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Looks great & Just in Time!
I tried out Easy Canvas Prints a few weeks ago to see the quality and timing. I created a 20+ layered 18x24 inch document in Photoshop for my son's rehearsal dinner/welcome party. Finishing at 4:30am on the Saturday prior, I placed the order to learn it could arrive anywhere from November 10-15. I needed it the evening of the 12th. I just couldn't pay the $220+ for expedited shipping so I crossed my fingers all week. Easy Canvas Prints delivered!
The canvas arrived 10:15am on the 12th. The canvas was just as I expected. Great! Also delivered at the same were several 8x8s (digitally water-colored) for other personal use from the same order.
I'm very happy with the quality of the canvases. I haven't analyzed them enough to say EasyCanvasPrints are or are not of "museum" quality but they are great for me (I am an amateur photographer and a bit of a perfectionist). I'm so happy with Easy Canvas Prints' services. I will be ordering again! It's reasonable and quick enough to "practice" on a small canvas and then order a larger one. Great pricing, quality and timing of delivery.

Buyer Beware
My wife and I placed our first ever order with Easy Canvas Prints in September. The process was simple and our order total for 2 canvases came to $82.91 with tax and coupon discount. I even screenshotted the final order page before I hit the send button to show my wife all the details. Thank goodness I did screenshot it because right after I hit "Secure Checkout" a screen popped up saying thank you for your order of $118.32! I couldn't believe it. I even checked my email and sure enough EasyCanvasPrints had charged me $118.32. I immediately tried calling Easy Canvas Prints but they don't have any customer service on Sundays.

First thing Monday my wife called their customer service line. A representative named Kenny answered. My wife explained the situation and conveniently he asked "I guess you don't have a screenshot do you?" You bet your sweet ### we do. We sent the screen shot while still on the phone and he viewed it and said the coupon code we used expired the second we sent it but he would fix it and this "doesn't happen very often."

Long story short, Kenny never fixed our problem and after another call to customer service one week later we FINALLY got our $35.41 refunded. The prints came in the mail on time and were decent quality but...

Never Again!

Poor Quality and Customer Service
Quality is horrible. I uploaded professional grade images but received horrible pixalated canvas prints. I uploaded the exact same images again and I spoke with customer care representative and EasyCanvasPrints reviewed the images and said the images looked awesome and not sure why the previous order printed that way and that they would reprint them and send them back out to me. Thought that was great until they wanted to charge me for price of shipping again. Why should I have to pay for shipping on a product that I already paid for but received unusable canvas prints? They should cover the price of shipping to fix their mistake.

I have ordered many canvas from here and EVERY SINGLE ONE is wrinkled to the point of looking like complete garbage on the wall - embarrassing really. I ordered a total of 8-24x36's and 2-16x20's. Went through 6 exchanges right after delivery due to extreme scratches or wrinkles. It's been several months now and none are salvageable. That's a decent amount of money to just THROW AWAY, even if this is a cheaper printing company.

Tonight, I tried to remove the stables and re-stretch the canvas as good as I could, but no surprise - it still looks like crap. After slicing my arm open with plyers, I felt a strong need to write this review, as I never should have had to try and fix it in the 1st place. I will never order from this place again and I will make sure everyone I know doesn't either.

An honest and hopefully helpful to others note of caution!

P.S.- I just received a 16x20 canvas from (Canvas on Demand) and although a little on the dark side, at least it is tight with NO WRINKLES - looks and feels much more professional. Nearly the same price as well.

Buyer Beware! If they screw up, they ask you to pay high dollar shipping
Buyer beware. Terrible laser printing onto canvass. Photo of my US Air Force Airman was received with red/pink streaks from the American flag bleeding into the white stripes of the flag. Terrible image. Kinda like your favorite white shirt ruined in the wash by a new red sock - now we see it's pink!. Company would not replace unless I agreed to pay for shipping of a yet unseen replacement. EasyCanvasPrints didn't get it right the first time and want me to take the risk and pay for a second one. How about this company sending me an accurate image and product without color bleeds and prove you can get it right before asking for additional money. Bad business practice.

