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My Allergy Issued were ignored
After spending nearly 20 minutes answering their barrage of questions about likes and dislikes, in which I stated that I do not like anything flowery smelling, I wait for my box. Several weeks later I receive it, open it and go into a full blown allergic reaction from the strong perfume smell that comes from the box. I immediately go to their website to advise them of this issue, tell them I wish to return and get a refund, and ask them why FabFitFun bothered to ask me all of those questions to only ignore them. I get an answer back within 24 hours that says, "you can return it, but you will not receive a refund" along with "I can offer you another item". Great Customer Service Guys - - Hats off to ya. Thanks but no thanks. So now I am stuck with this stuff, and I can't even open the box to try to sell these things. I will give it away, but seriously, I could not sell them anyway. The Tote Bag they included has marks on it, I specifically said "NO" to electronic items (and I got headphones, of which I have 3 sets already) and the rest of the items are seriously subpar at best. Sample packages of Shampoo & Conditioner. Hand Cream that has Alcohol as the 2nd ingredient. I thought this stuff was supposed to be top of the line. I am so disappointed and will continue to leave horrible feedback whenever possible as long as they do not address these issues I am constantly reading about. It has also soured me from ever listening to any celebrity endorsements about products in the future. I cancelled my subscription immediately. Perhaps I will dispute this with my Charge Card Company.

Writing this to give an actual fair review!
First, I do not work for FFF, though that sounds like an awesome job. I am just a normal subber who has done add ons and the yearly membership because its the best thing ever.
I was amazed at the negative reviews on here so I had to post one of my completely opposite experience.
First off, the people who say the stuff you get is junk, are insane.
Its a fashion, beauty, and fitness sub box. If you dont like those things don't sub!
Whining about not getting brushes with the contour kit...? Seriously? And how to guides? YouTube it for free, and if you have no brushes then you have no business with a contour kit, gift it to someone who is fine going out and buying at least a $3 brush to learn. Sub boxes aren't to supply you with an entire kit, crazy.
And add-ons. READ THE PAGE. It isnt scamming anyone! It says if you add to your cart FabFitFun will be charged when the box charge comes out. And THEN you get an email when you are about to be charged. So if you get notified then get an email and don't do anything, sorry but obviously you just aren't reading things like you should when your card is linked to something. Don't sit around and whine that the company is screwing you because you never learned to read or use common sense.
If you click on the upgrade to yearly status box, a big surprise will happen, it will upgrade you. Don't click things if you don't want it... Again not the companies fault you are click-happy.
Gift cards, those are wonderful and they require no extra money most of the time when ordering from them! And if they do it isnt included in the worth of the box. So its just a cool extra.

A woman was complaining she got a yoga strap... A resistance band. I had to think, she's kidding right? She subs to a box knowing fitness items comes in it, and then gets mad when she gets it...? Thats nuts. The oil that smells like Indian food? LMAO I am a hairdresser, and it smells so great (and nothing like any kind of food) and I use it on my friends hair all the time, or when I do weddings/events. They went out trying to buy some because of how wonderful it smelled and made their hair feel. And my friends would have told me if it had some kind of stank to it, trust me. They are painfully honest souls. I tried to add on another bottle but they were sold out! So obviously that claim is another crazy one.

I am in the USA so idk if they clearly state the Canadian shipping fees would be in USD or not. But, as much as I love

I can't remember a company that has disappointed me more as a person and as a consumer!
This subscription used to be top shelf! Sadly it has been on a steady decline with no hope in sight of rectifying it's ongoing issues.
I was a subscriber for over 2 years, but I made the mistake of believing a trusted employee of FFF who promised me I would receive items from the summer edit sale. I hesitated to order them, but was reassured by this trusted employee. In fact, this employee told me specifically in a DM that if I didn't receive them by a specific date, to contact them again, and FabFitFun would make this happen. I was confident and happy! I was going on a holiday and was relying on these items getting to me before I went. When they didn't arrive, the employee ignored all my messages in the community and privately. It was humiliating to know I fell victim to this employing promising me my items... then only to have them ignore me... even when they were seen posting to others on line. This and the fact that they allowed blatant bullying within their community complete crushed me. I was a hard core believer and supporter.
In the end, I did get my edit sale items... after I had gone out and purchased them locally. So I ended up with extra items I didn't want and with that... I cancelled my subscription. Had I been treated like an actual person. I would of gladly stayed. But they refused to help and left me desperately trying to track my purchase.
So my advice to you... walk away... fast and don't look back. The subscription box world is growing all the time and being treated like a third class citizen doesn't have to be tolerated. You and your hard earned money deserve more!

Update: The response is very generic. As usual. They try and pretend they actually did something when in fact, they did not. In fact, they attempt to label their subscribers, if they speak out, as if they are hard to get along with. When in fact consumers just want what they spent good money on. This is indeed the norm for this company. People are moving on from this company. You can only kick your customers around so many times before they say bye bye.

Best subscription Choice ever.
I was bummed that I hadn't recieved my spring box along with everyone else, after a month of no movement on my tracking I was told that the package was returned to the company and FabFitFun would have to file a claim and it just seemed to be one headache after another dealing with fed ex. I had just made the decision to upgrade to annual after being seasonal for the last two boxes I love these boxes so much, and I was so frustrated I was ready to drop the subscription if I had to deal with one more person telling me they were sorry but I would have to wait for a claim or jump through hoops, I just spent alot of hard earned money and had nothing but problems on the fed ex end. When I called fff and explained what fed ex told me, the lady assisting me said oh usually you would file a claim not us, I was groaning instantly, untill she said."Dont even worry about it. Let's get you a new box sent, she said oh but the custom choices have Been mostly sold out and she was genuinely apologetic that I wouldnt be receiving all of my original choices, however this actually turned out with a wonderful silver lining, as I had been so busy I actually missed customization! So I was already bummed about that, wondering what I would end up with, I remember saying aloud to my husband, I hope whoever packs my box does it with consideration and chooses the best of what might be left. I was thrilled when she said ok I'm going to send you an email now with a product list and you tell me 5 things you would like, Again i was excited, because customization was up before I had upgraded, so had I made the choices before, I would have only gotten to choose 3! So I'm getting a new box, no questions asked, I recieved more choices than anticipated, I got to choose from more and different products than was offered to other subscribers, it was simple it was fun and it was quick, I was overjoyed by the turn out. And to top it off she tells me to check my email for a credit they are sending me to use at anytime with no expiration to make up for the inconvenience I had experienced. I'm more greatful FOR the inconvenience haha, I'm so happy with my subscription and now even more confident with my choice, knowing its with a company that cares. Thank you to Fabfitfun and special thanks to Eunice for the excellent customer service, and taking my call at 7pm! That was unexpected as well. Happy spring time! Hope everyone loves their boxes.

They will take your money--but you may not get the products...
Do you recall the episode of Seinfeld with the rental car--and Jerry says you can take the reservation, but you can't hold the reservation? That reminds me so much of this company! Like several others have noted below, I paid for a year in advance--and doing so allows you to make selections and pre-pick some items--the reason I paid in advance. There's not one box that hasn't had an issue--either late, never arrived--or, here's the kicker--the item I selected is out of stock... Again, the whole point of the prepaid subscription is to be able to pick the items you will get when there is an option.

