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Bought a $30 game, it's broken and unplayable
I bought a $30 game a few months ago and I installed it. Not only does it break my mouse cursor, but its also impossible to select any of the options in the settings menu to change it. Since its a few months ago, I can no longer get any of the $30 back. On top of that, I can't even take screenshots to prove the mouse glitch so you will just have to take my word for it.
In conclusion, if you want to buy games, just use steam. I've never experienced any problem like that with steam and it is very reliable.

Epic games is a joke
Me and my friends decided to try fortnite again after not playing for 2 years or so. I log on and I have nothing, no cosmetics I unlocked or purchase, no player level etc...

After a quick email to epic Epic Games looked into it and told me I was banned for cheating?! Not sure how since I haven't played in years and I'm on a console, if I'm able to cheat through that I'm not smart enough to know how. Anyways they won't refund me or help me and insist I cheated without telling me what I "did"

Worst experience ever!
I literally wasted two days of my life trying to access my sons account. I spent five hours trying to figure out how to connect my sons Epic account to his PSN. After giving in I reached out to customer service rep named Golf Bravo, just from the name I should have known I wasn't going to get far. Which I didn't... I spent from 10 this morning till 3:45 this afternoon, sending information about every account I could think of, just for this idiot to do nothing, I literally reached out to another customer and figured it all out pretty much myself using the same information I gave Mr. Bravo.


Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco
I like many others purchased Cyperpunk…
I like many others purchased Cyperpunk 2077. From Epic I have above minimum specs for this game with my asus rog strix laptop, and yet 5 minutes into the game it turns my laptop off, I ready that the PS store had taken in down from their store and were giving refunds so after several failed attempts at playing this POS game. I emailed them to see if Epic Games too Like PS store, and Amazon who is refunding me for the ps4 game i had gotten for my daughter, as well as the pc downloadable version I had gotten for my son, but I stupidly got the one for myself from EPIC huge huge mistake as they must start counting your play time the moment you log into their launcher and start to download the game. I made a mistake and downloaded it on the wrong machine so had to download it twice. Never actually played more then maybe an hour which includes the 40ish minutes it was locked up while I cooked for my kids and didnt notice. But they claim I had over 2 hours of play time and that is their cut off for any sort of refund, but get this... the first customer service employee who replied back told me that yes I was due a refund and I would just need to click a link to verify my account and email address which I did... once done I reply back asking if their as any other steps and get hit with another customer service person telling me my refund was denied for playing more then two hours... which unless they counted both installs as play time there was no way i could have possibly went over even an hour... I am totally dissatisfied and will make sure everyone who uses my pc repair services knows not to every buy a product from them again

The games that we payed 60 dollars for cost now like 10 dollars
Epic games does to much price reduction on games like ark, assassins creed and more and also the free games just dont buy any games anymore because after 1 a 2 month its free on epic and you dont get any dlc if you have payed its just feel like jou have been stabbed in your back by the game producers because you have payed for the game so much and that is on epic like its almost free and also the half of the time the games must be reinstalled because after a month it has a problem especially with uplay games like assassins creed and rainbow six siege and also the their connection with other platform like steam uplay origin is so BAD you must wait like 1-3 days that you game[s] appear on you library of that other platforms

Poor Practices and Poor Performance
Without even considering the general distaste of the company that put out the predatory child-scammer that is Fortnite, the platform is a mess. No reviews, awful load times for doing even basic actions, no ability to view your library online, practically nonexistent customer service, the list goes on and on. More and more I get infuriated by new games coming to other platforms that used to be Epic exclusives (a detestable practice), which now force me to launch them through the Epic launcher. It's become a dealbreaker for me, the platform is just that bad.

Sorry but when you steal releases...
When you steal releases from other platforms such as steam, (red dead redemption 2, just cause 4, watch dogs leigon and a number of other titles) your seen as a sham, a joke to the gaming community, your player base are children with ok cool good for you but Epic Games defend the hell out of your platform because they dont know the facts about EPIC games, they use shady practices that always wind up costing other platforms money, hundreds maybe even a few thousand pre-ordered red dead redemption on steam and steam lost thousands of dollars because at the last minute EPIC games bought out the rights

Do your research be for accepting EPIC games as a platform

Epic games needs the money
I pre-ordered outer worlds for Nintendo switch. Epic games never notified me that the game had finally been released. When I realized it was available and went to download it, my download showed it was for the PC version. I emailed epic games customer service who responded that because it has been 14 days since the game was released Epic Games were not obligated to do anything for me. The game has never been downloaded, so I requested they simply apply my money to the Nintendo switch platform that I was expecting. Nope! They already had the money, so why do the right thing and help out their customers. Good for Google and Apple for booting epic games off their stores. Not hard to see why epic games had a one star average when I went to write this review. Also, the phony five star reviews are so obviously written by employees they should be embarrassed. Hey Epic, you will need to hire a LOT more people to write fake reviews to fix your crappy ratings.

