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I played football since it is the game I know, recently I noticed my points were much lower comparing to the performances of the players I have selected. Well, I was surprised to see a player in my team which I never selected... I created two teams with a player whose score should win me the money, but the player was replaced by another one who didn't even play the game... sad sad

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Dream11 lots of negative comments. Dream11 actually rob money. Don't keep money in your valence if you are playing... FAIRPLAY IS THE TOOL TO ROB MONEY... if real intention is fair play they should suspend the account in order. Say 1 say week. But they will do that. But they will rob your withdrawal request. Saying fair play. This has happened to 100000 of users... FAIR PLAY IS THE TOOL FOR ROBBING MONEY..

Its good but something else is better.
If u dont like dream11 definitely this site is for u Hey guies I am playing fantasy since 2013 I found certain websites which gives bonus on signing up u all plz join n use code SHUBHAM to get bonus. Will love to play on this site leagueguru the best. U can also get 50% instant bonus twice on this site. Paytm option is available cmon join now with Promocode SHUBHAM it will give bonus to both of us lets rock.

I am playing on Fantasy Cricket for last 5 yrs!
I am playing on Fantasy Cricket for last 5 yrs! It has become such a part of my day to day activity that even my dad gives his suggestions for selecting my team, hence it has become a family game!

Fantasy Cricket is help me to improve my skills too. I have to study more about the player and projection for next match performance is difficult to me but after so many homework my team do well.

Highly competitive now
I always used to play small with only one or two teams. Generally, I joined that Rs. 10 leagues with member 3333. I have won this league one and got the 2nd rank at another time so I can't say that is fake. I also used to play 11 members game and used to won many times.

We can't blame that Dream 11 is fake. Its highly... highly... highly competitive as compared to other fantasy sites.

Cheating by injecting teams.
Tell me you guys in what sense somebody can have someone who never oalyed before as captain. I could see daily the top scorer team keep changing. Doesn't matter whether that player is playing on first time if Dream11 are scoring points suddenly you could see that team pop up as particular guy as captain. Do you really think we are fool. You guys should cheating indians. We indians should stand against them and start taking legal actions against them. One cannot believe how much they earn from each mega contest. They themselves crate team with all probable options before today's match I could see captain vc as players no one would ever beleive in distant sight. Nothing runs forever. You know normal public donot have time to take you guys for legal proceedings, but soon time would come. Now I want to see in the review of dream 11 dontnfuking dare to remove the review

Issues regarding verifications
: Sir there r so many rejections from ur team on pan verfications nd bank account verifications, some people will have starting letter of surname and name as follows, and if the same persons bank account if mentioned full surname and name means rejected plz rectify this problem olden days pancards like that nd nowdays bank statement are fully mentioned surnames and names with new proofs

100% Fake app. Cheaters
Hi, i am a android developer. I am developing many android applications. I can easily change anything from back end. In dream11 Dream11 create their own teams my making probabilities, its totally cheating and if they dont make list of all winners and display all winners number from that we can check its real or fake. So please dont waste your money and time. Thanking you..

Biggest Online Scammers
I got to know about Dream 11 from my friends but when I start playing I observe that who ever player make highest run Dream11 make them other person Captain. It is requested to all don't put your valuable money in it. This is the biggest part of this online scam who represents this $#*!ing App. They use our stars Dhoni, Kohli and Shehwag to gather the crowd but our Starts don't know they are supported to a Scam business.

I love Playing Dream 11 and its part of my day to day activity.
Hi Dream11, It is immense pleasure to be part of Dream11 and it is most exciting. One thing I want to confirm is i have made couple of referrals (ie) My wife, My brother so at times we all use same handset. Is that i will be termed as Fake user now? Please advise. I am bit nervous after reading all the reviews, i have never withdrawn any money till date, i win all small amounts but what if tomo i win big leagues then Dream shouldn't say me as Fake user. Dream 11 Please can you confirm on this?

