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Middle man
Ordered two new lights for my rv and no where did it state that etrailer don't have the item and have to order it from manufacturer.
They don't have in stock. And they don't tell you that they are a middle man until they get your money. Then I got an email saying that they have ordered it and no concrete idea of when they will get it and then ship to me. They tried to get me to switch my order to another item? Wtf. They tried to bait and switch. Can't review the product because A week after ordering, they still haven't gotten it and then I have to wait additional time for them to ship to me!

Find another vendor that actually stocks the items that they are selling unless you don't care how long it takes. Shady at best. Just hope when I get it, whenever that will be, they are what I ordered and aren't broke.

This site is a gamble... you have been warned

Avoid this place at all costs
Avoid this place at all costs. I ordered two items from e-trailer Yesterday (this is my second order with them). During checkout it was very hard to find where to enter a referral code I had for 5% off. I thought it might be on the screen after you enter your card since some sites do that so I entered my credit card info and hit continue. There was no indicator that it would actually order the item but it did. I immediately looked for how to cancel the order and was unable to find a button to cancel it when I clicked manage order, it only allowed me to email myself the invoice. I send customer support an email within 3 minutes of the order asking to cancel that order (their phone wasn't working because it wasn't within business hours). I went to the checkout process again and finally found where I could enter it. Thinking etrailer would cancel that order since I just placed it, I placed a new one with the referral code and sent them another email saying that and to definitely cancel the first one.

I got a response today (Sunday). They both shipped today and they can't do anything and now I have to pay for return shipping. So instead of saving 5%, they now are charging me $20+ for the return and I have to go through all the hassle of shipping it back. I went back and forth talking with Amy E. And she was unwilling to help me out at all and was very rude. She would not listen to how I tried multiple times and could not find any way to cancel it and how I emailed them immediately and attempted calling a few times. On top of all this she said they would issue a product credit and not even refund me. I'm going to have to take this up with the credit card company now to make sure it gets refunded.

Their website makes it look like they care about customers by saying how many calls and emails they respond to, but I've found out they really don't care at all. It's amazing a company can still get away with customer service like this. Buyers beware.

Beware of the customer satisfaction
This is first ever for a bad review for an online business. Purchased a Drawtite class II trailer hitch. A little scratched when it arrived but figured you wouldn't see it. Could live with that. Two days later I order a trailer hitch cover for this trailer hitch. It arrived with the outer perimeter all scratched up and it would not fit the opening. Told me to send pictures of scratches and I also sent pictures to show it didn't fit. Etrailer told me online that it states it may not fit this drawtite trailer hitch which after going on, it does state this. Here's the problem. This product was all scratched up. Now understand I just bought a scratched trailer hitch from them for $126.95. Had no problem with that. Now the hitch cover only cost $11.98. This is customer service quote to me..."it would not be cost effective for them for me to return it"
Now that's not all. Final quote to me to send this chrome trailer hitch cover that NO ONE would ever accept. Now understand I just bought a trailer hitch from them for $126.95 and then I ordered the chrome trailer hitch cover for only $11.98. This is their final quote to me..."Can't send label return for it cost more than the product, but you can however return item to UPS or USPS and have them ship it AT YOUR EXPENSE" and yes they capitalized the last three words, so instead of reimbursing me a minimal of $11.98 they wanted me to send it back at my expense. The pictures I sent said it all. Just thought that would be the easiest thing to do because no one in their right mind would want this defective scratched product. I have never experienced a customer service like this. Thank goodness I'm only out of $11.98. I was about to purchase the CURT WIRING KIT from them for the trailer lights but after this episode I went with AMAZON. I read many reviews on their site and amazing everyone loves their customer service. I sent one to their site but was not cruel about the product and amazing it never showed up. Can you imagine had I ordered the CURT WIRING KIT from them and there was a problem with it. Just be careful what you order from them. I agree they do have competitive prices but if you happen to have a problem with their product hopefully it will be COST EFFECTIVE as they told me for their business, if you have to return it. Hopefully you will have better luck. I guess that $11.98 would of broke them. Good luck on your purchase.

I have bought several things from (2 towing...
I have bought several things from (2 towing hitches, a roof rack, snowboard rack, bike rack, rooftop cargo box, wiring for hitch mount, etc.). The products are great (brand names like thule, yakima, and others) and are priced very well. The site has all sorts of info for figuring out which items will fit your vehicle and then provides guides for installation. The guides are not factory ones, but ones written by real people who have installed the very same thing. The site also tells you which other items you might need in tandem for proper installation.

The shipping was very quick, I even got upgraded to faster shipping for no extra cost this last order (bonus since I would have been just fine to have gotten it in 2 weeks rather than 1 at Christmas time). I got emails every step of the way: confirmation of order, shipped with tracking info, and a final email from an actual person telling me that UPS informed them that the item was delivered to my door and that etrailer wanted to verify.