Do not purchase from these guys.
I would advise everyone to never purchase a thing from this cowboy company. I purchase cyberpunk from them with a brand new gaming pc. When it didn't work and the technical team couldn't resolve it, I asked for a refund. This was within 14 days of the purchase and as I couldn't even access the game, there was no way I could play and didn't play for more than two hours. I should therefore have been eligible for a refund but Epic Games kept refusing without giving an explanation and also refusing to give me their complaint procedure. Eventually they came back to say I had spent over 200 minutes on the game which was total rubbish.
It feels like an illegitimate company and I am taking legal action against them. In the meantime, to everyone, my advice is never ever purchase from them.

ARK experience on epic game
My friend I got the game ark free on epic game. We wanted to play on our favorite maps so we bought an ark dlc "package". After many tries and research, we find out that you can play with friend only if you are on a real serv. That means your game is still going if you're not playing and if you want to be in a private serv, you have to pay for it. So we decided to return the dlc and go play on Steam. But because we played more than 2 hours on the game we can't return it. The problem is that we were like 10 min on the dlc we bought and the rest of the time, we were on the ark menu for trying figure out how to play in our game together. This "lag" of the game on epic store is there since more than a year. Epic Games never fixed it even with a lot of requests and comment of players.

I $#*!ing hate epic games so much. You ruined my favourite game Rocket League and I lost my whole account which I have been playing on for soo long. I don't plan on making a new account because I would have to restart everything that I did in a game. So good $#*!ing job Epic, you have made lose all my love for Rocket League. I won't even mention how bad the security on Epic Games is and all the other problems is has. If you are reading this PLEASE DON'T PLAY OR DOWNLOAD EPIC GAMES, IT'S THE WORST SITE FOR GAMING I HAVE EVER USED.

I tried, but can't use EPICGames
Buying online can lead to issues... it happens. So, you would expect the company to have decent customer service to help resolve them. Not EPICGames.
I got so frustrated dealing with EPICGames. When you finally get someone from customer service, they: 1. Say you didn't buy the game 2. Then Epic Games blame you for the issues you're having.
Other gaming download sites maybe more expensive, but at least they try to help.
I'll just wait one year for 'The Outer Worlds' to be available on other sites, that's if I don't find a better game sooner.

Bad custom service. Don't go out of their way to help
I am a 3 year user of Fortnite. I have personally spend over $6000 on my account. The ONE time I contact support to ask how I can better secure my account (as I had suspected someone else had logged in under my account)... the automatically closed the account, and now... we are unable to verify me as the owner because I do not remember my first screen name and I did not save the email receipt of when I originally purchsed the game. Epic Games could very easily step out of the box and verify me through other means. But they could care less about someone who has spent $6000 on their game. That kind of service wouldn't fly in the real world

Probably One of the worsts app Yet
If I could vote this game 0 starts then that's what it would be! I'm so disappointed and annoyed that I even downloaded this sh%# In the FIRST place, I have waited over 10 + hours to download a game and now I'm waiting another 10 HOURS over 20 + hours in total! I was not expecting to reinstall it after I reinstalled Epic games I was expecting my downloaded games to stay downloaded! Thanks to this SH*% app I have lost all of my progress on GTA 5! I'm so pissed off and annoyed that this even Fu#%$*# happened Absolutely Sh! T app and I don't recommend it at all!

These guys are horrible.
I purchased a game, I read the spec requirements, did my due diligence to make sure I wasn't setting myself up for disappointment. I purchased the game, started playing it, and things went fine for the first couple hours, then I started getting crashes. No big deal, that happens from time to time, even with games that don't require a lot of CPU. But the further I got in the game, the more often the crashes occurred, eventually making this game unplayable. Since I'd "played' more than 2 hours of this broken game, Epic Games wouldn't refund my purchase. I game them the huge error list, asked them to make an exemption (something that Steam actually will do in some cases), and they just kept cutting and pasting their policy, and telling me how sorry they were. It really is amazing what they've gotten away with. Needless to say, I'll be sticking with good companies who appreciate clients, Steam has been great to me. Hopefully Epic will learn how to treat customers at some point.