It's fake, only head to head is correct
It's fake because it show only for 1000 top people's rank and point in starting, so if Dream11 can change other team player at the end which is extra from top 1000 and their own team come on rank 1 at the end, so plz think slightly negative, no one can complain because every one think that- some one may be special who choose this team, so plz play only head to head

This is a scam
Dream11 is a scam o feel pity this is being promoted by the most respectable captain in Indian cricket history. It's a scam in the first place there is a problem when you are adding money and Dream11 don't allow u to withdraw the money u have added. It's simple funda u can only withdraw money which u have won but u will never win money. Shame on u money for promoting something like this

No ratings
This app doesn't deserve a ratings. As you can find almost bots or robots in multiple games. Dream11 earn money, But common people will never earn they fool peoples. My opinion is "Never install this app" this will take you to deep lost. Whoever plays good innings it auto change to captain and Vice captain.My request to everyone is "As a Youngsters we must stand together and ban this kind of app.To avoid upcoming generation not to spoil.

Totally fake...
Yesterday match was played by West Indies ODD, players announce, I created team but while creating team R. Reifer was not anaunce by Dream11. But after match, winer has that player in his team, I don't understand if Dream11 not anaunce player can you guys pick that player and lose your money, but team winer guy pick that player, how he knows that the R. Reifer will playing, I have attached my team and winer team who have add that R. Reifer in his team.

So guys I riched 140 Level, and played over 3000 matches, still not won more than 200 RS.

Please stay away from such scammer...!

I can beat you, you will never won dream11

Yes, Its like lottery because u can not know that who is going to play well & exactly who will earn more points...
Instead of calling it's Fake Just try understand that in GRAND Leauges Almost more than 10lacs teams are playing, so it is obvious that chances of lost are more, no need to blame, just depend on luck and ur time.
But in small leauge u can earn money but not in lacs so it will be in tousand only.

Its Legal by Indian Government & Everyithing going in front of our eyes online, which we can see.

Best of luck to all & Myself I hope i will post my next post with huge winning, to justify the statement made above.

Join below 10 contestors joining contest
My thought, It is full of fake, At the time of match winning time, Dream11 have create their own team (which players are leading scorer or wicket takers in that day) & include all their contest & finally they get all the winning amount. Waste of money,

My suggestion If you are addicted in this game, Then please join 01 to 10 contestors joining contest, so that you can able to see all their players and chase

It's 100% fake. Please don't play.
I'm damn sure it's a cent percent fake app to lure money. I played an year daily basis and I never won any big amount in any of the leagues. Same thing happened with our friends too, I referred to lots of people Dream11 too didn't win any big amount. Then Who is winning the big amounts? Answer is the auto generated fake accounts of their own teams. My advice is please never indulge in this filthy app. They lure you guys..

Totally fake app please don't waste your money on this app, dream 11 is the new way to take the money from the people Dream11 create the own team and become 1st, and the most important things is they are showing there ads like krunal has won 56 lakh rupees, the ads was showing from the last few year after the krunal no one has won the money, $#*!ing idiots, i was spend 7k on this fake app, please guy's stay away from this app

Actually it's a fake
If you ever notice in bigger leagues having winning amount more than 1 lack you will see All the time there will be some teams having those players who actually play good only in that match how can you think about all the players? RCV vs KKR and MI vs Pune are the best examples. Those teams are made by dream11 itself in between the running match and according the team situation to stop you to win the big amount... Yes you can win here I actually won 10000 in a day but in bigger leagues it is only dream of millions that will never come true.

Create contest
Hi Dream 11 Team,

Whenever a person is not joining the contest before match starts its getting cancelled, kindly provide solutions as add or change contest size before match starts, so that many contest would not be cancelled and it would be helpful for business and users as well. We may give admin to only the person who creates the contest code.

