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Beautiful necklace, fantastic service!
Ordered an emerald necklace during the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak, just before the lockdown. I wasn't sure how long it would take to receive the necklace but I stayed in contact with Cherie as we monitored the situation. I must say even during this difficult time Cherie was so responsive and reassuring. Some of the best customer service I've ever received. Weeks later I finally received the necklace. Beautiful! Exactly what I ordered. Nice craftsmanship. Excellent quality stones. My girlfriend was ecstatic! I'm so impressed that I just placed an order for an engagement ring for my future wife! You won't go wrong with this company.

Diamondere is the best!
I am wearing on my finger a beautiful ring that has more meaning than any other piece of jewelry I own. There's a profound story behind it.

On May 12th of this year (2019), not only will I be celebrating Mother's Day. I will also be celebrating my 2nd re-Birthday. You see, on May 12,2017, my husband and I were in San Francisco visiting our two married daughters when I suddenly became very ill and wound up in the hospital for emergency open-heart surgery. A harmful bacteria had made its way into my bloodstream and had been attacking my heart, unbeknownst to me. Our ten day visit became two months, and it is no exaggeration to say I am very blessed to be alive.

Last year for my first re-Birthday, a jeweler in Israel (via Etsy) made me a thin gold band with 13 tiny emeralds, one for each member of our family. Emerald is the birthstone for May. I cherish this ring.

This year I decided to have one more ring made in celebration of my re-birth -- a November birthstone ring with tiny diamonds on the sides. I happened to find Diamondere while I was doing a search on line, and oh my, did I hit the jackpot! Cherie helped me from start to finish, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

A 2-ct white topaz is the center stone (2-ct for 2 years); and it's surrounded on each side by 11 tiny sparkling diamonds. I selected yellow gold as the metal, and engraved on the inside is "5-12-2019". It fits flush against my other rings and looks absolutely stunning!

Cherie made everything so easy. Diamondere's web site is very use-friendly, so you can pick out a setting, the metal, the stone and size --- anything you might want is right there for you to see. When I first received my ring, the setting didn't allow it to sit flush with my other rings. All I had to do was contact Cherie. I sent the ring back and Diamondere slightly changed the setting for me so that it now sits perfectly.

I don't think I've ever experienced such excellent customer service before. Every question was always answered right away, and every request, honored.

Thank you, Cherie and Diamondere, for this beautiful, meaningful ring I will be wearing for the rest of my life.


100% Would Recommend!
I ordered a custom engagement ring through Diamondere. The process was as simple and straight forward as any other online purchase (which seemed odd, but very much appreciated, to me). But that's only where it started and got much better.
I personally didn't want an engraving, but before Diamondere processed the order, they reached back via e-mail to let me know that it was an available service... and at no charge. Basically making sure I didn't either simply miss the option, or didn't forget to type in my message. This is a small bit of service, but, a great nod of customer service.
Then, while deigning the ring, they messaged me because they came across a larger, more lustrous centerpiece and they wanted to offer me the option to go with the new stone, as it suited the ring better and their expert opinion was that it was a far better piece.
They followed up with information immediately every time I contacted them. Again, wonderful service.
Did I mention the ring is BEAUTIFUL. My (now) fiance cried when she saw it, and just about every time she's looked at it since.
I'd recommend the folks at Diamondere 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Top notch service, amazing value, and a beautiful end product.

My Fianc wanted a Blue Topaz center stone engagement ring, as opposed to a traditional diamond ring. Most blue topaz rings are just too simple looking to me. Diamondere look more like promise rings than actual wedding rings. I found this ring on Diamondere and it just popped elegance to me. When I gave it to her she was blown away. She owns a wedding business and sees rings left and right. She could not believe how the blue topaz just popped and loved how the diamonds were everywhere on this ring. Could not believe they wrapped diamonds all the away around this thing. They make a wedding band that matches this style and I plan to buy this next. I think we might even get a band above and below this ring to really lock it into place and to really make it pop. I could not be happier with my purchase. Fianc is so happy!

