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Back on my feet
I was a busy single mom running hard in April of 2017. But I became ill and by November was crawling up the stairs to get to my bedroom. I spent 6 months being misdiagnosed while my condition worsened before going to Envita where my sister was being treated for Lyme disease.

It was a tremendous relief to find a kind and caring team who actually took the time to listen, ask questions and begin a sensible plan for uncovering and treating the cause of my extreme fatigue and illness. The approach worked and got me back on my feet again over the next 6 months. I am going back to work in a few weeks and am so grateful to have my life back!

THE place to treat Lyme disease
In september last year, I received a diagostic of Lyme Disease from Envita, and shortly after a proposed protocole to treat it. With my engineering background I did asked a lot of question and read many books on the subject, because after 4 years of misdiagostics and a ton of medication, I did not wanted to experience another frustration. After a month of documentation I decide to go to Envita.
I was at there clinic for 9 weeks. And I took 1 month of convalescence afteward.
Than, I look at my health: My memory and concentration problems were gone at 100%. My headache was gone at 90%. My extreme fatigue was gone, now I can have a normal day of work. My joints and muscles pains were gone at 90%.
I was able to re-begin a normal life.
Thanks to Envita family and specially Dr. Poteet and Samanthe for their constant support, expertise et help.

My experience couldnt have been more positive
In June of 2016, I had a sudden, sharp pain in my back. It didnt last long but over the next few months, the pain returned more and more frequently. My sons and I manage a 45-acre farm and I was 75. I assumed I had pulled a muscle by overdoing things on the farm and tried to be more careful. However, by October I was sleeping in a recliner because lying flat on the bed was excruciating. I slept fitfully each night, not ever feeling truly rested. My doctor recommended physical therapy but that just made the pain worse.

By December, I was having trouble eating. Not eating made me ill but eating made my stomach hurt. I dropped 25 lbs. and was unable to stand upright because the pain was worse when my back was straight. I returned to my doctor, who could feel several large masses in my abdominal area. He immediately referred me for imaging. The CT scan showed multiple masses in my abdomen, the largest being 7 inches. There were also masses growing around my esophagus. A biopsy was completed and in January 2017 I received a diagnosis of Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

I met with a local oncologist, who told me what treatment I would receive. He didnt answer my questions or give me any options. I felt uneasy with his proposed treatment plan. My son-in-law knew of Envita Medical Clinic in Scottsdale and arranged an appointment. Our first visit with Dr. Warren lasted about two hours. He took the time to explain how cancer works and what treatment he would recommend. He answered every question we had and checked at each step to make sure we understood everything he told us. I felt very at ease with him and the proposed treatment plan. When I began treatment, I found that same level of attention with every interaction I had with the staff. Everyone was very caring and concerned about me and the other patients Envita Medical Centers were treating. They were always willing to explain what they were doing and why.

I continued to lose weight, dropping another 10 lbs. in the first four weeks of treatment. I became so weak I could barely walk into the treatment center. However, after about six weeks, my pain level went way down and I started getting my strength back. For the first time in five months, I could finally lay down again to sleep. By the end of my 12-week treatment program, I was feeling stronger and had regained 20 lbs. For the next six months, I continued to return once a month for follow-up treatment and was always treated like a long-lost friend.

My experience at Envita couldnt have been more positive. I would recommend them to anyone.

Life changing opportunity that saved my family
After battling Lyme disease and health problems for 11 years my family found Envita on a web ad at the perfect time. I had hit rock bottom physically and mentally and was about to lose my family because of it. Dr. Hummel and all the staff at Envita went above and beyond using every tool, test, resource Envita Medical Centers had available to help me heal and live a healthy and happy life. I had battled extreme body pain, vision loss, four hip surgeries including a replacement, passing blood, years of abnormal bloodwork. After initial testing at Envita I found out that I had borrelia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichia and many other viruses and infections. My family and I came to Arizona from Missouri for 10 weeks of treatment. I would do it all over again in a second. I have been home for almost a year, back to work full time in construction, and am for the first time ever living a pain free life with my wife and two kids.

Wish I had known about you.
My daughter was ill with mono for 12 weeks in high school when she was a senior. Never fully recovered. Entire time in college was ill running an unexplained fever. Graduate, started a wonderful fill time job and a master degree program when everything hit the wall. Very sick. Leave of absence from job, withdrew from school and moved home. Was finally diagnosed with Lyme. She battled fearlessly for 2 years with the efforts of a saintly Doctor here. We stents hundreds of thousands of retirement dollars to help her. I am so sad that we did not know about Envita! He story parallels so many others but we had very few avenues. Her doctor saved her life. She is now a trauma nurse at a county hospital after successfully regaining her life. She only lost a decade instead of her entire life. Envita I applaud you!

