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As a free member you WILL get lots of messages and...
As a free member you WILL get lots of messages and chat requests. Its when you pay for a membership that everything dries up! Its all BS. As an experienced programmer in dating site scripts, I know Cupid DO use bots to automatically scan for compatable suiters and initiate a message/chat. This only happens on non-paying members. There is a very easy way to check for bots. Register as a free member, fill out your profile as normal BUT in your description clearly put "I ONLY REPLY TO MESSAGES & CHAT REQUESTS THAT START WITH THE KEYWORD ABC123" see how many messages you receive will do this... none!

I would not provide CUPID.COM with ANY stars
I would not provide CUPID.COM with ANY stars. I thought things seemed too good to be true when I discovered my messages were not getting through, I received winks from people who had not winked at me, and to top it all, was defrauded out of £25 (25 GBP) by a scammer using their chat facility (on Wednesday 6 June 2012). Fortunately, I have managed to request a refund from the payment processor, however, IF ANY OF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT, steer clear of this and every other CUPID.COM associated website.

I have used many dating websites. This has to be the worst...

Cupid plc Management Team: Hope you or one of your researchers are reading this. You are a 100% disgrace. is a criminal operation
Cupid is a criminal operation. Most US banks will not let you use their credit cards to sign up for a reason -- Cupid will renew your paid membership even when you have an end date. Cupid hide the place where you get to stop the subscription. Most people have to google to find the page. It is also filled with romance scammers -- and they are not removed even if you report them. I know, I've reported them and they were never removed. -- If you want waste money join. If you want to meet real people go somewhere else.

Stay away please
In case it wasnt clear to you from all you've read, stay away from the site. Dont be tempted by all the pictures. There is absolutely nothing from scammers trying to get you to send $. Anyway, I did pay for a subscription service and heard all the scams. Everything from death in the family, my kid needs an operation, i need an operation, omg i just got robbed etc... heard it all. Stay away and save your $$$

Scammers and awful customer service
I signed up for one month with all the extras, 52 Dollars. I keep getting the same faces of people who write bull$#*! like I am an M. D. working in Syria for the military, or I am on a ship to Australia delivering goods for the X shipping company and this guy did not want to tell me where he was from. I knew by his English he was not from the U. K. as he said. Then, my account was blocked! I have spent 4 days sending them emails to their customer service and all I get from their customer service is We will contact you in 24 hours. Nothing so far!

ZERO STARS... I had to give them 1 star in order for the review box to allow me to write in it. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SITE! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME! Fake peole that do not exist! OR SCAMMERS FROM GHANA OR NIGERIA! After you pay everything dries up and then Cupid link you to their other sites to try to get you to pay again! I did use this site in early 2007 and found someone real... 5 year relationship. Still good friends. But it now seems to be total b. S. Call and theaten them they will offer you 40-60% off. Threaten enough to tell/blog/and review the truth and they will credit back to card or offer you free time. Again DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SITE! And TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW THAT ARE LOOKING INTO DATING SITES TO STAY AWAY! EVENTUALLY THEIR REPUTATION WILL CATCH UP WITH THEM AND HURT THEIR BOTTOM LINE! Read all reviews the truth is quite apparent!. Best to goggle dating site reviews. Good ratings for / Ok cupid / Lavalife /... be cautious and good luck!

I've been contacted by nothing but BS
I've been contacted by nothing but BS. I've had many men claiming to be military. Cupid give their full names and all. As soon as I get a full name I check them out and know their full of crap. When talking with them if you ask them questions and they do not answer a RED FLAG should go up. NEVER tell anyone how much you make OR send them money. I even had 1 guy e-mail me on w/ a messenger name but when he actually started talking w/ me was on under a different name and then came on line as the other guy. Really?

Still scam city... with a twist
Figured it's time to share an update the cupid media niche sites. First and foremost, not much has changed by far. The women that uses the site are in full operation mode and doing all Cupid can do to separate you from your money. Now, I've learned how to use the site to my advantage and have been successful on three (3) trips so far.

First and foremost, I don't recommend anyone sign up for any foreign cupid site until you are ready to travel to that niche country. Doing so will just lead you to disappointment, stress of these chics asking for money all day and hearing all kinds of sob stories. It will definitely distract from real life because these chics work overtime. They will shower you with attention, pictures and then the money kill.

