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They are trying their best
I have been twice this week yes it's backed up but come on people isent it everywhere CSL Plasma are trying their best and doing what they can. But I can't remember her name but the Spanish lady with the pink is awesome gets us in and out fast as she can wile doing her job correctly..

Data base not kept up to date
I became what CSL calls a "lapse donor". I donated and 5 months later I returned. Although lapse donors go 6 months without donating I had lapsed only 5 months but still had to go to medical for a physical which was completed without any problem. However, the physical took too long and I had to leave without completing the donation. At that visit I thought I had updated my address, no big deal. Well, it turned into a big deal when I found time a couple months later to go back in. I was still considered a "lapse donor". I reported my recent vaccines and went to medical for another physical and health history update. I completed the donation process. The next time (several days later) I went in I was told I had been put on the permanent deferral list for not updating my address. I lived in the same house for 22 years and during my "lapse period" we moved to our dream house in a gaited community of lake homes less than 60 miles from the CSL center we always donated at. The nurse looked me up after my husband tried to verify that our address had changed, she saw that mine had not been changed in their system and our new zip code was not in their system. Why wouldn't it be? Shouldn't a business be responsible for updating its database to include all zip codes in its service area? Why is that the customers responsibility? The nurse then explained that I might live next to hotels implying that I could be a prostitute! I was shocked and humiliated by that unfounded accusation. I was donating to help patients through COVID pandemic. I was made to feel like I put patients at risk for simply not double checking to see that my address had been updated. I honestly believed CSL Plasma would update my address after that ONE donation and that would be that. Instead, I was scolded and belittled by the RN. I was shamed and told because my zip code hadn't been added to their database before I donated (one time) they couldn't "send" my last bottle. Obviously this kind of center doesn't care about donors. They make it very clear they only care about the receiving end and not the donor side. It's all about the money for them. They had to "pull and not send" one perfectly fine bottle of plasma (wasted) but they lost the 15 future bottles my husband and I committed to donating. At a time when plasma is needed more than ever, the punishment for not following through with updating my address is disproportionate to my unintentional oversight. CSL should be responsible for pulling all zip codes and entering them in their system, not the donors as they donate.

Incompetent employees
This place is a joke... I became a new donor again after not going for over 6 months and I told them about my tattoos and piercings... the lady asking me the questions in the booth asked me how long since my last touchup and I said 6 months and she said ok and we continued on... I've been donating for 2 months since with no problems until this fugly looking chic with nasty piercings on her face wana call me out on my tattoos... I told the manager exactly what went down 2 months ago and bc that dumbass didn't do her job right now I'm permanently deferred! Oh well this was just play money anyways but it just sucks that bc of one dumbass not following their policy I'm the one who got the short end of the stick... if I was able to ever go back I recommend telacris on Ayers by the bus station... CSL Plasma have a nice waiting area and pay you a lot more than these people do!

Machines not working and long lines
There is always something going on at CSL Plasma. Long lines because their short staff, or Machines breaking down. I'm almost to the point to stop donating and find extra money eleswhere, but I'm enjoying helping peoples lives and I really don't want to quit. If y'all need new computer systems and machine go ahead and get them because y'all make the money to do it. Also hire relit and dedicated people that's going to come to work when CSL Plasma suppose to.

To the best plasma employees ever
Most of you guys are real nice. You guys do your job well in I always smile when I'm there you guys have good hearts for helping us especially with the pandemic going on so thank you guys for everything you do-juvoncia

Plasma center in South Portland Maine
Plasma center in South Portland Maine I want to say thank you to a nurse that works there there are two of them who I am very pleased to have take care of me when I go in and be very patient with me when I am in there I would like to say their names it is a HIPAA law I like to say thank you to one of the nurses that starts with a L and the other nurse that start with C I believe both of those nurses are amazing and very patient with us as patients I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for being patient with me and understanding where I'm coming from and I want to say thank you to the crew outback that does are Plasma CSL Plasma are very amazing people they go above and beyond thank you so much for being kind and very compassionate how are you guys doing for your job Lisa Mullins

Don't go there!
I told them as I walked out middle finger high in the air that I would tell everybody CSL Plasma suck! They make you wait forever, and defer you for B. S. it's kinda like they pick and choose and the Nurses there do NOT whisper when they talk to you. They make it so that everybody in line knows your business! Very snotty!

Not acceptable behavior
I just left the csl plasma center in fayetteville nc and the ridiculed me cuz I have been clean from narcotics for 2 years also wanted me to get paper work from my dr saying I no longer take buspirone and that is not even on the list of medicine that can not be taken while donating. It doesn't seem that CSL Plasma really want my plasma. I have had to jump through so many loops I would rather keep my plasma in me then deal with this hassle. I am as far away from being satisfied with the company that I could not be any more disappointed.

