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Electronic Arts

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Spineless, money grabbing bast**ds!
EA are a spineless, useless company, that doesn't give a $#*!e about their customers. The only thing Electronic Arts care about is money. Their customer service or help is none existent. If your account gets hacked, EA will fix it by banning your account from playing any of their games, this is not the way such a massive company should treat customers. After days of pleading, emailing, tweeting, insta-g'ing, phoning and opening cases, I'm still no closer to resolving any issue.

Their support team chooses to ignore the vast majority of issues unless they're easy to fix. This is the laziest, and most disgraceful customer service I've ever seen in ANY company.

Oh and their account dispute team/ TOS refuse to have a contact number or refuse to give it out because they know they'll get an unlimited amount of abuse for their inability, or laziness to do their f***ing job! They have already told me that the account was compromised by an outside source yet still refuse to unban it. They are the worst company on the planet.

I wish respawn never merged with EA because at least then I could enjoy apex legends without the worry of losing my account, plus I wouldn't have to witness the EA logo upon loading the game.

EA won't give me back my account I spent $10,000 USD on even with proof it was mine.
I play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and I spent $10,000 USD on my account. The phone I played this on broke, and after getting a new one, I can't log into the account. It wasn't connected to Game Center or Facebook, but I have the player ID, proof of ALL MY PURCHASES, and Electronic Arts won't give me back the account. Now when I log into EA to contact their customer support I'm stuck in a loading screen. They won't issue a refund or give back my account, and it's ridiculous! They've lost my business if they can't resolve this and I'm going to continue to contact them and demand a refund or my account back until either one of those happen. All the while I'll be writing these negative reviews on ANY website that I can find that reviews this company.

The Very Defenition of Fraud
EA overcharged my card and when I filed a dispute to get my funds back Electronic Arts banned my account without any form of communication or fair judgment - 100s of dollars worth of Sims 4 games and a 6+ year old account of me and my baby sister is gone as a result of their one-sided policies.

1. The game itself is full of bugs. Glitches and things that are so simple and should have been repaired while in the development.

*Basic things such as your sim not changing their clothing to warm when it is cold outside. As a result a bunch of Sims that are out of your control end up dying and you have to bury them.

*The Sims interaction with the other Sims is not intuitive. For example if you ask somebody to go on a date they are going to be all over the place interacting with other Sims and even when you try to converse with them to spend time together - they will be roaming around and leaving as they please.

They have a forum dedicated to fixing bugs and issues and it's the player that is doing all of these things not electronic arts.
So the question is what are we paying for exactly?
It feels like the player is paying the game to fix the game for them.

*They do not have a dedicated customer support line. So if you having issues with your account like I am now there is no way to call them. You will be emailed by their customer support team who are completely unprofessional.

I have sent them a paragraph about what was going on with my issue and when I got a response they were speaking about something completely different.
Please tell me since when is it that the company that charges you $40 per game all of a sudden does not have a direct customer service technical support line?
Once again it seems one-sided - the customer is not being honored or respected here at all and our basic consumer needs are not met.

*They make it illegal for you to sell the games that you've purchased digitally. It says so in their terms of agreement that even though you paid for the games you are not allowed to trade or sell them - that is a violation of free rights and you consumer rights. As a paying customer you own these games and you have every right to decide what to do with them.

* When you pay for something - you become the owner of your possession correct? Well not according to EA games. In their self-created book of rules the customer has no right to trade or digital games they purchased even though they own them. This type of enforced codependency strips people of the right to their games so that people only buy from EA Games and not from each other.

*They have given themselves the authority to ban your account however they see fit. Yes the account that you spend hundreds of dollars on can be taken away from you just like that if they wish so right or wrong.

I was overcharged when I purchased six expansion packs - two bundles from them just a couple of weeks ago before the holidays. My PayPal account showed three charges instead of two so I filed a dispute which was successful and I got my money back. But on the next day I'm getting a band notification from electronic Arts on the grounds that I have filed a reverse charge on my account.
A technical support agent SHOULD HAVE BEEN assigned to my case to give me a call and speak to me and find out what really is going on and how they can help.

I think a class action lawsuit is coming to them.

