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Great company
I've purchased 6 swimsuits from Cupshe since last December and I absolutely love them. Their prices are great, the material is great, and the support is great. The customer service is also fantastic. Anytime I've had a question or concern, I get a response from a rep in less than 24 hours who is professional, friendly, and beyond helpful. The bathing suits are very flattering and super cute! The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the sizing and material are off with some suits. A couple I ordered don't have as much elasticity as my others and fit me very loosely. I always order mediums and while some fit perfectly, others are too baggy. I received two more bathing suits and they're a little looser than my other mediums. Small seems to be the smallest size on some bathing suits which scares me to order one because I'm scared it won't fit at all, but I think I'm going to have to try it because the mediums have been fitting a bit loose lately. (For reference: my measurements are 34, 28, 42). Otherwise, this company is absolutely fantastic and I will be a lifelong customer for sure. PLEASE never change.

Shysters! They actually have a 0 rating from me
Here is a real review from a real customer... one that hasn't been paid If you order from this company and aren't lucky enough to have your items fit correctly this is how your return process will play out.

This company does not provide a phone number for customer service. CupShe make contact as inconvenient as they can hoping customers get frustrated and give up. I could have had my return taking care of in one phone call and been done! But no, they prefer back and forth communication through email so they can drag out the stupid "ticket " time frame to justify not refunding your money.

On Feb 21,2019, Per their instruction, I sent pictures of the items and requested a shipping label to be sent to me to return my items for a refund.

I received no response from cup she so I sent the information again on March 16. They responded back on March 16 With three options to choose from. A. 130% coupon to use later. Keep item. B. 60% refund keep items. C. Full refund. They respond back with stupid options instead of just saying they don't provide return shipping labels. So once again I respond back on March 16 with option C for full refund. Assuming a shipping label will be arriving.

Five days later, when no return shipping label arrived I checked my email again to find they sent me more options to choose from (on the 17th) This time the options were
A. Deduct five dollars for each suit and refund the rest and keep the suits.
B. Full refund. Send back items at my expense
And finally mentioned they don't provide shipping labels.

I messaged back on March 21 when I saw the email and now was very frustrated that I waited for a shipping label to arrive and no one could mention they don't provide them? So I just wanted to be done with it and opted for option A. Clarifying in the response that I would be getting a refund for the full amount minus a total of 10$ and if that was case then I opt for option A. Option A was my answer! Instead of taking that as my final answer and processing my refund they respond back with the amount that will be refunded and "what do you think?" WHAT DO I THINK?! I just said I wanted option A. But they have to keep the back and forth emails going to frustrate the customer and run the ticket time frame. They bet on the chance that people are busy and don't check their emails every minute. So I did not see the email until the 28. So I responded again with " Yes, Option A please".
They responded back with the ticket time frame has run out and they won't refund my money now.

This is their strategy, you ask for a refund, and they offer options to choose from. When you still ask for the refund they sweeten the deal and put a new set of options on the table to choose from. Just to keep the emails going back and forth to get the time to run out so they don't have to refund your money.

If their suits were made for normal sized women. I mean seriously no woman I have seen is proportioned the way this suit was made. I am a small women and I have a narrow body. The bra cups of the top were so close together that the whole outer sides of my breast's were exposed. No woman in the world has breasts that close together! They are a bunch of shysters.

Expect to wait for your package!
So... here is my completely honest review of Cupshe. NOT SPONSERED OR INFLUENCED AT ALL BY CUPSHE! I was very skeptical of ordering from Cupshe. The suits were super cute, and the price just seemed too good to be true! But, I went against my gut feeling of, This is a scam! And began shopping in the site. Before I ordered, I made sure to check all of the reviews in each of the suits, and was concerned that most all reviews were very positive. Again, just too good to be true! A lot of the suits on Cupshe seemed very... little material? Very sexy looking! This was not what I was looking for! I wanted a bikini, but I wanted it too be high waisted. I didnt want to cover up completely, but definitely wanted to be modest! Eventually, I ordered three suits. (3 bikinis and 1 one-piece with cutouts) I bit my tongue, entered my credit card information, and placed my order. I selected the option for free shipping (5-7 business days). I was nervous when my credit card status showed that the company had immediately billed me, but there was no progress with shipping my order. The tracking number simply showed the package stuck somewhere in New Jersey. Theree days later, it was STILL stuck. You can imagine my surprise when I checked the status 5 days later, it was STILL not moving! I placed my order on a Sunday, and finally, a full week afternoon I had placed my request, I checked the order status to see that it hadnt yet shipped. At this point, I was expecting to have to cancel the whole thing and battle with my credit card company when I finally got the memo that my package had shipped! So... yes, it took longer than expected. (I got the package about 2.5 weeks after I placed my order) Considering I didnt pay for shipping, it wasnt that bad! I ended up loving 3/4 if the suits! I havent worn them in the water yet but the material seems to be of decent quality! Surprisingly, I highly recommend purchasing from Cupshe!