I would give zero stars if I could
My son allowed his friend to play Fortnite and he purchased an item before I could take the controller away. I tried to cancel the purchase. Epic Games kept telling me there was on option to cancel but I looked that page up and down and there wasn't. I used one of my son's refunds so we got the vbuck back this time but the idea that a mistake like that could only happen two more times with a refund infuriates me. I had bought vbucks to buy him battle pass and told him he needed to earn back vbucks in game play and save them for something he really wants because I'm not buying more vbucks until next season to purchase battle pass again. I am trying to use the game to teach my son about earning money and budgeting. He was heartbroken when his friend made the purchase. It also showed how easy accidental purchases are in the game and how difficult they are to correct. I am not planning to purchase vbucks ever again unless they change their predatory practices. How do we as parent unite against them?

An excessive expression of my anger towards epic games

Poor Customer Service - Problem Unsolved - DONT INSTALL IT
After exchange emails with so many different people, NOBODY solved my problem and seems that Epic Games don't care. Every answer was "unfortunately we can't help you".
You need so many space in your computer to download a game. Even with over 1TB space I still could not download my purchase and they refused to refund me. The police says 14 days refund after the purchase, but they refused to do so with less 1 day after my purchase.
It was a waste of money and time.

$#*! epic Games!
I'm am so sick of this company, an online game that constantly needs updating using MASSIVE amounts of data and time! My son's game atm needs to update 1000gb of data and 100hours before he can play it and he hasn't played it in 3wks!, WTF, this is rediculous! Get your $#*! together and make a decent product that doesn't constantly cost us massive amounts of time and money to play it, SONY PlayStation is just as useless too! All these multi-million dollar companys making $#*! products need to use some intelligence for a change and make a sustainable product and game that doesn't cost the earth to play it!

This Launcher is a brain dead excuse for a program
I had to download this P. O. S. Launcher to get an SDK (that was free btw and only available on this turd of a service). On day one it worked fine and ran correctly with admin rights (giving admin rights to 3rd party back doors rankles me on principle if nothing else). The UEEdtitor did its thing. Next day? Can't save anything (no permissions).

So, find UEEditor. Exe, give IT admin permissions, and a shortcut. Works fine. But if you try to run it from the launcher (necessary if there are any updates) it says failed to launch. I can switch back to using the crappy "EPIC" launcher after removing admin rights to UEEditor. Exe and it launches but wont let it save anything. So I can only hope when an update rolls around, I can do the permission change to get the update then change it back again so I can keep working with the editor.

And if I uninstall the laucher, Epic Games say it uninstalls any games (I only have the SDK but its like 60 gig and don't want to download that behemoth again).

Companies like this deserve to be put out of business.

Long story short- Epic Launcher is an EPIC FAILURE in almost every way. If you chose/have to use it at all use it at your own peril, otherwise STAY AWAY!

It can't get worse
I could litterally code a better software using arduino or some $#*!e than this useless bs... Epic games litterally says fortnite is not installed but it also says it is installed and it is installed into the epic games folder like it should be. That might have been hard to read, but Epic Games Launcher is so far back, that it doesn't even recognize the already installed Fortnite folder in the Epic games folder. Neither does the Epic games launcher or the Epic games website give any options to even let me manually locate the fortnite folder. AND ALL THIS HAPPENED BY ITSELF WITHOUT ME EVEN LAUNCHING THE EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER. Support is absolutely useless. The entire software is so useless indeed that creating it all over again using inspiration and customization from other softwares would change the world. Also the depressingly slow downloading speed is something i have sent 3 emails to them about, which didn't help me at all. I actually can't find a single software that is so limited and bugged as Epic Games Launcher...

Fortnite with alien spaceships
The alien spaceships are so annoying you can't even block them whenever Epic Games shoot a little power balls at you I'm just trying to play it regular game of fortnight and the Powerball‘s of the alien spaceship or whatever start shooting at me and fortnight is getting very very boring now that if you have an alien spaceship you're literally over everybody else you're stronger than them you can shoot your little things at them you can it's like 10 out of 100% chance that you can like survive the blast it takes three blast is for me to die and it's very annoying

EPIC Games are stealing from children.
My son bought 2800 V-BUCKS FORTNITE gift card. Unfortunately, his gift card was empty. No V-BUCKS in that card. My son contact costumer service. He just wants to get credit his 2800 V-BUCKS that he purchased.

All Epic needed to do is check My son's account Transaction Records/Log and Epic Games can see there was no entry for the 2800 VBucks.
All they did is asking the same questions over and over and sending my case to diferente costumer service agent.
After 21 days of back and forth emails I asked them to call me so we can solve this issue. (I had another issue before with EPIC games and took over 3 months to solve it. That is why I want to have them call me.) there costumer service is base on emails only, so it takes months to solve an issue.

