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I've used Cutter and Squidge at least 3 times by sending cakes as gifts to friends. Often the cake is a surprise, so it can be difficult to gauge the best time for delivery for when the recipient will be home, however, I feel pressurised by Cutter and Squidge deliver people (whoever they commission to deliver their goods), as there doesn't seem to be any flexibility other than the threat of an additional charge if someone isn't home. Worse still, stating the delivery will be left on the doorstep if not left with neighbours. It has put me off and I'll probably take my business elsewhere!

Lovely cake! Delivery was on time and cake arrived perfect. It was moist, delicious, and just the right level of sweetness. I often find many cakes too sickly sweet and just like a block of icing sugar but this cake was nothing like that! Rich, moreish, indulgent and balanced. Whole family loved it. My only criticism (and it’s a small one only I cared to notice due to being eagle eyed) was that the chocolate drips along the edge of the cake were a little sparse - it seemed it had been done quickly and with chocolate that was too runny. If the cake had just a bit more generous chocolate drips that had been done a little more carefully it would have been a 100% perfect cake. Overall still looked and tasted great. If you are in London, This is a reliable and quality company from which I have order various times before and will continue to do so. Might not be great value for money if you are outside london though.

The cake was good. No issues there. However, the rating is low because your delivery partners let you down. I got an email to say the cake had been 'handed to the customer' but I hadn't received it. I went around my neighbours' looking for the cake and didn't find it until the next day at a completely different address. They didn't know what it was and so didn't put it in the fridge which was not ideal. They said the driver was told it was the wrong address but left it outside their doorstep anyway. Poor show

I ordered two medium-sized cakes for a work event.
They arrived wonderfully packaged and perfectly on time. Both cakes looked very beautiful.
However, the portion number stated on the website was rather inaccurate (expected 14-18 portions but each cake corresponded to 12), so I would suggest changing the product information to reflect this.
Regarding the texture/flavour, both the cakes were mostly sponge with thin layers of filling, so I'm not sure whether the price reflects the overall product quality, I'm afraid.

The cakes are delicious. However, the way they are delivered is incredibly poor. Twice I have had cakes where they've been put in a postal bag and chucked around the van to the point the icing is stuck to the cardboard protector on the top of the cake. Even when you buy one of their very expensive tins it has still been spoilt by this crazy approach to packaging. My last cake DPD even handed it to me upside down! The trouble is that the cakes are very expensive and actually really quite small so you expect them to be perfect. I was given credit the first time it happened but didn't bother reporting it when it happened again. I now won't use Cutter and Squidge as it's embarrassing when you spend a lot on a gift only for it to be turned up looking like someone has dropped it.

So I unfortunately had covid and wasn’t able to go see my sister on her birthday but her words
“Ok I’ve just died! Because there’s no way a cookie can taste this good!!”
“Update had another in definitely dead because this food orgasm has down right done me in”
“Where did you get these from food angles themselves” which I was laughing at I never got to try them but for my birthday I’m going to be ordering myself some! Already eyeing them up they came beautifully presented and from my sisters review the best thing she’s ever eaten honestly I don’t know how I will ever top her birthday but these will definitely be a new staple in an celebration or well any time sweet treats are needed, I ordered a them because there was a variety and I figured there would be atleast one she liked but nope she loved and devoured every single one!!!
Amazing customer service throughout the whole ordering process and delivery highly recommend!!

Very delicious cakes and brownies.
We have ordered 3 times from them. 2 of them was for nationwide delivery and the quality and flavour of the cake and brownies was delicious. Very well packed and they are arrived without any damage.
Just for a suggestion it would be nice to increase the varieties for nationwide delivery of more cakes like the lemon and blueberries cake. This cake was my birthday cake that my husband collected from London but it would be nice if could be available for nationwide delivery.