I was hesitant when my best friend chose Envita to treat her colon cancer. As an allopathic physician, I don't mind an integrative approach, but even as her cancer worsened, Envita Medical Centers gave more and more expensive treatment options and frequently reassured her that they could "cure" her cancer. They even filled a video of her as a "cancer survivors" even though she never once had a cancer-free scan. She brought her family of 5 young children 1000
Miles and stayed for months in Phoenix getting treatments and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. She died a few days ago in Phoenix... 1000 miles away from family and friends. Her picture is still on the front page of Envita's website as a "super survivor." I wonder if the other folks in their videos are also "super survivors?"


My husband was diagnosed of Parkinsons disease 2 years ago, when he was 59. He had a stooped posture, tremors, right arm does not move and also a pulsating feeling in his body. He was placed on Senemet for 8 months and then Siferol was introduced and replaced the Senemet, during this time span he was also diagnosed with dementia. He started having hallucinations, lost touch with reality. Suspecting it was the medication I took him off the Siferol (with the doctor's knowledge) and started him on PD natural herbal formula we ordered from TREE OF LIFE HEALTH CLINIC, his symptoms totally declined over a 3 weeks use of the TREE OF LIFE HEALTH Parkinsons disease natural herbal formula. He is now almost 61 and doing very well, the disease is totally reversed! (w w w. Treeoflifeherbalclinic. Com)

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude...
I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Envita for helping me on my way to recovery from Chronic Lyme disease. I dont know where I would be right now without them! Envita Medical Centers continue to bless my life today, and I am forever grateful for the help and support they give.

My story began when I was 19 years old. I traveled to China in 2007 where I received hundreds of bug bites. I came home feeling okay except for pain in my stomach. I began to notice an increased level of pain in my stomach, only to have several symptoms flare up all at once a couple months later, March 2008. These attacks would last a couple of hours and include: rash, burning sensation of the skin, extreme stomach pain and cramping, loss of feeling in limbs, swelling of the throat, face, eyes, ears, hands, and feet, rapid heart rate, fever, chills, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. At times there was loss of vision and hearing as well. I felt like I was dying because I did not know what was happening to me. As time went on, these attacks would happen consistently during the day and would last up to 8-9 hours.

When these episodes would come up, I always had the same plan to help me get through them. I would go straight home to wait it out. It was difficult to stand or sit up, because I would get too dizzy and lightheaded, and my limbs would get too swollen, heavy, and lose feeling. While all of this is happening, I would be having uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea while lying down. It felt like everything in my body was trying to fight off the infection inside of me. During these attacks I would have heart palpitations and shortness of breath. I would have to focus as hard as I possibly could to breathe very slowly in and out. I would concentrate during the entire 8-9 hour attack on good thoughts and breathing so I could keep myself calm. I knew that I was not going to die and so I would work my hardest on not letting myself pass out from lack of air and dizziness.

Never having any serious health problems in the past, I concluded that I was allergic to something because of the swelling I experienced and how fast the attacks would come on. After much allergy testing, there was nothing to indicate that I was allergic to anything. I began seeing many different doctors and began testing to find answers for my problems. Every test showed that there wasnt anything wrong with me! Each doctor I saw, either could not help me, or came to the conclusion that I was experiencing panic attacks caused by too much stress.

I became very depressed and hopeless about everything in my life. I had dropped out of college and quit my job because I couldnt function in a normal routine. I withdrew myself from people, social events and activities. I felt really uncomfortable socially, because I always felt sick and didnt know how to handle the symptoms that I had. I was nervous that an attack would come on and I wouldnt be able to get home in time.

After a few more weeks, I noticed other symptoms developing in addition to the ones I already had! These symptoms would happen many times during the day, such as: fatigue, racing heart, hot flashes, red hot hands, feet, face, and ears, shortness of breath, memory problems, mental confusion, tingling sensations, anxiety, sharp stomach pains and cramping. My head always felt fuzzy, foggy, and slow.

