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I purchased a manual for my Isuzu truck that was supposed to be a complete coverage of the vehicle.


It totally DOES NOT have one shred of information on the engine electronics like electrical diagrams, principle of operation, component locations, troubleshooting, >>>>NOTHING, ZIP, NADA<<<<.

The most critical and important information one would need on any vehicle, and not a single spec of it was in the manual. Mostly screw and bolt removal and replacement. I don't need a manual to tell me how to remove bolts. I need real and informative technical coverage that is useful for repairing and maintaining the truck. I can get the screw and bolt stuff from Chilton, if I wanted and I don't, which is the ultimate for the NOT useful information department.

And the email responses from the "Customer NOT Service" department were cryptic, asked the same questions over and over and went nowhere.
So I asked for a refund and NOPE "you already downloaded it so we can't give you a refund". WHAT? How would I know that the most important information on the vehicle was missing unless I downloaded it and saw that there was nothing there.
DAH!. >Stupid<
So I give them negative 10 stars for the worst service on earth.

High Quality
The eManualOnline service manual is broken down into general sections (body, electrical, engine, etc), and typically each page has a drawing and detailed explanation. While some people have mentioned this book is good for beginners, this is also a great book for experienced gearheads like me - you'll get good information on the basics without being overwhelmed by details. You can always get a more detailed ebook if you like this one, but this is good enough to let you speak intelligently with your mechanic. This is a very good guide for beginners and professionals alike.

A company to avoid...
Since 9/2/19, the date I was charged for a phantom manual, I've been given links for the download of a 13gb. Ova file. EManual Online requested a download manager program for this 21hr download which never completed. Ever. Then to use the. Ova file that didn't download they suggest a virtual machine program. Doesn't work. Then they want to do a remote assist to help me. On the appointment time the EMO Bojan was in "the hosiptal". Next appointment EMO Bojan states that the power is out in his building! Really? Anyway I never got my manual from them. I purchased one from Bentley. In the last week I asked that if they can't give me my money back then in the spirit of the holidays, donate the money to a charity. Their reply is that they want me to start the download process all over! Merry Xmas all you fine folks at emanualsonline.

Scam -- positive reviews are planted
No manuals were sent, spyware aimed at getting access to my computer. The company representative responds to complaints by lying and insulting the customer. In some cases, the company's reviews actually mock the customers. This is not a legitimate company it is a criminal operation.
It is baffling and troubling that Paypal continues to cooperate with
I have initiated a dispute with Paypal and there has been no resolution yet. Their agent conceded to me that there have been problems in the past and haven't been able to explain why eManual Online have not discontinued their relationship with

Excellent guide
I am a big fan of European cars (especially BMW and VW) and we just recently purchased a used 435i. I purchased the eManualOnline service manual for it. About a month after I got manual the car started throwing all kinds of codes (GRRRR!) With this manual and a code reader, I was able to diagnose and fix the issue at the cost of only the parts (cracked charge pipe in case you are wondering). I have several of the eManualOnline manuals for various cars I have owned over the years and have found them to be the most complete service manual short of buying the service manuals from the dealership.

Excellent for my BMW
Well written and quite comprehensive. It covers basic information about the difference in model years from 2004-2010 to detailed repairs from their own teardown of A BMW X3. From oil changes to rebuilding the transfer case. This is the only emanual to cover the model and a must have for the do-it-yourselfer to the professional tech. EManual Online are wonderful vehicles that will last for years when maintained well, which this manual serves as an aid. As an ex-2004 & current 2007 3.0 X3 owner this is a welcome addition to my library as I plan to keep my X3 for years to come.

