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The unfortunate part, is that this experience actually happened. The fortunate part, is that you have the opportunity to save yourself the headache! No amount of savings is worth the amount of time and frustration that comes along with doing business with this company!. After 44 days, 9 hrs and 12 min spent on the phone "trying" to get the issue resolved, I finally received my entire order. First of all, I called in on March 12th after not receiving my order for more than 7 days. EntirelyPets made an excuse that didn't make sense, but said they would over night them that day. At the time, other than the 1hr and 47min I spent between holding and talking on the phone, because they seemed to have resolved the issue or so I thought, I was ok with it (mistakes happen, no biggie... right?). After taking 5 days for the overnight package to show up (I'm in a major metro area, overnight delivery is no issue), I received only 30 of the 90 pills I ordered. I proceeded to call in to let them know I hadn't rec'd my entire order. As in my past experiences, the hold time was over an hour, but to add even further frustration, I was also disconnected 2 times prior to speaking to anyone. When I finally spoke to someone, they acknowledged the error and said they would get the additional 60 sent out right away. I didn't request expedited shipping, because I "thought" I would have plenty of time to get them. I wish I could say that I rec'd them in a couple of days, but that was just not the case. After calling them on 7 more separate days over a month and several hours of sitting on the phone, plus I had to get meds from my vet to tide my poor baby over, I finally received the entire order of my dogs meds. It's beyond clear to me that this company doesn't have the kind of leadership it requires to provide the fundamental tools needed to run a productive customer service staff.
There are so many companies out there that fall short when it comes to customer service and I'm kind of over it. They need to be reminded that we have choices and communication doesn't end when the money's exchanged. We also need to hold these companies accountable by letting people know that they should really do business with companies who respect their customers and want to earn their trust and loyalty.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! I placed an order on Thursday 10/30/14 and was told my package would be delivered Saturday i did pay an exra 50$ for overnight shipping. I ordered a cpv parvo canine antigen test kit that contained 10 tests. Long story short it did not leave the warehouse until Monday 11/3/14 :/ EntirelyPets were suppose to refund my shipping cost but i havnt got it, i had to call over 4 times to have them fix my name address and email because they messed it up, they never returned my emails i had to call them and live chat with them. I attached a pic of our chat very very improffesional :/ the guy i talked with from the start said 'told you' then 'lmao' ( which is abbreviated for laughing my ass off ' and then 'sorry' i wil never order from them again, also the product expired on 12/9/14 so i only have a month to use all 10 tests wth! Horrible communication, immature employees and old/almost expired products STAY AWAY

Horrible customer support, lies and keep sending unorder boxes of crap dog food
Hiya, I watched that long long long video of dr blablaIamsmart, that seemed to take a year, about the dehydrated dog food and it's benefits. I have two newly adopted puppers and wanted to help them as much as I could. Anyhoo I ordered the dog food, on auto-ship to get the discount, it comes and my puppers asked me why I was trying to feed them poisoned cardboard? Ya. Gross, horrible stuff. Anyhoo I speak to the first Customer Service Agent (CSA) and see if I can get a refund or return somehow. No. You opened it... well cancel the subscription because it's awful. Okay blabla. Next thing you know, another box of this crap shows up. No email warning (even though EntirelyPets say they send them out. Never got anything from them) I have to call now. And say hey the last dude CSA cancelled this. Why am I getting anther shipment? Oh. Did you open the box? Um ya. Had to see what was inside and get the paper with the order number and info on it. CSA says, oh sorry, we'll email you a return lable. Okay. And it's cancelled right. RIGHT? Yes, it's cancelled and you will not get anymore. I send it back. Today, not even a month since the last monthly bogus shipment. Another box arrives (insert swearing here) I open it to see what; s inside and get the number. Because it IS NOT ON MY ACCOUNT ONLINE (inserts more swearing here) you can not see anything valuable about your account on line. You have to call and ask what is showing on their hidden profile. Probably says. Keey sending her this crap every other week to make her go crazy. I call again. This CSA sounds like she is asleep and I called and woke her up. Says oh, it was sent before it was cancelled. WHYYYYYY you LIE I calmly (but swearing hard inside) asked if it was indeed cancelled. Oh yes. And you can see order confirmations in your emails. Um what? I have never gotten any, yes I check spam blabla, SEND the return... complain complain complain. She says. Oh maybe I can send you a free return label. UM WAIT. You guys have been charging me to return your garbage that I did NOT order. Csa. Well ya... takes a blood pressure pill and asks if I can speak to a supervisor. Do you have a supervisor? Um yes, but he doesn't com ein until after 9, want me to have him call you? YESS... SEND me the return lable, I will sit here and wait for your email... oh, I can't do that. You have to wait for the wherehouse to... I can go on and on folks. But in short (sorry they made me lose it) they have disgusting dog food and even worse customer service. DO NOT BUY OFF THE BACK OF THIS TRUCK

