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Fast, works well and fits my needs
Shipping was fast and items safely packaged. All items worked as expected; head unit sounds great. Went with a single DIN so the buttons are smaller. Wiring harness and adapters all worked and instructions were mostly accurate and helpful; I did not need to call for help. The head unit and replacement dash mounting kit fit my vehicle with one flaw. The curvature along the top does not match up tightly with the air vent trim (as the original dash mount did). Otherwise the dash mount looks and feels the same as the original. I was expecting an over-blown price tag for all the items I ordered but turns out the cost was reasonable and I got what was necessary to install without looking all around for the correct items and directions. I checked several other online retailers and overall Crutchfield had the best options for head units, kits, adapters and clear directions. Though some individual items can cost a bit more, it may be worth paying more to get the whole package and support (if needed). Be aware that some adapters (steering wheel functions) do require external website use for access to specific directions and updates. As a novice installer of car audio systems, using Crutchfield was a positive experience all around; I'll come back here first, when needed.

Poor management taken care of the customer
I had placed an order for an on Onkyo receiver when the receiver had come to my house and was installed professionally it was defective write out the of the box. I called Crutchfield customer service which the people in the work the customer service line are excellent m. Unfortunately they're limited to what their can do for the customer the young lady on the phone tried to assist me but when she was unable to do to the fact that there were none replacement receivers available until May I then asked is there any kind of different receiver equivalent or upgraded did Crutchfield be willing to offer me some type of special price due to the circumstance. She put me on hold spoke to manager and the manager said start with the technical support group 1st they switch me over to the technical support spoke to the technical support rep which is also an excellent person to deal with he agreed right away that the Akio receiver was defective at that point he issued a return shipment. And a credit for the receiver that I had purchased at that point unfortunately I needed to call back in so that's what I did I called back and spoke to another customer service rep which was also excellent that went above and beyond trying to get my difficult situation taken care of due to the fact it now I've already paid for and professional installer to come out to my house once they couldn't do it now I have to pay them again to come out because I didn't buy product from him I bought product from Crutchfield. Unfortunately the only receiver that would fit what I need which is a 7.2 was a Marantz which was $1000 which is almost double what I paid when I had asked if they could speak to the manager about some type of compensation of a happy medium to meet in the middle due to the circumstance she spent over an hour and a half trying to communicate with a manager of the situation and unfortunately got no resolution other than I need to pay more for the receiver not even the slightest bit of an offering off of that that now thousand dollar receiver I had to purchase. Unfortunately Crutchfield had me in a rock and a hard place because I had over $450 worth of gift cards that I got for Crutchfield and so therefore I had no other option but was forced to pay over $500 more for a receiver due to the one that I originally purchased was defective out of the box and could not be replaced until May which is a ridiculous amount of time when I have no stereo at my house due to the fact that it was torn down waiting for this receiver. I feel that the right thing to do would be take care of the customer I feel that customer service representatives at Crutchfield have the best interest in mind for all their customers they speak to but are handcuffed by the management that does not appreciate customer support their business and does not see the customers frustration and concerns or they don't have any type of caring to take care of the customer I would hope that's not the case but the customer service reps at work on the front line are excellent their managers unfortunately lack of desire to take care of the customer

Inexpensive but well made speaker cables
These are attractive. Crutchfield appear to be made sturdy and the connectors snug. Having the option to select the length of the cable to fit my needs was a nice touch. I upgraded because the speaker cable I was using was over 30 years old and stored in my garage. Being able to take the new cables out the pack and connect to the speaker and be up and running in less than five minutes was beneficial. No measuring, crimping the cable and fighting to twist the ends and connect. The sound was an immediate improvement over the old cable. I had to reduce the volume. I am sure as I get more playing time the cable sound should improve slightly as well. Even at reduced volume, I could tell the highs were better and the bass was effortless, The fit and finish is great. I would recommend these cables for anyone wanting to upgrade without breaking the bank. Even if you don't think cables make a difference, if you have old cables it would still be worth upgrading with these cables. It will take you 5 minutes to setup. If you are trying to decide if cables better than stock would improve sound, I would recommend these cables. The extra benefit is they look expensive and perform very well.

