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Poorly programmed and terrible support after launch
Crave is a great service if you don't know how to use pirate bay but if you're even the least bit tech-savvy then I don't understand why you would put yourself through the agonizing pain that is trying to watch something on this app. There are so many complaints one could make about this service and these are complaints that customers have been having since the service launched. The constant buffering, the glitchy "continue watching" section, and the constant app crashes are just a few of the problems that have run rampant across the platform since it's launch. The fact that this bug-ridden poorly supported mess of an app is the only way to stream HBO in Canada should embarrass Warner Media (HBO's parent company) and open their eyes to syndicating their shows to multiple streaming services. For over 20 bucks a month (if you get the HBO add-on which I know is the only selling point of this app) Crave is an absolute rip off bordering on a scam. Just learn how to use uTorrent your wallet will thank you.

Poor quality content and Miserable customer support - CraveTV should watch Netflix
I used the free one month trial for CraveTV. I watched it for few days but didn't like it so I stopped watching it. I tried cancelling the free trial using the Android App but it would not let me cancel it. I used the website to cancel it but was late by couple hours. I still cancelled it before the free subscription ended. I got an email from CraveTV about cancellation at 4.50 pm but I was charged for one month at 4.59 pm. I contacted the most unprofessional customer support and was told bluntly that CraveTV has NO refund policy. I told them MULTIPLE TIMES that I have not used the app except 4-5 days and I don't like the content so I don't need and can make an exception like other providers do and refund me the subcription fees. I talked to multiple people but all had one answer - CRAVE TV HAS NO REFUNDS.
What a poor company is this? No logic in charging people and ripping people off for money. I would caution EVERYONE to NOT USE CRAVETV. Most useless content and HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. The manager in customer support - could not even talk in proper english kept on telling me about no refund on every question I asked him. I NEVER IMAGINGED BELL MEDIA's service was so CHEAP and customer service is SO UNPROFESSIONAL.

I would HIGHLY recommend Netflix for watching digital content online. I am 100% sure if the same issue happened with Netflix, their excellent customer service would have handled it much more professionally that the Customer support manager from stupid CraveTV. Watch out guys... don't get ripped off using their SO CALLED FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL...

Terrible customer service.
I just got off the phone with ROSE from Customer service. She was reading out of a book and kept dancing around my problem. Not caring at all or listening to anything that I said to her. I have already been through this and know what happens next. For two months in a row now when apple took payment from me I couldn't view any content. I got an error message reading "A subscription to crave is required to watch this content". So naturally I call Crave customer service. As soon as hear that I pay through iTunes, they put all the blame on them and tell me to contact iTunes. So I do and of course iTunes tell me that they took the payment and submitted it to crave and tell me that its up to crave to fix the problem. I then call crave back and demand to speak to a supervisor. Last time I asked for a supervisor there wasn't anyone higher then her to speak to. Now all of a sudden there is. They make my take about 4 screen shots of different things and email it to them. Why should I have to do this. I do it anyways and about three days later I finally get it to work again. I tried to tell ROSE this and again there is no one higher then her. All she said to me was that there has been many problems with iTunes and it has been escalated whatever that means. Good tv shows and movies but probably the worst customer service ever. Watch out cause this is going to happen to you to. I just cancelled my Netflix subscription. What a mistake

Crap App
I have a 84" Samsung, less than a year old. Along with crave, I also have Amazon, and Netflix, which both work flawlessly. However, Crave gives me an error 50% of the time while switching episodes. The tech peeps tell me to unplug the tv, wait 10 secs, plug in, and try again. Great, I works, but only for a day or two. Essentially, I have to rearrange my furniture because the plug isn't easily accessible, every couple of days or so if I want to watch Crave seamlessly. I'm sure that I'll cancel Crave after ive finished watching GOT, and Southpark. Granted, have some quality programming, but they cost more than Amazon and Netflix combined. My opinion is that the frustration outweighs the quality, and the quantity of Netflix and Amazon. Maybe I'll try again down the road, I love GOT and will want to watch again.