The symptoms worsened as time went on. I was dealing with insomnia and could hardly get out of my bed because my body was so fatigued. My parents did not know what to do with me, but we were desperately seeking answers and praying. Thanks to my wonderful parents, who found out about Envita Medical Center, and for bringing me in to be tested for Chronic Lyme disease. In all the time searching for answers, I never really believed I had Lyme disease. I didnt believe it, because I didnt have the correct information and didnt properly understand it. With the help of my mom, dad, and Envita, I learned that I did have Lyme disease. The doctors at Envita took the time to help me understand about my situation because I had a lot of doubts. They listened to everything I had to say, and I could feel that they cared about me. They explained everything that I wanted to know about and always took time to educate me about Lyme disease.

I began treatment a month after learning my diagnosis, and completed eight weeks of the Lyme protocol and four weeks of the viral protocol. Reviewing my symptoms and further testing during the treatments proved that I was not only dealing with Lyme disease, but also other infections and many viruses and parasites. The treatment process affects everyone differently because every case is different. By the fourth week of the Lyme protocol, I was noticing how each week was becoming more difficult. I was feeling very sick and frequently wanted to give up. The doctors encouraged me and told me that I would feel worse before I felt better. I didnt give up, because I set my mind to it and believed that Envita could help me. The doctors and all of the staff are so wonderful and supportive. They are continually searching for better ways to help their patients. They truly love and care about people. It was very encouraging for me to be around all of the other patients at Envita, too. They are a great support system to have there while receiving treatments. Everyone shares stories and gives help to each other. I am able to accept what I have and face any other obstacles that may come, because I have the desire to fight my hardest. The doctors at Envita have the same attitude and have helped me to stay focused on getting well. Having faith and hope is the most important way to face these challenges.

During the last weeks of treatment, I was having more periods of time feeling much better and steadily improving. At this point of my life, the bacteria from the infections are gone and the virus load has decreased significantly. I am forever grateful to Envita for their knowledge and the extra effort they put in to each patient and their condition. I finally know, understand, and can handle what I have. I know that by faithfully committing to the Envita protocol, I will continue to feel good. I am so thankful for Envita, for their hard work and willingness to help and care for those who are suffering. They dont give up on you, but figure out alternative ways to help you.

I am now back in school as a full-time college student and am involved in many activities that I love. I love many outdoor activities, including rock climbing. I love and enjoy snowboarding, hiking, and coaching young children in gymnastics! I also recently got married this past year and have never been happier! Thank you to Envita Medical Center for helping me back into life!

I recently had a short treatment protocol at Envita
I recently had a short treatment protocol at Envita. Not only am I feeling much better but everyone from the doctor to the front desk administration was warm, open and honest about costs and expectations of the treatments. When I was there I saw patients in the treatment rooms that were smiling and laughing and later when I found out that some of these patients were late stage cancer patients I was shocked at how "healthy" Envita Medical Centers looked... truly, rooms full of sick people that didn't look sick! I would go back to Envita and would recommend any family member or friend to have treatment there as well.

Envita is a special place for healing; but, not just because of the access to cutting edge technologies and medicines from around the world. It is made special because of the staff, from the office support, to the nursing staff and the doctors. There is a true sense that Envita Medical Centers all are 100% dedicated to what they do, how they do it and the patient's wellbeing.
Never have I had the feeling in any other medical center that they recognized healing is a 3 part process of, mind, body & spirit. From the first interview at Envita that was made quite obvious as was the fact of no false guarantees. Healing of any seroius disease is as much a commitment of being coachable and hard work on the patient's part as that of the medical team. If I were to try to summarize Envita, it would be professional, genuinely compassionate and caring for the patient and their families.

Cutting Edge treatment, personalized care, kindest staff ever!
The Envita team has provided me with the best medical care I've ever experienced, and still does from a distance. I spent 8 weeks in the clinic this past summer. I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness of the facility, the medical expertise of the doctors & nurses, the cutting edge treatments, and the sincere kindness and care of the staff. The doctors, nurses, patient care coordinators and medical assistants attended to my needs promptly and effectively. Envita Medical Centers answered my questions with clarity and patience, giving me all the time I needed to understand my situation and take ownership of my health. Despite the rigor of the treatments, I was filled with deep peace knowing I could trust the doctors and the process. I continue to be an Envita patient from a distance, receiving quality advice, guidance & support from my doctor and my Home Care Coordinator as I seek full recovery. I have encouraged family and friends to seek medical care at Envita - I have found nothing better. May God continue to bless the healing mission of the Envita Medical Centers!