Scam Scam Scam TERRIBLE Customer Service and NEVER Received My Suits!
I ordered a couple of swimsuits from Cupshe after reading reviews from women who had supposedly bought and were satisfied with purchases from the website. I was told that there would be a 3 day delay in packing my order because of a holiday. Totally fine. I selected 5-8 day shipping. Sounds ok. That means at the latest I should have received my order after 11 days. It's been over two weeks since I placed my order and the suits never arrived. I have followed the FedEx tracking number which only continues to state the the shipper has loaded my items into a truck? I contacted customer service from Cupshe, and CupShe told me a whole ton of garbage: first, the original shipping confirmation email they sent me was wrong - they actually sent my order our 4 days after they sent the email. Second, I would not be able to watch tracking on my items for 5-6 days (why would that be?). When I followed up with further questions and stating my concern with request of my money back they responded with an odd response that I could return the items after they arrived and receive a coupon toward a new order (instead of receiving my money back). This place is a SCAM SCAM SCAM! I will never order from there again, and I am desperately saddened that I lost over $100 and will still have to go find and purchase new swimsuits from another store.

This website is a complete scam, I know the prices seem too good to be true, and that is because CupShe are! I made the mistake of ordering two bathing suits BEFORE I read all the terrible reviews! I paid an extra $20 for three-day-shipping, hoping to have them in time for my beach trip. 10 minutes after I placed the order, I sent an email to the customer service department asking them to cancel it for a full refund. A couple hours later I hadn't heard anything back, so I sent another email. And then another one, and then another one. I got no response until 3-4 days after I sent the first email, and then they told me it was too late to cancel the order because it had already been processed. Why would you process the order, when I sent you 30 emails 10 minutes after placing it, asking you NOT to process it?!?! It has been 3 weeks, and I still have not received my order, even after paying so much extra for expedited shipping! I highly doubt I will ever get these bathing suits. And if I do, I'm sure they will be terrible quality, like all the reviews state. Do not get fooled like I did!

Cheap swimsuits, and poor communication and support
The swimsuits are worth the inexpensive price. We didn't have a problem with sizing. However, the customer service behind them is lacking. I placed an order and then discovered that I needed to add some items. Within the hour, I contacted them to see if I could amend my order, and was told that I could not, that it had already been shipped, but that CupShe would give me a credit. This sounded odd, so I asked for confirmation, and was again told both that they had cancelled my order, AND that it had been shipped, and that there was no need to return the items. They then gave me a credit to apply to a new order. Strange. I placed the second order, using some of the credit, and paid extra for expedited shipping, which would've been free had they combined the two orders. I received this order and my daughter was happy. This week, we realized that the first order had never arrived. When I contacted them, they said I had cancelled it and got a credit. Not really, and yes, BUT... I suggested very reasonable solutions to them, but the most they could offer was to refund the difference in credit. And, I did receive this money on my Paypal account within 24 hours. I refuse to now place the original order a second time and pay for expedited shipping a second time, due to their poor communication! I would buy elsewhere. Due to their poor English, they've lost my business, and now we're scrambling to find swimsuits for the summer vacation.

UPDATE: Customer service contacted me after this review and offered me a $10 "cash coupon." Not certain what that was, I said yes, thanks, and was then given a credit to use on future purchases with them. Not really cash, then! I did appreciate the effort, but I will still not do business with them again.

You are all just a bunch of complainers!
I ordered 3 bathing suits from Cupshe. One of the suits was a one piece that ended up being too small, and two of the bikinis the tops fit me well but the bottoms were snug (tends to happen to me quite a bit). So I contacted Cupshe explaining my situation and was hoping to return the three bathing suits for a larger size. Someone contacted me within a couple of days, emailing went back and forth probably over the course of a week figuring out details and getting my "Cupshe Coupon". In the end I ended up being able to keep the three bathing suits I wanted to return, CupShe gave me a Cupshe Coupon worth the amount of the three bathing suits and I was able to order three new bathing suits for free using my cupshe coupon (only had to pay $2.00 shipping fee). All in all I am quite satisfied with the customer service, yea I know it wasn't INSTANT but I ended up getting 7 bathing suits for $130 Canadian. I didn't have any problem with them contacting me, so maybe all you ladies complaining should really step back and look at how you are approaching the situation from your end. You might be the problem.
The bathing suits are very cute, good quality and I will make sure to take my proper measurements when I order suits next time.