Beautiful and hard to find emerald ring (she loved it)!
It was surprisingly difficult to find a ring such as the Danette, a simple ring with stones all around with the ability to choose alternating stones. My fianc is a May birthstone and she was looking for a simple ring with small emeralds and diamonds all around. Plus, she's a small 4 ring size. After months of searching I finally found this ring on Diamondere. I would have happily chosen a lab created based emerald ring however Diamondere's option happened to come with natural emeralds. Diamondere were surprisingly beautiful and came at a great value. She cried because she loved it so much! Thanks!

Beautiful "push present"
When my first son was born, I knew I wanted a piece of jewelry that I could wear daily that would remind me of him. I had a vision of an eternity ring that featured diamonds and his birthstone, that would look beautiful if we had more kids and subsequently more rings could be stacked. I would wear it on my right hand. When I found Diamondere after searching for what I had in mind, the Verity ring was EXACTLY what I wanted.
My husband and I just welcomed our 2nd son, and we added another ring to my stacked collection. The two pieces compliment each other beautifully. If you are planning on doing the same, I highly recommend purchasing a very thin spacer ring to wear between the rings. I want to preserve the stones and prevent them from rubbing against each other. I found a very low profile, 1mm thick ring on Etsy to wear as such.
Communication with the Diamondere team is seamless and I appreciate that Diamondere reached out to me to confirm my ring size, as this ring cannot be resized once created.
I highly recommend, and maybe I'll be coming back for additional rings after more children!

Purchased Men's" Cullen" ring with moissanite stone set in 14K yellow gold. There was only a one-view illustration in the ad. I had questioned the seller as to the cost. Diamondere advertise at least 50% off retail, as I recall. I was assured that my purchase was "fine jewelry " quality. I had very high expectations until it arrived. The 1.6C moissanite is lovely, but the setting looks cheap and sorely lacks the amount of gold to meet a men's ring requirement, let alone the cost ($4600. 00). I'm keeping the ring because I had it engraved (One needs a magnifying glass to see it) and my husband says it's okay. However, I won't be buying from Diamondere ever again because I certainly did not get my money's worth.

Perfect Ring, Amazing Service
I purchased an engagement ring from Diamondere, and could not recommend them more. It was a pleasure working with them throughout the process of selecting and customizing the engagement ring. Diamondere were responsive and attentive. Deanna was extremely responsive, patient, and thorough with all communications with me. It definitely exceeded my expectations. My fiance loves the ring, and we receive compliments about it every where we go. In her own words, I was ecstatic when my fiance proposed to me, the ring is so unique and I have never seen another one like it. I took the ring to an expert gemologist and he admired the craftsmanship and quality of the ring. I get compliments about the ring on a daily basis, and am yet to see another one like it. I have been to many of the jewelry stores at the mall, and have not seen a unique ring quite like this one. I am extremely happy, and will be buying all future jewelry from Diamondere.

We definitely recommend buying from Diamondere.
Me and my husband were searching and planning for a long time to get the wedding rings we wanted. Of course we wanted the style and design that we chose but we also considered the longevity of our decision and purchase satisfaction. I must say, Diamondere really worked with us to get the design and look that we wanted. Even though we made several changes on our part and countless emails back and forth, the staff were very patient and made sure Diamondere created 100% the rings we discussed. The custom work was finalized, we made the order and waited patiently. To our surprise, it arrived fairly fast and the packaging was very nice. When we finally opened the ring box, all we could feel was customer satisfaction. We owe this satisfaction to the patience, hard-work, and craftsmanship that Diamondere provided. We definitely recommend buying from them and working with them to get exactly the ring you want. Thank you Diamondere!

Unbelievably beautiful
I love my rings! I chose the Balis ring, with a large emerald and custom made wedding bands. Working with Diana was so wonderful, she is beyond amazing and pays attention to everything you want. The process was so easy, and, while I was hesitant at first to order my wedding set online, it turned out to be the second best decision I've ever made-other than my fantastic fianc of course! Thank you Diana for all of your help, thank you Diamondere for creating these handcrafted beautiful rings for me. I love them and am so proud to wear them. I have told everyone that will listen about diamondere, I HIGHLY recommend them for all of your fine jewelry purchases. 10 out of 10!! Thank you Diana!!