Worst website I have ever used must hire developers who have never coded before because I have NEVER used a website with so many glitches before. Half the time, even on my mac [no matter which browser I use], the homepage takes over a minute to load. Then, to search for my show, the search bar doesn't even show up properly. Finally, I search my show, and CONSTANTLY I get the same error; this show has been restricted, need parental permission or something... I am 28, and trying to watch a pg show. I have called Crave so many times, and they always say 'clear your cache.' I have done this 4 TIMES since I signed up 2 months ago. Literally, worst website every. Decent content, and absolutely embarrassingly pathetic site that needs SO much more work before it should have been live for users to access. Step it up Bell.

Business Plan: Corporate Fraud while fleecing the public and increasing costs to consumers?
To peddle a mostly non-functioning online presence is bad enough, especially when in my experience, signing in through any web browser the most BASIC links like the unending "search" function cannot even find the most popular titles, and most basic functionality failures are met with questions like, "what brand of computer do you use" and that the product is "fully functional on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari" when Safari doesn't operate on Windows officially anymore and Firefox browser most links DO NOT WORK and return an error message no matter how many times ask you to "clear your browser history." It is NOT CROSS PLATFORM so should not be openly marketed as such especially as "Online" if the basic web browsers are NOT SUPPORTED for FULL FUNCTIONALITY of the service.
When signing in online, you are met with 2 choices - Online account or through the TV Service Provider; anyone who has signed in online through any browser knows what we're talking about, right? But I have a question... do the others through their TV Provider have the same issues with functionality? I bet (and have heard) not. Functionality seems to be intact for new devices as well - just NOT A UNIVERSALLY USED WEB BROWSER. Does it work on Internet Explorer?
If they continue to market this "product" without the necessary immediate corrections made, then BELL CANADA should be brought up on FRAUD CHARGES for continuing to sell "Online" functionality when it cannot even work on a basic web browser. The "sales" department doesn't acknowledge any issues or multiple ongoing complaints.In my opinion, Better Business Bureau and the CRTC should take notice as well. Thank you and hope all is well with you and yours, but do not waste your valuable time or money

Crave TV Love to Hatred
I used to love watching CraveTV but that love has soured into hatred for the service. I have had the service for as long as have offered it and it worked flawlessly until now. Now for what ever reason my AppleTV's decided that every time I open the app on the TV it would create a clone device on my account which caused a device limit error. I emailed them with my issue and expected a response. None came so I ended up calling after a couple days of waiting for a email to come in. I then got someone who told me to remove all of my devices to fix the issue (MY COMPUTER BROWSERS WERE WORKING) now that I removed them on their trouble shooting after asking before I did this if it was a good idea I can no longer watch the service PERIOD! Until August 3 practically half a month away. I have Crave +HBO so basically lost my $20 for the month. I asked if they could remove this block and they could not so I asked if they could refund me the charge and you know what they did? They Quoted their terms and conditions... Nice Because of them and their troubleshooting I can no longer watch Crave on ANY of my devices... Useless and complete garbage good bye crave and you can say good bye to my telling everyone that you have a great service and being in a tech job for sales that will be a lot of people. But who am I, just a single person a drop in the bucket for your enterprise. All because of a log in limit which no other service has and a service tech who logged me out of all my other devices in troubleshooting.

Don't waste your money.
Oh what a surprise - a Canadian version of a successful concept that's nowhere near as good as all the other options out there. Horrible interface - I have a brand new, Samsung 4K TV, so it's not the TV - can't fast forward or rewind programmes, if you put a programme in your "My Cravings " section, you can ONLY watch the next episode. If you want to watch a different episode, you have to search for the series all over again. The screen dims and stays dim after the first episode finishes, so you have to watch a dimmed next episode unless you want to stop it and research the series all over again. Don't support this. Hopefully it will go out of business and be a valuable lesson to Canadian businesses wanting to compete in this highly competitive market. Either come correct or don't bother, Crave.

