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The site was not easy to navigate
The site was not easy to navigate. I entered loose leaf black tea in the search field and got over 30 pages of returns, many of which were not loose leaf tea. I was required to change my password when I checked out, but your system wouldn't accept my password (containing 9 characters; upper case, lower case, number and special character), so I had to check out as a guest.

I found items that I want but so many things were out...
I found items that I want but so many things were out of stock! Also, a common fault of many item searches is that too many things in which I am Not interested pop up in the sorts - a waste of time for everyone. If I am looking at page after page of items that I will not be buying, I am not purchasing anything. Sometimes I lose patience and go to another site to get what I want. One of the philosophies I had in my store was that people standing in line are not spending money so get to them as quickly as possible. I finally closed my store last year when I retired - it was 102 years old founded in 1917.

I would like a quick side note about allergy related...
I would like a quick side note about allergy related risk. Obviously I can tell if it has nuts and I'm assuming that it's all made in the same factory Cadbury in one factory and another brand in another factory but does say a none peanut containing chocolate get made on the same machine as say the peanut containing g chocolate.
I don't have a lot of time to be reading each and every consideration.

Being an Anglophile since the about age of 3, I finally...
Being an Anglophile since the about age of 3, I finally made it to England at the age of 20! Sitting down and having a proper Cream tea in a London cafe was a life dream come true, but what happens when you get back home to the US? I literally had dreams about clotted cream and scones, and if I am having dreams about a food, I want it pretty bad! Thank you for your store, I would go crazy if I couldn't have another scone or clotted cream in the years it may take me to get back to the Island! I can finally rest easy, and awaken to a breakfast of a proper cream tea!

Your checkout is awful
Your checkout is awful. You have blocked form fillers, possibly because you're being advised English Tea Store are insecure. They are actually more secure than forcing people to type it in (in case they are hacked with keylogger sw). I tried it in several browsers. AmazonPay doesn't even work - goes to a big error page for me. I almost didn't complete my purchase b/c of the irritation, and certainly would not have if I could get Sharwoods Butter Chicken anywhere else.

Trying to sign in to my account was impossible and...
Trying to sign in to my account was impossible and frustrating. I asked for a link because I forgot my password. The email wouldn't respond to the link because it stated my cart was empty which it was definitely not. I tried this several times and gave up, ordering as a guest. I like to keep my orders on file for future reference to purchase. Perhaps I need to find a different company with a user friendly website.

Thank you so much for allowing us to taste some goodies...
Thank you so much for allowing us to taste some goodies from from another country. This is my 3rd order and so far is has been very good. My first order was fudge that was not good for it was discolored and a bit stale but the next sampler was delish. I was hoping that you would send me another sampler of the fudge but that was not the case. I was a bit disappointed. I hope this order is as good as the second one. Thanks Deena

I really like the teapot selections
I really like the teapot selections. I think I finally found a 1-person teapot that will work for me to replace an old one that I love, but which is now wearing out.

The shipping/tax charges are a little confusing: your site banner says $4.95 flat shipping, yet my shipping charge was $6.45 I thought maybe that included tax, until I saw that tax was added on top of the shipping charge when I placed my order. So, the $4.95 flat shipping seems misleading.

1. When looking at the pages, you can't just jump to page 12, for ex. You have to go all the way back & start over. Why isn't there an option to "view all" or list all the pages so you can jump ahead? 2. It is difficult entering a second address (I am sending a gift to a friend) & it didn't recognize my zip code. I kept getting the message to enter a valid zip code, when I had entered it accurately.

Finding and selecting product was easy, checkout not...
Finding and selecting product was easy, checkout not so much... Noticed a surprise $0.98 charge for something called "Route Package Protection" had been added. Too a bit of searching about to figure out how to delete this item. Sort of reminds me of my not-very-favorite car dealership and their slipping in of a fee for this and a fee for that above and beyond the cost of the service performed...

Thanks for all the great gluten free offerings!
Thanks for all the great gluten free offerings! I LOVE the fact that you list ingredients for all your products, including chocolate collections. Being a vegetarian and gluten-free, this is vital to me. It would be great if you could carry a variety of crisps, even if you had to sell them in case quantity so that English Tea Store wouldn't get crushed during shipping. More Lovemore, please!

Ordering was a pain
Ordering was a pain. I contacted customer service multiple times and was told items would be in stock by a certain date, but that didn't happen. Getting in touch with customer service is a long process, English Tea Store just don't answer the phone. Also, amazon pay didn't work while ordering which was disappointing. I couldn't find this particular item anywhere else so I had to use this website but will not be reordering from here.

I tried to get help with this order
I tried to get help with this order. Sent an email and did not receive any feedback. Tried numerous times to call and waited on line two occasions for over 30 minutes. I have made purchases in the past and customer service was great. Disappointed but hope the item will arrive in excellent condition as this is a gift for Christmas. Placed this order after missing out on a preferred color for the tea chest.

Using a cell phone
Using a cell phone. Sometimes when I clicked ‘add to cart' it took me to the cart. This happened often when I was ordering beans and rice. I prefer when a pop up window appears to add to cart but I can remain shopping at the same place on the same page. This happened when I was buying tea. But most of all, thanks for working throughout these crazy times - we really appreciate you!

I have ordered from you before, but never have I had...
I have ordered from you before, but never have I had so much trouble signing in to your website. I finally checked out as a guest. I just wanted to see how long since my last order. Couldn't even do that. It really was quite maddening. I still have not received a login reset email and yes I checked my junk mail repeatedly. Really just a crap web shopping session, I'm sorry to say. You are very lucky I like your tea that much! Seriously!

