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Custom Cushion Covers
We have had our garden chairs for quite a few years now, probably more than ten. Cover & All UK are plastic rattan and aluminium frame so nothing really to rot. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the cushion covers.

The seats are odd shape with the width at the back shorter than the front.

Found Cover and All in a search and they can do covers only for lots of different shape seat pads and covers.

Put in the dimensions for covers only and the price came out quite high but I thought I would give them a go anyway.

Now I have received them I can see why the price is quite high. Well made, strong waterproof material, exactly to my dimensions and the rear zip looks very robust.

Delivery was in less than a week which considering they are custom made is plenty acceptable.

So glad I did try them. Quality and delivery timescales would be hard to better.

Garden cushion covers
I found the communication poor with the company as the items didn't arrive on the date stated on my email, I rang the company only to be told Cover & All UK were not ready! Rang again and given a new date for delivery which they did arrive on the said date but was a little too late after the event that I wanted to use them for. One of the cushions was marked upon arrival so had to be cleaned before being used!

First call was told the cushions were not ready with no date given for delivery, Second call on as given given a delivery date but no email sent advising this so if I hadn’t have called would I have eventually received a confirmation date for arrival ?

Cube cushion cover
Like others, I do feel a bit put out that I was dealing with a company in India and this was not made clear on the website. It certainly exlains why I received no reply whatsoever to my email enquiry / question that I sent prior to placing my order. That said, the cover fits perfectly and the colour on the website was representative of what I received. It was actually a replacement cover for an odd size pouffe that my dog uses as a bed that was originally faux leather and destroyed by her claws (basically fell apart over time) so I needed something strong. The three sides zip opening makes it easy to put on and the quality all appears fine on initial inspection. Obviously won't know how strong it actually is until she has used it for a while, but so far, I am happy with the product. Lead in time was long (2 weeks) - now explained by the long trip from India - but it did arrive within the timescale advised with a few days to spare

No reply to my email correspondence

Would recommend
When I first ordered this and came on trust pilot a few weeks ago I thought ohh no what have I let myself in for. 1 star reviews and apparently comes from India not uk. Well, within 3 days of order I had dispatch details from FedEx, Not sure what all the bad reviews are for as I have just Received a custom sized cover for an L shape rattan corner sofa. I have just opened it up, and it's been delivered quicker than their expected delivery time and wow, what a quality cover. This thing is very durable and fits like a glove. The material is what I would expect of something like an expensive boat cover. I will be using again 100% for a bbq cover and our other sets. Thanks allot

Good product, but delivery late and communications poor
Manufactured in India - no problem. Shipped from India meant a three week delivery lead time - I can live with that. However, was not delivered and I only received an explanation when I emailed to chase up about three days after due date. Company explained Cover & All UK had supply chain issues, and item was finally delivered after another two weeks' delay.

Product (outdoor cushion cover) was fine, but I suggest only place an order if you're prepared to wait several weeks before delivery.

Order was not delivered and I only received an explanation when I emailed to chase up, about three days after due date. Company explained they had supply chain issues, and item was finally delivered after another two weeks' delay.

Product (outdoor cushion cover) was fine, but I suggest only place an order if you're prepared to wait several weeks before delivery.

Good buying experience
I measured the covers and sent the details and before work was started a confirmation email was sent from the company to confirm this. I realized I had made a slight mistake and corrected this and the second measurements were taken with no problems. I also found that after ordering the covers there was a discount for first orders. I contacted the company and this was taken off as a refund. The covers arrived promptly before proposed delivery date and are good quality and a perfect fit. I am quite surprised at some of the negative reviews

The First order discount had not been taken off but this was immediately refunded

Custom made sauna cover
Cover & All recently made a winter cover for out outdoor sauna from my measurements. We needed a couple of iterations on the design but are very pleased with the result. It fits well, looks smart and seems to be quite strong. Cover & All were able to include 2 zips at the front so we can roll up the whole of the front side and use the sauna in the winter without having to take the whole cover off. Now thinking of ordering some outdoor furniture covers from this site. Delivery was faster than I was expecting for a custom-made product.

Interaction with designer to get the cover exactly how we wanted it to be.

Well Made Good, Sturdy Product
The covers I ordered arrived and I am very pleased with them. Cover & All UK are the right size, they are well made and seem robust - just what I need. However, they took forever to arrive. It is true that there was a wait anticipated. I was advised that it would take over a month for the covers to arrive. I was given a date of 4th December. Fine. However, the 4th arrived and went. I waited a week and then contacted their office explaining that I was still waiting. They were very nice and advised me there was a problem and that I would get the covers soon. I waited more than another month. They arrived in the middle of January. Long time to wait.