After 22 days, Epic game didn't want to give my son's for what he paid. They keep saying "contact Microsoft" It didn't make sense to me, but I called Microsoft as I was asked. Microsoft said, they don't sell Fortune cards. They only sell XBox cards. The card my son's bought is from EPIC games. Microsoft doesn't owns EPIC Games.

My son bought the physical FORTNITE card from Amazon.
I called Amazon costumer Service. They where able to see he redeem the code, but have not able to use any v-Bucks. They where able to refund his $25 he paid for that empty card.
My son is happy now.
He got $25 credit in his Amazon Account with in an hr.

Amazon customer service solve this problem with in mins. 5/5 stars from me.

EPIC Games costumer service you got 0/5 stars from me. Shame on you!

Very Disappointed in customer service
I recently purchased a $25 Fortnite V-bucks card for my 7 year old son as a reward for excellent work in school. He scratched off the code a little too hard and made the code illegible in one are. We reached out to epic to help resolve the issue and after showing our digital copy of our Walgreens receipt and an image of the actual image of the v-bucks gift card, Epic Games refused to help us find a way to redeem the card. They said that we had to have a printed copy of the receipt and that they wouldn't help. We literally proved that we made this purchase and they would not do anything to help... it was just so dumb and ridiculous and they were sooooo unwilling to help, not once was I asking for anything free and nothing. So 13 emails and 6 different representatives later... no help whatsoever. Just terrible customer service!
-Fortnite Kids Frustrated Mom

Taking advantage of kids
My son tried to setup an account for his sister. In the process somehow all of his progress an v-bucks got moved to her account. Well she did not want to play and after (this is not a joke) 16 emails back and forth with customer service Epic Games are not willing to just move things back to his account or refund him his money. The CEO should be ashamed of this lack of support for the community. These are kids and to them these silly skins and such mean a lot. Very unprofessional and lacking any empathy.

Very Disappointed epic games!
Hi, epic games me and my duo was playing duos then we was agains a solo and we was on 0 ping the whole match and when we was fighting last person ( who was solo) I got kicked of the match and my friend was lagging out! It has been very disappointed in epic games and it has been doing the same thing all week! Also be have been hacking me because somebody got me through the walls! Also, there was no one there and Epic Games beamed us from the other side of the map and we normally get a win every day!

Don't Use Epic games
I have been using my account for months, i had a different email address, so i requested an email address change. The new email address was changed. I enabled 2 Factor authentication. It was fine. I kept logging in normally, but i realized that there was an error message near the new email address.
At this point i deleted the old email address as it was not in use anymore. The old email was only created for this epic game account. Now i am thinking, i have my current email address, i have 2 factor athentication so everything is good. I decided to contact Epic games to see why theres an error.
Surprise, my account is now disabled, now Epic Games say we need IP address, bank card information, Invoice IDs (which all invoices were sent to the OLD email) and now were deleted since i requested the old email to be closed. But i never used bank information. I never attached other accounts as far as i remember. I have 2 epic games accounts, one with my full name and a secondary account with a random name.

Now i cant enter the account. Because they cant verify that i am the owner. I provide the last 2 passwords used, the IP address that was in use for the past months, i even provide 1 invoice ID sent to my new email. And i have ATHENTICATION ENABLED and also have recovery codes in case i lose the authentication.

This is not enough. They want more information and will not REACTIVATE the account which i did not request to disable.

Epic Games makes the worst decisions
Basically Epic Games see their games as competitive only even though they know countless people play the game for fun, they added aim assist to the game and didnt remove it, skill based matchmaking, and other annoying bugs that they havent fixed in years. They even went as far as to abandoning a 40 dollar game! Like who does that? Money chasers. They do anything for money, and now, fortnite is so dogsh*t that they are losing a lot of players. They also got fortnite out of the app store, another f*ck-up. Conclusion: Do not buy anything from epic games because you will regret it even though it may not seem like it, but they also will realize the loss of money and will do something about the game. Thanks, and please dont buy anything from them i beg you.

High Tech Theft!
I purchased my first $25.00 VBucks card from Game Stop with some birthday money. After setting up an Epic account and linking it with my Nintendo Switch Account, I entered the code from the card and shortly after credit appeared in my Epic Account. However, the credit has not appeared in my Fortnight Game. I sent a message to EPIC customer support, 24 hours later nothing. I sent another help ticket 24 hours after the first and was told to wait for a reply from the first one, and EPIC closed the second ticket. I feel like this is rip off. Epic Games take your money and don't give you what you pay for. I am looking for someone I can report them to. This is theft!

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