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I made a purchase end of February beginning of March. On the website it said that the product was available with no notification that it would even be on back order. I kept checking my email for the shipping information and never got it. I sent an email to them asking what the hold up was essentially and if there was an ETA. English Elm told me that they tried reaching out (I checked my spam and everything) but there was nothing from them. They then proceeded to tell me that since I hadn't responded they were going to cancel my order since they did not hear from me. UHM I think not! I never wanted my order canceled. So I asked what an ETA is and they said the beginning to end of April. Ok... I then tell them that is fine and I would wait. That is the information I was given at the start of March. I still had not heard from anyone thinking oh April is almost here, so I decided to reach out. They have now told me it has now been pushed to middle of May! Why did I have to reach out to them to find this information out?! In all of the emails exchanged not once did they sound concerned or want to keep my business and kept offering me to cancel. Most businesses try a lot harder to keep a sale. The emails seems as if they are written by brainless humans or a robot. I HIGHLY recommend taking business else where. The only good thing to come out of this is finding the same product at Target of all places and cheaper. If anyone wants to shop for similar quality go to Target or ALL MODERN. Bottom line do not support this company unless you want a headache, crummy customer service and waste your time. :)

Bad that we can't show more photos, this is the sofa I bought with white glove delivery service paid a extra $175 for that, and just dumped in the room not assembled, or even know if it works or what it looks like, the worst service the worst experience, can't get any help only bought because English Elm promised delivery in 2 weeks, because it was in stock item, again not true arrived today bought 12 July, wish I read reviews before buying from this company and the delivery service was a nightmare they called AM DELIVERY, the online sale service girl was very sweet and would respond diligently until all was paid... and as soon you need them good luck they wipe their hands and say deal with shipper good luck getting any reply from them and read the reviews

HORRIBLE Customer Service
I purchased lamps. English Elm came not fully assembled. When I pushed the cord down through the lamp to complete assembly, it got twisted and frayed. I requested to send them back. First, I was asked for photos of the fraying and when I sent them, I was told by Andrew N. That this is normal and that this will be considered a "regular return". I said that if I have to damage an item to fully assemble it that it is not a regular return. They refuse to pay for return shipping. I finally started packing the lamps up and discovered that one had a piece cracked off of it. Due to the time that we have been arguing, they now say that my time limit for a damage claim has expired. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

Forget the stars, they get an "F"
It's easy to write a positive review when you don't have any issues. I always say, you don't know how good or bad a company is until you have a problem! Mine is a long story that has dragged out for 7 months. English Elm is a middleman operation run by 1 person. So, when you have a defective product like I did, he can't do anything other than replace with another that is also defective. Mine came from Steve Silver so don't order from them. English Elm also refused to do anything and said it had to go through English Elm. Months of run around. I also filed a complaint with BBB and English Elm never responded. Now I'm working with my credit card co. And trying to get a refund! Spread the word!

Avoid this site its a scam!
I purchased something from this site back in February only to be told it was no longer being sold and asked if I wanted a refund. I of course said yes but it was days after my credit card had been charged and the refund took forever... I should have known better because a few months later I ordered another item from the item and again was told it was out of stock. I told them to cancel it again and then it showed up in the mail a few days later... I had already purchased the EXACT same item from another site and now I can't get a hold of anyone at customer service to return it...

So far, good
So far, good. However, no where before ordering was there a mention of when the items would be shipped. It also did not say that the item was NOT in stock, therefore I must assume it is ready for shipment. ONLY after ordering did my receipt mention at the bottom, that "Items are subject to availability.". I was hesitant to order simply because of this issue in regard to not stating the item is, or is not, in stock. My order #*******592
If these two nightstands are NOT in stock, I wish for a full refund immediately.
Please make revisions on your site for items to show whether English Elm are in stock or not. The only reason I am concerned is that I am having a hard time finding this particular night stand anywhere else, and was so pleased to see it here! Plus... I just learned about your site and company and look forward to purchasing more from you. Looking forward to getting the shipping date!

Thank you!

Diane Kirwan

Worst customer service! I wanted to give Zero star!
I should have listened to other reviewers. However, I did not and I learned my lesson. I placed the order when the item was shown online as in stock. Then I was notified it was backordered. After over a month, it was delivered. But it was the wrong one. I emailed them to ask to return the item, and it has been another few weeks since then but English Elm still don't want to send me the return label. No customer service number you may call, all emails and no timely response at all. I almost made sending them emails a part time job now.

