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Worst support ever.
Worst support ever. This review reflects my experiences with the site and their putrid staff members rather than the traditional pros/ cons/ best bang for your buck review, either way, it still matters just the same. For two years the staff removed every negative review I left for a seller whenever it was appropriate. Sellers got away with everything and the staff repeatedly left me with no recourse. Last time Discogs did it, naturally I became enraged and I had had enough so righteous indignation took front row seat and I felt compelled enough to lash out and issue their staff the worst 2 year cursing out they've likely ever gotten in their whole lives, and they deserved it. They then blocked access to everything in an attempt to retaliate on top of the 2 years they participated in the discrimination. Now the block is not a problem for me, there are tons of workarounds. Nonetheless they still to this day on a brand new account continue to engage in this childish game of cat and mouse where they've seemed to focus their efforts into non-stop spying on my network activity (instead of doing their jobs) and blocking every new account, new IP address I come up with. And they've been doing this nonstop, painstakingly for weeks. It makes them look desperate, misanthropic, empty, vitriolic, pathetic. I've also recently found out they've removed hundreds of negative feedback from a seller, just look up in their forum under thread 718917. For over 2 years I put up with their constant attempts to marginalize and push me into a corner every time I had a problem. The marketplace is a joke. Feedback system is a joke. Worst support ever.

DONT BUY FROM DISCOGS. Discogs WILL BE BANKRUPT SOON> They are rip off artists, total $#*!heads. Below par business. Dont give them a dime

Abused by users on the site
My daughter was verbally abused on this site by user Ontheand and User Obliterator, one of them threaten her with physical harm and this was reported to the authorites and discog support. Discog support was shocking instead of removing the two users Discogs blocked my daughters account, This site support is shocking and they do not care about their users and allow long time users like the above to troll, harrass and verbally abuse other members. Totally sickening, i wounder if the situation was on the foot, and the abuse was aimed there family, how would they feel.

No protection for customers
Most items I've ordered are graded incorrectly. But more recently I've ordered from a couple of Russian sellers who are selling bootleg cds that skip and don't play properly. Discogs don't particularly care, and their solution is for me to seek a refund through my bank!

Partner fee. Discogs has major hidden fee
In January of 2022, Discogs forced its sellers to use PayPal. If you didn't, Discogs shut you down and changed all the inventory listing dates so that it made it very difficult to find an item once it sold. The big screwing to sellers is a new hidden enormous fee on PayPal called "Partner fee"
Discogs pulled a fast one.

Every Order A Gamble
As a buyer, every order you place is a gamble. You pay prior to shipping, but you have no recourse if order does not arrive. No protection for buyers from either Discogs nor PayPal.

Ripped of by User Pornflakes
Avoid user pornflakes and Lurtz Discogs are two users who create there own listing and sell as imports they ripped me off and discogs did nothing had to get my money back through my card company.

Discogs, a dangerous and highly bad site
Discogs is a site to avoid, if you are a professional or a collector avoid the discogs site and I'll tell you why. First of all, all the descriptions of the various albums, singles, etc. Discogs are not written by professionals in the sector, but rather they are written by any user who registers on the discogs platform, users even without any experience, without any knowledge of the sector and without any knowledge of the history of the band and the album or single, reason for which on the discogs site most of the album information is completely wrong, full of nonsense, just compare some official sites of music bands with discogs to understand that discogs is full of completely wrong descriptions and nonsense. Even worse for purchases, in fact the discogs site is highly discouraged and dangerous for purchases, the reason is simple, the discogs site does not protect the buyer in case of scams or problems with the seller, for example for material not received and not shipped by the seller or for material received but not compliant with the order, or for unauthorized transactions, etc., assistance on the discogs site is completely non-existent. Every user who purchases on the discogs site must estimate that he is dangerously exposed to economic and financial risks... so to conclude the question is... the discogs site is a reliable site to find information and to make purchases?! Absolutely not! If you want to find certain, safe and reliable information, contact an expert in the sector and do not rely on the nonsense published on discogs and written by any inexperienced user who signs up on discogs, and to buy rely on sites that assist and protect the buyer in case of scams or in case the seller is unprofessional and fair. Avoid discogs! Best regards.

Discogs leaves disabled people with no recourse
Yes, it's true, Discogs removes negative feedback in order to keep seller ratings inflated.
If a buyer doesn't get what they've paid to get as far as the condition of the product or even a working tracking number when the seller requires that the buyers pays for registered shipping, and then the seller doesn't offer a viable solution that doesn't require a disabled person that hasn't left home in over a year since the pandemic to return it (in addition to leaving the buyer on the hook to take care of return registered shipping costs to another country - that's what Discogs and sellers are counting on because Discogs know the buyer loses out either way in the end), then Discogs will remove the feedback to keep the seller's feedback rating higher than it should be.
In the end, both the seller and Discogs don't mind leaving disabled people high and dry with no recourse.
Discogs will probably try to weasel their way through this by saying that my feedback violated some kind of policy that's left so opened-ended that virtually no negative feedback can be left.

Discogs - A horrible company

In February of 2019 I purchased 2 records from a seller on Discogs who advertised them as both playing great. Once I got the records I couldn't even get through the first track on side 1 and 2 of one of the records because it had so many skips and jumps. The mistake I made was for the first time in my life I used a credit card for paying opposed to my usual 16 years of using PayPal. ( I believe PayPal would have paid for the return shipping.)

It's been very, very stressful for me since I first let Discogs know of this situation. There's absolutely no backing whatsoever from Discogs and Discogs fully side with the seller. In other words a seller can advertise whatever they want, lie about it and when you, the buyer purchase an item based on what you have read from the seller's description you get something that's complete crap. Then you become a victim and the seller is praised for their lies.

Sure, the seller said he would refund the records once he received them, but I why should I have to pay for shipping them back.

I fully disagree with this! I've purchased something with the understanding that I'm going to get what I've read in the description. If that is very incorrect, I don't see why I should be responsible for paying for shipping on something that was advertised very falsely to begin with.

I got nowhere with Discogs on this matter and even the Attorney General's of Oregon tried and got nowhere as well.

In August of 2021 I paid for a Donna Summer acetate from a seller on Discogs. It ended up that the seller 'didn't even have' this item to begin with and wasted my time. I left appropriate negative feedback, without using any any rude or cuss words.

I've noticed that Discogs removed my negative from his feedback forum but his negative feedback for me is allowed to stay on my feedback forum; yet I've done nothing wrong and he's the one that falsely advertised something that he didn't even have.

Why people trust Discogs is beyond me.

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