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Simply Overpriced
I saw an ad for their nearly too good to be true memorial day sale. "VIP--FIRST OUTFIT $15-ENDS AT MIDNIGHT!" Of course I took advantage, $15 for an entire outfit plus free shipping? Sign me up! Due to the outrageous sale, my options were limited; everything was selling out. I managed to find a cute outfit that suited me. Their sizing is confusing, but since I normally get a large everywhere I go, I decided on that. It fits well, and like I said, it's cute. But this quality doesn't meet anywhere close to the price, especially the full-price non-vip one. The top is a basic white muscle tee with a knot accent at the bottom to add aesthetic. The tag claimed it was $34.99 retail. Are you kidding me? I can find better quality at Walmart. It's flimsy, it wrinkles easily, and it's see-through. Next up was the bra. What drew me to it was the back, it had a nice strap design. I'm rather busty (36DD), but it still fit. Still cheap cami top quality, retail price was $29.99. My biggest issue is it gives me no support. I always begin my gym routine on the treadmill and this entirely impedes me from doing so without my bust flopping over the place and also causing a lot of pain. Lastly is the leggings. Retail price: $79.99. This was a blown-out "are you absolutely f**king kidding me!?" They're the best quality of all of them, but I can purchase this same material at Walmart, and in fact I own a pair very similar purchased from there. It's appalling to know that if you did not have a VIP membership, this entire outfit would cost nearly $150.

Anyways, I decided I needed to cancel the membership since obviously I will never hand over my money to them again. It was fairly easy, but the customer service rep kept insisting I stay and offered 500 reward points that are actually non-redeemable, but after I showed my anger through my words, he quit the chatter and got it canceled.

It's technically not a scam if you read the print, but Fabletics do sign you right up for the VIP and if you don't get your bank statements or forget entirely, you're out $50 each month for nothing. I'd suggest getting a highly sale-priced outfit and canceling.

This service greatly reminds me of the whole Kylie Lip Kit craze going on. It's expensive because you're paying for the name, not the quality. I know of far better brands that give me useful, long-lasting workout gear for a reasonable price. I can typically purchase a full quality outfit for $30-$50, but my fabletics outfit probably isn't worth the $20 I got on sale. Just plain stay away from them unless there's a huge sale and want something cute. It's cute, but get out while you can.

Spent Way Too Much $$ With This Company... Save Yours!
I have been a VIP Member for quite some time and had even left for a bit and rejoined when Fabletics expanded their sizing. My biggest complaint has to be their inconsistent sizing for being exclusively online. I've had items run large, just right and too small. Things will also fit oddly with weird cuts around the bust area or tight everywhere but sagging along the crotch whereby you continually pull up your leggings. As someone who wears the clothes strictly for working out I absolutely hate when I'm have to continually pull up my pants. I've purchased the bra tops in my correct size to struggle to get it on because the compression is over-kill or there is severe side-boob fallout. Petite sizing is still 2" too long.

The reason I pulled out of my VIP this time around was the continual issue with stock availability. You become a VIP not only to take advantage of the cheaper pricing but also to have access to the newest styles first. Every month I'd sign on the minute I got my notification that my styles where available. Within minutes sizing and items would be sold out, as well, I would put an item in the cart, checkout, pay and in a couple of days get notified that the item sadly was sold out and they could not fulfill the order. And the site would often bugger up whereby you couldn't sign in, crashing and finally I'd get in and items... gone. I called in to complain and the Customer Service Agent really didn't care, stated I should sign into my account the minute the notification was received. Clearly was not listening, as I had been doing that. I decided that was it. Clearly my business didn't matter and asked to cancel.

When you cancel you loose all your VIP points that you have collected even if you decide to rejoin, those are gone forever. Just a $#*! way to do business. The competition is "a plenty" out there so keep shopping and don't fall prey to their so-called "deal" and "VIP" Membership. The perks you get with the Membership take forever to build up and you can only use the points to preselected items that are just leftovers from what did not sell on the site at regular pricing. Speak with your money and move on. Glad to be rid of it.

You need to read this!
So I wanted nothing to do with this company at first because of hearing about their business model but then my sister in law gave me a $50 giftcard to buy from them LOL! Stuck with the gift card, I decided to give it a try. I headed to the store and was helped my some ladies there. First of all, I have to say their Power hold leggings are amazing. Fabletics are high quality and pricy. The color is wonderful. I was skeptical but then the lady explained to me about the membership thing in order to buy for cheaper. So this is what you need to know: the membership is FREE to sign up for. After your sign up, you have 5 days from the 1st of the month to the 5th to skip it. OR they will charge you $49.99 for an outfit. If you don't shop that month then that $49.99 will be credited in your account as a balance so you can shop anytime. This is so easy. I actually got email for new outfits at the first of every month so then, since I remember what I have to do, I go on their website, log in my account, click on SKIP this month. It always asks ARE You sure you want to skip? I click yes. Then that's it. I was never charged for any amount since I joined. All you have to do is to remember to skip it. And I understand this could be an issue for many busy people who don't remember this sort of things.
I go to HIIT class and Pilates regularly and everytime I wear Fabletics outfit, I got compliments. The colors are so vibrant. They hold you body and they are very well made. They have different fabric for you to choose depends on your body type. I am 5F6,115 Lbs, skinny but I have belly fat after 2 pregnancies so my to go leggings are those Fabletics high waisted power hold. I feel tight when I do excercises and I need that when I do high interval training.
They give you memembership price $49.99 for an outfit but I am a very savvy shopper. I never pay them that. I only buy when they have sale. Actually this morning, I got an email they have summer sale. So I snatched 2 beautiful leggings and 2 sports bras for $68 with tax. I live in FL so I pay sale tax 7% for clothes.
There are many negative reviews on internet about this company but I never had any problems. I rated them 5 stars for their products.
I am a customer and this is a honest review. Hopefully I could help you understand their membership rules before you buy. And REMEMBER, you have to skip or you are gonna be charged. Simply as that. Good day everyone!
P/S. I posted a picture of my 2 favorite outfits. The burgendy is for Pilates and the green one is for HITT.

I ordered a pair of black leggings on 8/28. For 31 dollars, I also got the membership because it seemed like a good deal and I thought I would be saving money from the discounts. I got an email the next day stating my order has shipped. A week later I tracked my order to see where my package was at and the only tracking history there was stated " September 2,2020 at 7:23 pm Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item, GRAPEVINE, TX 76051" so I was like okay I'll wait a little more. I checked again on 10/7/2020 and it still said the same thing. I then realized something wasn't right. I went to the fabletics website to try to contact someone. I only had two options call or live chat. I tried the live chat first. When I started the chat the name al Anna appeared and asked how Fabletics can assist me. I typed my message then realized their was no send button. I waited for several minutes because on the top of the screen it says " connecting". After waiting several minutes with no send button I canceled the chat and decided to call the customer service number. Some man picked up the phone and I told him my situation, he said he's going to get his supervisor and then the line hung up. So I called again since I didn't get a call back, another man picked up and I told him my situation again and he honestly kept telling me my order is been delivered and I told him there is No way because it says it's in Texas and I live in Oklahoma. I told him to cancel my membership to and he didn't help me with my situation either so I had to ask him " how do I receive my order" before he hung up. And he told me basically I need to contact usps and handle it with them. Which I did and they told me that their was no mailing history on that package the only thing there was, was a tracking number that's it. Their is not even a return address. I feel like I got scammed. The next day I called my bank and now they're doing an investigation. So hopefully this gets resolved.