When I first visited Envita in April 2018, 'Hope' was the word I came away with. It was the first time in 5 years I felt hopeful. I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in December 2013. My journey has been long, filled with mountain tops and valleys, but the care and treatment I received from Envita was first class. The staff and nurses were amazing! My physician was very knowledgeable. It was so nice to feel like I had someone fighting along beside me. I would recommend Envita to anyone fighting a battle, whether it be cancer or Lyme.

Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment!
My daughter was misdiagnosed for over a year and shortly after having receiving the Lyme diagnosis we discovered Envita. We had been looking at various clinics and all of them just didn't seem like the right fit. We liked the approach of combining traditional medicine along with proven alternative treatments to hit this disease from all sides. She received thorough testing for other infections so that Envita Medical Centers could treat the cascade of problems going on in her system. They have a superb staff and nice facilities. One additional benefit is that she received treatment from Dr. Reed the on staff chiropractor and her scoliosis curvature went from 27 degrees when she began treatment to 19 degrees! You can put your trust in Dr. Oertle and the entire staff at Envita.

Envita is the place that I always remind to people...
Envita is the place that I always remind to people when Envita Medical Centers are suffring from cancer. My mom was very weak and chemotherapy was killing her body. We found a friend in Atlanta that had brought his mother to Envita Medical Center with fatigue and low energy issues and had really good things to say about the cancer patients they met at the center. Envita really was a surprise for me, they took great care of my mom and gave her great energy and overall gave her several really good years of life before she was called home to the Lord. I also have a pastor friend from Boston that brought his wife to Envita with breast cancer and she had a great experience to. I feel like I want to give back, I keep hearing about how people are getting cancer all around me. Envita is the place to go; they helped my mom and did it naturally. I know that if we didnt go to Envita, she would have not lived as long as she did or have the quality of life that she did. If I ever get cancer, I wouldnt hesitate in going to Envita.

Envita Overall Experience Saved My Life
I was diagnosed with BCell Double Hit Lymphoma in Canada in Feb/16. After 625 hours of chemo with 10 drugs and 2 programs over a 7 month period, my Oncologist in Canada stated that I was resistant to chemo, even though 2 of the 4 areas that cancer was present had been eliminated. While a new area was appearing, one was shrinking and grew back larger. The prognosis which was not good to begin with, rare, aggressive, lymphoma got worse.

Instead of enter a clinical trial in its 1st phase and time not on my side, I took my wife's advice and reviewed the Envita web site. Upon reviewing Dr. Prato's videos, information and testimonials, I was sold to cross the border and commence being tested and treated. It made all the sense in the world to improve one's environment before administering conventional means of treatment. Furthermore, finding the cause by applying a personalized approach through elaborate testing, was "the icing on the cake" for me.

I am happy to say that after a 3 month program at Envita, Scottsdale headquarters and coupled with immunotherapy treatments at Envita, Mexico, that of my 3 areas of concern, 1 has almost all been eliminated and 2 have shrunk 50% upon CT scan results. We anticipate that when a PET scan is performed in 2 month's time, there will be no activity and I will be classified in a state of remission.

Considering 12-18 months is about all I could have expected, 15 months later and I am feeling like a new man and will feel better and better as the natural killer cells work their magic.

All the above could not have been possible without the entire Envita family support, care, encouragement, love... The overall experiencing has been overwhelming and given me and my wife continued faith and hope that things will progress with an entire change in lifestyle and following the program to a tee.

I can't think of recommending any other institution to treat cancer/lyme disease as Envita combines the best of both worlds-Convention/alternative to give one the best chance available.

As Envita says at the end of each e-mail, blessings!