Easy upgrade (DPX303MBT) for a dead Kenwood DPX308u!
My trusty DPX308u (purchased from Crutchfield in 2011) died last weekall buttons inoperable, only volume worked. A quick google search revealed that there was no fix for the issue. Enter for a replacement unit. My truck uses a double DIN space so my choices were easily narrowed down. I went with the DPX303MBT which is optimized for streaming/Bluetooth and has a satellite option. No CD, but I no longer use cd's anyway.
The unit fits exactly the same as the old one and I reused the brackets and GM data bus harness connector from the earlier install. Chuck recommended some (new to me) screw-together harness wiring connectors that were really great for tight splices.
Ryan confirmed everything before I made my order and agreed I would not need a new GM/data bus adapter. Shipping was fast!
Install was easy basically just match up the colors and splice the Kenwood plug in. Fit is perfect and the sound is even better than my old unit! I'm pleased!
IMG_0707. JPG

Superb Customer Service!
Please know that I am extraordinarily pleased with the superb technical customer service I have received from everyone at Crutchfield. I have been through a series of troubleshooting hurdles the past 5 days trying to resolve my steering wheel control functions, and every Crutchfield technician has been patient and helpful to walk me methodically through the processes involved in finally getting everything to work correctly. The last morning of the install, another qualified Crutchfield technician provided 45 quality minutes of expert counsel, and his work provided the final break through to complete success.

Crutchfield has been all around fantastic to do business with, and I simply want to thank them publicly for the work Crutchfield do in training up technicians like Cam, Charles, Slim, and Nicole to help customers like me achieve their car audio goals. Be encouraged, Crutchfield, and be motivated to keep up the faithful customer service excellence I've come to expect from top notch companies like you!


George Selbher

Amazing upgrade to factory OEM speakers. Thanks Levi!
I really needed to upgrade my factory OEM speakers in my 2017 Buick Encore. I had a mid-grade budget and was getting very confused by reading customer reviews. I decided to go to the experts and reach out for some advice. Levi from Crutchfield helped me out TREMENDOUSLY. Levi felt a pair of Infinity speakers in front and some JL Audio speakers in back would give me exactly what I was looking for. I took Levis advice and immediately ordered them. I installed them last night and could not believe the difference. The sound was exactly what I was hoping to achieve. I was right on budget too. Had I listened to only customer reviews, who knows what I would have ended up with. I also would not have mixed in 2 different brands when only replacing speakers. I trusted Levis advice. Crutchfield sound fantastic running on only the factory head unit. We are strongly considering replacing speakers in our GMC Denali now after this great experience. Dont shop around. Crutchfield provides the OEM speaker adapters and wiring harnesses. I saved around $60 just on those parts alone. Thank you Levi and Crutchfield! You ROCK and now, so do I!

Superb Support for a Technological Neophyte
Since I last upgraded my home theater system 20 plus years ago the world of electronics has changed immensely. I needed a new receiver and some peripherals. I stumbled on Crutchfield and I'm certainly glad I did.

I already had very good speakers, a good television, a good Blu-Ray player, and an aging but still functional VCR. I receive my television programs via satellite. I needed help in choosing a receiver that would support all this equipment of various ages and manufacturers.

I sent specific information on my equipment to Crutchfield and was assigned a technical consultant. Within 24 hours he responded and asked some follow up questions so his recommendation would be on target. His wasn't a canned response; it was specifically tailored to my needs. My new receiver is even better than I expected.

Before I committed to buying the recommended receiver I compared it's price on three other websites. The Crutchfield
Price wan no more expensive than the others that didn't offer lifetime support. It was delivered in 2 days and setup was incredibly easy.

Since got my new receiver I've had occasion to contact my technical consultant again. I wanted to replace the 5 remotes that I now use with a universal remote. Once again I got a recommendation along with the rationale for it. Once again I comparison shopped and once again I found Crutchfield to be no more expensive than anyone else.

What more could anyone want? Competitive pricing, pre-purchase advice, prompt delivery, and lifetime technical support.


Customer service not worth the extra money
I ordered a scratch and dent/open box Onkyo 800 receiver. Although I saved $150 off the Crutchfield price, it was still $100 more than an open box unit from One Call. I was willing to pay the extra money for Crutchfield's customer service.