Could be good if their apps and attitude didn't stink
I've been signed up with CraveTV for about a year now, since Netflix began blocking access to most of its catalogue for Canadians. Crave's selection of movies and shows is rather spotty. I stay signed up with them mainly because carry all of the Star Trek shows (even the animated one) and Discovery. But, no Star Trek movies, and their entire movie collection leaves a LOT to be desired. Overall, their library is pretty puny especially when it comes to movies. They carry NO horror content at all.

Where CraveTV totally falls flat on its face is in the apps they provide so that viewers like me who don't have a cable subscription can still watch. The first problem is that they're only compatible with two types of device: Samsung SmartTV (but only 2013-15 versions) and Android/AppleTV apps. The Android only works with Chromecast.

Problem Number Two is - the apps SUCK. On my SmartTV, I can't pause or fast forward shows, which is a huge problem if a) I need to go to the bathroom or leave the room; b) the program freezes or the internet connection lags, both of which happen numerous times while watching one (1) hour of programming. The fact that I can't even pause playback, much less fast forward, rewind or stop is simple bush-league programming, obviously by chimps being paid in bananas.

The picture is terrible for the first 10 minutes of watching every program. It's like watching from the bottom of a swimming pool. Sound is even more of an embarrassment, and this goes on for the whole time I watch. I have to crank the volume up full blast to hear dialogue because the sound is like having my ears stuffed with mud, and then when music or sound effects occur, my speakers are blasted out. I miss a lot of important dialogue and even have to watch a show more than once to pick up what they're saying. I have a 5.1 surround system, and never have sound issues with any other input - just Crave. Another problem is that the app disables the Samsung sound settings while I'm connected to Crave, so I can't even try to make adjustments to improve the sound.

Connectivity is another horror show with CraveTV. As I mentioned before, the connection drops continually whether I use Wi-Fi to the TV or an Ethernet cable (I'm using the cable right now). The app locks up so badly that I have to unplug the TV from the wall and plug it back in to reboot the TV so I can restart the app. I've tried restarting the TV, restarting the modem, nothing stops the connection drops. The wi-fi to my laptop is on the whole time CraveTV is throwing its dropped connection tantrums. There is nothing wrong with my Rogers cable internet connection. There is nothing wrong with the internet connection to my TV, I've tested it infinite times. I went through all of this with a CraveTV rep, he knew less about troubleshooting than I did, and kept insisting the problem was either my equipment or my fault.

At first I thought all these problems were due to my TV Smart Hub software. After spending 2 hours last night trying to watch one entire episode of Star Trek, this morning I started looking into getting a Chromecast to see if it would help. Thank goodness I went in to Google Play first, to check the reviews of the CraveTV app used with Chromecast. 90% 1 star reviews, with all the same glitches and problems as I've been having with my Crave app for Samsung Smart TV! A lot of customers got so fed up they cancelled their subscriptions, only to come back a year or two later because they wanted to watch "Crave only" content like ST Discovery - and find that NOTHING has changed!

Clearly Crave's many problems are due to the fact that they chose to pay chimps in bananas to write their apps, instead of springing on human programmers. And based on the hundreds of angry bad reviews and complaints from customers, they know about these problems and have been refusing to do anything besides collecting people's money anyway and ignoring these issues. Oh, and blaming the customers and their devices for the lousy service instead of admitting it's a problem on their end. Much as I'd love to say "avoid these losers like the plague", they know that they have their audience by the short and curlies since Netflix went downhill, so they have no reason to show any loyalty or respect to their customers much less FIX THE PROBLEMS!

