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Great company, EXCELLENT customer service A+++
I've been using this site/service off and on for over 5 years now. I love the ease of setting up a resume or cover letter, all the templates and the fact that I can save my work for future editing. I needed help reactivating my account today and used the Live Chat feature for the first time. I spoke with a rep named Johnny who was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He took care of everything I needed and showed concern to even stop and ask how my day was. I'd recommend this site to anyone - it's a great tool to keep in your resume building arsenal. I'll always be a customer! Thank you again!

Cover-Your-Behind-Now--View Attached Photo
*** To report to the BBB please use the info provided on the photo I have attached.*** If I were you, I would drill down on these reviews by clicking the 1-star bar to discover a commonality--we've all been screwed a sneaky ass monthly charge. I used this service ONCE for a mere cover letter, in which costed me $1.95 without even realizing, in whatever heeded warning there was (not visible or communicated) that $19.95 would be charged MONTHLY. Who IN THE HELL would use a COVER LETTER/RESUME service every month@ $19.95 with no stopping after spending ONLY $2.00?!---that logic doesn't even make sense. Without me realizing it, I have been charged $19.95 for over a year now. I am supremely livid at the sneaky A. C. H. Withdrawals on my account. Spoke to customer service and Cover Letter Now are only willing to refund ONE measly recent charge, after over a year of scheming my card. DO NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE AND RUN AWAY FAST.

Avoid this company at all costs! SCAM
My experience is exactly the same as all of the bad reviews posted! After spending over a half hour building my "FREE" cover letter, the site informed me I had to pay a $1.95 fee! I begrudgingly paid so I could send my resume off. Now 2 weeks later Cover Letter Now are taking $39.80 out of my account, which will leave my account negative! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! By the way, the person that responds to every review - what a joke you are!

Scam taking money from people looking for jobs!
I was in need of a cover letter, and I was enticed by the promise of a free cover letter builder. The tool was simple enough. After completing the cover letter, it said I must pay a dollar and some odd cents fee to be able to print/download. Fair enough, I thought. Later that month, I was charged a random $19.82. Though Cover Letter Now claim warning me, I had no idea I was signing up to have money that I didn't have anyway taken from me when I had not used the website since. I online chatted and my money was NOT refunded. They claim to have deleted my account, so we'll see about that. Overall, pretty low of them to take advantage of people who are desperately searching for jobs by stealing their money. It didn't hurt me too badly, but I can only imagine how it might affect someone else. BEWARE!

Worst ever
I cancelled my account within 4 days and won't refund money stating past billing cycle. If I could give this site zero stars I would because Cover Letter Now are unethical when it comes to business dealings

They don't have a clue, they keep telling me that they can keep my money because it was after a 14 day billing cycle even though I was a subscriber for 4 days.


The Service Appeared Helpful, But Technical Problems Changed My Mind
I signed up for the free trial to get some ideas for different types of cover letters and resumes. Examples were mediocre at best, I've seen better for free. The interface was awkward to use. I found out after spending 21/2 hours crafting a resume, that the SAVE button does not really save your work you MUST press the FINISH button to actually save it to the web site, if you are planning to leave the site and resume working on a letter/resume later. Nowhere did I see that specified and requested Cover Letter Now add a warning, "To save your work you must press FINISH" so others don't make the same mistake. I lost everything and they were not able to retrieve my data. I decided to cancel my subscription and did so on my account page. A day later a $20 charge appeared on my credit card, although the payment due date for a full subscription was taken out at least 2 weeks before the due date shown on my account page. Customer server was awesome and very professionally handled my subscription requests immediately (cancellation and a credit to my account) and sent confirmations to my email. Sorry it was such a disappointment.

Great for resume, cover letter left me puzzled
I was very happy about all the tips Cover Letter Now give on the right side of your resume. They gave very useful phrases to use on my resume. But when I downloaded it as a Word doc. I decided to make a few more tweeks and I deleted a couple of bullet-pointed entry's, but the bullet-points stayed and I couldn't delete them. I had to call into Customer Service and get a manager on the phone who downloaded my resume and took off all of my bullet points and emailed to me. Then I had to work an extra half hour, putting the bullet points back in.
Then decided to give the Cover Letter section a try. It seemed to grab a job from my area and only gave 3 sentences on my cover letter. I didn't want THAT job, but couldn't figure out why it inserted there and couldn't take it off. I would have wanted a generic cover. So I only stayed for the 14 day trial.
Josiah was very helpful in helping me to cancel this subscription

Great service, easy to use, easy to cancel when done
I used this service to write a cover letter for a potential job. Found the site on google. Was super easy to use, and once I created my letter and downloaded it, I used the live chat to cancel it so that I would not be charged in 14 days. The live chat agent, Limny, was very efficient, and cancelled the account within a few minutes. I was very pleased and would use the service again! Well worth the 1.95 I spent today.