Wife of Mike R
Where do you begin when your spouse is told he has 6-9 mos to live? After dealing with traditional cancer treatments the dr's said for his type of cancer was to take life sustaining chemo pills and hopefully down the road Envita Medical Centers would find a better treatment for Renal Cell Carcenoma. In other words Mike was on borrowed time and the end would come sooner than later unless he got a miracle. Mike had surgery and then he tried brutal n abrasive treatments only to be told we have nothing else! Through my company I was informed of Envita Medical Ctr and given their contact. Two weeks later we arrived at Envita. Mike was given a thorough work up with true genetic testing that Drs designed a protocol that was unique to his DNA! Skillfully and with the greatest attention to healing his whole body while giving him quality of life. The scientific approach even to the most skeptical person on alternative treatments with integrated medicine is designed to kill the Cancer cells even if metastasized as Mike's were. Mike had been receiving traditional medicine treatment starting in April 2011 in Texas till we arrived at Envita's door in April 2015... when the dreaded day came and Tx Drs said that he might be at the end of his journey. But... Mike started treatment at Envita immediately and by the end of Nov 2015 Mike R is in partial remission and leading a normal life by going back to work full time and feeling better than he has in years! He visits the clinic for treatments once every 4-6 wks and is working towards a full remission in the near future. Now is that a Praise the Lord! I appreciate the wisdom and scientifical approach that Envita used for Mike... it was just what the dr ordered for him to understand and follow the protocol even when allowed to return home! I tell people everyday please if you get a bad report from the dr get a second opinion from Envita! I am Thankful for Envita's diligence in researching and working on cures for cancer! I am also thankful that I still have my husband alive and healing for Myself and our grandchildren!

Evita. Patientn Michael that has primary lung cancer in which after time became metastatic through out her body's bones in areas and such as myself primary lung adenocarcinoma and now metastatic bone cancer. The inspiration that she and that her husband spoke of during there experience from beginning on going and how the Evita center team fought for her through out all treatments, Envita Medical Centers discussed and planned and included her and her husband's opinions etc in every care step of the way in treatments. And that she felt she wasn't fighting this disease alone Made her campaign in her fighting even harder in the struggle of her cancer disease. Her story touched me and brought me to a point that I needed to reach out to by contacting Evita cancer care centers I'm only praying that they have a some what local area center for me to visit in Chula Vista, ca 91910?

I, along with many of my family members, have been...
I, along with many of my family members, have been treated at Envita and have felt so very grateful and blessed because of it. I appreciate the very knowledgable and courteous staff, the great doctors that are extremely skilled and truly listen to you and provide individualized care, and the professional, beautiful and comforting environment. I felt like I was a person Envita Medical Centers genuinely cared about and that, along with the top quality and cutting edge treatment, made all the difference. I feel like a different person now since the time I first saw them 3 years ago. I am much healthier (and subsequently happier) because of what they were able to finally diagnose for me (which other doctors could not) and treat and in the process I have learned how to better take care of myself. That total body healing approach has made all the difference. I highly recommend Envita.

Thank you Envita's Community.
I have been a patient at Envita for a while and I want to share my wonderful experience at this clinic.
Envita people provided me with the best medicine and supplements bust most of all Envita Medical Centers listened to me, they supported me, they made me feel comfortable, loved and safe. I have never experienced such quality medical care before. The Envita team are fully dedicated to what they do, how they do it and the patient's wellbeing. They are professional, compassionate and caring from the front desk, to the nurses, to the doctors and those who I have not had much contact with. Everyone is like a family including patients which meant a lot to me because I was alone and missed my family and my puppy so much.
I do all my home care and continue receiving guidance and support from my doctor and my home care coordinator as I seek full recovery.
Thank you Envita team. Thank you Dr. Poteet for your care and dedication.
God bless you all to continue your mission of healing.

One of a Kind
Anyone who's been through the Lyme ringer knows how challenging it is to be treated. I tried 4 specialists from around the country. You'd get to see the doctor once every 3 to 4 months. Getting an answer would take a week or never and forgot about adjustments to treatment between your 3 to 4 months appointment.

After not getting the help I needed I decided to leave New York and goto Envita. I wish I had done it 6 months earlier.

You get a dedicated account coordinator. I had Sam who is amazing. Questions are answered in 24 hours, adjustments are made sometimes weekly and the doctors are always available. Need to see the doc... Envita Medical Centers usually get you in that week. Sam would reply to emails all weekend long, even if it was just to say I'll get back to you first thing Monday. She never got annoyed and was always willing to help.

Why I like them:
* Everyone is so nice
* They treat with antibiotics, supplements, diet and if you ask they'll add in herbs
* Easy access to the doctors and treatment changes
* Constant attention to help you get better
* They're constantly adding new things as new research comes out
* IRAD - No one else does this and it helped so much with my sleep and anxiety
* They'll work with the way you want to be treated

Is it expensive yes but that's they price you pay to get that level of care. If you have Lyme you know there is no standard treatment and you may have to try several different plans to find what works for you. No one can guarantee anything but Envita's treatment is certainly worth the money and the shot, especially if you've already failed with other doctors.