They'll e-mail you to ask you to fill out surveys, but it's not much to ask when compared to the horrendous experiences I've had with other retail sites that have asked me for comments. I'll take a minute or two to help out a company that has enabled me to haul, pull, and play by outfitting my cars for years.

Wide variety of parts and excellent prices... however.
However, some items need to be updated to match the items you receive as far as the dimensions and product pictures... (Here's my review of a product #853-7887 Stay-Put Thule cradle) I do love these cradles and etrailer worked fine for me AFTER a bit of alterations. So the 4 I ordered and received 9/15/17 DID NOT fit on the 1" pipe that my bike rack has equipped. Granted my rack isn't a Thule, these cradles are designed and claim to accommodate 1" diameter pipes all the same. So if you zoom in on the product pic on this website you can see the hole dimension shows 1" in diameter and the inside is SMOOTH. What you DON'T see are the ridges that are inside the hole of the cradles that I received, making that 1" diameter SIGNIFICANTLY smaller. Small enough to NEVER fit on a 1" tube. How do I know? Because I had to grind them off considerably for the cradles to even start go slide on. I did leave about 1/3 of each of the grooves on so the fit was tight enough to not slide around. So be warned, you may have to modify if you do receive these with the ridges inside. I used an oscillating spindle sander with 7/8" bit and I targeted each ridge individually as opposed to using a 1" bit that would probably take too much off. Here's a pic. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pics of the ridges prior to sander them off.

Horrible Customer Service
Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2"
Ordered the Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" on a Sat and paid for 3 day shipping. Got an email shortly after saying it shipped. Turns out etrailer lied and it didn't ship until Mon. It ended arriving on Thur evening. I refused delivery and Etrailer charged me shipping both ways and a $25 fee for refusing delivery. Ordered this from Amazon and got it the next day. One week later and still nothing from ETrailer. To make things worse, Etrailer won't even publish my review on their own website which is how they keep a 5 star rating on their products. Update 3/13 A rep contacted me to defend their position that even though they lied about the product being shipped when it clearly wasn't they kept $56 out of a $154 order for shipping, even after I offered to pay some of the overpriced shipping. Do your self a favor and go to or Amazon for better service.

You can tell from the pictures that subtraction won't give the correct measurement.
Review of answer to question about length of seatback (from top of seat to top of back) for Tomas Payne Euro RV Recliner Item # 195-000062:
Kyle computed the answer by subtracting the published seat height from the total chair height: 41 1/2"-19 1/2"= 22". I feel this is not helpful in giving the functional length of the seatback because I believe the front of the seat is 19 1/2" from the floor but the back of the seat is closer to the floor so the seatback would be longer than 22". The question is how much? It would be necessary to actually measure. (For some chairs this dimension is included in the specs.) It is very important to know this measurement. If the seatback is too short, it would not support a persons head and then the recliner would be useless.

22" would be too short for me. But if the true measurement is actually 26" it could be ok. 28" would be ideal, but 26" could work. 22" would not work. So its important to know the true number.

Over a month to ship an item in stock
We ordered at landing gear for our trailer on 4/26/21. Delivery was supposed to be 5/7. That date came and went and then delivery was 5/16, then 5/22, then 5/26. I called the company on May 17 and etrailer said the item was in stock but they had no one in the warehouse to ship it. The person I talked to hoped it would be sent the 22nd for arrival on the 26th, but wasn't sure they could find someone to do the shipping by then. I called numerous other companies for the part and everyone said the item had been backordered for months because of problems getting steel. I am not sure if etrailer actually had the part and could not find a person to arrange shipping, but I suspect they really did not have the part in stock. I still do not have the part, but it is supposedly shipped and tracking information now estimates arrive on 6/3. We went with this company because everyone said how great their shipping was. That is not our case. Now we will have to scramble to get this part installed before our scheduled camping trip Something we tried to avoid by ordering early. Very disappointed in the company. I will not be shopping them again

Poor communication problem fixed
Update 3/30/21-Thanks to Crystal for calling me and helping resolve my issues. I am very pleased with the outcome.

I ordered about $4,000 of gear for a trip I have coming up and with shipping delays I called ahead to check availability before i placed the order. One of them items was to be made at the time of order and the web site said 10 to 15 day lead time so I double checked by calling to verify and etrailer said it would be to me no later than 15 days (per a phone call etrailer made to the manufacturer).
I received very good communication on all the items but one (the bed cover), so after 8 days i called just to make sure we were still on target for the trip i had planned. The news i got was not great, i was told it would be 30 days (twice as long as i was told) so needless to say it was not good news.
At this point i had received all the gear to mount to the bed cover so i asked to speak with a supervisor to discuss another option that would allow me to mount the gear i had as temporary fix for my trip.