Having prepaid--and always selecting my product the first day or so available, I am very disappointed I am still awaiting the delivery of my Fall box. When I followed up by chat I was told FabFitFun had to reprint the label. Then when I followed up again, I was told they had to reprint the label. I was also told I would not get one of the items I preordered as it was out of stock. Maybe had they shipped/filled my box timely it would not have been. Again, I prepaid and selected my items earlyso whyalmost 30 days later they have not sent the box, I don't know. And note this is 30 days after their posted ship dates. Not after I selected the products which has been even longer. Also, they weren't aware of the issue apparentlyso had I not followed up they never would have reprinted the label. I was provided tracking info and to datedespite me following up 5 times, the box has not moved I have been told someone would get back to me and then they don't I was told they would look into option to ship soonerand then was told they shipped in batches, which is why it has not shipped

Finally, I asked for a refund and was told someone would get back to me by email and SURPRISE, they did not. I believe the label statement is a lie they tell to everyone when they don't have the products they presold you.

Then when I canceled the subscription, so I wouldn't get charged for another yearthe pop-up said it would take a few days to update.? WHAT?

So again, they can take the money and the orderthey just have problems filling it, filling it timely, or filling it correctly. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I would not recommend.

I had a subscription with this company for around a year and a half, with no problems, until I received the wrong Spring 2019 box. Upon receiving this mistake, I first asked for a first replacement order for the actual items I customized for. Customer service went ahead and processed it, but again the WRONG items showed up. I called customer service again to insure that I would receive the items I CUSTOMIZED FOR. Customer service insured me again that I would receive them. Upon waiting for 2 weeks, I still hadn't heard anything about this second replacement order, for which I called customer service again. FabFitFun insured me that it was just waiting to be shipped. I waited another week and decided to call back and check. Turned out, one of the items on this second replacement order went out of stock, for which no one on the customer service team though to notify me. Thus, I had to choose another item. Once I chose this item, I waited again for another week and a half and did not hear from anyone about this order, even though it was categorized as urgent.

I decided to cancel my subscription because of my horrible experience with customer service. When I called to cancel, I asked customer service to send me a confirmation email that I would receive my replacement order despite the fact that I canceled my membership. I did not receive said email or a confirmation that I canceled my subscription. Thus, I called again, and turns out THEY DID NOT CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP THE FIRST TIME.

All in all, this company CANNOT be trusted, and has one of the most horrible customer service teams I've ever dealt with.

DO NOT bother referring your friends! Getting your referral credits is a ridiculous process!
You're wrong. I only received one email notification that someone had used my link. For the other 3 known referrals, I had to verify my friends names and email addresses to your customer service rep. Once your associate checked it out, she confirmed that FabFitFun had indeed used my link and said that I would receive all 4 credits. To this date, I've received 3 credits. I am no longer getting a response from my emails. 24 hours haha! I've heard nothing since the 11th and it's now the 14th.

FFF sent me a link to give out to my friends so they can sign up for FFF. They said that my friend would get $25 off and I'd get $25 in Spring Add-On credits. I received one credit. I had at least 4 friends sign up through my link that I know of and who knows how many others since I shared my link on my social media pages. I notified FFF of the known 4. They needed me to track the names and email addresses before they'd give me a credit. After tons of back and forth, very polite emails with CS Rep. Jacky, she confirmed the 4 names. I week later I recelves one credit. Great, but nor what I earned. Then I emailed and complained again and received 1 more credit. Then after another set of emails and a few more days, one more credit. Also note that there are always SEVERAL emails before one thing is taken care of. Lastly, I complained again because they said I could not be a referral to myself so I wouldn't receive my 4th credit. I don't know why my grown daughter's subscription would be considered a referral to myself. Maybe because she used my cell phone to place her order or because her box was sent to my address because she doesn't have permanent housing in the military yet. Who knows because FFF won't respond to my question why! Anyways, I have no idea if I should have be gotten more credits from other friends and family that used my link. I'm sure FFF was happy to take the new subscribers money. However, they were not smart enough to keep records of who used my link. I had to do the investigating for them and track down all of my friends info to prove it before they would confirm it. Way to go FFF. My 4 friends have all cancelled their FFF membership since I started complaining to them about their horrible service and misleading advertisements. This could have been settled sooner had I received a response to last emails. 2 days of ignoring me gives me lots of time to say whatever I want about FFF to ruin their reputation. No response from FFF Customer Service equals BAD FFF CUSTOMER SERVICE!

FFF needs to RETRAIN Customer Service
In late April, I ordered the Summer Box-a YEARLY subscription. In early May, I ordered add ons, boost & mystery bundle. I received shipping notice at the end of May. Nothing arrived. I emailed, I called and nothing. I finally reached someone and FabFitFun said the box was lost and they would send a replacement. They never did. Weeks went by. Nothing. No return emails. No call backs. Customer service and FFF totally failed me and my order of almost $300. FINALLY-on July 14th! Tristan answered my call. Infuriated, I explained what had happened to me. I was ready to cancel. I was livid. Tristen went out of his way to research and discover the problem, the problem of a poor customer service system and failed solution. He patiently explained the problem and apologized numerous times for the FFF letdown and failure to deliver products that I had already paid hundreds of dollars for. He then called me back and while on the phone-walked me through the whole re-ordering and replacement of now "out of stock" items. All the while apologizing repeatedly for the company's failure-my words-not his. Because of him, I decided to not cancel. We revamped the order and I received refunds for out of stock items and emails for the completed order. Hopefully this one actually makes it. So-FFF, if you are going to outsource to other countries-fine. Just provide them with the proper training! Maybe put Tristan in charge of that because clearly HE knows what he is doing! You make millions off your sales! Don't shortchange the customer with crappy customer service! I should not have made 16 calls, countless emails, post to your Instagram AND Facebook -just to get what I PAID FOR! Tristan gets all the 5 star praises for going above and beyond & literally saving you a yearly member. FFF-you can afford to do better. Minus Tristan, my customer service experience was deplorable & aside from feeling ripped off, it made me feel as if FFF could care less about its customer base. And that's a shame. I want my order-my box-so I can donate the items to my local women's shelter. Otherwise -I would have given up on this company the first sign of trouble. Do better! Hire more Tristans!

Nice Concept, Bad Execution
I saw incredible advertising for this company everywhere, so I was so excited to try it out! I appreciated the good notes that I found that did nothing but preach about FabFitFun, but I didn't have nearly the same experience that was described everywhere. First of all, I ordered my box on March 31,2020 and was annoyed by the customization process. Many of the reviews that I had seen said that FabFitFun enjoyed the option to customize the box, so I was looking forward to that. When I began to customize my box, there were not many options to customize, so I had to pick from the last items that other people didn't want. I didn't let that bring me down, though, because I had heard such great things about the company. Then, I began to get endless emails from the company with ads and other things that I never really signed up for. That did not matter much until I decided to click on a button in one of the ads that immediately charged my credit card with a huge expense that was not something that I was interested in at all (fortunately, I had to cancel that card before this happened for other reasons, so the charge didn't go through). At this point, I was just ready to get my box. I waited and waited, but my box didn't show up until May 22,2020! That's almost a month over the amount of time they said the shipment of the box would take... The quality of the products and everything in the box was good, but it didn't exactly make up for the worsening experience. Later that day, I realized that I had not gotten some of the products that I had customized into my box. I contacted the company and they eventually got back to me and they are planning to send me the missing items, so I think that has been the best part of the experience. I would not recommend this company to anyone at this point.

