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Easy to install and two mounting options, one internal, one external
I had purchased an 18 year old Majestic vent free never installed gas fireplace. I installed it in November along with a blower kit but no thermostat but I decided to simplify things and get one. I went on which had numerous ones to choose from and I definitely picked a great one. So simple to install with two mounting options. It had a great price and came within 3 to 4 days regular shipping and eFireplaceStore sent me an email with a site to get installation instructions the next day after I had ordered it. One of the easiest projects I've done in a long time and I'm 70 years old, thanks! R. Jones Also a great price

Almost bought from someone else
I had almost bought from one of their competitors until eFireplaceStore dragged their feet when I was trying to order. Because they were slow I read the BBB reviews and was glad I didn't use them. I contacted eFireplaceStore because their BBB reviews were really positive. I confirmed what I wanted met my needs and went through a seamless online ordering process in about 15 minutes. I was kept informed of the orders process, received tracking info and received the skid of two boxes by FedEx intact with no visible outside damage. The prep work done to secure the boxes to the skid was excellent. And there was no damage internally either because of the way the burner and the logs were packed. Their competitor did finally get back to me with a discount but I had already placed an order with eFireplaceStore. I used their 110% price guarantee and to my astonishment they gave me a credit amount bigger than the late discount from their competitor and that was AFTER I had placed the order. They have my future business because they earned it!

Poor Customer Service and Return Policy
I ordered a blower from them and realized once it arrived that the way the gas line was placed I would have to hire someone to move gas line and the glass plate and logs in order to put this blower in and get it to fit. It wasn't worth it IMO. Trying to return and their return policy is outrageous. EFireplaceStore are trying to charge me for original shipping that I got for free, restocking fee of %15 and I have to pay to ship it back. So the total will be over $80 for something I didn't need. They won't budge.

This is the best site for all your firelplace needs! Hands down!
A couple of months ago I purchased a fireplace screen from them. I never received it and eventually when it dawned on me that I had not received it, I contacted them. EFireplaceStore immediately returned my email with tracking information. When I tracked the package, they were indeed correct, and it said that the package had been left at the front door. I contacted them again to say that indeed, I see that it indicates the package was delivered, however I assume it was taken from my doorstep. I contacted them back and they immediately shipped me a new one that arrived in todays. I was so impressed with their trust of the customer, in this case me. I live in Beverly Hills and flip homes for a living. Moving forward, I will continue to give them business for all the homes I work on moving forward. I was so extremely impressed. It is not often you find a company with such an amazing customer service.

Mountain Cabin
Service was great! I reviewed their website and then called them with a few questions I had. The sales rep was very knowledgeable and what she didn't know, she phoned someone else and got my answers from tech support. I placed my order with her. Shipping was a little confusing in that it came from multiple warehouses and 3 different carriers, but with her help we were able to track everything and all was received in less than a week and no damage.

Researched info on U Tube first to see if I was capable of installing Refractory Panels on my own. Called efireplace Store and reviewed information on their internet website. Tech was patient, knowledgeable and very helpful, did not make you feel rushed and felt at ease asking whatever question needed to make sure you were buying the right product. Product was delivered almost immediately. Instruction on how to cure the product once installed were posted on the efireplace store website. Only one complaint which I hope will be corrected for future customers. The product was advertised as free delivery. However, upon almost completing the order, the tech advised me that Fed Ex would charge me roughly 165.00 to use the lift gate on their truck in order to deliver the product to the end of my driveway only. I was shocked to say the least. I can pay 65.00 in advance and avoid the 165.00 additional bill. The freight weight on the product was 300 lbs. I of course felt this was unfair to any customer. I politely protested but in the end thought it best to pay the extra 65.00 on a so called free delivery order. Free delivery should be free delivery. Happy holidays everyone.

