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IT Technical Support Troubleshooting Pocket Guide
This was last-minute "required reading" material for a college course I am taking. This book was hard to find so I called ecampus and spoke with a representative who checked and assured me that the book was available and told me the best ordering options to get the book as soon as possible. The book arrived a day early.


Will do anything to charge you
I mailed my return in advance of my due date but still got charged nearly $200. When I contacted support said they couldn't refund me that charge because my package didn't have any tracking information. They couldn't track it because they didn't pay for tracking on the shipping label they sent me. Customer service is completely unhelpful and will tell you the same thing over and over. Please listen to the reviews on here, I know the textbooks look cheap, but it'll cost you more in the long run.

The book in question was really hard to find for any...
The book in question was really hard to find for any less than what you were selling it for, which is good; but there was no option to rent it that I could see. Would have been nice to have a couple options price-wise because the book is very expensive, in my opinion.

All discount codes provided will not work
All discount codes provided will not work. Reached out to customer service and I am awaiting a response. Very frustrating to be offered codes, sign up for codes and to be told my order does not meet the minimum purchase requirements. Whats the point of offering codes if you don't disclose the terms of said discount codes?

NO progress in paying a customer after a buyback book was received by
I sent a buyback book on September 20th and thus far did not receive any formal replies from the company in response to my requests. Without any hope that can send me the check they promised, I simply asked them to return my book, but they just ignored my requests as always. A scam!

In honesty I was behind of trying to figure out where to purchase or rent books for my school. When I was comparing prices, this was way cheaper than purchasing through the college. Their bookstore would have costed me 200 dollars. I was disappointed with that. When I found this website I was relieved. I received the purchase sooner than it predicted it would appear.

Wish I read the reviews
Still haven't received my materials after paying extra for expedited shipping. The tracking information was not helpful when I did receive updates at all. After leaving a question/comment on the site I never heard back regarding this issue. At this point I'd rather get a refund. Clearly no one in charge of this company knows what it's like to need a college textbook as soon as possible when you're already financially struggling as a student.

Statistics for Nursing Research
I found the book I needed, decent price. Paid for expedited shipping to get here in time for my class to start and it still took over a week to arrive. Waste of money for that... I had to buy a second subscription to an e-book to get me thought the first week of class. I ordered the first moment the info was available to order the correct text. I called to cancel my order as I did not need two of the same book and you were unable to help in any way. Very disappointing.

Unable to help. Unapologetic.

Great condition, but slow delivery
The condition was like new, and came with an unopened pack of tabs. No visible wear or tear. Now the delivery, it did arrive within the expected time frame. However, in total I ordered 5 books from 5 different sites on the same day. And actually, I ordered this one the day before at 9:30pm, but since it was late at night, I'm going to count it with the others. This book came in 4th place, arrived 1 day after the other 3. Also, on the website I couldn't stack coupons.

Great experience!
Pretty quick and simple. This is a great a easy site to order my university books. I definitely will be recommending this site to everyone. I enjoyed every minute of my shopping experience. Only took me like a second to find the book I was looking for! Thank You for making this so Easy Ecampus! Great experience! Thank You for making this so Easy Ecampus!

Many different options for purchasing or renting out...
Many different options for purchasing or renting out a book. As a broke college student, sometimes these texts aren't really found in any other part of the web, and gives a really competitive price, while also linking other sellers if don't have the book available. I'm bitter I have to spend money to buy textbooks, but I'm glad I'm getting a bargain for them.

It was hard to create an account, because there was...
It was hard to create an account, because there was a block over the "signup" button I think because I didn't have the right characters in my password. Maybe there could be a guest signup option in the future because this isn't my only source for textbooks. I just go to whoever has the cheapest version. PLUS I signed up for the $5 through text and when I tried to use the discount code in checkout it said the coupon was expired :( even though the text said I had 48 hours to use it and it had been less than 5 mins.

Initially used the wrong card to pay for my order,...
Initially used the wrong card to pay for my order, and so it was cancelled after submitting the order. Customer service was awful when I tried to inquire about switching my payment methods. Had to re-order all of my book, the prices of which had increased in the less than 24 hours between my initial order. Very disappointed about this, especially considering that this is supposed to be a financially affordable option.

First Time Customer
I am an older student and had never heard of, so I was a bit hesitant. But the prices were excellent, so I took the plunge. I ordered two books which came from different suppliers. I had both books within 4 days of ordering and were both in the condition described. I'm impressed.

The process was easy enough
The process was easy enough. I cannot see giving 5 stars when my experience is incomplete. What concerns me is the delivery time. Specifically paying for shipping within a given time window warrants receving it in that time period in its new condition. I will re-rate once I have received the item on time and in the proper condition.

Horrible site, do not purchase books
Prices were better than most sites, but when trying to return a book I didn't need, I received no response despite emailing them multiple times and speaking to two live agents. I was told that I had to return the item within 15 days (which I tried to do five times: three via email, two via live agent) but was not able to because the time had passed to return the item and was told "there was nothing could do" about it. I do not recommend buying books from here.