Regards, Thangaraj

Don't trust this App.
This app is seems to be fake, at the end of the each match dream11 team themselves add a teams with best points where Dream11 stood at the top, so that they can not loss their money, before starting of the game they will give you a chance to look at all the teams participated, but when you see at the end of the match the winning teams will not be there in the starting of the match, if you ask them about this they will tell you that, those team owners changed their team names because of that their names were not visible in the starting of the match, here the truth is, Dream 11 team collect all the money from the users when it comes to the winners they will enter their own teams at the end of the match with top point. You will never won lacks of thousands by playing this, so don't put money into it.

Fake fake fake
This is rigged. Absolutely fake. Everyday I joined with minimum of 10 tens for these last few weeks and won a mere 100 bucks. If you watch closely, Dream11 manipulate the plyers, captain and vice captain whilst the match is going on. The kolkata and Delhi match was no exception. Tired of explaining, but I request you all to stop bidding and uninstall the app.

I am surprised how the rank setting for all the players who performs well in the match even their C n VC hit on that match like two bowlers,,, HAHAHA
Because the admin team manipulate the rank and set the player for their team as per the match performance. And make the big money from ours. So times or many times you can win 15 to 50 rs after entry fee is 49 rs and wasting your valuable time 6 hrs to many more.
#cheater #don't waste your time my brozzz

Proof of fakeness
Dream11 lock the team one hour before the match. We will not be sure of which players are playing except the cricbuzz news. Once the teams are locked they will reveal other teams post team declarations after toss. There you can see even the unexpectable players who is in playing 11 will be there in the other teams. Great surprise how they came to know abt those players. This is cheating. Be aware.

Rank manipulation happens
I am surprised how the rank 1 and 1st 5 ranks have all the players who performs well in the match even their C n VC hit on that match like anything.
And all your permutation and combustion will be failed for sure. Because the admin team of the app has all the rights to manipulate the rank and set the player for their team as per the match performance.

Participant like me will win only Rs15, 30, 100, max 500.
So guys don't waste your money here. Dream11 are targeting that amount what we think is a small one. And so we pay 15, 21, 35 and join the contest. Out of curiosity we are wasting our money and making them to cheat us.

Don't play pls.

Fake Fake Fake
This is a fraudulent website and app manipulating the real facts and covering up the real statistics.

Stay away from this. Dream11 are eating your money in small amounts.Go for genuine games which costs and are really worth.

They have masterminds to do this fraud and cheat Indian People

This idea is to lure small amounts from common people.Be safe

Stay Alert

Online scammers
After Playing more than 100 games I came to understand that hardly u can win few thousands mostly when u play one to one game don't ever try to play prize pool or league games because Dream11 already have computer generated teams having all the combinations available as captain and wise captain so no chance of ever winning the 1st prize. It's same like permutation and combination in maths all possible teams made ready before the matches so u can try Ur lifetime still u won't succeed. Best way is to stay away or else choose 2-3 players game where permutation and combination won't work bcoz only 3 teams would be there and even there performance can be easily tracked.

Donot waste ur money dream 11 company cheat u... in spot 2 to 6 made team they give u same team with
Donot waste ur money dream 11 company cheat u... in spot 2 to 6 made team Dream11 give u same team with of captain vice captain but change only 1 to two player each team... with ur team they copy paste and change 1 to two player... company fill company made computerized team... its a mind use by company with u... donot waste money plz donot waste money...

Dream 11 Customer care number 760--252--19--92
Dream 11 customer care number enquiry for the issue of the issue of the issue of the issue with my husband is a great day and time to solve here are a good time for you to the issue of the issue of year is that I have any problems to contact me on this number so we can be used in a great time to contact us for you and your issue to solve the best time for the issue of whether the use of whether or concerns please visit our website at our website for the best way to contact me at the end of the best support.

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Description: Dream11 is the world's largest Fantasy Cricket & Football Game, with an exponentially growing user base of 3 million+ gamers. We are a Series B funded sports gaming startup on a mission to 'Make Every Game Exciting' for sports fans globally.
The game can be played across platforms: desktop/mobile/android & iOS apps.

Address: 1904-A, Naman Midtown, Near Indiabulls finance Center,, India, 400013


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