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Seems Very Shady
* After ordering a prescription and giving my vet information, I received a confirmation email.
* After three days and no update, I emailed and called (no one answered the phone, I had to leave a message).
* I had spent time emailing and calling several times, I was finally able to get someone on the phone. ( the connection was very odd, and sounded like the guy was in his bathroom).
I was told the order hadn't gone through yet since EntirelyPets Pharmacy were awaiting a fax reply from our vet.
My vet confirmed they sent the fax the same day I placed the order.
This took so long, to get to the bottom of that my can ran out of her medication, and I ended up buying the medicine through my vet at the higher price, and still await the delivery of the medicine.
What a waste of time effort this company was for me.

Next time, I will go with the higher reputed services, or just buy from my vet at the higher cost.

Irresponsible - avoid at all costs
My dog has congestive heart failure. I decided to purchase the medication from because, after spending $4,000 for my dog's vet bills, I really needed someplace to buy medication just a little cheaper to alleviate the financial strain. BIG MISTAKE. Another lesson in "you get what you pay for". My dog requires 5 different medications twice a day. One of them being the Pimobendan (Vetmedin). I placed an order on April 7 for the Pimobendan and another medication that I had MAILED them a prescription for, and also a third (with instructions to simply obtain a transfer from another pharmacy, which I assumed would take them maybe a day to do) and it is now almost THREE WEEKS and I still haven't received my order AND I paid for the expedited shipment. After waiting about a week and half I inquired about the ordered. Received NO response. At about two weeks, I inquired again. No response. Shame on me for not CALLING them. It is now 19 days and I called and miraculously got a hold of someone. The customer service rep told me that EntirelyPets Pharmacy were OUT of the Pimobendan - as in didn't have any in stock and it was on back order. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The one medication I was EXPECTING THEM TO MAIL ASAP they ran out of and didn't even bother to let me know so that I can get it from somewhere else. Complete and utter disaster of a company. I wish I had read the reviews about this company sooner, as I would have avoided relying on them at all costs - especially for the sake of my dog.

Horrible Liars never sent my meds for almost a month
I placed an order through their site on July 16th 2020 because it was cheaper than the vet. I even subscribed to auto refills to save more. I got confirmation of the order and expedited shipping to get it within 5 business days. On the 22nd I received an email saying that one of the medicines was on backorder (even though it allowed me to select it on the site without issue). That is already 3 business days that I thought this order was being processed in. I immediately called and asked that EntirelyPets Pharmacy ship out the 2 medications that were in stock and then just ship out the third when it was in stock. On the 27th I called again becuase my order status was still pending on the site. I was told that the order shipped out and should be there soon. On August 10th I called again because I didn't have my delivery and was told that the 2 meds shipped out on Friday, August 7th and should arrive within 5 business days. I couldn't cancel because they had already been shipped so I just left it alone. Today I received an email stating that an order was pending payment and could not go out. I called in to find out that the auto renew for the out of stock medication was attempting to be charged. How they are trying to charge me for an item not in stock is beyond my understanding. I asked for all auto renewals to be cancelled. Before getting off the phone I asked for status on my current order since I haven't received tracking info. He said that nothing had been shipped out, that they were waiting on the third medication and there were no notes in the system asking for 2 of the three to be sent immediately. I was very frustrated because I had been lied to at least 4 times when I called in. I asked for my order to be cancelled. I would never use this site again. Communication is horrible. They literally lie to get off the phone with you. This isn't like purchasing an item of clothing or a toy. These are medications for my animal that he needs and cannot go without. Good thing I was able to get an emergency supply from his vet at an escalated price to keep until can get another delivery from another pharmacy. Thanks Entirely pets Pharmacy for costing me more money than you would ever had saved me and for the frustration.