Absolute garbage. When streaming on a computer with a 150Mbit downstream, everything is 720p at best, though it sometimes looks like standard definition. I only subscribed to watch Game of Thrones, but the $#*!e quality and lack of alternative providers in Canada quite honestly forces me to torrent the show instead. Hopefully the fact that I paid for the right to watch it will stave off any lawsuits from HBO. Also, don't subscribe through Bell Aliant, if you ever forget your password you're absolutely $#*!ed. Crave's tech support can't help you, and Bell Aliant informs you that you have to contact Crave. Just a recursive loop of futility. I can't speak for other providers, but if you have to pick between subscribing directly with Crave and subscribing through Bell, pick Crave, at least then their tech support will actually be able to help you, otherwise the poor bastards can't even pull up your account.

Terrible do not subscribe!
Website is so slow to load, the video player is a joke. advertise movies and shows on the main page that you can't even watch without paying extra (what's the point?!) video lags, takes ages to load for no reason (not internet related, other Windows like Netflix and YouTube load fine), they make you watch all the credits before playing next episode, there is no option to skip the intro/theme song, there is no spacebar play/pause function there is no play next episode button. Often the video freezes, and when you refresh the page they make you sign in again and find the episode and then you need to fast forward to where you are in the show (it doesn't remember where you left off). Did I mention the website is terribly slow? Can't believe they run such a shoddy website, not even on the same spectrum as Netflix.

If only i could give NO stars
I had the 9.99 Crave subscription plus i pay around $15 a month for HBO/The movie network here in Canada through my TV provider-Shaw Direct. This always gave me access to TMNGO online to watch movies and tv programs. Now since Crave and TMNGO merged, it does not matter if you have a crave subscription or HBO subs through a tv provider, are useless, You are now limited to what you can watch unless you up your crave subscription to a $20 a month option when i'm ALREADY PAYING FOR THAT. This is complete BULL. If they don't fix this and respond to my emails I will cancel it altogether and I have about 17 other people ready to cancel their Crave TV subscriptions as well. We will spread the word as well, this is blatant thievery and deception and they are not going to get away with it. Fix your bull-crap Crave before everyone ditches you and you go obsolete like myspace.

Scam brought to you by the NEW and improved cravetv!
$10 per month when it first launched. On a long enough timeline a company will pull a blanket over the eyes of the customers in hope that we don't realise we've being scammed.
$10 per month: movies, shows, documentaries, setera-setera...
---------- changes website from orange to blue, a little more of a professional appeal ------- new and improved, presenting in 3... 2... 1

9.99 for an initial membership fee
NOW for only an additional 9.99 you can see movies in HD, critically acclaimed movies such as ----, yada yada yada ---- BOOM
Fancy words to loop around your brain so you don't pay attention to your ass when it gets f**led...

God dammit bell... You guys need to feast on a satchel of Richard's...

Brutal - how incompetent do you have to be to screw this up?!?!
Stunning to me that Crave is competing with the likes of Netflix etc. yet cannot delivery anywhere near the quality of Product / Customer Service

I "signed up" on Monday - a process that took no less then 20 minutes due to the fact you CANNOT Sign-Up on your TV (unlike Netflix, Google Play, Amazon etc.)

Less then 24 hours later I was kicked-out of the ap and asked to "sign in" - but you cannot sign in on the TV so I was forced to go back online - and got ERROR Message.

So I called Customer Service - and I do not lie - waited 58 MINUTES for the PRIVLIDGE of speaking to a Customer Service Rep.

I simply told her to cancel my account -but she couldn't even do that!

Had to go back online to cancel my service - less then 24 hours after signing up for it.

BRUTAL SERVICE - something tells me the DISNEY + app will be all I need when it launches in a few months!

I cancelled my subscription before my free trial was over because of the terrible user interface and lack of development going into the app. You couldn't even fast forward, select an episode, pick up where you left off, rewind, etc. But still charged me because I didn't cancel 48 hours before the trial was over... which was apparently their terms and wouldn't refund my money. So I got charged for another month $20+ and didn't watch anything, I made sure I cancelled fully. I just got hit with another payment today for $10, which is the price of just Crave without HBO. I had previously confirmed full cancellation of my subscription, why am I still getting charged? They are crooks trying to scam you out of money and hoping you won't notice. No surprise considering they are a part of Bell. AVOID.