I am a new customer, I tried to submit my order using...
I am a new customer, I tried to submit my order using my Visa debit card. I tried via my phone on Safari and I kept getting stuck in this endless loop when trying to submit payment details. I tried to place the order online via my laptop and got stuck in the same endless loop. Finally I tried using the PayPal option instead of the CC option and it went through. It's still the same payment method Visa Debit but I've spent WAY too much time just trying to pay for the order!

I've tried several times to hit submit order
I've tried several times to hit submit order. After address verification, it kept reloading the page - no error message, just not completing. I was concerned at first that I have now submitted 3 or 4 duplicate orders, and walked away. I got marketing email this morning encouraging me to complete my order (so I guess none of the submit orders processed). And now, I have a thank you, your order was sent to us but is awaiting payment. It appears something is going wrong on your back end payment processing system? I'm hoping this has gone through properly, I'm looking forward to my tea!

I had one question and was on hold for too long to...
I had one question and was on hold for too long to talk to someone. I had no idea if I was getting ETS or Flag Store... Person who did answer the phone was very nice and helpful; I appreciate that. I filled out on line ordering info, including credit card info... and hit "order". System came back with a teensy difference in the way my address was presented, so I said... use new address. System kicked me back to filling out payment info again! Frustrating!

Navigating can be a bit difficult unless you are very...
Navigating can be a bit difficult unless you are very detailed in what you are looking for when you search. I do like that the out of stock items are placed at the end. I wish there were more individual samples or the ability to make a custom sample box as I was able to do that before and the recipient was thrilled with being able to try before buying. There is such a variety and this way it could be customized to individual tastes or occasions without people being left with something English Tea Store find they aren't fond of.

4/5 stars because your product/Tea is up excellent...
4/5 stars because your product/Tea is up excellent quality, very often superior to all the alternatives.:-) This is particularly true, in my experience, of your herbal teas, which are much better in terms of taste than any of the supermarket alternatives.:-) My one slight criticism, why I gave you four stars instead of five is that with shipping cost, I sometimes can't afford to purchase your product as often as I would like.:-(

Since I am new to this site, I cannot give a complete...
Since I am new to this site, I cannot give a complete asessment. I have yet to hear from the recipient and must understand better how this site works.
On the other hand I am pleasant surprised that as a tea store, you have much merchandise to offer. I hope to return to see more of what that is. One thing tho, I was asked to rate before I could complete my shopping. And now I see below as I write this review, to rate the items which has yet to be shipped to the recipient. Are you that anxious to be rated or is their a glitch somewhere. I feel I am being rushed.

Fantastic teas... We always enjoy them! Love the English Breakfast tea, but the Bird's Custard is to die for! There's nothing like it in this world, and as a Brit, those are the two things I miss most, and I've called the States home for nearly 70 years! It's like going back to the UK for a heart warming visit, minus the airfare! Thank you for making that possible! Packed beautifully, with fast shipping, and we've always had a smooth transaction! Thanks again!

I was required to purchase Route Package Protection,...
I was required to purchase Route Package Protection, which I have no idea what it is, and why it is not simply included in the shipping amounts. Very annoying. I am trying not to purchase things from Amazon, but you're making it very difficult! I had to buy 3 boxes of tea to get within a few dollars of Amazon's lower price, and then this irritation in addition.

Wishing the website had more information (pictures/video)...
Wishing the website had more information (pictures/video) re: mounting brass plate on tea chest. Tried to get info. By calling, but customer service rep. Was not given sufficient info. To answer my questions (how thick is wood? Will it split? How big are screws?, etc.). Would've preferred the bigger plate, but didn't have sufficient info. To purchase that. So, I opted for the safe option - a smaller plate w/ adhesive. It's a gift that will be delivered to the recipient.

Back button doesn't seem to work while paging through...
Back button doesn't seem to work while paging through product lists.

It'd be great to have a filter to hide 'out of stock' items when looking at product lists.

Love the shortbread selections, though my last order of the Grace's cookies arrived in crumbles. I guess that's a bit of a risk with shortbread. Still, my go-to for loose breakfast tea, cookies, and random items. :)

It took way too long for the order to finally go through
It took way too long for the order to finally go through. The system asked many (4-6 times) for me to consider accepting the address the system proposed, which is essentially the same one minus the ALLCAPS as what I keyed. Plus although I had selected the shipping method, the system did not accept it at least 2 times. Jeez! My friend in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK will be disappointed my experience just trying to purchase tea from her area was such a downer.

We spent considerable time researching before we placed...
We spent considerable time researching before we placed our order and delivery information was different at that time than what is indicated on the website. We called and English Tea Store told us we can trust what's on the website even though the estimated delivery date on our order is different. We will have to wait and see if that is true. Also it took five tries to actually place the order, with no indication what, if anything, was a problem.

Third order in just over a month
Third order in just over a month. LOVE the English Tea Store! Such a treat to be able to buy English Treats! LOVE the puddings! Everything has been yummy and tasty. And don't get me started on the great teas! Great customer service and fast shipping. Just wish English Tea Store were able to keep more things in stock, but with everything going on this year, it is very understandable.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my shopping...
Thank you for the opportunity to share my shopping experience.
I was looking for an on line tea shop for my brothers birthday gift and wanted to give him a special tea!
I worked with the "Brits" for many years and was excited to see you have PG Tips :) Do you have Fortune Mason?
I am looking forward ordering all my specialty teas from the "English Tea Shop".

Thank you,

Unfortunately they were out of stock on the tea pot...
Unfortunately English Tea Store were out of stock on the tea pot for the first set I liked, the second choice, they were missing cups and saucer, the third set was missing dessert plates, so we settled on a different set all together after considering making a hod-podge set ourselves. Hence the 4 star review. I called customer service and the rep was very helpful and informative, just lacking in stock, would give them 4.5 if I could.

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