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Placed an order in March and as of today my order is "lost" according to their customer service. It only took me two weeks to get this response! This company is a scam. Place your order, pay for goods and never receive them. Never order from them, Dear-Lover give other China based wholesalers a bad name.

UPDATE: I just received my order yesterday, FINALLY. Out of the order, one was something I did not order, another two were very poor quality. Five of the dresses I did like. Quality is not the best and the garments smelled, I will have to wash them before putting them out. So, I will give them one more stars only because two of the dresses are very nice which surprised me. I will also remove the title Scam Company, they are a company just not managed very well. I guess bottom line with this company is to be careful when you order, don't expect too much.

Affordable Yet Stylish clothes
I've ordered 5 bodysuits from DearLover and Dear-Lover were all really pretty and fit me great. First off these prices are unbeatable. Even if you get one item that doesn't fit well. It still worth it in my opinion. The bodysuits had snaps at the bottom so you can remove them easily. Some of the materials were just okay. But 2 of my bodysuits felt soooooooo soft and comfortable. You can check out the full detailed review of the clothes I made on Youtube:

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! When i placed my order I sent them an email asking for a confirmation of my purchases, Dear-Lover never responded. My items arrived today and oh my god the quality is disgusting! I think they must have monkeys working at the factory! They even got my order wrong and sent me 4 of the wrong items! When an item says "one size" it really means "we made this in the dark and couldnt give a ****". Dont go anywhere near these cheap factories they are worse quality than primark!

I'm probably the ANGRIEST human on the web right now...
I'm probably the ANGRIEST human on the web right now so you guys I Orderd something on October 30. WITH Ems packaging ( it was a sale) So I Got the cheapest one it SPECIFICALLY Said 10-15 days to ship may god be my witness I Logged on November 10. The shipping price went back up (thank god I Already ordered) BUT Than I Seen Dear-Lover CHANGED my shipping to 20-30 I Have a homecoming dance on the 22nd of November this is Some bull$#!@.

Is True Dear-lover dropship is using his company details to ship to our customers
Dear -Lover dropship using his company information to ship to our customers.
I have evidence.
When the package is going straight to the customers, Dear-Lover are writing their full company information. I tried to buy for myself, as they know my account they use an individual details to send to me, next order I used my brother name, they put all their company information. So Byron C, I know you will comment but try to speak to your sales Manager.
I placed a complaint twice but they are very good in ignoring customers.
Is like they are using us to market their company. If is not the case why are using your company informations to ship to our customers even though we leave a note to the server not to use your company information.
I wish to attach all the evidence here but I don't have on my phone.
I always have great service with Sophia but crystal is worse, she always have excuse to give.

Don't hesitate
When I first found this site I was super skeptical! Dear-Lover were the very first whole sale company I tried out and I'm honestly so happy I did! All of there products are great quality most of them true to size, and adorable! Shipping is super fast as well! The only cons is shipping and stuff sales out quick! Shipping is expensive BUT it's worth it and I would much rather pay $70+ shipping and get my stuff fast than get free shipping and wait a month!

Not all items are as they appear, always overcharge you for freight & dont refund. High freight
I have purchased some large orders from this company, some of their stock is good but some is hit and miss where the fabric & style in images is completely misrepresented. Overall I think their machinist do a good job but Dear-Lover dont choose the fabric that is being sewn.

When reading reviews I would note if the reviewer is writing a glowing review about 1 or 2 items they have purchased & are happy with as I think its a bit different to when you are a on seller who has spent a lot of money and end up with items that are really not sell able.

They overcharge freight (large orders, by quite a bit) then say they will refund you in the next order so you have to go back and buy more if you want to get what was overcharged back, but it never happens as the same process keeps repeating itself.

They are not cooperative if you tell them you are not happy with a misrepresented item that looks nothing like the picture. They get you to take photos (even though they know what they have sent is not what you chose off the site) then they argue that you have got the item & say there is nothing wrong with it when there is and it does not look like the picture (even though it does not look like the picture). You have to spend a lot of time trying to get resolution, so customer service sucks in this area, although in other areas it is good, ie they are prompt with order processing.

Byron, Regarding your response, this is not a false review I can assure you, your copy paste message seems like an easy cop out re competition comment. I tried to resolve the issue with your company already & you still have a whole lot of my over charged freight but I am reluctant to use your company again after the bad experience over misrepresented garments that one of your staff was reluctant to resolve so at this stage will cut my loses.

Very Risky - Frustration Guaranteed
Having used Dear-Lover many years and posted on Site Jabber I offer:
Mentioned before this site has been going down hill for 6 - 8 months. So far in
2018 it has become much, much worse. I would add that many " positive remarks " appearing on probably originate from Dear-Lover or " Shi Ying " the mfc.

