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Plain unhelpful
It's just not worth the money. Answers are usually copy and pasted off existing solution manuals. Unlocks are very stingy and limited. When uploading to gain unlocks, the time it takes to actually earn those unlocks is usually too long and I've already run out of time to complete the assignment. Chegg is slightly better at giving step-by-step solutions, but a lot of the time you just can't trust the answers. Nothing compares to asking for teacher for free help, studying harder and more consistently and not leaving things to the last minute.

Feel scammed
It has been over 24 hours since purchase of 1 month premium membership for $40. After checking out the website timed out and upon refresh it asked me to buy a membership to access the documents again. Never received a conformation email either. The closet thing I have the resembles my purchase is the attached screenshot. It says I have 1 month till some of my tutor questions expire. The $40 is not in my bank account anymore and I still only have free access to the site. I have reached out to support multiple times and have yet to receive a response.

The Course Hero site is a fraud. Course Hero said they are not responsible for the content of the published courses which is totally frustrating when you need to find the correct information on their site. Their answers do not match the question that is being asked. The answers are wrong. This means no matter what, you have to figure out the question to get the right answer wasting more time in completing the assignment. They do not make a refund no matter what, basically they steal your money.

HORRIBLE Customer Service!
I accidentally purchased the annual subscription for this course without knowing that's what i signed up for. After looking over the content I knew this was not going to be helpful. I contacted Course Hero for a refund and filed a claim with Paypal. Course Hero told me Course Hero could not issue the return if I had a claim with Paypal so i cancelled the claim with Paypal and they closed the case. Course Hero then said that I "Lost" the case with Paypal and were not able to refund me money. Course Hero was the one who said they could not help me or refund me if i had a claim with Paypal which prompted me to cancel the claim I filed. I believe they did this so they could say that I "lost" the claim fight with Paypal and were not able to refund me. I know any business can refund customers their money especially if they haven't used the product. Restaurants refund customers if they do not like the food, Course Hero can refund money, they just wouldn't and I definitely feel like they scammed me.

Refused to delete my uploads
Course Hero are my own work to which I am entitled, and I did not want my work to be public any longer (for various reasons - my university's policies, outdated information, copyrighted works cited, etc). They simply reminded me that they basically now own my work and will not remove it. Furthermore, the explanation was inadequate and they seem to know how to reply to queries such as my own (because undoubtfully they get lots of requests similar to this one) and they seem not to care at all that this infringes my author's rights. Absolute garbage service, and the credits which I got for uploading my information are very few in proportion to how many documents I've downloaded.

Too expensive for work that isn't always helpful
A lot of the assignments that get submitted are broken English or plagiarized. There are a whole lot of things that are uploaded that don't have any answers or work done that explains how Course Hero got to the answer which would be extremely helpful for those of us not wanting to cheat but needing some added guidance and direction. Too often I get some strange questions that need faster clarification than my instructor can offer and CourseHero has usually been pretty good about that. And then they changed their unlock credits and price structures. Now, you have three pay options: Pay up front the whole year for $120, pay 90 days at a time for $60, or pay monthly for $40. Chegg charges $14.95 per month and that's it. Chegg has almost all of the same assignments I am always looking for AND the people posting the answers almost always offer the explanations how to get to the answers. CH is only good if you have a full year left. It is nearly useless without a subscription. The work available is awful, btw, because you are forced to submit 10 documents to get 5 credits and how many of us have that many documents - especially the new students? And what the heck is an almost graduated student going to do with all the credits? Revise, CourseHero, REVISE PLEASE!

I attempted to cancel immediately after my daughter mistakenly purchased a year in advance subscription. Course Hero haven't a number to call, so I filled out their form. No response. So I disputed with my credit card company. Course Hero lied that I never reached out to them, yet when I spoke to them they admitted I did and they said I never responded to their supposed email never received! I now am being told that they can't refund me since I disputed it, which again in a lie per my credit card company. They give you the run around, do not have a fax to send anything to, no manager to speak with, and are refusing to give me my refund. All the information was now sent to my credit card company to prove all of their lies! Do not trust Course Hero and their policies as they are all a lie to keep your money.

When I first tried Course Hero, it does it like any other site: The instant you sign up, THE FIRST THING IT TAKES YOU TO IS TO TRY TO GET YOU TO PAY FOR THE SERVICE. I just want answers, and I have to pay $40 per month, which is RIDICULOUS for getting answers. I would stick with Quizlet and Brainly.