Unfortunately, the unit Crutchfield sent was defective/broken. In the meantime, the regular price had been reduced a $100. I called and was made to feel as if I should consider myself lucky that they were willing to exchange it for another unit at the considerable savings of $50 over their current price - and still $100 more than One Call. I had to spend several minutes negotiating with the customer service rep to get her to agree to send another unit out and have UPS pick up the defective unit.

I just arrived home to find that a new Onkyo 800 - but UPS didn't pick up the new unit. Apparently UPS didn't know anything about a pickup. If I want UPS to come and pick it up I have to pay extra.:/

Obviously I'll be dragging the old unit to the UPS store on Saturday (some of us work longer hours than the UPS store is open). But I won't be paying extra to do business with Crutchfield. The customer service just isn't what it used to be.

Old Friend Still Best Customer Experience
Crutchfield has been in business for a long time. I'm 64 fast approaching 65 and they've been the go to Electronics Store for the serious Home Entertainment customers. Knowledgeable Staff that actually know the product whether it be Flat Panel TV's, Home Theatre, Video players of every imaginable kind make or model. They'll guide you to the best brand, and model to fit your home entertainment needs to fit your price point so that your purchase is the best experience possible The photo I added is of the Samsung 8 4K series TV I purchased from crutchfield over 2 years ago. I recently purchased a 2018 8 Series OLED Samsung 65" TV and it's on a Truck Headed my way up in the Rocky Mountains Idaho Wyoming Border. Yes they're that good, I could have purchased the TV anywhere closer to where we live, the fact that I didn't, but purchased from crutchfield all the way across these United States. Verifying my claim that dealing with crutchfield's staff and customer relations is well worth the wait!

Very pleased!
I wanted to upgrade and put together my own theater room. I've had the normal L/R speakers and subwoofer for years. After talking to some speaker salesmen, Crutchfield recommended I should buy the center channel speaker next. I thought it was foolish to spend a lot on a center channel speaker meant for dialog, so I looked at many center speakers and there are many! Crutchfield was having a Cyber Monday sale, so I decided to checkout the center speakers on sale. I selected the Polkaudio CS10 because the specs and reviews were good and the cost reasonable. I got this speaker in just a few days. The cabinet was very attractive and looked like good quality. I must say I had to test this right away. Most of my music did not use the center channel speaker, so I played some movies. The first movie dialog did not come through well and I was disappointed. Two other movies were tried and it sounded great! So I'm sure the soundtrack mixing makes a big difference. I am very pleased with this selection of the Polkaudio center channel speaker because I know they there many 2 to 10 times the cost. Thank you Crutchfield!

A good shopping experience
I went on the website and was able to find the accessories for my car very quickly. I appreciated how Crutchfield were able to show me specific items that would fit my vehicle. Most stores' websites don't do that.

I also found the products that I needed at a price that was better than anywhere else. There was one exception as I ordered multiple items but that item while it cost more was very difficult to find in other retailers like Amazon or even Ebay. The free shipping helped make up the difference in price.

Shipping was pretty fast. I ordered my items on a Thursday evening and received them the next Tuesday.So it took 5 days to receive my order and Monday was Memorial Day so all in all I think the shipping was fairly quick. I also received email notifications from Crutchfield and subsequently UPS about the progress and expected delivery dates of my orders.

I have seen other people's reviews and some people are unhappy. I think for some it may be a matter of what you ordered and then when you had to interact with a service rep, they didn't respond to your needs like you wanted. I am very critical when it comes to customer service as I am not opposed to taking my money elsewhere. Such as it is, this order went smoothly and right now I can honestly say I would shop through this vendor again if I had a need they could meet.

This was my first car stereo install and I went all over online trying to figure out din, single din, double din, hands free, and all this other stuff. I actually picked out a stereo on Amazon but then somebody told me I need a kit for the dash. Wth? So I never could find anything on Amazon and noticed Crutchfield in my online search for help. I picked out a stereo and the website was all, like, whoa, hold on there, here's EVERYTHING else you need to successfully install that stereo in your model car. I was, like, no way. There's everything in a neat little list. So I made my purchase and Crutchfield not only shipped for free my packages arrived TWO days later! With everything they supplied me in addition to super concise instructions, I had my new Alpine stereo installed in under and hour. Just two days ago my daughter came to me with an amp to install in her car but her stereo didn't have any rca jacks. What did we do? We came right to Crutchfield. I would recommend this company to EVERYBODY. Thanks, Crutchfield!