I have been waiting over 3 weeks to have my incorrect...
I have been waiting over 3 weeks to have my incorrect order fixed and replaced with the correct books. I call weekly and all I get is there is nothing we can do. I've now spent over $100 to rent books that should have cost me $32. Absolutely awful service! I wish there was somewhere else I could go to order these books but this was the only site offered.

Book buyback
I was very pleased with this company. quoted a price on a book, paid for the shipping, and sent me the money by paypal. No misrepresentations, no drama. I recently sold books to booksrun, who quoted a price and then cut it by 75%, and if you want out of the deal, they want 8 or 9 bucks to ship each book back to you. Instead of taking the higher quote at booksrun, just use ecampus, because you will get more money and less frustration in the long run.

Every time I save a book or something to my cart and...
Every time I save a book or something to my cart and I come back the 2nd day it all disappears. So I need to keep on searching and doing the same things for 3-4 days and all these days it takes me 2-3h to finally get myself and stuff together.
Also, I feel like at the end of the day we are stuck having to Rental our stuff cause you can't buy them and when you use the market place you have to pay to ship, so it seems like I am not really saving anything compare to my schools site. Also why when we need to sell the book back, even if it's brand new cause I only used them for 3 months, the only things I get is $0.50 or $0.25 from you when I buy the books at $12-16 and you can always sell it back at these prices maybe a little less of $2-3 but why? It's not a fair deal. Not a fair business at all. I am sorry if I sound rude but I am just really angry and frustrated right now with schools and books.

Anyway have a wonderful day.

Good quality - A bit pricey
Book is still very new and good quality. Cover and each page are well-kept and in great condition. Arrived quickly, though packaging was quite damaged. If only it was more affordable; the price is quite too high for college students, not to mention it's only for rent. Overall, I'm satisfied with the book and delivery time.

Website is very clear and very easy to use
Website is very clear and very easy to use. The somewhat childish design of the website actually makes everything a lot more clear as everything is easily separated (descriptions separated from book publisher info, etc). Seriously, I cannot stress enough how easy to use this website was. I did NOT like that I had to sign up for an account in order to order my book, but that's something I can live with, I think. Not too big of a deal for me. I hope never change the layout of the website. Great stuff.

I'm not sure I loved being prompted to spend an extra...
I'm not sure I loved being prompted to spend an extra $27 on shipping because of "Covid-19 delays." I don't exactly live at some remote Alpine peak. I live in New York City. But you can't seem to guarantee delivery within 8 business days unless I cough up another 9 or so percent? Still, best prices anywhere on the internet, so I guess I saved money anyway.

So far good
So far we have been happy with renting the book. We saved a lot of money because we didn't have to buy it. The biggest down fall is that the due date is right before finals. should have it spaced depending on the date you order as so. E schools have different term dates.

Relatively painless, does not have a good description...
Relatively painless, does not have a good description of what an international version is compared to a US version. Not sure if I am getting the right book or not. This has the same ISBN-13 # *******685231, but description doesn't verify if this is the same as the US version. Nor does it describe the quality of the book and with a 95% discount I can only hope it is not a total scam

Reliable site to get used and new books
I was looking for a new copy of a book from a certification class I had taken several years ago as my original copy was lost in a move. Found the book at a great price brand new for almost half of what it was on many other sites. Shipping was reasonable and I got the book in perfect condition.

How is this possible?.
Why me, I don't understand. I trusted this company that deceived me. I tried to find people to help me solve this problem. One day I found them. Mon eyh elp. Page. Link /mon ey Almost the full amount is refunded and I'm surprised at how calm and patient is the team. Make only a thoughtful choice. helped me get everything back.

Very VERY used books
The condition of a textbook I purchased was just described as "used" but I would categorize a book with massive scribbling on every single page almost making it impossible to read some pages as either "very used" or "poor condition". On top of this, "very good used" books of the same title are available on Amazon for $10 more than paid for on here. And to return deduct $25 shipping costs from your refund, leaving you with even less to buy a reasonably used book that doesn't give you a headache. Just go to Amazon, not worth the tiny bit of savings or hassle.

Good alternative to school bookstore
The end result was great. We did have a little bit of an issue with method of payment and my order was canceled. I've never heard of that happening before. Should just have simply reached out to me and asked to verify payment information. Other than that it was a great experience!

Trusted book rental source
Trusted service, very reliable, books shipped fast. I bought some books last semester and rented, came quickly and where in good condition. This semester I decided to rent all of my textbooks. One book was very overused, but overall, the books are in good condition. All of my books were shipped within the week of ordering so I received them all before the semester started. Great Job!

Awful place to purchase books.
We paid for books to be shipped over-night. Twelve days later still have not arrived. Person at Customer Service was helpful - saying only that it takes 10 business days to ship. They are in Lexington, Ky. WE are in Dayton, Ohio, a 3 hour car drive away. I would have driven down to pick them up if given the option.

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