Company charged my MasterCard $1500 US and what did FabFitFun send me. Nothing... supervisor explains that 8 other boxes sent to my address and that this was a mistake and I would be credited the full amount including the year before.
This is how misleading they are. If you received an email and just out hearts on the ones you would like to save and look at on a later date. And there is no cart. No cash out. They just charge you.
There emails go into my spam. Because I don't want to purchase anything. But I find out know, that even though I didn't cash out or pay on that email
It was purchased without my knowledge
I have filed a complaint on this company and noticed there was 500 other victims with all different amounts charged to them and they as filed complaints on the BBB.
I have canceled my subscription 3 years ago changed my credit card number 3 times. And this company go out of there way to also let me know that other
Boxes including last years were also charged so now I have to go through all my statements. But they have told me all of the purchases. The reason I canceled this subscription was because I live in a triplex. Neighbourhood is always getting new Tentent's. If my card didn't decline on me 3 weeks ago when I was getting milf for my kids. I would of not noticed... this is so dishonest and scamming people like me and also the 500 other complaints. Some of the bad reviews from people getting scammed were all told that they don't take returns. Even if your complaints were valid. Some people boxes were getting stolen and still this big company making millions stayed there is no return policy. I have contacted my MasterCard company and have filed a huge complaint. EVEN MY CREDIT CARD and said they were FULLY AWARE OF THESE ISSUE. Ever single person is reporting fraud and non refund returns, misleading emails, subscription being re-authorized without customers knowing and large amounts of money taken monthly. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM FAB FIT FUN. Check your statements.
When I contacted them and then again a week later and finally got a response. Was they would give me a full refund including the 8 boxes which they notified me and the years before. Promised that they would take care of this matter. BUT WANTED ME TO CANCEL THE COMPLAINT FROM THE BBB MASTERCARD. WELL... I told them I would... but I new something didn't feel right. Days and days later.
I called again. And they informed me that there was not gonna be a refund. THANK GOODNESS I DID NOT CANCEL MY COMPLAINT WITH MY CREDIT CARD. They even had the full to say... we haven't heard from your bank or anything one else. So we have closed this dispute and you get nothing. So I email the first conversation that we had, the one that they said this was there fault and that this would be taken care of. So now I have everyone involved for everything
I have read that it was very sneaky of fab fit fun to write these emails that we're going into my spam that occasionally one popped up and putting hearts on a picture of maybe something interesting with no card no cash out nothing not even asking for a credit card number they had no permission and charged me $1500 US buyer beware this matter has not been resolved it is still in dispute 500 other complaints buyer beware do not buy from this company it is a scam it's misleading and they're liars

Fun concept of a box, customer service is pushy!
I received a starter box for a shipping fee of $5, courtesy of a friend. It seemed exciting, I don't usually get subscription boxes since sometimes they're expensive or products don't meet my needs so I'm one that chooses to shop and save on brands I know and trust. I received a few nice items in the starter box, a comfy lounge robe, and some makeup and face wash. Ingredients may be cruelty-free which is great, but many harsh chemicals so I don't want to put my choices on healthier beauty and care in someone else's hands. Anyway, the customer service tends to bribe. The company emailed me stating that they'd charge me on a certain date but it was before my box even shipped. I called them and told them that I don't want to pay for a subscription box when my starter hadn't shipped. I received it, enjoyed one product, and realized that it's not worth the money. I tried to cancel online and a pop-up came up to "Activate $10" the next box. I refreshed the screen because there wasn't an exit button, and it charged me! I am deleting my card info right away. FabFitFun billed me for $39.99+tax and took it immediately. I called customer service. Wait times weren't long, but it took several minutes to explain that I needed a refund. The rep said they normally don't allow that, but would "see what we can do". I kindly asked to cancel the error, don't ship box, and refund ASAP. I also suggested to speak with website management about this glitch and auto-charge issue. Although she solved my concerns, and I did get my confirmation emails, I felt that she was begging me to be a member. She mentioned twice that the box
Is valued at (whatever amount), and that they could "throw in a gift" if I choose to activate, and "offer additional discounts" etc. I don't appreciate being bribed to stay, so just warning people that they are like this.

From an actual subscriber, this is so great!
Please don't base your decision to get a FabFitFun box on any negative reviews you see from people who have not even placed an order.

I subscribed back in October and received the Fall box and have now received the Winter box. I am in love with everything from both boxes! FabFitFun are exactly as advertised, and I love the little bit of surprise that comes with finding out which scents/colors/varieties of items I receive.

I understand the confusion some people had about the eyeshadow palette within the past few months (which is where most of these negative reviews are coming from). But if they had read the details of their purchase, they would have seen that by ordering the Editor's Box, they were not guaranteed a palette unless they used that specific code. The only other box that contained the palette was the Fall box (and yes, I did receive a palette in my Fall box).

As for being charged long before your box is shipped, that depends on when you place your order and which box you ordered. The regular subscriptions only send out once every 3 months (hence why it is called a seasonal box). If you are ever in doubt about when you will be charged, read the fine print and/or contact customer service (which, by the way, is fantastic in all reality! I have had no issues with legitimate concerns being brought up to customer service).

Some others have complained that subscribers in Canada do not receive the same items. This is sometimes correct. This is due to strict regulations regarding the kinds of items that can be sent across the border through customs. Even though some items may be different, the actual value of the box is the same/comparable (you are promised a $200+ value for the items in your box).

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend FabFitFun to anyone who likes the kinds of things that are advertised in the boxes. I use my ModCloth scarf regularly, I have greatly enjoyed many of the beauty products that I have received, a necklace that was in my Winter box is GORGEOUS, and the ToeSox have come in handy for starting a barre3 exercise program (amongst many other items that I have enjoyed!). Subscribers also have the option to upgrade to the annual subscription, which gives you the option to customize your box and other privileges (I do not have that subscription so I can't speak to that very much). All subscribers also have access to add-on items and special discounts and coupons for the companies that provide items for the boxes (I recently was able to get a free 2-months membership to barre3 online).

This is a great value for the money and has been my favorite subscription box that I have tried in recent years.

Exactly as advertised
First let me preface this by saying many of the reviewers on here dont seem to understand the process so even though it is clearly explained on many sites I will attempt to clean things up. FabFitFun is a subscription box that ships out ONLY 4x a year (aka seasonal). For example if you decided to join AFTER the summer box had shipped and after the supplemental boxes were sold out (I believe FabFitFun call these editors boxes but could be mistaken) you would then move on to the next seasonal box Fall! If you ordered/joined in August or September your box isnt going to ship UNTIL the next season which is OCTOBER! People are billed after joining (if you signed up as a quarterly biller you will be billed $50 4x year ($49.99 I believe). If you signed up as a select you are billed all 4 installments at once (I believe theres a bit of a discount for this but dont hold me to that). You are NOT billed $50 MONTHLY as someone stated. Now I see many people seem to also have issues with add-ons and billing. I personally havent had an issue and neither have the myriad of my friends who subscribe. However since so many people seem to have this issue i would take notice of that possible hiccup should you decide to subscribe. As far as quality goes this box is geared towards higher end labels. Wheather you are a current lover of them or are looking to expand your interest you will be given items that are priced higher. For example my latest box was valued over $400. This means if you were to go out and buy everything individually it would cost you that much. Did I absolutely love every single thing? No. I agree with some reviewers that that jewelry holder did seem cheaply made (although mine was fine and served its purpose plus I loved the story behind it). The gym bag was different and not my style, but it will def be used. Everything else was great and I felt like it was a great box. Not as great as some in the past, but still worth the money. The idea is for you to be surprised with new items and perhaps expland your preferences, but if you find yourself to be a picky person I would advise against this box as youre bound to be upset with something every time you receive one.