I was on board with the idea. I had never gone through online shopping for car audio before, but thought I would give it a go for the fact it saved so much money. The only reason this isnt a one star is because there was one out of the 4 guys I spoke with that were well mannered and helpful. Sales initially quoted me for the wrong harness (a more expensive one) second guy corrected it; was kind courteous and seemed to know his stuff. I recieved the product, went through every step of the installation and had tech answer anything I was unsure about. After having it installed I had two warning lights come on. To this point I was calm, but once the tech started GOOGLING ANSWERS, I was very disappointed. For them to be experts in their field and their job to be problem solving solutions, which I am sure very similar problems would come up on a daily basis, to have to use google to search my car manufacturer, model and year for similar hazards coming on and see if anyone has found a fix to it really took away from the professionalism of the business in my eyes. After he looked it up and could not find a solution he asked me if I had these lights on before. No I did not. He responded with "well just because it happened after the installation doesn't mean it was because of it." He wrote it off as a fluke and became quiet. I had enough and ended the conversation. Not a happy customer and will be taking business elsewhere. I am glad I decided to test the waters with one piece of equipment first before purchasing the rest of my items.

It was installed and playing music before UPS could pull out of the Driveway!
Okay, maybe not quite. But: I received the box from UPS by 2 PM, and put the last piece of trim back onto my truck by 4:30 PM. The installation kits from Crutchfield are top notch! My steering wheel controls all work, and the Kenwood looks practically OEM. I can't wait to start accessorizing further, by adding the dashcam and backup cam. My stock Bose speakers sound 100% better, and I have these new Kenwood speakers to install: I think I'll put them in the rear speaker locations. Then, add a subwoofer. Oh yeah, then there's that handy audio input which I can wire into my Kenwood ham radio tranceiver! My wife is going to love the newly integrated Android app that puts google maps onto the stereo face: I tried it this morning and it works like a charm. Hands-free cell calls? It's pretty much intuitive. Crutchfield, I really like how you curate these products of yours and put in the effort to really fine-tune the installation process. Buying from you guys is *so* worth it. Thanks!

First I would like to say your business model is amazing, the speed of delivery and Crutchfield customer service. I purchased the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-4000F Speakers. Paired with my vintage Kenwood 200w receiver and recently purchased Fluance RT 85 turntable. My room is 14x20 using only the two to-4000f speakers. I have them placed in the farthest corners of the 20ft wall at 45 degrees. There is a night and day difference from the previous Sony 100w bookshelf speakers recently purchased online. Crutchfield are going in the garage. People spend a little more moneys for your ears will thank you. They fill the room! The biggest difference was the sensitivity rating which I wasn't aware of until I did my research besides the obvious quality produced by Klipsch. I'm no expert I just do my do diligence when spending money. The clarity, separation of instruments and vocals is instantly noticeable. Last but not least because of the higher sensitivity of mid 90s I can listen to my albums at a lower volume and still maintain good sound quality. I hope this helps if your considering a new purchase.

Great Support
I decided to upgrade my 2001 Chevy Tahoe with modern technology. I installed a touch screen receiver paired with satellite radio and a back up camera. When I ran into trouble connecting wires to my reverse trigger and my parking break. Crutchfield support was able to walk me through and help me find the correct wires to complete my install. I do have some experience installing car stereos. I will say the instructions/wiring guide made sense to me since I've had prior installation experience. However, if you've never installed a car stereo you might have an issue with the step by step instructions since Crutchfield are basic. You might want to reference some YouTube videos prior to beginning just to get your feet wet. Ultimately I am very happy with my purchase and install.
FYI, for my 2001 Chevy Tahoe I purchased an Alpine iLX-W650 (fits easy without modification due to slim size). Paired with a SiriusXM SXV300V1 Tuner and a Boyo VTL 17ir. I also used the Metra 70-1858 receiver wiring harness and the Metra DP-3002B Dash Kit. (Will make your life much easier).

