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Dolls Kill

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Merch Never Even Arrived/ Super Condescending Cust. Service
Honestly I was a die-hard fan of this site before ever placing a purchase, and even thought their "hey bae" sort of tone was fitting/ a cool touch, but that's only until Dolls Kill screw you over and then slap on a heart, that's when it feels super unprofessional and stepfordy. Long story short I ordered boots over three months ago, ran into weird shipping issues, & they legitimately never arrived. I've had to hound their contact number for quite literally three months to ask if I could please at first get the boots reshipped, and after a while I just got so tired of dealing with them that I just asked for a refund (because legally that's how it works when a consumer makes a purchase that is a non-delivery). They just kept giving me two or three line emails in a "sorry bae but nope <3" sort of tone. They kept saying they only give store credit for any returns- but in every single respect this was not a return as I never received goods I paid for. I went to dispute the charge and they responded by crediting my account with STORE CREDIT.

All-in-all an impersonal, blatantly money-driven, consumer- apathetic stepford wife of an experience. I would not recommend no matter how cute anything you see online.

Shot my money back 16X horrible supervisor service
I tried ordering at pretty big order from them 16 times. It was a lot of money. And the site kept telling me something was wrong with my payment info. So I called my bank 3 times and Dolls Kill cleared my card 3 different times! So finally my bank said it was not on my end that this was happening. I could hardly get through to someone on the phone at dolls kill, but when I did they didn't try to put me though to a supervisor. The poor people had no idea what to do & they were very nice. But whoever the supervisors are, just left these representatives out to dry! And kept telling me it was their banks team that was stopping my payments. Well that can't be true because I had TWO separate friends & separate shipping, billing, emails and accounts TRY and order this order for me. And guess what, the same message popped up for them as well! So the LACK of help figuring out this Is insane. I'm currently on the phone again with someone and she is being super helpful thank goodness! So maybe she will be able to figure this out for me. But Pre warning if you want help from a supervisor or if anything like this happens to you, they don't care about helping you out. Or the money or promotion you would be giving them. Yes this is a big rant but I also have all the screen shots, calls, emails, tracking of how many times the site would not take my order and how much I tried to reach out to them. I'll be posting this to social as well.

I was inspired by a cosplayer I follow on twitter to buy a dress from here~ i ended up choosing 2 dresses and a top. £120, expensive considering I usually buy from Ebay but Dolls Kill were really nice dresses so I didn't mind that, I thought it'd be worth it. After I bought, there was no "Purchase confirmation", confirmation code, or tracking number, which i thought was pretty strange? They didn't ask for email or anything either so there was no email confirmations or information or anything.
Then, I got a dodgy looking letter in the mail from a dodgy looking site saying I would not be receiving the items unless i pay an additional £20 on their site. I thought it was a scam at first but looked online and saw it was serious. £140 for 2 dresses and a top is a little out of my budget lol. I thought at least the items would be good quality but when they arrived they were super thin, cheap fabrics, much worse quality than the cheap shops in town? Not great quality at all.
I get much better quality for a fraction of the price from Asian companies/ebay. Will definitely not buy from again & don't recommend
It does apparently say on the website about the aditional price, /somewhere/. But not at checkout, where it would be important to know. Just overall dodgy

Super BAD Quality At HIGH Price - Customer Service Failed Mostly
A few months ago I bought some shoes from the website. Dolls Kill were in the sale section (no wonder, they turned out to have some cheap a** quality). The price now was at 90$ + intl. Shipping+Customs Duty. Most espensive shoes I ever got! When I got them they had bumps on top that didn't go away to this day, also after wearing them the second time, part of the sole ripped off.
So I wrote the customer service.
Their style to write back is their CI, I understand that, but when it's about my purchase and my money it gets serious for me, so when they wrote back I always had a feeling of no respect for the customer.
This came back: "Hey Babe! I'm so sorry to hear about the condition of your boots! Can you send a pic? We don't accept returns of worn items but we will see what we can do! <3 "
Long story short, after a long long conversation (they don't always answer your messages, so keep spaming: I always had to ask when I would finally get any answer to my mail, THEN I would get one) They gave me a store credit about 29$, WITHOUT free shipping. But the customer service is horrible, slow and does not answer your mails for sure. You have to take your time to deal with these BABES.
I had a difficult situation with a similar shop (UNIF), but they gave me a full refund plus a 30 % discount code including free shipping.