Worst streaming app I've ever used
Seems like Bell is trying to get away with bare minimum effort in the streaming game. The content is pretty good, but if I'm paying $20 a month for your service, I expect it to actually work. My main way to watch os on my Samsung Smart TV, but it's almost unbearable. It takes a full 2 seconds to react to any button I press (even pause/play), the "rewind" feature is infuriating. It will "rewind" but only for 10 seconds, then it starts the loop over again, but the screen shows the content still going forward, just with no sound. If you miss hitting the button at just the right time, you have to start all over again. It's very difficult with the 2-second delay. It doesn't remember where I am in a show, or even an episode so I have to keep track myself. I've added several titles to My Cravings, but won't stay.
I also get a "no internet connection" error almost every time I use it. Don't get that on ANY other app. And guess who my Internet Service Provider is? Yup - $#*!ing Bell. Unfortunately, it's the only option for "high-speed" in my area. I have high-speed in quotes because I get a MAXIMUM of 7mbps dl speed (but I really only usually get around 4). The amount I pay for this $#*! internet should be a crime. They know they don't have to put effort into making it better, because idiots like me will pay for it because it's the only option for certain shows.

Worst Customer Service EVER!
I do not normally write these kind of things but I am the General Manager of an Ecom business and I deal with Customer Service complaints all the time. I called the help line because I could not watch game of thrones on my Samsung tv but I can watch it on my laptop. The lady I spoke with would not listen to anything I was saying. She kept having me log in and log out log in an log out. Telling me I have to watch it on air (which was not working). I then tried to explain that I can watch it on my lap top. When I asked for her name she just put me on hold. I have now been on the phone for 40 mins and still have not got an answer to my question. This is horrible customer service! I guess I have to watch it on my laptop. After almost an hour on the phone I still do not know why! Oh great now she disconnected me... WOW

Still awful
About six months back I wrote a review about how glitchy this service was, and I am sad to report it is has not improved. I signed up again to Watch Game of Thrones, and paid $20+ to do so.

The site still can't keep track of which episodes I'm watching and bugs out if I pause it for too long. That's old news. What's new is that it keeps telling me I've got too many devices, but I only use it on two. It seems to see different times I use the service as using it on a different machine -- even though I'm using it on the same browser.

And now the service is just down completely reports it started about two hours ago. This is a regular occurrence when Game of Thrones episodes first air, but now problems are happening more frequently.

Scam artists working support
Tried to buy the Starz upgrade. Couldn't buy in-app - most ignorant business decision since Tim Hortons decided to refuse Debit purchases. Then I got an "error, please try again later" on the website... frustrated, I called Crave "Support" Tech who said my card appeared out of date. I said that could not be true, as I had just upgraded to HBO on the 24th of June. To this, he asked what that charge was (exactly) which seemed odd. Then he put me on hold. Came back and said the 'only way to help me was to get: the amount of the Crave subscription charge, my credit card details, email & password!

Why are support ppl asking for sensitive data? If I had actually given all that info, he would have had enough for total fraud on my credit card account. Absolutely APPALLED by this. Also - why is Crave making it so difficult for even a technically savvy individual to purchase your services?

Support tech said his # is EZ56698. But I didn't ask for his password..

Decertn Libarary and that's about it
The only decent thing about their service is their content library which are mostly HBO shows. That's the only positive thing though as pretty much every other aspect of their service is absolute garbage. The app is a horrible and unintuitive mess, the quality looks like a 2008 You tube video. It constantly lags and the play back controls are garbage. I'm paying $17 for Netflix which has more content and way better quality. Bell accrued the solo rights for HBO content in Canada and is abusing and ripping off Canadians while paying off the government entities that oversee these sort of things. Do yourself a favour get a VPN and just download Game of thrones and don't give your money to these greedy $#*!ers.

