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Thank you eWorldTrade
I tried all the other platform in the past 15 years of my business and wasn't satisfied with their performance. When I say performance I don't only mean conversion, I want someone to be available when am in need and like swift response. EWorldTrade is the only market place that gave me quick response and immediate conversion. I must thank Mr Alan Mendis the Senior Vice President for such an amazing service.

Since i joined this amazing and incredible online business site, I have seen and experince a lot of tremendous advantages and benefits.

Robin has been of immense help with his great professional skills that has made me to be able understand how better tô make use of all the advantages here. With Robin's help and presence i have been able tô understand how this website is of a great benefit. Robin is always there tô make sure everything Works out perfectly. He is an amazing dude. I would recommend Robin on this website tô anyone looking tô reach out tô qualified buyers or and sellers of any goods of his or his choice.
Thank you Robin for the excellent job done so far and i do hope more expolits are on the way. Great website.
Thank you Robin
God bless.

Recomand storngly the service with George Williams in eWorldTrade
I think i have happy and valuable time with George Williams during 2month.
In the meantime, i got nice support and he always did his best to find the buyers for us.
That`y why, i decided to upgrade the service from Platium to Exclusive Grade.
So, if you are the person who want to find the valuable buyers,
Please start to use the service with George Wiliams!

I am sure you can know why i said like that above.
So appriciated for your helping and Best for you and all perosons of Eworldtrade

Ryan Kim
Yujin Robot

Red flags everywhere
Good thing i saw the reviews here, i almost felt for a gold membership.
I told them i wanted to unsubscribe from their platform and eWorldTrade tried to convince me to stay, after i run out of patience they continued with agressive marketing techniques. That was the end of it.
I would never fall for this website, it´s pure trash and certainly not good for business.
Doing this for 15 years and my guts never failed, when something is too good to be true, it generally is.

Ewordltrade are Scammers!
I see positive reviews which I know that it comes from fake people, the reality is that eworldtrade are frauds, eWorldTrade take your hardworking money only to deliver fake buyers, with fake nubers and fake emails, we paid for the elite member ship it has been a nightmare, not one client answered us back, we have sent several messages, we even called long distance just to find out that these so called buyers had no idea that their names was even in their platform. The CEO Sean Parker is also a scammer, everyone is from Pakistan, they use fake names. They should be put in prison, for taking peoples money! $#*!s!

Secure and easy
EWorldtrade is an excellent secure platform for any business worldwide to find a quality suppliers and products. It's the best place if you need to reach out to the various suppliers, and it would be good to establish a relationship with a specific seller and go to them every time. The suppliers with whom I've always worked are helpful and respond quickly to any question I have.
Highly recommended.

Chief Executive Officer
My experience with so far has been good, eWorldTrade have given my business a good foundation stone. Their employee ( MR ADAM KAN) of the Digital team, is very friendly, always willing to help and does an excellent and professional work.
He designed my website, hosted it, arranged a brochure for me and since then, i have been receiving direct inquiries from my company website. I recommend them, especially for startup businesses.

Ceo Teke Bio Energy kft

I wouldn't have given any ratings for this but u didn't had a choice if not u would not have been able to write the review. Important note for traders and business buyers or sellers. Please do not waste your money on Eworld esp do not register anything above the free membership as you would be superbly disappointed with their very bad service provided for. EWorldTrade take ages to get back to your requests. Initially they would promise you a number of service and once u have purchased their membership they act in contradiction to their promised features given to you. There are numerous fraudulent buyers in Eworld so pls do not waste your time and effort on this platform. I Trusted Theo good reviews and was scammed by it. Please do not read their bogus reviews and Purchase the membership you will be surely disappointed. I do suspect that this platform is a heavily computer generated system as most on their replies from various phone numbers are generic. They all reply the same way. Plsss be careful and DUN WASTE YOUR MONEY

EworldTrade is a good choice for you!
I'm Lilian from WUHAN AU3TECH TRADING CO., LTD. This is our first time to use the service of EworldTrade. At first, we are not satisfied with their service becasue we wait for a little bit long time before our website online. And the truth is that good things need to be wait. And now we have find serveral customers already and some of them have already made the order. So we are planning to use their advanced service when continueing our second year's cooperation.

Scam, and no assistance. Pathetic and can't be trusted
On 2SEPT 2021 I wrote a review complianing about as eWorldTrade verified a supplier that scammed after trusting this platform. They where quick to reply and say I must email them, I am still waiting for a reply from them, or any news about this suppliers, they are still on the platform as trusted, please see attached pictures of proof. And I have spoken numerous times to customer service agents on the platform and no one helps me they wait until the session expires due to inactivity, they literally say hold on and never come back. doesnt care about you as a consumer or the money that you do, may or will lose they just want they cut of this criminal activity because they benefit from these scammers on their platform that steal from hardworking individuals and businesses. I am disgusted.

