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Second problem I've had as soon as I pay for something...
Second problem I've had as soon as I pay for something I either don't get it or it comes with the apartment housing I am still waiting to get the part for my cordless tire pump and I received my eyelid to my pots and pans but not my pots and pans and you always take the money out first but I never get my orders so I either start getting my orders or I tell all my friends that I have ordering from your site now to stop ordering because of not getting my order and the fact that you take the money first before you even see the order so please send me my pots and pans and my cordless tire inflator tube that the air goes through to blow the tire up

Great Customer Service response time and results!
It is my first time ordering from this website and it is during the Covid 19 Pandemic! I was concerned about my order because, the process seem like it was going slower than usual, so, I contacted the company via their website! No less than 5 minutes later, I received an E-Mail response, regarding my issue! I was told what was going on and the very next day things improved IMMENSELY! I received another E-Mail notifying me, my item was actually on it's way to me! Other than this delay, I have not encountered any issues with this website or this company at all and because of that, I am so grateful!

Customer service
Absolutely the worst customer service in history. Ordered something tried to contact him two days later. Couldn't get in touch with anybody. Contacted them via email 17 times. Within the 30 days. Could not get in touch with anybody. Now the sudden two months later I'm getting emails left and right from them telling me that is outside of the date of my return. What idiots I know I even send them the emails that I sent for 2 months asking for help. keep replying I'm sorry we can't help you can't return the product it's outside of your return date. It's like robotic. You cannot get help on anything. Will not be buying from this place I thoroughly enjoy my air fryer. But none of the parts are there to enjoy the inside of it I had to buy parts compatible to it. Ridiculous and rude customer service.

Crappy customer service
I received an order in which I was missing one item out of 5. I made several attempts to deal with customer service and get my item shipped out to me. Basically came up with every excuse including blaming it on United States Postal Service. I explained to them that according to their shipping statement the item was in the package, the one and only package, that was sent to my home period after more than eight back-and-forth emails there was no effort to satisfy me as a consumer. I never have received such terrible customer service in my life. Considering I am a person that do the majority of my shopping online this was a very disappointing experience. I will give them a zero if it was allowed on the rating. The products were cheaply made and overall just and unpleasant experience.

Buyers beware customer service
If anything occurs post shipment, be prepared for an ordeal. I've been told that the time between correspondence is due to an upgrade but I'm over a month out. Past that, I had a laptop shipped and stolen. While I understand the nature of their culpability. Their response was limited to, have you filed a police report? With the ulterior response of, until you file a police report... After submitting said report and providing them proof it was a 20% credit. Of which, didn't even cover shipping. Buyer beware. If all goes well you get a product for cheap, else wise be prepared for an underwhelming ordeal. I'm placing this in several places because of my displeasure with working through their customer service. It's generally copy paste responses with a few edited lines by a representative.

Horrible Scam! Stay Away! get you by selling broken and used items, then when you want to return them you have to open a case with paypal or your CC because they never respond!
When Paypal finally makes them accept your return, it turns out that you have to pay for shipping it back. In my case the shipping cost was almost as much as the item. So, I am faced with a decision to either keep a vacuum which does not work, is clearly used and still dirty ( they did not even make the effort to clean it), or to pay almost as much as the cost of the vacuum to send it back to them.
Paypal is on their side, because they have figured out a way to make paypals system work in their favor.

Was referred to you via a Brads list offer this morning...
Was referred to you via a Brads list offer this morning at 11:37.
I tried to place my order at 12:37 and it would not go thru.
Filled out the problem report an received a message back that referred me to read below, but nothing was below. I then responded back to that message what the issue was. Very frustrating website!!
Then I just received a link to order the item. So I did, and it took extra time, because it said my credit card did not match that it was a visa, per the question asked of what type of card I was using.

I didn't think anybody even asks that question anymore. You can tell from the number on the card who issued it. If that's important for some reason to you.

Well my order has now been placed. So we will see what happens next.