I have monthly auto-shipments set up for the SAME two medications for my dog. Three months ago, the shipments starting arriving with one of the two meds missing. It took nearly 5 additional weeks to get the second med shipped to me April and May. In June, I contacted customer service to inform them about the missing med in the June auto-ship and the customer care rep told me he would take care of it right away and I would receive an over-night shipment. I never received a shipment and when I called one week later, the next customer rep had no idea what I was talking about and I had to start the whole process over again. This rep also told me I would receive the shipment right away, and one week later I had to call a third time to ask about the whereabouts of the shipment. This time I spoke with a female who told me I would receive it within 3 days. Another week goes by and I call customer care, this rep informs me that the last rep quit her job and so my order was lost. He assured me he would send the shipment overnight. It took 4 more days to receive my shipment and the medication that arrive was the WRONG MEDICATION. EntirelyPets Pharmacy sent me a medication for a cat, and my pet is a dog. I called customer care again today and the rep actually hung up on me when I started discussing the history of this issue. I called back 5 more times and he continued to hang up on me. The customer service is ATROCIOUS at this company and I have had to go to my vet's office to purchase the medication every week for the last 3 months while I've dealt with this issue. It is impossible to reach anyone at this company who works in management and impossible to reach anyone at this company who will actually resolve an issue with a shipment. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

You will be spending A LOT of time following up and still won't receive your order...
Absolutely DO NOT order from Entirely Pets. You will be waiting for weeks and no one will call you. After you wait on hold for 45 minutes, EntirelyPets Pharmacy will tell you that they couldn't fax your vet because the number wasn't supplied - except that their system automatically selected the vet with the included info in the profile, and I couldn't update it. While you're on the phone, they Google the number and fax the prescription. You think all is well and that it will ship, and wait another week, and still nothing. So you call your vet and the vet tells you they approved the prescription a week before, but because you know to ask a lot of questions, you find out that Entirely Pets only sent 1 of 2 prescription requests, and the vet has no requests for the other medication you've ordered. So you call Entirely Pets again, and after waiting for 30 min this time, the customer service rep tells you that the vet only sent the one prescription, to which you reply no, it's because Entirely Pets never sent the other request, so they resend it. You call your vet back again and say they should have just received another request. Guess what? It turns out that the rx request for the 2nd item is just not on the form and Entirely Pets still has not sent the correct request. Outside of waiting on hold AGAIN (which is the only way to get a hold of anyone) for an obscene amount of time, your only recourse is to ask the vet to send an approval for any and all scripps you may order so you don't have to waste so much time again. Or, better yet, never order from them again and go elsewhere. Additional note - the vet laughed when I told her which company was creating so much trouble, and she said this is the umpteenth time she'd had to deal with such challenges.

Incredibly Poor Customer Service
Ordered lactate ringers on June 8,2020 on website. Vet authorized on June 17 after multiple contacts with Entirely Pets. On June 18 I called to find out order staus. Was informed vet authorized on June 17 and it would ship on the 19th. I did not receive shipping notice so emailed 3 times with no response. Finally called again on 22nd, Ariana couldn' t tell why it didn't ship. Was on hold over 40 minutes. Finally am told there is extra shipping charges because of weight. Had to wait for them to calculate. Said an additional $100+. When I asked why no one contacted me and told me about the problem, the response was website says may be additional shipping fees for heavy items. When I then said I understand that but I have contacted company more than 5 times and was never told the issue, EntirelyPets Pharmacy could not answer. Told them to cancel order so she transfers me to "manager" Shaun who again attempts to explain that it is heavy and will cost more to ship and I again said how would I know that if company never contacted me. I again tell them to cancel the order, he on hold again to verify whether the Rx was approved? Huh. Comes back again, talking over me saying website says may be extra shipping. I AGAIN said to cancel the order. Terrible customer service. If there is extra shipping, you should contact the customer idiots.

They mail medication that was back ordered for almost a year!
So, I am not exactly sure when I placed this ordered but my dog because ill with pancreatitis on June 12 and passed sept 17 2018 so it was within that 3 months. On June 1 2019 cerenia that I needed for her arrived at my home. Now mind you I even moved and EntirelyPets Pharmacy had that address too.

I called to tell them she had passed and I wasn't sure why the medicine would arrive a year later. They told me to return the item. So, I returned it on my own dime the next day. Fast forward to July 21,2019 I called to see if my credit had been issued. I was told basically I was lying the item was returned. When I returned the item I called and gave them tracking but they supposedly didn't have the number, shocking. I went through my emails and found the tracking called them back and was told I will see a refund I. 7 days. We shall see

If you need a medication based on a life and death situation don't use this company. I kinda of feel it a mom and pop operation. I've spoken to a Gabe and he is a real asshat! Look elsewhere because unless if you don't it won't be delivered and they charged me last year for this medication without delivering it. Insane.

I've attached the photo of my tracking number returned back to them.