Be careful of their sneaky subscription charges!
I believe I'm not the only who has encountered this renewal fee situation, in fact, mine is still not settle. I signed up for the basic subscription and just like almost every other subscriber, I overlooked the cancellation policy that I have been charged a $39.8 so called renewal fee every month and the amount has accumulated to over $600 now. I have spoken with different agents through live chat but could only receive 5 months refund and left me unanswered with the rest of the overcharges. Agents promised me will escalate to higher management, still have not heard back from anyone since Jan 4. What's even more frustrating is that, the agent said the renewal fee is changed to $9.95 each month as a company courtesy to me, soon enough I realized my credit card was charged this amount immediately. However, based on my subscription, the renewal would not happen until every end of the month. But here we are, I'm being mis-charged again!

I wrote email to them, got treated as a brand new case, wrote to them again, only got told will hear back as soon as possible. I'm very upset about their services. I still have not heard from them to date.
I strongly suggest that Cover Letter Now should remove such renewal policy since it's very misleading and from these reviews, I'm sure I'm not the only one. It does not make sense when the subscribers initially signed for the cheapest plan and then got charged 30x more in each month if they forgot to cancel the plan. I have been inactive and have not used any of their services after the first time use. Cover-Letter-Now is seriously a sneaky company, all of their money are earned from cheating subscribers with hidden terms and conditions that we're not familiar with. NOT RECOMMENDING to anyone, DO NOT subscribe! CANCEL your subscription now if you can! I would rate a zero if I could!

Not as easy to use as I had hoped
I loved that it got me going on how do set up my cover letter. However, I had to call support after paying for the trial that I though was a free trial. I wasn't prompted to pay until I finished my cover letter. After calling support and accessing my cover letter, I found formatting errors such as the margins were not the same from right to left and I wanted to change to font size and I couldn't even get this fixed after importing it into Word 2010. I will not renew this on a monthly basis.

Easy to use and Excellent customer service,
Used the service to make a cover letter and paid $1.95. It was a pretty nice cover letter. I liked the many different formats Cover Letter Now provide and how easy it was to use.
However, 2 weeks later they charged me for $19.95, even though I never used the service again.
I contacted customer service and they understood and helped me out! Andres was great! Great customer service is something many companies lack nowadays, this company isn't one of those.

Scam billing practices, avoid at all costs
After signing up for a $1.95 "trial", was immediately advised with an email that, (nothing stating that this would be the case on web site so cost notice was for first time), that I would be billed $9.95 a week ongoing until I cancelled. Resume format impossible to work with. Web site had no functional way to cancel "subscription", phone contact link busted, web chat not responded to. Sent email, hopefully I can get them to cancel before Cover Letter Now start billing me further.

Free cover builder
Rather sneaky move to say it is a free builder and the only way you can download, print, or email it is by subscribing. However it is a good cover letter builder and it is pretty cheap to subscribe. I thought about making an effort to screen shot the finished letter and retype it in a word document, but my conscience would have been guilty and I would feel like that is theft

I would like to say how appreciative I am to cover-letter's staff, I signed up for the site to assist me with writing my cover letter since recently receiving my MBA and I found the site very useful. However, my trial period ended prior to me going out to cancel the service, and the staff was kind enough to extend me a courtesy of refunding my credit card due to my oversight. I greatly appreciate this as during this time of year it was helpful to get the money back.

It said free but then i get to then end and its not free but it was so easy to use i still decided to pay but i will most likely be cancleing as soon as i get this cover letter i think you guys should have an option for a one time use fee like 5 bucks for the one cover letter or something like that even if it was 10 bucks but 25 dollars a month seeme like a lot for a service no one would hopefully have to use to often.

Great cover letter, but price is too high
I was able to create a good cover letter and didn't realize that it wasn't going to automatically cancel after the trial. I was billed for the next month, but called and the lady was very nice, and helpful in cancelling the account for me. The monthly fee is too high and she asked didn't I want to keep it. But after getting a job, why would I want a keep an account to write cover letters. I would say that overall, it was a good service and great customer service.

Easy and helpful but trial could be a turn off.
The resource was great and extremely helpful. BUT the monthly cost of services after the trial date are overpriced. I would suggest cutting down to $9.99 a month. You're more likely to keep customers and it feels less like a gemic. The usefulness would appeal more to a money-conscious job-hunting demographic if the price wasn't more than most people are willing to pay for a monthly gym membership.

Read terms and conditions thoroughly. Not a free service.
I was disappointed in myself upon realizing that I should have more carefully read the terms of the transaction when I found a surprise $20 charge on my credit card bill. I called upset to cancel and did not anticipate the call going well. However, the gentlemen, who's name is failing me now, was a superb professional. He did not personalize my frustration and handled my bluntness like a friend. He was able to cancel my subscription and went out of his way to mend the situation. I was so impressed with him as an individual asset to this company that I would keep them in mind if I did look to subscribe to a service like this in the future. Well played good sir! Hopefully your recognized by your superiors and offered a position where you can have a greater impact.

