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Horrible service
Because zero stars wasn't an option. Calling later today and telling them pick up their crap or it's going in the garbage

Far too expensive, poor customer service
Directv is the only satellite/cable service provider we've had since we bought our house in 1991. We've had it for about 17 years. Was great in the beginning, however they've increased our bill every month over the years. Several time I've spoken to them about the unjust increase. DirecTV decrease it for 5-6 months, then it goes up again tremendously. We shouldn't be paying $260/month bec I've deleted channels to decrease our cost. Years ago I signed up for paperless billing, I've reminded them several times, and to this day I NEVER get monthly billing emails. I desperately need better satellite/cable AND even internet (bec it's yet same situation with Verizon!) providers! ‍

Treatment of Customer When Requesting Refund
We have three services with AT&T, our wireless, internet and TV. When AT&T stream changed over to Directv, another account was created without our knowledge. About three weeks ago, my husband I noticed that there were double charges made to our bank account from Directv Stream. When we first noticed the double charge, we reached out to Directv to see why. DirecTV told us that we had two accounts. We started to look back at the charges and realized that we had been double charged all of last year. Directv had no issues with refunding us our money from August to December of last year, however, they said because we had reached their maximum of what they could refund to us, we needed to dispute the charges with our bank. We did and our bank denied our claim because they said that the transactions were more than 90 days old. So I called Directv back and I was told that I could'nt get my money back. I escalated the issue because I'm getting my money back, After almost a month, I currently have over $500 sitting on a closed Directv account. I want Directv to do the right thing and either put that money on my current open account or cut me a check. They want me to believe that they cannot give me back my money because it's been over a year. I present this scenario to Directv: If I were getting Directv service for almost year that I wasn't entitled to and Directv caught it almost year later, they would most certainly come after me to pay for the service I got free for a year.

Dear Directv: I WANT MY MONEY BACK! It's the right thing to do and I'm not being unreasonable.

Dont cancel at the start of the month
We were over paying for DirecTV for years. Every year the monthly cost for basic subscription jumped up a substantial amount. We decided to cancel a day after paying our bill. We got another bill for the month we cancelled for almost $100. After arguing with customer service for days we just decided not to pay the bill and are still stuck with the satellite and the receivers DirecTV never sent boxes to ship back to them. Plus the racist ads they play on Hulu so often it makes us sick to hear have driven us to convince all our friends and family to switch services from Direct tv to better options. The Williams/Matric ads are racist and just plan stupid. You couldn't put one white girl beating 20 minorities in a commercial, so how do they think their ads are ok? Shows the mentality of their corporate heads. Go with hulu live, or ANY other service. Better choices, cheaper, more HD channels, and you dont have to deal with this greedy company

Had a problem with our dish. DirecTV called to fix it. Said they'd show up. Took off work. They were a no show. 2 days in a row. No show. I called. Said. I'm canceling. Spent 6 hrs on the phone. Told them to cancel my service. They said they would. Yet. Didnt. Kept charging month after month on my bill. Trying to steal from me after I calcelled. TALK ABOUT LAZY CROOKS! THANK GOODNESS FOR CHARGE BACKS ON CREDIT CARDS! OR THEY WOULDVE JUST TOTALLY RIPPED ME OFF. CANT CALL OR TALK TO THEM. CROOKS!

Unhappy Landlord
DirecTV just keep putting more satellite dishes.
Remove the unused ones.
My house in Hackensack, NJ
Looks like NASA.
I called please take the unused ones down.
Poor souls.

Horrible playback
Most of what you record is hard to playback with blank screen and slow response. You can't see what you are fast forwarding, just a 15 sec or faster jump to further into the show

Owed a refund we never got
It's fine til you want to cancel your service. We did everything as specified and were owed a refund of $53.63. That was 6 months ago. Still waiting…………… we returned our equipment within days of canceling, prepaid our last billing online so we would get a refund. 1st DirecTV tried to say we didn't return equipment on time ( LIE) then they admitted they got equipment on time, admitting we were owed a refund. Took three months to file refund. 26 days later we're still waiting on refund. Have made dozens of calls to customer service. Most calls eat up 4hrs out of my day speaking with various representatives who's calls magically drop out just when the details of our refund are supposedly coming, then I have to call back and start all over again. We have gotten no where. Ready to file small claims court to resolve issue. That will cost us $40 more than what we are owed…. See I have to imagine they count on that. That you won't do it, and they pocket your money. I even tried calling the refund vendor who told me they have no record of our acct or refund and to call Direct Tv back. What's NEW!?!? We've gotten no where. They have soaked every dime they could put of us!

I changed from DIRECTTV to DIRECTTV Stream in Oct 2021. I'm still waiting for my $202.01 refund I was just told I may receive it in Fed 16 2022!
Tona Echeita

Horrible Company 10/10 Do NOT Recommend
Save yourself the time and the money. As a Sports Bar + Restaurant we have 25+ TV's and we had thought DirecTV would be a great choice. We couldn't have been more wrong. We had a day of installation, and then right off the bat some TV's worked and some didn't. We have spoken to countless representatives and put in countless work orders just for them to not show up, or when DirecTV do... they try to charge us for their mistakes. The programs haven't EVER worked right. We've been fighting them to fix their problems since the first day of improper installation. We've spent an insane amount of money for a consistently terrible turn out. Please please please save yourself the time and energy. Choose anybody else for TV.

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