So where do I start? I bought these as a Father’s Day gift. To start off with, the packaging was excellent and so was delivery, that’s why I gave 2 stars. Unfortunately, my husband and kids and myself included just thought they didn’t taste good at all. I feel so horrible typing this because I don’t want to be negative but if I’m being honest, we chucked more than half in the bin because we found the taste weird. One of the flavours was supposed to be chocolate biscuit with Belgian chocolate cream but instead it had white cream filling and that one just tasted weird, almost sour tasting. Unfortunately it didn’t go down a treat and I felt it was a waste of money. But they looked amazing and delivery and packaging was so good, I can’t fault that. I just wish I’d gone for something else like the brownies because clearly this just wasn’t something to our taste and it’s not the companies fault in the least bit. Thank you anyways cutter and squidge.

I bought a beautiful mixed box of goodies for a colleague as a thank you when I had covid, which were to be delivered to her at work the next day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear on the delivery it would be delivered by DPD and I was alerted by them I would have to collect the parcel from my nearest pick up point- something I couldn’t do due to having covid. I contacted DPD who said they would be happy to change it to my work place but couldn’t because of the way C and S had filled out the delivery and put the name in the first line of the address. I alerted C and S who apologised and sent me a voucher to cover the costs. Unfortunately as the parcel didn’t even arrive at the pick up point until a week after the due date, having waited in a depot for 6 days and there was a 4 day shelf life on the goodies, there was little point in ordering them. I appreciate this was unfortunate but I would rather have had a refund as the whole point of ordering something lovely for someone, to be delivered to them was that I had covid and couldn’t go out and choose it myself. After my experience I don’t really feel I want to order anything else. It’s a shame as they did look beautiful!

The amount of praises I got for this cute little gem, I was just not expecting it. Not only did it look amazing, it tasted just as delicious. We celebrated my sister’s birthday by surprising her with some home cooked meal and this beauty. Then posted pics on our social media. The tremendous response was unexpected. Everyone asked where I got it from? I’m very specific about cakes. Something extraordinary and elegant that tastes just as good as it looks is indeed a rare find. Often times you have to compromise taste over looks and vice versa. Not here. My new go to for cakes from now!!! Delivered on time with care. Thank you Cutter and Squidge

I ordered this cake for my registry party so timing was super important. The cake was supposed to arrive from 4pm-6pm with the party starting at 6pm. It ended up arriving at 9pm mid-party so I was already mentally prepared for it to not arrive at all. We had made other arrangements for the guests desserts in that take and the £220 cake went untouched.
Why offer a fixed time if it can’t be delivered in that time? I didn’t even get a clear message saying it will arrive later in the day. I recall the text message reading something like ‘if your cake is not with you in 48h call cutter & squidge’ - I ordered specifically for the party so I was super annoyed to read that on a special day.

To be honest I expected better! I received a message to say that my vegan brownies had been delivered, not to the exact address but to the main entrance, which was ok. But a week or so later when checking my emails, I found an email stating it had not been delivered as address couldn't be found! However if I wanted to get in touch and pay delivery charge again within a certain time, it would be redelivered. Obviously I'd had a message saying that my goodies had reached their destination and by the time I saw email stating they hadn't, it was too late

I ordered a cake and candles for my daughters birthday but didn’t check out correctly. Consequently , I only received my candles on the morning of her birthday .
Cutter and Squidge were amazing ! They decorated a cake and delivered it at 9.00pm on the same day . They were so understanding and I was so grateful for their incredible service . As soon as the cake arrived , we lit the candles and enjoyed a huge slice of cake which was absolutely delicious !!!
Thank you so much Cutter and Squidge , your cakes are beautiful and this family will be back for more!!!

I absolutely love this afternoon tea! I've bought it now for several business partners and close friends. Such a lovely, different offering and especially great that you deliver outside of London which so many people simply will not. Can not recommend enough, I also find that the cakes are so generously sized that an afternoon tea for two is more than enough to share with my family of four. My absolute favourite! (My one area for improvement is that next time I would prefer for the review platform not to text me at 1.06am asking for feedback!)