Absolutely loved this necklace!
Hello Everyone, my daughter absolutely loved this necklace, she wears it everyday, it is a representation of our family heritage with the wheel and you were able to personalize it as well. I bought my son the ships wheel cufflinks and I received the same positive feedback from my son. The jewelry was beyond my expectations and you were available to offer me any advice I needed prior to purchasing the jewelry. I will continue to purchase my jewelry from you due to the professional yet personable assistance and work I see in your craftsmanship. Once again I thank you so much. :) Colleen

Above and Beyond!
Diamondere is amazing! I was very pleased with the engagement ring that I bought from them! The customer service was incredible. I ordered the engagement ring back in August of 2018, then needed to get the companion wedding band in September of 2019.

I spoke with the same person, (Cherie) and she was amazing through and through. We had gotten the engagement ring resized at a local jeweler, and unfortunately, because of that, the companion piece didn't fit correctly. Diamondere offered to craft a new engagement ring so that it would match the companion wedding band piece.

Now, I am working with them to have the two bands fused, and again, the customer service and response have been amazing. Above and beyond, and Diamondere will absolutely have a customer for life. Any other jewelry my wife wants will definitely be coming from Diamondere!

I was in the market for a custom white sapphire engagement...
I was in the market for a custom white sapphire engagement ring for my fiance. I was having difficulty finding anything that he would like. Once I stumbled upon Diamondere, the rest was history! I picked out one of their Men's rings shown on their website that would be a good fit but asked for a larger stone. Within 24 hours I had a response with the custom ring and a link for purchase.

Before making my final purchase, I wanted to see two additional rings side-by-side. I sent in photos of two rings I found browsing the web and asked if Diamondere were able to create similar rings. Again - within 24 hours I had the photos and links for purchase of two additional custom rings.

Overall this experience has exceeded my expectations and I will continue to purchase jewelry from Diamondere in the future.

Legit, Easy, and Reliable
The website made my shopping experience easy and kind of fun. Lots of details are given before you make a decision. Customer Service is quick to answer back and very helpful. I did have my reservations about ordering an engagement ring online, which is why I took the ring to an independent Gemologist to get it appraised. The independent appraisal legitimized the emeralds and rubies on the ring, as well as the platinum setting. The ring was even appraised higher than what this company charged me for it, so this shows that I was not overcharged by Diamondère. Therefore, I am more than happy with my purchase and will definitely be back to buy the matching band for the ring.

I needed to have my shipping address changed to make sure the surprise was not ruined. The customer service rep was quick to respond and help me with my request.

A Special Ring for a Special Occasion!
Diamondere outdid itself! My ruby ring is gorgeous! It actually exceeded my very high expectations! Diamondere is the only jeweler I trust to craft my custom jewelry!
Customer Service was outstanding! Although delivery took longer than quoted, Diamondere made it right by refunding my expedited shipping fee, then sent it UPS Next Day Air.
My husband fell in love with the ring on the website, showed it to me, and I fell in love with it too! Our 40th Wedding Anniversary is this year in July, our birthdays are both in July,
Making the Ruby my go-to gemstone. Kudos to the designer, craft person, and Customer Service.
I will be back shopping soon!

Diamondere was awesome, perfect!
Diamondere was amazing. Sadly, UPS can't be trusted! Diamondere delivered my ring today to a residence when the address CLEARLY said my name c/o the HIGH SCHOOL I work at. Clearly that particular UPS delivery person couldn't tell the difference between a HIGH SCHOOL and a residence; and I'm talking a high school that is VERY WELL SIGNED and has a parking lot with solar panels, 2 gyms, football field, a baseball field and five two story buildings. BUT, thankfully and by way of a miracle, he receiver walked the package across the street to the HIGH SCHOOL and I received it. The rings are AMAZING, perfect we and everyone who has seen them LOVE them!