Stay away from EntirelyPets!
Entirely Pets is absolutely the worst company to order pet medications from. EntirelyPets do NOT show meds are out of stock, so you order online thinking you will receive the order within a week. I ordered the same medication at different dosages according to my three dogs weights. After paying with my husband's credit card, I hear nothing from them about it being shipped or a tracking number. I call them four days after ordering, because I never received a tracking number, only to find out the meds were and HAD BEEN out of stock, except for one dosage. I get told the meds will not be available for FOUR WEEKS OR MORE! The customer service guy told me, he would cancel the order and reverse the charge immediately... how their ordering system is all screwed up and does not show things are out of stock. I asked for a verification email the order was cancelled. Never got it, I tried calling, emailing and chat for days, but they kept disconnecting me. Had to file a dispute with the credit card company to reverse the pending charge, as they never reversed anything! There are many other places, such as walmart pharmacy online to order from and I suggest you do NOT use Entirely Pets.

I don't write reviews unless it is awesome or down right dangerous. This review is being written due do the danger of this company. Here are the highlights.
10/30 Tuesday - Ordered cancer medication
11/5 Monday - Credit card charged $530.00. I was told in August that the credit card will not be charged until the product is shipped. My though was great! I should have the medication by the end of the week.
11/9 Friday - E-Mailed Company to check on the shipment, as i had not received it, and to ensure it was sent and when it was send since the credit card was charged. NO RESPONSE!
11/ 13 Tuesday - Called them on to find out when the medication was sent since it's been 9 days since the credit card charge.
Yes they apologised but that doesn't help me or my beloved dog with her cancer.
They said that they will credit back my card... DUHHH but couldn't tell me why it was charged in the first place. It is worth the extra money to have your vet secure the necessary medication if it is needed. Vets need to make a living too. Lesson Learned.

Only giving this review one star because there's not...
Only giving this review one star because there's not an option for zero which EntirelyPets deserve. EntirelyPets is terrible. I have been using viralys for two and a half months now on my three rescue cats. It has done a great job at keeping the feline herpes virus at bay. Trying to save some money, I purchased this product from EntirelyPets as I saw that it was on sale. I purchased two bottles. I administered a dime sized dose to my 6 month old kitten when immediately after administering it, she started foaming at the mouth and throwing up. She continued to spit up for about three hours afterward. I was shocked at the reaction and tried giving the same dose to my other two year old maine coon thinking it might have been a fluke reaction. She experienced the same reaction which had never been experienced for the two months prior and five other bottles of viralys they have gone through. I immediately took them to my local vet concerned with their behavior. My vet instructed me not to give them the viralys and that it must have been a bad batch. With that said, I was stuck paying a veterinary bill and now needed to return the two bottles (still one unopened) back to EntirelyPets. EntirelyPets refused to take accountability even though they jeapardized my cats health selling me a defective product, and even refused to give me a refund on the two bottles I had purchased because one was opened. I am sickened that a company operates like this and exhibits such poor customer service. My only other option now is to try and have the manufacturer send me new bottles in a desperate attempt to bounce back from this complete rip-off and headache. BUYERS BEWARE. Viralys in general is a good product but do not buy from this company. You will waste your money because the seller will refuse to refund you AND more importantly, your animals may become sick."