I would avoid using this company in the future!
The company English Elm use to ship your stuff is a JOKE! The box was destroyed when it showed up today. It was so torn apart he couldn't even get it in my house so he had to carry in each piece of my table while the box lay in my front yard. Prior to this I found out the hard way that their is no one who will answer or return calls. They do all communication via email and after about 20 emails back and forth I learned they just tell you what you want to hear but it really goes nowhere. They did make my deadline but the stress of what to do if there was a damage to my table was not worth it. I'll stick with known companies who back up there stuff in the future. I read if there are damages upon arrival you still pay to return it and I had I refused the delivery today (with the box in shambles) I would have been charged a refusal fee. Insane in my opinion and lesson learned. BE CAREFUL before ordering with this company! I just tried to upload photos but isn't allowing me to.

I ordered the Tommy Bahama Kingstown Regiment Huntboard for $1,899.97 from English Elm in early June. It's website says delivery within "8 to 13 business days." Two months later, a very damaged looking box was dropped off in my foyer. The delivery driver told me it was just from where the folks at the warehouse opened the box to inspect the contents before promptly leaving. I unboxed the very heavy buffet and my heart sank. It was not only broken across the front but the irregular-shaped wood piece which had broken off the front had small nails evidencing where someone, somewhere had previously attempted to repair it. That's what English Elm took 2 months to send me. A broken and repaired and broken again $2,000 buffet. I immediately emailed English Elm with photos and asked for help getting the enormous packaging and broken furniture out of my foyer. I said it had to be gone within 5 days as I had company coming. I said, otherwise, I would be forced to drag the 400 pound piece of furniture and its packaging to my front yard. I was warned by "Andrew N." not to remove anything. 5 days later, and it's still sitting in my foyer. English Elm has gone radio silent. Never again. Run, don't walk away from this shady operation.

Terrible, awful, the WORST.
DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY. I purchased this sofa less than 2 weeks ago. I immediately notified the claims department that my sofa came flawed with what looks like paint residue on the fabric. ( I have attached photos for reference.) These markings have a texture that is entirely unique to the rest of the sofa and are gold in color. Additionally, the sofa is already broken with the bracket falling off of the bottom of the sofa. This sofa is LESS THAN 2 WEEKS OLD. English Elm is dragging their feet processing my claim and suggests that the residue on the couch is normal graining of the fabric. It IS NOT. Additionally, English Elm suggest that they can send a new sofa to replace this one. This is unacceptable. This sofa is incredibly poor quality and the claims department at this company is unprofessional and unreasonable. They boast a "no hassle return policy" on their website which is simply untrue. Finally, I found several Better Business complaints against the company today and only wish that I had seen them sooner. Do not purchase from this company.

English Elm is an unethical company and are crooks
Bought a coffee table from English Elm. Was not happy with the item and payed $150.00 to ship it back. The package was damaged in transit and an investigation was supposed to be performed by ups but English elm denied ups the inspection. And would not refund my $460.00 for the table. I followed all the requests for the inspection process. English Elm promised they would hold on to the item until the inspection was completed. But they lied and did not. They would not let ups inspect the package. They would not return my call to discuss the matter. Apparently they have a long history of screwing over their customers. They're unethical! Save yourself time and money. Buyer beware from English Elm!

Do not order from this company!
Please do not order from this company! If you have a spare few minutes please read my story about these frauds.

Ordered from the website and got confirmation email saying to expect shipping/tracking info to be emailed... heard nothing from these guys and started to get a bad feeling. Thought you know what I'm going to cancel so checked the website and it clearly states cancelation with full refund possible up until shipping, hadn't received any notification regarding shipping so emailed them telling them I wish to cancel and get a full refund as per their website saying cancellation must be done in form of an email(No Phone calls). So I thought that's that and I'll carry on with my life!

This is where these guys show what complete frauds English Elm are... got an email the following morning informing me that sorry you can't cancel as order has already shipped! The order had NOT shipped as they sent a tracking number in that email and the only thing they had done is quickly sent info of shipment to FedEx. I'd love to carry on but I wouldn't want to bore my fellow consumer, the bottom line is these guys lie and cheat to take your hard earned money. Mr Andrew N in their customer service department has serious small man syndrome.

Luckily i kept documentation of all their fraudulent behavior and my credit card company agreed with me that they are fraud.