EntirelyPets Pharmacy is Entirely Unreliable
We have 9 retrievers, and therefore try to control costs where we can, and order certain items online. After doing business with California Pet Pharmacy for a number of years, EntirelyPets Pharmacy shorted an order of Heartgard by 4 doses and would neither replace them or issue a refund. So I tried Entirely Pets Pharmacy as we have been purchasing Joint Max from the regular Entirely Pets site them for quite a while, 6-7 years at least with no problems. The 1st purchace of IverMax Plus arrived in a reasonable time. Our 2nd order took 3 weeks, and they could only supply 3/4 of the order, and charged $6.95 for expedited shipping! Their communication is also worse than poor. We won't be back, and I have canceled the autoship on the JointMax and plan on using a different product since we can't find JointMax anywhere else. I have read some unfavorable reviews here about the regular EntirelyPets online store, but our experience was OK. Their pharmacy unfortunately has poisoned my trust in the company ENTIRELY. N. B. - Beaumont, Texas

This company only cares about making sales and EntirelyPets Pharmacy DO NOT BACK UP THE PRODUCTS THEY SELL! I would recommend shopping elsewhere.
I purchased breveto for my boxer dog, the same flea medicine I have used the entire 8 years she's been alive and never had an issue. This is the 1st time I've bought it from this company and it was worthless. I don't know if it was even a product or if it was a placebo, that's how badly it performed. After hours of trying to reach this company I finally do and I'm told tough luck. They tell me contact Merck because they won't honor their product. I can't imagine a company this size being more concerned with the 50 bucks they made off of me then about a customer's satisfaction! I have used many other pharmaceutical companies for many products over thre 30 years ive been a pet owner and they always backup their products. I am now out the purchase price of the medication and I'm going to have to invest in Star and who knows what else to clear the flees out of the house. I have never in all the years I've owned a pet had something like this happened.
I will not be ordering from this company again and I recommend you look elsewhere as well

I tried to order meds...
I placed an order online. EntirelyPets Pharmacy sent the fax for authorization to my dogs vet. The vet sent it back same day. Order status was pending for days, when I called, was told that by the customer service representative that he would figure out what was wrong and call me the next day. He did not call, so I called, got a different representative who told me the same story. He did call back, med was out of stock. They offered to upgrade my shipping but could not guarantee that I would get the med in time. Then after all of this, they blamed my vet saying that they never received the fax. The representative then did a conference call with my vet. The representative was rude to the vet technician, blaming everything on her. Needless to say, I cancelled my order and will never order from this company.

I ordered medications online, only after EntirelyPets Pharmacy accepted the order and charged my card did they say it wasn't in stock with no date as to when it will be available. I waited a few weeks and still heard nothing. I've been got a new prescription from my vet for a higher dose that was available. I spoke with someone in customer service who needed to fill the new prescription and credit my card the remaining balance from the original order. According to that person it was all said I would receive an email that day confirming the order has been shipped that was three days ago still haven't heard anything. According to that person it was all set I would receive an email that day confirming the order has been shipped that was three days ago still haven't heard anything. The original order was placed on July 2 it is now August 23 is this still has not been resolved. I was in the air this is resolved I will not be buying any prescriptions through this company again. My advice, stay away from these guys
John Morissette

Don't waste your money or time! Ordered over a month ago
Placed an order over a month ago. I emailed after 2 and 1/2 weeks and got a response that is was just in and was out of stock. I asked why EntirelyPets Pharmacy didn't inform me of this. No real answer, and that my shipment was going to be sent out immediately priority shipping at no additional cost. I asked if they would send me tracking info... they said they would but no email... I waited a week and called they said they would send it out and send an email and it should be here by the end of the week. NOPE, still not here Been 5 weeks and called them again. At this point just would like my money returned and to never see there web page again! Canceled my order we will see how that goes. Also this guy told me it is out of stock in the warehouse but will be in shortly. Funny that the other three times I contacted them it was on its way and shipped out to me. Good luck if you decide to use this company!

Lazy and full of excuses
Asked if EntirelyPets Pharmacy price match and reply was yes. Told them what I was looking to buy and from where. Clerk states cannot tell if they are a US company. I go to the website and find all indications that the company is indeed in the US. Explained to the clerk he needs to look more. Done arguing with someone reading from a script, ask for supervisor. He asks why I wish to buy from them if it is cheaper elsewhere. Wow, boy do I feel welcomed. Supervisor looks at the competitors website and says yes I see the price. I tell him they have a discount code which brings the price down lower. He states we cannot honor the discounted price. So first the excuse was cannot tell if in the US only to be followed by we cannot match their discounted price. Thank you, you made my decision easier and made me work harder. I did get what I needed at the price I wanted. Buyers please do your research, there are other competitors out there with the same product, quality and lower pricing!