Works like charm!
This Land Rover 88 repair manual is well written and a remarkably useful and valuable ebook that comes at a sensible price. Easily understood by readers with varying automotive knowledge and experience, The author plugs us into his own considerable expertise and, importantly, good judgment. I always have this ebook on my phone and I read this ebook straight through and immediately had a better and more reliable baseline of knowledge concerning the 88 platforms. The author has accomplished a remarkable thing in quickly and calmly transferring complete and subtle knowledge that is truly useful. The writing style is modest, humorous, and ultimately generous. I am, professionally and by avocation, 40+ years a car guy. I have never read such a useful, digestible guide as this one. Very well done; a quiet, solid masterpiece.

an impressive, mind-boggling collection of repair,...
an impressive, mind-boggling collection of repair, service & owners manuals. including an unbelievable amount of DIY, how-to & instructional guides & books. listing everything from lawnmowers, ATV's, forklifts, snowmobiles; tractors & heavy equipment to vehicles both on & off-road; trucks & small aircraft the manuals number literally (no bullsh*t) in the hundreds of thousands. including guides on internet marketing & business; arts & crafts; & quilting to writing & architecture just to name a few. but whats even more impressive is the surprisingly affordable low cost. a must see for every mechanic!

I needed to find a way into the electrical circuits...
I needed to find a way into the electrical circuits for the fuel pump on my Mercedes C220 W204. User forums were not that helpful but did help me find I parted with my £18 and got a 500+ page PDF containing all the service information I could ever need and electrical drawings. Reading a few pages on what happens when you simply put the key in is (even on my 10 year old car) is enough to discourage anyone tinkering but I you summon up a bit of courage you can benefit from the information supplied. General service tasks can be done at a fraction of the cost with the right tools and information. This PDF helps you see if you need any specialist tools to fulfil the job. if so, it's probably not worth starting but it's good to know before its too late. Overall, a worthwhile purchase.

The search engine found the manual, along with a few...
The search engine found the manual, along with a few others, using simple search terms for the vehicle make, model and year. The description of the product was little more than the title of manual, but offered little detail about the contents. I wish there were a few sample images of the product (if there were, I didn't see them). Payment was easily made via PayPal. The download link and instructions were quickly provided in an email message following payment. The download took only seconds to a new MacBook Pro using a high speed Internet connection.

This website is a scam!... Beware! EManual Online sent me a bad pdf copy of a manual and for the wrong model! They charged me $40! And when I contacted them to ask for a refund or the correct manual, they just ignored me and pocketed the money. The German and american addresses, as well as the phone number they have on their website is FAKE. All the reviews in their website they have written themselves as they is nowhere to write a review in their website. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMER WEBSITE. These people write their own reviews to make themselves look legit. Try Calling the fake number they provide in their website, you will get nothing. These are scammers from India passing themselves as English! Be careful as they WILL NOT refund your money once you pay, even if they sent the wrong thing

Total Scam
Total scam.
This is how it works. EManual Online claim that they have all these repair manuals. They even show pictures of step by step instructions, never mind that its the same instruction for all their manuals. After the payment has gone through they send you a zip file with a bunch of free media the manufactures send anyone for free.
Try to get the money back. They claim that they can't offer refunds because you already downloaded the product. True I downloaded a product, though not the product that was promised.
Their phone # doesn't work. I've been emailing them back and forth and they wont own up to the scam and refuse to refund my money.

Bait and switch, nonstop spyware, AVOID
No "start download" buttons, nowhere to sign in, constant pop-ups (super sketchy spyware), FAQ is cyclic and refers to doing the thing that you are trying to find, except that thing isn't there, so you can't do or find the thing it wants you to do or find. NOT AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD, eManual Online REALLY want you to download a "download helper" (read - spyware/malware)... newsflash, it is a DOWNLOAD, it isn't 1998, you click and you are done... but, of course, nothing to click and NOWHERE on the site is ANYTHING that allows you to "sign in/log in". Will be charging back, thank god I used paypal. SCAM!

the processes is quite complicating in how unsimplified...
the processes is quite complicating in how unsimplified it is their should be arrows to direct movements, and credit is complicating word of directives so it should explain that direct uploaded debit card or credit card to simplify what you should do at certain intervals in the processes, and fictious rebates, discounts should not be based on credit cards alone, but on prepaid debit cards as well, this is unfair practices to paying debit card holders who are buying your products, and shows just one innuendo, to implicate the action to force a credit card purchase format, because of this I will use PayPal, only upon necessity, not at a freelance of shopping, the discounts are not based through a clients purchases but rather the registrations of credit card like acceptances, which to the 300,000,000 million customers 275,000,000 million have bad credit, so the approval rate is only 1/10th of the customer base and whoever is running this business this way is not very bright, as if prepaid debit loaders were given this discount properties more sales and more orders would create more revenue for PayPal and emanualonlie, understand