Helpful Customer Service (if you call, not w/ "live chat") & Crappy Experience with membership
One of the stars in my review goes to the customer service representatives that have helped me. I have had to call customer service twice during the past two months to handle concerns and both times Fabletics were very helpful and friendly, and solved my issues right away. DO NOT bother using their live chat. I tried to use it to solve my problems a few times before calling and each time the conversation was ended without reason.

The other star is for some of the items I did receive, that are pretty decent quality. I have gotten some good quality black leggings from Fabletics, but anything else I have ordered from there has been poor fit or poor quality material in my opinion.

The reason I am writing this review is because of the very frustrating experience I have had with my membership. I started the membership in September or October 2021 I believe, and just cancelled it today (12/30/21).

1. I placed an outfit on what I thought was supposed to be a waitlist to be notified when my size was back in stock. Turns out it was a "preorder" list, which meant they charged my card as soon as it was in stock and sent me the outfit. This was a mistake on my part, but in using other sites, I have always been notified before my card was going to be charged and items sent to me. Especially since, I would have liked the option to use my member credit that I paid $49.95 for already instead of paying the full $70+ for the outfit.

2. I skipped my membership credit for the month of December and was charged anyways. I called customer service (after being disconnected without reason from the online chat a couple times) and the representative helped me get refunded promptly. That was an easy fix, but still, it is very inconvenient to be charged and have to call and deal with that when I indicated that I wanted to skip the month.

3. I returned an order that I used a member credit for and was issued a "store credit" back instead of my member credit. According to their FAQ page, this would only happen if I returned part of an order that was purchased with a member credit. Which was not the case. I returned the entire order. Without it being a member credit, I was unable to use it for items that cost more than $49.95, like I could do with a member credit.

Bottom line, I was only a member for a few months and had nothing but problems. I think the only thing I have kept throughout the whole experience are the two pairs of leggings I originally ordered to get the 2 for $24 deal, everything else has gone back. I have just ordered a basic sports bra to use up the remaining "store credit" I now have, and if it doesn't work out, I will probably just give it away. It feels very much like the company was trying to take me for any money they could get from me, and not like I was enrolled in a reputable membership program. I used my returned "store credit", that in my understanding should have been a returned member credit, instead of having to call them back AGAIN, because I just wanted to be done with the company. Hopefully others have had better experiences than I did. I have to say I will 100% not be returning as a customer. There are literally 100s of other athletic brands out there now, including ones that are sustainable and made in the USA.

Don't trust this company
I have been a VIP member for a long time, my VIP membership has been reduced at the moment.
I have skipped nearly every month this year, yet l am still being charged £44-£49 most months 6-7 months at least, yet l am not being awarded member credits for these charges, so I can't use these credits to buy anything despite being charged. It's now November the fourth, l have been charged for 7 out of the 9 months this year 2021. This has happened before and l wrote to fabletics and told them if this wasn't sorted out l would cancel my membership, and that is exactly what l am going to do. I have been given one member credit this year, but what about the other 6 months l have been charged £44-£49.
I have logged the dates l have been charged by them

Friday 12th February £44
Monday 22nd March £44
Monday 12th April £44
Tuesday 11th May £44
Monday 14th June ££44 X 2 £88 total this month
Monday 12th July £44
Thursday 12th August £44
Thursday 9th September £44
Thursday 7th October £49
According to my account despite all these charges l only have one member credit worth approximately the same amount as one month's charge.
Absolute rip off, whatever you do make sure you buy from a different company/brand. It's very difficult to try to talk to anyone, or get issues solved. Staff are hardly ever British, you can't tell what the staff are saying, and Fabletics often have very poor English. Give them a wide berth, l have lost nearly £500 this year, but it's okay because I could possibly get one pair of leggings for that if l can be bothered to order one pair.
Going to write to an address l have found that is in this country, and send it by special delivery so they can't say that they have not received it, and cancel my membership. Unfortunately they will probably take another payment for this month November, despite me skipping the month this morning, but at least they won't be able to keep charging me £44-£49 per month for nothing.


Bad Business Practices, Should be Illegal
I can't even begin to recollect the many arduous processes and phone calls and online chats I have had to drudge through with Fabletics, and I have STILL NOT got what I needed from them. It is a nightmare and the worst company I have ever done business with-DO NOT sign up- it is a trap!

First of all, the base of this company relies on you spending money when you do not want to- once you sign up, you must remember to cancel every month if you do not want to be charged about $50 every month. Their goal is to have your credit card be continuously charged. Apparently Fabletics cannot rely on their customers choosing of their free will to buy their products, so they must have it set up to cheat you and get your money without your acknowledgement.

Then, when you forget to spend those credits, they are somehow "changed" into "gift cards" instead of "member credits" without your acknowledgment or knowledge. So, literally years ago when this happened to me, I tried to go online and use my credits that I had stocked up because of forgetting to cancel each month, but I had none to use. Where had my hard earned money gone? To some unknown "gift cards" company. I had no information, no contact, no email sent to me telling me about the change in my money or how to access my money.

I have since spent countless hours (yes, HOURS!) of my life calling Fabletics and chatting with their customer service online to try to get my money transferred back from unusable gift cards to "store credit." Time and time again I have been told that I will be emailed all my information and codes in order to use them. I have even been told I will be emailed a big discount "for my troubles," but alas, that never happened either. The way this business works is congested and complex in order to get you to give up, quit, and leave your money with them. They play a game with you, don't give you what you need, and then hope you will get tired and give in.

Any company that doesn't allow you to cancel a membership conveniently online is dangerous. Every single time I have spoken to a person and they have told me something would be done, it never has been. And that isn't even going into the amount of times I have spoken to people in customer service that haven't helped at all, haven't known how to help, or just give you the run around, handing you from person to person until you have spent an hour and gotten nowhere new at all.

So this time around (I am trying AGAIN to get my money) I spend over an hour speaking to customer service, and finally, they give me a new contact, a number to gift cards, a completely different company. Turns out, apparently, Fabletics cannot even give me the codes to my gift cards, because THIS OTHER COMPANY has them. ANOTHER COMPANY has MY MONEY. Fabletics must be getting money from them. What a scheme! So I had to spend more time calling ANOTHER company about an issue that Fabletics has given me for over a year. And never once did they give me this number or information before- I wonder why. This is terrible business. The gift card company promised me that the codes will be in my email within 24 hours. I have been told this before. We shall see. My confidence in Fabletics is non-existent.

This process and others with Fabletics are ridiculous. I will tell everyone I know how bad of a company it is- my work out classes, friends that coach and teach, all my family and friends. I will keep posting bad reviews on other websites in order to warn others from using this terrible company that is literally set up to steal our money.

When I have chosen the outfits they put together, in the end, you cannot even get them with your credits. This is a whole other issue with their site- they purposefully make these sets of clothing that are priced at different numbers, in order to make it difficult to equal out to the amount of credits you have- therefore, in the end, you use your credits but you always have to spend more money in addition to the credits you already spent, because none of the outfit sets equals out to the credit amounts. Confusing? They do it on purpose! It really takes all the fun out of shopping.