I signed up for FabFitFun back in February and have received 2 boxes so far. I thought it was a great service and lots of fun. I discovered some products that I hadn't heard of before and would not have gone out in search of. What a great way for businesses to get their products out to people, and the "hidden treasure" aspect of receiving a box of you-don't-know-what is kind of exciting. BUT... I got home from vacation a couple of days ago and had one of their brightly colored boxes waiting for me. It contained 5 bottles of a rose water face hydrating spritz. 5 bottles! That I never ordered. I checked my bank account and saw that FabFitFun had debited my account for +$50. I checked my email and saw nothing from them about this "order". I checked my online account and also saw no reference to it. I was extremely perplexed.
Contacted Customer Service and was told that they don't do returns. Hmmm. Even when I never ordered these items?
CSR response copied from his email: "You might have clicked the item and added it to your cart unintentionally and you were billed for it. After checking, your package is already in the process and I can no longer make any changes to it nor stop it from shipping."
MIGHT have clicked it?!
My response: I've looked back through my emails and looked at my account and see nothing to indicate that I placed an order at all. (I sent a screenshot of my account page on their website)
I don't know what this page would look like if I had ordered something but I am assuming if I had, it would be here. Is that not correct?
CSR explanation: "It was an item from the edit sale. You might have entered the sale and you might have unintentionally clicked an item and it was added to your cart. Edit sale does not require any checkouts and members will be billed for the items in their cart on the billing day."
Again - MIGHT! What?!?!?!?
My response (still keeping it together but getting a little bit agitated): So, just to clarify: if someone "places" an order during an "edit sale" they have no way to review that order or prove that they did or didn't place it. FabFitFun just charges their account and ships it to them protected by their "no refund" policy.
If I HAD ordered something and it never came, I would not have any recourse to prove that I had ever ordered it. That does not sound efficient or ethical.
CSR final response: "Members will be given at least a day or two to review their carts before they will be billed."

They never sent an order confirmation email so please explain how having a day or two to review a cart that I am not even aware has been filled is supposed to help me.
I was then given permission to ship back the product on my own dime, >$12. Product I had never ordered and almost was not allowed to return.
So please use this cautionary tale as a warning. I felt scammed and wonder if I hadn't pushed back as strongly as I did, if I would have been stuck with 5 bottles of rose hydrating face spritz.
I hope they correct this really terrible process they've got going on. I canceled my subscription and have shared this incident with my friends, the same friends that I had raved to about this service.

Good products, not so good everywhere else.
Received two boxes. Products were good (though not all), add on options were nice and I feel like I got some decent deals plus it was fun shopping and receiving. I'm sure similar deals can be found in many retailers, just without the "box magic" coming to your door. Which I was willing to pay for if it wasn't for very questionable company policies.


- Boxes took FOREVER to be shipped and forever to arrive. I understanding transit delays (especially for last box around holidays) but I do not understand why it took so long to ship out. Perhaps at least charge closer to shipping time? Last box, I was charged on Nov 2nd, the box arrived on Dec 17th.

- I accidentally activated the VIP service by clicking on a banner. I expected to be taken to a page with additional information or at least a confirmation for payment with amount in a normal invoice format. NOPE, it was activated and I was charged ASAP. Perhaps I was not careful browsing but I think I rightfully expected to be taken to a check out page at least. Apparently, multiple people made the same "mistake" on their website and by clicking on banners in e-mails. This was in November 2018. I contacted customer support, explained the situation and I was refunded and assured the VIP was cancelled. The VIP charge over $300 CAD. I kept the regular per-box subscription.

- In February 2019, I was charged for VIP again... that is 4 months later. If my subscription was NOT previously cancelled (I get it, errors happen), then why was I charged only 4 months later for a yearly subscription? If it WAS cancelled, then why was I charged at all? I do not understand. Again, customer service issued the refund which I appreciate.
The lack of proper check out prior to activating a service and the questionable (in my opinion) way of charging left enough of a negative impression that combined with the delays in the boxes getting shipped out, I cancelled the subscription. Oh and also not a fan of the "everything in your shopping cart will check out automatically" practice. Yes, FabFitFun tell you about it if you are careful enough to notice, but what exactly is the purpose of it? People know how to check out. If they are worried about people forgetting then an email reminder would be a much better way to ensure they do not lose business due to people meaning to purchase but forgetting. The only reason I can imagine for auto check-out is to force unintentional purchases in a hope that it will just slide by. Same as the "click on banner auto-transactions" and continued charges past cancellation... I imagine it all comes from the same place. I would not go as far as to call them a scam from my experience, but they are definitely testing how much they can get away with. I appreciate the fact that customer support was easy to reach the fact that the refunds were issued without any issues (though the last one I'm yet to see on my card).


Sooo the day after my last cancellation conversation, I still did not see any confirmation in my email box and no note on my account. I contacted support again and was assured it was being processed. Another day or two later, still no note and my account showing as active VIP and box as pending shipment... Contacted support again because I really did not want the box to ship and guess what? Nothing was cancelled and I got the "we do not generally do this but I will do it as a one time favor" message. After I threatened to report to the BBB, I got my cancellation notice and change in account status within 3 minutes. So I really doubt they were processing anything prior to that. Seems that this company will NOT honor cancellations unless you really press them... so that's something to keep in mind. I'm fairly certain the box would have shipped shorty and they would refuse a refund then.

Loved the fall box!
I know a lot of the reviews on here are negative, I loved the seasonal fall box so much I signed up for the annual membership but seriously FabFitFun has been so helpful! There was an issue with my billing and my subscription got cancelled but FabFitFun responded within 24 hours and they were super nice and everything was fixed within a few days.

I was hesitant about buying the fall seasonal because I couldn't pick the things that I wanted but then I saw that $10 discount and I saw all the celebrities ordering it so I was like why not. When the box came in it was absolutely gorgeous! I was bummed about the "wine lip color" at first but now I use it every time I go out. I love the balm and pencil, I loved it so much I just bought the other color for daily use with my add ons. At first I wasnt a fan of the hat because i wanted the belt, I didn't like the size or the color black, but honestly I am so glad I got the black color cause I wear it all the freaking time the only issue with the hat is its a lil to big for my head but it looks so cute on me. The scarf is so beautiful and I love the color however it leaves fuzzys all over my clothes but it does keep me nice and warm. I was bummed that I got the teeth whitening instead of the hair rinse and it was weird to use it at first. I use it every day now and have noticed a slight difference with my teeth looking less yellow so I really am glad I got that also. I didn't think I would use all this stuff every day but I actually do! Well they sold me and I am so glad I got the annual membership those add ons are fantastic. I am counting down the days til my winter box comes in I seriously cant wait. Does any one know when the priority ship date is for select members?