Good luck trying to return items under their "Hassle Free" returns policy.
I ordered a number of swimsuits (Order number 2363412) having read on the website CupShe offer a Hassle Free returns policy. However, upon trying to return my items, after multiple emails back and forth, I was offered the following:

-Hassle-Free Return: Don't worry about going to the post office and returning it to us. You can keep the items - we'll simply deduct $5 for each item you would like to return to cover our first processing fee. And the refund will be processed in 24hs. If you would like to choose this option, please confirm your payment account is still active.
- If you still prefer to make a full refund, please ensure that the product is unwashed or not damaged and then you can return the product to the us within 3-5 days, and let us know the return shipping carrier and tracking number. So that we can quickly process your refund once we receive the products. Unfortunately, we don't offer shipping label and not responsible for shipping back fee.

I picked the second option and paid the postage at the beginning of July, filling out the relevant forms for customs, however, I have still not received a refund. I have since been contacted by TNT regarding an export fee that I was never made aware of.

I have emailed Cupshe multiple times on this issue requesting a call back and continually receive emails which are generic responses; not responses to my emails.

Having spoken about my experience with friends, it appears the exact same happened to others and I will never use Cupshe again. Shame as I loved the bikinis!

I ordered 3 suits from Cupshe, all in size small. However, one was sent to me in the incorrect size in a LARGE. It fell off me! When I emailed Cupshe's customer service and got in contact with Joy, she stringed me along through multiple emails. She asked me to send multiple photos of the bathing suit and shipping labels and everything, "proving" that I received the wrong size. After I did that, she had the audacity to explain their return policy (as if it was acceptable for them to ship an incorrect size and then put the responsibility on me to process the return):

"Thanks so much for your order. We understand that sometimes things dont work out, so we are here to help. Before we process a return, wed love to let you know of our two available return options:

Cupshe Coupon: Your credit will be for the full amount of the
Returned items, without need to return the items back to us.

Hassle-Free Return: Dont worry about going to the post office and returning
It to us. You can keep the items - well simply deduct $5 for each item you would be returning. Your returned balance will be credited back to your original payment account.

Let us know which option is best for you and well take care of the rest."

Meaning CupShe want me to PAY MONEY for them to correct the order they messed up... or get a "coupon" to spend more money with them. I no longer want to do business with them, but they refuse to refund the money back to my card or send me the correct size.


I bought a swimsuit and read the returns policy. (See image attached of returns policy on the CupShe website) And yet on receiving the swimsuit, the product did not fit and was of a much poorer quality than is described. Basically, CupShe are cheaply made using cheap fabrics, and it shows. When I contacted them to return it within 2 days of receiving it, I was offered a $20 store credit and to keep the swimsuit, or a $9 refund - yet still, to keep the swimsuit. What the?! Neither of these is good options. I've since read reviews and this seems to be what happens to a lot of customers. I've also seen that the company responds to bad online reviews offering to help - but I actually don't believe that they will help. I'm sure it's just for show! If they do actually supply a full refund, I will post it here.

UPDATE: After posting these reviews, I received a few more emails that increased the refund amount offered each time. In the end, they offered a $19.30USD refund, which I chose to accept to save me the hassle of posting the unwanted swimsuit. The swimsuit originally cost me $25.80USD. I can't help but feel if I hadn't posted a negative review here, they would have stuck to their original offer of $9 refund. Beware!

Exactly what you should expect from inexpensive swimwear
As many people mention, shipping was odd. My tracking number was for fed ex. I got little nervous around day 10 that the tracking number was still showing as non existent on fed ex's site. Contacted Cupshe, unlike other reviews, CupShe responded within an hour with a polite but non helpful e-mail. My package was then delivered on day 11 by UPS. So, not sure where the mix up was but they came.

Now for the suits. They were all what I expected. Cheap. Do you really think you are going to get good quality for this price. Come on. They look like they are supposed to, I didnt find any sewing flaws or anything like that. The material is not good quality and some fit ok, some didn't. I knew this coming into my purchase so I'm not complaining. I also wont be bothering to send anything back. Shoot sell it on facebook or let go and save yourself the hassle.

