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Quality check
I read the good reviews here, and believed that everything will be good for me, too. I had the paper done, seemed like fine, and I took your word for it fully complying to the attached rubric. After I submitted it, my TA messaged me that he had like a strong suspicion that I violated the academic integrity regulations. I managed to talk my way out of it but here I was, requiring a revision. My writer denied anything was off, and support manager offered me an option to have my revision checked out and done by another writer. Meanwhile, E Writing Service forwarded my paper to quality assurance department to check out the quality of the paper. I did what they asked. As a result I received a good paper after all, got my TA somewhat suspicious about my integrity (hopefully, I won't get caught again), and that QA check results got me to communicate with Dispute Manager and get a partial compensation for low quality of the original paper. It's a lottery, after all. I didn't get lucky at first. The second time went better. I'll try more, I guess.

True experts
I had an assignment to write an analysis of 2 sentencing models. So I did it but the professor was so picky and didn't accept it saying that the sources are not reliable. I was so frustrated as I already spent so much time on this paper that I couldn't manage working on it again. My roommate recommended me this site. To be honest, I was quite sceptical as first as if I couldn't get it right after the whole course on criminal law than who could. But to my big surprise your writers are true experts and got me an A. I'm very satisfied with your services and am thinking about using it again.

The perfect saviors from burnout
I have a very demanding work schedule, yet want to further my studies. I also have a family that needs my time. The extensively demanding schedule was taking a toll on my body and was about to collapse from burnout. A friend recommended your services and you can imagine my relief. When I ordered the first paper, I was not sure what to expect. Reading through the paper left me mesmerized. I no longer have to worry about pending assignments or missing time to play with my family. I wake up relaxed and energized, ready to face any task. My visits to the doctor have also reduced, leaving me in perfect mood.

Language analysis essay
I'm a part-time working student and have no time to get all those tasks done. The one on language awareness and flexibility where I had to pick one of the given topics and analyze my environment, using some scientific source to back it up, got be petrified. I literally looked around me and thought *who am I to have that scientific article published about me? Am I Justin Bieber or something?* Here I got help with a paper. Though it was B, ah, no problem, I'm no straight A student. You did what I asked for, like the essay, the focus, try to keep up with the idea and get my peers' attention. Teacher's opinion doesn't really matter to me. She's old and doesn't get much of the way I think. Anyways, nice knowing you!

No need to give your dashboard access
Before placing the order, I had concerns about providing access to my school's library and textbook. There's always a risk and stuff. But everything went fine. I voiced my concerns to writer and support. E Writing Service offered to give them the name of the book, writer onfirmed he had access to it, and not needed my password. It was a win-win. Other services I tried always insisted on giving them passwords, and I had to change them at least weekly. I liked it here since writers and support are doing everything to make me feel comfortable and not stress out. Good experience!

Article review
Having a fresh pair of eyes go through your work will help you pick up on things you've missed. Points you didn't add, points you shouldn't have added, and so on. On this site, there are countless eyes to turn to, and each one of them has an eye for these type of things (pun intended). They've critiqued so many of my works, and have given me useful feedbacks. Their criticisms are explained, and this has helped me become better.

Combining work and college
Someone told me it would be tough to combine college and work. I thought it was a joke until I was several weeks into the semester and the assignments were beginning to pile up. I had taken a tough chemistry course but was about to abandon learning. It was taking a toll on my health after long hours in the library. A friend introduced me to your essay writing services and my life has never been the same again. I now have time to revise for my tests and work without worrying about assignments. You have also helped me with some of the toughest topics in Chemistry. You are awesome friends.

Did my research right
When I completed my marketing research it was turned down cause the prof said that the literature was outdated. Turns out I had to use the sources published within the last five years. And it was a challenge for me to find something relevant to my topic. The writers here had some difficulty too. But I choose the one with the biggest find and started working with him. E Writing Service did everything good but my prof had some comments in terms of the data. I had no idea how the writer came up with it. So I contacted the writer for clarification at once and got an extensive reply within the next hour. Thanks for all your understanding and swift collaboration.

Help for busy person
I had a job, study, and a family to manage. In this chaotic time of submitting assignments, I found their help and E Writing Service are really good. They did all my writing works and my submissions were made on time. The best part is you get to review the articles till you are completely satisfied.

All problems solved!
After my experience working at the kindergarden I thought I'd handle the Childhood studies course with no problem. And I almost did but for the essays. I knew what was asked but I just couldn't put my ideas into words to express myself clearly. But you are the masters of writing! You developed my ideas so brilliantly that I'm in awe! My other problem the searched for relevant literature you solved so skillfully. The sourced were so relevant and published within the recent years. You solve my problems so well I will continue using the service!

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