I recommend sign up a month before you travel. Better to do it 2 weeks ahead but that's ok. Now, I dare say that 7-8 out of 10 women on all those site are "working" in some capacity. Some full time pros, others have jobs but need money for Iphones (their favorite) etc... You will be paying for that iphone. Ok, back... I've been to DR, Colombia and the Philippines with each trip lasting about 2.5 weeks. I used cupid to line up the girls and slept with the majority of them simply by telling them I will give them money in person. Since the trip is usually less than two weeks away, they are happy to wait.

Sorry to generalize but a lot of these women are broke, you are nothing but an ATM. They will do anything and everything to separate you from your money. Sleeping with you is a job (like I said working girls). There's no limit to what length they will go to and things they won't say to separate you from your money.

Last tip, honestly you dont even need to sign to cupid sites because when you get to your foreign country there are so many other options you wont even have time to contact those you met on those cupid sites. Happened to me and my friends.

Signed up for a 3 day trial and after getting a AUTO...
Signed up for a 3 day trial and after getting a AUTO RESPONSE from a friend who had been inactive for 18months I googled the cause. I then found you have to cancel the auto billing and to my horror found that I had also been billed £16-99 for a months VIP services. To cancel auto billing, you need to call a 0844 number at £1-50 per minute. Total RIP OFF the only reason I signed for the trial is because the friend responded (AUTO)

They only care about your wallet
I will never use this website again. All the women's information on it is false. To my anger, I spent a lot of money here and finally found that I was chatting with a man. I hate cheating. I will leave here forever. I clicked on the report. The staff here were slow. I emailed them. I didn't receive any news in a week. The man who played the woman was still active. If you want to find serious relationships, maybe you can try multifriendschat. I've found my lover here. May be you can find Tiffiny on there.

I think all the other reviews are correct all email...
I think all the other reviews are correct all email I get from cupid are bogus and Cupid want me to pay hell no
The only sites I can recommend are match they are proactive in hunting down scammers and surprisingly pof which stands for plenty of fish & okcupid which are free they do get scammers but if you remember the golden rules never give money if they ask RUN wait 7 days before going to next stage and give any contact details out

After accepting the 3-day trial I found that there...
After accepting the 3-day trial I found that there were NO profiles anywhere remotely close to my area. In fact, only "fake" profiles were found.
On the second day I cancelled the membership - 100% according to the rules of the site. This included "finding" the hidden link that turns off the auto-renewal. The auto-renewal engages after the end of each membership period and automatically charges your credit card.
The process included an automated message from the site with a code. The code is to be "used" in the site. When you cancel, you are provided the limited instructions:
"To complete your cancellation process, please log in to and enter the cancellation code when you're asked for it."
When you log back into the site there is NOTHING requesting that the code be entered somewhere.
Additionally, you will also find that after you have disabled the auto-renew, it has been "enabled" by the system.
In truth, the site will NOT allow you to disable the auto-renew.
The company states a great deal of information covering how Cupid are allowed to do what they offer, but NOTHING states that the profiles are fake, although they clearly are fake.
Nothing states how to go through the cancellation process. In fact, trying to find out "how" to cancel is left up to the user to figure out.
IF you are able to figure out the process, you will be denied.
One step is left out, purposely, so that you are unable to cancel. You are sent a code that they mandate you log in to your profile and enter... but "where" is never disclosed.
If you go through the entire cancellation process again, you will confirm that there is nowhere throughout the process that the code is required. Yet, the company, if you can figure out "how" to communicate with them, will respond with the fact that you failed to enter the code.
Even after I showed them screenshots of the process, proof of the fact that I went through all the steps they mandate to cancel my profile, they told me that I failed to enter the code... even though I repeatedly told them there is NOTHING in their process allowing the code to be entered.
If you attempt to use the HELP page you are met with a form that has an empty dropdown list from which to select a subject. Of course, that dropdown is mandatory, so if you attempt to send your message without selecting a subject (which does not exist), your message will not be sent. Thus mandating you scour the site to find a method to contact the site administration.
After sending messages to them mandating they refund my entire illegally obtained membership fee, along with sending them screenshots to prove that their system does not work as they describe, it was only after I threatened them with my ability to shut down their site that they responded with, "... We issued a refund of 49,99 USd and you will get your money back within 10 business days..."
You see, I'm a Web developer by trade. I threatened them with having my bank reverse the charges, then have my bank file theft charges against their financial institution which would shut down their gateway (their process for accepting credit card payments), and then I would file complaints with Google to have the site removed from the search engine. And, finally, I threatened to create a Web site for the sole purpose of disclosing the illegal operations of SilverCupid by getting "my" Web site into the top of the search engines.
I have not received the refund yet, but this is only day 1 of their agreement to refund my membership fee they illegally obtained. I will update this post if I do not receive the refund.