The way they run business is one-sided with corrupt policies that hurt players.

Worst customer service experience
Zero customer service... I got banned for no reason. When I tried to figure out why Electronic Arts told me they couldn't tell me why besides that I cheated... I haven't cheated or even know how to cheat on a game. They lost a long time loyal customer.


EA is a company of thieves
I bought Madden 22 a few months ago. Over a span of 2 + months I purchased over $5000 worth of Playstation points to use in Madden Ultimate team. On November 28th I turned on my game to find my account had been banned. When I contacted EA help to get my account reviewed and my ban ruling overturned I was told I had been involved in coin distribution. Knowing this wasn't true I submitted proof that I built my team using Playstation points and hadn't been involved in any form of cheating. This company has made it impossible to be competitive in their games without spending money and when you do Electronic Arts just take it away, worse they put the blame on you for their thievery. They either have no way of telling which players break their rules or are knowingly stealing from their players. Either way they are a morally bankrupt company. Please don't give this evil company your money. I wish I would have read the reviews about EA, they are nothing more than criminals. I will never purchase another product that has an affiliation with this company. If a small company committed the crimes that EA commits on a daily basis they would face serious prison time. In closing EA will steal from you and they will get away with it. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE EA PRODUCTS!

This company is disgusting.
All Electronic Arts care about is money at no cost, even if it ruins an entier game franchise they will be willing to do it if it will bring them the smallest profit, that normally ends up making less money than had they put the experience first and not micro transactions or money the first priority. SMH, I us to love this business but now it is not what it was in the past, it is a disgusting money hungry corporation now. I highly recommend shopping elsewhere, Their customer support is even a horrible process as they hire cheap people to save money at the expense of a customer's experience.:(
Thanks for taking the time to read my and many other people's experiences and I wish you the best of luck!

Good luck trying to unlink your consoles.
So first off, the customer service isn't terrible, Electronic Arts do try to help. But, EA protocols basically hogties their people so they can't do anything to actually help you. Case and point, 10 years ago I signed up with EA on some game I don't even remember with an email I have long since never used and completely forgot about. Today, I downloaded Battlefront 2 on gamepass and when I go to play it, this old ass email pops up and says I can't go online without logging into this. Ok, whatever I can deal with that. Come to find out, no I can't deal with that, because the information they require to unlink it, you might as well send in a blood sample to verify it's you. There's no simple way to unlink it, you have to know your old info at the time of you making the account: IP address, card info, purchases you made, billing address etc. Which sure, not that uncommon but there's not even other options should you not have access to any of this information, and I've seen im definitely not the only one having this issue. There are TONS of people writing in for the same thing.

So, EA. If you happen to read this (very doubtful) get your $#*! together. No one who made a stupid account with you guys years and years ago will ever be able to find this information again. Who the hell keeps this stuff on file? IP addresses? Give me a break. I can honestly say I will probably never play EA games again, I can't even do something so simple as changing my email with you so I can go online, what's the point? You've lost this customer.

Fraud, Fraud & More fraud: identity stolen / EA Does not CARE!
I strongly suggest that you don't provide EA
With any personal information or, probably the better choice, don't sign up for their internet gaming services (unless you want to lose money and have your credit rating ruined).

I had my identity stolen because of EA's completely inadequate cyber security protocols. I had hundred and hundred of dollars for purported purchases from EA improperly charged to my debit & credit cards.

EA does NOT CARE and just keeps sending me a boiler plate email response indicating their investigation is closed. The email is completely devoid of any details. And yet, EA objected to me calling my credit card to report the fraud!

I scoured the internet for a number at which a human can be reached - couldn't find one.

I have been a loyal customer for 30 years! But, nonetheless, absolutely the worst customer service ever. I WILL NOT be purchasing more games, DLC or anything else from EA for the rest of my life.

PS - To make matters worse, cannot play any of the games legitimately purchased over the years and lost all data/teams spent many months building. Also had to return the EA games purchased as gifts for Christmas. A bit of a "downer" on Christmas. Thanks EA!

I love their FIFA series with my whole heart. Best time spend with my bf on playing games, and I dont care about stuff going around the company.

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