Up to this point my frustration was that I had to follow up on the status of my order because most of the reviews I read said communications were great.
But as I sit here today I am on day two just waiting to hear back from a supervisor to discuss a possible solution that would allow me to use thousands of dollars of gear just sitting in my garage.

I understand shipping issues and supply chain problems right now but that has nothing to do with their ability to communicate.

I'll fill yall in on the details as soon i hear from etrailer.

I order tons of parts off the internet and this is the first review i can remember doing.

I appreciate your response
Jameson, I keep my tires inflated to the recommended inflation and have even tried 10 lbs over. The air temp. Seems To be usually in the mid to upper 90s. Im Leary of a 75 mph tire since that is right about the speed I travel. What would you recomend for a 85 MPH tire and load range D? How long to get them? What about increasing the tire size? See my original post below.

Every year I tow a 19 Bass Boat from Florida to Missouri in July. For the last 4 years I have a blowout or TWO! Im running Goodyear Marathon 205/75 R14 load range C. I dont put any extra weight in the boat and travel@ 70 to 74 MPH in 90 degree plus heat. Im getting too old for. This what is the best tire solution I could do.
Asked by: Rick G
Expert Reply:
Most trailer tires are only rated for 65 MPH so the issue you are having could easily be from heat build up due to the speed rating getting exceeded. Other possibility is that the tires aren't inflated to their max pressure. Trailer tires need to be inflated to the max pressure to ensure you get the full capacity and and don't cause excessive heat build up.

What I would recommend for you tire size is the # LHWL201. This tire has a speed rating of 75 mph and has a weight capacity of 1,760 lbs at 50 psi. What's also great is that it has a 2 year roadside assistance program

If your RV or trailer has a flat tire, call the help line and a technician will come change the flat for you. You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year from anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Horrible communication: and scheduling
So where do I begin. March 2021 I ordered two items estimated delivery June 8. Sometime about June 14 I realized I haven't received any notice so I checked on my order status one item was in stock the other was not. Wow no one had the courtesy to send a note saying partial delivery was available? So I find it myself and I separate the order and asked for them to delivery. Answer: no problem will send you a notice when it's going to be delivered. Wait for five days no answer no notice call company was told it will ship I'll keep an eye on it and let you know when it ships shouldn't be more than a week. Three days later I check on status no problem it's in stock you should be getting it it should ship soon. Few more days go by I check my order status online it now says that both my items are not in stock. What bull$#*! is that! I call the company oh there's been a problem there's 29 in the warehouse so don't worry I'll take care of this I'm going to send a notice to the shipping department. I called the next day Monday to see if they've straightened out the problem. I am told that my 2 items are no longer in stock. Excuse me but that's total bull$#*! when etrailer tell you that your orders in the warehouse and all of a sudden now it's not after you've waited 3 1/2 months. All I get is sorry. Where was the other 29 in stock? I'd hate to have the girl on the other end of the phones job!

Appears to be used!
I believe I was sent an open box with used parts. I needed to have them installed immediately due to a large trailer I was supposed to pick up the next day. It appears that not only do I think it was a Used kit sent but the brackets were the wrong size and are to large to allow the wiring harness to be attached back to the truck, so now I cant use my truck. I reached out to customer service on a Sunday and it's now Tuesday and I still have NOT received a replacement kit or any compensation for this company "etrailer" mistake. I feel that the customer service is not great at all. Etrailer still have not made it right! The only reason I bought this brand and not firestone was because I read on other reviews that etrailer had good customer service but it appears that is NOT TRUE! BEWARE of this company. I have a loss of use to my truck and the Cost of labor! It's not cheap to get this kit installed and now it has to be uninstalled and a new one re-Installed, if I ever receive a new one! But I have not heard from customer service today! When will I receive a new one? Will it take weeks! I need it today! A new one should have been sent out Sunday or Monday but I have heard nothing about the company sending out a new Correct Kit! Please respond Etrailer!

Tow hitch Stepvan
Can I tow with freightliner p700 or m45 I'm looking to tow a two behind compressor approx 2500 lbs if impossible what parts tow hitch will I need thanks for your import
Asked by: Donald Trump
Expert Reply:
The only styles of hitches that can be made to fit a service body truck like your Freightliner P700 or M45 are universal hitches like the Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Service Body Trailer Hitch Cross Tube - Class V - 2" item # 41990. You will want either the 7" Weld-On Bracket Kit item # 4907 or the 16 " weld-on bracket kit item # 4916. I have attached a diagram of both brackets so you can measure and decide which one better fits your needs.

Nightmare experience.
I needed a hitch for my old Subaru. After digging around, I found eTrailer's very helpful videos and decided to purchase my hitch from them.

Using my car's year, make, model and trim, their website pointed me towards the Curt C122703 hitch. This particular hitch was advertised by eTrailer as "no drill" and would take ~40 minutes to install and I ordered the hitch. This is about the only part of my experience that would go smoothly.