Fake 100% avoid.
Cupid are fakers from Ukraine and introduce themselves they are from australia when you go on one of their 30 websites. Avoid them they are so good in stolen your money you will not be possible to understand. Do not pay. And do not give any ID to them as verification. They will steal you.
Fake profiles from Ukraine and other countries are on their websites.

If you have already paid try to get your money back.

This is a horrible site
This is a horrible site. The settings in which you can select what kind of person you are searching for is greatly lacking causing a response from individuals of no interest. Most of which are no where near my location or country for that matter. Also having a fee from their company for an international purchase after not making the consumer aware that purchasing a simple three day trial membership was indeed a purchase out of the United States is fraudulent. Of course Cupid are denying this debit insisting it is my bank charging me this international purchase fee so now I am now having to close my bank account and reopen one to prevent them from hacking my account further. This is not a reputable company and is indeed looking to take advantage of people in many different ways. After reading many reviews on them now I am fearful of ever having my picture listed on my temporary profile with my location. And because they are located out of the US it makes it very hard to prosecute them for their wrong doings. This is not a site anyone will find and sort of happiness at all.

All fake profiles. Scam city
I gave this website a try thinking that i could find the love of my life and all i got from the users were the same bull$#*! story. "i am from Ghana, Nigeria, or some other west African countries." "My parents were killed in a car accident" "i am a nurse traveling and distributing med supplies and goods to sick children" "I am a artist trade marketing and distributing business, buying art portraits and sculptures." Its all the same stories with almost every women you talk to on there. Its ridiculous how these scammers dont come up something creative for a change. And not stick to the same story.

I am new to Facebook
I am new to Facebook. I noticed a few days ago an icon called Cupid on the left side of my FB page. WOW! I clicked and saw that Cupid STOLE my pictures from my FB and also personal information and created a DATING profile for me... WITHOUT my permission. I tried to delete it, but there is no way! I just paid $12 thinking I could delete it if I was a 'member.' NOPE! J
I am deleting facebook, calling my bank, and an attorney.

Oh... Why did I come to this site? I should have known better. I see that there is ONE reviewer (Melinda) that has complaints about EVERYTHING, probably the water she drank today. That's too bad because it detracts from the legitimate complaints from people like me.

Now iam holding with someone from the Ukraine! Before that it was the Phillipines. Yikes... this is crazy!

(1) There are thousands of complaints posted on the...
(1) There are thousands of complaints posted on the internet against the websites owned by Cupid plc, not just on ReviewFeeder but on all complaints websites, just showing how hated the company is.
Customers from all over the world complain about the same recurring issues: recurrent billing, fake... profiles, deceptive emails and chats from Cupid's staff, rude or inexistent customer service, lack of refunds, abuse of personal data for commercial purposes, deception...

(2) The BBC and the Information Commissioner Officer (ICO) have received numerous complaints against Cupid from deceived customers.
BBC Panorama aired a documentary (Tainted Love: Secrets of the Dating Game) on 29 July 2013 largely targeting the commercial practices of the company and the ICO has launched a formal investigation against the company. The documentary is available on YouTube and stats show that hundreds of thousands of people have watched the video so far.
A reporter for the Kiev post under cover and applying for a job for Cupid in Kiev denounced as well how employees are hired to deceive customers.

(3) Cupid plc's share price (LSE Ticker: 4NJ498 / ISIN: GB00B4NJ4984) is currently at its lowest ever at 56.6p per share (26/11/2013). This is to be compared to its highest of 250p per share in September 2011.
This shows that investors have no confidence whatsoever in the company and are shorting the stock.
If you consider the proceeds that are coming in from the sale of the casual dating business in July 2013, it means that the company is valued at less than cash or cash equivalents. This effectively means that the continuing business has less than no value.