Besides that, I have tried using my credits and each time I have, their site doesn't even work! Many times, you choose the perfect outfit set to fit your credit amounts, spend hours shopping and putting them in your cart, and then, you try to check out and that outfit is unavailable, even though the site shows it is available and allows you to put it in your cart. I have called multiple times about this issue as well, and CS has said that it is a problem they see and cannot seem to fix. What? How can you not make your system show what items are available or not available? How can you not correct this? I have waited on the phone for more time than I wish to remember, and to no avail in the end. Just disappointment and an emptying of my shopping cart that apparently is "not available."

There are SO many issues with the way Fabletics is set up. I didn't even mention the issues with how their online and their stores have no connection and how people in the store cannot help you with anything from online, and how you cannot even use your credits in partial amounts, so your money is literally controlled by Fabletics in those increments and those increments only! No clothes are worth this much trouble, and I cannot see their methods working in the long run. I believe customers will realize the danger in this bad business and get out, although, as you can see from my experience, unless you want to forfeit your hard earned money, it is a hard cage to escape from- take it from me, and just don't sign up. Save yourself the grief and trouble!

I Recently purchased a few pairs of leggings from Fabletics. I purchased them because Fabletics were on sale and I was excited to try them on. They took forever to get here I waited over 2 weeks! I understand shipping has slowed with the pandemic but, two weeks is unreal. When the order finally arrived I had received the wrong color on one of my leggings. It was a terrible rust orange color that I would never wear. I called customer service. After waiting for over 30 mins on hold, I spoke with a representative that confirmed that the color I had ordered was not what was sent. Instead of admitting to their mistake and sending me out the correct color, they informed me that I would have to print a label they sent me and then mail the wrong color leggings back to them. Only once they received them would they send out the correct pair. I have never in my life had to jump through such hoops for any company that had made a mistake before in my life. On top of the fact that I had already waited 2 weeks for my current order to come, now I would have to wait another month roughly to get this corrected. That was enough but, apparently I am a gluten for punishment. I tried to order some leggings tonight that were on sale and give these guys another shot. I found three more sets that I liked and made the purchase. After they had my money I received an email telling me one of my items wasn't in stock and I wouldn't be receiving them with my order. They were the pair I wanted most of course. I spoke with their customer service once again and was told they weren't in stock and now I had to choose another pair. I cancelled my order and was about to cancel my membership but, was informed if I cancelled my membership I would have to pay shipping for the leggings that they messed up on the first order! This company is terrible and the customer service is even worse. I will never purchase from them again and highly suggest to anyone to take their business somewhere else!

Customer Service and Shipping
I am a first time customer and placed an order for my wife (mother's day present) on 4/24. My package arrived on 5/12 and was completely incorrect. The address on the shipping label was correct, but the packing slip and contents were for someone else.

I then called customer service (800#) and was on hold for 20 minutes and explained my issue. I was told that there was error in the warehouse and the correct shipment would arrive in a few days and that he would e-mail a new FedEx tracking number. The number sent was the tracking number for the incorrect order that had already arrived at my house and prompted the phone call to customer service.

I then attempted to use the chat feature to obtain the correct tracking number, again the representative provided the incorrect tracking number and then said that I would need to contact FedEx directly for assistance. I explained that I couldn't call FedEx because the only tracking number I had was the number of the package (incorrect) that had already arrived at my home. She sent me the phone number for FedEx (international number by the way) and disconnected our chat.

Finally, I contacted customer service for a third time and after 30 minutes the agent said that there is nothing that Fabletics could do, did not know where the order was, and to call back in 72 hours if the correct order does not arrive so that they could resubmit the order.

I understand that there would be delays due to COVID and I am not upset about the 3 week shipping tme, but I am very disappointed with the customer service that I received, failure to escalate to a supervisor, and the fact that most of the effort is on my part to solve an issue by Fabletics.

This is not a great first impression for a new customer.

My order number is below and my account contains my e-mail and phone number if someone from Fabletics wishes to discuss further.

Not "allowed" to refund money under any circumstances... IS THAT LEGAL?
Where do I start? I have been a member since March 2019. I have successfully been able to "skip" each month when needed EVEN though Fabletics don't give you much warning or reminder to skip, just one email that doesn't mention the words "skip the month" but once hidden in the email's content.

Unfortunately, life got busy with college starting back up and I forgot to skip this month (August 2019). My bank account was charged with overdraft fees because of the $50 charge to it (Come on, I'm a college student just trying to keep up with life like everyone else lol). IMMEDIATELY, I contacted support through email to which I received an automated response reading something along the lines of "we don't use emails anymore, chat or call us". I quickly hopped on chat with a customer service rep and asked for a refund of the money, to which she replied "I do not have the ability to do so" I'm like? HELLO Well then let me talk to someone that DOES have the ability to do so? Apparently they aren't "allowed" to refund credits and it's "not possible" for a refund. What the hell? I have never been SO pissed at a company before. That is absolutely ridiculous and I will never recommend anyone this brand. SURELY there is a way for me to get a refund? After going through multiple customer service reps, I decided to cancel that BS and leave it at that. I am disgusted with the way this company handles their customers and am embarrassed for the company for thinking that scamming people out of their money every month was ok and telling them that refunds don't exist here.

Here's a recommendation to Fabletics: If someone accidentally misses the "Skip" button, there should be a courtesy refund ONCE at least!? OR offer them a refund but require their account membership be canceled. I still want my $50, Fabletics. Clean up your company.

About the two pairs of leggings I received over the time of my membership: quality was A+, sadly the company itself is not.

Not Bad After All
I bought two pair of the Lisette High-Waisted Leggings, and I love them. I like the quality and feel of the fabric on my skin. The leggings definitely move with me and seem to be of high quality. I got mine in black, and can't see my undies through them, which is a bonus. My order arrived on time, in about 5 days, and there were no problems. One thing I thought Fabletics could brush up on, when I received my package, was their packaging. It was very simplistic, with the legging arriving sealed inside a plastic bag. For a luxury brand, I felt that they could do better.

With regard to all the awful reviews Fabletics has been getting these past few months, I can't speak to any other products aside from the ones that I purchased. I would definitely recommend my leggings to anyone interested in a good pair of leggings.

In terms of the fashion site, or the brand being a scam, I didn't experience that, thank goodness. When I decided to make a purchase, everything was clearly spelled out to me, step by step, and I selected the options I felt I could deal with. The site gives you the choice of becoming a "VIP Member" and paying less money, or not becoming a member, and paying more money for your first purchase.

If you choose to become a VIP Member, understand that at the beginning of every month, from the 1st through the 5th of every month, you'll have the chance to either "skip" a purchase, or be charged about $50.00 for that month. So basically, it charges money to your account, that will just be sitting there as a credit to you, when you decide to make your next purchase. Good thing is that you can choose to skip every month if you want to and not be charged at all to your account. You can also cancel your membership at any time. Be sure to read everything and understand what you're doing before you click and buy, and you will be fine. If you do choose to become a VIP Member, just be sure to skip every month between the 1st and the 5th if you don't want to make a purchase, or you don't want to be charged, and you'll be fine. You never know when you're buying something online, if it will fit you or work out or not, but these actually did fit, and I feel great. Kudos to you, Fabletics.