Wrong item delivered & refusal to correct it
My husband order the vanilla mint toothpaste for our dog who has specific medical needs and can only use this particular flavor. Instead of the vanilla mint entirely pets delivered beef flavor. I received an email asking me to post a positive review. Instead, I contacted customer service and let them know that we received the wrong flavor. We never heard back from them. So I followed up with a phone call to customer service. I sat on the phone for 15 minutes waiting for them to answer. When Gary finally answered and I explained what had happened he looked up my order and told me that WE had ordered the wrong item! When I said that in fact it is the only flavor she can tolerate and the only flavor we would have ordered, he said the best he could do was to have US pay for the return shipping and EntirelyPets would not charge US for the restocking fee (for this wrong item). It is not worth the money for us to ship it back. ($8) We suspect what happened was they were out of stock on the vanilla mint, because many places were out of stock when my husband was looking, so they just sent us what they had. I would never order from this company again. :(

I have been a loyal customer of Entirely Pets for 10...
I have been a loyal customer of Entirely Pets for 10 years. Having adopted a special needs pet with multiple medical issues, their prices were the best. However, this last order was incomprehensible. EntirelyPets put a portion of my order on AUTOSHIP without my authorization. The Autoship was NOT on my order confirmation i received via. The only way i found out is that i received a shipping confirmation today for things i did not order. I know for a fact i did not sign up for Autoship... Not one merchant has ever been authorized to charge my card for a an item or service automatically (i dont believe in it) AND... my dog could not possibly eat the amount of treats in a month they it was setup by me as AUTOSHIP. Their email shipping confirmation for the AUTOSHIP order did not have any prices as to what my cc was charged. Very shady. They REFUSED to issue a call tag... then they told me they are going to go back and charge my cc for the order I placed the month before, since i got an AUTOPAY discount on that order they were taking it back! I will take this up with the dispute dept of my credit card company. I spend close to 500 bucks a year with this company and am happily taking my business elsewhere. Who sends an email confirmation for one dollar amount, but charges your card for something different? UNETHICAL. STAYYYYY FARRRR AWAY!

Do not give this company your business!
This has got to be one of the worse on-line companies I have EVER dealt with. I placed an order and before it arrived, our dog passed away. I attempted to cancel it with no luck, it already shipped. I contacted customer service and asked to send back the order. EntirelyPets said I would get an RMA label within 48-72 hours. Nothing! Called in again and was told the same thing, I would get an RMA label within 48-72 hours. Nothing came. I called in a third time and the representative promised he would get me the label within the hour. FIVE hours of calls and being on hold and several e-mails which were never answered and I FINALLY got the label. The USPS tracking number shows the package was received by them on May 24th. A month later and still no credit has been issued. I had to call my credit card company to dispute the charge, another hour of phone calls. Use They not only credited my order, they also sent a sympathy card for our loss. doesn't care about you or your pet!

Worst company I ever dealt with
I have a recurring order for my horse. I got notified in March to renew method of payment. Called several times, no answer. Left voice mail, never got any response. On their web site, in my account I saw the order was pending. No way to add my payment. Did send email, no response. So I placed a new order, added payment. Thought EntirelyPets would send it. This was on4/ 7. Recved email that my vet needs to approve and they faxed a request to him. My vet didn't get any. No one answers their phone or called me back. No response on my emails either. Horse needed medication. I emailed them to cancel my orders. Then 2 days later I got informed that the medication was shipped. When I cancelled, I bought medication from my vet. They should read their email and listen to voice mails and respond accordingly.
I have to return the medication as it probably will expire before I can use the 160 days supply.

I am a Veterinarian not in practice; I purchased 2...
I am a Veterinarian not in practice; I purchased 2 bottles of Dermacool dor itching skin, hot spots, etc... this product is slimy, does NOT provide any itching relief, and ENTIRELY PETS pets makes you pay the shipping fees for returns - go someplace else, and look for Dermacool by Virbac.

Below is a copy of my chat with them:

Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...

This window requires Javascript support. Please enable scripting.

[mar costa] returns

[Edward] Do you have your order number available?

[mar] 9083342

[Edward] Please hold a moment while I look into this for you.

[Edward] Which item would you like to return?