Awful picture
My son asked for 3 months get picture his dog so I decided spend $50 bucks during this hard economic times. Well sent in excellent picture of dog laying down and received my picture back about 2 or 3 weeks and opening it noticed ears and legs cut off. I emailed easycanvas and took 3 days respond back to me. Oh I was supposed position pic in canvas size I ordered?! I didn't know that and EasyCanvasPrints slapped it in size and cut legs and ears off and sent off in mail. I'm not fooling this online picture place again. I thought they would fit my picture into the size canvas I selected. Oh no! Thanks but guess $50 lessons learned in life.

Was overcharged for shipping, but they've refunded that. The canvas print is great.
Last week I placed an order, which should have totaled $60, including shipping. When I clicked to complete the order, the shipping cost changed, jumping from $29 to $147. There was no way to stop the order going through, so I immediately got on chat (it was after hours) to request EasyCanvasPrints cancel the order and issue a refund. I left my name, phone number, and email address. Then I went to their contact form and sent an email. No one replied to me. The next day, I tried calling but couldn't get a human being, so I went back to the chat box, and my same chat was there but marked "RESOLVED" and saying I would hear from the company via email. I checked my inbox and spam folder. Nothing. I then got an email saying my order had shipped, so I replied to their provided email address, demanding that they refund the shipping overage.

I finally got a reply from customer service after three days. They said they were sorry about the cart glitch and would refund the shipping difference ($128) within 10-14 working days. Here's hoping! The canvas print arrived, well packaged and in good shape. The print quality is a little bit grainy up close, but the 36"-wide shot looks really good if you step back a foot or more. I'm happy with it, but I don't think I'd chance placing another order if the company hasn't fixed the glitch that caused me to be overcharged so much in the first place. Probably safer to go with a local printer.

Beautiful Canvas of Memorable iPhone Photo
As a son of a wedding photographer, I've seen many canvases growing up. And recently I had the urge to turn a memorable photo I took during a trip to Guatemala with my phone into wall art. It's a photo my father always loved and thought it might also work as a gift to him, but was reluctant to push an iPhone photo onto a canvas. So I decided to test run the photo on myself with a large 24x36 canvas for myself. While I think I pushed the limits on clarity at that size with the pixel density that my older iPhone X had, I'm shocked at how well it turned out! I'm definitely going to get my father a more reasonable 16x20 that should meet his higher standards.

Spamming Scumbags
This company employs a sleazy direct marketing publisher that uses scummy and possibly illegal tactics. Once EasyCanvasPrints get your email, expect 10 to 20 emails per day every day and not just advertising EasyCanvasPrints. Oh no. This sleazy ad company uses your email for countless other companies as well. And don't click the "unsubscribe" link. All that does is tell the scumbags they reached a legitimate email address. The garbage marketer spoofs (fakes) an email return address but always includes the same ID before the at (@). The most recent is made to appear like it's from *******

And yes, before you ask, I know the email is advertising the same company because the emails include identical pictures and promotions as their site and their street address which also shows up on a BBB complaint (with their website address) for the same bulk spam practice and the company admitted to doing it (*******656... /> These people are garbage. Anyone who has to resort to such scummy practices to get people to their site doesn't produce a product that speaks for itself.

Great canvas prints... Shipping protection D+
I ordered a few canvases from them. My initial order was a large canvas. First one sent was damaged, the replacement was damaged. The third one was good. EasyCanvasPrints basically just wrap thin plastic around the canvas onto a cardboard back. Then slide it in a box. Not much protection and it slides around and breaks out. The customer service is awesome but that doesnt make up for all the aggravation. The couple I ordered after that were ok but packed the same. They must like sending replacements often. Ive been ordering from one of their competitors and the shipping protection is amazing! Their shipping time is also quicker Sorry Easy Canvas. Your quality is awesome but its a gamble if I get it in good condition.