I was told I had hep c, so I went to a doctor who proved I did not then, and never had, hep C. I called the center and CSL Plasma said I should go in and talk to a nurse. I drove 45 minutes to have a nurse say I'm permanently deferred for them and national databases, so I can't give blood, plasma, or transplants anywhere. THEIR TEST WAS WRONG AND I HAVE PROOF. But, databases still show I'm infected. At this point, going to CSL has cost me more than I earned from donating. I RECOMMEND AGAINST USING THEM.

New price scale sucks
New pay scale isn't worth people coming in to donate. Like $27 dollars first time then goes up to $51 after so many visits. The decline in Bussiness has nothing to do with COVID-19 it's how much each time. Not worth it may want to go back to
Regular pay I am one that may not be returning.

Waterford MI plasma center

Wilkes Barre CSL Plasma
I went to the CSL center in Wilkes Barre. The staff were very helpful, kind, and caring. CSL Plasma took their time and explained the whole procedure from beginning to end. Everything was very clean and professional.

As i am aware social distancing is a necessity. Seems standing on the sidewalk in the cold for over a hour is a bit ridiculous. Maybe bring in more employees to expedite the screening process. There are only 2 employees working with patients on the machines. Noone inside in line. But 7 people freezing on the sidewalk. You can expect plasma donations to drop at this critical time, when there is already a great shortage. Maybe staff a little better. For sure this will shorten the wait.

Staff are rude and morons
I used to donate plasma 3 years ago with Grifols and had zero issues or concerns. CSL staff are incompetent at this location. The so called phlebotomist completely missed the first arm and gave me a hematoma on the other! Due to her incompetence she bruised my arm! Then I go back to try and donate and CSL Plasma send me away twice because of her negligence! I will NOT be donating here. I am going back to Grifols who I ALWAYS had a good donation experience!

The best spot
I am writing this review to say this spot is an amazing spot to come to the people here are great and CSL Plasma are so wonderful. Their hospitality is 100% The best you can once they make sure you get your raffle ticket at the end to win their prices that they have more to say I love coming to the spot very comfortable I get my money exactly what they give me and they also give me a chance to get more by reviews like this one thank you God bless and have a great day

I have fun
I enjoy the atmosphere, and the problems always brighten up my day every time I grace my presence with this emaculet and joyous business, not to mention it actually helps my community, not the community but my community, and that's what's up!

Horrible Experience
CSL Plasma told me that I have high level protein beta and CSL Plasma did a blood test last week and today I went to get my result and it is sill a little elevate, however CSL Plasma refuses to give me a printed copy of my own blood test result so I can discuss with my doctor. Isn't that I violation of HIPAA laws? I recommend to skip this place in giving plasma at this center. Very rude and they take a long time to see anyone even though they are the talking and cracking jokes with each other.

What a JOKE
Poor communication. Not enough staff to handle the load for your vitals. I recently was deferred for 30 days do to the medication I was taking. Waited over 30 days and returned to start my plasma donations again and CSL Plasma tell I'm permanently deferred. What a joke. I would not have stop taking the meds for bi-polar cold turkey and tried cutting in half and gradually lowering dose.
They also don't seem to care that your time is money so waiting 20 minutes waiting to be seen and then over 10 more minutes to get hooked up plus 10 more minutes to get unhooked. So a normal 55 plasma donation almost always 40 plus minutes. Time is money.
I was looking forward to them opening a location near my house, but guess not.

Visiting CSL Plasma center Mechanicsburg Pa.
Know before you go... Help yourself help others by donating plasma today at CSL PLASMA CENTER(center of excellence)best plasmapheresis donating center in the Central Pennsylvania area ((and it's true.)) Never once had a bad experience there. Staff is great, place is clean and very welcoming. Highly recommended.

Lost of blood
Being a new donor I'm considered a red which means that a new employee or a trainee it's not supposed to be sticking me. To go on with my complaint is that I gave the gentleman the opportunity to stick me because he stated that he was one of the best ones. Unfortunately he couldn't get my vain right so my machine Kept on beeping and finally CSL Plasma came and re stuck me. Well Well unfortunately the second person that stuck me didn't do a great job either which a manager had to come and help adjust but to my disappointment that didn't work so I lost a whole bowl of blood. It was very emotional to me due to me asking the employee since way earlier to just take me off because it was a discomfort. So now I'm deferred and I lost to be able to get all my donor fees. I'm a medical assistant and I guided them to my vain and it was still a fail just heart breaking when they don't take you seriously at all! All of this could've been prevented. What was more painful is that both of arms where bruised. Wish I would've saved the pictures but I didn't.