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I repeat DO NOT BUY! Save yourself some unnecessary stress. EManual Online do not deliver what they said. I have yet to receive my download link and when ypu try to call them the number does not work and the email provided for contact comes back undeliverable. I can't help but believe it is a SCAM and that it is their own people leaving positive feedback. Save your money! Get this. When you place your order they provide no order number for reference yet and still the money is out of my account. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

UPDATE* This Jon guy is an automated generic response. Zero resolution will be found. DO NOT BE FOOLED. This is not a legit business. They create FALSE positive feedbacks to counter all the negative ones they rightly deserve. Completely disingenuous company looking to prey on individuals. DO NOT BUY!

16 hour download, huge software setup. No refund just time wasted here!
I purchased a manual set for 9.99 pounds. Downloaded and setup a download manager as indicated on the site. 16+ hours later the download manager had my OVA data file. Then I had to download and setup software that runs as a complete separate virtual machine, where you get warnings that your fully legal version of windows is not authentic? I run a smaller netbook machine and it takes forever to load and I can hardly do anything else with my computer. Requested a refund a number of days ago and were now battling using the payment people as referees. I still need a manual and I'll spend my money any where else but never again here. Fools for 9.99 Pounds.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the variety of different...
I was a bit overwhelmed by the variety of different but very similar manuals, and so I wanted to be sure I was buying the correct one. However, the closeup images were no help in me confirming if it was the right manual for my outboard. (Some of the images had boats with steering wheels, which would not feature in my outboard's manual, which concerned me - then I discovered that the website uses the same images for several different outboard manuals). I had to go elsewhere to establish the correct model and year for my outboard, then I did come back to buy it as I wanted it downloadable the same day - which it did very well.

While you carry a large selection of manuals, for the...
While you carry a large selection of manuals, for the ones I was interested in I was unable to tell which ones were applicable to my equipment without support from your people. I would like to see some more distinguishing titles and some screen shots of the manuals so I can better determine which one is right for me. Many titles were identical with little or no information to do this search myself. Even the manual I purchased has no identification in it that ties it to the equipment I have, it only graphically looks like it. So I am still not sure it is going to be the right part numbers. Time will tell.

Bad company to work with
I ordered based on reviews
I ordered based on reviews. Maybe because I have an Apple computer, I had a very difficult time downloading. I was in email contact with the company and eManual Online sent me what was supposed to fix the download issues. Back and forth approx. 7 times and finally they sent another link so I could download another operating system. I did not want to do this without their assistance which they said would be no problem. Instead they sent me a request for their help which I answered with the time and date they suggested.

They kept asking questions and then told me they were booked and I would have to reschedule. Finally after they refused to refund my money, I told them to forget it and I downloaded and ordered hardcopy from Hayes with no difficulty. This may be one of the worst experiences I have had with any customer service. I will be calling the credit card company to dispute. I wasted a lot of time and energy for $16 US. I hope this doesn't happen to you.

Not satified with provided manual
I've just bought a Mitsubishi Colt Workshop Manual 2003-2010 from EmanualOnline. I'm not satisfied, on the contrary! It does describe my vehicle, but there is no guide to repairs or whatsoever. There are technical drawings and specifications here and there, but no information on how to actually service or repair anything. So to me this is useless. Besides: this same manual is downloadable for free on various other websites. I somehow feel scammed. I've raised this matter with the support department and asked for a refund, but eManual Online only state that the manual is correct for my car, it is the only one they have for my vehicle and that they don't want to refund. The amount I paid was € 22,99 which to me is a substantial amount of money, especially for a product that does not match what one might expect of it, and is to be downloaded for free on other websites. Very disappointing.