Decent products but not worth the hassle or money
A few years back I saw a women at the gym in a pair of leggings that I loved! When I asked where she got them, she told me Fabletics. When I looked on the site the leggings I loved were not there. Fast forward a year 1/2 later and I saw them and joined their membership. The fit was okay, the quality was decent and overall I was happy with my first purchase. The second purchase was a sports bra that is unsupportive and ill-fitting but the leggings were good. My negatives are the skip a month in order to not be charged, I missed two but Fabletics did offer me a one time adjustment. What is disappointing and a hassle is trying to use the $49.95 credit. If the item is on sale, you will be charged at the full price which I learned on my second purchase. For the last 10 months I have been trying to use my credit and it is challenging because I do not like any of the $49.95 options, I do not need additional leggings so I do not want to pay more than the $49.95 just to utilize a cash value credit. Some of the leggings I do like are under $49.95 which is infuriating as it means again I need to spend more than $49.95 to utilize the full credit. On top of that I was shopping the recent 60% sale and missed out as I was trying to figure out what was going on with my cart. Masks were $2.38 but when I had 3 in my cart it changed to the $3 for $15 which made my cart more expensive by $10 than before which did not add up. The games that are played with the pricing is deceiving and dishonest. Further, when I got it sorted and went to checkout, the pricing in my cart doubled as the sale was over. This was the final headache for me and once I find something I can use my $49.95 for I am going to cancel. The quality is similar to the Gap and the Gap is cheaper and straight forward on pricing. Overall disappointed and thoroughly annoyed with this "VIP membership" - more like an exclusive to a headache and disappointment.

Overpriced, mediocre quality, terrible customer service, sells customer info to 3rd party companies
I signed up for the membership to get the 2 for $24 deal. The website said you could cancel the subscription at any time so I figured why not. I got the leggings in in and was not thrilled with the quality or material. Fabletics started to pill between my thighs a few weeks after getting them. I tried to cancel the membership after i received my order but you can't just cancel by clicking a button you need to call or do an online chat with someone. The call wait time was very long and they were very pushing about keeping my membership and just making sure to choose to "Skip" my monthly payments. I did that for a while. That option is not easy to find on the website and I think I was unable to find it on the mobile site. I accidentally forgot to skip it one month and got charged the $50+ for that month. I knew they didn't give refund so I purchased another outfit with the money that was already gone and got on the web chat to cancel my membership. The operator on the other line was very pushy and when I said I did not have the money to put towards this and could not afford it if I forgot to skip a month again. She started talking about how she also had money problems and I had to ask multiple times before she canceled. I thought it was all over and done with until I started receiving "free" magazines in the mail (you get signed up for a free subscription but when the subscription runs out you get sent bills for the magazines you did not order). I logged back onto and got on their customer service chat. They said I would have to talk to about getting the magazines canceled. So they sold my information to a 3rd party company which I am completely uncomfortable with. I also tried to close down my account on their site and delete all my credit card and address from their website but it was not possible. I will be calling customer service on Monday in an attempt to be removed from their system. Though I am sure non of this is illegal if it is just slimy and bad business practices.

Update: They Responded, Just Not Appropriately
Below is the responses to my original review I received from Fabletics regarding this whole debacle, as well as mine. As you can see, Fabletics are still not comprehending what my original complaint was regarding, or unwilling to acknowledge that it even happened. Start from the bottom up, enjoy:

Thank you for the refund. Again, my problem is not understanding the VIP membership process, I have and have always had full comprehension of how it works. Again, it is with the fact a fake email was set up for me by your company, along with the one with my correct email. Both were being charged the monthly fee, and my points were only going to the one with my correct email. When I attempted to rectify this situation with 4 different customer service reps, I got no where other than having to shut down the one with the correct email and losing all of my purchase points. I also, still have no access to the incorrect email account that is currently still being charged the monthly VIP membership. I will not consider this matter resolved until, 1) My account is changed to reflect my correct email address and password, and 2) the points from my actual account that I ordered from are placed into the fraudulent account Fabletics created for me that I'm now being forced to take over.

I look forward to hearing from you on this matter in the future. Thank you.

Ivy T. Wrote: -------------------------

Thank you for taking the time to write a review! My deepest apologies for the inconvenience you encountered. I'll share your feedback with the appropriate teams! I understand that this was not the level of service you were expecting from us. Our company values each member and will do everything to keep them satisfied and happy. I am assuming the charge you are referring to is our $49.95 membership fee. We will be happy to explain that a little better, and you can also find more information on our website under the 'VIP membership' tab. Just so you know, when you place your first order, we offer two check-out options: 'regular' and 'VIP'. Checking out as a VIP gets you a discount for your first order as well as special pricing and perks on future orders. However, it does also activate a monthly membership, as explained during checkout. Our membership charges $49.95 a month, which becomes $49.95 in store credit (good toward any one item). The "skip the month" feature you mentioned is a tool we offer our members so they can have more control over their membership. Anytime you don't want to participate--for example, if you don't see anything you want to buy that month--you can "skip the month" by the 5th and you won't be billed. There is no limit to the number of times you can skip. is definitely not a scam or fraudulent in any way. We are a BBB accredited business with millions of members around the world.

As a one-time courtesy, I'll process a refund for the member credit $49.95. Please allow 5-7 business days for it to be posted back to your bank account, depending on your financial institution.

Checking out as a VIP is how we were able to offer you a discount off your first order, as well as discounts, free shipping, and other perks on future orders. Our "skip the month" feature allows the member to have more control over their subscription. However, if you don't want to worry about monthly charges or skipping the month, we do have a "pay-as-you-go" option that might work well for you. You wouldn't get access to VIP prices anymore, but there also wouldn't be a monthly fee. Let me know if you'd like to be a pay-as-you-go member instead, and I can make that change to your account.

We would like to regain your trust and hope to serve you again in the future. If you have questions or concerns, you can reach out back to me directly through this message.


Timmie G. Wrote: -------------------------
Thank you for getting back to me Ivy.

My phone number is:

My email is:
#########. Com

Ivy T. Wrote: -------------------------

I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for taking the time to write a review, I'll share this with the appropriate teams.

I'd be happy to look further into this, can you please provide any further information in a reply. In your response, please include one of the following, so that I can look up your account:

- A valid order number
- The email address associated with your account
- The phone number associated with your account


They won't fix their own mistakes
Fabletics do not care about their customers, only about your money.

In October I ordered my first items and signed up for their membership. I had heard they had quality clothes so I wanted to try. When I order arrived one of the pairs of leggings had a whole in them, not a big deal so I reached out to customer service. The women I spoke with on the phone was very nice but informed that I needed to call back on Monday (it was Friday) because my order was missing a sports bra. To be completely honest I hadn't even noticed since my order was so large but I checked my emails and my app and found no other communication of this. If I hadn't called about the leggings I don't think I would have ever been contacted.

Come Monday I give them a call back, this time I get some more information. They aren't allowed to process the exchange until I receive my whole order. So for THREE weeks I was just in limbo... I couldn't exchange the defective item and I was just waiting for this sports bra to come.

Finally the sports bra arrives, so I call customer support again and re-tell them the entire situation, they send me a return shipping label and let me know they will send out my new pair of leggings once they receive it at the warehouse.

The mail system has not been the quickest so another two weeks goes by until I get the replacement leggings, and you know what? THEY SENT THE WRONG PAIR!

It is now the end of November and I still do not have the pair of leggings I bought the first week of October, frustrated at this point I send an email to their customer service team and after a week of no response I decide to call their support line.

The lady on the phone is very sweet and lets me know she can process my refund but she needs to put me on a brief hold. I am thinking I am going to get a refund for these leggings which seems fair and be done with it. NOPE. She gets back on the phone and says she will process the "refund" and it will go back on my account as store credit AFTER I return the leggings.