Excellent service and product
I was a little wary when I read some of the reviews but the website is excellent and I decided to go ahead anyway. The fact that this product is made and shipped from India was one of my concerns particularly with the Covid crisis which is engulfing the country. The product arrived only 5 days later than the first estimated date and I was able to track its progress. The product itself is excellent quality, heavy duty, fits well and I'm sure will be effective and durable.

My only grumble is that I had to ring India to get the discount code that was promised when I signed up for email newsletters. I feel that code should be applied automatically once you have signed up,

Mixed views
The web site showed the table top cover being equally " gathered" all the way round so I ordered the cover with 4 toggles believing that the Cord was continuous all around the cover. However when it arrived there were large gaps and the cords were just in very short stretches. This left areas that were not gathered and the wind got underneath - it would only have been a matter of time before it blew away.
Covers and all generously replaced the cover with one that was elasticated all the way round and that now fits - very tightly indeed- so much so that it needs two people to put it on! A problem if you live alone!
Whilst the company was quick to respond to my problem and offer a replacement, I do feel their website is misleading and would caution purchasers to ask plenty of questions when placing an order.

I have already done so as part of my review

Excellent Product
Easy to navigate and understand website. Let's see what the service is now that I've ordered my covers. Going by the feedback, that should be good.
It's now over a week since I received my order. The quality is superb and the measurements were spot on. Cover & All UK are made in India and are shipped via UPS. Fro. Order to delivery was an acceptable time and you can track the progress from the initial email that's sent. I'm using them as garden swing curtains. They are waterproof, heavy enough to act as an excellent windbreak and look good in situ; I chose the beige colour. All in all, I'm delighted with the product and overall shopping experience.

Choose pattern carefully
I received my product of outdoor cushion covers in good time and Cover & All UK proved to be well made. I would have been satisfied except that the pattern chosen was not accurately portrayed on the website. It did not show up unpleasant spotting on the light coloured background which actually turned out to be part of the pattern. It took a few emails to explain this but the response was satisfactory and I have chosen replacements in another pattern which does not have a light coloured background. It might be worth requesting a file image of your preferred pattern before proceeding with the order..

Once I could show exactly what my issue was they took steps to resolve it.

Very satisfied customer
I was researching a cover for a bench which I use (out of doors) for potting up hanging baskets and pots, large and small. I duly measured the item, but was impressed by a couple of requests for confirmation of the measurements, plus a couple more photos. This was time well spent as the cover, (once I had worked out front and back) fits the potting bench like a second skin. Well made of robust material, I shall definitely looking to order more covers for outdoor furniture including a large ‘swing' chair - for two people.

I provided the company with additional information and other photographs in order to clarify what I had already sent.

Shabby Legs Covered!
No qualms in the end for our custom made cover. Concerned initially - were my measurements precise? Did ring up and changed the height and the amendment was politely and efficiently taken. The cover fitted perfectly and the colour (the blue matches with our 2 other placed mats in the room) and smartness was more than expected. Waterproofing not required for our non standard snooker table that resides in our posh new conservatory, but the cover is sufficiently smart looking too. As well as protecting the snooker table felt and lovely wooden surround, the make do sawn off wood, lower the tone, eyesore legs are completely hidden until we source proper Riley ones on the internet. Very pleased. We will keep the bubble wrap to house the cover while the snooker table is in play. Very satisfied!

Great product, easy to buy, super fast delivery
It was easy to order and for the 2 mixer covers I ordered the price was really good.
I like the fact that Cover & All UK ask for an image of what you want to use the cover for, it shows that they really try yo understand the customer's needs. And in my case they added drawstrings, which I think are optional charged, for free. I actually just wanted a dust cover, but couldn't find anything suitable, so theses covers are weather protection grade and thicker than required. I chose the thinnest/cheapest material, I was surprised how 'heavy duty' they are.
After ordering I realised they were manufactured overseas, but from ordering to delivery was just a few days and very reasonable postage charges.

Second purchase and faultless
I have made 2 purchases from cover & all and Cover & All UK have both been perfect. I have had some new garden rattan garden furniture this year and unfortunately the manufacturer doesn't make matching covers and the size of the furniture isn't standard. After following the not so challenging instructions of taking the measurements of your furniture, adding an extra inch and inputting them the covers arrived early and were well packaged. I ordered the "cover max" with the standard drawstrings and no grommets both times and don't think I would need anything different. I have already recommended this company to a few friends and colleagues and if you read this… you too!