Terrible quality, customer service (including management) and website
STAY AWAY! Deserved no stars but wouldn't let me. Placed a large order the photos I put on the website looked fine but when I received them EasyCanvasPrints were cropped so high you couldn't see the whole picture. Called customer service they proceeded to tell me that they printed what I sent them. I sent a screen shot of how it looked on the website and they told me that I just did that today and that wasn't what was sent to them. Calling me a liar? When I cropped none of my photos and they told me I did! Wouldn't refund me for the full amount. Definitely don't take your work here anyone else has got to be better.

Wish I had read the reviews
I placed an order after checking "standard shipping" only to find when I received email confirmation of the order it had been switched to express air which made my cost 2 1/2 times what I planned. After 45 minutes on hold I was told a credit would be issued. I will wait to see. The annoying part though, aside from the time, is that I did NOT select express shipping. I am not an idiot and would never pay $130+ to ship $65 of merchandise. Now that I have read reviews I am worried about the quality of what I receive. Another thing, the customer service person was not able to duplicate my initial order, coming out a few dollars more or less. I have a screen shot of the order. What is that about?

Bad Business and Unethical Business Practices.
When ordering I chose an option to arrive before Xmas. No price was listed on the page. The next page was $100 more. I wanted to cancel because $100 shipping is a RIP-OFF. When I tried to close the page, just touching the page near the buy button finalized the sale and sent me to the next page. I had no intention of buying.
This was on Sunday December 16,2018. I tried to cancel by using the company's Chat window. It said, we're closed, call us. I called, the message said, we're closed leave a message. I left a message and sent an email all within 5 minutes of mistakenly placing this order. EasyCanvasPrints next afternoon at work I found a new email saying I was too late to cancel and they were shipping if I didn't call. I was at work and couldn't call until after 9:00 pm. I called, 37 minutes on hold, no answer. Now I received an email that they shipped. Indisputed with PayPal. They are obviously trying to scam me and push me into allowing it to happen. Wrong guy to try that crap with. I'll review them EVERYWHERE!

Beautiful Canvas Prints!
Great quality canvas prints, at a great price and arrived quickly! My only complaint is I was not able to upload the full size image, 24.5MB, and when ordering on my phone the next largest size I could select was 1.1MB which is quite a bit smaller. So for the size canvas I ordered (18'x24"), the image was not as clear as I would have hoped. I didn't even think about that until I received the canvases. The site allows for images up to 20MB but I would have needed to resize each image on a computer and upload from there. Just an FYI before you order! Prints still looks beautiful and I would order from Easy Canvas Prints again.

No Canvas and I still have to pay for shipping...
I purchased my canvas June 6th and still have not received it. It stated it was delivered in Austin, Texas - I am in Nashville. When I contacted customer service EasyCanvasPrints stated UPS tried to deliver it but I had the wrong address. I sent them the UPS tracking which clearly states it was signed for and delivered in Austin, TX. They stated I can re-order but I have to pay an additional $32.00 for another delivery OR I can get a refund for the canvas minus the delivery fee. I honestly just want what I paid for MY CANVAS. Customer service via email is responsive - not so much on the phone. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

I ordered an original photo printed onto a canvas about a month ago as a gift for my boyfriends birthday. I ordered a custom measurement that was quite large at 36"x 24". I've never ordered a print onto a canvas before so I didn't know what to expect but I took my chances and thought I'd give it a shot.

When the package arrived it came in a rather large box so I was a little nervous. I opened it and peaked at it quickly without taking it completely out of the box and at first I was really disappointed. It looked really blurry and almost horribly pixelated. Once I had a second to myself to fully take it out of the box and really look at it, then I realized I was totally wrong! Up close it almost looks as of it was a painting of the original photo. Once I took a step back and really looked at it after hanging it up on the wall was when I realized that it was absolutely PERFECT!

