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Package Never Arrived
Never Received Product. I ordered 8 weeks ago and I'm still waiting. Ellebabe send you an Australian tracking number that gives you an error that says --"We couldn't find your tracking number. Tracking number ########### might be incorrect or not in our system yet. It can take a while to show up here, so check back later. Learn more". When I sent an email, they told me it could not be tracked until it arrives in my country. That makes no kind of sense! ASKING FOR A REFUND AND GONNA BLAST THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

This is the worst experience ever. I don't think I will ever buy again. I waited almost 1 month for my purchase to be delivered. I bought TWO sandals and Ellebabe couldn't even place them in a box. They came inside an open bag AND they were dirty and all squeezed. It was super disappointing.

Tried paying with several cards, all declined
Tried paying with several cards, all declined -- couldn't figure out why. Logged back in later only to find currency selector at top of home page; hadn't even seen it before. Changed to USD, card worked. That selector
Should be at payment portion of process, not in beginning.

Do not get anything from this website. The items you receive is nothing like what's depicted in the images posted. The vendor is from China and is using a fake website. The contents are taken from other websites. Though you will for fast shipping, it will be over a month and more before you receive the items. There is no cancellation or refund. I had to learn the hard way.

These masks are great!
I ordered a black one months ago and I love it! You feel like you are getting protection, plus it keeps the mask from pressing directly on your mouth and nose and you can breathe. I cover mine with a 3 layer paper mask and feel well protected. I have already had a few friends purchase them too.

Customer Service
I ordered a Cat Mom grey sweatshirt for my wife (M). Ellebabe sent me a Dog Mom. Through several different emails from multiple different associates and playing email tag they said they sent out the one I ordered, and they confirmed that it would be the cat mom sweatshirt. They sent me yet another Dog mom sweatshirt. I paid $20 to expedite the first one so it would be here for my wifes bday. And I yet to have received the correct item I purchased.

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Recent Order
Received mask with attached shields in navy and black. Black were perfect. Navy masks were wider than shield, which caused gaping around eyes and forehead, like attaching shields was an afterthought. Shields not very clear, cleaning with soap and water helped.
Impressed with the material and quality of clothing purchased

Ellebabe are woefully substandard. A total waste of money! I thought I was buying two regular masks, instead I received two kids' sized masks - nothing like what they advertised. The dress I bought, was made from a nylon see-through material and looked as cheap as cheap can be. Total rubbish!

Fast and really convenient tho would have wanted more...
Fast and really convenient tho would have wanted more pictures to show product dimensions... also would have wanted to know if this item ships with replacement N95 filters or if these are available for purchase from this site. If so would appreciate how much it would cost.

Don't Know About Their Clothing, but DO NOT BUY THEIR MASK - You will regret it.
Please don't buy masks from this company. It seems that when Ellebabe get a bad review, a good one follows to overshadow the bad one.

Based on what I experienced, I can't imagine others have received much better. I was so disappointed with what I received for my workers. It was offensive that they even made me spend money on it to be shipped.

After waiting for a product with a transparent upper and lower portion of the mask, I was so excited to be able to provide my workers with a functional mask that provided both safety coverage for eye and mouth that was also breathable.

I could have cried. I issued it to a worker to give me an unbias report on its functionality, and here's what he sent back (to which I furnished to Ellebabe requesting a refund), "OK mask should be returned; poor vision, plastic over mouth causes vapor for poorer vision. Need better vision material and fabric or quality filter from mouth and nose."

With that said, they offered me 20%, then 30%. As you can see from the attached proof of purchase, I paid out $22 and got a bit over the shipping charge. This means they earned 90% for something I lost 100%, and I still have to find new products to spend 100% on again. I've decided not to trust anyone else online selling mask. I purchased a pack of 10 of the blue masks from Kroger this morning because Ellebabe has leveled my trust. As a small business, I was excited to support another one, but they have no desire to be fair... they win; I lose. That's not going to last very long.

I hope you don't have to learn the lesson I did, but if you decide to find out for yourself. Please reply to my comment if you get a great product because I don't trust Ellebabe's reviews, and I'd rather hear it from a real person.