They want to get it right first time.
Products take a bit of time to deliver but the quality is very good particularly if you go for the better material. If there is any doubt about your order or if Cover & All UK feel you may have missed something then they will ask the necessary questions rather than ship something which may not be right for you. You can also speak with a real person rather than the very limited FAQs which other companies often rely upon as their sole means of communication. Good to do business with and I would recommend to anyone who wants something to last and is good quality. Well worth the investment and cheaper in the long run.

Very good except for one problem which was not really resolved which was the fact that they do not seem able to create a "D" shape. I was told, after speaking twice with a customer service rep that I would get a call from the factory/manufacturer but it never happened. I gave up and ordered a circle which I will cut in half. Not ideal. Pity because all of my other interactions have been helpful, friendly and have produced the right result.

All Weather Garden Table Cover
Pleasantly surprised when a rep called and went over some "missed details" that turned my sceptical decision into a very positive feeling. It's good to know that there are still companies about who really care about their end product.

Things began to get seemingly a little complicated with my dimensions because I was aware that Covers and All required finished dimensions but did not know if that included any extra that I thought may be required for stretch, or machine tolerance. In short, I over thought the issue when I need not of worried. The rep that called me soon reassured me that all he needed was overall dimensions of my table. Lastly, it arrived over a week early, just 2 months before the start of Scottish Winter in August.

Better than the Brands Own Cover
Having bought Outback & Webber BBQ brands own covers - at considerably higher prices in the past which were poor quality and didn't last - this time for my new BBQ I ordered a cover from Cover & All UK. My make and model was a standard option so made things easy. We live up a hillside in Scotland so I went fo the most durable fabric and with clips as well as a draw string. The cover arrived far quicker than expected. It had obviously been made and shipped from India which was never mentioned on the website. I have no problem with this but it was billed as Cover & All UK. Some of the stitching is not perfect and the cover, which is a heavy vinyl, looked cracked along the fold lines but it seems to have settle down now its on the BBQ and has been out in the sun - and the rain. Huge zipped pocket on the front and metal eyes under handle cover on each side presumably to allow it to breath? Good features but not mentioned on website. Fabric looks to be very durable and is considerably better quality than any previous covers. For the price we paid I am very happy with he cover and the service.

Great service and perfect cover!
We were looking for a cover for the wheel on our boat and came across Cover & All UK. Whilst Cover & All UK were not nautical cover specialists they did have a bespoke service we thought we would try. It was easy to order and well priced, the team came back to us twice to check our measurements to make sure it was all correct, good job they checked as we were slightly out! It arrived in good time, the material quality and finish is excellent and it fits really well! We are delighted with our cover and would recommend Cover & All UK!

Excellent customer service, albeit throug the app but very thorough with great attention to detail

Order received ahead of time
I had ordered a side and top cover plus curtains for our pergola and was initially given a delivery date of 12/2/21. The items arrived on 8/2/21 which was great! Cover & All UK did come in two separate deliveries though which caused some confusion as there was no packing slip or any other indication to clarify the contents of the parcel, I. E. which parts have I received and what is still in transit.
The items themselves: cover and side cover are fine. The curtains are odd as according to the website there should be two separate curtains but mine came as one big sheet of material with a continuous header band with grommets and some weird stitching down the middle. My husband thinks it is one piece and not two pieces sewn together, so I am not quite sure what to do with this for now. I will find some sort of solution because shipping it back to India is not a great option.

Good quality
Easy to order, instructions to measure furniture are clear and concise. Fast efficient shipping however I ordered a small table cover the day after i ordered a large corner sofa bespoke cover and as this small table cover didn't qualify for free postage I rang Cover and All and Cover & All UK said that the first order had already gone through so that I couldn't put them together and get free postage. Hence I had to pay postage! The total was well over £300 so it wasn't a small order!

Helpful customer service agent however I was a little put out that my two orders couldn't be put together. I ordered a large corner sofa bespoke cover and then about 10 hours later I ordered a small table cover for my firepit table. As the table cover didn't qualify for free shipping as it was under the price cap, I rang customer service to see if it could be added to my existing order. They said no as the sofa cover had already been 'made'. So I had to pay for shipping even though my total order was over £300.

UK Based Company - Manufactured In India -
Excellent communications from the customer design team based in the UK from start to finish. Prices very competitive relating to the different products hence why I choose this company. The only issue I had was with the manfacturing team is based in India to which I understood to be UK based. However, the cover arrived 4 days over due as advised by UPS and the delivery info was quite poor regarding tracking "BUT" this is no fault of the company in the UK. The cover received was a very good fit and I'm very pleased with it's appearance and durability. I do plan to place another order at some stage for something else but will now be prepared for a longer delivery time.