They actually never got back to me today - but that may be because I also let them know when I received the 2nd ring. Their response and communication when we had the size issue with the first ring was TOP NOTCH!!!

Laser cutting needs work
Received my engagement ring and though quite lovely, their laser cutting is not like their pictures. Details are missed in my band which was one of the reasons why I picked it in the first place. I was offered to return it straight away (as Diamondere are working on doing their laser work better) but it would have been more expensive to pick something else as the US dollar is up there. See pics below for comparison.
Ordered my wedding band to match as it was hard to find something in Aus to fit in and asked for the ring to be made thick enough to engrave. Band is quite thin. Customer service in regards to communication is great but these were unfortunately the two issues I had.
I have since been offered to have the wedding band returned and a new one produced free of charge which was really nice.
Issue has been resolved. It's a shame about the laser work on my engagement ring but I love everything else about it and I could not part with it now. Shipping is brilliant and if changes need to be made they get on top of it straight away.

Beautiful Ring, Excellent Service, Happy Customer
I was shopping around for an engagement ring to propose to my long time girlfriend and after doing my research on custom jewelry companies I finally settled on Diamondere. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Despite having numerous requests during the customization phase, Cherie was patient, professional and accommodating to my requests and guided me through the process to the very end. The final product was better than what I would ever have imagined and my now fiancee wears it proudly each day. My fiancee and I are definitely going to get our wedding rings from Diamondere and I would recommend it to anyone out there looking for quality service and jewelry.

Just awful
If I could give them a 0, I would. I ordered a black gold with peridot engagement ring for my fiance (she wanted black gold) and when the ring showed up, it looked terrible. You can see in the pictures that the coating is just awful. To be fair, Diamondere did try to talk me out of getting black gold because of the difficulty with the coating, but they said this because of possible wear and tear, not simply poor craftmanship. After talking with another jeweler, we decided to go with someone else and then the fun began. Not only did they refuse to pay for the return shipping, they also asked for photographic proof of the contents of the box after it was shipped. Fortunately, the military taught me a little something about common sense and about shady people like the ones at diamondere. Not only did I photograph the contents, but I took a video as it was being packaged. Anyone thinking of going with them, do yourselves a favor and think twice. They have no quality control and obviously don't care about putting out poor work. I went with them because of all the positive reviews, but now I assume most are fake. When all was said and done, Cherie agreed to pay for the return shipping, but only after I said I was going to leave a bad review. Then she sent a string of emails playing the victim and insulted me. Very glad I took my business elsewhere.

Not as depicted
I am giving this 3 stars. It was very nice dealing with Diamondere. The ordering process worked well. The delivery was a little late, but I was informed in advance. The main problem is that the Amethyst stone that we actually received was much darker than the one depicted in the photo on the website. The stone was so dark that it was hard to recognize the color as it seems almost black. I am to understand that the darker color indicates a higher quality stone, which is fine. However, I didn't purchase this ring for investment purposes, I purchased it significantly for the color that my wife liked. I have contacted Diamondere about it and we are now deciding what we want to do at this point.
I would suggest that you take special care to have the website photos match the actual products as much as possible.
Thank you.

Beautiful custom ring that came just in time
I ordered a beautiful ring for my fiance for his wedding band. We wanted something more unique and that would look like it would match my engagement ring. Diamondère was easy to work with and allowed me to make modifications to customize the ring to add a celtic knot. I was expecting my order sooner than delivered and had email the company to check on the status. May be related to covid, but was worried when it was delivered 3 weeks later than expected, which was the day before our wedding. When I saw it though, it was beautiful and more than what I expected, very happy with the purchase.