Most of all, you've read this and all the other reviews. You should not be surprised or have any true complaints on something so cheap to start with. In this life YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR... Have a great day!

Worst online shopping experience I have EVER had by far
I ordered two swimsuits from this company for vacation 2 months ahead of time, the tracking for the package said it had shipped but it just never came. It showed up a week after I got back, totaling about 10 weeks. Then the fun began: the suits didn't fit. The instructions on their website said to just email them for returns, which I did and heard back quickly. But CupShe didn't answer any of my questions about the return, just wanted me to tell them about how I liked the product. I emailed them back and forth about 5 or 6 times being very clear that I wanted to return the items. Finally they offered me a PARTIAL refund or in store credit, but they will not let me ship the suits back. I took a closer look at the packaging, these suits ship from GERMANY and it cost almost $80 to send me the suits. Their return policy is a SCAM to make you think that there are no risks with buying from them, but in the end I have two swimsuits that are too big for me and no way to return them. They refuse to give me return instructions and now that I have told them that I will not accept anything less than a full refund they have just stopped responding to my emails. I am obviously really frustrated about this but it has been such a waste of time, I wish that I had never ordered from them. As a new mom and a student he certainly don't have time to deal with crap like this, so here's your heads up to go somewhere else if you have a body type that is hard to get swimsuits that fit.

It saddens me to give this company even ONE star because CupShe deserve NO Stars! After reading their return policy, which states that returns are welcome and simple, I decided to buy a few bathing suits. They arrived in a timely manner but unfortunately they didnt fit. I contacted Cupshe to start the return process and did not hear back from them for 10 or more days despite a handful of emails that I continued to send. Once I finally threatened to leave them terrible reviews they responded. Made me jump through 50 hoops of ridiculousness as in send pictures of each swim suit, each bag, each price tag, and send them ALL SEPETATELY. Also, send the SKU numbers for each and detailed reasons why Im returning them. I did all of this nonsense and have yet to hear back from them. I have sent email after email in attempt to get a response as to where to ship the suits back to but keep getting either nothing or the run around. It is the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced! DO NOT BUY FROM CUPSHE, you will regret it if you do! I am not done with this matter, I am going to contact PayPal and get them involved next. Im sure they will be glad to help me. I will be leaving this review on every review site that I can possibly find so hopefully less people will have to deal with this ridiculousness.

AWFUL customer service
I ordered a suit which was of great quality, however, it did not fit me. It was too big in certain areas and I wanted to return it. Thinking it was just the way the suit was built, I figured I would return the suit and get something different from their site. I was told that I could keep the suit and get an in store credit of 90% or get refunded 60% of my money and still keep the suit. I told them I would take the 90% in store credit and order something new. No response after that for almost a week. I emailed them yesterday asking when and how my 90% in store credit gets to me and CupShe responded with "I'll need to know more information." I explained that I already told them in a long email what happened and that I was given my options, chose one, and nothing was done about it. No response AGAIN. Shocker. Then today I emailed them explaining the last two scenarios in practically a 2 page paper (not really) but it was a lengthy email explaining I wanted my money back so that I could order a different bathing suit, STILL giving them a chance. You WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE RESPONSE THEY SENT. "Question regarding shipping?" They literally did not even read my email and sent some BS pre-typed email obviously about how to track shipping. You have got to be kidding me. I'm not giving up. I WILL get my money back no matter how many times I have to email these people.

Ordered 3 suits- a one piece in 2 sizes and a two-piece. Both styles were cut way too narrow for my frame (up top but fit elsewhere), so sizing up was not going to resolve.
Went thru the annoying process of taking pictures of packaging, emailing for an RA, and we are now more than a week into emailing back and forth. CupShe keep offering me 100% credit on my account to get more suits. I had a travel deadline that forced me to purchase elsewhere.
Their return policy says nothing about it being honored at THEIR discretion. I assume they are trying to run out the 30 days so they don't have to refund.

6/13/17 Update
After nearly 3 weeks of emailing, Cupshe provided their return addresses and offered me 200% store credit as an alternative. They demanded that the shipment be received within 3-5 days (note increased cost to return). I shipped all three suits and provided them the tracking number.
Two days after delivery, I received a refund notification for the two identical suits ordered in two different sizes. Evidently the third suit was on sale (which was indicated nowhere on my invoice) and is non-refundable.