"xoxo Anni"

WARNING: DOLLS KILL IS TERRIBLE. My sister and I purchased many items from the online store recently. We were told that there would be free shipping to the UK as we had spent over a certain amount of money. It was not made clear to us, however, that this did NOT include returns. All over the site it is advertised that there is "FREE RETURNS." This is false advertising. We were sent the wrong pair of shoes also, which did not help because we could not return them due to the cost of shipping. Many different clothing items do not fit, however, we cannot afford to pay £100 to send everything back, so we are stuck with clothing and shoes that we do not like/are too small. I will be telling everyone I know to avoid this shop at all costs. We emailed customer support many times and were patronisingly told that nothing was going to be done to help us return the clothing. We also found out that if we just so happened to be able to ship our clothing back over to the US, that we would not be refunded our money. We would only be given STORE CREDIT. This is not made clear during the purchasing process! If your clothing doesn't fit, well then you have to keep sending clothing back and paying extremely costly shipping in the process. DOLLS KILL IS A SCAM. I have since found out that this has happened a lot of people with this company and I've also since learned that this company is RACIST?! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE unless you want cheap crappy clothing, no refunds and unrealistic, unaffordable shipping costs! Save your money for ASOS, topshop, h&m etc. Dolls Kill actually care about their customers.

Not only do their clothes fit almost 2 sizes to small. But the quality of my $60 costume is SO laughable I can't even wear it. The top is so flat and frail that you would have to be completely flat chested to wear it I mean NO breasts at all. It's like a piece of paper. And Dolls Kill forgot to give me a apart of the costume (the dog tag). They will not refund you they will give you credit even if unworn and their fault. Then they want you to rebuy the item if it costs more they will eventually give you the extra cost that you spent. Why not just resend the proper item/ new size after customer sends off the orginal? Also they DON'T tell you to size up. How ridiculous! If I wear a size 6 and a costume says fits up to 8 then why does it fit like a size 4! Ridiculous not buying from them again. I can see why others have resold their items. And FYI stop making EVERYTHING sheer as F. Not every woman wants to wear pasties under her dress top so you can't see her nips. Have some more class and make some more outfits that are being around kids friendly! If a total club wear site you should state that more so. Slut friendly but not real life friendly. The one top out of the 3 purchased is cute but stay away unless you want your gut hanging out and your nips showing

Repeat customer
Let me start by saying that I don't go around writing reviews, but I always appreciate when I find someone who's honest about their purchases because it helps me in deciding. That being said, I've seen a lot of negative feedback about Dolls Kill & I just can't relate. I've placed two orders in the past 2 months with them. Both orders arrived on time, in one case earlier than expected. I was PLEASANTLY surprised with the quality of the garments, jewelry & sunglasses I received recently.

On my first order, the dress I ordered was too small & I sent it back for a credit. The return shipping does take a bit to arrive to them (7 days from Miami, Fl), but that's to be expected. It's a FREE return, keep that in mind. I wanted to use my credit for my 2nd purchase & when I used the chat feature on their website one their dolls was not only super attentive, but she told me that once the return showed as received to hit them back so Dolls Kill could issue the credit right away; WHICH THEY DID!:)

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first in regards to quality, but I can straight up say that I'm a doll for life. I'll post a follow up to this with pictures of me wearing what I ordered for reference... my event isn't until the following week but I wanted to get this review out there in case any of you ladies were having doubts.

$#*!ing Horrible
I placed my order a month ago and made sure to purchase the 2 day shipping in hopes that it would actually arrive within 2 days so that I could receive it for my friend's birthday. A week went by and i still hadn't even received the the shipping confirmation email, so I decided to text the customer service number up on their site. The representative told me that an item I had purchased was back-ordered and could take up to 2 weeks to ship out. After that, I started getting daily phone calls from Dollskill. Every time, I'd answer the call and say hello. I could hear people talking in the background, but every single time Dolls Kill called, they hung up after a few seconds without even saying hello back. If I tried to call them back, they never answered. I sent them a text explaining what was happening with the phone calls and as of now, I've had no response for 6 business days. I have no clue when they plan on shipping out my package that I paid a ridiculous amount of money on in order to get free shipping, or if they even plan on shipping it out, but I'm filing a claim with Paypal in order to get my money back. This store's customer service is absolutely horrendous and they need to learn how to get their $#*! together.
This was my first and last time ordering from Dolls Kill.
I ordered a jacket for $170 AUD on the 7th of October, I received the tacking link emailed to me, however, there is no tracking information past October 11th (it is currently October 17th). I emailed customer service as I'm very anxious and stressed, especially when the item was very expensive (considering I'm a uni student working a casual job). However, customer service completely wrote me off, telling me to contact the carrier and in essence saying it isn't their problem that my item can't be tracked and I have to figure it out for myself (I have been an online shopper for YEARS and every site I have shopped with has been more than happy to go out of their way to track my package when I cannot). Further, the customer service representative finished her response with 'sorry bby' - need I say more.
It is very clear that Dolls Kill do not care about their customers and once they receive your payment, you are no longer their priority. They have no respect for their customers and do not take responsibility for their shipping services.
Also, shipping said 5 - 10 days to Australia, today is the 10th day and there is no sign of my package (despite me telling them I need it by the 20th of October as I specifically ordered the jacket for an event).
I am incredibly disappointed and wish that I never ordered from them. Save yourself the stress of ordering from them and dealing with their very unhelpful customer service.