(4) Looking on a website such as Alexa providing free information about websites and showing internet traffic stats and metrics shows that cupid was ranked 5000 in the top visited websites early 2013. It is now ranked as low are 100 000 proving how customers have learnt to avoid the company's products.

THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON. It is hard to believe that this is all a pure coincidence or bad luck. The information provided above is all in the public domain and can easily be checked online.
If a business model is not sustainable, its commercial practices questionable and client consideration extremely poor, then the business is bound to die. This is rule number one and this is just fair.

They sent messages from a dead person!
A former friend was on this site and I was monitoring her by checking her profile. It kept saying she was active within days and I even got a message from her that December, saying "I'm real and I'm horny, want to chat?". The problem came when a cop and I went into the woman's house to do a well person check, only to find her body, that had been laying there for 8 MONTHS! And when I wrote them to take her profile down, Cupid refused, saying only she could do that. A month later, they sent a message saying they had, so I went to the site to make sure, and I had received ANOTHER message from the dead woman's account saying she was "real and horny, want to chat?'! TOTAL SCAM!

This whole thing is a scam
This whole thing is a scam. I realized that within a few hours when it became clear the only live people on the whole site were trying to con me into signing up for other paying web-cam sites. I called in to cancel all subscriptions and memberships, and was told that the confirmation email would arrive in a few minutes. No confirmation email and several hours later still getting bogus "messages" and "flirts". Called back in, was told that my account hadn't been cancelled, but would be now. I insisted on waiting on the line until the confirmation emails arrived. Cupid did. I was also assured that I wouldn't be receiving any more email from them, and I was warned not to sign back into my account because that would automatically re-activate my account. I still keep getting emails from them, even though I have put their domain on my "blocked" list. I can't believe the people who are running this show could be so pernicious. Stay away.

Good level of hookup`s standart
So many of my friends told me that Cupid were using this website to find hookup partners and recommended it to me. At the beginning I did not take it too seriously and only used it occasionally. However soon after I joined I noticed that I was getting more and more messages and I even had a date scheduled for the next week. has helped me to meet many women looking for fun and I am so glad I joined up!

Find these scammers and shut it down
I was looking at this site about three months ago and joined for about 2 weeks. I decided it wasn't for me, and subsequently cancelled my membership. I heard nothing further from this dating site. Then 3 days ago I began to see messages from users in my email. Today I was checking my bank account and found that this company processed a charge of $99.98 on my PayPal account! I do not even use the PayPal any longer. I have tried to contact Pink Cupid all day with no result. I am filing a dispute with B of A against this payment.

Please check the older reviews
It's obvious that Cupid had extreme bad reviews at the very start and now... recently extremely positive reviews. Did Cupid improve their business model? As a writer of a book about internet dating it doesn't take too much investigation that something could be wrong over here. The problem of all review sites is that fake reviews are made to get better rankings. And if a website gets mainly 5 or 1 star reviews you should be carefull.

I agreed to pay £2.97 for 3 days
I agreed to pay £2.97 for 3 days. After 1 day I cancelled as I suspected the site could not do what it boasted. Cupid took another £14.90 for 'VIP'? As I cancelled after a day I asked them for the exact time of my order for this VIP? No reply and not expecting one. This is a fraudulent outfit free to raid any account they have details for because the authorities are toothless despite years of complaints about this con company.

Signed up for 3 days at £2.97 was unable to cancel...
Signed up for 3 days at £2.97 was unable to cancel due to cancelation error on there site
Then got charged £29.99 for a month, it took 22 days to cancel subscription trying every day. Sent them 9 emails which Cupid never responded to. And never got hold of anybody on there complex phone system,
Once you give your bank details, you will be continually charged until you cancel.
But you can't cancel?
Please people don't use this site
There are many better sites.
Kind regards

This site sending members messages on behalf of each...
This site sending members messages on behalf of each other... Cupid want you think something going on and keep you busy. I recieved a few messages from scamers and all of them were living out of USA. When I signd up later found out I been cherged for VIP as well. I message them that they should not charge me for VIP and I want my mony back, finelly they did. Also, my back changed my card witout charging me for it because I explain what happened. SCAM

Money Talks
I paid full month memberships. At first 2 days about 10 beautiful ladies wants to chat with me. I replied all of them but no one replied to me. A s days goes on one or two ladies wanted to chat, but absolutely Cupid are not my type, fat, black and really ugly old ladies. Only today I got noticed from a beautiful lady we chat, I introduced myself but suddenly pop out I need to pay $. 064 /day for security. I did not pay, and the beautiful lady profile is nowhere to be found. This is absolutely a scam. The lady could be real but its impossible to continue if you dont pay. Full one month paid and blocked for only one chance to chat is very discouraging. Im not sure if the lady is real or not!