If you need pet meds fast, do NOT order here!
I wish I could rate this pharmacy higher. I am giving it 2 stars for offering better prices, but both times I have ordered this pharmacy has ended up botching the shipping both times!

My cat has awful miliary dermatitis and has to take Atopica for cats everyday. It is an expensive medication (my cat is big and he takes a bigger dose), we got through a bottle of it every 3 weeks or so. One bottle usually costs $55+ at our vet, the bigger bottles costs $130 at the vet. My husband and I are public school teachers in AZ, we arent made of money and this medication tends to get expensive fast!

The first time I ordered Atopica I called a week in advance to get it sent to me. I placed my order and paid for faster shipping. Much to my suspense, the pharmacy didnt send my medication for five days (my vet told me EntirelyPets Pharmacy received the refill request the same afternoon it was sent and faxed back the paperwork. The medication didnt get in USPSs hands until five days after the initial order, then it sat at UPS for a day, and it finally got sent one week after I ordered a refill. Oh, I also paid for 2-3 day shipping (the second most expensive shipping options). I called and finally got someone to tell me what was going on. Since I didnt receive my verification email until six days later I was concerned about my cat running out of meds. By the way, we live in Yuma, not far from Union City, CA-I naively thought it would get here in a timely manner.

We ended up having to take the cat into the vet to get a refill. The office visit was $50 and the medication was $130. I ordered from Entirely Pets so I could SAVE money, NOT so I could spend an additional $200 on another vet trip because this place couldnt ship on time.

I stopped ordering from them because I was unhappy with their service. Then the other day my husband and I knew we had to place an order for meds again, so we tried once more, hoping the first time was just an honest mistake. The exact same thing has happened. I called customer service to see what the heck was going on and the pharmacy tech assured me he would expedite my shipping in the morning so my cat would get his meds before he ran out. Once again I paid for expedited shipping, so I thought it was strange that the pharmacy tech I talked to said hed make sure my shipment was expedited. Hello! I already paid for that! Why offer an option for expedited shipping then?!?! Waste of money!

So now I am waiting (again) for the medication to come. I placed the order last Sunday and it JUST got sent YESTERDAY (1/19). I received the confirmation shipping email at 4:15pm. When I talked to the pharmacy tech the other day I asked him when he thought the medication would come. He told me he couldnt guarantee (which I get because they are USPS), but he did say that his expedited shipping was supposed to get it there on Tuesday! Over a week since I placed my order. (I should mention that my vet got back to this pharmacy on time once again. Even after they sent back the paperwork it took them three days to get one medication mailed out).

I am seriously unhappy with the service that I have experienced. I truly was hoping that my second time ordering would be much smoother. I was sadly wrong. This company sells meds at cheaper prices than anything I could find online but I would STRONGLY discourage pet owners from ordering from this pharmacy if you need your pets meds in a timely manner. Sure, theyre cheaper, but with my cats autoimmune condition I cannot just sit back and hope theyll fill my order. All in all, I wont be using this place again. It would take something substantial for me to change my mind.

Great service, excellent price! Shopped around for Zoom chews and this site had the best offer. Gio, my old pooch is really happy!

Quick, easy and discounted!
When the vet informed me that our cat had lost just enough weight to fall into a lower strength Rx for Bravecto, and EntirelyPets Pharmacy didn't carry that strength, this was the reason I called the vet, to purchase a refill. I was instructed "to just order it online" which I had never done before. I felt annoyed. It took me a few days to get into that mindset. I wanted a source near the Pacific Northwest, Entirely Pets Pharmacy in Union City, CA. The website was easy to navigate. They offered a discount, which would cancel shipping fees. They had the proper strength in stock. I ended up paying 20% less than it would have cost from the Vet. It arrived in 3 days! The transfer of the Veterinarian's Rx to the pharmacy was seamless. I had only to supply the name and phone number, even though it was not on the drop down list. I hate Amazon. The entire transaction was conducted direct from source to me. I am very happy and plan to continue with Entirely Pets for all refills!