So if you've seen something you like on their site... keep looking and save yourself a headache

The worst company experience ever.
Please stay way from this company. Till now I'm dealing with a guy name Andrew. N. I received my furniture broken and scratched all over. The delivery guy told English Elm will send me new one. I have more then one month dealing back and forth and no one want to return my furniture, are giving me different refunds amount up and down in amount pretty much, they are playing with me. They told they will return the furniture and the next week they email me they won't do that. I'm asking to speak with a manager, no one is there. I have to bring the case up in court. Please stay way from this company.

Best service
I have had a great service experience with English Elm. I wanted to buy a chair that was out of stock everywhere. After trying to buy it several places, I landed on English Elm. I tried to purchase through them but English Elm emailed me immediately to let me know they were also out of stock. However, they then offered me several alternatives that were close to look and style from what I originally wanted. They were the only company to do this. They also offered me a discount since my original order was not available. Shipping and delivery went smoothly. However, after I received the chairs, I noticed that one was damaged. It was damaged in a way that was hard to see and not due to shipping or delivery. I contacted English Elm and they immediately sent me a new chair. I am a very satisified customer.

Eng Elm took $$ for a table that was out of stock. BEWARE! They ask to be rated PRIOR to delivery.
This is my experience:

English Elm reneged on timely delivery of my coffee table after payment in full from me.

The website does not offer full disclosure of policies, delivery dates, etc. The EE staff provided me with a misleading/incorrect date of deliviery.

That is, after paying in FULL over $1000, when I sent the company an email asking when my table would arrive, EE said "August".

The next think I knew, the item was "out of stock" and I had to decide if English Elm could hold my funds until "possibly some time in November."

In my opinion, English Elm offers products online that are not available.

In my opinion, English Elm expects to customers to pay $$ for the "opportunity to get delivery" 4 months post first stated date, while they take on other customers who pay for the same item.

I would hope that others are more wary than I was of their procedures.


Do not order from English Elm. I ordered 4 items, a dresser, bed, and two nightstands in July. It is not late September and I have only received one nighstand. English Elm sent me an open, damaged, and incomplete dresser. Supposedly a replacement has been sent. The claim to have shipped and delivered 2 nighstands, though only 1 was delivered. I have gone back and forth with them multiple times, they do not provide answers to my questions. Refuse to refund me. I am so frustrated with them, I have no other options but to dispute the charge with my bank. I paid over a thousand dollars worth of furniture and in almost 3-4 months I have only received 1 nighstand. This is a robbery. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.

English Elm canceled order after a month of silence
Order of the Rowan Jr media center by Greenington Furniture purchased through English Elm: After numerous order status issues due to product style availability it became necessary to call the manufacturer myself. I located a style/configuration of the product I wanted as English Elm was not equipped with even the barest minimum of proactive problem solving. My order was finally initiated and the lead time for delivery was 3-4 weeks. No problem as everyone has supply chain issues right now. On week five English Elm sends an order cancellation notice via email with no explanation. I follow up with them and then Greenington only to learn that the item is available and ready to ship from the manufacturer warehouse. Six more emails and English Elm is unresponsive aside from telling me I can re-order the item and have it placed on back order. Avoid the hassle. Find another vendor. In my case I went with Old Bones Co. English Elm were speedy, responsive and communicative and excel in all areas where English Elm failed.

Worst online purchase experience ever
Radio silence for weeks out of the nearly two months we waited for the product. Expected delivery December 18th and it arrived a full month later. No updates for four weeks. Then the chair arrived damaged.
This is the worst online purchase experience I've ever had. We ordered a swivel glider for nursing and it arrived weeks after our baby was born leaving us with no place to nurse during that time. English Elm is absolute garbage customer service and the products are either used or getting damaged in their incredibly slow shipping.

Terrible terrible customer service! Will never shop here again!
I don't usually leave reviews but this time I had to. I wish I could leave negative stars. I ordered 2 nightstands that I really loved on the pictures, when I ordered them I got an email that English Elm went out of stock as soon as I ordered them. I got them 1.5 months later and they were so damaged that one of them I couldn't even take out of the box because it was basically pieces of wood scattered in the box. The other nightstand is cracked all over the sides. I messaged them the following day to ship them back, and Andrew at the claims department was horrible. He only wanted to give me one shipping label back to send it back, while both were damaged. Their policy states that they will cover return shipping if the products are damaged, but he ignored that. All Andrew did was just deny my second claim with the second nightstand to not give me the second shipping label. Also replacement nightstands were not available at that time either. I tried calling them and leaving them voicemails but they never pick up the phone and they never call back. It's been a terrible terrible experience. I'm still trying to figure this out and it's been several months already. Look at the pics below of both nightstands, and you'll never order from here!