I'm completely satisfied with the product and my boyfriend absolutely loved his gift! Which is what ultimately matters being that it was a gift for him. I would definitely buy again! Don't let the negative reviews steer you away. Definitely worth trying out and I would definitely order from them again!

Extremely Poor Customer Service
Along with short tempered CSR's be prepared for hidden charges. For instance, the receipt reflects the regular price minus promotion amount plus shipping and taxes, however no real subtotal exists in the calculations to show the sale price (real price minus promotion price). In my particular instance, the sale price of the piece was $14.99 (never shown on receipt) but shipping was also $14.99. So total bill was $14.99 more than expected with shipping that shows up nowhere except on receipt! Thought I remembered seeing free shipping, but could have been on another ad. Tried to find out why bill was more than expected but Necea (or something like that) was having none of it when I said my money was stolen and I wanted it back. Should have looked at reviews before ordering from this company.

Good product, amazing prices, fast shipping
I have ordered six 11 x 14 canvas prints in the last two months. The prints came within a week of ordering and were a quarter of the cost of other canvas print companies. I ordered the prints on the cheaper frame (which is thinner) and was happy with the look. The site doesn't have any way to check whether the resolution of the print you select is sufficient for a good quality canvas when enlarged. I checked the resolution on another site. Two of my photos were deemed to have insufficient resolution by another site, but I took the chance and ordered them anyway, because the price was so cheap. EasyCanvasPrints were a tiny bit fuzzier, but since the print was on canvas, which has a texture anyway, I found it acceptable.

After several purchases, I learned the hard way about this company's terrible quality control issues
As a professional, I was initially pleased with the color and overall look of their canvases (despite being printed on polyester canvas instead of cotton/cottonblend. But that's where the satisfaction ends. It turns out that on closer inspection the frames are made of pressed paper-like fiber, their stretching is sub-par, inconsistent, and prone to significant sagging in less than a year of hanging. The larger the canvas, the greater the sag, even in a climate controlled environment. Their basic hardware, a simple sawtooth, is inadequate and pulls loose from the cheap frame. I have had to replace all of my hardware. One pulled loose randomly and hit the floor.

When the sagging problem became significant (4 canvases in my studio deteriorated to an unacceptable level, and one frame actually began to wobble, indicating that the canvas was holding the frame, not the other way around) I contacted the company, sharing photos and videos of the defects. EasyCanvasPrints looked them over and merely concluded that they could do nothing because the canvases were "out of warranty"(90 days) and suggested I use a blow dryer to shrink them. Really. I explained that sagging is a structural problem and that I cannot sell a product to a client with instructions to blow-dry it once the defects start to show up, but that was their FINAL word. So my final word to the wise is: RUN, don't walk from this company! The canvas is polyester, the frame is paper fiber, the hardware is dime-store quality, stretching is amateur, their shipping prices are excessive, and their customer service is an insult. (By the way, they call it customer love - don't be fooled. Management doesn't empower their customer service staff to fix problems, only tell them nicely to shove it. Use a blow dryer. Really? It is the automotive equivalent of putting sawdust in the transmission.

I spent a LOT of money with this company - 40 canvases - and am now waiting to begin hearing from unhappy clients when their canvases begin to fall apart as mine have. Lesson learned. Stay away from EasyCanvasPrints unless you enjoy being taken for a ride. By the way, when I got a third customer service person on the line, she answered the phone "Banners on the Cheap" (apparently they outsource "customer service" to a company that handles complaints for more than one company. When I was bumped up to their senior level person, he basically said too bad. Yes it is.

Worst service, customer always wrong
I send a high quality family picture, what I got was a 16x20 print with two of my grand kids cropped out on both sides. I called the Easy Canvas person, his explanation was that I picked the wrong size. As a customer I have no idea what size must I order among the many sizes EasyCanvasPrints offer. He laid the blame on me.
The man refuse to accept any responsibility for the mistake. From my experience, they are not reliable, won't stand by their product. He offered me to reprint with a small reduced charge. In short I lost my money and got a lot of frustration. Can't imagine this type of business still can operate in 2021. Be careful folks.