Impossible to change orders if there's a problem
Don't call this an internet company. That's a misrepresentation. You cannot change an order, cancel an order, change an auto-ship order, or update credit card information on the website. For all of these things you must call their office. Which is open 9-5 M-F Pacific time. Too bad if you're in a different time zone or work different hours (like me). I received multiple emails from them saying my credit card had expired, but when I left a message I heard nothing back. Did EntirelyPets Pharmacy expect me to leave my bank info on the phone? Or in an email? When I finally got hold of them, I asked if they would cover expedited shipping because my dog was now completely out of medicine. They said no, because they had had to contact me multiple times (so it was my fault). I said I thought that was a bad business choice for them but they really didn't seem to care. So, won't be using them again. It's a holiday weekend. God know when I really get the meds. I certainly don't trust them to get them here by the day the promised.

No follow through. They couldn't care less
I started using Entirely Pets Pharmacy quite some time ago when my dog was diagnosed with a condition that required daily medication for the rest of his life. I recognize that EntirelyPets Pharmacy are a bit disorganized and I always call them a month before I need meds, so they can sort it out and my dog won't be without meds. But lately, it's gotten so bad that they will not contact my vet for a refill order -- even though they say they will -- and they will not keep notes in your file -- so if you call 10 times, on the 10th call it is just like you've never called them before and you are starting over from scratch. NOBODY takes even the tiniest amount of responsibility. Finally, they have worn me out with all the hoops I have to jump through every time I need a refill.

If I could give zero stars I would. This is in regard to order# 258117 which I canceled due to the length of time that it took them to process my order and the fact that EntirelyPets Pharmacy also could not find the prescription that my vet faxed to them several days prior to my calling customer support. This online store is the most unorganized and most customer UNfriendly that I've ever shopped with so, obviously, I will never shop here again.

Then, after canceling my order they apparently decided to ship it out to me anyway. Another call was placed to customer support to which I was informed that they had "changed systems" and that the cancelation was not carried over to the new system. Apparently, this customer service agent thought that the fact that my cancelation was not carried over that it was my fault and that I had to wait for the order to be delivered, refuse it, then wait until they received it back in order for them to refund my credit card. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Of course I said that was unacceptable as this was THEIR fault and they need to eat the cost as to refund my account immediately or to put me through to a supervisor. To that she stated that I would have to call back on Monday as neither their accounting department NOR their supervisors work on Sunday? AGAIN I HAVE TO SAY... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! Then because I kept saying I didn't want to her her apologies as they do not help me she placed me on hold and left me there.

I would hope that those of you reading this are as appalled as I am and also refuse to shop at this site. Do yourselves a favor and use a retail site that COMPLETELY understands customer service such as Chewy. Now that is a site that absolutely has their act together and cherishes providing impeccable customer service.

Good prices, terrible customer service, unreliable delivery
I've been using Entirely Pets Pharmacy for awhile now. I was initially drawn to the relatively low price that EntirelyPets Pharmacy offered on my dog's rather expensive, but necessary eye medication. Unfortunately, their auto shipping is unreliable at best. I've called customer service a few times to inquire why things haven't auto shipped and have been given a bunch of excuses. Recently I called customer service requesting my dog's RX to be shipped (thinking I was being proactive). A couple days later I began questioning whether anything was shipped since I never received email confirmation. Another call to customer service (with a long wait time) revealed the prior customer service agent never processed the order. I was told they would try to get the order processed today, but it would still be 3 business days until shipping. And rushed shipping will cost me extra, even though they're the ones that dropped the ball. The cost savings isn't really worth the time I have to spend keeping on top of them to try to get my dog's medication on time. Shop around, there's got to be better veterinary pharmacies that have reasonable prices and better customer service.

I ordered medications for my Dog from Entirelypets...
I ordered medications for my Dog from Entirelypets three weeks ago. I chose entirely pets as their price was better than my prior pharmacy. EntirelyPets Pharmacy promised prompt shipping. Two weeks later, no order or tracking information had been sent. I e-mailed their customer service center, no response. I then received a call a week later saying that the price had increased from 0.08 cents a tablet to 0.61 cents (mind you my card was authorized for the lower price weeks ago). The message asked, so now how many tablets do you want shipped now? I called customer service and they said the computer made an error, sorry. Pay the new price or nothing will be shipped. The "updated price" is more than twice my prior pharmacy charges. They would not admit to false advertising though my card was authorized for the original amount prior. I will NEVER order from this company again and encourage others to fill their pets' medications elsewhere. Terrible customer service with no regard for the pet's urgent need of medication or for owning their mistakes. Extremely dissatisfied.