Terrible do not waste your time
I ordered a dining table and a console table. I was very excited. English Elm took the $1500- just to email me days later saying- the console table actually sold out. I could wait months and they'll hold the money and ship it out then. Okay. I'll take the refund now. The next day. The dining table is actually also sold out. I could wait months and they can hold my money or I could wait another few business days for a refund. I said that's crazy that everything I ordered happened to be sold out and they said "there is no way we can keep our website updated with what's out of stock" what! They will hold your money, not give you products, and not update what they're sold out of. Don't shop here and get excited about a piece that you'll pay for but never get just to get refunded later.

Poor Quality, Poor Service
I ordered a bed months ago that was reported as "in stock" on the company's website. Apparently that was not the case. My shipment proceeded to be delayed for 3 months, with several generated emails saying "I was on the next shipment, make sure you reserve your spot" then only to receive the same email with a delay the following month.

Alas my bed came... the headboard was completely broken. As for the bed's based, it was not broken but severely scratched up making it a total eyesore in my room. I contacted the company and English Elm said they could send me a new headboard. In 2 months... I asked if instead they could just give me a partial refund (a measly $200) and not go through the hassle of sending the headboard, and they refused. Needless to say, I will not shop here again or advise anyone to do so. Use Wayfair if you must go cheap and fast -- at least their customer service is good.

Big Scam!
I ordered furniture for 6211 never received an order number I tried contacting them and noticed there was no phone number. I immediately looked them up and saw about 20 dissatisfied customers I called my bank and charges were reversed. English Elm then started calling everyday telling me it was too late to cancel the order they will give me 20% discount if I clear it with my bank. I told them I was no longer interested in doing business with them. I found the exact same furniture and purchase it from a company I thoroughly checked out this time a week after my money was returned. Three weeks later my bank took the 6211 back out of my account stating English Elm said they delivered it. I told the bank that was not true. Where is my signature that it was delivered? Where is a picture showing it was delivered? Why would I order the exact furniture from a company a week later that cost 1200 more? I have a camera on my home what day did they delivered it? This company is a Big SCAM! I'm out of over 6211. I am so upset! Who would order the same furniture 2 times in a week and pay more for it! I need the tv reporter to call me. 0 rating I hate they make you choose a star before submitting 0000

Terrible bed. Terrible customer service. My bed had split wood even before putting it together but I told myself it was fine because you "couldn't see that part" but the second I put my mattress on the entire headboard broke. I emailed the company with pictures asking for a refund and English Elm told me it doesn't qualify. Ummm if the entire bed breaking doesn't qualify I don't know what will! Been going back and forth now and they're still refusing to refund. TERRIBLE company, product, and customer service team. Run, you'll thank me later.

This Company threatens you with collections for their mistake! Not only did English Elm provide the incorrect Tracking Info, they blamed it on the Customer stating "It's easy to track", like I am stupid. The link they provided shows DELIVERED, as i told them. They said I do not know what I am doing with the click link THEY PROVIDED!

I told them, I do not want the item I purchased, even though it shows DELIVERED, which it clearly was not! They threatened me with action to collections and or other ways to get REVENGE on me. I ordered the item almost 2 weeks ago, and even if i wanted the item, it's still NOT here!

Just FYI, the people that leave good reviews here are the one that are LUCKY, as there were no issue(s) with their Order(s). However, IF you ever run into any potential Issue(s), be warned, you will have a mess on your hands!

Quality merchandise with prices to match!
Quality merchandise with prices to match! I love the unique styles and colors. The durability and craftsmanship of the furniture is of awesome quality! You have lots of variety to choose from which I love! The navigation of shopping on the site is easy and gives you detailed information on the product. English Elm sends emails and stays in touch with you regarding your order… even if you'd like your orders to be returned or back ordered. English Elm do an excellent job of packaging and securing your order so that you receive it in tip top shape. No damages! In addition, all the pieces to assemble if needed are always there in your arrived order. They are very professional and have outstandingly efficient customer service. I will continue to keep English Elm as a favorite place to shop for unique, eye-catching, flavorful furniture and accessories!

