later I was still making weekly calls to get the box spring to no avail. They kept blaming the corona virus, but I contacted Stearns & Foster customer service who said that only mattress production had been slightly delayed in a couple locations, but that box spring production had never been affected by the virus.

4. After 8 phone calls and numerous lies, they offered me a $220 credit for the box spring which I accepted.
5. The delivery of my mattress was a sight to see. Only one person arrived and I watched him remove my mattress from the truck and place it on his head and walk up my stairs. If you aren't familiar with Stearns& Foster mattresses, they are extremely bulky and heavy (Queen). He was unable to get the mattress in the front door, so I had to help him lift it and put it in place. (I am in my 70's)
6. Conversations with their customer service people is very frustrating ( English)

I made a huge mistake buying from this company. They don't even deserve one star!

I bought a Uniden D 1760-8 the total cost $132.42 l worked on this phone for a month could not get it to work. L got on line for technical support with no help. After calling them 3 times another month went by with no help. I called again and after more then a week unexpected finally someone return our call from technical support. My husband and technical support worked with our phone over an hour. determined that the base was a problem had and to box it up for a return. We told them just send us another set of phones and not a refund. After waiting for a month l called them and found out they gave me a refund and not another set of phones. So l went to order another set of phones just like the ones l had bought before. They would not let me have the phone l bought before at the price l paid for they wanted to charge me more money $199.00 plus tax. Much more then what l paid for to start with.It could had been a simple fix. They had a copy of the original sale and what l paid. To make things right because of there mistake. L ask them to send me the same phone for the same amount l paid for the first time.And they refused, they would NOT send me that phone unless l paid more. L call that scamming. Lts not right to sale me something that didn't work, then told me to return and when they received it then they would ship me a new one. Instead give me back my money jacked up the price to replace. SO WRONG. UNFAIR, AND LOOKS LIKE THEY TRY TO SCAM US INTO PAYING MORE. NEED HELP TO REACH CORP. THEY WOULD NOT DO THE RIGHT THING. SAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. AT UNIDEN FACTORY OUTLET. LIARS, SCAMMERS.

Scam Artists
Your business is a scam. Your customer service department provides nothing but lies and untruths. I purchased an electric shaver from The Factory Outlet Store ( I NEVER received a bill or an ETA for my purchase. When my purchase arrived, other than the front of the box, which was all in English, everything else was in Chinese.
When I called (talked to Ronnie-hard to understand-he certainly was not American) he apprised me that the product was an "International Unit" (whatever the heck that is). There were other gaffs but the Chinese wording had me worried. Ronnie guaranteed me that the manufacturer would provide me a 2 year warranty. Ronnie provided me with the manufacturer's 800 number which I called.
I was apprised, by Kayla, that there was no International Unit. I was also apprised that this product was, solely, manufactured in Walberg, Germany. Ronnie also apprised me that his company does not have "claim number cases". Ronnie said that he would make notes and attach them to my P. O.
Once I had all the information from the original manufacturer, I once again called Factory Outlet Customer Service. I gave this second CSR my P. O. number. (I could not understand his name). When the second CSR opened my P. O. he NEVER mentioned my previous complaint that I opined 1.5 hours earlier. When I asked # 2 CSR about where was my bill of sale (you've got to love this); CSR 2 apprised me: "his company was having e-mail troubles with both Google and AOL. (e-mails were not going through). CSR said: "not to worry. I'll just open up my Outlook and send you your copy".
As an FYI: my initial call to was 8:55 a.m. EST, 01-19-2018.
The e-mail from CSR # 2 arrived on my desktop@ 9:40 a.m. EST 01-19-2018, while I was still talking to #2.
Another FYI: Every communication I received from has been sent via the exact IPS. So much for having troubles with Google & AOL.
Lastly: Beware of's return policy: Credits are subject to a 15% processing fee plus the actual cost of shipping. This amount will be deducted from the amount of your refund.
I've already asked for a dispute claim document from my credit card holder. I've also told that I will not pay the restocking fee nor have shipping deducted. I am currently awaiting their response.