Super Cute Clothes, Not Sure About Quality on Some Products
I ADORE the style of the clothes Dolls Kill sell on this website, which is what drew me to them in the first place! I've bought a couple things from them, mostly pants, but also a jacket and some leggings. Some of the brands on here are very quality (Tripp makes especially good clothing), but the other main brand I have purchased, Current Mood, is made in China and seems a bit iffy. I purchased a pair of their vegan leather pants in size M a couple months ago--they were very tight, but after wearing once or twice, they stretched to the proper size. After wearing them for the 4th time (hadn't washed yet), they began literally falling apart, not even on the seams! They fell apart on the pocket, then ripped where the thighs rub together, and THEN the seam on the crotch ripped, all at once! I was super disappointed, especially since they were $50, but I loved the pants so much that when they went on sale, I purchased them again. I bought a size large this time with the hopes that less stretching will make the material last longer, but I'm already worried about where the thighs touch because I can feel a change in the texture of the fabric (1st wear). We'll see how long this pair lasts!

(Side note: Jacket made also by Current Mood is solid, warm, and sized properly by comparison)

Do not buy if you are from the UK!
Don't buy if you are from the UK
Dolls Kill don't have a refund policy. The boots and the dress that I bought are not my size and they don't fit me well and there's nothing I can do about it so I lost 300 pounds.
If you are going to buy from the UK DONT. Customs fees are so expensive! I got a pair of boots and a dress from Dolls kill and the package was hold by a company called CCLPAY. They made me pay 82£ of customs fees. I understand that it is not entirely doll kill fault but it is not clear on their website i was going to pay high customs fees. When I made my purchase on their website I paid 182 pounds for a pair of boots and a dress and now I had to pay 82 pounds for customs that's like 264. I wish that the dolls kill website was more clear before making a purchase about extremely expensive custom fees. I am a student I cannot afford to pay all this money. Those 82 pounds was for me to buy groceries and now I can't. And they don't have a refund policy. Refunds are always issued to store credit. That means that I will never get my money back and if the boots don't fit me, well I am screwed! So if you're from the UK like me just don't buy from them it is a nightmare and too expensive especially for a student like me. I absolutely regret my decision 300 pounds it is not worth it

I never do reviews but when I feel a company and an employee go above and beyond with their customer service, I feel that Dolls Kill and everyone else should know how wonderful they are! Honestly if I could give them 6 out of 5 stars on here I would. I had placed an order (Pretty late at night I might add) and somehow had accidentally purchased 2 of the one of my items, and I didn't notice until after I completed the purchase so I sent an email in to Dolls Kill to see if they could help. Not only did they reply almost IMMEDIATELY (literally less than 10 minutes), but employee Kayla quickly got my order number from me and went OUT OF HER WAY to eradicate my issue by personally checking my shipment to make sure it hadn't been sent out yet and took the duplicate off and refunded me. I was completely baffled and taken aback by their superior customer that I actually had to look out my window to make sure I was still on EARTH. It is not often anymore these days to feel so taken care of and special to a company and have them take care of an issue that other companies would have either ignored because all they care about is money and they know most people would be too lazy to do the whole return process and probably just give it to a friend or something instead! Or they would say they are checking on it but really aren't and then say there was nothing they could do and that I must follow the prompt in the automated response section, or just have an automated response bot to answer all of their concerned customers emails and never even have a real human part of the interaction. To think that Dolls Kill took what would have otherwise been a small and meaningless issue to others, and made me feel like I was actually important and valued not only as a customer but as a human being in general. I am CONSTANTLY impressed with Dolls Kill, from their customer service, to their quality and sizing of everything ALWAYS being ON POINT, to always having the newest, hippest styles on deck, to quick and in tact shipment deliveries! There are so many companies out there that you end up having to attempt to contact them via email, social media messages, and then eventually having to post comments on their social media pages just to try to get a response and still not receive one. Thank you Kayla, Tiffani, and all of Dolls Kill for everything you do, and know that I appreciate you all so much. You guys truly work hard and IT SHOWS and is not going unnoticed. Thank you again for caring so much about little ol' me amongst a sea of other emails. These are the types of things that will keep me continuing to come back to Dolls Kill over any others. Keep up the outstanding customer service.'Sending you all so much love and appreciation, xoxo Ashley.