Not what I was expecting but definitely not any fault on FFF's part
I absolutely love FFF just wish I would have originally signed up for annual from the beginning! The only thing's I could complain or mention is some times at first I did not receive tracking #'s. Which where I live I unfortunately need those so I know when to expect my package. Because I live in a terrible neighborhood & have had to many packages stolen, not arrive & even had one of my boxes stolen off of my front porch. It doesn't help that most the people who live in Independence, MO. Are on drugs. But to also have those addicts living above me does not help the situation. I have literally watched daily for a week them come down and open my mailbox first which is a federal offense. One time I was able to to run out when he had a package from amazon in his hand trying to play dumb saying he was bringing it to me! I am getting security cameras that should be here tomorrow thank God to catch them & press charges! There has been a few times specific items that I wanted soo badly were either taken or did not ship. But thankfully FFF's support team or customer service have done their best to make things right! After my most recent incident, Drake reached out to me and reading his email left me speechless as well as thankful for the professionalism, the fact that he truly cares & heart he showed! He was amazing and I was more than thankful his email was not scripted in any way! He honestly made me feel more comfortable to finally upgrade. But me moving would also help lol! I love all the products, love the add-on's. But hate that I have gotten the same things more then 3times! Everyone I know keeps trying to get me to cancel and try boxycharm. But FabFitFun have no clue how much better FFF truly is! I just pray I can figure out whats going on with this 33$ package I did not order and definitely would have never reordered those specific items "Minetan" products in the first place. The first item i recieved from that company was self tanner water solution that literally left me orange with streaks everywhere for way to long Well! I might have purchased the belly balm though. But knew nothing about that specific order. Especially when the Minetan water with mint did this to my hands even with gloves on. I definitly would never order their oil drops or even 2 of them nor their outdoor spray on crap! There products are the worst which is why I would never order any more. I do look forward to upgrading as well as every box thats soon to follow!

$30 boxes sold for $49
Subscribed to fff as an annual member for 3 years, cancelled after fall 2019 because winter box would have renewed another annual subscription and my decision to not continue already had been made by that point anyhow. Based on 3yrs-12 boxes received-overall this review is my takeaway...

FFF has some good aspects and things I did like. However, from the very beginning I utilized the annual member perk where I was able to customize and pick a few of the products that would be in the upcoming box. If I didn't have that feature, I'd probably not have stuck around for 3 yrs because without being able to at least get a couple of products I liked in each box it wouldn't be worth it for me. The products received in those 12 boxes did have a few really good winners that I still use & enjoy. A few products that were really cute quality enough that I gave away as a birthday or holiday gift to someone.

The negative aspects for me... there were a lot of products unfortunately that weren't used at all. Seems such a waste, like why didn't I give away those items to somebody but in reality they're in a drawer or back of closet somewhere and I'll come across items and recall it came from a fff box. Even though I was able to customize a couple items, sometimes I didn't like any of the options I had to pick from so it was pointless. Even some of the products I did enjoy... Id never actually go to store and buy, not at their sticker price. Some items FabFitFun say is worth xyz is not always true because you can google and see where they sell it at other stores way cheaper.

Out of 3 yrs worth... For $50, maybe even $150, out of all the products total I enjoyed I could have bought from store or online myself or done without completely. It just wasn't worth the amount of money. FFF had a fun surprise appeal to it when I first joined but that didn't last because I knew for most part what items were in upcoming box at least what the "good" ones were going to be. If fff lowered prices to $30 per box and kept customize option... I'd consider reactivating my account to subscribe again.

Helping new members before problems arise
Because of all the issues with my choices/links not working upon sign up with a yearly subscription, as well as my bonus item not being sent you may want to consider:
1. Explains to customers that FabFitFun need to use a pc (not phone) when signing up as some features don't work (as I was informed of later on through emails with representatives).
2. You only have a certain amount of time to make your choices when starting your account. When only my first choice was accepted and no matter what I did, I could not select the next choice and then I saw the timer, I came to the conclusion that maybe I had to wait to make another choice, which wasn't the case.
3. Have customers choose their initial customization and then pay. This way all of the issues I experienced could have been avoided. I would have seen that I was not getting what was expected or advertise before paying and make an informed decision as to whether or not to continue with and/or complete my membership. This would be a better business practice so as to make sure your customers feel like they are not getting taken advantage of.
4. Put out a video link or directions email to members before choice week begins to explain the step-by-step process of when/what to do. Like where to go online (link), what to expect (format, time limits, etc.), how to complete choices and what that looks like to customers, and how you finalize or know your done. This would be especially helpful to new customers that have not completed this process before.
I hope you find this information helpful as we move forward.

FabFitFun Service during the covid-19 new normal
I first off must say that I didn't not contact the cs at FFF to complain or anything during such a time we're all going through right now. But yes, an item I received was broken and I wasn't expecting to get another one (though it was sold out) but I do from time to time when there's an issue with any orders from any subscription or store that I've received lately like to connect with the other side working so we can all receive the items we need. It was a complete pleasure to speak with Britain, very personable, helpful, and actually resolved the issue and I'll actually be receiving another item to replace the broken one. The conversation was uplifting and fun. And I wanted to post my review on here not just because I'm happy with the personal cs I received but to thank ALL the FFF staff who is getting all the orders out so quickly and having these fun themed sales to keep people busy and feeling connected with the outside world it really is amazing and yes I know there's a lot of things that should be considered to be a necessity but actually FabFitFun sell some items (I know I've bought them) that are necessity items but it's also a necessity to keep your normal life as normal as it can be right now. To have something that you enjoy doing/shopping, to have a community of members that you can speak to and an overall sense of having some type of fun and something to look forward to during so much of unknown that we're all facing now. I must applaud all of the FFF staff for making the stay at home order a little bit more fun and giving us something to continue to look forward to and doing it at a record speed! Above all please stay healthy and stay safe but thank you to all the FFF staff for what you're doing it is not going unappreciated!

One of the best gifts I've ever given myself (it's hard to compete with a surfboard ;)
Having been hit with some pretty significant "life" curve balls, I was really feeling the need to just send myself a gift in the mail. Twenty eight years of marriage, couple of kids, and the spontaneous gift giving... waned. I just wanted that Christmasy feeling, and I wanted something that was just for me. I've no real interest in shopping or researching the latest in skincare, but I've always loved beauty products and loved using them! FabfitFun is Fantastic! I'm having so much fun. I've discovered so many new products that are now a part of my routine. And not just beauty products either... Tagalong travel inserts, the BEST, my French Press (best coffee ever!), the Digestive Advantage chocolate probiotic? LIFE CHANGING, I could rattle on forever (my wireless headphones! And sleep mask!). My skin is transformed as well, discovering facial oils, serums, (the back scrubber!), eye creams, face washes, sunscreens... seriously! What I've amassed between my subscription and the TRULY AWESOME edit sales and add-ons! Fantastic products that I would stand behind. Everything is full-size and you get so much quality for the money. Whatever I cannot use (which is very little), I have been very happy to give as gifts. I'm 56 in November 2018 and have a daughter, several young nieces, and am "auntie" to many young women... I love that I'm able to procure for them really amazing make-up products at these prices. I do prefer the subscription, again as a more "mature" member, I like having the bit of control over my box (I'm still totally surprised when it comes though!). So far I've received 5 seasonal boxes, an Editor box, and have purchased many, many extras through add-on sales and edit sales. So far every box has been a hit, no redundancy, continued high quality. I will absolutely stick with FFF... it's really been super fun, especially now that some of my friends have become FFF-philes too!