False advertising
I ordered a 1997 f150 factory service manual as there site stated. I did not receive a factory service manual. I received a knock off manual. I sent email to them and the BBB to resolve the issue. Only to find out that eManual Online admitted to incorrect listing of the manual and refuse to provide a refund. They offered a store credit. How can I trust or use a store credit for a company that provides false advertising then changes there description of the manual to hide there advertising. They will not provide a refund. BEWARE They are not factory manuals. Do not trust what you buy.

One star is far more than this gang deserve.
As others have said, I would give it zero stars were that possible. I paid for and downloaded a workshop manual for my daughters car, the page I downloaded it from gave a number of file types as possibilities. In my own mind I expected a pdf but got a. Ova file, something I had never encountered before. Following the instructions I downloaded the recommended software, followed the instructions to the letter but couldn't manage to access the file. Updating the software to the latest version, I am then warned that windows considered the file unsafe. Searching for answers I am then informed I need to alter the BIOS settings on my PC to get even the software to run, let alone the. Ova file. Being highly suspicious of this, I tried two more software packages recommended for. Ova files and was still unable to load the file. Bad enough at this point, but then I contacted customer services and things got really bad. After explaining my dilemma, I suggested that I still wanted the manual but would have preferred it in. Pdf format. AT this point I was told no refund, but I could have a credit note towards another. Ova file. Pointless and of no use to me. I mentioned this by reply to the customer service agent and I was basically told "Tough luck, you downloaded the. Ova file and that even though its un-usable, no refund". The attitude from CS was one of sheer arrogance. "We have your money, now go away"

Don't waste your money
I tried Emanuel's, it took a half dozen emails and having them take over my computer to get it to run (something I was not comfortable with) when I finally able to view the manual (through many steps just to view it) I found my manual for a 1999 Chevy s10 to be Totally useless. Very small diagrams, those that you can find. No information on anything of major such as replacement of a fuel pump, chasses work like removing the truck bed. Nothing to do with the drive shaft etc etc etc... again do not waste your money. ALSO no REFUND. Despite the claim of money back guarantee it TOTALY FALSE, once eManual Online have your money... That's it

Very Poor Customer Service
I ordered a manual for my 2000 Mercedes c230 (W202 chassis). I received a download for a 2001-2009 c230 (W203 chassis). When I sent an email notifying them of their error, a response came from someone named Bojan telling me that the manual sent to me was for a C230. He ignored the fact that it was the wrong years and wrong chassis. I sent a second email telling him that the 1994-2000 c230's were totally different cars from the 01-09 c230's. His response was to ask me for my cars VIN number! I told him that this was not necessary because my car definitely is a 2000 c230 W202, and the manual that I received definitely is for a 01-09 c230 W203. He again asked for my VIN number, and I just sent an email asking for a refund because he either doesn't care or is incapable of understanding the difference between car model years. This issue should have been resolved effortlessly, instead, eManual Online seem to have incompetent people working for them. I will also be filing this with the Better Business Bureau. If this is being read by Support at e manual online, my Ticket ID was: CVV-840-50260 so that you can see the email lunacy customers have to endure for such an obvious simple matter.

I came about this site through a link from a YouTubeChannel....
I came about this site through a link from a YouTubeChannel named LegitStreetCars. Because he was positive about your product, i ordered a copy of my self. Ad first i found de site very confusing, with all the ads. For example the banner "Download your emanual now" did not help me download my file. The ad "Exclusive offer. 20% off ... Redeem now" did not apply to my purchase. I am sure these mistake where due to the fact that this was the first time on the website. Customer service solved the problem within hours. I would surely use the service of emanuals in the future and i will recomment it to friends.