Just being honest with your question of why I rated the way I did.
Ken kirkpatrick

Avoid this sight at all costs!
Purchased two showerheads in Dec. 2016, neither one worked, returned them, recieved a refund for one but would not refund the other one. After many emails I finally purchased another item a Polaroid indoor outdoor thermometer with my credit. Finally recieved it after three weeks. Came in a sealed retail package, on opening there was only the monitor, no outdoor remote thermometer. The monitor cannot be read unless you press the lite button and then it comes on for 5 or 10 seconds. Definitely a defective product and this company knows it. only sell unsaleable merchandise, are almost impossible to contact and have the worst delivery service on the internet. DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM THESE POOR SUBSTITUTE FOR AN INTERNET BUSINESSS!

Do not do this this customer beware
Absolute horror show! Do not do business with them. I bought an iPhone for my daughter everything went fine. So I decided to purchase a iPhone 8 for my son for Christmas. Instead of getting the iPhone 8 I received an iPhone x. After a week of multiple emails and not hearing anything I finally received an email with a return label. The iPhone x was delivered to me on December 28 I still have not received the phone that I am making payments on I'm actually about to make my last payment. I have made for payment for a phone I have not received because the company sent me the wrong phone. The problem is is if you have a problem there is no phone number for customer service to call them the only way to get in touch with customer service is by email while I still have not got a resolution or a straight answer to what is going on with this phone while I wait for them to process the return. Buyer beware if something is wrong with your product or if the company just makes a mistake and sends you the wrong product you can't get in touch with them but you still have to make your payments horrible customer service I will never do business with them again. I didn't even want to press the one-star because don't even deserve that. The company does not hold value to customer service they made the mistake sending me the wrong item and it's been almost a month that I'm still paying for an item that I have not received don't do business with any company that does not have a phone to contact customer service

Do not waste your money buying from this company. I was given a DVR dashboard camera as a birthday gift that my mother ordered over a month ago. It was not opened until she gave it me on my birthday recently. It does not work. I emailed Daily Sale to find out how to return it. will not let me return it, or exchange it, and will not refund my Mother's money because it's been over their 30 day policy. I even explained that it was a birthday present and hadn't been opened until recently. They don't care. Bad business! It's better to spend a little more money and get something that actually works and is worth the money. You can find much better items on Amazon for around the same amount money and much better quality.

Thank you for an easy experience
Thank you for an easy experience. Although I do have one issue with my purchase. I bought the same item that was advertised for your extended Black Friday Weekend sale for $199. Infact when I went to checkout it was there in black and white, my laptop at $199, then switched instantly to &329, although a very good deal, I thought it would be at $199. I understand business, but considering this misunderstanding, perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle of these two prices, say $275 or so. You've already got me as a second or third time customer in a short period of time. I'm a 66 yr old disabled, not working guy and am so excited to get this for Christmas.
Thanks for your consideration,
Bill Bonaventura
Ph. *******887

Customer NO Service
Don't shop here if you expect to get your order when say, or if you expect help from customer service! I bought Christmas gifts for my kids on Dec 5. The order was being "processed" for 13 days. No reply when I reached out to them. They finally printed a shipping label and then my order sat for another 4 days before it shipped. I was told I would get my order Dec 21-24 when I placed my order. By the time it finally shipped it said Dec 31. So much for gifts under the tree! Never would have bought from them had I known, and never will buy from them again. Still waiting so I can't tell you about the products...

Not happy
Ian N, this is my 3 order from dailysale and i've have an issue with everyone. You think i would have learned my lesson. However I decided to give them another try, big mistake. Today I received my order of the VIZIO SmartCast 5,1. Right out the box I can tell there was going to be an issue, there were parts missing no instruction manual and some of the pars( obvious it was a return item) are damaged, the biggest issue however, is the product does not work no sound coming from the subwoofer. I spent a couple of hours on the phone with VIZIO support, but could could not resolve the issue and of course no response from Dailysale

You have a real problem counting items for the cart
You have a real problem counting items for the cart. I corrected the brown vintage watch one time on the first review. You had charged me with four(4); I changed that to one (1), and on my final checkout, you still kept the four (4) brown watches. I tried to delete down to one (1), and you only allowed me to delete twice, thereby leaving me to have to pay for an extra watch and you as my experience has been (always) in the past over charged me. You are a SCAM!! And I plan to report you to Better Business Bureau; I cannot allow you to continue to scam innocent people the way you have treated me - a 76 year old woman.