What an excellent wheat and dairy-free cream tea this is. My highlight was the lemon loaf - tangy and indulgent. This was my first time trying vegan scones and they worked by well after the recommended five minutes of warming up. The vegan clotted cream was a bit of a star too; gooey and with the same texture as dairy clotted cream. Somehow C&S got some crystals/nubs in there! The brownies were good but actually a bit big for one sitting, I found myself feeling a little nauseous and overpowered by a whole one, which I ate on its own on a separate day to the rest of the tea. I wonder if this could be halved, and another treat added, such as a carrot cake, or a ginger cookie? Your tea blend is very flavoursome and aromatic. We've saved the rest of it for a further occasion.
The reason there is a star missing is because of all the plastic in the packaging. The hamper was in a cardboard box with a cardboard slip case (good!) and the jams are in little jars. But the cakes and scones are in pairs, wrapped in plastic sealed with plastic stickers and the vegan clotted cream in single use plastic tubs. These could easily be glass jars again, and the cakes and scones in a plant fibre/potato start wrapping - or even beeswax wraps for the scones at least. Please think about cutting your plastic wrapping down, then this would be perfect. Kind regards and thank you!

I ordered the jubilee hamper to be delivered one week later (still before the jubilee but ordered in plenty of time). It was a treat for my family as we were all going to be off work together. I had confirmation it was ordered and even a shipping notification on the "Shop" app. It did not arrive. I rang to find out what happened. The first person I talked to said they would chase it and get back to me. He did not. I rang again and this time the woman called me back in 10 mins to say they could ship out another, but it would have been after the jubilee and we would all be back at work. To her credit she did refund me, the only good thing that this company has done. Not impressed and will never use them again.

Mostly positive, with some irritating negatives. The online ordering was the least good bit. I couldn't have the cake I most wanted as apparently it was "sold out" in the size I wanted. Found an alternative. Couldn't get it delivered to St Albans or Peterborough (nationwide delivery?). Managed to send the cake to Abingdon. Delivery ETA is only provided on the actual day of delivery. Once that lot was sorted, the rest was good. Cake looked good, travelled well, and although we weren't mad about the fake cream topping, the actual substance of raspberry sponge cake was very popular and drew a surprising number of enthusiastic comments. We ordered a large cake and served 27 people with a slice plus another to take home. So all ended very well indeed. It's not easy to order a good quality freshly made event cake at short notice, and I would definitely order again. Just be ready for a few hitches along the way.

I ordered two cakes for my daughter's birthday; the Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake and the Wheat Free Summer Berry one. Although I couldn't have the former cake myself (I am wheat intolerant), I am assured by vegan members of the family that it was 'sooo good'! The Summer Berry one was delicious and enjoyed by the majority of the family, even though the Chocolate Cake was bought more with them in mind. Both cakes arrived in beautiful tins, on a timely basis, and were completely untarnished from the journey here. I would recommend both cakes to anyone with the specific dietary requirements stated here.

I had been warned that the cake would be small but when I saw just how small I was shocked. I confess it tasted fantastic but it was really tiny. Far too small for what it cost.
Aside from that the courier that delivered it was appallingly unprofessional. They left the cake on our doorstep with no notification, our house is on a fairly busy road. I made a small complaint to them directly and received a very passive aggressive message in response. I would advise finding a better courier service.
Of course you seem to be doing fine without my opinions so feel free to ignore my grumbling and carry on as you were.
The cake did taste fantastic though.

I did order two cakes for a birthday, paid extra for a delivery slot. They were late. Cakes were ok. Strawberry just ok, pistachio great. The postage was refunded, for the rest I was given a voucher. When I used the voucher for 50 pounds, and paid some extra money, I did order blueberry cheesecake and yuzu one. Both just ok, similar taste, chunks of buttercream, too moist. The blueberry went green in some places, looking like a mold. The company says that this is ok. Well, I don't like the green color on my cake. Even if it is still edible, it is green around blueberries, and green dust in the top buttercream. They are playing death, no further response. The cakes are average, and if they go green, the company doesn't mind. So I you want very moist cake, green in some places, with large chunks of buttercream, with no taste of yuzu, for example, in the yuzu cake, then go for it. I don't want to do any more business with this company at all. Silvia

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