Poor service
I ordered my pets medication from this site and didn't hear anything about the script for 2 weeks. I contacted support and EntirelyPets Pharmacy stated my order was being sent. Another week and a half goes by and I receive an email stating they are waiting to send my order because I have not paid and to call support. I called the same day and was told they cancelled my order because it wasn't paid and they couldn't do anything for me and suggested I reorder.

Why would I reorder when it takes them three +weeks to to get the order and then cancel the order. They stated they cannot process my order because I didn't pay... you have to put your cc information in when you order your product. There is no reason not to charge your card. Also when you put promo codes in that are advertised on the website they do not work and they won't add. It's a bait and switch which is illegal last time I checked.

So not order from this site!

Awful Service!
I read a few bad reviews but figured that happens with any business from time-to-time. Yep, we were wrong - the bad reviews are correct.

A team of sloths would have processed our order faster! We placed our order for our dog's pain medicine on December 22 along with a pack of syringes. The syringes were on backorder, however, EntirelyPets Pharmacy assured us the medicine would be sent immediately and there would be no wait for the syringes. They waited for the syringes to come in before sending our order. In the meantime, we had to get an emergency order that cost us an extra $25. When we mentioned this they didn't even offer any sort of a refund or credit. We had to call back and ask to speak with a manager before they finally conceded to a partial refund.

We complained to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well because of the of the poor service and outright lies. When the BBB contacted them Entirely Pets Pharmacy claimed we were never a client. We sent the BBB proof. So, save your emails and dates/times/person you spoke to if you choose to do business with them.

Chewy is only a couple bucks more with FAR fewer headaches and excellent customer care. We have learned our lesson and will be avoiding this company like the plague!

Read the other 1 star reviews, they are true.
Placed an order for an in stock item and paid for 2 day shipping. My vet called me the same day and said EntirelyPets Pharmacy were contacted by Entirely Pets Pharmacy and approved the prescription. 4 days later my card was charged and order still listed as pending. Took me 3 days after this to get through to anyone at the company about the status of my order. Emails were unanswered, their 1-800 phone # was busy every time I called it, and I waited in a LONG queue for live chat half a dozen times only to be disconnected when my turn got close. I finally got a not busy signal on the phone number and waited on hold for 40 minutes before talking to anyone. They cancelled my still pending order with no questions, but the whole thing feels suspect. In the 3 days it took me to get ahold of anyone about cancelling my order I placed the same order on a different website and have a tracking number for the shipment of my pets prescription.

Horrendous, do not use them
I ordered some Rx eye medication for my dog. It was about $10 cheaper than other places. That is the last time i try to save a few dollars and use them. I ordered on a Friday. I got charged on my paypal account that same day. It is Tuesday and I have not even received an order confirmation or a receipt for my transaction. I have called them twice and EntirelyPets Pharmacy say my order is "not in the system yet" so i cant even cancel it since there is no order number and they cant find it. He keeps telling me to call back later and it might be in the system. I do not plan on wasting any more time waiting on hold with them! I ended up disputing the charge with Paypal instead so hopefully I can get my money back that way. I had to go to order someplace else since i should have started my dog on his meds already! Ugh. NEVER AGAIN!

Not Happy
My first order on Dec. 1st (Order ID 234118) went very well, however my second order did not. I was charged a much higher price for the medicine Sucralfate on my second order. My first order on the first of Dec. Was an order for 3 bottles of a 100 pills at $0.33/pill of Sucralfate at a price of $33.24 a bottle, total of $99.72. My second order (Order ID 1123675) was 150 pills of Sucralfate at which I was charged $0.60/pill compared to $0.33/pill for prior order. I'm asking why I was charged almost twice as much for the same medication as my first order. I did receive a discount of 18% off my order at which I had to ask for when ordering, The 18% was a discount that was offered that day on the your website. Will probably not buy again.

If only there was a zero star rating
Probably shouldn't be writing this while I'm in a freak out state, but hey, I've been in a hold my breath holding pattern for nearly 2 weeks and apparently I will be for the foreseeable future.

Trying a new treatment that would determine quality of life issues for a horse. Vet did not carry the med, so we had to go online. It was very expensive, and probably I should have saved the cost ($418 BTW) for something else, but I wanted to try one more thing for this senior boy who I have loved for more than 20 years. I usually use a different pharmacy, but this time I had to shop by price. Turns out, cheaper is not better.