Not impressed.
I was really excited to get my first fabfitfun box, (especially since it took a full month to get here) but I'm overall pretty disappointed :(. First up, I was borderline devastated I didnt get a s'well water bottle. Every box I had seen had one in it and the way i answered my personalization profile questions, it seemed pretty obvious that a water bottle would be a good choice for me. Nope, I got the necklace instead which is cute but I almost never wear jewelry. Also, it was pretty frustrating that FabFitFun were SOLD OUT of the quay sunglasses so I had to get the face brightening cream instead, which I was ok with at first. But when I got it, it has a crazy strong scent that I dont particularly enjoy. As someone with sensitive skin prone to acne, this is almost guaranteed to make break out.
Next up we have the leave in conditioner-actually a good addition for me because my hair is the one thing I'll splurge on products for. It smells like a 90 year old grandma that dumped an entire bottle of cheap perfume on herself. This could just be me though. If you can get past the scent, it does make your hair soft and shiny.
Next we have the massager brush, where the bristles make you feel like you're being scratched! I wouldn't describe it as painful but it is far from enjoyable or a massage by any means.
Moving on to the mumu... maybe I dont know how to wear a mumu but I tried it on after showering, so nothing underneath. And you can 100% see my nipples. Although, it doesn't like to stay in place well so your boobs are probably going to pop out completely anyway, so being able to see them through the material probably is a lesser issue. As someone with a roommate who probably wouldn't appreciate being flashed, this makes it a lot less appealing to me. If you live alone and dont mind your boobs popping out every now and then, this is the mumu for you.
The de-puffing eye cream is awesome though. Dont get it anywhere near your eyes though, because it burns like crazy. Oh and the champagne charcoal scrub is nice, with a great scent and actually seems to help soften your skin! So I guess it's not a complete loss!

They DO NOT CARE about customer retention
There are too many flaws with their customer service to list out.

Orders are consistently messed up. Replacement orders/actually sending missing items can take literally MONTHS. FabFitFun will sell you items in the add-on sale and then after the fact say, "sorry, we made an inventory mistake." But at that point it's too late to get that other item you were eyeing but chose to not get because you had something similar in your cart.

EVERY time you email customer service, you get a "we're receiving a higher than normal volume of inquiries" message. Well no freaking wonder; they mess everything up!

Look, I like a lot of the products, albeit their retail prices are WAYYYY inflated. The add-ons and edit sales can score you some amazing deals, but be wary of those as well. Sometimes they will sell a full-sized item for really cheap in one sale, and then the next sale it will be more expensive and HALF the volume/weight/size. I think this is intentional.

Look, if you don't mind beating your head off the wall trying to resolve an issue with literally every add-on/edit sale, or you don't want to get anything other than the box, then it can be a great way to try new products. But if you don't have extra time to chase a company who gives not one iota of a crap about you as a customer, then just RUN. I stupidly signed up for an annual subscription, so I have two more boxes and then I'll be cancelling this. I'm hacking through a couple of sales to stock up on some favourites but it's been pretty painful. Their customer service just says "sorry" but never offers a reasonable solution.

Oh, and at this point it's not really a lifestyle subscription. You may get an item or two (some of the non-beauty products are absolute junk!) of lifestyle items but most of the quality options in the box are beauty products.

Summer 2019 box looks like a giant disappointment. Love that they're giving us a toner spray that's made in china. It will be going directly in the trash. Utter junk.

It's worth the try, you'll love it (for now)
I was apprehensive about this box after being billed in October and not having a good expectation on when I was receiving my first box. But then it arrived in December, even my boyfriend who is clueless about girl products, was very impressed. I love the variety of full size items including jewelry, which you don't get in other popular boxes. I'm completely in love with the nail polish I got and I swear, nothing can ever be better than this one and I'm buying it for the rest of my nail care life. I use my "Good Morning Gorgeous" to-go cup everyday and love everything else I've gotten thus far.

Feedback for FabFitFun: You subscription page needs some additional investment. People need to know when FabFitFun can expect their box when they sign up and going forward. This should be clear in terms of months or weeks on the account page. The quarterly concept is a no brainer but more detail is needed. Letting people sit and wait after paying $40 isn't fun for most Millennials. Also, your member reward program is not up to par with the competition. I subscribe to Birchbox, Ipsy and Winc besides this box; and they all have more incentives to stay as a long-term customer.

For all the girls wondering if this is worth the try, do it. You shouldn't be surprised of the drawbacks I've outlined above and I hope you love the surprise box as much as I do. Give it a try and decide on your own. Whether this is a long-term subscription, not so sure... only time will tell as (hopefully) FabFitFun invests more in their competitive advantage and stay ahead of the upcoming competition over time. If similar box comes to the market and has a better rewards program, I'm likely to switch.

Not impressed with the products
I got the editors' box in Jan. 2018 because I had a $20 off code and I saw a celebrity review online. For $30 I thought the box looked like a great deal. I was excited when I ordered but a lot less excited when it took almost three weeks to get to me. FFF's policy is that a box will ship within ten days of payment, but that is a LONG TIME in the world of Prime Now. (I know... first world problems.)

When I did receive my products, FabFitFun were disappointing. First, I got a Whish Nourishing Dew Mask with a broken nozzle. I finally unscrewed the nozzle to get to the product, but it appeared to do nothing (I've used moisture renewing masks many times before and was far more impressed with other brands). When looking through records of previous boxes, I noticed FFF includes Whish skincare fairly regularly, which is a red flag to me. Flocking repeatedly to a little-known skincare brand when there are so many excellent brands on the market... well... perhaps there's a reason why Whish parts with so much product for a price far below retail.

My second issue with my box: fragrances. The Himalayan Salt Muscle Soak, Spongelle body buffer and African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel smell so strong that I may never use them! And in my opinion none of them actually smell GOOD. If you are sensitive to fragrances, proceed with caution.

I was most excited about the fashion-related items in this box, and when I ordered I was able to select the BB Dakota poncho and Summer & Rose threader earrings. Womp, womp. The earrings may retail for $40, but I wouldn't have paid even $4 for them. They feel and look cheap, and putting them in actually hurts my fingers because of the way the chains were connected to the studs. Then, the poncho shed ALL OVER MY HOUSE the first time I wore it. (I've read that those who received the alternate item, the Mer-Sea scarf, had the same issue. How weird is that? Out of two products you could pick, both shed everywhere?) I washed and dried the poncho, hoping that would help. It did somewhat, but I still would not wear it with clothing of a different color. You're telling me someone would pay the advertised $100+ for this item? You've got to be kidding.