Keep in my mind this was my very first order so these leggings were deeply discounted... probably $15-$20 so the fact that they couldn't even refund me that is utterly ridiculous.

I tell her nope, that is not going to work! How are you going to give me $15 store credit when I wont be able to choose another pair of leggings at the same price? I will have to spend MORE money for YOU mistake! On top of the fact that I am going to have to wait AGAIN for the leggings to arrive at the warehouse, then I am supposed to call you to tell you so then you can put it on my account? How ridiculous!

She puts me on hold again... She gets back on and says oh well I can give you a refund on your card you used once they return to the warehouse. I ask if there is anyone else I can speak to because at this point this is BS. Transfers me to a "supervisor" who tells me that's company policy.

So it has now been two months and the best they can do for me is give me a refund after I ship the leggings back so probably another 3 weeks before I even see my money.

I told her to cancel my membership immediately. She had the audacity to say if you give us one more chance I will put $10 on your account. $10? You cant buy anything for $10 let alone the leggings I purchased two months ago at this point. I told her no, cancel it. So she offers 50% off a single item!

They do not care about fixing their mistakes they just want to try and get you to spend spend spend. It's sad because they do have pretty good quality clothing so I would have kept my membership. But they cant even fix their mistake so I will not be spending another dime there.

Scam Artists. Modern Take on an old Con. It's a Trap.
Leggings fit terribly and the fabric was HOT if you actually work out in them, not breathable, trap sweat. That I could forgive. Charging you every month without notice is an entirely other issue. Trying to continue to charge someone after Fabletics cancel is yet another. They would not refund me the months they charged without notifying me and they are still fighting with my bank over the disputes. So tacky and lame and for not even good clothing. Not worth the hassle at all. Don't buy into the hype. I am so shocked Kate Hudson is connected at all with this shady company.

*below attempted damage control sent WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH MY BANK AGAIN literally trying to talk to them about what I needed to legally fight their merchandise documentation against me to get my refund. (I literally clicked a little box at check out with the understanding that clicking it meant I got the pricing they had been advertising versus one of the other 2 prices on the item that are there for whatever reason.)*

Hello Alicia,

I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for taking the time to write a review, I'll share this with the appropriate teams.

I'd be happy to look further into this, can you please provide any further information in a reply. In your response, please include one of the following, so that I can look up your account:

- A valid order number
- The email address associated with your account
- The phone number associated with your account


Hi Ivy,
I have already provided this information (many times) to your customer service dept directly (and multiple times), my bank (escalated through several departments), and in my filed Better Business Bureau claim. If you truly want to help, please address the problem through those many channels that I have already taken the time to provide all of that information requested to try (and fail) to get a resolution to this matter.

The purpose of these public reviews is not to open up yet another avenue of communication hoping Fabletics does the right thing when they have so far proven they will not, but to warn others about what your company is doing and save someone else the frustration of being robbed for pretty leggings. It is 2019. These kinds of business practices are disrespectful to your customer.
Please try better and stop conning people into the "VIP" program and auto-charging people for store credits. Before any charges go through, a person should have to approve it - for every charge. Not "They bought one thing and clicked VIP pricing because that is what we aggressively advertise and because they clicked that thing to get the price we advertised... Oh they didn't remember to 'skip' between the 1st and 5th so we can take their money since they weren't paying attention. And they won't notice or cancel for months so we will just rob them as long as we can get away with it.' People are busy living their lives. If you want to do that then send an email every month saying, "Hey if you want to contribute to your VIP account - click here to buy credits!" Otherwise you are literally stealing from hardworking people every month and hiding behind some small fine legal print and then trying to throw that in people's faces after you get caught. Seriously uncool. I have never been treated so poorly by a company in my life.

They are VERY clear when you sign up for the VIP membership
Honestly, all the reviews here are just people who were too lazy to read the Terms and Conditions when Fabletics signed up for the VIP membership. Their prices are only "reasonable" because you signed up for their monthly outfit subscription, which also comes with the discounted prices on individual items. Of course they're going to charge you if you don't cancel, it's a subscription! You can still use the $50 credit on their full outfits though, just not individual items, which is kind of lame.

I personally just signed up for the VIP membership my 1st month to get the $15 outfit (great deal for a long-sleeve athletic shirt + capri leggings), and called customer service to cancel. Seriously, the call was literally 15 minutes (I checked afterwards), and I received an email confirming my VIP membership cancellation less than half an hour later. Yes, the rep did try to convince me to stay, but I was firm while remaining polite and said I just wanted to cancel, end of story. Customer service is NOT the issue here, but people who DON'T READ. I even ordered the top in a size too large and was able to exchange it (FREE exchanges, even on your promo outfit!) for a smaller size by mail, no hassle at all. I received the replacement top ~2 weeks after submitting the exchange and following their instructions. My original order only took 9 days to arrive.

The -2 stars is because the clothing really isn't that great quality-wise (in my opinion). I thought the top was cut weirdly in the shoulders and the fabric was all nylon with just a bit of spandex for stretch. If you've ever worn nylon clothing before, you'll know it's very static-y and not that great (in my opinion) for exercise and sweating. The top also kept riding up during my jog so I have to make sure to tuck it into my leggings before heading out. The leggings are fine though, medium compression and thickness. I think their leggings are just generally better quality than their tops, based on the reviews on the site.

This company is NOT a scam, it just manages to attract people who don't like to read what they sign up for!

Consider it before you decide; read Tips from reviewers here!
Tips: the initial offer is good deal & you just have to login & "pass" on the monthly selections before the 5th and Fabletics send reminder email. I have only been "charged" the $49.95 one time where I should not have (as I make sure to pass each month.)
The selection is very limited, in my opinion as a shopper, and I tend to only purchase items that are on sale (but often don't have my size.) So, overall it is all right. I would like to cancel to eliminate the added bother of having to deal with it every month and because I just don't find enough use to justify the effort, and potential expense, associated with "membership."
With that said, I do take issue with their fulfillment, which I guess is also customer service, although I have never spoken with any representative (or attempted to) so it's not the interpersonal customer service/request and response. Fulfillment, meaning the time that it takes from online order to actually processing the order and delivering the product. The business is slow in processing orders which makes shipment/delivery time even slower. It is way out of line for a major business, especially with Hollywood royalty owner/promoting.
For example, I placed an order on Sun 6th and received confirmation email of my order on Mon 7th, advising would be processed soon. I had ordered certain items for an event in which I am participating on Sun 20th and believed, with all of my online ordering experience in past, that two full weeks, including 10 full business days, would be time enough to receive my order. On Mon 14th, they finally began to process the order, as reflected in the charge on my credit card initiated on that date. So it has taken at least seven full days for the business to begin to process the order, let alone package and ship it to me, with the ordinary 7-10 business day lag time. I have no estimate for how long it will be until I receive the confirmation email that my items have shipped, however I am certain that I will not have the order this week.

My overall opinion is that, nice enough and the first outfit purchase for $25 was neat, however just really not worth the time and effort unless you require a lot of different "fitness" outfits for your profession or seriously dedicated, daily exercise program (or if you have the time and money to spare and don't really care.)