A few days later, the hitch arrived. There was no packaging inside the box, and the box had some damage, where the hitch had punched through the box. Needing to tow the next weekend, I decided to install it right away. I'm very mechanically inclined, as I've done all the maintenance on my own cars and motorcycles. I've rebuilt a motorcycle engine and replaced a clutch on a car. So installing a hitch shouldn't very difficult for me. Well, the Curt hitch simply would not fit my car. It was physically impossible for all 4 bolts to fit at the same time. The final hole was 3-4 inches away from where it needed to be. The hitch was bent (damaged from shipping), which contributed to it, but even if the hitch was not bent, it still wouldn't have fit.

I call up eTrailer to see what can be done, and I'm directed to their "technical expert", Wayne. Wayne was very condescending the entire time. I had to take pictures of the issue to send it to him, and even then, he didn't believe what I was telling him. Eventually, he contacted Curt, and Curt told them there are some Subaru's of my year, make and model where the hitch won't fit, and the solution is to drill. So I'm now 5-6 hours deep into a project that should really only take 40 minutes, and I try to install the hitch again, this time, having to drill into my car's frame to get this hitch to fit. Well, even if I line up all 3 bolts, this 4th hole is still at least an inch away from my car's frame (ie, it's about an inch away from making contact with the frame). I decide at this point, I won't drill my car's frame in a random location, as the frame won't fit anyway.

So I tell Wayne this hitch won't fit, it's not worth me compromising the safety of my cargo or the other cars on the road, and I'd like another model hitch to install, such as the Draw-Tite. Wayne says he can accept the return, but cannot do an exchange as the other models will be no different. He also says etrailer will deduct the return shipping costs from my refund once the hitch arrives. Somewhere in all this arguing back forth, 2 weeks have gone by, and I've missed my deadline to tow. So after discussing this point with Wayne for a bit, he offers to split the return shipping as a "one-time courtesy" stating it's not eTrailer's fault it did not fit my car. For reference, return shipping costs would account for 1/3 of the refund.

This wasn't acceptable, as the hitch not fitting is not my fault - I trusted eTrailer's website and advertisement, so I ask Wayne for the full credit. After a week, he doesn't respond, so I call the supervisor, Kim. After some time on the phone, Kim states she can't give me a full shipping credit for a hitch that's been drilled into (ie, if I followed Wayne's instructions) and the half credit is the best she can do. I told her I never drilled into the hitch as I knew it was pointless as the hitch wouldn't have fit anyway. At this point, she agrees to refund the shipping credit as a "one-time courtesy". So basically, if I had followed their tech's instructions, they wouldn't have been able to accept the return.

I ship the hitch back, it arrives, and *one and a half* weeks later, I have a refund in my credit card.

Total time, from order date to refund on my credit card account: 1 month, 7 days.

For comparison, I ended up purchasing a Draw-Tite hitch through u-Haul's website. The hitch came less than a week later, but arrived damaged and scratched up and with no installation hardware. I called u-Haul, and after about 5 minutes on the phone, the representative apologized profusely and without asking, *overnighted* me a replacement from the other side of the country & arranged for the old hitch to be picked up the next day. He even followed up the next day with an email to ensure everything went well and if I needed an additional assistance. After the replacement arrived, I installed it in 1 hour, and all the bolt holes lined up perfectly and it was a perfect fit for my car.

Good riddance E-Trailer. I'd recommend anyone in the market for a towing hitch order from companies that value their customers. I'd recommend Amazon or u-Haul. They won't argue with their customers or make you jump through countless hoops to exchange/refund bad hitches

Horrible service and delivery... twice!
Never Again, will I order from this company. I have only had two experiences and both were terrible. I had to drive and hour and half to pick up my first product because it was going to be delivered a week late due to Thanksgiving. Which I was not told until I called when the product did not arrive. I don't know why one holiday sets you back 7 days but this was never communicated to me. Their motto is to sell it to you first and get it to you whenever etrailer can. I was counting on having the first product in 3-4 days like the man I ordered from told me it would arrive and in order to make sure that happened I had to go pick it up myself. Thanks Etrailer. Then I give them a second chance after the first horrible experience. This time I was wanting to have a product arrive before Christmas. I purchased a $10 product, 3 days before Christmas, spent and additional $30 to have the ADVERTISED 2-day shipping option. Math tells me should be here Christmas eve. With most carriers including the USPS working 7 days a week during the holidays I didn't see an issue, especially with a website advertising 2-day shipping. After purchasing product and expedited shipping I confirm payment and later receive and email stating it will be 7 days before product arrives. WHY is this not stated before I pay? Why when I pay for something and you cannot perform, do I not get refunded? Never AGAIN, I will shop somewhere else, I recommend you do the same. Service after the sale is not existent here. They just want your money. Ultimately, they kept my money stating it could not be refunded because UPS was not open on Christmas? It was supposed to be here before Christmas. I would have even been ok if you couldn't get it to me before Christmas, but tell me it won't arrive by then. Don't allow me to purchase your expensive shipping option that leads me to believe it will be here in 2 days when in fact it won't. Website is very misleading. And they won't even lift a finger to make it right. They have lost a customer.