Diamondère An AMAZING Company
A mark of a GREAT company is not how Diamondere handle the every day situations but how they handle problems. Diamondère is a DIAMOND themselves - the quality is superb but What really makes it is the customer care and how they handle each customer and each piece of jewelry they make. Cherie has been incredible -- She communicates! They let you know what stage your piece is at in production as well as any problems, you may encounter with the piece. Honesty and being UPFRONT is so rare now a days... And the finished product is amazing. I will purchase more jewelry from them... CP. Kazor

Amazing Quality, Great Priced Jewelry
Diamomdere provides outstanding customer service & wonderful jewelry at great price. While one might be skeptical to make such a large purchase sight unseen, Diamondere offers CAD images of your designed jewelry along with dimensions & gem specifications. Diana is great to work with - 12 hr response time. My ring arrived in 15 days (expedited) & came beautifully wrapped in a platinum and purple keepsake metal tin & within this package, the ring was in a gorgeous purple & silver jewelry box nestled into a firm setting, with the certificate of authenticity nicely taped to the inside of the metal tin. When I opened the jewelry box, I was speechless! The ring, a 7ct emerald cut amethyst surrounded by 1ct of round G-H, SI diamonds set in platinum was absolutely stunning! The ring is absolutely gorgeous and looks even better in person! The quality of the amethyst & diamonds is amazing! So much sparkle! I highly recommend Diamondere for all of your custom or regular jewelry needs!

Simply Stunned
I am not an easy customer. I'm a craftsman/artist/designer by trade and I have extremely particular taste. If I had the capability I would have made the ring myself. I don't work very well due to this. This is one of many reasons I was shocked at how easy it was to deal with Cherie. She was patient enough to work with me for months on countless designs and details. The level of attention and care I received was superb. It took us a long time (mainly due to me), but the final product was just... Flawless. I was simply stunned when I opened the box for the first time. The end result is something that I could never reproduce and would have never been possible without the professionals at Diamondere. I simply cannot praise them enough and neither can my future wife.

Cherie was absolutely wonderful and so very patient. She helped me with countless designs for over a whole year (I'm indecisive). I simply would have never been able to achieve the end result without her.

I happened upon Diamondere's website. I was very impressed with the quality, extensive designs and being able to design your own piece of jewelry. Having purchased two different wide band rings, since my husband's passing, I have been disappointed in each. After having each for sometime, I was thinking of looking for something else. I spent two days viewing Diampndere's settings & stones. Finally decided on a WG wide wide band with the infinity symbol going around it. Inside each loop of the symbol there is a garnet and pink tourmaline. I was pleased to find out the cost and Diamondere engrave for free. I received my ring yesterday and was pleased beyond words. What an outstanding company !! I am more than pleased, GREAT JOB !

Patient, Friendly, Accommodating
I was looking for a non-traditional ring. This was the highest quality store I could find that would include multiple types of gemstones. Diamondere were very patient with all the small changes I kept making, un-making, and then remaking, taking their time to ensure that the ring was everything I wanted. Every time i look at it my heart skips a beat.

I also LOVE the rendering for the wedding band. (I'm not sure if the missus is going to choose it, but I'm definitely going to be back for it if she likes the design.

Now it's just time to play the waiting game! I'm sure she'll love the ring as much as I do!

Since the very beginning I was working with Cherie. She was great at getting back to me quickly and making sure the ring is exactly how I want it to be. The high quality renders of the ring and that AMAZING picture and video of the stone were essential to me being confident enough to take the chance on this ring. I can't wait to see my girlfriends reaction when she sees what I picked out!!

I am very impressed with this company.
My fiance had purchased me a ring from a local antique jeweler and, unfortunately, the style of the ring was much too small for my hands. What was even more upsetting than having to tell my fiance his choice was gorgeous, but much too small (which he did agree upon) was that this jeweler wouldn't accept the ring back after 10 days of purchase. Since we couldn't return it, he and I searched everywhere we could think of for a ring we both liked, and that wouldn't break our bank, for at least 5 more months. We both have alternative tastes, and none of the well-known jewelry stores had anything unique. I was very afraid to make a purchase from the internet because of already having a ring that looked beautiful and perfect before it actually went on my hand, but then I found Diamondere. Not only were we impressed with the fact that we could design our own ring, but Diamondere also offer a 100 day, 100% return policy! The same jeweler that sold my fiance the tiny ring also sized my finger wrong, and when our beautiful tanzanite ring arrived from Diamondere, it was much too big and was nearly falling off. Diamondere accepted it back as promised, re-sized it and re-engraved it and now it fits perfect! Diana was a complete pleasure to work with and responded very quickly to emails. All in all I am very impressed with this company and would not hesitate for a second to make another purchase with them. I will be recommending them to everyone I know. Thank you again, Diamondere!