Worst Customer Service
I ordered a pair of sweatpants from this brand and it ripped the first time I wore them. When I contacted customer service, Fabletics were unable to exchange the pants for me but they offered a $10 discount on my next order which I never received. The following month, my credit card was charged for their VIP membership, which I was unaware that I had unintentionally signed up for with my first purchase. I decided to go ahead and cancel my membership subscription but realized that there was no way to cancel it on my account. This didn't sit right with me because their messaging surrounding the VIP program states that I can cancel my membership at any time online or over the phone. Upon further investigation, it appeared that I would need to engage in an online chat with a representative in order to cancel online. I began my chat with a rep named Joe, and he quickly became hostile with me when I explained to him my desire to cancel my membership. He informed me that he would not be able to cancel it for me at this time and that I would have to try again later. When I asked for another way to cancel my membership, he ended the chat with me. I then called the available phone number and requested to talk to a representative. As soon as I got in touch with someone, they informed me that they would not be able to cancel my membership either. The woman on the phone spoke quickly and wouldn't let me get a word in. I finally asked her if I could please speak and informed her that I just had a very horrible conversation with a rep over their chat service and that I was looking to cancel my membership. This is when the customer service rep on the phone hung up on me. I then called back and told the automated phone service that I wanted to cancel my membership and right away, the membership cancelation was processed. The automated phone system gave me a confirmation number that was incredibly long and spoken so quickly that it was inaudible. Luckily, when I checked my account again, my membership had finally been canceled. I am terribly disappointed with this company and I'm disgusted at their attempts to make it impossible for me to cancel my membership. This does not align very well with their marketing messaging that states you can cancel any time. This has also given me such a negative perception of their founder, Kate Hudson. The behaviour of the customer support at Fabletics is appalling and I intend on making every effort to share my negative experience with my network. I don't want anyone else to have to go through the same kind of terrible brand experience I have gone through. Right off the batt, the product I purchase ripped, their customer service reps are rude, their website platform is very glitchy with messaging that goes contrary to their actual service.

"Subtle Scam" is accurate! Sneaky and dishonest company. Bad customer service. Marginal products.
First of all, any company that doesn't allow you to cancel a membership conveniently online should set off red flags. Their goal is to have people forget that Fabletics have memberships and be continuously charged. Not exactly confidence in their products... Then, when you DO call, you are forwarded to India (IF the line even connects). I don't usually mind talking to someone who speaks English as a second language, but either they actually don't understand what you are saying or they are purposely giving you the run-around whenever you talk to them.

I had a Fabletics membership for about a year with no problems. However, when I became pregnant, I called to cancel my membership (which you MUST do, no way to cancel online) because they don't have a maternity line, so I can't wear the products anymore.
I called to cancel. They said it was done.

NO... one month later, I get a charge for $49.95. I call back, they said they don't do refunds, sorry for the confusion. They'd cancel my membership now... WHAT?! So you mistakenly canceled the wrong email address and now I have to pay for it!? I argued for a while, and ended up in tears because this conversation was going nowhere and the person on the phone was so unhelpful. FINALLY, he said he would put in for a refund.

A month goes by, still no refund. At least the account is actually canceled now, though. I call back, and they say they don't do refunds. EXCUSE ME! I've already had this conversation! They said they would give me a refund because it was THEIR mistake for not canceling my membership when I called the first time! You can't charge someone after they cancel their membership. If it was worth it, I would actually be within my rights to bring it to court. They record all conversations, so I know the proof is there. After more arguing, she said she'd give me a refund. Should go through within 3-5 business days. This is where I am now... we will see if they're lying again.

If I don't get a refund this next time, I will spend all my time bashing them to every person I know, every person in my yoga classes, and every review sight that I can find. This is ridiculous. I'm sorry, but I hold grudges.

Customer Service: C- Selection: F
I called to cancel my subscription because for 3 months Fabletics did not have any of the items I wanted in the size I needed. This relegated me to saving my credits for when they would be available, but they never were. My request for a refund was denied (shocking I know...) but if you are running a subscription service and are unable to provide items in various sizes, you are NOT providing the same service to everyone. Case in point, I am only able to select shorts in black or blue in size L. The pair comes in 5 different colors, and in two inseam lengths, but the colors other than black or blue are not offered other than in XS or S. Additionally, I had to call 4 times to speak with someone that I could understand and didn't hang up on me during a requested transfer. To provide validity to my assertion, every time I called, it sounded like a call center so they were not working from home with connectivity issues. Eventually, I spoke with a calm respectful woman who tried adding items to my cart remotely so I could see them, but when I went to check out (3 times) it said they were unavailable. I could see the items in the cart on my end, but could not complete the transaction. Apparently on her end, the only two colors available were an "off-white" and "sky blue" as they were described to me, whereas on my end only the black and navy blue versions were available. Eventually the frustration wore us both down and my membership was cancelled. I was told I should receive a refund in 7-10 business days and an email confirmation in the next 48 hours. It seems like each time this type of service for clothing has been tried, it never works for the customer or the company (such as UA trying it a few years back). It seems like a predatory practice where the company relies on the customer to never attempt to get a refund for the company failing to provide advertised services. I recommend staying away and just going through more reputable companies that won't gouge you for ridiculous memberships where a credit is good for one item up to 80 bucks, but won't let you get two items for 20-30 bucks each. As far as the product goes, I personally think their sizes run a size small, so order up a size if you are close or in-between sizes.

Worst shipping experience of my life!
Save yourself the headache and just check out the leggings at target. Cheaper, same quality, and less hassle.

Not only did Fabletics "lose" my package, but they strung me along for weeks about where it was and kept blaming it on "delays from COVID".

Welp, I called USPS and filed a package investigation and come to find out... the postal service NEVER even recieved the package! Fabletics created a shipping label, but the package was never dropped off!

IMO - seems like they had NO intention of ever sending my package, and falsified shipping updates on their website to make it seem like they had sent it.

When I reached out to Fabletics for the 4th time, they said they rely directly on USPS for shipping updates. So I asked: "then why does USPS not show any updates on their website for my package? Except that the shipping label was created in Greenwood IN on the 18th? Yet... the shipping updates on Fabletics website show that my package arrived in my city on the 30th? So who's lying to me? Fabletics or USPS?"

Not only did they avoid answering my questions, but they blew me off and basically said "your package was lost... but you got your refund" and then stopped responding to my messages altogether. Very rude and unprofessional.

At this point it's not about the money, It's about my time that you guys wasted and the integrity of your company! USPS said they never even received the package, so who lost the package?!

All I want is an explanation of why my package was never sent/"lost" in the first place, or a genuine apology at the very least! But they won't even do that. They just kept blaming the postal service and Covid. I literally got a package from China - delivered through USPS - before Fabletics even figured out my package was "lost" in Greenwood, Indiana. (Ordered on the same day!) That tells me that it's obviously not an issue with COVID delays OR the postal service - it's an issue with Fabletics. Get your shi* together, I thought you guys were a reputable company.

I would LOVE to try Fabletics products, but I genuinely CANNOT trust them with handling my purchases ever again. Especially if they can't even give me a valid explanation of what happened and/or apologize and take responsibility on their end. I've cancelled my VIP membership and I will never purchase another item from Fabletics ever again.

How to win at Fabletics or not even play
I see a lot of reviews here from people who are angry that Fabletics didn't understand how this subscription model worked and I feel like there is an large amount of negative reviews as a result. The best way to use this site is to check the outfits on the 1st of the month, buy if you like, skip if you don't. The prices aren't different if you skip the month and you aren't charged anything if you do so, so you can always go back later in the month and buy if you want. Never let it roll over to credit, there is no reason to. The VIP price is not a deal, it's just the price because there is no point in buying them full price when you can get the VIP price by joining for free.