Do not buy from FactoryOutletStore!
Do not do business with Factory Outlet Store! I purchased our first refurbished phone to receive a VERY USED, unacceptable product. I tried to return it but would not let me unless I returned it for another order. I was forced to purchase the product NEW from them even though that same product new was cheaper elsewhere. Further, the new phone that came had most of the items out of the bags, it was clear this phone had previously been opened. My second experience, I should never have given them a second chance, I purchased 2 other refurbished phones. They arrive and one is, again, beat up and fuzz was coming out of the earpiece. I exchange the phone (at my shipping cost) to only get a 2nd one returned with no phone cord. When asked to have the phone cord sent to me, they asked me to return the whole phone again. I said no, Im not going to pay shipping costs AGAIN when they can simply ship me the cord I have paid for. The rep finally says she is trying to work with the warehouse. One week later, nothing, so I email them again to get the response "we are trying to resolve your issue". Its a $4 phone cord that can be purchased ANYWHERE! The 3rd phone then started having issues with the cord and headset after one week. Again, I asked them to send a replacement cord and earpiece and they would not. I was told I had to exchange the whole phone again. This has disrupted my business considerably. I ended up buying a new cord and the cord/headset for both phones through Amazon. Received my products in two days. Again, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE COMPANY. We learned the hard way.

Negative - stars... This company sells fraudulent defective products and sells as a Samsung Product.
I purchased what I was told was a authentic US Samsung Note 3. I called 2 different times and spoke to your operators twice to verify it was a authentic US Samsung Note 3, both said it was and it was RECORDED!

I received it. I didn't open but verified the imei # with Samsung. Not only was it not a authentic Samsung, but it was not from the US either, which I have both sales people on recording, verifying it was authentic. I have sent photos to Samsung and have a letter as evidence it is neither.

I paid next day air at my expense $32. It was returned next day in the original manufactures box. I have photos and certification from a UPS authorized shipper it was unopened in original box.


If you go under YOUR OWN WEB SITE under Return Policy, Cell Phones. You may return or exchange merchandise for any reason within the 15 days. There are certain conditions that must be met before a request for refund or exchange can be accepted. Cell phone purchase request for refund-Items must be returned back in the original sealed, unopened manufactures packaging within 30 days of the orginal purchase date. Cell Phone purchase request for replacement- must meet all standards set forth below. If the standards are not met upon request of merchandise, It will result in the merchandise being returned to you at your expense.
• Phone must be returned with all the orginal packaging, accessories & manuals.
• Phone must not be damaged due to misuse, abuse or neglect.
• Phone must have a defect in materials or workmanship.


Shipped within 30 days (actually next day- and have documentation)
I have photos and signed documentation from the UPS Carrier it was un opened and sealed.
I have photos of the package unopened and of the imei #, With delivery carrier documentation it is true. I also have a letter from Samsung stating the imei that is in the photos of the phone you sold me as a authentic US Samsung is a copy, a fraud and not made in the united states.

No where in your " Cell Phone Return Policy" did it state I would be charged for a defective, fraud. Neither for shipping cost or restocking fee. LOOK AT YOUR OWN SITE! I have legal documentation and this is MY SECOND legal documented LETTER OF REQUEST to be refunded for a defective fraud unopened cell phone.

My order number was FOS3852707E

I followed you Cell phone policy perfectly, and have legal documentation to prove it. I expect you to do the same. I expect NO LESS than my payment in full of $579.95 as it states on your own site, under CELL PHONE RETURN POLICEY.

Nothing less will be accepted and I will take you to court for that plus my shipping cost to return, my loss of time you had my money plus interest. My time and suffering and my attorney will charge you his fees, plus file charges for faud and false advertisement with Samsung.