A junk site
Appalling attitude non return of emails, calls, or even on chat line. No avenue to make a formal complaint. My bank has red flagged this site as a possible scam. Representative does not return emails. System traps you into moving your account, which costs more, to get more exposure to what you are selling, No provision if you are a private seller. Out of 10 this site would score a 2. Very unhappy. Refunds of membership costs - hmm that is another battle in it self.

Not helpful
"My company has been using Eworldtrade services for almost 1 month now. So far so good. Totally satisfied with their services. Their team help me find customers and keep following up with them. Hope that we ourcooperation will bring terrific results."--> NOT TRUE

Those was my review after the 1st month. However, we gradually recognized that eWorldTrade did no help to us. The inquiries are all from Asia, while we mentioned our target customers are in US, Europe, and Australia. Inquiries were also not what we told them to focus. Rarely did we find a little suitable inquiries, but could not contact buyer, and got no feedback. Their inquiries must be fake, or copied from other sites, we don't know, but surely not good ones.

We ended 1 year premium with no customer. They convinced us to try another year, pay extra fee for domain many times, but we said no.

Really disappointed the way they worked.

Promises not kept.
Coming from a third world country being promised good business leads I was shocked to learn
I did not get one proper enquiry
I felt the enquires were doctored
The enquires that came to me were not genuine, Even the ones from my own country proved fake
After promising refund in 30 days eWorldTrade again gave me a word that they will refund by end of 2020,
Now they are silent and have left me with no answers
I have found it almost impossible to pay my workers.
Very clear its a SCAM!

EWT Fraud company
I was persusded by their sales manager to enter their platform by quarantee of plenty potential buyers. I have explained them narrowness of our CBD products and potential clients and was skeptic about entering their platform. As soon as i have payed membership i realized there is not much potential amongst their clients. Mostly free members with shady, unaccesible or gmail contacts.
The worst thing is, the platform is full of potential scammers, as eWorldTrade do not check the clients upon registration (probably a lot of stolen identities as well). Those are EWORLDTRADE MEMBERS. Accusations were backed by our national Chamber of Commerce. The information was promptly forwarded to ewt, but the scammers are still present on their platform up to this moment, almost a month had passed upon first warning was sent to them.
I have decided not to be member of their services, when they introduced me to another scammers, also checked by our Chamber of Commerce.
They have ignored my refund claim and all of my mails regarding the fraud incidents, until i posted review. They were stalling and trying to hush the incident and after a month of ignoring me they are willing to refund me aprox 15% of paid membership.
It took me less than a month of presence on their platform to decide not to work with them, since they are not to be trusted, logical conclusion is also they are working together with scammers (no other explanation, since the scammers are still present, after the report was forwarded to them a month ago).
All of the accusations are backed by screen shots and copies of exchanged communication with them, scammers and Chamber of Commerce.
Do not trust them, do not pay requested membership, just try to do business as a free member, check all of the potential clients at your national Chamber of Commerce, that is the safest way, cause they are only only interested in your money.
I am deeply dissapointed in buisiness manners they have shown, that are far from professional and correct.
Do not be intimidated by their terms and conditions, reviews are important informations for other potential buyers to check expericences people gain, i would have never entered their platform if i have seen those sort of review.
Please contact me for further information and share with me your experiences with them.
I will be posting copies of communication exchanged between us, scammers and ewt, so you can check for your self the nonprofessional, ignorant and scamming B2B platform called EWORLDTRADE.

Funny Customer Servive
I joined the elite memership about 2 months ago. One person from e worldrade wrote me on whatsapp and said that i am your customer representative but i will see you on monday because today is weekend. I thanked, but later on nobody called.
I came to mind last week and wrote from whatsapp, i am still waiting your call.:)I haven't been able to find any customers for 2 months and has not written to me anyone. And he said to me you are elite member. İf you want to find customer you have to be gold member :). that words enought to me to understand. What kind of b2b website eWorldTrade are.

Solitaf Heating Systems

+1 are most reliable and trustworthy Chinese RC Vendors
The best vendor online for quick Australian orders. No doubt.
Order payment takes 2 days to clear by BTC then orders
Are registered and a tracking number provided within 24 hours after payment.
Orders usually take an average of 8 to 11 business days to get to me.
Good quality products and services.

Orders are well packed, Air tight and well disguised.
The Eutylone is the best. All the benzo's are immense.
Mastermind takes you to a different planet hehe!
For the most clean, purest, 2fdck high go for the
4f-adb. EWorldTrade are like rocket fuel. Bliss!
Thank you again to all at!


There are fraudsters operation on there
This website has fraudsters trading on it. I have contacted eworldtrade directly several different ways, eg, through their website, direct emails etc and still have had no response. My company's details are being used to sell gold which is totally fraudulent. The company is trading as PMSM Ltd (Precious Metals Services Managment). The precious metal company is not a real company and people are being misinformed, mislead and defrauded. The whole set up is a total scam. Innocent people are losing money. I have reported this several different ways. I have just had an online chat with but eWorldTrade halted chat after I asked a question about the fraud - they just went silent and I got no response. They should be helping and should remove the company immediately. Please be aware of this company. They use two names Paul Martin and Jack Glen - these are false also. There are likely to be more fraudulent names being used also.