They are selling Cheap substandard products from Asia.
First warning bell is the fact that customers can't review the products purchase from daily sale. It's possible their are some decent products available from them but for the most part they are selling substandard products from Asia that promise much more than they can deliver. If you get a defective product your customer service gives you a run around. They know you need to return the defective product to them and spend more money on shipping it back to them so they offer you a small refund and let you keep or dispose of the product.
I wanted a full refund and was fully prepared to pay to ship it back because i used Pay pal and they offer a full refund on return shipping when you use them to pay for your purchase. Customer service said they understood i wanted a full refund and would forward that to the home office for review. Ya, really bad customer service that only attempts to delay and get you to accept a partial refund.

Bad customer service
The company advertise items on the web site on pictures but when you get the items it is totally different, for example color of products on pictures are different from the actual items, another one is the the show a set of three items (led lights) and send you only one and the description clearly show lights (more than one). Then they try to trick you on giving you a discount of 20% which is my case is 7 dollars which is not even cover the other lights, some of the products are showing at another site for half the price and finally when they agree that they take responsibility of the error they do not want to cover the return shipping as it should. Very unsatisfied of their customer service and the way they handle bussiness. I will not recommend this online store at all stick with the know one free returns, free delivery no questions ask. Also they too three days to respond to an email for a return request. Shower supposed to be silver and not white as received

Defective printer can't return it bought a printer from Lemonade trying to return

"Poor customer service / poor item quality / hard to return damaged items"
A D.
I ordered a printer by mid December that was damaged when it arrived. It took 2 weeks for the RMA to provided via email (no phone support). After returning the laptop immediately and getting certified mail and confirmation (which I paid since don't cover shipping even on damaged stuff), it took 1 month to get them to reimburse me. I chatted with customer service via their website and all they do is apologize and "I assure you someone will be contacting you soon". They don't contact the Returns group directly; they just send an email which is ridiculous! I will never buy from the scam of company in my life

When I purchased Christmas gifts for my kids in November...
When I purchased Christmas gifts for my kids in November of 2017, did not get here on time and no one was able to help me. My daughter was on the cusp of no longer believing in Santa and after I had to make up an excuse as to why her gift came late, we lost her. That was an important Christmas because she was in fourth grade and it was the first Christmas her father and I were separated and in different houses and not having her big present was very disappointing. I decided to try again, but was trying to use my points and couldn't, which was also frustrating. Then, when I was looking into how to use the points, I realized that I really should have 978 points instead of the 532 points I have (which doesn't matter if I am unable to use them).

Never again dailysale
I finally got this order. It was packaged as one might package trash or garbage. Now I am waiting for an order placed 3 days earlier than this one. The website gives me a blank page when I select track this order. I have sent a complaint both on their website and my email. I will never order from this scamming site again. The merchandise is from overstock, broken, defective and no quality items. I should have researched their 'deals' before I ordered. Most are not bargains at all but seem to be major mark-ups before their 'sale' deal. have a time limit on placing the order once chosen.

Just a suggestion
Just a suggestion. I rec'd an email from your company today after several years of not visiting your site. I thought...hmmmm....WHY DID I QUIT COMING TO THIS SITE with all these great products at unbelievable prices? And as I began to click on various I went down the product page, I REMEMBERED WHY I QUIT COMING TO YOUR SITE !
Every time one clicks on a product and goes to view its details, your site does not return to where one was on the product presentation page !
THIS BECOMES MADDENING ! First! Most don't have to time to try to find where we were on the page. But then it appears that every time the page reloads, it does so with a bit different it's even more difficult to know where one was in the list and whether items were now missed or not, plus spending time trying to determine where one was *while more and more lines of products continue to load as one moves down the page*.
MANY CUSTOMERS DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS ! THE AGGRAVATION IS TOO GREAT AND WHY ~I~ FOR ONE QUIT VISITING YOUR SITE! I will purchase the items in my cart today, but will not likely be back. I DON'T HAVE THE TIME NOR PATIENCE. I want to look at an item, choose or not choose it, ZIP BACK TO WHERE I WAS and continue looking at items I haven't yet seen.
I doubt whoever reads this will pass this on to the powers-that-be, but I think offering this frustration and why I'm not a regular buyer may be a suggestion of some value. Thank you for "listening".