In order to rate Factory Outlet Store, the rating selection needs to extend into the minus range.
Don't be deceived by the 1 star rating. The rating selection does not have a wide enough span of selection – this outfit needs to offer selections in the minus range.

Order #: FOS5616695E Please note that batteries and accessories that were purchased separately may be shipped out via United States Postal Service First Class.

Where is my order? As you can see, it has been 20 days since it was shipped. It has not arrived at either my PO Box or physical address.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We request you to confirm you would like to reship the item for you or you like a complete refund to your account. In case you like to reship please email us the shipping address where you receive USPS mails as last time you were unable to receive it. Please reply at your earliest convenience we will be glad to assist you further.

In the future, if you have an option to ship to either address the customer needs to know this before placing the order. I was told it would not ship to a postal address because it was a battery…
‘The address is: PO Box 0000 – Sidney, XX 00000'

Where is my order? Well, it's been over 3 weeks since I was told my battery is "in the mail" (for the 2nd time). It has been 6 weeks since I ordered the camera battery, this is also the 2nd follow up… the battery now far exceeds the $29 dollars it initially cost. This is not good for reviews. Are you going to track this thing down or do I have to do that for you too?

RE: Where is my order? We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We request you to confirm the address where you will be able to receive the USPS mails, or else confirm us if you would like refund for the same. Please feel free to call us for further questions.
Where is my order?
I want my battery. Can a battery be shipped to a PO box? Please answer (below)
If yes, PO Box 0000 – Sidney, XX 00000' please respond "yes sending to PO Box"
If no, 2182 W Xxxxx – Sidney, XX 00000' please respond "No, we will use the physical address"

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We have processed a credit for your order as per our policy. Your account will be credited to the original method of payment within the next 24 hrs. Please allow 2-5 business days for it to post into your account. Request you to place new order. If you have further questions feel free to contact us.


We have not been able to locate your account. Please provide us with your order number for further assistance. If you have any questions please contact us at our toll free number. Agents are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

You guys are really pathetic. You don't know how to ship successfully, you don't listen to your customers and now you lost an account… absolutely beyond belief

Thank you for your email. Your request is under review and we will respond to you within 24-48hrs.

Does this outfit recruit personnel from Mc Donalds

It would be nice to hear responses from board members – it may serve them in doing some damage control.

Don't even deserve one star
I purchased a Plantronics 5200 headset from them because told me completely refurbished even a new battery. I asked that question a month before purchase because I didn't want to get one with a battery that only held 20% battery power when charged. I was sent a photo from google to show that they do it. Battery only lasted 10 hours with 15-20 minutes of talk time after full charge.
Most of the other functions I tried in the 5 days I had the device didn't work either. I need a good working bluetooth because I had several strokes, losing the use of my left arm. I returned the device with their return form and it stated within 5 days I would be fully satisfied with their decision. I returned it around June 20th. They received it from USPS on June 26th. I messaged them 6 days later and have been told repeatedly they have never seen it. It is now July 9th. They told me by message, again, that I would hear back in ANOTHER 5 DAYS. I haven't heard a thing in 7 or 8 days again! I have been without a bluetooth device for a month now and $60 shy in my bank account to buy another one from a company that takes care of its customers
When I called to ask this company if they really installed new batteries, the reason I was making it clear to the representative I was talking to is because Plantronics themselves told me that the they don't service the batteries because at the time the batteries finally die there has been enough usage they aren't worth anything but throwing away! BE SMART AND DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, BUY ANYWHERE BUT FROM THIS COMPANY AND YOU'LL BE MORE SATISFIED AND HAPPY!