I made a couple of huge purchases online for an upcoming cruise my husband and I are about to go on. I normally don't do online shopping, so when I do I am rather hesitant. The other place I ordered from awesome loved almost everything I ordered. Cupshe on the otherhand, lets just start with how long the delivery process took, nearly two weeks! And then I only got half of my order, and the other half the next day. Most of the items I have to send back because either defected, like a zipper on a jacket won't even zip up at all and the rest of the items well... CupShe certainly aren't what I'd consider 'quality' to say the least. Most of them do have a funny smell, they run at least 2 or 3 sizes too small and the fit themselves just isn't right for any average sized or shaped person. (Unless you are very petite or in otherwords a small thin asian woman). In fact the items do ship from China because the barcode on the packaging is in Chinese writing. I followed the absurd, time saking and absolute ridiculous return process as required, sent detailed emails, with pictures of each item, along with the barcode on the clear packaging each individual item came in. I have not yet heard back and I am very concerned that I may just be stuck with all of these cheap, non flattering pieces of clothing I have absolutely no use for whatsoever!


Worst Customer Service EVER
I knew there was a chance that for the low prices, the suits may not be great. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the quality of the suit, although it took over 2 weeks to arrive, which was crazy. The issue came when one did not fit and I provided all information to initiate an exchange. I would have gladly swapped for the same suit in a larger size, and likely purchased more suits from them in the future. Instead I was told that I could not return or exchange the item. I understand if that's the policy, but I politely asked if CupShe would consider it as a first time customer and someone who would purchase again. I did not receive a response for 3 days, so I tried again. I received an email saying I now could get a partial refund without having to return the suit, or I could get a partial credit for a new one. I opted for the partial refund because I was frustrated at this point. THEN I was told again that actually it's a sale item, I can't get a refund or credit. So again, I tried to contact someone to clarify. At this point I was getting emails from two people with mixed messages that hardly made sense. All of them start with "sincerely apologize for the inconvenience," so I don't know if they are automated or what, but there is ZERO attention to requests or questions. They are horrible and ended up denying any option after saying they would! They said "Our mistake." Sorry, if you made a mistake in pricing or return policy, you have to stand by it. We're only talking about $10 and your company could have had a customer who would spend much more with you. I asked if I could talk with a manager to clarify, and it has now been 5 days with no response. The courtesy of an answer would be nice. BEWARE. They are horrendous.

I Love Cupshe!
I purchased this bikini & a lace bralette set together my second time I ordered form I couldn't believe the price for the value & quality for the bikini! I wasn't very impressed with the quality of the lace set. The fabric is fairly kind of rough and abrasive for a lingerie set. Both are exactly as picture, but the bikini by far exceeded my expectations & fit true to size! Despite the items being shipped separately, CupShe both arrived before the allotted ship time. I'm really glad I found Cupshe. I used to be an avid Victoria Secret shopper, but now I'm all Cupshe! It's affordable & the quality of the products by far surpasses those from VS. I will say that they should be a little more up front about their return policy. I purchased my favorite suit so far last month only to find that it didn't quite fit, so I wanted to return the item and get another suit I had my eye on. I like that they give you options, but they should definitely make it clear that return shipping is not free. I opted for their store credit option, which is pretty generous at 80% of the value of the items in question. Plus you don't even have e to return the item. I guess I'll see if my sister can wear it.

If you are willing to risk only getting half your money back (after A LOT of work to even get to that point) at the chance of actually liking an item, then go for it. But, CupShe made the return process IMPOSSIBLE that I have now given up on seeing the rest of my money.

I know people who like their suits and for that only reason i have given them 2 stars instead of 1.

I had a coupon code so went on to order a suit and ended up getting a shirt as well. Used the coupon code for ~$25 and then spent $23.80 for the shirt. The shirt came and I did not care for the material and it just didn't look good, so I emailed them about returning it. They came back with 3 options: 1. Keep/don't return the shirt and get ~$12 in store credit 2. Keep the shirt/don't return it and get $5 refund to my account and 3. (which wasn't even numbered, but mentioned at the end) "Could you accept the above, just suggestion, if you do not accept and still want a full refund, you can return, but sorry that we do not offer shipping label and shipping fee." -- so I replied multiple times (b/c the first couple when i took option 3, they just kept sending back the options) saying that ill take care of the shipping and what address do i send it to. They eventually gave me an address, so i sent it and then they sent back a screenshot of my original payment to verify it was the right account (another reason i gave 2 instead of 1 star.). Once i confirmed it was the right account, they sent back a picture telling me I would be refunded half of the amount. When I told them that I chose option 3 for a "full refund", they replied with a screenshot of my email saying i was returning "an item"... I then tried explaining that, "The one item was [worth] more than the total refund. I returned the one item. I should receive the total refund." Then they got hung up on the "one" item deal and confused thinking that i was saying i returned two items; they also said that i tried returning the suit, when this whole time its been the shirt.

