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I have been shopping with Decor Steals for a very long time. At least 15 years.
About a year ago I went into a popular retail store that I haven't been into in quite a while. As I'm looking around I start seeing the same kind of merchandise Decor Steals sells but the price in the store was at least a 25% mark up and the few items I did find that were priced lower than DS wasn't the same quality
Thanks DS

Whitewashed Storage Box with Natural Lid, Large
**Revision - Decor Steals contacted me within minutes of my review. Nicole was very kind, apologized and wanted to make things right. I accepted their offer, which I thought was very fair, and thanked her for her quick response and willingness to rectify the Inconvenience. I was impressed with their customer service!
Initial review: I was so excited to get this but became quickly disappointed. Despite using a level, it was crooked when I hung it on the wall. Come to find out the brackets on the back were attached to the piece crooked. I had to remove them and reattach them straight. That fixed that issue. Next issue - door wouldn’t stay closed. I was able to tighten the door screws, which fixed the issue after some trial and error. Third problem - the bottom right is cracked and bent. It’s not real wood so I can’t fix it. I paid $50 for this product and shouldn’t have to have done anything but hang it on the wall. It’s not built well and not worth the amount I paid. The sticker on the back says Made in China.

Item had been broken and someone had tried to glue it back together. I didn’t have time to return as I was going to have surgery the next day. My husband fixed it best as he could and I am using it the guest room instead of where I had originally wanted it for. First time I have been disappointed in a purchase from Decor Steals.

Love decor steals, my absolute favorite website, I’d been looking for a mantle for years, this is amazing. honestly this is so cute, vintage and perfect. You can always count on the quality to be fantastic from decor steals and I know it seems silly because this is just “stuff” but it makes my home my favorite safe space. Now I just need you you guys to restock the fall 3 pumpkin planter set to make my circle of wishes come true! Thank you, a very loyal customer, a nurse, a mom, and an army wife who moves every few years so my things are my home.

I find the mobile interface to be clunky at best when navigating. iPhone. iPad was easier. I dislike that you do not accept returns as my first items were not as nice or finished as I thought they would be and didn’t work how I thought they would either. Total bummer. The second order tufted throw is beautiful and absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t consider much of your pricing as steals or even bargains so I feel like your name misrepresents.

Ghastly! Fortunately, it arrived broken, otherwise I would have been obligated to keep it. I am a fan of products by Creative Co-Op, of which this was one, but this was absolute garbage. The mirror wasn’t centered in the piece, the wood looked as though it had been stamped out by a mold with dull edges causing a rim of excess to remain adhered, and I got splinters removing it from the packaging. Avoid!

I was disappointed at first because I did not get the magnets with my order. You can't use the calendar without the magnets. Long story short. I reached out to customer service and they mailed me the magnets with a lovely note included. Decor Steals has always been a great company to shop with. I'm very happy with my purchase now. Love it!

Love most everything I have purchased, but even though I have loved most everything I have purchased, I have not always received attention from customer service that was as good as I expected. Instead I have to go back and forth with them before I get what I needed in the first place. This doesn’t happen often, but often enough to be somewhat frustrating.

Not good
Order has taken almost a month,still have not received it yet & Decor Steals wants me to leave a review?? Wanted this pledge of allegiance plaque for my 4th of July decor so I ordered back in early June. Unfortunately there was no notification given that this item was delayed. For this particular order, I give one star.


Love love Love this bird . I have quite a few different birds placed around my home , I love nature & I Love birds . I'm always buying birds lol this one is pretty big , bigger than my hand, it's definitely the biggest bird I own or seen . I love the old mossy look it's a substantial piece, just beautiful ! If u like birds & purchase this one u definitely won't b disappointed .

Love the lamp. It was broken at base and stem, but fixable just have to find a welder. The box was seriously messed up I was afraid it would be worse, but it wasn't. Can't wait to use it. It could have been packed better. Keeping it and will use it. Bigger than it seemed in the pictures too, so make sure you have the room.

One of the lamps I purchased came broken. Decor Steals only offered me a 1/2 price refund and suggested I have the lamp soldered to repair it. I have always had great luck with this company, and I am pleased with the final outcome. I requested a full refund, and Decor Steals gave me a full refund immediately. I did not have to return the damaged lamp. Great company to work with.

I ordered something for the 4th of July on June 1, it is now June 14 and the order is still “pending”. I tried to cancel but they don’t cancel even if the shipping is ridiculously long. If I return it, I will have to pay the shipping. BUYER BEWARE! You can find this stuff from other places with better shipping and return/cancellation policies. Plus the stuff that I have gotten in the past have had an awful smell. I will never shop there again!

I have received 2 of these VERY CUTE ‘Metal 2-tier Servers’; unfortunately both were delivered to me VERY damaged & unusable!! After complaining about receiving 2 in ‘damaged’ condition, DS did automatically refund my $$ - without so much as an explanation, an ‘I’m sorry’, nor did I see an e-mail with any sort of message stating they would be sending me a refund for my inconvenience.

Cute sign, but as with most of my purchases from DS, it is not well made. The brackets that attach to the wall are welded on crooked. Doesn't impact hanging it, but it's noticeable that it is not straight. Also, sign does not spin/rotate which would be a plus when determining where to place it. Overall, for the price it's cute!

I can’t send this review fast enough. I am so enthralled with my recent purchase of the Wooden Caddy with 9 cubbies to decorate and I have soooooo many ideas I can accomplish with this item. It can be full of different ideas or you can decorate the cubbies in just a few of the areas. You will love it for its versatility.


I have bought numerous items from you over the years and I have been happy with almost all of them. I love the items in the Decor Steals box. I was very unhappy with the timing of the delivery. I ordered this spring box in February and you delivered it to me the week AFTER EASTER! It was supposed to be full of decor for spring (many Easter items) and I was unable to use them because they were delivered AFTER EASTER! I will probably not ever purchase another of these boxes due to the long wait time for the items. Now I just have to find a place to store them for next year. This was very disappointing as I had planned my spring decorating around those bunny prints and they came too late to use them.

Order # 1556507. Defective. Damaged. Not as pictured. I ordered a pew. Received a bench. There was no cushion or openings or holes in the wood. It was solid. Second. One item never received. Dough bowl. It’s been more than 15 days. This is the second order with pot quality wood. First item was multi glass bottle vases and a platter. Platter was awful. I kept bottles. Threw out platter. Never notified customer service. Now this. I’ve sent several emails. The only response was on my dough bowl. A tracking number. No date available. I asked for this to be cancelled. Nothing on the pew/bench. Nothing. Very disappointed.

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Everything was fine upon receiving my baskets except for one minor thing. I had an awful time getting them apart from each other. The smaller basket was put inside the larger one and the handles didn't move very easily in order to maneuver them around to take them apart. I finally succeeded and they look fine and are a very nice color. Thanks for a nice product overall.

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