The Art Within
I have never had a custom print on a canvas and this project was very important. I worked on my design for a few weeks to get the exact High Quality outcome. I wanted to make sure the lighting, colors and scale was exactly correct. I uploaded the artwork and was given a Proof as PDF. What I saw was amazing... The Canvas arrive in about 10 days and upon opening it the quality was awesome,
Tip: Make sure you artwork is properly scaled to the size you and that it's greater than or equal to the size. When you scale up anything it will become pixelated. The Printout is as good as the Art within you.
If your canvas is large like a 30 x 40 I highly recommend using a wire picture frame kit and not the Teeth hangers.

Stand by their WORK
I suggest you call EASY CANVAS immediately after placing your order to have them look at it to make sure it will be to your liking. Their site does not inform you if the photo you're using will not make a good print. I called them for something else, and the rep volunteered that information which I was very grateful! Also the hanging systems that EasyCanvasPrints offer does not come attached to the pictures which is not clear when you order. What else isn't clear on their site is that their prints do come with a complimentary bracket on the back of the print for hanging. If I had known that I would have never ordered the hanging systems for the 1 order. I had a second order without adding the hanging systems. Anyhoo, I informed EASY CANVAS that I paid MICHAEL's to attach the hanging systems to my 5 pictures, and Easy Canvas immediately processed my refund for the hanging systems. I loved their work, and I will definitely use them again in the future!

I have used this service on a couple of occasions. Never completely happy but, kept thinking it was my fault. The last pic i wanted done was perfect and professional. What I got back was a complete mess. Incredibly blurred. Customer service was nice at first and Amber agreed that the my pic was clear and sharp. She said she would send over to another department and would get back with me. That was several days ago. During that time I emailed and asked what was going on and got email back saying ticket had been closed. Also if it wasn't for me to reply to the email. So I did. Meanwhile EasyCanvasPrints send me a customer satisfaction survey. I said I was extremely disappointed in product and service. So today I get an email from Amber... she starts off by "So, again(never had contact with her since the first time) do you want a PARTIAL refund or a reprint. Tech guys say pic is fine from angle taken." WHAT? I will never use or recommend.

Worst canvas company ever!
The larger products (over 16 x 20) that I was able to hang after Christmas wrinkled up within a week of hanging them and look like trash. Another photo I was never able to hang from the start (I never took it out of the packaging) because there's a big spot on my daughter's tooth in the pic that was not even on the file I sent them (and EasyCanvasPrints tried telling me I created that spot but I swear it's not on the file I sent). Customer service is a joke. They'll try blaming you for any issues, they'll tell you to send pictures of the defects, and then won't call or email you back regarding what their decision was on fixing the print (I had to call them 8 days after sending the defect photos, was told they would get back to me, and am still waiting for a response). This is the worst place you could get a canvas from. Trust the majority of these reviews. I know I wish I would have because I ended up with $200 of trash. If I could choose a rating of less than 1 I would.

Canvas print from a photograph 16" X 20"
A very good friend passed away and I wanted to give his wife a gift of a Canvas picture with him & her during happier days that she could enjoy daily. I was 'more than impressed with the beautiful picture', and workmanship on the Canvas. I had a 'Dust Cover' placed on the back. I was surprised how quickly the Canvas was delivered (within days of ordering) and EasyCanvasPrints had automatically placed a Wall Hanger on the back of the picture. I would absolutely order again & again from this company. Very happy gift giver I am. The packing box was well done and no damage thru shipping to me.

Great Customer Service and Quality Prints
When I called to check on image quality shortly after my order was placed, the call went through quickly and the rep was very kind and easy to work with. I have ordered prints in the past and EasyCanvasPrints have all turned out great, I'm looking forward to getting these next set of prints!