Aaaaaaand this is where I gave up. After all, you can't argue with crazy and this was just absurd. I received half the refund, but not full so in the end it was a total waste of time, energy, and money. Yes their suits are cute, but be prepared to waste money if you don't like it and for the love of all things good, do not buy anything else on there! Their customer service sucks and odds are the quality and look will not be as good as it is perceived to be online.

Was really skeptical to begin with!
I'm always VERY cautious when it comes to these 'too good to be true' websites where you can buy an entire bikini set for $10 with free shipping etc. To be safe I only purchased one bikini to begin with, it took 6 days to get here & I was able to track my package the entire time. When it came in I was very nervous since I had read so many negative reviews about receiving the wrong product, wrong size, poor quality, etc. I did make the mistake of ordering the wrong size and didn't notice until after I had already purchased it but when I sent an email asking to exchange for a different size right after I purchased it I was informed that since it was a clearance item there are no returns or exchanges allowed. So I went through with the size I had mistakenly ordered (which was an XXL) keep in mind I always wear a Large when it comes bikinis. So when I received my package I was nervous about how big it was going to be and that it wouldn't fit but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it on and it fit perfectly! The sizing is WAY off. So maybe order a few sizes bigger. The quality isn't awful, but it's also not top of the line either compared to what you would get from Victoria's Secret. But keep in mind you get what you pay for, I think I definitely got an awesome deal for $10! I was very pleased and love my bikini! Will order again!

Hi Amanda from CupShe's customer service... I SENT YOU MY ORDER # TWICE SWEETHEART and I'm NOT sending it again; check your emails before asking dumb questions.

And really? Hmm... I don't see any return address in the email you sent me when I asked for a FULL refund of my money for the product I bought. You did, however, tell me that you could not give me a full refund but instead, I could only receive 50% back from my initial purchase OR I could get 100% credit to use again on your site; how wonderful that I get to even keep the product that is so crappy. You all are too kind...

So with this reply you've written, you're saying I can receive 100% OF MY MONEY BACK? I don't want ANY of your silly coupons; I want ALL of my money back. Your agent offered me these options above Sweetheart, NOT an address for returns OR the option for a full refund. Check your customer service's inbox before you respond to a review on a public site; it makes both you and your company look foolish.

I'll be waiting for your response on here as I'm sure other reviewers will be as well...

Do not purchase from this company! I wish I had read reviews before I made a purchase. I bought two one-piece bathing suits. CupShe did ship relatively and arrive relatively quickly. However, I found both suits to have extremely short torsos and one was so lowcut I knew I would never be able to wear it in public (did not look like that on the site!).

Immediately went onto the site to start the return process. Did not receive a response for almost 24 hours. Instead of return instructions, they offered me a 120% coupon to buy more (crappy) suits. Or they would offer me a 50% partial refund and I wouldn't have to send back the items. What!?!?! So I immediately replied saying I just want to return the items and get a 100% refund. 24 hours later, got the next response... they would give me an 80% partial refund OR I could send back the products for 100% refund but I would have to pay for and arrange for shipping.

It is 2018. Every tiny company on the internet has figured out how to handle returns and return shipping labels - and how to answer an email within a couple of hours! What is wrong with this company? I'm so tired and annoyed with dealing with their horrible customer service, that I'm just giving in and going with the 80% refund... since the shipping cost would probably amount to the 20% difference anyway.

I recommend if you do buy from this company and do like their bathing suits, that every order you go through the refund process and get that 120% coupon. Free bathing suits! Don't think this company will be in business for long...

Update to my previous "Very poor costumer service!"
After I placed my original review, Cupshe contacted me to let me know that CupShe could refund the cost of the duplicate swimsuit. I returned the swimsuit to their address in NJ and today I received the refund in the credit card I used to buy it. I appreciate this gesture but it's unfortunate that it took so much complaining and finally placing this negative review to have them react. My advice is to just be careful when placing your order. Be sure to create and account to be able to log-in in case you need to revise your order and read carefully their exchange and refund policy.
My original review:
"I ordered 2 bathing suits and when I got the confirmation email I saw that they were sending 2 of one of the models I chose plus the other one and therefore charging me for an extra item. I immediately tried to log into the account I created to review the order and cancel the extra item, but was unable. Their system didn't recognize my email nor the password I had entered. So I chose the "Forgot Your Password" option and entered my email so that I could reset my password and I got "No Account Found With That Email". I then start emailing back and forth with their service people. They told me I hadn't registered, I told them I did, that I had gotten an email from them confirming my registration. Back and forth. No help. Today, finally after 12 days I received the bathing suits, 3 of them as I was afraid, but I'm not going to even bother trying to return it for a refund on an item I did not order. Very disappointed with their service."