For the weeks that our loved one was at Envita, he...
For the weeks that our loved one was at Envita, he was tended to by the same nursing staff, same doctors, same patient care coordinator, same Receptionists, etc. This is just what anyone would expect when Envita Medical Centers go to a "treatment facility". The only thing that we could have changed was the fact that they don't bill your insurance, rather gave us some resources of how we can bill them ourselves. All-in-all after we left Envita, we all agreed that we wished we had known about them from the start of his illness, and glad that they were there when we needed a different option.

My family is very grateful to the doctors and staff...
My family is very grateful to the doctors and staff at Envita. My mother was a patient there earlier this year from mid-January through mid-February. She originally sought treatment options for some diverticulitis that shed been experiencing for a few months, but shed in fact had a lot of health problems over a long period of time. She struggled with chronic migraine headaches for about 20 years, had thyroid cancer in the late 90s, had been dealing with chronic fatigue for about 10 years, and it seemed like she was always sick with somethingobvious signs a very weak immune system. The doctor explained that this whole complex history was probably linked and that the inflammation that was fueling all these different diseases was likely being caused by undiagnosed chronic infections and accumulation of environmental toxins.

One thing we really appreciated about Envita was their attention to detail and proper diagnostics. Envita Medical Centers didnt rush to treatment recommendations based on hunches, assumptions, or theories, and they didnt expect my mom to take a leap of faith and start treatment right away. Her initial visit to Envita lasted for just one day so they could evaluate her and do some testing to try to pinpoint the source and depth of her disease. She then returned home to Oregon. A couple weeks later, they did a phone consultation to review the results, explain all the data, and fine tune her plan. Over the years, my mom has tried every herb, tincture, supplement, oil, and homeopathic remedy available to find some relief from her symptoms, but Dr Oertle helped her understand that while those home remedies could be helpful to manage symptoms and help people feel better, none were powerful enough to truly resolve the causes of her condition.

My mom needed almost 3 weeks of multiple daily IV treatments to treat the viral infections, toxic heavy metals, and diminished immune system that had kept her sick for so long. She did have to get a port which she didnt really want, but it ended up not being a big deal once she had it for a few days. Im the only one of my siblings that lives in Arizona, so I got to accompany her for treatment whenever my schedule would allow. We learned that the majority of the patients treated at Envita have either Lyme disease or cancer, and some even have both, so a lot of them are there for closer to two months. The doctors quickly ruled out Lyme disease for my mom, so her treatment plan was a lot less intense and she didnt have to do the antibiotics and some of the other treatments that Lyme patients do. It was neat to be there and be part of the patient community at the clinic. The patients and staff really become close and draw a lot of strength from each other.

From what I saw while I was there with my mom, Envita really helps a lot of people who dont really have many other good options, but they are by no means perfect. It was exciting to see some of my moms Envita friends get into remission from late-stage cancer after their doctors back home had given them no hope. It was also heartbreaking and disappointing to see some of the patients who got there too late for the treatments to really be able to take effect against their disease.

I hadnt been home to Oregon very much over the previous several years, so I was surprised to learn about how sick my mom had been. She is really a warrior and would always put on her best smile in order to entertain and take care of us kids whenever we gathered for reunions and holidays, but it would really take it out of her and each gathering left her debilitated for days afterward. It escalated to the point that she would need to rest even after very simple taskseven getting dressed in the morning would put her out of commission for an hour. She has always been a very active, involved grandmother to her 20 grandchildren, but she often had days where she had to pass up on grandkid time because she just didnt have the strength. She had always enjoyed going on long walks with friends for exercise, but she had gotten to the point that even a lap around the block was too much for her.

Dr Oertle had cautioned my mom that it often takes several weeks after completing treatment to really start feeling better, but my mom felt improvement even after the first week. She worked really hard to be compliant with the diet and supplements that they had recommended, and she made healing a priority. Taking all of those supplements was basically a full-time job, but she did it. She even did the coffee enemas that they recommended to help with detox and got a lot of benefit from doing it. She continued to improve each week that she was there, but the most significant gains in her health were definitely seen after she returned home. It seems like her strength and energy returned more and more with every week that she was home, and everyone has been amazed and very grateful to have grandma functioning at 100% again. This October, she and my dad took off for two weeks on a camping roadtrip through Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. That kind of trip hasnt happened for probably 20 years, and would not have been possible for my mom if she hadnt gotten her health back the way she did.