Next thing is that for unblurring documents from TechLaCarte tells you to pay $2 to unblur it, even though it says it's "free". Next thing on TechLaCarte is that when I see the part where you can get 3 free unlocks per day, IT'S ALWAYS SOLD OUT THE INSTANT I LOG IN TO THIS CHROMEBOOK TO TYPE IN THIS REVIEW; IT'S NEVER GOING TO CHANGE EVER. Quora is blocked on my school Chromebook, so I can't get answers there.

Uploading 10 documents is very stupid just to get 5 unblocks. What documents am I supposed to put there? I don't need to upload documents, I just want answers.

This is basically like Chegg or Bartleby, it's a scam. All Course Hero want is money, and they are rich while you are poor and you REALLY REALLY NEED answers. The whole point of this is to help. I WOULD NOT USE THIS AGAIN.

As a recent graduate, it's shocking how much actual material is being submitted by student to Universities and directly bought from this company. I've had to report dozens of students and unfortunately disqualify them from great opportunities. The company states and "trys" to enforce their users to avoid these actions, but it's completely ridiculous to set these rules but then have material from every University across the state. Course Hero don't follow their own policies but expect their users to do it, completely shameful and embarrassing.

I purchased a $39.95/1 month membership in order to view the documents I thought would help me with my courses. The entire website (I have screenshots of the website and registration process) leads you to believe that once you "complete your membership for instant access", you will have "instant access to over 25 million documents". Nowhere does it state that even after you pay for a membership, you will have to earn "unlocks" to access the 25 million documents you were guaranteed to have instant access to! After discovering this "service" is completely useless, I requested a refund which Course Hero immediately denied because I already used an "unlock". WHY IS THIS NOT ADVERTISED? NONE OF THESE RESTRICTIONS ARE ADVERTISED. They are taking full-time college students hard earned money and scamming them! This service is disgusting and dishonest and needs to be SHUT DOWN!

Terribly Unorganized Money-grubbing service
Terrible service. First of all, Course Hero didn't mention you have to pay on top of your membership fee. If you need to view more than 28 documents in a month, you'll need to pay more. Most of the documents don't have proper identifications so you don't know for sure what you are unlocking before you unlock it. This service is like casino, they have cover charges that is redeemable for 28 turns at the roulette table for you to gamble on the documents you unlock. After your 28 turns, you have to cough up money again to gamble if you need to unlock yet another document because you didn't find what you were looking for at the first 28 tries. After I realized that, tried to cancel my membership, but they denied because I had already used up one unlock. They advertise "Access to millions of papers". You have to be a multi-millionaire to view them all.

Really bad tutor support
So yesterday one of my answer was marked as unhelpful and the reason given was that I didn't answer all the questions but just one question was asked which was answered so I commented on the question that I had answered all the questions which was one question, and so why was I marked as unhelpful. Today I received a warning mail from coursehero "warning for posting unnecessary or irrelevant comments". So if a tutor answers a question after spending an hour on it and gets that answer marked as unhelpful he can't do anything. We can't comment on question asking why was the answer marked unhelpful for no reason, if we raise a ticket for the question hoping that someone from coursehero will listen to tutors, all we get is an auto-generated mail.
So if one wishes to work as course hero tutor all he has to do is answer the questions and hope that the student don't mark it as unhelpful for refund. I'm just gonna shift to chegg expert now. Chegg has some really good services for student as well as experts.

Course Hero is fraud.
I would request all the tutors on Course Hero to stop using and stop answering questions because Course Hero will never pay you. Initially, they will take 15 days to start making payments and after those 15-20 days, they will make any excuse to permanently close your account. I urge everybody to please stop using it because today it has happened to me but tomorrow the same thing will happen to you. I had above INR 15,000 in my balance and they simply shut my account. I request everyone to please stop using it. They only take money from the students and make the tutors solve them without paying the tutors. We should not let this scam to continue, I once again request everyone to stop using Course Hero.

One of the major problem with this website is Student's response. Course Hero mark 'unhelpful' to even correct answers of tutors and tutors have no way of getting this issue solved. A student asked marked my answer helpful and then asked me to attach screenshots of each step in comment section (which is not possible), I asked him to post a separate question for this as it is not possible for me to attach screenshots in comment section. Later that student told me he does not have enough time for this and marked my answer unhelpful.