Polk Audio 265 RT Awesome Sound
I purchased four of the Polk Audio 265 RT for my ceiling height speakers that were on sale. I just installed them and Crutchfield have an awesome sound, clear, full, with enough base (not tiny) to be accurate for height sounds. Before I purchased them from Crutchfield I called for advice as to my idea to use the 265 RT's as height speakers. Zac answered my call and after explaining my ideas to him he agreed they would work well. After I purchased them I emailed Crutchfield referring Zac's name in the email with a question as to what I should do to insulate behind the speakers. Researching on the internet was not helpful enough. Zac replied by calling me which impressed me because I needed a discussion not an email response. An email would have been inadequate to communicate in a conversation that requires exchanging ideas quickly. Emails are more for documenting a short conversation not for exchanging ideas and Zac new this hence the call. I did not expect a call, super conversation Zac! Thanks Crutchfield and Zac for your help.

Very Very Impressive!
This unskilled old girl needed a new radio for her antique convertible, so off to Crutchfield she went. And may I say that from the time I ordered my new radio I was nervous about the process... lol... I worried for no good reason! You have taken the steps to show even the uneducated how to do everything necessary to install that fabulous music machine and I cannot tell you how impressed I was as the speed and efficiency it was delivered! I ordered it at approximately 4:45 p.m. and the next day, it was delivered to my home complete with step-by-step installation instructions that even had pictures for the "unskilled challenged" music lovers to understand. What a pleasure it is to have a company that takes sooooo much care to ensure the successful installation of their products! Thank you for everything you have done - at such a great price and supplying such quality products and all the little tips and helpful information. You can be assured that everyone that I encounter will know where Crutchfield need to go for any audio products. Smiles and waves of appreciation.

Mary Long

Crutchfield Makes It Easy and Provides The Best Overall Value!
Like many of us, I had the option of buying my car stereo from several places. I chose Crutchfield. I researched what I wanted from their website and went with a Pioneer head unit along with a set of Alpine speakers. My sales rep Quinn, was extremely helpful and quite knowledgeable about what would work in my 1995 300ZX convertible. It's a show car that gets a lot of looks and I wanted to get the sound system "right" since I'm a little particular about my baby. With free shipping and no sales tax, I decided to pay the small fee for the ready harness per Quinn's suggestion. I received my order so quick, I'm looking forward to installing it this weekend. Even though I know how to remove the center dash fascia as well as the door skins, I was impressed that Crutchfield emailed me detailed drawings ahead of my order on my 24 year old sports car that were dead on correct. The installation guide Crutchfield emailed me is super easy to understand as well. For what you spend, I think Crutchfield provides the best overall value in the marketplace!

Excellent Product, Only minor issues
I Think the main point is, could I have done better buying somewhere else. Short Answer "NO".
That being said, Car stereo replacement is not for the average joe, so Technical problems are to be expected when you are unexperienced. And the issues I had were with the instructions and accessories for the stereo, Not the master sheet. The Master Sheet was very helpful for getting the Unit out with out tearing anything up.
My issues were minor, But I will lay them out.
-The mounting brackets were plastic
- The mounting brackets called for using the screws that came with the head unit, Crutchfield were pan head which didnt work real well on plastic
- I thought I could select a display color but its either white or varying colors
- I thought the wiring harness I paid for eliminated soldering wires, While that was not true, it did however make it where I could do my soldering at my work bench instead of in the car, and I didnt have to cut my factory harness out.
All those things are small and pesky, But I am a details kind of guy.
- The biggest problem was a wiring issue that was not clear in any of the instructions, I was left to assume that many of the wires in the harness were not used, and there was a dangling blue wire from the antenna that was not clearly addressed.
I figured it out with a google search, and Crutchfield probably would have helped if I had reached out.
In any case, Its installed, Works great and my wife is happy.
Thanks Crutchfield

The Price is worth the Service
I always have liked shopping at Crutchfield for car audio. Navigating their website and finding equipment that works with my car has always been top notch. The tech support is fantastic. If I have an issue, I'm always greeted with a patient person who understands my problem and immediately is available to help me troubleshoot the issue. I've had a tech stay on the phone with me for almost an hour while talking me through a simple car stereo installation. Once, I accidentally punctured a hole in my new car speaker during installation, and Crutchfield sent me a replacement pair next day. This was several years ago, so I'm not going to say Crutchfield would honor this careless mistake today. Needless their service is exceptional.