A little late but excellent product
I was nervous about this as I saw some bad reviews after I ordered but I could not be happier with the service and the product. I ordered covers for a self converted camper van and they've finished it off beautifully! I made a mistake with the colour when ordering which I contacted customer services about on the web chat, Cover & All UK rectified the issue within 5 minutes and I received an an email confirming the change had been made soon after. They were a little late in delivery but again contacted customer services and they informed me to expect them in the next 10 days. 10 days later they arrived the quality is beyond my expectation, especially for the cost! Excellent service and value would definitely use them again

Overall a good experience
Good value web site... ordered the heavy duty cover for our new garden furniture. Quality & size are very good. Only problem was lack of communication re a delay in the delivery date. It was sorted out during an online discussion with customer services, after a long, fruitless wait on the telephone. Didn't realise the covers were actually made up in India & obviously delivery was affected by COVID. The customer service representative on line was very helpful & expedited my order. He also gave me a tracking number so I could be kept up to date with delivery progress. The delivery only ended up being 1 week later than expected so not too bad.

Totally useless via telephone.. waited ages on hold then cut off!
Excellent help from on line customer services representative. Restored my faith in the company!

Found this company by chance on line struggles a little bit with ordering but that was me not reading the instructions did the first order again and it was fine after that. This company was very quick to respond to a query and very quick to rectify something I had done wrong on my order. I would certainly use them again.

I forgot to put a discount voucher code in I realised after I had submitted the order and I emailed them straight away this was on a Sunday and I didn’t expect a reply until Monday but 2 hours later I received a reply telling that it had been sorted out the discount had been applied and I would receive the refund in 5-7 working days. I was very impressed with speed in which Cover & All UK dealt with whole matter.

They fixed a problem that caused me a lot of headache- I got different shades of grey cushions.
I ordered a few covers for my balcony cushions. I didn't expect them to be of such good quality so I ordered more for some more cushions. But Cover & All UK came in a different shade of grey. I was disappointed and ordered new ones- and they came in a THIRD shade of grey. By that time I gave up, it was too much hassle to deal with the company and wait for new covers but then out of the blue, I got an email saying they would replace ALL the covers to make sure they were all the same shade of grey. And now they are here and it looks great. They really are of great quality. But a piece of advice, make sure you really get the measurements right which isn't easy sometimes. Double-check 3 rimes!

A British company, or so I thought
Second time we have used this site. First set of covers were excellent, which is why we have bought from here again. Discovered, though, upon tracking my package, that the covers are made in India and shipped over here. Had I known this, I probably wouldn't have ordered from them since the carbon footprint is huge. My parcel has been to 2 places in India, shipped to France, then Stansted airport and finally to Cardiff. I really thought I was ordering from and supporting a firm based in Britain. Can't fault the quality of the covers but have been trying to be greener and was disappointed to find that they're not made here. Does help to explain why Cover & All UK seem to be taking longer to ship.

Excellent quality cover for my outdoor sofa!
Very pleased with my experience with Covers & All. The order took quite some time to arrive (it was placed at the end of October and received at the beginning of December), but I was kept informed about my delivery progress the whole time. The process was easy to use - I just put in the dimensions of our garden sofa and sent a photo with it. The staff at Covers & All did come back to me twice as Cover & All UK needed more dimensions. These were clearly marked on my photo so it was quick and easy for me to provide them with these.

The cover fits very nicely on our garden sofa and the drawstraps ensure that it will not fly off during high winds. There is also a vent on both sides to let out moisture. It seems to be a high-quality material and should last a reasonable amount of time, I think. I'm a little perplexed by the other reviews stating that it is bad quality! I ordered the "Cover Max" in blue.

I also thought the price was very good, especially with the 20% discount code. I will be ordering again. Thanks!

Absolutely brilliant!
I wasn't sure what to expect at first, however the ordering process was very straightforward and I found the exact product I wanted - made to measure seat pad covers in a choice of colours. When the covers arrived Cover & All UK were exactly what I ordered, really good quality material and fitted perfectly - so I ordered some more. They only took 3 weeks to arrive from placing the order, and were totally worth the wait!

Before I ordered I tried to check that you could deliver to Guernsey, which is not on mainland UK. The customer service representative couldn’t tell me, other than to check the website and if not on the list there, then no - which it wasn’t. I decided to place an initial order anyway and see if it went through and arrived ok, which it did. So, you might want to add “Guernsey” (or all the Channel Islands) to your list of countries you deliver to on your website.

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