Finally, the makeup. First: the MakeupDrop silicone applicator. HORRIBLE. Terrible. Worst way to apply makeup ever. Silicone applicators are having a moment right now, but based on the streaky, messy application experience I had with the MakeupDrop, I have no idea why. I will admit, though, that the RealHer Shadow Palette is fun to use. The colors do not blend as well as brands without fillers, but I like them. The palette regularly retails for $28. So, in the end, perhaps I should just pretend the $30 I spent on a box of FFF duds was spent on the shadow palette. That makes me feel a bit better about it.

So I purchased my first FFF Box December 14, I waited a month before contacting them because their shipping info said it should arrive in a month (shipping info is confusing). First FabFitFun said "it seemed like our courier encountered an issue in printing the shipping label". I waited a few more days this time I opened a chat now the guy is saying "it's because one of my items is out of stock". That right there is a huge RED FLAG, I just got two different stories
The emails start at the bottom.

FabFitFun Logo
##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Jonathan P (FabFitFun)
Jan 15,5:40 PM PST

Hi there!

This is Jonathan one of the managing supervisors here in FabFitFun. I was able to look into the previous chat conversation that you had with one of our representatives. I'm truly sorry to hear that you're not happy with the service you received! It is always a priority to provide great service to our members and I am so sorry to hear that we fell short on you.

I'll definitely look into this for you and I'll be sending you a follow-up email once there will be an update regarding your package. This was the result of the issue regarding some items that got out of stock and we will be needing to make some changes on your package for it to go through. I assure you that I'm on top of this issue of yours. If you have any more concerns, or if there's anything else that we can do to make your experience better, please feel free to let me know. I will be more than happy to supply references, any further information or to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

With Happiness,

Customer Care *******@fabfitfun | #fabfitfun

Visitor 33475744
Jan 15,10:42 AM PST

Chat started: 2019-01-15 06:20 PM UTC

(06:20:51 PM) Customer Care Specialist: Hi! Are you excited for your next box?

(06:21:37 PM) Visitor 33475744: I'm very angry I paid for this December 14

(06:22:11 PM) *** Logan joined the chat ***

(06:22:21 PM) Visitor 33475744: I still have not received my package no tracking nothing

(06:22:24 PM) Logan: Hi! How can I make your day better?

(06:22:31 PM) Logan: Let me check this one for you.

(06:22:38 PM) Logan: May I have your email address associated with the account please?

(06:23:26 PM) Logan: Thanks. For a moment please.

(06:24:08 PM) Visitor 33475744: Mona in customer service said there was a problem with the courier/shipping label but if I didn't email her I would've never known

(06:25:24 PM) Logan: Thanks for waiting!

(06:26:33 PM) Logan: The problem is with the one item in the box. The item is out of stock so we change the SKU of the box and reprint the label. I already follow up the order. I hope that this will ship soon. You will receive an email for your tracking information once the box ships out.

(06:26:37 PM) Logan: I hope that you will understand.

(06:27:49 PM) Visitor 33475744: So is it taken care of? What item is it?

(06:28:07 PM) Visitor 33475744: I should've been notified

(06:29:30 PM) Visitor 33475744: I honestly don't want to wait anymore this is not how FFF should do business

(06:29:37 PM) Logan: I'm sorry if you were not notified about that since we are trying to fix the issue before the box will ship. I have taken care of this already.

(06:29:44 PM) Logan: I will check for the item.

(06:31:05 PM) Logan: The customization 3 items are sold out.

(06:31:44 PM) Visitor 33475744: So I'm not going to receive 3 items now?

(06:32:15 PM) Visitor 33475744: How many items am I going to get?

(06:32:39 PM) Logan: You will still receive all of the items. We just change the customization line number 3 item.

(06:33:01 PM) Logan: 9 items in total.

(06:33:06 PM) Visitor 33475744: Are they replacing the 3 items with something else?

(06:33:27 PM) Logan: It is customization 3 and not 3 items.

(06:33:47 PM) Logan: We already replaced the item. You will still receive a total of 9 items.

(06:34:06 PM) Visitor 33475744: I want to know when and for sure if this is getting shipped how much longer do I wait?

(06:34:45 PM) Visitor 33475744: And I also ordered Add on items that are going to be shipped separately what's the status on that

(06:35:50 PM) Logan: I don't have any specific dates yet. We will just be sending you an email once the box ships out. I will also send you a follow-up email within the day.

(06:36:27 PM) Logan: The Winter Edit sale add-ons will be shipped separately and the processing time for that is 2 weeks or sooner. The same thing that we will send you an email for your tracking information once it ships out.

(06:37:44 PM) Visitor 33475744: I mean it's already delayed so much and I don't even know how long I have to wait again and there's no answers it's just up in the air I just need to wait smh

(06:38:13 PM) Logan: I'm so sorry about that. I will just send you a follow-up email within the day for the confirmation.

(06:38:17 PM) Logan: I hope that helps.

(06:38:20 PM) Logan: Is there anything else I can help you out with today?

(06:38:43 PM) Visitor 33475744: whats FFF phone number

(06:39:30 PM) Visitor 33475744: Can I just cancel all of this and get my refund since it's not shipped out yet

(06:39:46 PM) Logan: You can always give us a ring at *******267, we're open everyday, 4AM to 12MN PST.

(06:40:44 PM) Logan: Rest assured that my superior will be sending you an email within the day.

(06:41:23 PM) Visitor 33475744: Ok thanks and I don't mean to sound like I'm taking it out on you I'm just frustrated I'm sorry

(06:42:26 PM) Logan: I really understand that. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that has caused you. Rest assured that I already reach to my supervisor regarding this concern.
Our mailing address is:
FabFitFun Inc.
360 N. La Cienega Blvd. 3rd Fl - B
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Mona S (FabFitFun)
Jan 15,1:34 PM PST

So sorry for any inconvenience. I see a movement of the process for the box and so it might likely leave the warehouse any day now.

I am so sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your membership. I wouldn't really want you to miss out our Spring goodies. However, I do understand and respect your decision. Per your request, I have gone ahead and canceled your account so you will no longer be billed for our future boxes. You should receive another email shortly confirming your cancelation. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better or to bring you back, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.
Sending Happiness,

Customer Care *******@fabfitfun | #fabfitfun

Jan 15,9:31 AM PST

Hi can I cancel my subscription through you or do I need to call? Just send me my items that I paid for I no longer want to deal with Fab Fit Fun. It's ridiculous that I have to wait this long and nothing is being done about this. I should've listened to the bad reviews. I'm very upset and I want what I paid for if not refund me the money. Thanks!
On Tue, Jan 15,2019 at 8:29 AM Erica
Good morning Mona,
Any word on my package?

Jan 15,5:30 AM PST

Good morning Mona,
Any word on my package?

Mona S (FabFitFun)
Jan 14,2:58 PM PST

I've gone ahead and forwarded this issue and we apologize for the inconvenience.
I am also monitoring the movement for you and I'd see what more I can do to help out.

Thanks for the patience.
Sending Happiness,

Customer Care *******@fabfitfun | #fabfitfun

Jan 14,10:18 AM PST

I logged in and the status still says awaiting shipment. Is there any way to find out what's going on with my package? I've been waiting long enough can I get it as soon as possible?