Hitch for 2018 Honda CR-V
I appreciated the effort Jameson put into providing me with a detailed reply and recommendation. However, I am reluctant to change my OEM hitch for a larger 2" after-market hitch, not just due to my recent investment in the OEM hitch, but also because it goes against Honda's recommendations. I'm not sure if that would void the warranty on my brand new car, and I'm also concerned about causing damage to the car. An after-market class III 2" hitch would definitely give me a lot more options for bike racks and other accessories, but it also would enable me to attach accessories that are too heavy, which the CR-V is not built to handle. Although I could keep the weight limit in mind myself- a future user or owner of my car might not. I decided to be cautious and stick to Honda's recommendations for my new car. I bought a Yakima Literider 3, which is aluminum (so the rack itself is light.) It can hold 3 bikes, but only up to 90 lbs total. Their marketing material actually shows the rack on a CR-V, so it seems like this rack was built with the CR-V in mind. I am still very limited in the weight of the bikes, but it was the only solution I could come up with that works with the Honda hitch and weight limits.

Great hardware- Terrible great customer service.
This is a cut & paste of the Exact email of concerns sent to etrailer and the review I want posted on their website. Etrailer refused saying "All content is reviewed before being posted to the site.". Double speak for No, not posting that."

First off, there was very very poor communications from etrailer during the entire process. ( Auto reply emails is NOT effective communication process, despite what employees claim.)

I specifically ordered a hitch based on the website's claim that it was in stock and would ship to my location in 2-3 days. Which means to the average customer -'deliver by' -NOT -'leaves the warehouse by'.

It turns out the hitch was back ordered by several days and etrailer knew it was back ordered as per a phone conversation with smart-mouthed, inconsiderate customer service rep about 5-6 days after etrailer took my money but did not comply with their end of the business arrangement.
The inconsiderate phone rep, whose name I did not remember nor write down! Stated that is was in the computer as arriving to the warehouse after being out stock.

Why wasn't I notified of the delay?

When the items finally did ship, The tracking Was not accurate and took longer than was stated. Ok there could have been an issue with the UPS company... yetI still did not get an update, the Etrailer tracking page showed delivery due by 9pm while the box sat in a warehouse on the other side of the state.

I now had to cancel the installation appointment two different times-with little fore warning, and pissing off the local shop owner, twice. I finally just stopped making appointments AnD CANCELLED MY CROSS COUNTRY TRIP! Because I could not hook up the trailer!

And then Upon delivery at the UPS office, I find the box was torn open on 3 corners with exposed metal parts sticking out of the box. And scratches on both ends of the hitch.

To say I am disappointed and irritated is an understatement!
Due to the deadline for me to deliver promised items with an approximate arrival time, I was forced to install the hitch on my own in the middle of the night to complete delivery of the items that I promised in a timely manner.

I did make sure that the people waiting for me were advised constantly and immediately of every delay and approximate updated delivery... the way I should have been treated.

I was hoping to warn any potential customers of the way etrailer does business so they may adjust their timelines in expectation of how they will be treated by etrailer.

I have pictures of the torn box.