We are just so grateful to the doctors and staff at Envita. Its almost an hour drive from my house to get to the clinic, but my wife and I have both been back for supplements and/or IVs whenever we start to get sick. Weve also spread the word to friends and people we know at church who need better options for their health.

My Experience at Envita
I have been a patient at Envita for a while now and wanted to share my opinion and experience. The staff here is great from the front desk to the doctors to the nurses. I was treated for different infections, and it was the first time I was able to spend that much time with a doctor. I was amazed to see so many patients having good results, myself included, especially after listening to their stories. I would recommend this place not only because of the treatments Envita Medical Centers offer but because of the healing environment they provided.

This place has really impressed me with their transparency...
This place has really impressed me with their transparency and willingness to educate you about your condition(s) as to what your options really are. Whether it's alternative treatment or conventional treatment, they'll explain everything to you before even taking a payment from you. Their website has been really helpful and has provided a lot of helpful information that I would have otherwise had a hard time finding on my own using google alone. It's really easy to be skeptical of a smaller, lesser known place like Envita when being compared to the larger scale places like Mayo clinic, but I quickly learned to not be blinded by the marketing powers of the bigger places that only offer conventional treatments and really nothing more. I stumbled into a fairly recent "radio" style review he conducted with a former patient that may help anybody who is still on the fence about whether to give this place a chance.

Extremely sweet people but did not cure lymes
It has been two months after my 9 week treatment For chronic Lyme disease and I am living with little to no improvement currently. I still spend almost all my time laying down.

I went to envita for help with my chronic Lyme disease. All the people were super super sweet—doctors and nurses, if it was based on the people this would be 5 stars. BUT. After treatment when I still didn't see much improvement—slight improvement (reduction in symptoms' intensity) but not nearly enough—I was told that within two weeks (or a max of two months) I would see the jump in feeling much better.

It has been over 2 months now and we are looking into different treatment because it is worse again.

Another thing, Envita Medical Centers say they will stay in good contact with you after being home, but they only reached out once in the two months.

I was diagnosed as HEPATITIS B carrier in 2013 with fibrosis of the
Liver already present. I started on antiviral medications which
Reduced the viral load initially. After a couple of years the virus
Became resistant. I started on HEPATITIS B Herbal treatment from
ULTIMATE LIFE CLINIC ( in March, 2020. Their
Treatment totally reversed the virus. I did another blood test after
The 6 months long treatment and tested negative to the virus. Amazing
Treatment! This treatment is a breakthrough for all HBV carriers.

Finally getting help for Lyme disease.
Going to Envita for treatment for Lyme disease was one of the best decisions we've ever made. It's a very professional, personable and caring environment, unlike anything I've seen or experienced in my lifetime. Starting with Samantha, the patient care coordinator to guide you through the process, over a two hour consultation with both Drs. Warren and Oertle, you are finally seeing people that believe what you're telling them. I spent over 9 weeks at the clinic, M-F, pretty much full days for various treatments and IV's. The whole staff is terrific with the nurses being the top in their field!
I got my tick bite 42 yrs. Ago and never thought much about it. Got married, raised a family and so it goes. Life went on as normal, health wise, until about 12 yrs. Ago. Had some stress issues and things just fell apart. Went to the dr. and did an MRI. The Dr. didn't see anything but he said "I think you have MS, this is what you need to do..."
The red flags went up; I felt a diagnosis of MS warranted a lot more than an "I think". A couple of other local Drs. Chimed in with "maybe it's ALS or a brain tumor". Envita Medical Centers needed to label me with something!
So I quit going to the allopathic Drs. Did some research on my own and concluded it was Lyme disease. By this time I was really going downhill. Balance issues and walking issues were getting worse, and so was speech. Did natural & homeopathic medicine, which helped for a while, then another downhill slide.
Enter the wheelchair. Paralysis from the waist down. That was about 5 yrs. Ago. Started going to the Dr. in Mexico which helped some. He did order my Lyme tests from two different labs in the U.S., which came back positive. And at least I was no longer getting worse, but aside from that, I wasn't getting much better.
Just got back from our last trip to Mexico and I mentioned to a friend that I wouldn't be going back, and she told me about Envita.
Was at the clinic from the end of May until the first part of August, 2016. A wonderful experience. Finally feel like I'm going in the right direction. I'm still in the wheelchair, but I do have more mobility now than I've had in years. In fact, when I'm laying on the floor, I can now roll over!
I don't feel that I'm done seeing improvement yet. There's been so much neurological and muscular damage that I know it's going to take quite a while to repair, but I feel I'm on the right track finally!