As a graphic designer, having a high quality print to begin with is key, you can't expect a low quality image to be blown up to 18x24" without issues. I personally think that may(?) be the issue people are having with getting blurry prints, they may have a photo that looks good at 4x6" but when blown up to 18x24"+ there are not enough pixels to compensate for the size difference thus making the canvas image blurry.

That's just my experience and opinion though, there could be hiccups I'm not seeing. If you are worried about image quality, feel free to call them! As I said my experience was great and only took 2 minutes extra of my time to call and verify. I'm not affiliated in anyway, I just saw how many awful reviews there were and wanted to share my experience! :)

There is a reason they are so cheap.
Don't waste your money with them. Do yourself a favor and pay a little more elsewhere. I just got off of the phone with " customer service " in reference to an order that I received today. One of the products is so blurry I would be embarrassed to gift it. Another is damaged ( scratched) from the hangar on the back of another. I ordered a total of 4 prints 2 of which were small and fine but the other 2 larger prints are the ones with the issues. I asked about quality control and was told that a human does not print OR wrap the items so EasyCanvasPrints never see the finished product. So there were ( 4) finished products wrapped together with NOTHING separating them from one another. Again keep in mind there are metal hangars with teeth on the back of each item. The bottom line is I will never order anything from them again.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I placed an order on December 18 with the shipping option that said it would be delivered by December 24. I phoned the company to confirm the quality of the photo with Jordan and the increased amount of shipping I would pay in order to receive by DEC 24. (There were three shipping options -- the $24.99 option had a Dec 24 delivery date listed underneath it) Today, when I checked on the order status, I saw a JAN 6 delivery date. I spoke with customer service -- EasyCanvasPrints were of no help. I insisted they listen to the conversation of DEC 18, and although they admit that their representative made a mistake in confirming that the order would be received by Christmas, they would not honor paying the expedited shipping to ensure I had this canvas in time. They did not accept responsibility for the shipping option listed on their website that stated it would arrive by Dec 24. They did not accept responsibility for the confirmation made by their representative. They simply did not want to pay the premium to ship the canvas and honor their commitment. Their solution was to issue a full refund. Never again.

I placed an order for a color picture and EasyCanvasPrints sent me someone else's order. When I called to complain the said they would replace it and have it delivered by June 30,2021, but after I questioned them further they blamed the shipper, but when I spoke to FedEx I was told although Easy Canvas Prints created a shipping label they never shipped the product. When I confronted them with this information they hung up on me and when I called back asking to speak with someone in management they refused and told me they did not have any contact information for management. What a bunch of BS! No Customer Service and no ethics in business! BEWARE OF DOING BUSINESS WITH EASY CANVAS PRINTS. Lastly, I requested refund and challenged the charge based on the fact they failed to deliver as promised!

I also encountered horrible service-not just with the product but also with the customer service rep. Two weeks ago, I ordered 4 large canvas prints. I understand things could happen in the process and normally someone should or would contact via email or phone call with problem or updates. The two weeks went by and I haven't heard anything so, I decided to check on my order online but was unable to get an update. I called instead and was told that my order has been canceled and put on hold because it needed some change with my image.

The customer service lady on the phone was a bit snarky when I expressed my order disappointment and was trying to cut short just to tell me I need to redo my image ok!
I requested to speak with a manager to hear their side of story but then manager told me "yes, you need a new image redo" and I understand that you're unhappy with your order and I'm happy to refund.

The point is. EasyCanvasPrints have my information and they never called me or emailed to tell me anything, they just hold it for two weeks until I called my self! The manager offered to create a new order but I'm not interested to work with them anymore because of super poor service all around. A new order? Really, no expedite print because you failed to process original order for two weeks? I'm paying customer, not asking for any perks other than reasonable communications and receive what I paid for. I am livid because I WAISTED 2 weeks wait time and would never recommend EasyCanvasPrints company because it was Un-Easy to work with this company.

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