Mona S (FabFitFun)
Jan 12,12:05 PM PST

Hi Erica,

Thanks for writing in! We sincerely apologize for the delayed shipment of your Winter box! Upon checking, it seemed like our courier encountered an issue in printing the shipping label of your box. No worries though, I already requested to reprint the shipment label of your order, so we can ship it out the soonest we can! We will send you a shipment notification, containing the new tracking info as soon as it ships out from our warehouse, so kindly keep an eye on that.

As for your account, I can see here that you've initially subscribed to Seasonal subscription on Dec 14th for Winter Box then you made a purchase for Edit Sale which will be shipped separately. It has been released into the processing phase and you will receive an email containing your tracking information for this package as soon as it leaves our warehouse once processing is completed!

You next scheduled billing date will be by March 14th for your Spring Box.
I hope this helps. If there is anything else that we can assist you with, just write us back, we'd love to help! Have a great day ahead!

Sending Happiness,

Customer Care *******@fabfitfun | #fabfitfun

Jan 11,3:18 PM PST

*Please Select...* Shipping Inquiry
*Describe Your Issue* So I purchased my first 2018 Winter Box on December 14, billing cycle 2 should be shipped December 25th, I have not received anything and haven't received an email should I wait till January 25th? That would make one month. Sorry I'm just a little confused. Also I added on some extra items and I wanted to know is that going to be in my Winter Box or does it ship separately? I read there are absolutely no returns does that count for the extra items I purchased as well? Thanks!

Not at all FAB or FUN!... Beware, its totally not worth it!
I was super excited to subscribe and get my winter box. I ordered on November 21st and purchased an add on. My card was charged immediately and processed that day. I patiently waited and waited, then grew frustrated when I read the FAQ and saw that my box should have shipped, but had not. I reached out to to customer service, I was told my box would be shipping soon. Finally got my box on 12/12, but my add on was not included, although it said it would arrive with my box. I contacted FFF via their chat, I was told it would be shipped on its own and arriving a little later. I waited 2 more weeks, nothing. I contacted FFF via customer service request on Dec21st, now nearly 2 weeks later I get a reply, FabFitFun are sorry but my add on is no longer available. Ummmmm, yeah, that is not ok. When I ordered and paid it was available, if it were shipped with my box, it probably would have been available, now it is not and I am only being offered a credit to my account. Why is there no other item to be offered or even any sympathy to the customer who was purchasing something special for their daughter. I understand things happen, but to not even be contacted without me having to reach out numerous times?!
The lack of consideration for customers is wrong. I am cancelling my subscription, I hope that this helps anyone considering subscribing. I finally treated myself to something and it was just not a good experience, also my winter box only had a necklace, coffee cup, socks, pillow spray, and a lotion. I don't know what should have come, but that sure did not seem $200 worth of products, let alone $50. I am super frustrated and completely let down.

Reid was excellent. The final outcome was horrid!
I sent an email to a friend, my sister, that if she ordered a box I would recieve $40.00 of add-on credit. My sister not only ordered a box, she paid for an entire year. Solely because I told her how much I loved fff boxes and that it would give me the $40 in add-on credit. FabFitFun not only charged her for the year, but for an additional box as well! She had to call and get everything straightened out. When they tried, very hard, to get her to just keep the additional box. The credit did not show up on my account. So, knowing from other situations, the web doesn't mean things show up immediately. I waited until my sister received her box. I figured after that it would show up. Again, it didn't.

So I called customer care. Which by the way is extremely difficult to find a number for! You need to click all over the place for it!

Reid from customer care was great. He was patient, polite, kind and knowledgeable. However, after putting me on hold simply to find out if he could help me, excellent representative of fff, he came back VERY apologetic that he could only give me $20 of the $40 add-on credit. I was am still not happy about this.

I receive an email immediately, so much for the web not being immediate eh? It was about Reid, not the situation so I couldn't give him a 1 star rating he really was wonderful, but I really wanted to! This just means I'll have to call fff immediately after I send an email to let them know to watch out for the acceptance of it to make sure I get the proper credit amount. I suggest you take this advice also!

As I stated in the title, horrid outcome!

Still waiting... very disappointed!
Jan 15,7:13 AM PST

Chat started: 2019-01-15 03:07 PM UTC

(03:07:47 PM): Where is the box I ordered a month ago? Your shipping schedules dont make sense and is confusing
(03:07:50 PM) *** Naomi joined the chat ***
(03:07:54 PM) Naomi: Hi there!
(03:08:26 PM) Naomi: So sorry for the confusion this has caused, S. I would be more than happy to clarify and explain these for you.
(03:08:28 PM) Naomi: Let me just pull up your account to see what I can do for you! Can you please verify the full name and email on file?
(03:08:52 PM) S*****
(03:09:03 PM) Naomi: Thank you! One moment, please.
(03:11:07 PM) Naomi: We sincerely apologize for the delayed shipment of your box! I just checked here and it seemed like our courier encountered an issue in printing the shipment label of your box. I know just how excited you are to get your goodies so I've requested to reprint the shipment label of your order, so we can ship it out. I'll personally follow up on this and will get back to you as soon as I get an update. We'll also send you an email containing the new tracking info as soon as it ships out from our warehouse, so kindly keep an eye on that.
(03:11:20 PM) Naomi: I know that this is not the most ideal experience for you as I know that you're probably excited to enjoy your goodies so I went ahead and added a $10 credit to your account. You can use this towards future purchases.
(03:11:44 PM) Stephanie: Thank you
(03:12:46 PM) Naomi: Sure thing, Stephanie. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience. Please look forward to my email as well as the email with the tracking details.
(03:12:49 PM) Naomi: Is there anything else I can help you out with today?

Yeah... no sign it has shipped and never got a $10.00 credit. Why do I have to contact them over a month later to find out it's a "label" issue. I feel I'm being given the run around. FabFitFun charged my cc right away but no shipment over 30 days. The shipping schedule is confusing and for good reason. I'm gonna contact my cc because there are policies against companies that take money before shipment. You lost another customer from the looks of your reviews you are not very reputable company. BBB people start putting in complaints because I know I am.

I have loved my FFF boxes but this last Edit sale and their response to it has left a bad impression on me. I have purchased $700 worth of items in the last Edit sale and am now 18 days after I've paid still with no tracking information, ETA or assurance from FFF that my items are shipping out. FabFitFun have clearly broken FTC laws by refusing to send out products outside of their promised delivery window to customers who have already paid for them! Not only that the canned response from them is that it's still processing and I'll receive an email as soon as it ships. I have never had to use this much energy in chasing after information about a huge purchase before. Also, after the sale they notified those still waiting that there have been a list of Out if Stock items which is crazy because we already paid for the items. As days after the promised delivery date started to pass, the Out of Stock items list started to grow. So now after having to chat with multiple FFF reps, I am now missing 5 items on that OOS list which I've paid for. When I asked for a refund I was refused a refund because it's "processing" and I asked several times and finally got it after asking on the third try. I literally had to beg for a refund for items that haven't shipped out yet and will probably never ship out until 1 month later. So here I am 18 dats after paying and no one still can give me info on where my items are. Out $700 and nothing to show for it. I would be more understanding if FFF was truly empathetic. I have never felt so devalued as a customer. Very disheartening to feel this way and ignored as a customer. I simply want to know where my paid for items are and when I will receive them!

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