Product not as described, unusable
I purchased a workshop manual for a Honda Stream 2001. The product description claims the file format is PDF and the computer requirements are Adobe PDF Reader and winzip.
However the only file I am provided to download is an OVA file which requires VirtualBOX to be downloaded & installed. VirtualBox also requires access to the network.
I purchased this product believing I would have a PDF copy, PDF files can be viewed on almost every device and can also be printed. OVA files can only be viewed on a computer, Linux, Apple or Windows, eManual Online cannot be printed or viewed on a mobile device.
I have contacted customer support but customer support and asked for either a PDF copy or a refund. They have offered to setup the VirtualBox Network for me but that is not what I paid for and does not have the functionality I would have with a PDF and that I require. They have not even addressed my request for a refund.
Avoid purchasing from this company, their product description is not accurate, their customer support is lacking and they refuse to honor the sales agreement.

This Company is a SCAM. Do not purchase from them.
I own a Deutz D5206 4WD tractor, the front wheel drive of the tractor stopped working. I needed a manual to fix the problem.

I went to EmanualOnline and found a manual that looked like it would do the job. It listed in the item covered by the manual Front Wheel drive

I purchased the file (manual), Order #356858 Deutz D5206 Workshop Service Manual Repair, Cost AU$26.99.

I downloaded and read the manual. To my horror, the manual did not have the section on Front Wheel Drive. Thinking that I downloaded the wrong manual I went back onto EmanualOnline and found another manual, showing that it has a section on Front Wheel Drive. It was listed as, Deutz D5206 Repair Service Manual, so I purchased that manual, Order # 356869 for the cost of AU$26.99.
After reading these manuals I found that the Deutz D5206 Workshop Service Manual Repair and the Deutz D5206 Repair Service Manual are the same file. Both files finished at the same point, half way through Re-Assembly of Gear Shift Cover. Four repair section that are listed in the manuals are missing.
Now to Support Team, I have been in contact with the Support team seven times. I have also had contact with 3 personnel, Rahul Ticket ID #OTO-736324, Richard Ticket ID IOH-815-69777, and Bojan Ticket ID IOH-815-69777.
Except for the first email, all of the six other email's the reply's is: "It seem that you have the best manual for you case" or "I would suggest reading through the manual to lean more".
I have asked direct question about the file that I downloaded and a request for my money to be refunded as I thought that I was purchasing a complete manual not a half of a manual. All I get is one-line answers listed above.


Extreme disappointment.
I purchased an eManual for my 2002 Toyota Hiace. I expected it to be as the name implies, a manual I can go to to find the area of interest that I need at the time. Sadly, what I got was an array of pdf files with titles that give no clue as to what is in them. So for me to find an area of interest I would have to trawl through thousands of pdf's. I obviously thought I'd done something wrong in the downloading or the way I was using it so I emailed the support people. To my amazement eManual Online said that is the only way to use this manual and they don't have an alternative for this model of vehicle. If this wasn't bad enough, the pages I looked through were written in what I would call Chinese english with many spelling mistakes. I feel I've been ripped off and scammed and I hope many people read this before dealing with these people.

Purchase and download was simple enough, product was...
Purchase and download was simple enough, product was as I expected. But web site was confusing to navigate. I found the manual fast, agreed to purchase a download, paid with PayPal and then seemed to be ignored by the web site. Some time later an email showed up in my inbox and it had links to download the manual. 1. Why the extra step of waiting for email? 2. Why not a message after checkout telling me to wait for the email? 3. Why not a message telling me how to check status of my purchase? The checkout had all the impressions of "thanks for your money, bye." Fortunately, the email eventually showed up (in my spam folder as suggested might happen by the site). I would have given higher ratings had the web site not left me wondering how to proceed or if it was going to proceed.

I needed a detailed workshop manual for a 2013 Vauxhall...
I needed a detailed workshop manual for a 2013 Vauxhall Mokka. I looked at a number of offerings but none had the level of detail that I needed. I contacted the Vauxhall Mokka forum and noticed a reference to emanualonline. I checked the site and looked at some samples. The level of detail provided was stunning. I decided to take a chance and made my purchase. Within 2 minutes of paying I received a link to my manual and downloaded a 177MB pdf file. The level of detail is the best that I have ever seen. The manual cost £20.00 and covers all major areas of the vehicle. I could have paid more than that for a mid-range manual that would not have covered one tenth of the level of detail ! I am very, very happy with my purchase. Well done Great work, great value and excellent support.

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