Attn BBs! DO NOT SHOP at Dolls Kill bcuz we have the worrrrsssttt custmr srvce EVRRRRRR. Not only do we not give returnz (bcuz duh ur the one who made the choice 2 buy sumthing and if itz 2 small then u should loze weight bcuz duh u r FAT) and we will actually say this 2 u if u mssge us with a question bout returnz! PLUS we will w/b 2 u in this suuuupppeerrrr annoying 13 y. O. Tumblr-luvr fashun bcuz duh it is just sooooooo cuuuuuute and this is totally part of our schtikkk (and yo, those three 'k'z dont mean racism because duh we are nottttt racist even though we make super sikkk Indian headressez and have white BBs modeling them and FREAK OUT at customers who mssge us complaining about racism and tell them not 2 'get your panties out of bunch... because it ain't that serious cutie ;)" which is like tottallllyyyy fyne because we only have 13 y. O.'z working here at the company and this is obvi the totally appropriate way to respond to claimz of racizm) />
Also! The quality of the itemzzzz we sell is soooooo bad but ssshhhh dont tell bcuz u will look soooooo siq in theze threadz 4 like 2 dayz until u need 2 wash them or sumthing and then when u do Dolls Kill will fall apart but dats ok bcuz then u can just buy more from our siiikkkk company! But remember that we DO NOT accept returnz of any kind and will only issue u store credit bcuz we kno this iz the only reason u will evr cum back to our suuuuuuper laaaaaame company! OH AND u will be responsible for shipping costz to exchange itemz both back to our warehouse and when we send the new item 2 u. Even tho we are worth more than $8 million dollarz by now!

Even companiez like eBay force small sellerz 2 issue returnz and pay 4 the customer to return their itemz but we do notttttt believe that the customer iz alwayz right bcuz duhhhhh they are almost alwayz wrong! So shut ur butt and suck it up and slap on the siqqqqq shirt with da middle finger flipping da byrd and do not go out in it bcuz altho we market our siqqqqqq stuff as crazy rave culture threadz u will NOTTTTT want to wear it there because if u sweat then u will have to wash it and guess what then u will have no more stuff bcuz it will disintegrate in the washer! But dats coooooool bcuz then u can just come back and buy more super cute itemz BBs and we can belittle u again when u email us w/ questionz and the cycle is so perfect and u can nvr escape our terrible customer service! <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxo qtz (and by qtz we really mean ugliez).

(This review written by a person who recognizes the awful and annoying nature of writing is this way and is completely fed up with attempting to resolve an issue with an order sent with several defective items--three in one order--and items that were not advertised correctly on the Dolls Kill website when the customer service people respond like this and who either wants a full return or wants the company to AT LEAST provide return shipping so that said customer can get the correct sizes and non-defective items as any reasonable person would agree they should as they are paying a company for a product and assume in doing so that the product will be as described and not in flawed condition.)

BUYER BEWARE! This company is a rip-off. I placed an order Black Friday weekend. The site advertises that it ships within 24 hours of placing an order. Because of this, and the priority shipping, I included in my order an item that I would need by Friday for an event on Saturday. Dolls Kill did send me a shipping notification within 24 hours, but Dolls Kill never actually mailed the package. It took 4 days and several nasty e-mails to customer service to get the package mailed. Before they mailed it I requested they remove the item that I needed for my Saturday event, knowing that it would not arrive in time. They refused to alter my order, even though I needed my order altered specifically because of their false advertising. The package arrived late. I was forced to pay almost $12 to ship back the item that I asked be removed from the order. I included tracking. It has now been nearly a week since Dolls Kill received my returned package, and I have yet to receive my refund. I'm posting this story on every social media outlet. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR BUSINESS. You can get anything they sell elsewhere, and other companies do not engage in this sort of criminal behavior. (False advertising, refusing to refund money after items are returned, refusing to ship items that have been paid for... Scam, scam, scam.) And good luck getting customer service to talk to you!

Money Pit
It was my first time ordering from them. I ordered over $200 worth of items... which is not much for the prices on this site. However, the package was never delivered. I had to reach out to them and Dolls Kill told me it had returned to them. Thanks for that info, Dolls Kill! They were very prompt after that in giving me store credit. I bought new items including some additional items and received them quickly. Decided not to keep some of the shoes because they did not fit. This is when I discovered that they do not supply prepaid shipping and that falls on your dime. I take the items to the post office and they inform me the cheapest I can send it for is $40. $40! I call Dolls Kill and that's when I find out I don't even get my money back for the items. I get store credit. Why in the hell would I want to order more items from you? It's all different brands, therefore fits and sizes are going to vary. So, I'm supposed to just continue ordering and paying to return until I finally hit the fit jackpot? $#*! off. I bought a lot of those items on clearance. So, I took them to a second hand store and got my money back and then some. Don't bother with this store. I'll stick with my Nasty Gal and ASOS thank YOU very much.