Beyond horrible
So I ordered a dual pack electric toothbrush when I ordered it it did not tell me anything or prompt me that one of the items was somehow on backorder which in my mind don't both of the toothbrushes come in one box so how will it do you have one and not the other anyway email me this a day after my credit card was processed instead of sending me the tracking information then about a week later I still hadn't received any word so I called the lady told me that they were expecting it within the next few days I called that she now says that it will be there in a week and that if I'm not happy so I ordered a dual pack electric toothbrush when I ordered it it did not tell me anything or promise me that one of the items were somehow on backorder which in my mind don't both of them toothbrushes come in one box so how are do you have one and not the other anyway they email me this a day after my credit card was processed instead of sending me the tracking information then about a week later I still hadn't received any word so I called the lady told me that they were expecting it within the next few days I called that she now says that it will be there in a week and that if I'm not happy with That they could offer me them both in the blue but I would have to pay $10 more I said no I'm not paying $10 more whenever this is your guises fault I've already paid why should I have to pay more I said I'll just go ahead and wait till next week I called back the next week get another gentleman on the phone now he's telling me he doesn't know when it will be shipped they were expecting the item on that date but now they don't know win can't even give me an estimation and I said well why don't you just send me them both and blue OK I can do that what card would you like to pay the extra $10 why should I have to pay an extra 10 that they could offer me them both in blue but I would have to pay $10 more I said no I'm not paying $10 more whenever this is your guises fault I've already paid why should I have to pay more I said I'll just go ahead and wait till next week I call back the next week get another gentleman on the phone now he's telling me he doesn't know what it will be shipped they were expecting the item on that date but now they don't know when can't even give me an exclamation and I said well why don't you just send me them both and blue OK I can do that what card would you like to pay the extra $10 why should I have to pay an extra $10 when it's been a month now since I originally placed the order I've been more than patient waiting for you guys to get it in stock at this point you should give me a credit of $10 and take care of it and send it to me in both blue since I'm even willing to except them both and blue there are other option to me was to cancel it and wait 3 to 5 days for the funds to come back on my account just beyond horrible customer service then I asked to speak to a manager or manager is on available right now I can have One call you back in the next 24 to 48 hours

This should be a NEGATIVE star!
These people are CROOKS! I ordered a Uniden PC78LTW two way radio. sent me a very USED Uniden PC78LT+ (wrong radio) in a very OLD and beat up PC78LTW box (right box, wrong [USED] radio!). Fortunately, I used PayPal to pay for the transaction and PayPal has a consumer protection plan built in. I initially tried to call the fraudulent ecommerce merchant using the number on their website. Each time (3 times) I was on the phone on hold (after going through a long drawn out automated system with erroneous adds) and then continuing to hold for another 15 minutes listening to corny hold music before I would get abruptly cut off and the hold music was replaced by a busy signal. Again, I did that three times consecutively before logging into PayPal and "escalating" my transaction into a claim dispute. Early that following week, I received a very poorly written email from that said it has come to their attention that I am disputing my claim. They went on to write encouraging me to contact them (and offered a "different" number to call) and THREATENED me that there could be additional fees and collection procedures. Of course, I thought, "Oh bring it on!". In the end, after PayPal reviewed the case as well as all the documentation and pictures I sent, they closed the case in my favor. I received a full refund. I have NO idea what would have happened had I used my credit card. BUYER BEWARE of The are SCAMMERS, as well as CRIMINALS! Do NOT patronize them! They are very fraudulent!