Stuck with defective product and no fix and no refund sold me a $3000 gas fireplace insert in 7/2020 that was operated for the first time and identified as defective in December 2021 and eFireplaceStore have done nothing helpful to service the unit or refund my money. required me to hire at my own expense ($300) a certified NFI technician to verify the failure of the unit due to an internal problem. EFireplaceStore is now advising me that they want me to wait until 4/1/2021 for the manufacturer (RH Peterson) to find and send me a replacement gas valve (an off the shelf part) despite the fact that they have in writing advised that that part may not be the actual cause of the system failure. Are you willing to risk the entire value of your order in the event that the product that sells you is defective? Are you willing to waste months communicating with support as you sit in your cold house and look at the defective fireplace while they do nothing to replace, repair, or refund the cost of the product?

I put in a concise review and the ReviewFeeder rejected it because it was less than 50 characters. The experience with e-fireplace was great, but the idea that a communication cannot be meaningful unless it exceeds 49 characters is insulting and offensive. I don't expect this to be published, but I hope that the person screening these comments doesn't just ignore my frustration and change comes from the investment of my time to communicate honestly with you.

Reflector Panel Purchase
Panel arrived very quickly after order placed. It was packaged securely and arrived intact. Very satisfied with the service received and quality of product. Still in process of seasoning panel, but so far it seems very sturdy.

Terrible return policy and They don't know what they're selling
I have the impression that this place is nothing more than a phone operation front that takes orders from it's website and drop ships everything.

I called efireplacestore before I ordered a river rock set to make sure it would replace the log set in my Napoleon XIR4 fireplace. The part was listed on their website under the XIR4 but the part description had a number of models listed but not the XIR4. Before I ordered it on line I decided to call and confirm assuming that a store that specialized in fireplaces and sold the fireplace I owned would have the expertise to know.

Adam H. In sales didn't know and spoke to the 'techs'. EFireplaceStore said it was compatible so I ordered it. When it came it obviously was the wrong part. What I received had maybe half the rocks it would take to cover the XIR4. The instruction sheet in the kit showed it was for a 'patio flame' which is a round looking outside fireplace. It made no mention of the XIR4.

When I emailed them to take it back here's the answer I got.

"I do apologize for any miscommunication, however I pulled the recording of our conversation and I was only asked if the MKRY (part number you gave me) was compatible with the XIR4. I asked one of our techs to be sure, and he confirmed that it was compatible. I've attached a snippet of the accessories that are made for the XIR4, which is up to date. If you would like to return this, then it would have to be as a standard return, in which the original outbound shipping fee that we covered will not be refunded, and the manufacturers charge a 15% restocking fee. I will go ahead and request the RMA number needed for returns so you do not have to wait for it."

Then I searched google for the part number and no vendors show this being compatible with my XIR4. I probably could dump the rocks in the fire but that's where the compatibility ends.

Adam has spent the day emailing me back and forth trying to blame me and having me take pictures.

I simply am calling Discover card and having them stop the payment on this transaction.

Believe me, go buy your stuff from Amazon of some reputable vendor. I found a 'real' fireplace distributor that knows the product to get my part from."

Terrible service and return policy DO NOT BUY FROM THEM
I purchased a fireplace and mantle from this company and there was a sizing error made by them on the mantle. While it was their mistake eFireplaceStore made me return the incorrect mantle at my cost back to them, complaining that they had spent money shipping the item to me. If you have any problem of any sort you can be sure that these folks will look out for themselves. I am sorry I bought from them and if you think you are being smart by buying from them, if there is any problem you will be stuck with much higher costs. Buy somewhere else!

Drop shipper returns impossible
EFireplaceStore are very quick to give advice but that does not mean the will ship what you order. I ordered chimmey pipe and the increased lenght of one section making chimmey to tall. Returns are a unforgatable night mare. Force you to pay return shipping and tell you a go idea ti insure. Then tell you no credit damaged in return. Will not allow shipper any photos or a place to inspect. These peple ar just drop shippers and do not want ANY returns
They are the lowest of any company I have ever purchaced on-lin

Resolved issue well
I purchased a fireplace unit, mantle and other accessories on October 16th with an understanding that eFireplaceStore were in stock. Shortly after my purchase I was notified that the unit was not in stock and would ship on Nov. 16th. On Nov. 19 I asked about the unit again and was told it would not ship until Dec. 15th. And asked if would I like a different unit. But, I have already paid for and received the blower unit and lighting. After some communication with the customer service department they resolved the issue fairly and promptly.