Product is great and as advertised
Overall, my experience with Diamondere was solid. Security measures are straight forward and appropriate for online jewelry store. Product shipped and arrived within their estimated schedule and came in nice packaging. The product itself was as advertised and looks nicely crafted.

For those that don't know, it's worth noting that colored stones may not look the same in an image vs real life due to lighting conditions and also the stone itself. The Ceylon Sapphire I ordered, for example, appeared darker in person than what's pictured on the website unless it was in direct sunlight or other bright lights.

Another interesting thing I found is that diamonds specifically have a small chance (1/3rd) to glow under a black light. Ideally, if you have multiple stones on a ring, they'd all behave the same and either glow or not glow. Anyway, because of that small chance, you might end up with a ring that has one glowing diamond and one that doesn't and it might look strange when you're out at a bar that happens to have black lights.

Good overall product though, docked the one star just for consistency between picture vs reality. Website could potentially benefit from having user photos instead of the original product photos in the reviews section.

Ewan Emerald-Cut Amethyst Wedding Ring
I refer to my purchase of this Ewan Emerald-Cut Amethyst Wedding Ring in 18K yellow gold (8.74 carats total weight). Although it feels and looks rather chunky on my very small fingers it is nonetheless a very beautiful ring. The craftsmanship is amazing. While I am generally very pleased with it I'll have to get used wearing such a heavy-looking ring, which is somewhat larger than I expected.

I was impressed with the commitment to service and the help from Diana who was very pleasant to deal with. She very kindly refunded my custom charges as soon I let her know the cost that I incurred. I would not hesitate ordering from this company again or recommend them to others

A ring that's impeccable!
I wanted to purchase a promise ring a month ago. While searching, I got to know a jeweller named Diamondère. I reached out and asked about a couple of rings and some photos of them. Cherie never fails to give my prompt replies. I got the photographs and dimensions and stuff so that I could make my final decision. Honestly, Diamondère never stops surprising me. Upon delivery, I finally get to see my ring in person. It is absolutely impeccable! If I'm gonna get another ring handcrafted, I will definitely get it done at Diamondère. Also, I'd like to extend my thanks to the team for making my perfect ring and my day!

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The multiple exchange of hands in a traditional market means that by
The time the product reaches you it is priced at multiples of the original
Cost. Diamondere ships directly to you from our workshop, eliminating
Middlemen, making sure that you have the best deal on the
Best product, made exclusively for you!


Your jewelry is an extension of you - make it as personal as possible.

Our customizable designs allow you to choose the type of metal (platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, black gold and sterling silver), gold karatage (18k, 14k, 10k and 9k) and the gemstone you want.
At Diamondere you can even engrave your piece for FREE. The perfect gift for your loved one!


Our craftsmen have been manufacturing bespoke fine jewelry since the 1900's. Generations of trade secrets are combined with best available technology to deliver jewelry, that you would pay many multiples for, at a branded store.

How do we know? Because we have been supplying to these brands for decades!


We recognize the level of trust
Placed in us while making
Your purchase. To reiterate
Our commitment,
Diamondere offers:
FREE Global Shipping

100 Day Returns

FREE Certification

FREE Engraving

FREE Polishing

FREE Gift Wrapping


Each of Diamondere’s exquisite pieces is certified by an accredited agency and individually hand-made by highly skilled craftsmen. This ensures intensive attention even to the smallest details, resulting in the finest quality possible.


The most intricate jewelry is now a click away. Browse through our portfolio, select an item, item and it will be shipped to you within seven to ten business days, in our beautiful gift boxes. You may use any of our multiple transaction options for simple and quick payments.

Address: 1 Maple St #2204, 94063


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