Fake aliases, fake promises, miserable services!
If you need a one line review to decide, read the very next line below!

"EWorldTrade claim to give you your money back (I have screenshots of all the chats) if they fall short on their promises and then 180 on that promise as well!"

Now the elaborate review:

This website is a huge scam!

They would offer you really cheap deals as compared to what is mentioned on their websites to lure you in with fake promises like authentic genuine buyers and guaranteed leads with money back claims.

To say they fall short on their promises would be a huge understatement. The KAMs (Key account manager) or as I prefer calling them "SKAMs" have fake names and aliases (I would know since I was assigned three different KAMs over the time period each of them allegedly being more "seasoned" than the previous ones). They promised me monthly 10 genuine leads from authentic buyers however couldn't even provide me half of the promised leads. On complaining about so they'd throw in bulk of unrelated or vague enquiries and more fake promises about betterment in service. Spoiler alert: The services remained downright miserable!

Their sales representative promised me my money back if I was dissatisfied with their services however when it actually came the time, they 180'd on their promise saying they are not authorised to make any such claims and that strict actions would be taken against their representative.


EWT Fraud company
I have received an automatic reply for a bad review i have written, about their customer care apologies and concern.
And eWorldTrade have decided to reward me with best digital services and domain?!?!
All that, after i have accused them of Fraud and demanded membership refund, after a month of ignorance from them, from first fraud report, and non-professional services they offer, after bad buissiness practice they conduct, after allowing scammers to operate on their platform, after i explicitly explained them, that i do not trust them, since we were tried to be scammed several times by their members, for whom they guarantee and promote safe trading, which is a big lie.
This is a dangerous platform, on which, instead of conducting buissiness, you will have to deal with potential scammers and ignorant service provider.
But you know, they are interested only in mony and membership numbers, which attract potential clients.
Do not be naive, my experiences are pristine and honestly presented to you, so you consider entering a competitive service providers, who is really concerned in their "golden" members satisfaction.
Avoid EWT, my example shows, what is wrong with the greedy platform concerned only in their own well-being.
Updates will follow. Any legal advices, bad experiences you have with them are welcome. Feel free to write me.


Feeling after fisrt joining time with
Dear group,
Firstly, we would like to say Thank you for all!
Until today, when after more than 20 days joined with, our website have done and starting operate already.
We want to say thank with Mr Jalal - Mr Paul and special with Ms Raima for your helping - supporting with us.
With the very good supporting on the starting time like that, we hope that will get good business with together.
And we hope that, continues to received your supporting during all working and cooperating time on the future!
One more again, Thank you so much!
Best wish for you and for all persons of group!
Tony Nguyen.
TNG Co., Ltd


Just read my chat with sales rep
Just read my chat with Karen Blake:

[10:04,1/15/2021] CORNER 123, Wholesale Clothing: How many clothing retail shop owner inquiries you have every month (from USA, Canada and Mexico combined)?

[10:20,1/15/2021] +1 *******088: We have over 5000 verified inquiries every month from the mentioned targeted regions

[10:23,1/15/2021] CORNER 123, Wholesale Clothing: 5 000? You have 20 000 visitors per month in here. Are you going to convince me that your conversion rate is 25% with benchmark 1%?

[10:24,1/15/2021] +1 *******088:5000 only related to clothing

[10:24,1/15/2021] +1 *******088: and from the targeted regions you mentioned that is US, Canada and Mexico

[10:26,1/15/2021] CORNER 123, Wholesale Clothing: Thanks, I am not an idiot

[10:27,1/15/2021] +1 *******088: Really?

[10:27,1/15/2021] +1 *******088: But you are sounding one


Excellent reliable, professional and personalized services
Signing up for premium services has been a very useful and successful decision to boost our overseas trade so far. And the very personalized services offered by our KAM George Williams played a great role in this success as he is always here to give great insight and follow-up on our trade deals! Definitely a great help for any business willing to expand their trade beyond their domestic market.


Refund not possible
EWorldTrade are a middle man that "verify" retailers but themselves are scamming people. I made an inquiry for THE Price for seeds and 1 minute later a hindu guy called me (Omar) and told me I could get free samples of this seeds that cost 100Euro if I buy membership for 150 Euro.
I didnt get any seeds, I didnt know what I bought because I thoughts he was the seller and I couldnt get a refund even to my account didnt become premium. I have tried to get refund for 4 days.
Dont buy what they sell because you cant make a refund.
They will tell " No need to worry brotha" and they only care about their saleteam in India and they dont care about you.
Basically how they earn money is that their customers are "half" satisfied so that they can ignore people request for refund.

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