Everything, because i'm now in the process of locating...
Everything, because i'm now in the process of locating an M. D. who specializes in Parkinsons, & is therefore able to provide me with an accurate diagnosis, followed by a referral to a Parkinsons Dr. who, as a Parkinsons specialist, can provide me with the appropriate necessary medical testing which, if positive for P., can also provide the appropriate medical care, or refer me to a Parkinsons specialist who provides medical care to patients who've been diagnosed with this illness.
Thank you very, very much!...
Sallie Motch

Finally! Treatment that works.
In 2014 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease after going to many doctors and leaving with no answers. I sat in the doctors office in shock with no clue of how to deal with this disease that I had never even heard of. I dont give up easily and the fight was on. I began researching and working through the treatment options. For 6 months I took 32 pills a day of oral antibiotics, supplements and other medications to deal with my symptoms meanwhile my liver was shutting down. I was taking medications for extreme fatigue, constant body aches, depression, anxiety, migraines, neurological issues, digestive and skin problems. I became even more sick as my body starting herxing from the Lyme die off. None of my symptoms got better and the migraines became so bad that I couldnt even function enough to get through a day not to mention I began losing my hair.

I decided to stop the oral medication chaos and chose a more natural path. The holistic doctor that I worked with was able to help keep some of my symptoms at bay for about a year. The time came when I couldnt take any more. My symptoms came back and I started losing the use of my hand because of the pain and stiffness. I would lose my balance all the time as if I were walking around intoxicated. I was suffering and my family was suffering.

In June 2016, I started more research and found Envita Medical Center. After thoroughly combing their website, I contacted Envita. I was immediately assigned a patient care coordinator, Samantha, who consulted with me over the phone and via email. She was so patient and understanding. Samantha stayed with me throughout the entire process. She was there answering every one of the 50,000 questions I had even before I committed to going to Envita for the consultation with the doctor. In July 2016 I went for my consultation and by August 2016 I arrived at Envita away from my family and friends. I told myself I just want to be 50% better, just 50%. I was desperate.

After 8 weeks of daily treatments consisting of an aggressive combination of conventional and naturopathic medicine I was able to go home, 90% better. For a Lyme sufferer 90% feels like 100%. The devoted and compassionate staff at Envita were there to help me get to my 90%. Everyone is like family there which meant a lot because I missed my family so much. It was the first time I was able to be around people who truly understood because Envita Medical Centers are fighting the same battle. As Lyme sufferers we often feel alone because most people dont understand the disease.

I have been home now for four months and Im still doing well. I try do all of my home care and follow up with my Envita home care team regularly. Thank you Envita for giving me my 90%, it was so worth it.

Thanks Envita
I was diagnosed with stage 3b ovarian cancer in April of 2014. Not knowing what else to do I did what most everyone else does. I went to the oncologist, had a big surgery and then started chemo. By December the family was called. Amazingly enough I didn't die. I came out of it very weak and with a severe case of neuropathy which meant leg braces and a walker, My husband, family and friends had to help me with pretty much everything. In the process of this my son-in-law heard about Envita. My husband and daughter loaded me up with all my assorted paraphernalia (walker, braces, toilet raiser, wheelchair) and headed to Arizona. My family and I then met some of the most caring people that you will ever meet. I spent three months receiving naturopathic treatments. At the end of that time I went home in much better shape than when I arrived.
As to the cancer, my markers were good until the middle of 2016 and then Envita Medical Centers started to go up. I returned to Envita for potentiated therapy which is a form of chemo. I have also had some treatments in 2017 and 2018. Cancer is a difficult disease and the person who thinks they can treat it and just walk away is greatly mistaken. I am in alive today because God helped me find Envita and even though I am still dealing with cancer I am in a much better place today than when I arrived in Feb of 2015.

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Description: Envita Medical Centers have been an influential leader in advanced integrative medicine for well over a decade. Envita treats a broad range of conditions using the latest scientific technologies and approaches to personalized medicine. Our areas of focus are cancer, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, as well as infectious and chronic diseases.

We integrate the best of conventional and advanced natural medicine using our proprietary methods established with several decades of combined clinical integrative medical experience. Our physician, facility and medical team are focused on one thing – helping our patients overcome difficult health challenges.

Address: 8759 E. Bell Road, 85260


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