Now, the biggest contention with Crutchfield is that they are more expensive than several of their competitors. I could easily by the same car stereo for $50 less at Amazon. However, I won't get any technical support if I buy from Amazon. Also, most sales on car audio receivers are not honored by the stereo's OEM. I'd rather pay an extra $50 to get an added piece of insurance and support from Crutchfield than have to file a dispute through Amazon.

Is this why your shipping is free?
Yes, I do have many option for buying expensive electronic items. I purchased an Onkyo receiver from you a few years ago and I thought of you first when it came to buying a TV.

Your website originally said "free 2 day shipping to Arizona"; I was disappointed that it was going to take 5 days, but I chose to be patient.

The delivery date you sent me and that was posted on the UPS website in big letters said "Wednesday, July 11,2019". Since there was no delivery time listed, I started waiting for the delivery at 9:00am that morning, checking the UPS website all day; There were no update posted at all, just delivery by "end of day" so I literally sat around the house from 9:00am to 9:30pm waiting for UPS, but NO delivery.

I am bedridden most of the time and suffer from severe insomnia, so I was VERY unhappy to receive a phone call from some old hag from UPS at 6:30am the next morning with the ultimatum that "if I didn't call back within the next hour, my delivery was to be re scheduled for the next day".

This entire experience has been so aggravating for me that I canceled the order and told UPS to return the TV.

Next time, I'll purchase from Amazon or Best Buy. Crutchfield have TWO day shipping and they DON'T use UPS!

Previously happy customer
A good deal of my order for my new system involves parts that were not necessary. I found the sales advisor and not very knowledgeable about the stereo itself nor my set up. Like how to play video on my iPhone. And then I just found it online on YouTube. Or the instruction manual which is pretty useless from Kenwood. If the instruction manuals are useless that I expect their sales reps to know it all. My sales rep knew nothing about how to get video on my Kenwood stereo unit. I previously bought a stereo 2014 with the same car that I was fitting this time the new unit. The new Kenwood simply would plug and play into my old systems configuration. The sales rep recommended all sorts of new things including the XM tuner a new interface for my steering wheel and even a new face plate. All were not required. I appreciate getting customer service people on the phone and that's where Crossfield has it hands-down well. But I do think in this instance my sales rep really just didn't know details about this unit nor my car

Almost Perfect
Pros: I love the website and how it sorts speaker options that fit with your car. The website is snappy, the comparisons are done well, and when you order from them you get free adapters and brackets to fit your new speakers to your car. Overall I was very satisfied.

A Big Con: However, the brackets I received did not actually fit my 2013 Civic Sedan and forced me to spend more time on my car to put in the speakers than I preferred. I did not notice that the brackets given to me were not correct until I spent hours getting upset because the mounting process was a pain. I ended up cutting the old speakers out the the old brackets and using those ones which turned out to be an easy process but it could have been avoided if I had the correct brackets for my car given to me by Crutchfield in the first place. Luckily the brackets are free, but if you offer free brackets Crutchfield probably should fit the customer's car. Honestly, it is not all Crutchfield's fault because I should have read the label on the bracket packaging, but I was super excited for my new car speakers and they turned out to be really nice too so whatever. MAKE SURE YOU READ FIRST!

I bought the JVC KD-T900BTS receiver
I bought the JVC KD-T900BTS receiver to replace the factory stereo in my 86 Fiero. The conversion plug and wiring was pretty straight forward. Crutchfield included mounting brackets and face plates as the new radio wasn't an exact fit. All of that went very well!
My Fiero has an amped sub woofer. They included some sort of plug that is supposed to make that work. Well, the instructions of how or where to use it are not very helpful. I really have no idea where to put it or if it will even make my sub woofer work because the amp was built into the old factory radio? I left that part out and unplugged the small sub woofer because all it did was make a small thump noise non stop.
So far, I like the radio and everything else seems to be working just fine except the sub woofer.
I really like that they included the wiring harness conversion and I bought some wire stripper/cutters and caps for the wires. That part is great.

Great Customer Service/Shipping
As a customer of Crutchfield since the mid-90s, I have watch their sales process go from mostly catalog based, to now more web based. What hasn't changed is their great customer service and shipping. I just completed a very large order with them and had the products at my door in less than 3 days. I noticed my order, which was sent in two boxes, was sent UPS 2 Day Air for FREE! Plus, whenever I've returned anything to Crutchfield, they've never asked any questions and always promptly issued me a refund. For these reasons, I don't know why anyone would shop anywhere else. True, you may find products cheaper at other online vendor, but in my opinion, the more money you spend on electronics, the more you need to be buying from a reputable company who will stand behind their products and issue you a refund if you are not happy for any reason. This peace of mind is why I don't "price shop" at other online vendors and have been a consistent customer since 1996.