Game changing resources
I was initially a bit sceptical but I always give any subscription based product a one month trial. In the case of Course Hero it really helped me to level up on my Math classes. I usually struggle in math and algebra so when I got into college I was having a hard time with the basic courses. A sophomore recommended it to me and I went through the algebra study guides and Course Hero help me to get an A in my class. I got the chance to ask questions to tutors online that I couldn't ask to my professor, since we're a big class and he doesn't have the time answer everybody's question.

Coursehero honored their agreement and gave me 28 unlocks so i'm happy and i'd like to rescind my initial review.

I really liked Course Hero. The first time I used it, Course Hero fulfilled their agreement as promised and I received about 15 free unlocks for 30 uploaded documents that were accepted. I log in again, about a month and a half later and looks like my unused unlocks expired as I was left with none. Now it says if you upload 10 documents, you'll get 5 free unlocks. I uploaded more than 10 and have not yet received a single unlock. I submitted some textbook questions that had my own answers and they denied it, stating that I violated their Copywrite infringement policy, which is understandable but I didn't know that wasn't allowed. But even after I uploaded 100% of my work thereafter, they STILL DID NOT GRANT ME ANY UNLOCKS. I uploaded about 25 new documents and about 5 were denied and yet, I still have not gotten a single unlock. Un$#*!ing real. This company is a joke.

Be sure to cancel twice!
I cancelled, and then (four months later) had to cancel again. This company lists their address as being in California, but I highly suspect that Course Hero are actually located in India, with corporation paper sitting in a lawyers drawer in California. The customer service person could not give me to correct name of the California city in which they supposedly reside. I've noticed that the positive reviews seem to originate in India. Services that prey on people (especially students) are a plague to the world. (Wish I could give a lower score)

Rip off
You have to pay for a subscription, and then you find out you have access to 30 documents per a month. You have to "unlock" each document if you want to see more than the top 1/4th of the page, and you get 30 unlocks a month. Most of the documents have nothing to do with the class/topic they're listed under, and some of the documents are jokes people posted on the website. When I cancelled the "cancel anytime" subscription, I was informed I owed the full amount of the contract. I had to call customer service to get out of the contract immediately. I spent all of 30 minutes on the site.

Course Hero is a Huge Scam For Both Tutors and Students!
Course Hero does not provide any sort of reliable support to its so-called "heroes". Tutors are treated poorly and very unfairly. We cannot appeal for unfair ratings or even the unfair and sudden closure of our accounts. Once they're done with you as a tutor, they'll close your account for no valid reason (Course Hero don't provide any substantial evidence) and they will steal your remaining earnings.
I recently had my account closed and they couldn't specify which rule in the Terms of Use I broke (which is basically because I never violated any rules). Now they won't pay me my hard earned money. My payout keeps failing and the "support" team no longer responds to my emails.
The Course Hero support team and all members of this company only care about money and nothing else. They are greedy a-holes who would only take advantage of your efforts. STEER CLEAR OF THIS SITE. It's a scam which only aims to exploit educators and students.

Qorst service ever. I doubt Course Hero have what you need the fokens they give you for free to use with submissions prevent you from getting a refund if you do decide to get the subscription and end up wanting a refund. Dont bother the peoppe posting about it working are probably employees of the company bc none of the classes myself or a buddy of mine who was in all gen ed courses were on there. And anything we did find was from someone else posting an assignment you had to uncover to even see that it wasnt usefull
Which also takes your ability to get a refund away.

Awful customer service and the products that they offer is not worth a dollar
I am shocked by how the course hero still continues its operation with such a bad reputation. The customer service Course Hero provide you is so bad, they are not understandable and the customer satisfaction is definitely not their no. 1 priority.
I bought their 1-year subscription and they didn't like it at all because they are not enough resources to utilize. Then, I obviously request a refund from them but they said that they can only change my plan for a 1-month subscription. I agreed but even that is very bad. I don't like their service and based on the other reviews, many people are unsatisfied with the service they provide. I still wonder how they continue to operate with the bad product. I contacted the customer service support with the request several times and was asking for a full refund but they weren't. Accommodating. Please stay away from this business since the service they productive for people is awful and would never recommend it to my friend. There are plenty of other sources that are much better.

I purchased a $39.95/1 month membership in order to view the documents The entire website leads you to believe that once you "complete your membership for instant access", you will have "instant access to over 25 million documents". Nowhere does it state that even after you pay for a membership, you will have to earn "unlocks" to access the 25 million documents you were guaranteed to have instant access to! After discovering this "service" is completely useless, I requested a refund. WHY IS THIS NOT ADVERTISED? NONE OF THESE RESTRICTIONS ARE ADVERTISED.