So here is the tale of woe:

Order was made on October 8.

My vet texted me twice, advising me both times she spoke to Entirely Pets, October 10 and October 15. In her October 15 text, she commented we may be dealing with someone working out of their house because EntirelyPets Pharmacy had no record of having spoken to her on the 10th, and that the person she spoke to sounded as if they had never done this before.

I can't remember if it was the 15th or 16th, but having been unable to even get a voice mail calling, I did an online chat asking the status. I was told it would be shipped within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Ok, so separate from all of this, there was an emergency and I did not check e-mails until today, October 20. When I did so, I found an e-mail from Entirely Pets from October 16 saying the medication is on back order (?!?!?!)

At no time, the original order, the 2 conversations with my vet, or in the chat session, did Entirely Pets say that the medication was on back order with only "soon" as an estimated time of receipt. [Incidentally, Even today, if I go to the web site, that particular medication is showing as available and ready to ship.] And, unlike any other professional pharmacy, rather than call to say there was a problem, they e-mail. (Not everyone is tethered to their computer, but everyone is tethered to a phone. I would *think* a "pharmacy" would understand that medications just might be time sensitive).

I can not get the medication from anyone else until I get my money back from Entirely Pets. It was money I didn't have to spare to begin with, so coming up with more right now isn't possible. I have to wait until Entirely Pets refunds me to try again. Given their top notch service so far, I'm not getting my hopes up.

What I do know for sure is that Entirely Pets is absolutely responsible for prolonging stress related to determining if now is the time to say goodbye or if we can preserve quality of life. All they had to do is reflect back orders on their web site at the time of order, or call to say they didn't have the medication. Either action would have resulted in a no harm no foul, and I may have tried them again in the future.

If you don't care if or when you get your meds, sure, cheaper may be better, but if you require meds for a medical condition, pay more for a professional pharmacy.

Terrible customer service
To save a few $$ I made the mistake of ordering flunixin here - plus expedited shipping. It is something my mare needs daily, and I ordered in plenty of time with enough here to spare. But EP neglected to let me know that - in a weeks time - my vet had not responded to their fax. I only found out because I called EP to see what was going on with my order. Had I known, I would have called my vet. Terrible customer service. Never again. Allivet will continue to get my orders from here out - a bit more expensive, but EntirelyPets Pharmacy will contact you if they've not gotten a fax back to ok the Rx and get the order to you VERY quickly, even without expedited shipping. Now I will have to get flunixin from our vet because I will not receive my order from EP (via HEARTLAND PHARMACY) for another week. 2 weeks... Don't order anything here that you need in a timely manner. Ever.

If I could give zero stars I would...
I ordered from them to save a bit of money, but now wish I had saved myself the wasted time and stress instead. It took them over a week to receive approval from my vet, despite the fact that she spoke with representatives and left voice mails three times giving approval. I have called them myself one to two times per day for the last week to check in with what is happening with my order and have been told different accounts each time. Today I was told that the approval was just received today and my order would ship tomorrow, which was also what I was told yesterday. Each customer service representative has given me varying, unapologetic, excuses and have offered no solutions. EntirelyPets Pharmacy do not seem to care that this is time-sensitive as my pet has already run out of the medication that I ordered before I knew that the process would take weeks to be resolved, since it has has taken less than a week when I've ordered through other online pharmacies in the past. The advertisements for other products that play constantly while you wait on hold are another fun bonus. Do yourself a favor and order from a different site.

Entirely Terrible Pharmacy
If you need pet meds, prescription or nonprescription, find a reputable company that cares about animals. This is not one!
I ordered 4 different nonprescription items. The BOX arrived on time, with a packing list with each item checked. Unfortunately, the list was not true. Only items 2&3 were enclosed. Item 1 was a flea prevention product, but the wrong item and quantity were enclosed. Item 4 was missing completely.
I immediately notified them in writing, asking for them to respond within 24 hours with their plan to correct their errors. EntirelyPets Pharmacy took 5 DAYS to respond.
They promised to ship the missing items, with a new tracking number to be sent within 24 hours. Over 4 DAYS later, NOTHING heard from them at all. My account showed that shipment of the missing items had not yet even been processed. Over 2 weeks since the original order was placed and nothing!
They should rename their company "entirelypathetic".

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