Very unprofessional
CSL has a donor referral program in place that is absolutely a lie. CSL Plasma claim to pay $150 for each referral that donates 2x's. Payout should be received within 24 hours afterwards, but it's been two weeks still without even a call back from corporate. The center itself has reached out but they are are still waiting for a call back from corporate. They are a scam just to get more donors. Understand they get up $500 for each donation but don't want to pay you!

Awesome Staff
Of all the times I've been here I've had no issues. The staff is super friendly and a great group. The needle sticks go in with ease and CSL Plasma always ask if you're doing OK. I come twice a week and have no complaints.

Tara Blvd... Jonesboro ga location
Today, this location bathrooms were out of order but it's encouraged to drink lots of water before donating. CSL Plasma had already took my vitals before disclosing that information. I had to use the restroom and was encouraged by the staff that it was ok to go somewhere to use the restroom. When, I got back I was told my vitals had to be redone which was fine but they wanted me to wait in line to see the nurse to have vitals check and that was not okay. It was not my fault their bathroom was out of order. I wasted 1 hour and half of my life for nothing.

Staff was rude an ignorant the fourth time
I've been there four times everything was fine until the fourth time then I ended up feeling threatened due to the way the people around there were acting towards me the staff person that was handling me was rude and ignorant and it caused other people that were there giving plasma to start being rude and ignorant towards me as well so I felt threatened yes I'm going to go back one more time and try it again see if I have any more issues if I do I will not go back again this is the first time I've ever seen this person working there

It's Great
The staff are friendly and professional making for a fast, safe and efficient donation. There are no troubles getting in and out. This is the best place to be to help others and earn a little extra cash.

Turned down
II've been going to this place in Buffalo for 8 visit and have been turned down 6 times I couldn't give plasma at all there's always an issue too high pulse, blood pressure too high or its too low now for the last time going CSL Plasma can't find my finger print so the want me too go through orientation again what a joke I'm NOT going too rate it

Been donating for over a year. Last couple months CSL Plasma have taken in so many new donors & cannot handle the volume they already have!
Last visit, waited 30 mins in the Vitals Line. Finally got to booth #1. Then she enters my BP into the wrong "FIELD" on PC. She corrects it then says i have to see "Medical" even though NOTHING is WRONG! Says you will be NEXT UP, just take a minute or two.Go around to Medical, stand there 6-7 mins, they say TAKE A SEAT! Wait another 20 mins or so... Finally i just walked out!
The VITALS line was wrapped around past the ENTER DOOR when i left... Really despise going there now.

Total bull$#*!
I had been donating at csl for well over a year and every single visit did the security check at the kiosk and passed the 1 on 1 screening every single time. Then one day I left the gym after working out, from the gym to csl it took about 20 minutes to get there, I got to my 1 on 1 screening and the blood pressure heart rate scan said that my heart rate was 102 (which is over the 100bpm limit). Immediately I developed anxiety over this because CSL Plasma literally treated me like I was a criminal. Like I did something wrong! I took 15 minutes to try and calm down but that didn't work my bpm was even higher at that point because I got all worked up over it. From there on every god damn time I did the screenings I would fail because my heart starts racing right when their about to check my pulse. I'm sorry but These people shouldn't be able to deny you from donating under such pathetic circumstances. The bpm limit should be at least 110. I know I'm not the only one because I see people storming out of there right after their screening all pissed off because they failed their pulse check. There should be another way to approve them to donate. I'm not gonna have aheart attack because my heart rate is a little over the limit due to anxiety that these people have caused me due to the way they have treated me. They've given me nothing but $#*! attitude, made me go into a special room several times where they again begin to probe me with very personal questions.

Horribly rude and unprofessional
I absolutely won't ever go anywhere near these people ever again. Terribly unprofessional and extremely rude! Some serious a**hole named corey or something like that is an absolute piece of s***! I took some folks to donate and this guy was an absolute jerk to us all. He mumbled all of the stuff he says he has to read, during the so called physical, and gave the impression that he really didn't want to be there. Very unprofessional in every single way possible. We have to wait in line outside and other people in the line told me that he's always an a**hole to everyone. If i owned this company he'd be so gone. I'll never donate to them ever again and neither will any of my friends. Considering that CSL Plasma sell the plasma for far more than is offered to us makes this a shady business anyway. The very fact that someone like corey is employed by this company tells me all I need to know about them! The rest of the staff are a lot better than corey the a**hole though. I'll donate to a reputable agency like red cross from now on.

Unprofessional and unethical
Beware of this company. CSL Plasma falsely reported I had Hepatitis B and put me on the banned donors list. I am in the process of suing them. They are understaffed, untrained, and don't care about donors. They hurry to get your plasma. They have me a hematoma twice in one year. They should be out of business.

#CSLPlasma 174 in Hagerstown is a great place to donate plasma. You are saving lives and getting compensated for you time. The staff here are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. CSL Plasma make their donors feel like family. Come on and check us out!

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