I wish I could give 0 stars because this site is literally the worst. I ordered a pair of shoes and a pair of earrings from dolls kill, 3 weeks after the delivery date the package still didnt arrive. When I called, Dolls Kill said it was up to fedex and usps and I should call them. I did and all they could provide was the last day it was tracked. Then I call Dolls Kill back to ask what I should do next, she said I have to wait another 10 days after the last posted delivery date for them to issue me a new package.
After waiting another 10 days, I call back and they still cannot track it and agree to send me another package. She said it could take up to another 10 days... so now Im going to have to wait a month and a half for this package. I agree, because I figured Ive already waited this long, whats 10 more days?
After we hang up, I get an email saying I have store credit now. Store credit was NEVER mentioned in the conversation. I called back from my number, no one answers. When I call from my brothers phone, they pick up on the first ring. The representative already knew my name before I could say it, and began to apologize about the store credit claiming it was a mistake blah blah. She goes on to tell me that the shoes I wanted are now out of stock...
NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN. Luckily I got a refund, but I wouldve preferred not wasting my god damn time with them instead.

On the whole a stressful and disappointing
THE PRODUCT THEMSELVES: I bought a pair of boots which according to their size guide were a US 6/UK 4, Dolls Kill are so tight I can hardly get my feet in them let alone walk. My feet are very small and narrow and so to find shoes this tight is very surprising. After wearing them from my house to my local station (a less than 7 min walk) I had two enormous blisters on each foot and couldn't feel my feet AT ALL. When I finally got to my office and took of the boots my toes had gone blue due to lack of circulation. They are completely un-wearable and I am currently looking into ways of stretching them.

DELIVERY: I didn't want to pay any extra for the delivery and so they were estimated to arrive after 5-9 days. They took over 2 weeks. Not only that, it is not obviously disclaimed on their website but if you live in the UK like me then you have to pay customs fees. Of course i didn't know this - so when i got an email from bit of a dodgy looking site saying i needed to pay for my boots to come through customs I wasn't very sure. When I emailed DollsKill about the legitimacy of the site I didn't get any response the first time. The second time I emailed, I got a automated email message which was completely irrelevant to what i had asked. The third time i got a more relevant response, not great and still a bot.

OVERALL: Absolutely abhorrent customer service and the delivery and returns system I found to be stressful and unpleasant. And after all that I can't even enjoy the thing i went through all of it for... Honestly I'm heartbroken!

Dolls Kill is like a relationship ups downs and in between but hey I'm still here.
Ever since I stumbled upon the site I have been in a love-hate relationship with my wallet because my gawd are some of their items expensive but with the good quality, it really is worth it in the end. I would LOVE it if Dolls Kill opened up shop in Manhattan but it's ok since I have the website for now, Shipping is clear and easy to use and the wait time is actually pretty good, the return experience can be tricky depending on the options taken hence the "ups and downs" part of this crazy relationship we have but getting a hold of their customer service agents and the time frame when solving issues related to orders are by far better than I have EVER experienced on any other website so far. The response time is quick and the resolutions are quicker. Now if Dolls Kill could just be a bit more budget friendly with certain prices you can have yourself the perfect emo shop for us Avril Lavigne wannabe's, if anyone asks if I would recommend this online shop my answer is yes. Do you like Hello Kitty? Wanna be a bratz doll? Does powerpuff girls get you feeling nostalgic? Than Yes I highly recommend this online shop just make sure you can find a coupon because I guarantee your cart will be very full before you know it and that ish adds up. They should do a rewards program with the money I've poured into their store lol.

Either avoid or be extremely cautious.
Oh boy do I wish I read all these reviews beforehand. I was blinded by all the pretty stuff on the website and my impatience. I got the Poison Apple crossbody bag since I have a annual Disneyland pass for 2017 and am going to spend a lot of time there, so I got the cute bag being a Regina Mills fan. The product I received isn't defective or bad itself. I just really hate how small it is. Testing it out, I can just barely fit my phone and maybe a lipstick and thats about it. I forced myself to like it because it's gorgeous, but when my wallet that is in no way jumbo didn't fit in the bag, I knew instantly that this was a product I regret. I guess it's preference and I now realize that I don't particularly like small bags. Well not this small at least. I think I'd be okay with it if it was an okay size, but it isn't. It's way too small even on sale for 20% off. I got it for 48 dollars and with the extra cost + Affirm (Dolls Kill's PayPal Credit alternative/pay later option. The interest for Affirm is 2 dollars extra so I paid $58 in all instead of the $56 it totaled after the extra cost of shipping and tax) paid almost nearly 60 dollars. That's its regular cost right now and I cannot imagine anyone paying near 75/80 dollars for this not-brand-name bag that's way too small. It's definitely not worth it. It's also quite funny that there are no reviews up on their website on their products like most website do. Was going to return it and get another bag, but upon the reviews, the stupid only store credit policy and the fact that this is probably going to be the norm unless it's for an actual backpack, I decided to just keep it. I finally found a way to salvage it and am just going to deal with it and regret it in peace as to not deal with their customer service (since I can already imagine that it's going to be a pain and that they're going to try to swindle me from credit since despite having the packing, the tags and all, I still opened it). Am thinking of giving it another try with other products (shoes specifically) but unsure. That's where the "be cautious" comes to play. Not anytime soon though. I'm mourning this dumb purchase decision.