No worth to a tutor
Since 2014, I started my account on Coursehero. Course Hero keep changing each and every rule time and then just to make things complicated. My account was deactivated for so many times. No, they don't even pay anything to the tutor. I see that students are paying again and all for the same assignments we have done/paid once. And what we get paid is just 1, 3, 5 dollars, but mostly 0, because it goes to tutor with most number of answers (be it anything), because students don't choose.
WORST to work with, Pathetic! Start valuing your tutors...

I paid for the year and after one month Course Hero closed my account for "plagiarism" when I asked them how on earth I plagiarism they would not respond to my email or reimburse me. I even offered to upload my assignments that I wrote vs the ones that I viewed (for example purposes since some professors are vague and don't respond to questions. But they refuse to answer me. Just lost all my money. I'm surprised by all the comments there is not a law suite against them.

Total Fraud
The site is total fraud- you don't know what documents are you unlocking, most of the solutions available of the problems are incorrect, and if you ask a question, rest assured it will not be answered on one pretext or the other. Further, even after taking paid membership, you need to pay for unlocking documents. I have no idea as to how the law enforcement authorities are turning blind eye to such brazen fraud perpetrated on unsuspecting students. Hope relevant authorities will look in to it sooner than later.

This company is a SCAM!
So I read about this site from so I spent like an hour editing and uploading documents to get the $5000 scholarship. Course Hero said you had to upload 10 documents. On the 9th document, they suddenly just kept loading and loading and loading... then I started reading and realized that they were going to sell the material I had uploaded. This is so unethical! I didn't know nor had they warned me that they were going to sell my work (my essays and presentations that I worked on for hours and hours and hours on) to people and I would get NOTHING in return for it. Of course I should have known it was too good to be true, but I'm sooo desperate now; I'm a single mom of 2 and full time student and I lost my job but somehow don't qualify for unemployment. I just spent 4 hours I should have been spending with my kids doing stuff for these scammy "scholarships", then something told me to just look up on the BBB "" and "Course Hero" and every other scholarship I had applied to and now I feel stupid and frustrated and angry! I just wasted four hours of my life on this $#*! and gave away my best essays and presentations to an unethical, putrid company. I even tried deleting 2 of them because they were still uploading, but they said "sorry, can't be deleted". How is there no way to delete something if I don't want it out there if I JUST put it up like in the past hour?

Complete Scam
Like others have written, you pay a large subscription fee and then you only get 30 unlocks. The kicker is that you don't know if what you're unlocking is what you need, complete, or even has the correct answers. So you use those 30 unlocks in about two weeks and then Course Hero want to you to pay $15 for another five, which gets you maybe one more assignment. It didn't used to be this way, I've used them in the past. I'll never use them again. Basically I paid $75 for two weeks worth of help on three assignments.

I would highly suggest not to consider this platform for tutors. Course Hero permanently disabled my personal account because they claimed that my personal account was linked to another account. In course hero, you can't just make another account using the information you've used in your personal account, because they have the system to detect it. When I asked them for the validity of their claims, they can't provide because they have closed both accounts. I asked them to check the information used for both accounts, when are these two accounts made, and where are these two accounts made, but none of these was provided.

Basically, their claim was not verified, yet they have already decided to permanently close my account. So they can just randomly claim that your account is fraud and close it without substantial evidence. I feel sorry for the other account. And also, if you read the terms, tutors are not protected. They allow students to post actual materials from the university, such as exams, quizzes, etc.

Blood sucker and materials stealer scam
Course Hero didn't tell you this unless you read terms and conditions which of course no one reads since it is probably a few hundred pages but when you upload your documents, your document becomes their property. They charge other users who want to access these materials but you do not get anything from them. You can't edit or delete your own files. They control everything. A lot of materials are of bad quality. Their business model is stealing from people to make themselves rich so don't be fool by their mission to help learner.

Deactivated my tutor account without reason
Course Hero deactivated my tutor account for no reason and kept the money I had pending to withdrawal. They will give me no reasoning for deactivating and have ignored my inquiries. They also keep all of your materials and your answers to questions. Obviously my answers were good if you are going to keep them all active on your site. It is a totally unethical company and I'm glad I never uploaded my study materials or other resources.
Update: They have since informed me I was deactivated due to low ratings. However I had 5 star rating.

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