Customer service aimed to please
Customer service aimed to please - not only do Crutchfield offer superior product services but their cutsomer service is purly top notch! I do believe the vast majority of their products have lifetime tech support. They have a huge selection of audio visual products for in home or in your car. They have from what i have experienced the most product knowledgable staff i have ever encountered and if they don't know im sure they could tell you who does, but i find that unlikey.
Their digital camcorder and digital camera selection is decent but as for diversity in manufacturers selection is kinda sparse. Their camera accesories like tripods, flashes are available. But personally i feel a site dedicated to photography equipment is bound to have a better selectoin of the latter.
They have a fair return/exchange policy. Very fair
I have purchased car audio and home theater products with extreme confidance from them, i have never been disapointed or even slightly unsatified by these guys and readily recommend them to all my friends.

Shopping for car stereo on
I wanna start by saying how easy, easy, easy it was to find other installation accessories i needed when i got my pioneer car stereo. Ive been an amazon member for 7years and costco for 13 now and have bought all kinds of bigger ticket items but i have to say crutchfield's user interface is equally if not more intuitive and less congested which made for a really good shopping experience. I was quite surprised how well the accessories you needed tied into the product you were looking at with a seamless comparison feature to other brands. It really was like having an actual person help you find what you needed in lesser time since i got all the information i wanted in one easy scroll down on the same page. The overall site and display page was easy to read, easy to understand and easy to navigate which btw, prompted me to buy car speakers(ashamed to say it ended up being an impulse buy because the price was too good to pass up). From now on, crutchfield is toplist for electronics shopping and thats comparing newegg, pc connection, amazon, costco, walmart, target.

Best Turntable I've Ever Owned! Great Shipping and Customer Service!
Over the years, I've owned many a turntable, and based upon this experience with my new Technics SL-1210GR, I am happy to report that this one blows them all away! It was a breeze to set up and sounds like a dream. I've owned both belt drive and direct drive, and while some people are wary of direct drive tables, I believe this one leaves all of them (and all belt drives) back in the dust. The speed is rock solid. It's built like a tank, and makes every record sound better than ever before. The one thing I'm not crazy about is the feet. They're a little wonky, but once you get used to adjusting them, they're fine. I'd like to give a shout-out to whomever packed my item for shipping. Instead of just slapping a sticker on the display carton of this expensive and fragile item, Crutchfield carefully packed it in a larger box, surrounded it with the right amount of great, environmentally friendly packing material, and sent it off to UPS. It got here on time and without a scratch. It's so important to pack items like this in a way that can withstand shipping. The box from Technics is not designed for that. They knew this and took appropriate actions. I did have the occasion to speak with customer service for a moment to ask a question about my order, and I would like to mention that they were friendly, informative, and very helpful. A great experience all around. If you are looking for a turntable that will last you for many years of happy listening, buy this one and buy it from the GREAT folks at Crutchfield!

Still Installing. A bit Disappointed in Crutchfield.
2004 WRX aftermarket deck, stock speaker upgrade. After a few days of researching what speakers I wanted and using Crutchfield's "will fit tool" I ordered speakers for front and rear doors. Really excited to install using the free front speaker adapter brackets included! Should be a simple easy job I thought. (I'm not a professional, but I'm not an Amature to this stuff.) boy was I wrong, the included adapter brackets fit the factory spot perfectly! However, Crutchfield didn't actually check to see if the speakers would fit the bracket. Crutchfield don't. So I'm now fabricating another adapter for the adapter bracket. Not terrible but expected a bit more attention to detail from a company who specializes in this. It won't effect any future purchases I make from them as they are still the best all around.

As for the rear speakers, there was no bracket included, I don't believe there is one made. It just so happens the speaker design fits perfectly in the factory cutout, so I am fabricating a mounting bracket for this as well. Not sure if there is an issue with their "will fit tool" but these speakers def do not fit, but I can make them work!

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