Customer service borderline in harassment!
After posting my review, cupshe commented and stated their return policy and asked for my order number. I get the policy, the issue is that CupShe sent the wrong size and are refusing to fix their error. I don't see the point in contacting customer service and providing my order number when Jarvis ( the customer service rep who inspired My review) still continues to send rude emails placing the blame on me even after I've asked him to stop contacting me. It's like cupshe skipped customer service 101. I'm not even one to contact businesses regarding errors or post reviews but their service is so bad I'd be doing a dis-service to everyone by not saying anything. All I want is the shirt I ordered in the size I ordered and they're acting like I'm fat and trying to get free stuff. In one of the emails Jarvis sent he commented that he was sorry the shirt didn't fit when I never said it didn't fit, my issue was it was not the size I ordered. Is it me or is cupshe rude and aggressive? So much for the customer always being right (EVEN WHEN THEY REALLY ARE!).

Criminal Like Customer Return Policy
At first I thought these guys were just way behind the times in the e-commerce world of returns. But after many back and forth confusing emails clearly originating from a non native of the English language, I realized CupShe had very carefully setup a nearly impossible to return situation on purpose. The "deals" they try to give you keep getting sweeter the further you push for a refund. They blatantly make it nearly impossible for you to return and all but force you to keep your items for some sort of partial refund or store credit. In both cases the math works out in their favor, as they still make money if you take the partial refund, and enough store credits never get used to justify the ridiculous 130% offer they eventually through out. I get why they are still in business, but I guarantee they will eventually run out of customers with these borderline criminal practices. If your suit fits, I am sure you are thrilled and this review is meaningless. If it doesn't fit, well you now own a suit that you won't be returning.

TIP! Even if you like the suit email them to return it. Within 24 hours you will have an email offering you a 60% refund and you keep it. Spread this around via social media and the company will be on its heals!

Absolutely Terrible Customer Service on Returning Unworn Unwash Swim
I was planning on giving Cupshe a 5 star but I am very upset by the poor customer service. I bought a swim suit from there, ordered on June 9 2017, and received on June 16 2017. According to Cupshe's website, under Return & Exchange conditions, it should be "easy to initiate a refund or exchange in 30 days after delivery" and that "items can be returned or exchanged generally for any reason, quality, or size problems or other reasons accepted by our customer service".

I assumed "30 days after delivery" meant the 30 days after I received my item (which was on June 16 2017) rather than the day I ordered, meaning I would have until July 16 2017 to return. I emailed Cupshe and instead of getting a real person emailing me back, it was an automated chain of messages saying 1) We can offer 50% partial refund of your return items value with no need of returning the items 2) We can also offer you a 80% store credit of your return items value to make another purchase with no need to return items.

First off, I am trying to RETURN my UNWORNED UNWASHED swimsuit and NOT EXCHANGE for store credit. I would like a FULL REFUND and your service is making it very hard to get my money back. Either fix your website and tell people the truth that CupShe won't get a full refund back or have your employees get back to me regarding the steps on how I can return the swimsuit and get a full refund before 30 days. I really want to give you guys a good review but if I don't hear back, I will not plan on updating my review and let other possible Cupshe buyers see this review.

Tracking and shipping BS (Update)
I ordered 5 suits on May 13th, Today is the 21st which is the 7th business day of shipping which in fact Cupshe stated my packages would be here no later than today. CupShe are still not here. At first my tracking number showed me my package was in China the next day it said there was an error. I emailed the site and was told the problem would be fixed it was and my tracking was updated saying my shipment was in LA California. That was on the 17th of May, it is now the 21st and it still says my package is in LA and has not been moved nor updated. Very disappointed if I don't receive a reply by tonight I'm cancelling my order. Amanda, my order number is #2332740

After emailing Cupshe through and posting on this sight (Thanks ReviewFeeder!) I was given a tracking number through UPS, with my updated arrival time and area my package is currently stationed. My package is scheduled through UPS (whom I trust knows that they're doing) and is to arrive by this evening.