Dear-Lover, as well as, other xxx-Lover sites are, if not owned are certainly under the control of Shi Ying clothing. In past Dear-Lover had many sites on-line all having
" - Lover " in the site address and all sites resembled each other. Many of those
Sites have since disappeared. One must wonder why?

Anyone wanting to place an order with this site; know there is risk of loss and at best a lot of unnecessary frustration and turmoil. In review of past remarks posted by others I see that they use to use a rep ( Byron) who would interact with complainants; that disappeared many months ago along with the customer service.

It is my personal opinion that this site is no longer safe in purchasing from so
Buyer Beware. To any one at Shi Ling or Dear-Love that wishes to debate my opinion I am open to that, but it will get brutally honest with specifics. I do not go into Face Book so you can post on this site similar to the feeble attempts when using the name of " Bryon "..

Always overcharge this scammers insulting lying and abusing customers
Stay away from this site. Always overcharge and don't refund. Dear-Lover overcharge freight then say they will refund you in the next order so you have to go back and buy more if you want to get what was overcharged back, but it never happens as the same process keeps repeating itself.If you don't mind losing your money every time you shop there then you are okay. Sending insulting images to customers on life chut... very big layers scam company. Need to learn maths subject to do a business. They should know importance of studying mathematics. Always overcharge and don't refund. Omg terrible company with horrible service. You must be very careful with this company. Order goods for £445 include delivery charge. They force me to pay £590. Shame on you. Please be alert I believe some of these reviews are from the company.

I have a small business and was ordering items for my website. When i received my order some of the merchandise was WRONG and not what i ordered. When I contacted customer service Dear-Lover had the nerve to tell me they would refund the DIFFERENCE of the item with next order, and for me to try to sell the wrong items they sent me and reorder the correct items. REALLY you want me to pay for your mistake! You sent me these horrible dresses that you decided to send me and want me to sell! Now they are not answering my emails and I am filing a claim through Paypal to receive my money back.

You must be VERY VERY CAREFUL with this company (Dear-Lover)
Our company lost money on poor quality items received from Dear-Lover. It is very very hard to get them to resolve problems. You have to write to them over and over to get a response and then when you do receive one, Dear-Lover will keep putting you off.

We lost hundreds of dollars to them and are stuck with bad quality merchandise. We even tried disputing it through Paypal but Dear-Lover provided inaccurate return information so at the moment we are stuck with what they sent to us.

We're still in process of disputing our purchase but it has taken a lot of time, effort and money to have to deal with this. BE CAREFUL, they make it sound like they will happily solve a problem, but once they have your money, it's a different story. And yes we DID send them pictures of the defective merchandise -- when we finally did receive a response, they said that they thought the merchandise was okay and did not credit us for it.

**I've read other reviews where they gave this company 4 stars, yet still mentioned a problem with getting responses or refunds. TAKE NOTE OF THIS... IT CAN BE A BIG PROBLEM!

Their sizing can also be problematic -- it's not all accurate and often times it runs small. Sometimes the quality is really nice, sometimes it is very cheap. It depends on what you order. Also, what many people have and have not mentioned is how different some of the lingerie is from the photos. They often use the manufacturer's photos from whom they are copying -- it WON'T look the same.

If you are okay with settling for items that are not always the correct size, and if you're okay with inconsistent quality, and if you don't mind possibly losing some money, or lingerie/costumes/clubwear that doesn't always look like the photos, then go ahead and order from them. Otherwise, try to find another company who will stand behind what they sell to you. It's VERY expensive to have to ship something back to them -- especially if a tracking number is required. No matter what, if there is a problem, you're going to lose money using this company.

Awful customer service
I'm having a very bad experience with Dear Lover company during last month. So far it wasn't too bad. I made altogether 11 orders with them within last year and a half, some smaller but usually large ones. I was receiving parcel fast. Although I got often frustrated with them, as quality of the clothes in most cases didn't match the quality of those clothes shown on photographs on their website (the products I received were mostly poor quality copies), and sometimes the clothes I received were dirty, or damaged, or torn, the colour was different, and often it as the case that the clothes were wrongly sewn together (not matching). Once I even plaiced a complaint because in one of my orders there was a lot of damaged cothes. My complaint was dealt with and I received some replacement dresses (not all of them) with my next order. Dear-Lover also started to imrove that way tat they replaced some photographs on their website with photos of actual clothes the are selling. The udated only some of their products photos and many are still untrue; but I could see some improvement. But what is going on recently with this company and it's customer service is beyond my iimagination. This company cannot be treated seriously anymore, as they don't treat seriously their customers, if something goes wrong. About a month ago I received in my order to damaged dresses. I emailed them about it, attached photos of damaged dresses and requested a replacement dresses. They didn't reply. Then I wrote again and offered that to make things easier for them I will place another order and they can send me the replacenent dresses with it. They still didn't reply. I ended up writing emails over and over again, I wrote emails to all their about it, but I never got a single repl. Y Moreover, I tried to chat with them (live chat) a few times about it, but I eitherer was ignored and after initial 'Hi' wa getting no more response, or I kept getting disconected. I only managed to talk once with 1 representative 'Tony' about it for a while and he was rude nd ignoring the problem. For me it is unbelievable how they treet their customers recently. I completely lost faith in them.