Doesn't get any worse that this! Stay away! Very poor customer service
Very poor customer service. I received the same computer generated generic response several times. I had to open a Paypal dispute to get any response from ellebabe. I asked that my order be canceled and money be refunded. O oh too late, items shipped! (Not really)! Several items were not accurately described or pictured on the web site. 1 item missing from my order and 1 sweater was just the worst quality and certainly nothing like the cozy v neck long sweater pictured. And that expedited shipping I paid for? I have order from other overseas companies with great luck. Not so much with ellebabe.

Before deciding to buy I emailed many times trying...
Before deciding to buy I emailed many times trying to decipher what factors would make the delivery take 30 days, because the rep Christine was very vague. I wanted to avoid ordering certain products that would take the longer time (She said it would take from 10-30 days.) I was not able to get a clear cut answer, so I took a gamble and ordered.

Can't get more filters
Took a long time to arrive and when a asked about more filters I was referred to the website which I had already searched. The question included the fact that I had already searched but I searched again anyway. Still no option for filters to fit these masks which were rather pricey for masks that can only be used until the filters run out.

Purchased 10 more mask today
Purchased 10 more mask today. This is my 2nd order, previously ordered 12 & love them. The only mask I am able to wear & breathe! I tried the test to see if I was able to blow out a candle while wearing mask, passed on all 12 masks. I would recommend to anyone with breathing issues or not. I'm very satisfied with ELLEBABE masks! Thank You

You sent me an email with a discount code, here is...
You sent me an email with a discount code, here is the copy and paste
The gift for our valued customer
Fri 24/07/2020 12:33 PM

Dear valued customer
The new and no-limit coupon is only for you now! Our 10% OFF discount can be reused within a month, and can be used in conjunction with other cash coupons and points, achieving a real unlimited!
EXTRA and no limit 10% OFF coupon (Code: XYH010), when you enter the order payment interface, enter code XYH010 on it.
Just Click
To receive it
(so it is recommended that you save this link and when you need to make a new order, you can enjoy the coupon again)
To cope with the impact of worldwide virus, we have cooperated with several websites with protective masks and other protective supplies, you can check them out:
Wish you good health!
Any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve it for you
Have a nice day.
Customer Service

It did not work at the checkout

Ordered 6 May 2021. Shipping to Europe, maximum 15 business days (latest 27 May 2021)
On the 23rd I receive an email that my package has been shipped. What have Ellebabe been doing for 17 days?
On the 27th I complained that I did not receive my package.
No understanding at all. Just the "COVID19" excuse. We are 1.5 years into the pandemic. Seriously? They still did not get their $#*! together?
Today 2nd June 2021.
Only silly discussions with them. "we will check with the shipment company, wait several more days"
Not something you wanna hear in overtime.
Don't even consider buying anything from these thieves.
If it would ever arrive I can only imagine the quality is as good as their service. Inexistent.

No problems!
I am 100% satisfied with these masks! My order was easy to place & delivered in a timely manner. The product is so nice! The mask is lighter than a cloth mask. It is comfortable and my glasses don't fog. I don't have to talk loud and it's much easier to talk. The cloth masks made me worn out, trying to talk loud enough, making me breathe heavier! I am so pleased, I already ordered another!

To expensive for unsitisfied items
Fabrics broken and realy bad sewing. I tried to send picture but couldn't download. 2 brasier to flat, not enought space. The 3 panties wasn't my favorite colors. Turquois suspenders wasn't sewing well, was broken, and fabric broken to. I feel that I waist my money. Some of them doesnt fix me, because the bra doesn't have space, Ellebabe are flat.

Shipment was a different experience so far
Had to contact Ellebabe after 10 days of no shipment from date of purchase. Items were shipped out the following day, with 1 item missing. Haven't seen that final item ship out yet, now over a month.

Products had not shipped out after 10 days from order. Ellebabe were sent out the following day. I made a comment/ review about the shipping experience. Ellebabe was quick to reply and thank me for my opinion. Was a great experience. Will be returning some products for size issues, but happy with most. Thank you!