Cover letter now
Complete fraud of a website. You cant sign up for the 1.95, Cover Letter Now just immediately charge you the 20 and then tell you you have to wait 4 days to have your money refunded. I highly reccomend you do not use this website and if anyone has any other horror stories from this website please contact me as I am making a claim to the better business bureau against these fraudulent people. They offer no help and if you call for customer service be ready to be sent to a call center in India where no one can help and apparently no one has supervisors

I absolutely love how it flowed and that I was able...
I absolutely love how it flowed and that I was able to complete my cover letter with ease. The preset statements were great especially for the person who doesn't know exactly what to write or how to write it. The templates are amazing and it was easy to switch in-between each one. I am curious to figure out the resume portion works and how it can assist me in my future job finds.

Quick and easy refund for my own mistake.
I purchased a $1.95 trial subscription -- not reading the fine print, I was charged today for $19.95. I used the live chat to contact them, and Linmy explained that I signed up for a 14-day trial, which turns into a monthly payment. Cover Letter Now quickly refunded me and canceled my subscription. I honestly thought it was a long shot that they would refund it, since it was my own error. Great customer service!

Poor Resume service
I just purchased the cover letter package along with the resume aid or what ever it is called. I submitted my already complete resume expecting it to be revised. The revision looked as if some computer program had gone through it. The job information was distorted and it looked a mess. Further, the "live chat" is a complete waste of time. The reps take a very long time to even join the conversation. When Cover Letter Now do, they have absolutely no answers. This is a VERY bad program. Anyone saying otherwise must be related to the company or paid for their false review.

Very disappointed
Cover Letter Now offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the trial fee if the customers is not completely satisfied!
I spoke to two agents from cover letter now and tried to explain my disappointment. They avoid to answer your question and argue with the complete service the money back guarantee is a lie. I have to pay at the end $50 for two cover letters. So be careful with cover letter now.

Cover letter now scam!
Just like many of these other reviewers, I am very displeased with this website. I was on a time crunch to put together a cover letter, I followed all the steps for a supposed free cover letter and at the end I was taken to a payment screen. After the 20 minutes it took me to put together a decent cover letter I felt obligated to pay the $2. I was upset but said screw it, at least I'm done with it. A few weeks later my debit card was charged for a full months subscription which was $40! Evidently not only do Cover Letter Now charge u $2 for a single cover letter but upon your purchase you are automatically subscribed to pay $10/week AND you pay in advance for membership time that hasn't even happened yet!? This is absolutely criminal!

Be careful with subscription, they are tough to refund
I was reading lot of positive reviews here regarding refunds for subscription that you didn't actually wanted - it didn't worked that smooth for me. I admit I was careless, so I noticed I have charges from them after 10 months of subscription, when almost $400 was written off from my account! I requested for refund - customer service made a refund for 3 months, after my second request Cover Letter Now did refund for 2 more and wrote "we are not able to give more then this due to company policies". So I paid $200 for one single cover letter! Be careful, cancel the subscription just after you got a letter for initial $1.95 - that is fair price.

It said it was free, but it wasn't
When i found you online it said it your service was free. But when I finished my cover letter, I was taken to screen that gave me the fees that you charged. I spent all this time perfecting my letter and couldn't download or e-mail it without paying fee. Everyone be warned that there is a monthly charged after you pay what I thought was a one time fee. Now i have to find out how to cancel this thing.

Horrible customer service. Says will be billed weekly 9.95, but charged for the whole month. Cover Letter Now don't care about the customer or the service they are just trying to pull a fast one on anyone who needs a cover letter. If someone doesn't want your service, give them there money. You can't even talk to the people who make the refund decision, everything about this screams FAKE! Also every response to all complaints on here is given the same response which means it's just generated to try and make them seem like a real company. Beware they are not!

Like Jesus turning water into wine
The process was very easy and maneageable. I imagined my process like Jesus turning water into wine! Wave a hand and my stress was delight! Coming from a career where you turn wrenches into customer service is not an easy feat either. I think there should be one time pay options, I doubt I will need this more than a few days time. Would definitely come back and use again, but the service is well worth the pay either way

Low prices beautiful templates good customer service
Templates are really nice for cover letters and resumes, theres a little something for everyone. Trials are nice but make sure to read the guidelines carefully because if you don't cancel the subscription before the trial is up Cover Letter Now will screw you with their actual prices. I made that mistake but thankfully their cust service allows a 1 time courtesy and will waive it. Really professional all around

Great customer service, but I feel swindled
I used the service one time for a cover letter and paid a one time charge of like 2 dollars then a few months later I realize that I have been paying 20 bux a month for the service without realizing it, I could have read the fine print more I guess but I feel swindled because after the one time payment that automatically makes me pay for monthly charges if I don't cancel the service. The customer service is great the man was very helpful in canceling my service and informing me on what happened but I think the way Cover Letter Now make it seem like your just buying a one time thing then make you pay monthly is unethical.

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From students or entry-level job seekers to experienced executives, our cover letter builder offers jobseekers a fast and easy way to create a cover letter. With pre-written bullet point examples across several industries and recruiter-approved templates, Cover-Letter-Now enables users to download a polished and professional cover letter in minutes.

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