Don't do it!
The selection is pretty sad, but what most turned me off is that there is no browsing for the starz add-on: it just shows 10 movies on the front page or you have to search, if you know the title of the movie you want to watch. Not user friendly. The worst, though, is their customer service. I cancelled on the last day of my subscription, and said it was too late- because it was a prepay service they had already charged me and there was no refunds—- $270 annually!—- they wouldn't give me my money back for the subscription even though it hadn't started yet. That is epically shady. Stuck watching for another year but I'm going to now make sure I never get bell for phone or internet or anything - I don't want to be directed to that call centre ever again.

Unethical, limit fraudulent ways
With the addition of HBO content, and some recent movies, the content is very appealing... and if you think it through, paying about 20$ isn't too bad for good content.
Problem is, curiously stop sending monthly "your invoice is coming" just as the price doubles, they don't give you the option to opt-out of the add-on and just go ahead and charge you with it.
They also don't just add content (in the add-on), but use content you previously had access to and put it in that new category... and then as if that wasn't enough, they add yet another add-on (Starz) just a few months later! It seems like each time you open the app and browse, you have access to less and less with the basic subscription! All the while Netflix and the other platforms still gives you a ton of content for the same basic price...

As if it wasn't enough, as others have pointed out, the apps lack features and are glitchy, and the customer service is awful. But it's Bell, so who is surprised?

It Could Be Good (but not)
So here I am not able to post a Google review. It seems impossible to do. So much for Google's "Don't Be Evil". A review on my local pizza place? NP. A review on a billion dollar company? NOT POSSIBLE. I shouldn't be surprised. So CRAVE has done a substantial offering upgrade. It includes HBO & Showtime & Movies. I am Impressed. It even seems worth the $22.+ per month. However, it gets dragged down by it's $#*!ty service. Literally. You have one job. Serve up videos at a good speed and good quality without buffering. For gosh sake you EJITS at BELL MEDIA... ADD SERVERS. Increase Bandwidth. Quit being so cheap and stupid. You have a good basic product. Service it. If you want to make Netflix $$$, GROW UP.

Thought I cancelled my subscription, but no! Was still billed.
Wanted to cancel because the app doesn't work properly! A common occurrence as the customer service agents admitted to me.
Couldn't log in to figure out what was happening with my account so requested a password change on 2 different occasions but those emails never came. A total of 5 reset password' emails tried.
Called in. Was told that password changes could take up to 24 hours to process. When I told the customer service agent that it sounded extremely shady, he changed his story that it may actually take only an hour. Please wait.' So I did.
2 hours, still no email.
Called back. Got the run around from the most incompetent agent I've ever spoken to in ANY company. Finally was transferred to a supervisor, likely due to myself calling it the worst F*(%:#$ company I've ever dealt with.
Once talking to this supervisor, him sending the reset password' email magically worked. Upon this I told him to cancel my subscription immediately, and advised him to find a less fraudulent company to work for.
Nuf said?

Read more $#*! reviews below if you don't believe me.

Just started using crave, was excited at first about some of the content. However similar to other reviews I'm finding it really difficult to navigate and use. When I choose a show I've been watching it opens it to somewhere i had stopped or paused several times previous and then it's really difficult to find where i had actually left off most recently. When watching on my firestick when I get to the end of an episode there doesn't seem to be an easy way to start the next. When watching on my laptop it kicks me out every time and makes me sign back in. Super glitchy.
Plus it's irritating that there doesn't seem to be a way to filter out content that I don't have access to with a basic subscription, so I'm endlessly disappointed clicking on titles only to find I can't watch. should at least have some kind of indication when browsing so you know you don't have access before clicking on it. Certainly not interested in upping my subscription to double the price for a platform that works so poorly.
Very disappointing. I'll stick with Netflix and prime video.