I wish I could give them a ZERO
We ordered an expensive watch for our grandson on a Saturday. The money immediately disappeared from our account, but by the following Monday, we had not received an email confirmation. I called and spoke with "Victoria", who gave me zero assistance and referred me to *******141, which she told me was closed for the night. Wrong. I called and spoke with "Tia." Tia told me there was a problem with the order because our billing address and phone number came up as someone else's? What? I explained that we are renting our residence. She then wanted to know about the address we were shipping the address to. I explained this was a professional jeweler. She then told me that I could upgrade to 2-day shipping, but I would have to give her my card information again. I told her that we had already paid for this, the funds cameout of our account on Saturday. She wouldn't stop arguing that this was only a "pending charge" and wanted $30. More for 2-day shipping. So I gave her the credit card information and she tried to run the full $879, again, and was surprised it didn't clear. Again, had already taken this $$$ from our account on Saturday, so she was literally trying to take the entire amount again. She finally agreed to take just the $30 extra for upgraded, 2-day shipping. Tuesday, I called them again. No email?! Where's our watch. I call the customer service number and speak to some $#*! who tells me it is in their wear House and he will send me an email with the tracking number. Instead, he sends me an email that says the watch has been sent to their wearhouse and they will contact us within 24-48 hours with the shipping information!? WTF! I call again. This time, I speak to "Naomi", who at first tells me that we will get our shipping information within 24-48 hours. I explain that I was told the same thing by "Tia" yesterday, and paid an extra charge to upgrade to 2-day shipping. "Naomi" then changes her story and tells me the watch will be shipped tomorrow, via Federal Express, 2-day delivery. It does not matter which number you call, the 800# or the *******141, you end up speaking to someone whose second language is English and they are all using fake names. If I could cancel this order and sue them, I would. We may have to do this anyway, and file a complaint against them for fraud.

Horrible in every possible way. Aweful experience. Avoid this company!

I placed my order with them over phone on Thursday Jan 7,2016. Person who takes the order clarifies about my order and tells me I would certainly receive my order within 2-4 business days. I ask for email confirmation and yet it's Monday but still didn't receive any email. So, I call them on Monday Jan 11,2016 asking about my order status and tell me I have to wait for this product for at least 3 weeks from now till I receive it because they don't have the product in stock any more. I speak to a random supervisor who is so rude that doesn't want to talk to me about the inconvenience but tells me to cancel my order if I can't wait for that long time. However, I said it's alright I needed the phone so i'll wait. Back again on Thursday Jan 14,2016 I called them as a new customer and asked them about the same phone I ordered to see if they have that in stock yet or not and they surprised me they had the phone in stock. I asked them why they lied me about not having my order shipped to me when they had the product in stock. And he confirms that the order was putted wrong because I asked for gold color and they had on order black color phone. The person on phone apologized and said he'll get this going right away for me. Again on Monday Jan 18,2016 I call to ask them about my order status. I get reply that the order has been sent to warehouse and we will email you your tracking soon. I call on Tuesday Jan 19,2016 speak to a supervisor name Tracy and she tells me someone will call you from our office soon about your order. I still haven't received any call nor any email. I am still waiting for my order. If you are planning to order something from this site I would say please please please DON'T. I am so tired now that I want to cancel my order with this people. They do not value their customers neither they care about their customer. THEY SUCK AND ARE COMPLETE NON PROFESSIONALS.

Deceptive Advertising and Emails
I was shopping for an automotive GPS as a present for my dad. being listed as a Google Trusted Merchant gave me the confidence that I should be dealing with an honest and reputable company. I wish I had read the reviews from other websites first. After a few days of delaying making the purchase of the product I was contemplating, I received an email offer stating that would apply an additional 5% discount at checkout as an incentive to complete the purchase that same day. So I did. Guess what -- no discount applied. An immediate call to their customer relations line followed, during which I was told that the offer did not apply to the product I purchased. When I presented the fact that the product was the one specifically referred to in the email they sent, and was the ONLY one I had even considered purchasing from their website, I was told that I had to read the fine print elsewhere in the email that excluded the product as being eligible. Ha! The fine print DID NOT exclude the product. I am surprised that Google still considers them a Trusted Merchant with all the negative reviews they have garnered due to their purposely deceptive practices. I cancelled the order immediately and will be contacting my bank to prevent them from dipping into my account. I will make the purchase from another company I have dealt with before.

I ordered a Plantronics CS530 wireless headset from, and I am completely dissatisfied with the quality of product, terrible customer service, and lack of response on my issue. The headset I received was damaged/scratched with a large scuff mark down the front of the charging station. The earpiece was dirty with dust, earwax/hair inside of it. This is also a health concern as well.