Decent quality, but disappointing and a rip-off...
I purchased $60 worth of things from Dolls skill almost a month ago and feel like their company really takes advantage of the customer. I bought a shirt, belt, and skirt after seeing Dolls Kill had a nice sale going. Since my purchase was over $50, economy shipping was free (could upgrade to 2-5 days for $4.95). I went with the economy because usually places don't take super long when it comes to their free/basic shipping. I received the items about 10 days later and everything was great except the skirt. Although advertised as sheer, I did not notice is was a wrap around skirt. The ribbon to tie it on felt like cheap present ribbon from the dollar store. It was also made of a horrible polyester and more sheer than expected. I kept the shirt (which definitely ran small, as an XL was skin tight and I normally wear a M-L) and the belt (the latch is now getting stuck and the design appears to be printed cheaply). I would have returned more, but they DO NOT have money refunds, only store credit. What a joke lol. I returned the skirt via their free shipping service and it arrived at their warehouse around 10 days later. After I noticed on the tracking that it had been back safely for 4 days, I went their online chat to ask where my credit was. Once I asked, it was credited back to my account in 30 minutes. I should not have to ask for my money or "credit" back because it's their total responsibility. To make things even more inconvenient, they make you pay shipping again for your exchange even if your first purchase qualified for free shipping. So even though I have a $28 credit, almost $5 of it has to go to shipping for my new item. Stupid and lame. What if I wanted to buy two different sizes of one thing and had to accept store credit for the one that doesn't work? I know that I was aware of their store credit policy, however it leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. Why is your company so money hungry? 90% of the items I'm interested in are either sold out or out of stock. How am I supposed to use my credit if the company isn't restocking and providing the customer with more options? They're just taking advantage of trendy styles and put on a cutesy facade, but are really just ripping you off.

Love it!
I have ordered 3 separate times on Dolls Kill, spending over £100 with each order and I have gotten each order delivered to my house under 2 weeks and I live in the UK. I bought two long sleeve shirts, two hoodies and 3 platform boots. The quality of the boots are amazing and Dolls Kill are worth every penny. The shoes fit nicely even though one of the boots are a little tight which is weird since I'm a size 2.5 and I bought a size 3 but they are still wearable. The hoodies are nice quality and looks the same as it does in the picture on their website, same with the shirts. However the shirt material is kinda thin which isn't really a problem for me because I love the design on the shirts but I do think the shirts I bought are overpriced since they are made out of cotton blend.

Since I live in the UK I ended up paying custom fees, which obviously sucks and I ended up paying about £20 for each of the order. However I did check on their website before hand so I wasn't surprise when I got a email saying I had to pay custom fees for them to release my items. I'm still going to order items from Dolls Kills but not as much as I would like too because I don't want to keep paying custom fees. So if you live in the UK there is a pretty high chance you're going to pay custom fees.

My advice to people that want to buy from Dolls Kill is to check what the clothes material is made out of. READ their return and exchange policy. A lot of people are complaining that when they return their items they only get store credits even though it says on their website and on the return slip that you will be only getting store credit. However I do agree that their customer service isn't the best. Make sure you choose the correct size and enter the correct address so that hopeful you don't have to deal with customer service.

If you're outside the US, I wouldn't recommend buying from their site.
I was looking for a pair of Demonia shoes which I couldn't get here in Switzerland, til I laid eyes on one cool site called Dolls Kill, I was happy that Dolls Kill have shipping options irregardless of the express shipping price, I just wanted to receive my package for 3 days as promised. At first I was thrilled when I thought the shipping was fast after I received a note from them. But it was odd that the Fedex tracking wasn't moving at all and I just thought maybe they were have technical problems. The big day finally arrived, waited the whole day, and I received nothing, no Fedex van, nothing. I was contacting their customer service thru chat and email, they respond which is good, but not so helpful especially when most of time time they would respond with ''babe, blah blah, we'll get back to you, xoxo''. Waited until a week, called the fedex US and told me there's no trace of my package being shipped. I contacted Dolls kill and sent me the same ''well get back to you'' but I had enough, I told them that I needed my package to get here fast that's why i paid extra for it, but they failed to do so, and I was furious that I actually asked them to stop making me wait for their follow ups and actually do something. In the end they refunded me a week later after I bombarded them with messages. And now I gotta pay Fedex bill, which i thought is pathetic since there was no fedex service involved in this whole messy situation. Think twice before ordering from this company.