Where to start
Where to start. I went to Etrailer and put in 2004 Toyota Rav4. I saw a 22", 19" combo for $15 and some change. I clicked on that and added it to cart, took a screenshot, and checked out. I finally received the package and pull out two 26" wipers. I immediately looked at an email etrailer sent me that said ordered placed for two 22" wipers. I was thinking, how can that be? My screenshot shows exactly what I ordered. I am thinking glitch in system that when you hit a code it actually goes to another product. It's like looking through google and seeing a pair of boots. When you open the page it's something entirely different. Well that's what seems to have happened. I email the company and tell them exactly what happened. I send an attachment of the screenshot. I get a response that their system shows that I ordered two of the 22" wipers and sends me a link of what I should have ordered. I opened the link and it's wipers for a Hybrid. I email back and tell them that is for a Hybrid. I get another response that says, I only sent you that link to show you what you ordered, and they send another link. I open this link and it's a combo but it's for $30. I email back and say 1). You told me first, this is what I should have ordered and I tell you that you sent me a link for a Hybrid, Then you send me another link saying you only sent me that link to say that is what I did order so which one is it? 2.) I then tell them they did not acknowledge that I sent a screenshot and that you didn't even send me what you claim I ordered. You sent me two 26" wipers. Then I get a response saying the link was just different options to choose from. (WHAT?) and that they never got an attachment. (REALLY? What email are you responding too? (You can't respond to an email and say you didn't receive it. It's in the email you are responding too.) So now they know about sending me two 26" wipers but tell me I am responsible for returning them because they have no control over if the system makes a mistake and sends out the wrong product. I went through PayPal. Called them after tired of dealing with these scammers. I got my money back right away. Now get this. Wait for it... I get an email today saying," George J
Today, 1:02 PM
Good afternoon Debra,
I wanted to let you know that I recently got information your package was delivered.
I have put together a page for you to get additional information and write reviews.
We would be extremely grateful if you would write a review to let others know what you thought about our products. Because an important part of providing great information is listening to feedback from customers.
Well there you go. That is my feedback/Review. Not on the 22" because you see, I never received them. There is my screenshot. This is what I ordered. This is what they charged me for. If it was the two 22" ones, why didn't they charge me for those? See doesn't make any sense.
So Rebecca, not sure what her title is saw my review and wanted to make things right. So I thought. She asked for the pictures of what I recieved. (Finally someone asked) I sent them to her. You would think now she would apologize for everyone messing up. Nope she said well I'm sure so and so didn't intend to miss the part where you told her you received 26" blades and not what you ordered. She gave me two options. She will give me a return label and I can return the blades and get a PayPal credit or she can just send me out the blades I need. Great, I choose new blades because that's what I need. Shen then replies okay we will ship out new blades, and please return the wrong ones back. You have 14 days once you receive the label. She just went back on what she said. What happened to Either/Or? And still no apology! Unbelievable. I even told her that she doesn't admit anything. I just want someone to admit they messed up. I told it was an insult and she still tried to cover up by saying I apologize, I did not mean to upset you. Still did not admit they messed up.

Turtles move faster
First off it took 12 days to receive a package that is one business day away from my location. Secondly, etrailer sent the wrong item. Then after a phone call to explain their mistake I emailed photos of the label of the package I received as requested by the person I spoke to on the phone. I waited 24 hours and still had no communication from this website so I called again. Now they're saying that it is not in stock the item I ordered and it will be mid next week before they receive the item I ordered. And of course I'm expected to handle the item that I received to get it back to them. The person I spoke to you on the phone offered no compensation for my inconvenience but when I asked the person said that they could compensate me 5% of my purchase price which amounts to about six dollars.
Etrailer is just what the name implies. It is a remailing website that brokers your purchase and then ships it to you. They have no resource to indicate whether an item they offer is in stock or is out of stock because technically they don't stock anything.
Do yourself a favor and order whatever you need for your camper, trailer or anything else needed to service your RV from the website that actually manufactures that item.

I save $400!
I just got a new car Chev Equniox 2017 and needed a hitch. Three quotes I got were all over $500! Then I found! I got everything I needed for $125 delivered in three days after ordering it!
So far so good... I watch the videos etrailer are good... but do they really think their internet buyers just happen to have a lift in their driveway?

So STEP ONE! Open up the box and remove the hitch by taking a screw driver and popping up the copper staples then pulling them with a pair of pyers... both sides. Remove hitch from the box... put folded down box on the ground under the rear of the car.

STEP TWO! Open the bolt package up and run the nuts up and down the carraige bolts with a little but of olive oil on the thread so you can do this with your fingers. Take the other 4 bolts and run them in and out of the nuts welded to the frame of the car... again do it so you can do it with your fingers... get a die to clean out the threads in the frame if you have to!

It is essential that you be able to install the nuts and bolts with your fingers.

Step THREE: follow the instructions that came with the hitch for putting in the carriage bolts! Be very careful... you are under the car and playing around with a very fine wire that can poke your eye out! WEAR SAFETY GLASSES!

Step FOUR: REMOVE THE two auto body fasteners holding the fender in place. How? This was my biggest problem! But with Youtube Here is the answer: You have to pry out the center plug then remove the base plug from the frame holder to free the bumper to move it... this is a very important step because unless you get that bumper to move it is next to impossible to put the nuts on the two center carriage bolts.

Step Five: take two 10 inch blocks and put them on each side under the hitch, then lift the hitch onto the blocks, line everything up so when you lift the hitch up those final two inches the two center holes will line up!

Step Six: Starting on the drivers side lift up the hitch and jam a shoe in between the block and the hitch. Wedging it up until the bottom hole on the frame lines up... then put a bolt with washer on it... just get it started... then do the other side starting on the bottom then the top then the top back on the drivers side.

Step SEVEN, Take a close look at those two carriage bolts, the threds should be completely extended down before you tighten up the four bolts in step 6.
When you do tighten them up just do it a little to hold the hitch in place so everything is FLAT around the carriage bolt area and secure!