[mar Dermasoothe - the product does NOT work at all

[mar] why this chat is so slow, please?

[Edward] We will only be able to accept a return for the unopened bottle.

[mar] Ok, I read that on the receipt

Thank you for your interest in I'm sorry the product did not work out for you. I have created a Return Merchandise Authorization form for you. Please include this RMA number on the packaging when you return the product: RMA#{5544280el55}.

Please return the product to the following address:

34501 Seventh Street
Union City, CA 94587

[mar] I need a returning label, please

[mar] so, I will pay for the shipping as well?

[Edward] Yes, you would need to cover the return shipping cost.

[mar that's a very interesting way to do business... you guys can't never lose, right?

[mar] I need a returning label, please

[mar] so, I will pay for the shipping as well?

[Edward] Yes, you would need to cover the return shipping cost.

[mar] that's a very interesting way to do business... you guys can't never lose, right?

[mar] that's it?

[Edward] Is there anything else I can help you with?

[mar] I hope you make good use of this money

[Edward] Thank you for chatting with us. To end this conversation please click on the 'end' button at the bottom of this window.

Please avoid ordering anything through Entirelypets.Com! I've experienced backorders from them in the past, but that was before Chewy. Com was around to show us how a company should really treat their customers. From what I have seen through the years, Entirely Pets ties up multiple Google ads from successful companies so that their ads show up at the top of your google searches, but EntirelyPets don't actually carry the items you are ordering. Then they put you on infinitely backorder until they can get the product in stock to ship out to you. They've done this to our company until we told them to stop using our name & products' names in their google ad without our permission & I've experienced it myself personally. I ordered an item on September 30 and still have not received it, nor have I received any communication on when the item will be in stock & ship to me. EVEN WORST- I called them on October 3rd and spoke to customer service. They were supposed to check on the back ordered item & call me back. Today is October 12th and I haven't received my item, nor did I ever receive a phone call back! YOU ARE 1000% failure as a company IMO. BTW, I ordered something on the exact same day from and received it 3 days later! Canceling my backorder & will order it through CHEWY!

The worst customer service ever!
The worst customer service ever! I placed an order earlier this month and a couple of days later started receiving emails EntirelyPets needed to verify the CVV code on my card. After a couple of emails I called them (because the email said to in order to process only one order and to refrain from duplicates). So I called them and gave the requested information (actually used a different card and the rep said they did not need the CVV code). That order was shipped and received no problem. Then LAST NIGHT (several days after I have received my order), I get an email stating my order was shipped. I pull up the tracking code and it shows an order was processed for me and would be delivered later this week (for the exact items I ordered originally and ALREADY RECEIVED). The rep on the phone, Aaron, was rude and did nothing to rectify this as being their fault and only said we were finally able to process the card with your credit card company. WTF now you can process it over two weeks later and after I already thought it was fixed and received my order? I don't need two bottles of 300 vitamins here. Apparently I need to take the package back to the post office and tell them I refuse it and then wait again for them to issue me a refund? All for their snafu! Idiots if you ask me!

Wish I knew how to erase the one star to bring it to...
Wish I knew how to erase the one star to bring it to 0.

This company constantly sells items that EntirelyPets do not have in stock. Items that have been on backorder for over 6 months are still sold online as if they are available and there is no notice that the items are on backorder when the order is placed. When questioned when the item will be available they don't know. I am very well aware that the items are out of stock with the supplier (Virbac dental cat chews) and have been for months so I jumped to place an order with this company only to find out that they too have been out of stock for months. Then why do you continue to sell them with no out of stock disclaimer?

They also offer a 10% discount for autoship orders which they also fail to include when processing your order. The checkout process states that the discount will be applied after the checkout process is completed but the 10% never gets applied and you are billed at the non-discount rate.

When you call to ask about the discount you are told that this was an error, the order did not go through as an autoship order and it will be corrected. This is another scam with them because my orders have yet to be entered correctly as an autoship order with the correct pricing. When asked for confirmation that the order is entered as an autoship order for the next shipment you are told that you have to request that on the next order.

Either this company is run very poorly or they are just an unethical online vendor. I suspect it is both.

