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Rising Tire Prices sticker shock? Try this..
Called discount to check tire availability, price before checking the used tire stores on the corner, ( there's one in every neighborhood). What most people don't know is., the same new tires you pay all that money for, you can purchase from the used tire store, cheaper. Same brand. Brand new, with warranties, certs. Yep everything! LESS EXPENSIVE. If you know what you are looking for and have done a little homework. Google search, a couple tire store site visits for comparisons. Price, size., availability.
Those new tires come from a local tire warehouse, you go in to the used store, tell them exactly what YOU want, order, and have installed.
I did just that recently, purchased same tire from used tire store new, with hazards, certs... two tires were $80.00 cheaper, same brand( KUMHO 245 55 19) that DISCOUNT carries. I paid $378.00, out the door for two. 2/2022. If you are price conscious, and wish to control rising costs, check out your used tire stores, Discount Tire sell new, all brands, they just order them from a local warehouse and are cheaper. How do I know this? I am a former WHOLESALE TIRE SALES PERSON who's customers included car dealers, tire dealers, repair shops, truck facilities. Anyone who sold new and used tires... good luck. Save your money! Knowledge is power.

Tire Repair
I had a flat tire took it and waited 2 1/2 hours Discount Tire told me it was fixed all they did was add air to it they didn't even attempt to fix it. I could've done that in 15 minutes. If that's how they treat you after the sale I personally will never use them again beware

Poor Customer communication
Today (3-02-22), I had arrived at my 10:00 appt., 10 minutes early as requested. I had made this appt. Last week (2-25-22), as the College Dr. Suffolk, VA store had to order the tires from another store. At that time I was told I would be called the day before my appt. If there was any issues. I received no call and no tires were there to be installed on my vehicle when I arrived. Of course that didn't sit well with me and my drive there was for naught. The manager told me that there was a truck on its way from another store and would be there shortly. I asked why I didn't receive a call yesterday and I received pleasant lip service but still not feeling the love, I returned to the counter and asked him to cancel my $750 order. He then again tried to calm me by saying that the truck would be there soon. Once your trust has been broken, I'm afraid it is very difficult to have it replaced. He went on to offer me a free tire and I told him, that I want my order cancelled and monies returned as Discount Tire are not the only tire business in town. He obliged me and I off I went without my tires and committed to never give another dime to Tire Discount again.

As a sidebar to this, I also bought a set of tires back in Sept. For my 4x4 and asked the service counter person who was helping me to lube up my spare tire receiver with lithium grease as they were replacing the spare as well. I did supply him with the lubricant and asked him when I picked it up if they did grease it and was told yes sir, sure did. Once home, I went underneath my rig and as you can guess, found absolutely no evidence that there was and lithium on it.

"Two times the charm", is all I'll say.

Reliable workers
Went to discount tire this morning to have a tire replaced. Associates did a bad job. Got in car to go to work same tire showing low tire pressure. Had to put air in tire and take to another 2.5 hour wait. Someone in the store where I went this morning said he would call discount on east freeway where I was and inform them I was on my way. He did not call. Now I'm 2.5 hours late for work. Been getting bad service for the past year. The discount tire in Gonzales and in Texas city, TX did not put wheel locks back in car. When I inquired Discount Tire say I had to buy more. Today is the last day I will buy another tire from discount. I'm done. Too many years of disappointments.

This year my experience with getting my snow tires has been the worst service!
After being told my snow tires were too old (Discount Tire were 10 years old). I ordered new tires and was called to say they were in and I could have them installed. But then it snowed heavy in Edmonds and my car was stuck in my apartment's parking lot so I had to cancel my appointment this past Monday. I was finally able to drive over to Discount Tires in Shoreline today. I was told to come back at 1pm, it was 11 o'clock at this time. I came back only to be told that not only was my snow tires were not put on my car, they couldn't even find my order. So why was I told to come back at 1pm? Then they said there was no record of my order in their system! So I had to order my snow tires again but then the person helping me entered it as "seasonal" tires which made no sense at all since seasonal tires were what was on my car.
However, this time I paid for the snow tires and was told that they would be in this Monday which will be 1/3/22. They called me tonight at 5:30 to say they were in and I could come then and get them put on. Well I'm 76 and was not going to drive in the dark on icy roads so I said I would be in Monday. Hopefully all goes well or I'm changing my business to Costco. Attached is my receipt for payment today.