I have found the legging fit and quality to be very nice personally, but everyone is different. I find these don't pill or sag on me nearly as easily as most comparably priced leggings. They are comfortable, slimming, have not too much stretch but don't feel stiff and plasticky like some others do. The tops vary, it really helps to look at the different model sizes or try it on in stores, just like with anywhere else it can be hard to judge fit online. I don't buy as many of the higher impact bras myself because I'm a hard shape to fit, but the low impact bralettes are nice and comfortable and cover enough. I have found the sweatpants to be amazing for fit and comfort, but less great on the wear and tear side. Especially the tricot, which tends to rip out somewhere after about 6 months of frequent wear. Not at the seams, but in the fabric proper, it's probably just not as strong of a fabric since the pants don't fit tight and it isn't being pulled or stretched too much.

I have done several returns, which I usually prefer to do in store if possible and the in person customer service has been great. I had a problem online with the sale prices not showing up in cart and the customer service overrode the system to make it work correctly for me and were very good to work with.

I do have lots of complaints. The subscription model is just gross, no excuse. The credit, the automatic charging, the vip pricing to look like you are getting a sale, all gross and completely calculated to get money out of you. The vip perks and points system is a joke. I have been a member for years and have never received a free gift item on any anniversary, despite being Elite status, just a 150 point reward which is misleading as the overview makes it sound like an item. The points expire after a year so unless you use them you will lose them, the problem being that after a year of not using points you will lose as many points a month as you gain if you buy an outfit a month... which is a predatory way to encourage more spending to hit reward thresholds. Why have them expire at all if they go away when you close the membership? The $49 outfit shop is nonexistant, this month(Aug 2020) there is one outfit in the shop, they have started adding single $49 items to the section to pad it out but your biggest rewards point redeem is a free $49 outfit and if you hit that mark before your points start to expire, expect no choices and nothing left in your size. The monthly drop of outfits encourages spending because everything feels limited and things sell out quickly with no restock guarantee, again predatory behavior.

Basically my problem is that they took a great product and put a disgusting predatory business model around it. They could just have an online store and an honest business model, but they have chosen to try to trick their customers into spending more at every turn and put a veneer of positivity, inclusiveness, and empowerment on top. So, either enter into this adversarial relationship fully informed and willing to put in the time and resist the "marketing techniques" designed to drain your wallet, or vote against this business model with your wallet.

Horrible website, size charts are simply WRONG, returns aren't easy or Free
First let me start by saying that I'm aware there is a membership fee and you can skip it to avoid being charged... but the website doesn't work and chat doesn't work so how do you know if your request to skip went through? I understand it's a membership program, but it IS STILL A SCAM do not be fooled, don't waste your time or money.
1. My order wouldn't go through due to website errors. Took over an hour what should have been a few clicks.
2. My order wouldn't go through so I had to call it in.
3. Fabletics use FedEx, GREAT! Except that they use FedEx Smart Post which is the slowest service and should be discontinued. It's slower than USPS and not that cheap (especially if you have to pay for a return) this shipping method is outdated especially for today's e-commerce trends. They have a flat rate one rate program that offers 2-3 day shipping for under $10... my order took 8 business days to travel from their fulfillment center in Lexington, KY to My home in Louisville, KY.
This is a horrible service to use. Period. End of story. Especially if you are charging for returns! FedEx Ground has a 1-2 day transit time this region! They are simply trying profit and claim they offer free shipping. Well, read the caveats.
4. The size charts are WRONG. I wear a 25 in pants. I ordered a 27 legging and go figure it's way too small. I wear a 2-4 (S) too in tops and bottoms. They list their sports bra as 4-6 =small so I ordered it thinking I would have plenty of room. Nope. I need a M-L. I can't even fit into anything I ordered and I went 2 sizes up from what I normally wear!
5. Looks completely different than the pics! I ordered moonlight metallic leggings they are plain black with mesh... didn't order that...
6. I tried to print a return label to exchange. (Obviously returns aren't free even though it takes 15 business days). You can't initiate a return from your order confirmation or the website so I tried an online chat. Their website didn't work. Yes I tried my iPhone and a regular computer. The rep wasn't responsive but finally said there would be a $5.95 restocking fee for each item plus shipping... for an exchange. I'm not even returning it. Plus I looked at their policies online before I Ordered. It says exchanges and returns are easy!
7. Now I'm worried that I will still be charged even though I received a confirmation that my VIP was canceled.
8. I've had to call everything in. I'd rather pay 3X as much for the hasstle and crappy customer service. Kate Hudson should be ashamed. I don't understand how they have not been sued!

I signed up for the membership knowing that there was a monthly fee and that it was to go towards the purchase of clothing. I have 11 outfit credits built up and cannot find anything to buy this year. I have placed large orders and sent most items back. The quality of the fabrics this last year plus has been poor! Cellulite shows through most of the leggings. In addition, about a year ago the fabrics kept crotch-dropping so my crotch would look like it was down at my knees and I would need to pull the pants repeatedly. So, I have called and spoke with member services with dissatisfaction many times. I have been unable to purchase many outfits, based on these 2 quality factors. I have tried to talk to them in order to come up with a positive solution. I have expressed that I would be willing to wait the duration and purchase the outfits when acceptable ones were being sold. I asked if Fabletics could please stop charging me temporarily and stop adding outfits to my purchase account when I already had so many I still needed to buy and was unsatisfied with their inventory. They said that they could not put my membership on hold or even skip a few months at a time. The stated if I wanted to skip one month, I would have to manually log on during a very short window every month and skip a singular month's membership. I want to cancel this membership so very badly, I don't want any more hassle or charges because I didn't make their skip one month window every single month on time, but I don't want to loose all of the credits and points that I have already paid for. They stated I could cancel my membership, loose my points, and afterwards use my credits to pay an inflated price on merchandise. I tried to just spend all of my credits at once and cancel, but had to return much of my order for fit and quality reasons. It is going to take me so very long to spend all of these credits. I feel bullied into a corner and there is no way out.

The order itself came in and the product was fine,...
The order itself came in and the product was fine, it is of good quality and has unique features. The process beforehand was a big issue. The system that is set up where you can 'opt out' of the monthly payments is not executed with the best interest of the customer in mind, which made me feel taken advantage of and scammed in a way. It's not easy to remember that you have 5 days before you're charged $50. I was charged for 5 months that were never used, and when talking with Customer Service to try to remedy this I was treated as if I were a nuisance, and told I could use those points for outfits. Look, it's a great service to have $50 to get specially priced outfits, but who buys $50 worth of work out clothes EVERY month? Obviously someone who can afford to pay full price anyway. I would never recommend this company because of the customer service experience alone. The clothes and deals are great, and opting out is a good option but people have lives and other bills and can't be expected to remember with no reminder email whatsoever. My power bill, yea, I am going to remember I didn't pay that one. Athletic wear? Of course it might slip someone's mind that that Fabletics decided to sign up for this expensive and money sucking experience.