AVOID THIS COMPANY! Terrible service
If I could give them 0 stars I would! I ordered from them because emu dog needed an ear wrap for an aural hematoma... it took a while to even arrive (wasn't even needed anymore) and also it didn't fit. So after receiving confirmation that if I returned the item (and paid return shipping) I would receive a refund. So, the next day I sent it back and received confirmation that EntirelyPets received the package. I waited about a week and still no refund. I love-chatted 2 separate people who acted like I never sent them the item back. They changed their story once I sent them screenshots of the USPS tracking. So, after that I waited another week, still no refund like promised (live-chat said 3-5days). So after talking to about 4 people on the phone and being told different (longer) times to expect my refund it has almost been a month since they received the package and no money back. I also can't get any customer service rep on the phone to talk about this either. Pitiful customer service each time is a different lie as to why my money hasn't been refunded

Great prices, terrible web site features
I have been getting Bonies for my dog from Entirely Pets for years. EntirelyPets have the best prices by a wide margin. However, I have also spent hours of my time over the years dealing with their user-hostile web site set up. If you buy something on a recurring monthly plan, you cannot tell, when you go to the web site, when or if your order is in the works, or if it has been delivered, or if it is out of stock and you won't be getting it any time soon. Regular orders are viewable, but for some reason, the recurring orders are not. Their customer service is spotty. Some folks are very kind and patient, and some are officious and unhelpful. I was told last week that they are introducing a new software system. I don't know if that's true or if it will have any impact, positive or negative, on the buying experience. I honestly would have stopped buying from them long ago, but their prices are hard to beat and we buy a LOT of Bonies!

Beware: Company can not fill the orders!
Be aware of this company! I received half of what i ordered and when i called to ask WT? I was greeted with disrespect, defensiveness and over all bad customer service. It was bad enough, that 10 days after placing my order, i found out EntirelyPets * misplaced * or *forgot*my order but to be treated like i had done something wrong after spending $200.00 USD funds ( i am from Canada) was surly my breaking point. After speaking with the ignorant manager i was told they didn't even have the items i ordered in stock at this time, too bad- so sad was his attitude! Nor was there any mention of a refund or an apology. These Items were intended for Christmas and after spending time on this Entirely Pets web site picking out all that was wanted for my family/friends doggie gift list, i wasn't happy. Luckily for me half my order arrived but when i called to speak to this company about the expectation of when i could expect the rest of the order, a young women told me, not only did i not have any of these items in my cart on hold pending but i had not even ordered them at all. Thankfully i have the computer print out of exactly what i did order and so to be told i never ordered these 10 missing items was beyond my capability of understanding how this company could still be operating. This women decided arguing with me was pointless and asked if i wanted to speak with the "manager" and put me on hold waiting for him to pick up the phone. However after several minutes, the phone was simply hung up, i have no doubt this inapt manager did not want to talk to me again. Thankfully i went through PayPal ( best way to go for online shopping) and have opened a case, considering i am owed over $100 CAN, i am not letting this company get away with that. I have a feeling they advertise and put great sales on the internet but simply can not fill the orders and are not professional enough to handle the irate/disappointed customers. I will never do business with this flaky, unprofessional company again, and i would strongly advise anyone, to procced with great caution if you choose to do so.

Customer Service is NOT in their vocabulary.
I've been a customer for almost 5 years. The first 4 were pretty good. No problems with orders, prices great, customer reps polite and helpful. I always ordered over the phone because the Sale Prices weren't always showing up on the final order invoice. So, I would go over the entire order with a Rep, giving them the product order number, regular price, then sales price. It was tedious but worth the savings. I was spending $600-700/year. Then things started to fall apart. Wrong order was sent out ($40.00 worth of Bonies) I called, explained and was told "no problem, an S&H label would be sent to me and the correct product sent out. I returned the wrong Bonies and waited. New order came and it was WRONG also. Went thru the process of explaining the problem AGAIN, and was sent another S&H label. No one ever
Apologized for the mistakes. Instead, EntirelyPets tried to bill me for all 3 shipments (yes, they finally got it right on the third try). I had to write an email explaining the whole debacle. Never got a "we're sorry, our bad, etc.". I let it go and got over it. This happened Oct. 2015 and things went down hill from there. My orders weren't showing up unless I called to push them along. Items were always out of stock and orders were forever "pending." But prices were good so I hung in there. Last issue: Nov. 26,2016, I put in an order for $137.00. Mid-Dec., still no order. Many items were x-mas presents. I called and was assured it would be sent out ASAP. A week after x-mas I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau. On 1-2-17 I called EntirelyPets, canceled my order and demanded a refund. Today I was told it should be in my account by 1-9-17. We'll see what Monday brings. There's enough small business owners who will work hard to get my business and gain my loyalty. Entirely Pets deserves neither. I've heard a rumor they're expanding. Not very smart for a business who doesn't take care of the customers it already has.