Expensive FIreplace and Chimney Purchase
Found out in Calif that I needed EPA Phase 2 fireplaces which raised cost from $800 to $2800. Further my contractor bid the chimney parts out at $4000. In both cases the expert at eFireplaceStore knew exactly what was needed, was responsive, gave me his best discount and even thought I spent thousands, he save me thousands... so thanks to great service and great pricing.

Delivered wrong item, fixed issue
I ordered fireplace tools and received a fireplace hearth rug. The numbers of the items were similar but there was a huge weight difference (shouldnt have happened). EFireplaceStore had me file a claim with photos and I received the tool set a few days later. I had to return the rug via UPS which was a hassle as I live in a rural area not near UPS. The tool set also had an imperfection on it but I kept it rather than deal with another return or exchange. Price was the best by far. Too bad order experience was flawed.

Very Pleased
Had a very positive experience with and my salesman, Will Murray. Not only did Will take the time to answer all my questions, he took the information that I gave him regarding my existing/out dated fire place insert, and helped me pick a new log set and burner that fit my requirements. Price, selection, service, shipping and personal commitment to my needs were met beyond my expectations. I HIGHLY recommend for all your fireplace needs. A+++

I received shipment from fed-ex that came from e-fireplace. The pallet was poorly wrapped for shipment and items came damaged. Some were documented that eFireplaceStore were damaged on arrival. Somewhere, someone wrapped more shrink wrap so visually looked o k on the out side but when I removed the plastic, the back of the fireplace was dented up with tines from a forklift. Now I waiting to hear back from and could take up to six weeks before damaged product is resolved, then 3 weeks shipping for a new fireplace.

Satisfaction guaranteed
Ordering anything over the internet always creates a tinge of uncertainty. My experience with eFireplaceStore however was exceptional. First, the logs arrived within a week of ordering but unfortunately, one of the well-packed logs was broken. I called eFireplaceStore not knowing what to expect and within 24 hours a replacement log was sent to my house. That's good service and a product guarantee. Nice job!

Absolutely Outstanding Experience
Part (2) of two reviews. After purchasing a vent free gas fireplace insert from efireplacestore, it was late arriving no fault of their own. FedEx was to blame, it arrived on time at the terminal but sat for a few days, after my inquiry eFireplaceStore admitted it was damaged, so because I was under time constraints for this install I agreed to go to the FedEx terminal and take a look my self. It was not damaged it was destroyed, so I rejected the shipment and contacted efireplacestore to seek a replacement. I expressed my concern about the timing for receiving a replacement. These guys listened to me and a replacement was shipped out ASAP, and to give a little credit to FedEx, it arrived on time and without damage. The staff at efireplacestore is AWESOME, helpful, accommodating and I highly recommend them for all your fireplace needs. Merry Christmas

Horrible experience!
"After purchasing a Fireplace and accessories that totaled over 3,600 dollars. Two items totaling $390 dollars arrived broken. After many emails and phone calls I finally got a $225 dollar refund on $390 dollars of broken merchandise. I am now waiting on getting the parts to complete the install that I had to purchase for $390. I am having to email to find out why nothing has shipped. The amount of frustration dealing with this company is horrible. I would never shop here again. I feel completely ripped off. I wanted to warn other shoppers so eFireplaceStore can avoid getting ripped off. "

No support once you have purchased your product
Its awful! There is no assistance with any installation issues, but most importantly if there is problem with your unit you have to go with a 3rd party company. The first one couldn't find the part that was missing off my brand new fireplace because their numbers were different from fireplace and now I have been waiting for 5 weeks for a special toggle switch. Its like a bad Friday night live skit.