In the conversation with the customer service rep, I had to fight to finally get only 3 of my 5 months back. I had to stand up for myself, and continue explaining my problem, with being made to feel that I have greatly inconvenienced the company. Of course they could give me all 5 months, they just didn't want to. I ordered this order only because I couldn't get the other $100 back! If a customer is dissatisfied and was clearly unaware/had forgotten an ongoing program that exists to BENEFIT the customer, this customer is clearly distressed over the amount taken out, and offers solutions, and you still don't listen to their concerns and go out of your way to ensure that they will come back again and their concerns are met, that is extremely poor customer service. This comes from someone who works Customer Service, and I get treated similarly (very poorly) by customers daily as I try to assist them in finding a solution, so I would like to NOT be treated that way when dealing with other customer service reps. That $100 I lost was a big deal to me, I don't just have $100 to throw out. So, the clothes are great but I didn't need them at all and actually really needed the situation properly remedied. I will wear them and when people ask about if Fabletics is a good company, I will be very honest in my reply that they should not use this company for the reasons I have explained. If a company is not existing for the customers who keep it running then it is going to be running on empty.

Just know that if you goof up and forget that you signed up for monthly payments (not everyone is Type A and on top of something as insignificant as work out clothing), you aren't going to be treated well and their customer service department will not go out of their way to ensure that you are taken care of. If there had been an attempt to show kindness and understanding it would have gone a very long way. Forgetfulness is not stupidity, especially not when caring for your customers. Trust me, I get way bigger doozies than this on the daily.

"VIP" at Fabletics stands for Vass Idiots Purchasing! Definitely not Very Important Person!
I signed up for Fabletics membership about 2 years ago and while I find the apparel of very good quality and fit for me, I do not like their sales practices. I called today to cancel and got through to an agent, "Mary" rather quickly and was able to complete the cancellation in 4 minutes, which included the ususal "I'm so sorry to hear this, can i offer you a $10 credit to stay?" I told her no and that I had just completed an order of 6 items right before i called to use up my credits and cancel my membership. She asked me why I'm cancelling and told her the main reasons are
1) a member cannot use their credits, that basically equal $50 that they've charged my credit card, but yet it doesn't equal $49.95 when trying to make a purchase because you have to purchase somethign for at least $49.95. You can't try to buy a $29.95 item and still have $20 left and it roll over to still be left as an unused portion. That would be the fair and rightul thing to do!
2) I get all these emails from Fabletics informing me of sales promotions on outfits, but yet when you try and go to purchase the outfits at these amazing prices, you CAN'T if you're a VIP member. You can only get the sale price if you don't use your credits, so then your credits just sit there unusable toward promotional items! This is a very very unfair sales tactic and a scam in my opinion!
I had racked up 6 total credits that equaled $299.70. So that I could get rid of them hopefully once and for all, I did end up making a purchase for 6 items prior to calling to cancel, but of course when Mary offered me the $10 to stay, I didn't even bother to ask her if I could apply it to the purchase I just made. It would have been a nice gesture for her to say Fabletics could apply it to my oder even though I'm still going to cancel just out of good faith, but of course, didn't happen!
In summary, I do not recommend signing up because Fabletics DOES NOT operate with fair business practices!

Loved the clothes, but their policies and customer service is horrible
I was a VIP member until today and am SO annoyed with Fabletics. I purchased an outfit that was listed as on sale (40% off) for $35. I checked out quickly because their sizes sell out SO fast and then I'm left with a credit in my account that is impossible to use on anything I want. In my rush, I didn't notice that I was charged more than the listed price. After contacting customer service, I was told that because I used my credits (in other words, my card is charged $49 that goes into my Fabletics account that I can use towards purchases) that I don't get the sale price. The only way to get the sale price is to purchase using your card, but that credits can't be combined with promos. I've NEVER heard of another company charging some of their "VIP members" significantly more money than others for the same product just based on payment type. Essentially I ended up paying $67 ($49 that I paid to have an account credit and then $18 when I completed the purchase) for an outfit that was $35 for others who had paid with a card instead of using the money in their account. When I asked for a refund so I could purchase it using my card instead of credits, Fabletics said that wasn't possible because it had already shipped - SO, I guess at least they ship things quickly. I immediately cancelled my membership. Looked over my receipt again as I was explaining all this to my boyfriend and realized that, even at the higher price I was still overcharged a few dollars.

I will say I liked their clothes, so it's a bummer the company treats their customers so poorly.

TLDR: Had to pay $67 for an outfit that would have costed $35 if I had paid with my card versus money I had in my Fabletics account. Then realized that even beyond all that, they still overcharged me. So I was overcharged twice. RUN from this company. And if you don't, check your receipts. OR skip EVERY month, and just pay by card so you can actually take advantage of the promos.

Horrific Customer Service, disgusting business practices
I previously had a membership and was satisfied with the quality of their clothing. I discontinued but closer to Christmas this year, I decided to reinstate the membership so I could purchase some gifts. I ordered a batch of items the first time around with no issue. The second order I placed, I was very disappointed - every item in the order came in incorrect. I didn't receive a single thing I ordered, it seems the warehouse must have mixed up the order. I then call in and there is no resolution except that I must wait 48 hrs and Fabletics will investigate and call me. I don't hear from them in 48 hours so I call back, this time they say your account is on restriction. I ask what this means and they say, your closed account was registered to a different email than this new account so we can't help you with your order till that's resolved. We will call you in 25 hrs. I ask to file a complaint with really no recourse to do so - since again my problem is that they sent me totally incorrect items and that seemingly is still not getting resolved after my 2nd and 3rd call. After spending $250 USD on this order you would think they would care to correct it, but no of course not. Needless to say the call back in 24 hrs didn't happen. So I call again for the 4 th time and am told to hold as they look into the order and the notes from their "back office" - of course the phone gets disconnected. I call for the 5th time now and we are talking 5 calls within 6 days - to be told I need to ship the items back at my own expense. I was horrified and very angry by this point. I once again asked who can I escalate this to. I was given a number so I guess I will make a 6th call and see if I get anywhere. Needless to say I canceled my membership and will never give a business with this type of horrible disgusting customer service my money. I'm disappointed because I did like their clothing.

I have considered buying from fabletics for a while, and was getting a good deal so I decided to do so today. I spent time looking over the site and carefully picked what i want and went over and over what I would be charged as I'm always cautious of online shopping charges. Not looking hard enough was my first mistake. Firstly I was charged $10 more than i confirmed multiple times. In trying to figure out what the hell happened I stumbled upon the fact Fabletics had automatically signed me up to a VIP membership and this meant I would be deducted $50 a month automatically. This is not something I'd allow to happen and was stupid to process my order. I called their customer service line immediately to cancel and query this extra cost. She explained to me that this was because I am in Australia and the cost displayed was in US dollars (again this wasnt said anywhere and my account was set to Aus). I accepted this and continued trying to cancel my membership immediately. She did everything she could to keep me, said I'd lose my order and she could give me 500 points to be spent on the site and I'd have another month to decide. I said fine leave it and left it at that. Proceeded to check what I could buy with these points and basically it was a head band that was it. I then read the reviews on this site and said hell no and decided to call back and cancel immediately before it was too late. I got the same woman (even though she said to me oh it must have been the other Hannah...) and I told her straight up I want to cancel right now and I dont care if that cancels my order I just want to be assured it goes back into my account. She just says to me dont worry about that. I had to keep saying to this woman I obviously am concerned and need to be assured because there is no assurance from me here. She said I'd recieve a confirmation email and the money back for sure. I still dont know if I will get the money back or what to do if I dont. I seriously wish I'd looked into reviews more before I made a purchase. First and last time I will be making that mistake.
Unless you are prepared for all this DO NOT BUY FROM FABLETICS
Can't believe Kate Hudson is associating herself with this.
If i could have written a shorter review I would have. This all happened to me in the last hour.

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