Horrible company zero respect for customers.
One month ago ordered I NextGard and Spectrum for six months presentation, I have ordered from them in the past and normally EntirelyPets ship on time. This time even though website said it was in stock, they didn't ship it. The website shows my order pending. Called many times but they never answer the phone.

Once I waited for more than three hours on hold, until someone finally answered, and after reviewing the order, he didn't know what the problem was with it, and put me on hold again!
About 20 minutes later said that he couldn't access the order, but that he was going to get back to me later that day. Of course, he didn't call me back.

The following day, after 5 hours of waiting on "chat" (I have the transcript emailed to me, so there's proof) they still couldn't figure out what happened, but said that the following day the order was going to ship and I was going to get an email with the tacking number.

One week has past, and the website shows my order still pending. Today after 4 hours waiting for a chat agent, suddenly the chat said that they were NOT ONLINE. I certainly regret buying from this clown company. Don't buy from them if you order medicines, because your pet's health is on the line, and they simply don't care about you. This business has ZERO respect to customers. Take your money and orders where they are appreciated.

Delay in processing, as usual
Had I realized 2 of the items I ordered were out of stock, I would not have ordered them. Instead, after my purchase I received a notice that EntirelyPets were on back order. Unfortunately Entirely Pets' new shipping policy, which I now understand should have sent the rest of my in-stock order, failed to activate, so my entire order was held back while I was supposed to wait 2-3 weeks for the 2 backordered items to arrive, and be mailed w the rest of the order. Ahem. I finally e-mailed to say, what the heck? Please mail my in-stock items, and at that point customer service agent Joseph did rectify the situation and mail the items that had been held hostage. He was apologetic and very helpful, so I do give him full credit for that! Meanwhile I did explain to him that problems such as this one are exactly why I rarely order from Entirely Pets any more. Prices are good, but no longer the lowest available online, but they do carry certain items I can't find at the lower-priced online company I now use for most of my pet supplies. So thanks for asking! I'm still waiting for my Pet Tabs and something else - it's been so long now I forget what.

HORRIBLE overall business practices
EntirelyPets have made mistakes with more than one of my orders.
I gave them one more shot 2 months ago... They never mailed my order. I sent mulitple emails and then they finally "remembered" to send it (3 weeks after I had placed the order)... Except they never sent it at all when they said they did.
In the 2 weeks after that, I sent 6 more emails and called twice (once was on hold for 10min, the next time was on hold for 45 min-- nobody answered either time). I receieved ZERO response to my 6 emails. They finally responded on the 7th email when I said I was contacting my bank to dispute the charge, since it was now over a month since I had placed my order. They said my package got lost (no, they never sent it) so they mailed it again. It fonnaly arrived 5 weeks after I placed the order. Btw, this was a VERY small order: ONE 6-pack of dog chews.
When I opened the box I was disgusted to find bloodstains all over one of the bags of chews.
I contacted them again. I've just had it.
I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

Good prices, terrible customer service
Good prices, terrible customer service. My first order was great so I reordered more items. Unfortunately, one of the items was on backorder. Rather than shipping what EntirelyPets had in stock they held the order. It was a week before they notified me that they were holding the order. I finally said cancel the backordered item and send what is in stock. Well now three items are on backorder. They are now shipping without the three items (one of which is flea & tick medication). Instead of upgrading the shipping to get the order to me quicker it will take a week to get to me. This company has a lot to learn about customer satisfaction. My order hasn't arrived yet but it appears to be scheduled to arrive on Monday *three weeks after my order. Of course, I am missing three items that I ordered.