I used to brag about how good Discount Tire is but over the last five years or so, Discount Tire have completely gone down to where all they care about is making money. Service is gone and so is quality of work! I went to this location hoping that they would be better than the location in Spring Branch, TX who messed up two of my cars! The tire sensors in both cars worked fine until I took them in to get new tires and then they ruin them and tell me that they can replace them for $60 each and all of them should be replaced! I went to the Schertz, TX location hoping for better and unfortunately, found the same! They verified the tire pressure for my new tires and then proceeded to underinflate all four tires. I ordered a set of lug nut locks, which they told me would be there in a couple of days. When they weren't in for ten days, I called and was told that they "had the invoice" but no lug nuts! I asked for a refund and was told that they couldn't give this over the phone! Interesting that they could take my deposit for the tires over the phone but can't refund the money over the phone. Do yourself a favor and go ANYWHERE else to get your tires! They're grossly overpriced and will mess your car up too!

Discount tire lost a loyal customer
Had 4 new tires mounted and balanced today. Over the phone I was told that the manger will usually okay road hazard replacement policy even though I didnt buy the new tires from them. Well not today, went in to have tires mounted and balanced only to be told that no exceptions are made. I dont know if this is how Discount Tire get customers to come in, but why not just be honest over the phone. I passed several tire shops on the way there that could have done the same service and cheaper. A month ago had another problem on another car of mine. Had to wait over three weeks for two tires to come in and be replaced under roadharzard. Now I have two tires that dont match because they cannot get the tires that came on a 1 yr old car. I been told they have changed their policies on alot of their services now. Also, military discount does not apply to their labor charges, only to tires or wheels they sell. I was also told thats how the "Guys" get paid. Been a coustomer for over 30 years at discount tire, I guess its time to look elsewhere!

Incomplete service
After a rotation of tires which were purchased from Discount TIre, my pickup developed a shimmy. The initial solution should have been balancing, which was missed at time of rotation. No offer was made to rotate, but instead the immediate recommendation was to purchase new rims and /or new tires to replace a set with only 22K out of possible 60K miles. Obviously I left without resolution. The store was short staffed, and I waited in line for 20 minutes even with an appointment. Previous services have been hurried, rushed and less than thorough. There will be no returning.

This company sucks!
I tried ordering tires for my wife's car. On the website it says IN STOCK. I get an email to call them 3 days later that Discount Tire weren't in stock, so I canceled it. The customer service rep told me what they do have in stock and to go back online to reorder. What a nightmare! I couldn't even place my new order with him. I went back online to order the ones he Said they had in stock. GUESS WHAT? THE TIRES HE RECOMMENDED WERE NOT IN STOCK. What a waste of time and their inventory and website is lame. Don't waste your valuable time.

Disastrous experience at Discount Tire
Last night I had a blow out on my tire during the beginning of a "snow storm" here in Atlanta luckily I thought I am less than a mile from the Discount Tire in Atlanta (Spring Rd & Cobb Pkwy). I had purchased the tires from Discount Tire, I request service and was told we can't help you we are closed, but you are still serving customers and I am stranded, the manager continued to refuse to assist, saying you can leave your call and come back tomorrow, I only wanted assistance putting the spare on which would take them less than five minutes. Worst experience, I find it heartless that you can turn a customer away when there in desperate need. After pleading profusely for 10 minutes, the manager saying we want to get home to our families, he yielded and took 5 minutes and put the spare on. What happen to Customer Care

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