Know I know the shipping time said about 5-7 days averaging 6. Today will be the 8th day, which in all truth isn't terrible when it comes to receiving a shipment from China to the US. THOUGH if proper tracking and communication would have been given and updated regularly I would not be posting here!

If Cupshe could do anything to improve it would be to;

1. Provide a legit tracking source!
I was given several links that brought me to a 404 error page and or a dead end that gave me no further info!
Also when I searched through the help resources everything brought me back to that dead end link further being useless.
Also the first tracking number you are given doesn't even state what shipping company your package us being transferred through! ( I have ordered several things from around the country as well as China several times, the number I'm given always states which company it is being shipped through, such as DHL). I found it very sketchy being a first time buyer from Cupshe whom I heard of on Instagram making it even more of a risk of legitimacy in my opinion.

2. Keep customers updated and quit with the "boom season BS". Once my package has been shipped from your warehouse such "boom season" would not affect my shipments arrival time. I deal with shipping and handling as my job and this time of year for shipping is not boom season! Say it were Christmas sure, but no now is not a busy season for shipping unless maybe there happens to be a natural disaster.

I am at this point more pleased with Cupshe, considering the recent communication with Cupshe and newly provided tracking number.

I'm not sure If I'll ever order from the company again, which is sad because I love the suits.

Shady return process
Will never purchase from Cupshe again. Very shady and amateurish. I placed an order for 4 bikinis online, assuming like any other online purchase, I would receive a confirmation email and/or order number. First ding was that I never received either. I did get the items in good time, however 3 of the 4 bikini did not fit, so wanted to process a return. I knew that I would have to pay for return shipping, but this was not a straightforward process. Instead of finding the info on their website (return address, instructions), you are forced to request the refund via email to get the process started. The package did not have a receipt or order number (VERY WEIRD) so I had to leave, a detailed email listing all the info I have hoping that CupShe would find my order. Luckily they did and they replied giving me three options: keep the bikinis that do not fit and either get 130% coupon or 60% refund or return the items and get a full refund. I opted for full refund. I then received another email stating a new, one time only, hassle free option of keeping the bikinis for $5 each, and they would refund the rest. If that didn't suit me, I could still return for full refund. Since shipping would have been about the same amount as keeping them at this point, I went for keeping the 3 at $5 each. The fact that they were bargaining with me to try and get something out of this transaction was gross. It was obviously worth it for them for me to keep the useless bikinis, even at $5. At the end of it all, you're left feeling scammed. With so many online shopping options today, were processes are streamlined and so many have option of free returns, I will not order with Cupshe again. Not worth the hassle. And really bad business plan in that customers are left with products they do not want. That's what I'm left remembering after all this; not the bikini I did actually like, but the three crappy ones I'm left having to get rid of after five days of negotiating over email exchanges.

I heard about cupshe through multiple friends. CupShe told me that the swimsuits are cute and cheap! I was super excited so I bought a medium dark green one piece swimsuit for about $20 and when I got it in the mail it didn't fit right at all. (There was a sheer part in the middle that didnt cover 1/2 as much as it needed to!) I saw on their website that they had free returns so I tried to return the suit that I didn't want. Through an unreasonably long process, I was told that I couldn't get all of my money back. They could give me store credit or partial money back. I decided to do the store credit because I was also told that they wouldn't pay for shipping costs and I would loose even more money by sending it back. I went on their website and found a white floral romper that I could use for my upcoming vacation. I had to pay an extra $5 for the rest of the cost for the romper and I thought that I was getting a good deal. I recieved this romper in the mail and it was very sheer, too large, and cheaply made. There were strings that looked like they allowed you to gather or loosen but they were sewed on by only a few threads. I will DEFINITELY not be making future purchases at Cupshe.

Loved my first experience - now disappointed
The first time I shopped here I ordered 4 suits and returned 2. The 2 suits I kept are nice and surprisingly good quality for the low price. CupShe had an interesting return policy where I could actually not mail them back the 2 I didn't want, just accept a $5 fee on each and the rest would be refunded. Seemed simple enough.
A couple months later I ordered another bikini and didn't like it. When I went through their return process, their options were totally different and worse for the customer. Now they say you can return it to them for full store credit, but whatever you buy with that credit is not returnable. Or you can accept only a 50% refund and hold on to the suit. For a bathing suit company that seems pretty insane - buying bathing suits without trying them on is tricky business, and returns should be easier. I complained in my response and got a canned reply not addressing any of my concerns, or even apologizing for their change in policy. Super shady.

Basically, the prices are very low so it still might be worth it to buy their suits, just don't expect good things from the return process.

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