I requested a supervisor the first time I called in and this foreign lady told me she was getting the supervisor and put me on hold for over an hour in limbo i'm sure just to get me to hang up. Then I emailed and received a response that I would receive a callback within 24 hours. I still have yet to hear from the supervisor that I was promised.

I also called yesterday to get a return label for this poor quality/dirty product and have yet to receive it. It doesn't take that long to get a return label. I just called in again today regarding this and another forein guy stated I would get this in a couple hours because it had to be "forwarded" to another department? Really? Get with the program people. This is not how you run a business. Note I still haven't received the label as promised and it's been well over a couple hours now.

At this time I have filed dispute charges with my credit card company to get my money back. In addition, I will be filing fraud charges and consulting a lawyer next.

I regret ever making a purchase with this If this is the way you treat your customers you won't be in business for long. I wish I had reviewed your business online with the BBB first, 65 negative reviews? Really? Just awful. You should just close your doors.


Is there a zero-star option?
Is there a zero-star option?

On March 21st, I placed an order for a replacement battery for my son's laptop as he had to have the laptop running for a science competition next week (April 7). I was led to believe that the part would be delivered in 4-5 business days. Well, on March 24th, I received an e-mail that the order had shipped and also got a tracking number with DHL. We were out of town for a few days with no internet access. Upon returning, I read the e-mail and attempted to track the package. No information was available on the DHL site. When I put in a CSR request, I was informed by DHL in an e-mail that no such package had been delivered to them. When I called Factor Outlet Store on March 30th, the rep was very understanding (as though this was the first time the issue had ever come up), but said it would definitely be here by April 1st, and if not, would institute a research into it. I was really upset and told him why not send another battery and I would return the second one if I got two. He said that that would not be possible, but I could place another order. I almost agreed, but thankfully did not. Yet to receive the package (DHL does not show it either) and I am beyond calling Factory Outlet Store - instead, on April 1st, I called my credit card company and asked them to give me credit for the purchase and informed them that I never received the product.

Should have read the reviews first!
Very dishonest company. I ordered a refurbished GPS from their website that CLEARLY indicated that it came with 3D traffic updates. In order to receive the updates, you must have a specific power cord with a built in receiver. The photo on the website SPECIFICALLY shows the correct cord included.

When the unit arrived, no 3D cord. On the first call to their customer service number in India, I was told "the refurbished unit does not come with traffic updates. For $100 more he would send me the same model with the proper cord". After I directed the agent to their website, he told me "it is an error and I'll turn it into the IT department". He told me he would send me a return authorization for a full refund. Of course, once I received the authorization, it said I will be charged a 15% restocking fee.

I then made two calls to the sales number and was told BOTH times that the exact unit I purchased at the same price DOES include traffic updates. When I gave the second "salesman" my order number number and asked him to send me the correct power cable, he hung up.

FINALLY, I got someone on the phone in customer service that agreed to send me another unit with the proper cord after I returned the one sent me. The problem is, I just don't trust them, particularly after reading all the other terrible reviews.

I think a more prudent action will be to file a complaint with the NY State Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Division.

FactoryOutletStore does not back the products they sell
After I install my last refrigerator water filter, I order replacements so that I am not caught without them in a few months when it's time to change it out again. I ordered a two-pack of WF289 from FactoryOutletStore and arrived in a timely manner. Unfortunately, when it was time to replace the water filter (3 months later) it leaked from around the filter causing water to drip through my refrigerator and onto the floor. I removed the new filter and installed the second new one and that one leaked as well. I installed the old filter and there was no leak, so clearly something went wrong during the manufacturing of the WF289. No problem, I thought, I will just call FactoryOutletStore and have them send me another two-pack as the ones they sold me were defective. The "customer service" lady told me that their return policy is only 1 month and there was "nothing they could do", so I ask to speak with her supervisor. After waiting for several minutes the lady came back on and said that her supervisor would call me back. The supervisor never called.