Sometimes it is just worth paying a little more with the assurance you will get your order when you expect it. I suspect this is my last order with them :(

They are awful, lie, are deceitful and I will never...
EntirelyPets are awful, lie, are deceitful and I will never order from them again. ON the front page they have an order tracking tab, which for me is very important because it is an international shipment and on the shipping confirmation email I received hey gave me a tracing number. Should work, right? Well, sadly, no. A few weeks after placing the order decided to try the tracking to see when I should expect to receive the order, trackig number didn´t work. I did the email thing - we will look into it, and the was told because it was an international shipment it was untrackable - I was like, WHAT? 110$ later and this? So I tried the love chat and same deal 3 times until the last guy told me that they don´t offer tracking and I actually had to point out that on their own webpage they do actually offer tracking - these people are completely ridiculous and the company is not reliable - I will NEVER order from them again and have 2 words for them - SOCIAL MEDIA..."

Your Order Information: # 8378772

Don't ever order from this site they will try to rip you off!
Do not order anything from this site! I ordered from them and got several emails that my card had been declined. According to my bank EntirelyPets got their money. I had to email them 2x before they finally got back with me. It says they will respond within 24 hours. In the 2nd email I told them if I didn't get a response I would go to my bank and dispute the charge. At this point it had been 2 weeks since I placed my order and paid for it as well. They responded saying that my order should ship soon. I emailed them the 3rd time telling them to cancel the order and refund me for the product and the 5-8 day shipping fee. That was last friday. I received the order Monday in an overnight shipping package they had sent out Saturday. I just got a response this past Friday (a whole week after I emailed them to cancel the order) that I should have already received my order on Mon 10/19 and offered to give me the 10% off my next order! Real cute guys, like i would ever order anything from this site again after all of this to get my 1st order. The product really helps Gunther with his hips and there are plenty of other websites out there I can order it from. Due to their horrible customer service they lost me as a repeat customer, someone who would be ordering from them once a month until Gunther is gone. Please don't order from them and share with anyone who has pets. Had they gotten back to me within a reasonable amount of time about my concern with them charging me and saying they didn't receive payment and sent out my order promptly I would understand. Mistakes happen, but having to wait weeks and then when I say screw it just give me my money back they immediately overnight it and then email me a week later and tell me I can pay to send it back if I want a refund. That is ridiculous! At the very least they should have refunded my shipping! I paid for 5-8 day shipping not 3 weeks shipping! Sorry for the rant, I've just been so frustrated dealing with these idiots the past month and wanted to save someone else the headache of dealing with such an unprofessional company. The end!

Unless your business does not require any customer service or human involvement with your order you may be OK. This is a PURE mail order company. My dog has an eye infection and I have been dealing with them for 2 months to get a prescription filled. PROS- cost is lower. CONS- NO CUSTOMER SEVICE! EntirelyPets do not respond to email. USPS mail or return phone calls. I prepaid for meds so I am forced to try to get this resolved. I have called many times. Hold time is at min 30 minutes and in most cases you get disconnected at least once while on hold. Prescription emailed, Faxed and USPS Mail. All done per their requirement and request. Never received meds or a call from them that the prescription was received or items were shipped. ALL request send to them I asked for confirmation. NEVER EVER HAPPEN. Read other reviews where customers needed to contact entirelypets. You will note a 100% FAILURE

Look for another vendor
I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered! But, I ordered through Amazon. I needed a Cat Lax type product. Good reviews of the product on Amazon (but NOT this company). Ordered Vetoqinol Cat Laxatone and for 2.3 oz. Costing around $8. Ordered at 11 p. M on a Wednesday. No shipping charge, but to get it faster (2 days), I had to pay another $8+ charge. I then (which I should have done before, my mistake) looked to another vendor where I get a great price on food. Well I found the same product ONLY 4.25 oz for near the same price. This was right after I order from Entirely Pets on Amazon. So, 10 min after my purchase, I sent a memo to Amazon to cancel the one to them; I assumed since this was 11 p. M, CA time, that in the morning these people would cancel it. I explained why; so simple. Well, EntirelyPets did not cancel and instead took extra money and it got to me on Sat. And still charge me extra for "fast" service. I will never go here again; check other sites! These people have NO scruples.