Do not buy from eFireplace
I bought a new firebox. The firebox was damaged when it was deliversd. I called eFireplace [12] twelve times. The rep said eFireplaceStore could do nothing, but file a claim with fed-ex. Icalled, spoke with rep again. The rep sent me a email, saying fed ex declined the claim. They said sorry, the firebox belongs to me. I filed with pay pal and credit card services. Sorry company to deal with. Please use caution... rick vassar

Blown Away!
I called on Thursday with questions, eFireplaceStore took my number and a tech called me back shortly when he was free from another customer. All my questions were answered and I placed my order. That afternoon I received email conformation for the transaction and another email that it had shipped. The next day at lunch time FEDEX freight calls me to set up a pick-up time for Monday. Fireplace and pipe arrived Monday undamaged. I was completely impressed with how quickly I received my order. This fireplace is being installed in a new house we are building and I will order from efireplace again when I need a fireplace.

Dont buy from this company, dishonest
I ordered an item in the evening and found out it was the wrong thing, So I contacted the company in the morning after checking to see if the shipment was picked, which is was not. I asked them to stop the shipment and cancel order but eFireplaceStore continue to ship and it was shipped to the wrong address. So I had to go to bbb and also argue with their non customer service they have.

Chimney Cap
Good experience with this company. Knowing nothing about replacing this Cap other than Utube videos.
My older cap (wrong one) broke and blew off my roof last month barely missing my car. I was confronted with replacement.
Trolling the internet, unable to find someone who could or would answer my questions.
Lucky to find eFireplace and the helpful staff, at this Company. I was able to obtain the correct part the first time. The instructions were straightforward and I installed it myself.
My home was built in the 40's, like me and I'm trying to restore it, watching videos and talking to people. Been at it two years and it's getting there.
The chimney sweep that cleaned the fireplace last year wasn't helpful and wanted $1300. 00 for a similar cap. Live and learn!

Watch out!
We ordered a fireplace unit And then canceled 17 hours later and was told we would receive a confirmation of the cancellation. A few hours later eFireplaceStore sent an acknowledgment of shipment through FedEx. We called immediately and was told the cancellation apparently wasn't seen by the shipping department so it was shipped. I called FedEx and told them we would refuse the item and we never saw a FedEx truck come to our home to make the delivery. Now they are saying we signed for the delivery - not true. Efireplacestore told us the item was returned damaged and that we were responsible for the restocking charges which was $616.46-WOW. Lookout or you too could lose hundreds.

Buyer Beware
Ordered a wood burning stove and blower attachment for over 3 grand. Two weeks after taking the order eFireplaceStore call and say it is not avaiable! Also, they had shipped the blower attachment and wanted me to coordinate return in order for my refund to be processed. Of course I told them to deal with it on their own, which ultimately they did. Full refund was given same day but now they have delayed our construction project by at least two weeks!

This place is a sham> Bought fireplace embers for my gas fireplace I replace them every few years I tried their more expensive platinum embers at a higher price because eFireplaceStore said they are superior. Normally bag is about a halg gallon size of embers and the picture they showed online had them covering the whole grate. What I got for 17$ plus 12$ shipping was 1 gram of embers not enough for a candle. Could have been sent in a one stamp envelope. When I called they said I would have to eat shipping both ways and pay 15% restocking fee, DO NOT MAKE THEM SAME MISTAKE I MADE STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS

Purchased handled well, except for no lava rocks.
The process to buy was clean and simple. The service rep made sure I had the right size logs for my fireplace. I've never purchased gas logs before so I asked the service rep to help sure I had everything I needed.

When a technician assembled the unit, he commented there were no lava rocks. I assumed I had purchased everything I needed and had I been asked about lava rocks at purchase time, I would have gladly purchased them. I had to go buy some locally.

Aside from that, good experience.

Poor customer service
Ordered fireplace and chimney pipe on oct 1st was delivered on oct 6th storm collar
Was missing called rep, eFireplaceStore told me it was in another shipment, waited 1 week called
Back on 12th, rep e-mailed me 2 days later, said I overlooked storm collar, kelsey said
They would check out order, never heard anything more from rep! Had to go to a metal
Shop and get a storm collar made so I could do install. VERY POOR SERVICE!

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