My $46 mistake with FactoryOutletStore was a one-time occurence as I have no patience for companies that do not back what they sell. Surely they did not expect me to "test out" the two filters so they I could made the return deadline... or maybe they did. Or, maybe they just don't give a... hoot. I'm thinking it's the latter!

Take Your Chances if You've Got Plenty of Time
I received email confirmation 3/16/19 for an order I placed that day for a Garmin GPS. When I voiced concern about receiving it prior to an imminent vacation, the salesman said he'd expedite the shipment at no extra cost so I'd receive it in two or at most three days. This was not the fastest shipment which would overnight it to me for an additional large sum, the exact amount of which I don't recall. But I could live with 2-3 business days. To my dismay, that's not what happened.

According to USPS tracking records provided to me, the package left New York on 3/18/19 and traveled across the country (perhaps by pack mule) and was delivered to my house at 6:30 PM on 3/23/19, SEVEN days after I placed the order, not the 2-3 business days promised. (I actually didn't receive the package until the following day when a neighbor brought it to me because it had been mis-delivered by the post office, but I don't fault the FactoryOutletStore for the post office's further delay. Nonetheless, I have handfuls of pulled out hair as I tracked the package daily, biting my nails and fearing having to leave on my trip with no guidance. (Turns out I made it with hours to spare, no thanks to FactoryOutletStore, and with no time to learn how to use it.)

So, if you're not in a hurry to get your package, go ahead and buy from this guy (assuming you're willing to risk the complaints expressed by other reviewers). I won't be making that mistake again.

NOT the kind of a business you want to spend your money with.
Trying to order a hard to find item that is pretty much backordered many places. Those who have it in inventory are asking more than those who are SOLD OUT and will notify when get one in. So I pass many dealers who are honest enough to admit they don't have it, and also pass those stores that want extra BECAUSE they have it in inventory, and land on FACTORYOUTLETSTORE.COM What do you know. They have it IN STOCK, for $330.00 I pay by PayPal, get a confirmation and an invoice number. Two days later I decide to check on the status of my order, I log into my account using my Zip Code and my Invoice number, NO SUCH INVOICE. Hmmm. That is odd, because I am copying and pasting the invoice number they provided. Five phone calls later and after five disconnects I get someone in India who looks over the order and tells me there is a glitch. The glitch is not that my invoice number does not even show up, neither does my order. Then he tells me item is BACKORDERED. That is precisely what I tried to avoid. I don't want to wait for weeks. I want it immediately for a reason. Now I have to wait for them to refund MY money. PayPal has been contacted but they want to give the merchant to respond. Learned my lesson. STAY AWAY from these type of operators. I should have known. They are operating out of an Office In NYC. Not some warehouse. No store front.

I'd Recommend You Not Buy From This Vendor
I'd be very careful buying anything from this vendor. I recently purchased a Uniden security system (UDR780HD) which was advertised by as the replacement for the Uniden G955 system, which I have owned for years (works perfectly). Prior to ordering I moved one of my existing CG45 cameras (part of the G955 system) to the location I intended to place the new UR780HD cameras to see if the distance between the camera and monitor was achievable. The G955 system/CG45 camera worked fine. The two systems advertise equally achievable distances between camera and monitor. Upon receiving the new UD780HD system I found the achievable distance between the cameras and monitor was about half what my G955 system could achieve. This was true even with direct line of sight between the UD780HD camera and monitor. My G955 system passes thru three walls between the camera and monitor at an equal distance the UD780HD system couldn't achieve with direct line of sight. I had the system for three days and immediately repacked and returned to for a refund. Their terms and conditions state "may" keep 15% of the purchase price for returned items. It should say they "will" keep 15% of your purchase price. So, between the 15% kept and the return postage it cost me approximately $100 to find out practices false advertising. One more item of interest. Every time I turned on the new UD780HD system my Bose Soundwave (wifi enabled) radio would stop receiving a signal from my router. I called Uniden to discuss and they said "yes, we have been getting some feedback about interference between other wireless systems and the new UD780HD security system". So, there you have it.

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