Needed a laptop for the Wood Shop
Needed a laptop for the Wood Shop. I wanted one that was flexible plus could be used for research, plan diagrams and can be used with a laser engraver, a 3d printer and a wood carving printer.
This looked like it fit the bill once a put a couple tweaks in it, like replace the hd with an SSD to speed up the computer dramatically and possibly slap an extra memory chip in to increase the RAM. As a software and hardware engineer I always have spare parts around so that's always a plus.
With this being a Lenovo I know the main unit is reliable and upgrading it is a piece of cake. It's a Win-win at this price !

Every time I purchase an order from you people, I have...
Every time I purchase an order from you people, I have a problem at checkout. I don't know what you do but twice you have caused me to lose orders because you left me stranded at checkout. Then you have nerve to send me emails informing me that I have items in my cart, when I have informed immediately after I purchased the items and am wondering where is my money. And you don't have the the courtesy to respond to my confusion and my request. This same thing almost happened tonight. I had click in the colors of my watches three (3) times. WHY? I'm a teacher. Major is English not Math but very good at counting.

I didn't get something that I ordered and customer...
I didn't get something that I ordered and customer service was so nice and helpful. I got a full refund for the missing (it was sold out) case and a very nice message about it. The money was returned to my bank immediately. DailySale has bent over backwards to take care of any problem I have had with anything I have purchased. Getting a personal email from a customer representative was so nice and it let me know that do read emails and take care of their customer's problems. Free shipping is also great. I have to shop on the Internet due to having health problems that keep me at home and it is so nice to know that I will be taken care of if I have a problem. I'm looking forward to Christmas now so I can buy things that I can't go to the store and get. Thank you so much for your attention to my "older generation". I am 80 years old!

DON'T buy from this site if you actually WANT what you paid for!!!
Here we go folks, another chapter in the "I almost got screwed trying to buy online AGAIN" book that I am apparently authoring without realizing it. This website,, is a horrendously run excuse for online sales. Sure the prices are SHOCKINGLY low, but that's because intend for you never to attain that amazingly low price for a refurbished Apple IPad 2. Oh they'll take the $$$ out of your account faster than you can input the bloody credit card info. Point in case: my father-figure is trying to buy the above refurbished Apple IPad 2 for me.......he paid (in full) two weeks ago and has been playing email tag with their "customer service" ever since. He spoke to a "supervisor" who gave him a series of NON-answers and he STILL doesn't have the IPad 2. Well this is ME now. I ordered earrings and a ring as a surprise gift for my wife, cause I'm awesome like that! Well that was a week ago and no word, no change on my account that all customers have to set up. The status still said "in progress" as of Thursday (11/17/2016). So me being me, I wrote them a kindly worded "GET MY WIFES SURPRISE PRESENT TO ME NOW, OR ELSE! Now I hate to have to be like that cause I REALLY am a fun loving guy who would do anything for his wife and daughter, but try and screw me over and THAT guy suddenly becomes your worst nightmare. I informed them that I write reviews on this site for THOUSANDS of you awesome guys/gals who are nice, fun loving people who (like me) detest being screwed over. I also informed them that I would be informing the Better Business Bureau ( or BBB), who by the way is the SILVER BULLET to all scumbags who run scam sites like these, AND that I would write a harshly worded letter to the Attorney General in whatever state whoever runs this scam site operates out of. Wouldn't ya know it, Friday (11/18/2016) I get an email......believe it or not......from "customer service" "Dear Mr. Crazy Guy, sorry for the delay, we are shipping your order out to you today. Sorry for blah-blah excuses, excuses. WOW what a change of heart when they tick off the wrong person who happens to hold ALL the trump cards, and ALL the silver bullets. PLEASE PEOPLE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND $$$ WITH THESE JACKALS!!!!

2 issues
2 issues

1). I made a Purchase prior to this purchase and never received my points for my purchase. It showed me them at the first purchase but did not have them today prior to this purchase. I would like those points added because of the large purchase and I also added a Warrenty on the MacBook purchase.