In the end I am a satisfied customer
Hoping this order is a little quicker than the last or that I'm contacted if it's going to be delayed for any reasonotherwise I'm very happy with my products

Very happy. As a customer all I need is reassurance that my order is coming even if it is going to be late. I understand a lot is happening world wide but when things are going to be delayed the customer should always be notified. It’s just common curtesy. I will be shopping here again

They are thief's
Do your self a favor and research the site first! Ellebabe false advertise and then do not refund you your money. I ordered masks with adjustable loops by the ear. Instead I received masks that are large enough to fit King Kong. If you look at the pics, you see what I received and what I ordered. They will not give me a refund,

I had to put in my credit card 2 times, first without...
I had to put in my credit card 2 times, first without the shipping and then with the shipping, so hope it did not charge my card twice. It was confusing because it allowed me to input credit card info without the shipping, then I had to input it again after the shipping. Would be better if it directed me to shipping before asking for cc info.

You all have really been a Godsend!
You all have really been a Godsend! I couldn't stand not having half my face visible, especially the ability to share a smile or for deaf people to read my lips.

And the ease of your site, plus knowing I'm supporting you directly rather than through Amazon, has been gratifying.

Thank you so much!

Not bad
I've enjoyed browsing on the site, however it would be good to add a size chart per country (since you are shipping worldwide) and also had the option to select colours and size in order to select what we are looking for. The articles received are not exactly as on the website but I was somehow expecting it, that's okay. So far, I've only received 2 articles out of 3 and Ellebabe fit fine but the articles are not of a great quality (underwear). Besides that, I've had an issue to login in again on my account and can't access it at all anymore (my email address is not recognised and yes, of course, I'm trying to connect with the right one and generate a new password but does not work. Yes, I'm typing the correct email address and password). I've tried addressing this issue two to three times to the customer support but they did not help. Two times they ignored my questions and another time they asked me to confirm my email address (I had transferred to them the email I received for my order confirmation so they could see everything was correct). Unfortunately, they don't take time to read carefully your questions if you have any nor look from their end to help if you have an issue. Well! It doesn't matter, I guess they are over busy.

I just described it previously. They didn't reply to my questions, so I had to send three emails, and then, they asked me a question to which I had already replied. My issue was not solved and I gave up.

Shipping process caused unease.
Shipping times are fine, I understand the limited accessibility during Covid. However, when the tracking numbers received did not work, ever over a 10-day period and the telephone number referenced also did not work I had some concern. As this was the first time dealing with the company, it caused some unease.

Email follow-up was quick, but not supportive of my specific question. Further follow-up was also good, my product did arrive, but not with the best first impression.

The product is good, size was not represented as well as I would have preferred.

Overall experience okay.

Self-service option was horrible.
Calling was completely unavailble.
Email was prompt but did not relieve any concerns.

I bought 6 pair sandals and none of them look the same as it shows on the website and also Ellebabe charged my card again and send me the exact same 6 pair for the second time. I wanted to return them, and the return policy was so complicated and also I had to pay $40 for the shipping of my orders, and their mistake for sending me another 6 pair. 2 month has passed and they have not sent my money back. AWFUL experience. I will never buy from this company again.

At the completion of the order I did not find the number...
At the completion of the order I did not find the number of masks that I had ordered which was 2. I'm hoping that I am indeed going to receive 2 (two) masks. I also was not given the choice of ordering a different color for each mask. I would have liked to be able to order pink as well as blue. And I would have liked to have neutral colors like white, natural and black.

Your order tracking system needs some maintenance
I tried tracking my order on your website and it showed me an error (tried several times). Then I reached customer service and Ellebabe said my order was already shipped - I didn't receive an email notification, so I wanted to cancel my order. They said they couldn't cancel...

I received my order few days later, but my point is that I couldn't track it.

Excellent communication
My overall experience was excellent especially through email, response was prompt and Ellebabe were very helpful in getting my item delivered on time only disappointed that the dress cannot fit I've gain quite a few pounds. But I love it. Quality is as seen in image displayed.

The customer service at Ellebabe is exceptional they are extremely helpful.

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