Money grabbing customer unware service
Got drawn in by the free month. Very few good shows. When month over, automatically renewed. Missed the fine print. Called them on first day of renewal period to cancel. would not refund me the month, even though it was the first day of the period. Their policy is "once we have your money, you'll never see it again." No sense of customer service. I would have reconsidered Crave in the future, but my policy is once you take my money in this way, you'll never see another dime from me. Had a similar poor customer experience with another media company that wouldn't refund a small amount and I cut them out of my life. I've saved about $3600 over the last 3 years as a result. So maybe poor customer service is working out in my financial favour.

Not craving Crave.

Good content ruined by constant paywalls
If you have the option, use ANY other streaming service or pirate. Yes, it's so bad I encourage you to pirate every title Crave offers. With every other service, you pay your fee, and get access to content; simple equation. With crave you pay your monthly fee, but if you want to watch the last two season of your show, you have to pay a second subscription to HBO or Starz or whatever else. You search to see if have a particular movie or show, it'll show you they have it, but you can't watch it, you have to pay another subscription to watch it. And these secondary subscriptions are not a couple bucks here and there, it's the SAME PRICE AS THE ORIGINAL SUBSCRIPTION! For full access, you're paying something like $40 a month! I fully encourage pirating every title crave offers. Buy Netflix and Hulu or Prime, then pirate everything else. Crave not only doesn't deserve your money, but they deserve to lose money for the sheer contempt they hold for their customers.

Where's the 0 stars option? Don't bother it's actually a scam!
I made a huge mistake on subscribing to this site thinking it would be 10/10 but needless to say it's like -1/10. The website is incredibly slow ahd extremely glitchy on every device (app, SmartTV, website) and all the shows are outdated. It's a shame that awesome shows like letterkenny aren't on netflix since it was the reason I subscribed to Crave but I can't even bare how frustrating it is to work their site just watch it so I unsubscribed or at least I thought I did. Month later I got billed on my credit card even after Reassuring three times that I wouldn't. I just spent 1.5 hrs on the phone TRYING to cancel again and asking for a refund... I'm now currently waiting for my refund to be approved for my $10.50. What an absolute joke and a huge scam! Please save your money and time and don't even bother!

Absolute biggest waste of money
I regret subscribing to CraveTV so much. Unless you upgrade to the HBO there are almost no decent shows to watch. My month trial is now up (which gives you access to all the HBO shows) and now my year subscription has kicked in. I have clicked on about 15 shows and every single one says I need to upgrade to watch it. I can't find a single show that you can watch just using the normal craveTV. I am so disappointed and it is such a waste of money. Please spend your money anywhere else. You will be very disappointed if you subscribe to Crave.

Another thing I found with many shows I was able to watch when I was on my month trail was that alot of shows that it says it has... only has a few seasons and are missing 4, 5, 6 and even 7 seasons. It's ridiculous.

Crave TV - extremely poor customer service - they just don't care if you're down for weeks
Added a $100 and a $25 gift card for my niece for her birthday. The $100 gift card receipt says I paid $100, the credit card company says I paid $100. Value on Crave TV when redeemed it is $50. This was almost 10 days ago. Each time I call (5 times) they tell me that the ticket has been escalated and they'll get back to me in 24 hours. They have yet to contact me within 24 hours. Today I asked to speak to a supervisor since, spending 2 hours on hold and 3 hours talking with their agents is finally wearing very thin on me. They hung up on me. I called back and I'm now waiting to get a call-back from a supervisor. Since they had a 1 month free trial period, I asked if they could just extend for a week while they sort this out and they said no. I said they can take the week away after this is sorted out... I just don't want them to get a bad impression of crave, they said no. I asked them to finish their investigation and return all my money. I will be sure to warn everyone how poor my customer service experience has been with them.

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