I can not recommend this website
Last year I bought a bunch of festival outfits because I was in a rush and didn't have time to make it myself. I, of course got blinded by an influencer and thought it must be good quality because it is expensive. It arrived after a week and it was horrible, I mean it smelled like plastic and was really cheap made. I payed a lot of money for each products, but it was still cheap. I send everything back and waited for my refund. Unfortunately, then I realized Dolls Kill only give back store credit. So I was forced to buy other clothes from them. I waited almost a year, because I just was afraid, everything is gonna be bad again. Last week I finally ordered some bikinis. I think you can guess by now what happened. The bikinis were shipped fast this time, but the color was COMPLETELY OFF. The one bikini was supposed to be a blush pink - IRL it was neon pink. Same with the orange bikini, IRL neon orange. The fit wasn't bad so I decided to still keep it. After a day on the beach I rinsed the bikinis and the color just started pouring out. My sink was PINK! I hung it up to dry in the bathtub and the next morning I came back to a STAINED BATHTUB. Customer service didn't even react to that and just told me to send it back and I'll get a refund. But I don't want store credit. Oh and also, I'm still trying to get that pink color out of my bathtub. Bleach did not help

False advertisement
I ordered some skates for my daughter December 8th and it is now December 21st and still the skates have not came, after contacting dolls kill through text message Dolls Kill gave me two different dates first was the 16th and then they told me today they would be shipped out. And still no skates no tracking number no anything they keep giving me the runaround. They will say something's in stock when it isn't the same pair of skates is online right now and they are stating the exact same pair of skates will ship out on the 20th which again was yesterday, and that is false advertisement because I ordered mine like I said December 8th they still haven't came?
I will never order from this company again I'll promote businesses who like their customers or keep giving different shipment dates but then offer a shipment date that isn't even true on their website it's just complete narcissism, as of now I'm asking for my money back.
If I were you just go somewhere else to get your roller skates or other items there's plenty of companies out there who know how to run their business. Today after I was told that it hadn't shipped again, I had to send a copy of the conversation previously had that the shipment would go out today and I told dollskill I was going to post publicly what had happened and go to the better Business bureau and that they should think about how they really want to conduct their company lying to your customers it's not advisable.

Could've been much worse
Ordered y. R. u. Platforms during their black friday sale because, surprisingly, Dolls Kill were nearly half retail price (~$66 vs. ~$100). Received confirmation right away, shipped right after the holiday weekend, received the tracking number, no problems so far. But i'm very paranoid about my packages and i track shipping closely and when usps said they were delivered, i got no package. I gave it a few more days since they were being shipped to a college campus and sometimes it takes a few days for the post office to deliver packages to the campus office. A few days turned into close to two weeks where every call i made i was told "wait a few more days because i'm sure they'll show up." then i see a change in the tracking and my shoes are being returned to the sender. I call dolls kill again to explain the situation, and the lady i talked to was super nice about it; she offered to put in a note to re-ship it out once they received it, and when i said i was going home in a few days for winter break and they couldn't send it to the same address, she put in a note to re-ship to my billing/home address. I called them twice more asking about my package the next two weeks after that and they said their returns department was very backed up. The lady who picked up the second time i called was the same one who did all the re-shipping business and even gave me a date their returns department was working on, saying that they should process my package the next day, the day before christmas eve, based on when the tracking said they'd received it (the returns department was about 2 weeks behind the current date at that time!). And lo and behold, i finally got my shoes 2 days after christmas. They'd even re-shipped my package with free 2-day shipping.

So overall, i would say i'm annoyed that my package took me over a month to deliver when i live in the united states, but their customer service was pretty great and i did eventually get my shoes, which were in a branded y. R. u. Box and high quality with y. R. u. Branding. It was quite an anxiety-inducing experience and i'm not sure why i couldn't get them on campus the first time when i'd received other packages before but i'm super happy with my shoes and their customer service line was quite helpful.

Ordered boots
While I did read the reviews after I made my purchase I was a little worried that I might have just paid for $150 boots and not receive them. However, I think sites like this might be hit or miss depending on where you live in the world. If you order within the United States it seems that customers do not have many issues with receiving their items, but if you are ordering from another country then it seems as though thats where some people run into problems. I havent had to deal with customer service at all so I have no clue what thats like but I live in Florida and my order was shipped and received in a timely matter so I have no complaints. The product is exactly like what was shown in the pictures and arrived with no damage. Im actually really happy I purchased these boots from Dolls Kill. I suggest to future customers to maybe purchase something cheap and see how long it takes to arrive so you can have a better judgement on how things get through customs. Ive ordered many things from China and it ALWAYS took weeks to arrive but arrived none the less. You can pay for next day delivery or 3-4days delivery but I assure you when it comes to customs things get held up a lot. Overall I am satisfied and hope the company can get a better reputation. Although it still sounds like Dolls Kill could work on their customer service.