Are they even still in business?
Placed an order 2/18/20 for over $400. Order held up due to back order of Virbac dog toothpaste. Finally, I could not wait any longer for other items & tried requesting those items be shipped.

Tried calling several times; put on hold each time & after 20 minutes, still no answer. Tried Live chat; no human response. Tried several emails; received auto response, but no actual response to request. Finally, someone answered the phone & I made my request. It's been 2 days & no confirmation products are being sent. Tried calling today & phone just rang, not even an answer machine message today.

Prior to this I have been very pleased with EntirelyPets. Now, I'm not even sure EntirelyPets are still in business. If they are having problems due to the current COVID19 crisis, they should have the courtesy & business sense to post information on their website & on their phone answering message.

Guess I need to take my business to another supplier.

I read both positive and negative reviews, but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. BIG MISTAKE! I ordered an equine product from them. I was never told that it shipped directly from the manufacturer, but that I would receive the product within 5-7 days. After 5-7 days, I called several times and was told that the product would arrive shortly. 14 days later, it still hadn't arrived. I called and spoke to a supervisor who told me that the item was back-ordered and would be shipped from the manufacturer. Since I needed the product, I cancelled the order and was told I would get a refund within 48 hours. Numerous phone calls were made when my money wasn't refunded. Finally, I spoke to a different supervisor who told me the 1st supervisor never submitted my refund request. The 2nd supervisor made a refund request and I finally received a refund over 14 days after the original request. The customer service is NON-EXISTENT with this company. Do yourself a favor and do business with someone else (unless of course you want to be given the run-around).

Horrible customer service
Placed an order, never got an update. Waited on phone over an hour to be told it hadn't been faxed to my vet in five days. No update after that. Website still said order "pending". Called again three days later. Waited on hold one hour, thirty minutes. Customer service rep finally answered. He told me it had shipped. I asked for a tracking number since i had not gotten an email and the website said "pending". He put me on hold again for 17 minutes. Came back, said it hadn't shipped. Well, which was it? I then said to my just cancel the order. 20 minutes later he said it was canceled, though I had no proof in writing of that. I asked for a supervisor, he told me he would look one up,, then hung up on me! All of this took well over two hours of my working day. This company needs to examine its representatives, its hold times, and lack of communication to customers. It was the worst customer service experience I have ever had.

Incredibly Poor Customer Service - Save Your Time!
I had a long drama with this company. I ordered 4 litter boxes from their site because EntirelyPets were a particular color/brand. It took a while to receive them, but 2 of them were completely wrong and ugly color. I called and they offered to send 2 new ones and have me send the incorrect ones back, said they would send Fed Ex to pick up. The 2 new ones they shipped, but one was the wrong color AGAIN. I called back to return that one and they didn't have any others in stock so said they'd refund. Essentially, it took me about a week for them to finally send me an email with a FedEx label because FedEx never showed up to to pick up the box. I returned the package to Entirely Pets, they received it based on tracking on 6/16. On 6/22, I called to ask about refund, they said it takes about 10 days and to give it another week. So, I called again on 7/5, still no refund. They said they'd submit the refund immediately and I'd see it in a few days. On 7/11 and 7/12, tried calling, no answer, left message and no return call. On 7/13 finally talked to someone and found out they had NOT submitted refund request. Finally today 7/13 it showed up in my account. So it took them a month to FINALLY return my money. And I don't think they would have if I hadn't been calling. It took me calling 5 times to get them to refund! I suggest people pay a few cents elsewhere and not deal with the hassle of this company! The people I talked to were nice, but the company is just horrible!

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Description: We sell over the counter pet supplements, pet meds, flea & tick control products & supplies at everyday low prices. Free shipping on orders over $85. We carry popular brands like Frontline, Advantix, Greenies & Feliway.

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