2). It took almost a month to receive the Apple MacBook Pro and it was order and paid for in the almost middle of October or November. The free return, if I needed it, was almost over. I think I had maybe a day or two. That makes no sense. But, my daughter loved the MacBook and that was great!!! The MacBook looked alright with only 1 scratch but the charged was dirty.

Beware! If you order something you will have a heck of a time returning it!
Do not order anything large or of value from this company! You will not be able to return it! Their customer service is horrible and completely unprofessional!

I ordered an $80 area rug. sent me the wrong color. They gave me the complete runaround to try to return it. 15 emails back and forth spanning over a month of my time, plus a lengthy on line chat with one of their customer service reps. They absolutely did not want to refund or exchange my item. Each different rep. Tried their darndest to offer me a $17.80 in-store credit so I would keep the rug. When they finally agreed to the refund, they refused to send me a return shipping label. Each email they sent me started with "We are sorry you are unhappy with your purchase." I finally had to get my credit card company involved to dispute the purchase. It was only after then that I received my return shipping label. All this over their mistake! It should not be such a big deal for a company to accept full responsibility for their own mistake.

Unlawful Sale - Refusal of Return!
E purchased a Retro Gaming Phone Case with 36 Games Built-In on 11/29/2020 via and the seller DailySale Inc, sent the wrong case altogether. I emailed them under order #*******91415 and the seller was unlawfully playing games with me via email, continually asking why I wanted to return the case AFTER I TOLD THEM in DETAIL WITH PICS OF THEIR AD THAT I PURCHASED THE PHONE OFF OF, showing it was for Iphone 6, 7, 8 etc and sent me a case for Iphone 10 Max. I had Walmart representatives call me 7 Xs over the past 2 days, just for them to tell me that I would receive a return label within 24 hours (2 days ago) and have not. Initially I tried to do this return myself but their website gave me a link to print the label and that label was BLANK! So NOW it's showing as Return Complete and yet NOTHING HAPPENED! YOU CAN'T MAIL OUT SOMETHING WITHOUT A MAILING ADDRESS/LABEL! Just now the representative I was speaking to, stated they were no supervisors available to speak to me, after she tried to tell me A THIRD TIME THAT I HAD TO WAIT ANOTYHER 24 HOURS FOR A LABEL. I have the whole conversation recorded as all of my conversations with your representatives. This company is horrific to say the least and will NOT deal with them at this point. This has been escalated legally!

Their customer service is non existant and the companies employees cannot read!
I have emailed Daily sale now, over 13 times in regards to the same request to return 2 of the same items that I bought and the quality and value was not there. Along with that same exact request, I indicated that a flashlight, 1 of 10, that I ordered did not work and I needed to return it and get a new one to replace it. sent out a new flashlight! Great!
However, in the same request, in which I always include the order # and Item #, they keep on asking me to supply and order # for the item that I want to get a refund on!?
It is as if they cannot read!

The other BIG headache is that they do not have any contact phone # for you to call into. This in itself is suspicious, as if they are hiding something, or maybe they have hired illegal immigrants that cannot read english!


Checking out was very frustrating
Checking out was very frustrating. Tried to check out using the Amazon checkout and kept getting error msgs saying incorrect name, address, and email - yet there was no way to correct it. Tried calling and got a msg saying you were closed, but the hours stated on msg indicated you should of been open. Called twice trying both options of pushing buttons to try to get a hold of someone. Then used the option for credit card and had to create a password and then enter my email address again, because it had disappeared from the screen. All in all it was very frustrating and extremely time consuming.

Hard to find products with all the junk surrounding...
Hard to find products with all the junk surrounding them. (Too many product reviews). Also, at check out it wanted me to log in. I didn't remember my password so you said you sent a password change code, but none showed up in my email so I continued the checkout without logging in with no problems. Goofy stuff going on here. Your request for me to write a review, however, did show up in my email so I know you got my address right. All-in-all, your website is difficult to use, I don't think I saw most of what you sell and don't want to take the time to wade through everything, but check out was mostly easy.

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