Excellent Quality and Pricing
Their clothes are such good quality and fit amazingly. I'm in love with everything I received. The items I received were even better than I thought Dear-Lover were going to be, and of excellent quality. They have the trendiest clothes at affordable prices. The quality is amazing and all clothes are true to size. The delivery was very quick. The dresses are super top-quality items for unbelievable low prices! I love that they have so many styles to choose from, there's something for everyone! I would definitely recommend Dear Lover to all my friends and family! Such affordable and fashionable items. I am beyond satisfied with Dear Lover.

Really good fashion supplier
This site is actually an extremely good value with various shipping methods offered. I got the box of clothing about a week after I ordered and the items were very good quality. I ordered $300 of stuff as a retailer and Dear-Lover actually seem like good quality (only 2 items were defective everything else was pretty much perfect condition. A wide range fo sizes are offered, so my customers are can make free choices. Who have interest in fashion womens wear can also contact me directly to shop with my website.

Can be a hit or a miss
Some of their products are good, while some are pretty bad. For your 1st order of a certain item, always buy one piece first to check the quality. Then you can buy more pieces on your next order. Also don't pay directly on their site. Wait for a representative from their company to contact you and confirm your order placement and availability of the items ordered (Dear-Lover will give you another link where you can pay) because sometimes, their products would be out of stock. Instead of a refund, they will put it to your credit instead.

They are pretty much responsive actually unless you are complaining of the items received. They will tell you nothing is wrong, etc even though you have sent photos of the problem. If negotiations failed, just send the items back to them and inform them of the parcel. They will put to your credit the items you returned.

My roommate and I recently ordered from this website,...
My roommate and I recently ordered from this website, we had approx 200$ in items. We just received them today and eveything was beautiful! Perfect mint condition, the fit was great (we wear xs-s) and the quality was very very good. Dear-Lover use great quality fabrics, very soft! The satiny type of nightwear is very soft and the lace details aren't the cheap prickly lace. We are so happy that we are ordering a second batch!

I like the site
Dear-Lover is a very convenient, reliable online website you can shop without no fear of been delayed. I ordered for some jeans and t shirt and on getting them it was what it was shown at the website... Even you will be rewarded a R points with the refund of what ever you canceled or you don't want anymore... and mostly the shipping is faster and there services is superb..

Dropship Scam
When you ask ( to dropship items for you, Dear-Lover put their company name on the waybill form. You lose clients that you tried hard to get by doing marketing, the clients end up ordering from them instead of ordering from you again. It's all a scam. If you've been dealing with DEAR LOVER for years, ask for your client's waybill forms. You will see what I'm talking about. Other companies I use for lingerie don't do that. My loyal customers also reported this to me, asked if my company is under Dear-Lover

The best supplier so far
I've tried other wholesale sites, but hands down, I had never received such great product than from dear-lover Wholesalers! I purchased lots of fashion dresses and Dear-Lover came in great! My product is literally flying off the shelves and I keep coming back to order more! Linda is amazing and extremely helpful. Previous wholesalers I've dealt with have been high pressure and wanting you to purchase something you are not comfortable with. Linda was so nice, patient and answered all my questions! I just purchased my 4th and 5th orders last night and cant wait until they get here! I highly recommend you order from them, and when you do ask for Linda!

So disappointed
Just horrible! What was pictured is definitely not what I received. If return shipping wasn't so expensive, I would send it all back. Which is what Dear-Lover count on I believe, Instead of design being woven into fabric, it was printed on top of cheap thick polyester fabric. Weird seams in some others. No softness or draping. I guess you get what you pay for but from now on I will pay a little more and stick with american distributors. Example: first picture is what is shown on site and second is what I actually received.