Total waste of time
Total waste of time. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Joined up for 1 month and within 1 hour of joining i was bombarded with mail, hugs, kisses and winks from supposedly genuine members... every women has the same username - abbi or abbig seems to be the fav name on that site. Most of the other women are members of other sites linked to Cupid. Cupid message you, you try to return message but as they are on a linked site... you are then expected to join that site also to reply... what a rip off!

I signed up on those Cupid plc websites in the past
I signed up on those Cupid plc websites in the past. It's a scam and let me explain their modus operandi. Most of the decent profiles are fake. Cupid have profile images picked up from the Internet (and you can confirm this by reverse looking up the image on Google). It is definitely a fraud scheme. You will receive a lot of emails from many genuine-looking people till you sign up (all the content in the email will be hidden, the profile image of that person will be so tiny that you wont discern anything). Every day you will get an email you are popular and you should pay them money to contact people, all fake and obviously bots!

Once you sign up, these emails from seemingly real people stop coming. You can also notice that the profile images are photoshopped or fake (because they now let you see the bigger image). Most of the traffic that lands up in your inbox now is spam, sent by the website itself. They also automatically sign you up on their many sister websites (,,,,,, etc…) and you start getting the same type of spam from them, all begging for you to sign up. Horrible extortion scheme. I am sure there are better ways of making money than playing with people's emotions. The profiles of the people are not genuine at all; they are all fake people who have posted their profiles. Messages before you sign up are definitely fake and bot generated.

Waste of time and a small amount of money
The site is a total scam. It is populated by hopeful ladies who are not favoured with good looks. All the profiles, as Mathew F. Has observed are ghost profiles. If you click anyone of these images or show interest or 'like' you will get an automatic bounce back that Cupid 'like you'. But there is no real person behind the photo and you will never get a message or acknowledgement. You may even get an automated message such as 'So I am your fav how are you going to show this'. This is just to keep you hooked. I joined for a three day trial. Just as I was leaving the site the ghost image made me a fav so I rejoined hoping to make contact as she was a handsome supposedly 52 year old brunette in London. Thereafter we were back to ghost messages. Guys the decent looking ladies do not exist. I post three images as examples. The site is a TOTAL SCAM. When you complain to them about the ghost profiles this is the response!
Dear Member,
Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

We are disappointed to learn that such activity goes on. This member has been already banned from using our site thanks to the notification of diligent members like yourself.
Apologies for any inconvenience.

If you feel that a member is acting suspiciously, please go to his/her profile and click the 'Report' button. As soon as we receive notice we will investigate the case straight away. We work hard to keep our site fun and enjoyable, and we work hard to eradicate fraudulent people from the website. We value you as our customer and appreciate any feedback that you send us.

If you have any queries concerning the website then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Customer Support Manager
Dear member,
Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

We are sorry for any inconvenience you may have faced while using our dating website. We work hard to keep our site fun and enjoyable.
We will investigate this member's profile and take any necessary action. Thank you for the notification.
Please note that you may still see previous message history or records of the member viewing your profile until they are cancelled within the standard time frame.
Apologies for any inconvenience.
If you have any other queries, do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best Regards,
Customer Support Manager


The site advertised the subscription at a discounted rate of £15, so I thought I would give it a go. However, no sooner than I completed the registration process a another charge of £25 was added to the fees (for premium), so I thought okay they've taken the money, so let go - then I find out they've registered me on another site called Lovechemistry and charged me a further £30. Now tell me if this is not a con? The worse bit is all the women on the site use the same lines, and halfway through a conversation the tell you Cupid have to go now. Certain times of the day/evening there is only the site supervisor online. It is a waste of money, and I would advise people to stay well away from this site. There are plenty of decent sites out there that will not take you for a mug.

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