Step Eight: This step was left out of all the company videos!
Taking two hands, one on each side of the center of the bumper, grab the fender and gently pull it up so the edge of the plastic hooks itself over the hitch receiver area. You have to have enough tension on those four bolts to keep the hitch from moving.

Step Nine: With the fender out of the way, it is now very easy to place the washer and nuts onto the carriage bolts.

Step 10: Tighten down every thing as tight as you can if you have a torque wrench then head for 70 lbs if not then tighten it down and check it every season!

Step 11: Grab that bumper and gently lift it up until it pops back into place.

You are done. Do make sure to read the owners manual! The towing capacity of the hitch is different than the towing capacity of the car you attached it to... more than likely the black box would pick up on this over towing and this could possible VOID your warrenty!

Lack of straight forward communication
Ordered a 15' slide topper which took 6 weeks to show with heavy shipping damage. Got E-trailer to reship a replacement item which only took about a 1 week. Etrailer did not issue pickup of old unit at the time. Now over 4 weeks past the time of receiving the good item, e-trailer wants to pickup the damaged unit. I have since moved and the damaged item is at the site of the RV in question. After specifying that e-trailer still sent the pick up to happen at original ship address. Informed etrailer and repeated the details about where it can be picked up and I receive this: "We would need to schedule another pick up at the original shipping location between the hours of 12-5pm next week between Tuesday and Friday. If you could please let me know what day works best for you."

It must have something to do with fees with recovering the damaged item or there is simply cognitive problems. They won't expand or acknowledge what I said about location and not being able to be there. So some straight forward communication is going to be necessary for me to help them with the return. It is looking very unlikely to happen though.

Wrong Part
I placed an order for a trailer hitch for my SUV. I entered the SUV's year, make, model as requested. The system showed two hitches to order. I selected one of them and continued on to place the order and enter the payment info. After all this was completed I got a confirmation of my order and I noticed the information for the hitch didn't match to my vehicle. After determining that the wrong hitch was being shipped, I immediately cancelled the order online. Sometime shortly after I cancelled the order I was sent a confirmation email to verify I wanted to cancel the order. This verification sent by email was only good for a 30 minute window. When I clicked on the verification button the time limit had already expired so then I had to call CS to cancel the order. The CSR said it was cancelled but it would take a couple of days to credit the money back to my card. Two days later I received an email stating the part had shipped with tracking information. I again notified them by email and called that the order was had been canceled. I was instructed what I needed to do. I had a hard time digesting that since etrailer had shipped the wrong part and now they was asking me to correct their error. I was a shipping manager for 15 years and a recall could have been issued on the shipment to bring it back. Apparently their shipping department wasn't aware of this procedure. Shortly after our conversation I received another shipment notification that the shipment had been delayed. Finally yesterday morning (Sat) I received another email stating the package delivery will be Monday. This is Saturday - I go to the mail box and the package is laying in front of the garage door.
In order for me to get refunded my money for someone else inadequate ability to do their job correctly I have to label the package, loaded in my car and transport to the local UPS 15 miles away. Great Job ETrailer I will never go on your site or even recommend you to anyone. If your parts are anything like your service I am convinced that it would have been any good either

Horrible communication
I should start with I am a returning customer, and was very satisfied with prior transactions.

Recently, I ordered a couple of items from One was a necessity, and the other was a decent item, but I intended it for a gag gift. I was emailed within minutes of my order notifying me the gag gift item was backordered and shipping would be delayed for one week (it showed available at the time of ordering). The email offered an alternate part that was almost 10X the cost of the one ordered?! I elected to wait the extra week, but this was beginning to push my deadline for the needed part.

After then shipping date came and went, I checked the status again. The order had been delayed again for the same part, but no notice from

I contacted by email and after a couple of days was contacted by customer service. I was then told the gag gift item was no longer available at all, but etrailer did have a similar part in stock in a different color, for slightly more money. I agreed to the new part and thought it was a done deal. I then got a call back stating I would have to cancel the entire order and re-order, if I wanted the new part. I ended up cancelling the un-needed part and finally getting the primary part shipped.

Now, it's more than 2 weeks after the initial order. The gag gift item is still being advertised on the web site as available.