I received merchandise from this company and it absolutely SUCKS there is no way that I can sell this merchandise to anyone. The sizing is way off med & large dresses and jumpers are more like kid sizes. I tried one dress on and almost chocked due to it not being made correctly and goes around the neck. The zippers don't work the seems are crooked. Now I'm out of $318 and it will cost me $112 to send back this company is a rip off and don't stand behind their merchandise because Dear-Lover know its poorly made. The worst experience I've ever had when ordering something online

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality:-)
I was impressed! The prices are so affordable and the quality is outstanding! I recommend them to anyone! I made 3 Youtube videos showing the products under holyfitwomen. I tried dresses, leotards & lingerie and everything was soft, well maid, is sized accurately & super fashionable. I tried uploading more photos in the 6 different outfits but I don't know how to convert to JPEG so snapped one in my favorite leotard from them.

This is the second time using Dear-lover, my first experience was awesome. I decided to use their drop shipping services and I must say im disappointed. I paid for my order on the 4 of march but on my account it still says unpaid order. I tried emailing several times and calling but to no help at all. My emails still remain un-answered, this is truly a bad experience.

Good Supplier, Good Service
I've tried other wholesale sites, but hands down, I had never received such great product than from Dear-Lover! I purchased large quantity of dresses and Dear-Lover came in great! My product is literally flying off the shelves and I keep coming back to order more! Linda is amazing and extremely helpful. Previous wholesalers I've dealt with have been high pressure and wanting you to purchase something you are not comfortable with. Linda was so nice, patient and answered all my questions! I highly recommend you order from them, and when you do ask for Linda!

Just like many people here i can say their products are nothing more than copies of other wholesalers and the quality is really bad. Dear-Lover simply copy images and send you rubbish knock-offs that no one wants to wear in public. After months of searching i manage to find a UK company who offers top quality products. If you are looking for top class women's clothes they can help, just ask them for their wholesale products or look up their retail side.

This was my first and ONLY time I will order from this company. My order total was $1,632.15. $583.00 of that total was shipping. Out of 167 total items I ordered I have only gotten 95 of them. The order was placed on 9-20-20 and today is 10-07-20. I got the 95 items ( 4 different sets of shirts) within a week of me placing my order. I wouldn't be near as upset as I am right now if Dear-Lover had not taken the total amount out of my account already. Most vendors I have ordered from ONLY take out the amount they ship you of what you ordered. So basically I have paid for items I have NOT gotten and don't know when or if I'm going to get them. I have tried numerous of times calling them and can't get anyone on the phone.

The absolute worst EVER!
I had every bad experience as each one of you ppl are speaking upon! It's like deja vu. Sophia and Hilary are both scammers! I have been sent dirty items, wrong sizes and colors, ripped items, badly imitation of items! Sometimes, the items are good but other times bad and my last straw was when I ordered a bandage dress (which are expensive) and it was dirty! Well I sent Sophia the picture of the dirty dress and she ignores me completely then finally after I whatsapp her 6 times she then responses and tell me to clean it and gets more upset than I was lol a joke right? I should have never been sent dirty items to begin with! I asked for a refund and I was ignored. This has happened twice with this company, including the same situation with overcharging on shipping and the company saying Dear-Lover will refund on next order. I'm furious with these ppl! Sophia even told me not to chose her as a server next time lol this company is a big big scam! Pleaseeeeeeeee do not order from here ever! U will lose ur money in some kind of way, however the only positive about this company is items are shipped fast each time.

Absolutely Amazing!
I can't express how much I love the swimwear I received. The material is incredible for the price paid and feels so comfortable. The colours are beautiful and came as shown in the photos. The shipping was really fast and came in individuals packaging which was handy and ill be keeping :) I'll be coming back for more! Big thank you to Eva, who has been such a lovely, kind and helpful advisor.

Lovely experience
It is not the first time that I have placed an order on this online store and until now I am not disappointed. With the last order I got this jacket with belt, a polkadot dress, a sweater dress and a sequined stretch skirt. The fit as always perfect for my needs. The online photo of the skirt does not highlight the sequins, live it is much more bright and particular. The fabrics are to my liking, as well as the finishes, I did not find tears or unstitching. I also ironed the polka dot dress and jacket with ease.

Scam! Don't Order a From This Site!
Nothing is as it looks on the site! Dear-Lover replicate from other clothing sites and use their pictures and the replication is horrible! This site is a scam! You have to order a minimum of $100 worth of stuff. And a lot of items I ordered were missing! I sent back everything and got a full refund because I did my purchase though PayPal... I filed a claim through PayPal and they handled it and got me back my refund!

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Description: A women's clothing online store offer cheap women's clothes, dresses, swimwear, cosplay costumes, lingerie wholesale. MOQ $99 & 3-5 days delivery.

Address: EA-9 Honglida Street Fengze, China, 360218


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