My one and only favorite store, everyone is always asking " Oh my God where did you get this or that" when it comes to my clothing and shoes and accessories. It's hilarious that always my response is Dollskill. A lot of girls always tell me "I wish I could wear that out" to which I always reply and tell them of course you can! The customer service is amazing. Everyone that I worked with whenever I have had any issues have always been more than helpful, generous, and kind. There's never any issues when it comes to that. A lot of companies have rude and horrible customer service which actually has kept me away from buying from their store all together. The fact that the customer service with this company feels like you're just talking to a friend; Dolls Kill make it as easy as possible, is part
Of the reason I keep coming back for more. Not to mention I have the dopest wardrobe. They've been more than helpful for me. Another thing about this company and their clothing is you will more than likely always find something to match your style. I tend to choose more out-of-the-box items and shoes But they have conservative clothing as well. Whether u are shopping for more conservative clothing or you like to dress a little bit more wild and crazy like I do. I can assure You will find the beautifully special item of clothing that you're looking for on Dollskill. You can make a loud statement or a quiet one. But I can show you no matter what you're going to make a statement in a good positive way. Thanks for always keeping me fly Dollskill!

Terrible Customer Service
I added a few items in my bag, and went to pay - however I had not reviewed my order as WAS NOT ready to pay for the items. A message told me I was able to review my order after putting my details through - however I was not given this benefit. The order processed without my review or approval and as a result the WRONG order was put through.

I immediately knew that the wrong sizes were on my order and messaged and texted the customer serve - yet no reply. As I am Australian I stayed up until 2am in the morning so that I could speak to staff over the phone for US opening hours. However, after calling over 10 times there was no answer.

After 4 days I finally got a response, money was withdrawn from my account for the $160 shoes (which were 2 sizes too large). The told me that my item was already shipped and I would have to go through the whole refund process. I was not happy. Not only this, it took 3 weeks to arrive here, and the policy is "30 Day refund policy". I sent the shoes back today, costing me $70 shipping... and now have to wait until Dolls Kill have arrived to get my money back - which actually is only a store credit! But I do not want to waste my money on there items ever again...

Make sure to be extra cautious with this site, as its not helpful if you get scammed and customer service don't do anything to help...


These DOLLS are KILLIN the game
I would literally only wear clothing from dollskill if I could afford to! There are SO many options whether your style is cute, sexy, edgy, posh, or galactic space kitten like myself. I have always had positive experiences when interacting with customer service. Once, I received a faulty clothing item and my money was refunded right away. I love that I can resolve issues via text because my schedule is quite busy. Any minor problem or question I have ever had got resolved/answered quickly and handled easily via text. Raquel helped me recently and she was awesome so I wanted to throw out a shout out!:)

I'm also a huge fan of the vibe of the website and the products offered. It is easy to maneuver and if you're lucky enough to catch a sale it's HEAVEN. Every package I have ever ordered arrived in just a few days. The clothing and shoes are high quality and the items I have received look the same in person as those pictured on the website. Just don't forget to take lighting into account when browsing clothing items (i. E. a item looks darker in person than the photo because of the lighting necessary for photo shoots).

I wanted to write this review because dollskill really deserves it! I love this company and my only problem is that I'm too broke to buy the 100+ items I'm currently obsessed with. Thank you to everyone who works there! You are all amazing and I appreciate you!<3 I wouldn't be the glittery space kitten I am with out ya! Xoxo

Fastest Shipping, Great customer service
I ordered 2 pairs of boots and a hoodie on October 23rd and I had my package in my hands on October 27th! :) I must admit I was quite stressed out about my decision to buy from this website, given the massive amount of negative reviews there is, but I didn't have a single issue with them (apart from a 30$ customs fee, but what can you do - it wasn't that bad of an amount considering the price I paid for my stuff). I rarely had an online order arrive this quickly, so I am really happy with that. Customer service was quick to respond to my questions (within 12 hours of sending my email, i'd say), which is awesome. I got an email with my tracking number as soon as my package was shipped, and was able to track it with FedEx until it arrived at my doorsteps. I bought the Detroit Boots, which I LOVELOVELOVE with all my heart, the York Hoodie, which i'm going to be wearing over and over again (so comfy! The fabric is not as thick as I would've hoped, though, but it's a really nice piece nonetheless) and the Obsidian Pocket Combat Boots. Dolls Kill are nicely made, but looked a bit weird on my legs, since my calves are kinda chunky (38cm on the widest part). They would look nicer on slimmer legs, that's for sure, but I was still able to adjust them to fit my legs. Overall really happy, would purchase there again^^

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