They play fast and loose with delivery dates
Other positive aspects of company/website are outweighed by their failure to alert you when an item you ordered and paid for is back-ordered and may not come for months. That happened to me with a bike hitch I ordered from them in early July 2020 (for a late August trip) for which their site told me the date, 3 weeks hence, that was my "estimated delivery" date. I reasonably took that to mean it may not come that date, or maybe even not that week, but that the seller has or has confirmed access to the item, and that I'm going to get it somewhere around then. Well, that turns out not to be the case. Now tomorrow's September 1 and I've been told etrailer actually never had and still have no clue when the manufacturer will send them the item and thus when I'll get it. Had I known that was the situation, I would have ordered a different hitch that I could have received sooner. shipped item with no address, now giving me difficulty with refund
I placed an online order. received it, charged me, and then proceeded to ship the item without a proper address label. I placed the order on 11/3/2016 and as of today, 11/21/2016 - etrailer have not refunded my money. I contacted and received numerous rude, patronizing replies that stated they could not refund my money until they receive the item back. I never saw, received, touched, or was near the item. USPS simply returned the unaddressed item to sender. Tracking shows that the item is 1Z7586X3YW28999399. I should receive a refund whether or not ever receives the item back and my refund should not be contingent upon them receiving the item as the item was technically never shipped to me. The worst part of this whole experience is the veracity and rudeness with which has responded to my emails. They are blaming me because they shipped an item without an address on it. The label only had my city, state, and zip code. No house number or address. This was my first and last interaction with and I highly recommend that other prospective customers just order from amazon. The people who work at lack ethics, practical thinking, and customer service skills. They are a very shady company, and they care more about $25 in merchandise than they do about retaining a customer.

Exceeded my expectations
I don't hand out 5* reviews often. While I consider myself reasonable, I expect good value for my hard-earned dollars. Vendors have to earn my business.
I had several questions relating to snow chains (my first set ever!) and Conner was quick to respond with detailed advice. Surprisingly, he didn't recommend the most expensive chains. I purchased the ones he recommended and etrailer arrived two days earlier than promised!
I just got around to installing them (relying on the etrailer video). As expected, it took considerably longer, but they fit perfectly. While I haven't had a chance to test them in winter conditions yet, I was pleased with the apparent quality and ease of installation. The carrying case is a nice plus.
Great to have a vendor exceed my expectations in every way. Complete confidence in the product and ability to install them properly. I wouldn't hesitate to order again from them and recommend them highly.

Disgusting customer service
I ordered 2 complete ac systems from this company with a promised delivery day of July 21st. I paid $1,800 for these units. It is the 28th and etrailer are not here. I called etrailer and got a rude and condescending woman named Christy that said uh huh. She was more than eager to cancel the order for me, but I chose to speak with her supervisor. The supervisor was a carbon copy of Christy. She was happy to cancel my order too and said it's the covid it's the covid. The little comments and snappy remarks during our conversation were rediculous to get from a company. I've had 5 orders from etrailer - not one of them went smoothly. Turns out they never had them to send. They don't stock the items, but still said in all items were in stock. If you look at their site a few days ago its been updated to Aug 28. Now it's sep 1. My order was supposed to be delivered on the July 21. They just don't care. What a scummy company. I suggest you avoid this trash company and buy from a mom and pop shop where customers are actually cared about.

Final resolution took a while
It took a couple of days to get the original response to my question, but that's probably reasonable. I'm sure there are LOTS of questions to parse through, and etrailer have to be answered on a first come first served basis. Unfortunately, the answer I received was based on an incorrect assumption, and required that I reply in email to clarify. (Admittedly, the incorrect assumption may have been because I asked the question poorly, but even so...) Each time I would respond in email, to clarify, or probe, it would take another 2 to 3 days to get another response. That happened for about 2 weeks before finally getting a complete answer to what I was asking. That's too long... waiting 2 or 3 days between every response really drags it out more than it should. I appreciate the efforts, but if people have to wait that much before finally getting a resolution, they'll be driven to look elsewhere.

Poor customer service, made things way too complicated
I ordered a Yakima roof rack for my 2018 Ford Focus ST on May 27th. My current roof rack is in such terrible shape and is barely holding on so I needed it in a short time period. (3 days from then, paying $20 more for 3 day shipping) I received an email hours after ordering that said the item is delayed and etrailer will be doing everything they can to rush the order. I emailed back promptly saying no problem, as long as I got my $20 back. I did not receive any response for 2 weeks. I called customer service to see what was going on. Apparently the clips were not in stock. After a few calls the lady told me to change me order to a different rack. (no discount offered for the frustration) I then said I wouldn't mind getting a different rack. After receiving a "link" to the new rack, I was told to complete yet another order. My response was NO. Just save yourself from the headache and do not order from this company. I am very patient but they made this way harder than it had to be. Very poor communication and customer service. If I had a choice, 0 stars.

Quick Response to Question
I recently purchased a 2018 Toyota 4Runner and wanted to add the Westin Lighted Running Boards. The description of the product listed the custom installation kit was not included and I could not find the custom installation kit on the eTrailer website, so I asked the question to the eTrailer experts. I received a quick response from Kyle S. That was very detailed and included the part number for the kit I need for the installation. I appreciate the help from Kyle and I ordered the running boards and installation kit on 7/3/18. I am looking forward to receiving them and putting them on our 4Runner. I will definitely post again once I receive the items and after I have installed the running boards. I have ordered from eTrailer in the past and I have never had to make a return or received the wrong parts, so Im sure this order will be accurate and delivered quickly.

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