Zero stars. They use your money
This Company doesn't really have stock. English Elm fool you into purchasing items that they don't have in stock and then when they can't source those items they let you know that this item is on back order. What I think they're really doing is enticing you to purchase something that they don't really have then using your funds for other things and then getting back to you to tell you that those items are out of stock and then taking their time to refund your money back to you. They really should be looked into. Completely shady!

Fake products, fake availability, worst customer service EVER
Directly from the "customer service" department with no actual name of anyone I'm in contact with after I bought a couch on sale and English Elm let me know it was out of stock until 7 months later from the vendor but IT WAS STILL LISTED ONLINE (and is!) and on other websites:
"Unfortunately, we do not have availability on our website. We do not have the manpower to update availability for over 300,000 skus on our website. Since we ship directly from the manufacturer and stock is constantly changing. We have no way of mimicking their real time inventory unfortunately."

What a nightmare, the couch was $1,000 and they can't even update their website (which should be automatic feed update by the way with API). They're terrible and can't believe they're a legitimate business. I better see my refund in my bank.

They will not cancel order and it has not shipped!
I ordered a vanity, and a day and a half later I tried to cancel my order due to not needing it anymore, and as per the cancelation policy if item has not been shipped English Elm can cancel and issue a full refund. I checked my order and indeed it had not shipped so I sent email to cancel and the next day I got a reply saying item had already shipped so they couldn't cancel it and gave me a tracking number. I checked my emails and did not receive any emails and the website showed item was not shipped. The tracking information they gave me stated that Fedex delivery was pending because label had been created and shipping information had been created but they have not received the item. THAT WAS A WEEK AGO AND IT HAS NOT CHANGED! They still refuse to cancel my order! Andrew N. And Doreen are dishonest. English Elm is a dishonest company and everyone should know! STAY AWAY! Products are probably crap too!

English Elm is a backorder furniture company that sells items as if English Elm are in stock ready for delivery.
I placed an order for 2 Remark Gray Chairs on 4/23/21. Total $842.50.
Immediately after the order went through I was emailed my items were on backorder til August or September 2021.
9/23/21 I received one chair out of two.
The company expects me to wait til August or September 2022 for the second chair.
It has taken me since 9/23/21 to receive half credit back on money the company had since 4/23/21.
Now I have the chair received to return back to them. I paid $75.00 to prepare the chair for pickup by a promised warehouse truck.
They have emailed me a Fed Ex label to arrange my own pickup.
Real customer service.
Called self-service.
I should not have to arrange the pickup.
English Elm should be shut down.
Please save yourself time; money; and your health dealing with them.
No consumer deserves to be treated this way.
I have no photo to upload because the single chair is in a box.
Prepare to involve your bank; spend hours to expose them; plus the hours invested in emailing them.
They just do not get it.
But they grab your money...
Keep your money...
After a battle you might get back part a refund like me... but plan on ongoing battles to get your total refund.
I requested a warehouse pickup to insure the safe return of the chair.
Placing the chair in the custody of Fed Ex is a risk.
I have great sympathy for others that have been burned by them.
Consumers that just wanted the items ordered.
This has just about cost me my health too.

Bad experience. Damaged item. Wont cover any shipping.
This company does business under so many names that its hard to find info about the actual business if you have an issue... P3 Ventures LLC, Truth in Craft, English Elm, & many others. I found complaints about them on the Better Business Bureau website, but not under the English Elm name, but with the same proprietor and address (Truth in Craft based in Chicago). Please refer to the Illinois Secretary of State website to find other company names affiliated with the P3 Ventures LLC, as its likely English Elm all have the same business practices. Complaints, like mine, had to do with their unfair shipping policies. In my case, I was sent a broken lamp. Once I looked at it, I decided I didnt want the lamp at all, so I contacted them and, per their request, took photos. First, they ignored the fact that I wanted to send the lamp back at all and tried to send me a replacement. When I again made it clear I wanted to send the lamp back, they told me I would have to reimburse them for the free shipping that I received when I got the lamp, and I would also have to pay for return shipping of the item. I find it very unfair that I have to pay shipping to receive a broken lamp. Im fine with paying shipping one way, but they should bear some burden for shipping of a defective product. The lamp has been perfect, I wouldve gladly paid all the shipping costs to receive it and send it back. They were not flexible at all. Will never do business with them or any of their companies.

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