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Too many exclusions
It's almost scammy when you just start out. CouponCabin showed me a really good offer ($20.00 cash back on Clarisonic orders of $100.00 or more), but they only gave me like 5 minutes to claim it. Seeing as the time was ticking down, I rushed to place my order. Only after I placed my order, I see all the exclusions that apply! Ended up that I did not qualify for the cash back. I could have waited until the next day to purchase my Clarisonic through Ebates and I could have received at least $12.00 cash back, instead of none.

Ebates does not have any of these exclusions. Which makes me think, that even if you use a promotion code, even if you open a new browser before submitting your order... blah, blah, blah, they still get their cut (for "referring" you. But they make it extremely hard for you to get your portion.

I feel like I've been scammed.

Honestly, the only time I ever shop is when I have promotion codes to use, so I guess I wouldn't qualify for most of the offers. I guess couponcabin is just not for me, unless I'm willing to pay full price, and then 3 months later get cash back.

The only reason I'm giving 2 stars instead of 1 is because I feel like the website has potential if they got rid of some of the exclusions...

Best coupon site ever, but make sure you read every rule!
I'm a top 1% CouponCabin shopper! I love this site and go there first to look for deals whenever I shop for anything online. Not only do CouponCabin have almost every sale and the best coupons listed, but they are the only site that offers these amazing $50-200 off coupons for spending that same amount on various popular shops. They do have rules that need to be followed exactly, such as empty cart before clicking on the link, no coupons used from other sites, no ship to store, etc. Because of these rules, you have to be super careful when you get one of the amazing coupon deals because you can easily overlook something and end up spending a lot while inadvertently having invalidated your coupon. That said, I've gotten many of these deals (the more popular ones like Amazon are nearly impossible as your server and your finger need to be lightning fast, but if you go for lesser known stores it's not hard) and they've all come through. You can be paid thru Paypal or get even more extra cashback by being paid with Amazon gift card. The time or two I had an issue with not getting cash back when I should have, CouponCabin's customer service was professional and came through.

False promises
Clicked on an offer to get 7% back on a purchase from newegg. Completed my purchase and provided documentation. Now CouponCabin claim the other site hasn't confirmed my purchase. Its been almost 2 months. Many emails with customer service. Nobody seems to care. Why advertise a deal from a "partner" if you can't get the "partner" to confirm a purchase? It doesnt make the partner look bad... it makes you look bad and fishy. Look at some of the other reviews here... all saying the same thing. I will NEVER use coupon cabin again. Horrible experience. STAY AWAY!

I see "Ryan" responded. Ive already been in touch with Ryan and customer service before I posted this review. Here is what Ryan said in his last email to me..."This process can take as long as 90 days in some cases depending on policies of the store in question."

So you have not disputed my claims at all. Only confirmed them. I am not going to email you again because its a giant waste of time. YOU SHOULD NOT ADVERTISE SOMETHING YOU CAN"T FOLLOW THROUGH ON OR CONTROL! This is why people should know your site is bad.

UPDATE... I just emailed their customer service again at 2 months post purchase. RYAN replied that (all the sudden) they have now eard from newegg, and somehow they did not receive credit for the order. Somehow I got credit from marketing channel? (Not true)... oh and also they couldnt find a click from my purchase? (Not true). Again... STAY AWAY from this site. ATTN REATAILERS... you too. I would not partner with this company as all they do is frustrate customers... your customers.

Not a customer friendly for referral
I recently visited my friend in another city, I talked about how my good experience getting cashback from the company. I logged into my account and show him around. He decided to create his own account and found a new member deal for himself. He ordered successfully. Later the company emailed him saying CouponCabin deactivate his account because he violate the term and condition. I advised him to reply the company and now they say they will re-open the account but will remove all new member offer and still don't count his fair share for what he bought. Keep in mind they don't make the terms and conditions regarding new account transparent. You definitely just lost my friend and I after this instance.

Update: What will you do if you want to introduce a friend to use Coupon Cabin? You gotta log in and show him what kind of cash back deals are offered through the site, how to use it and then walk that person through account creation. I don't see the reason why my friend account was locked, then unlocked but with no new member offer or cash back processed to his account. Anyway, since it is hard to use your site, I went ahead research and use a different cashback site with my friend. Thanks for the experience.

Shady business
So what happens when you visit a relative for the holidays with a coupon cabin account and you use their computer to login... EVERYONE gets banned forever and lose their cashback. Seriously? Looking at other reviews, this seems to happen by using the same Wifi network, moving to a new home, or changing to a new device! Leave it to Coupon Cabin to make online cash back a Draconian experience! I have never had this much trouble with other sites. Been using ebates, retailmenot, mrrebates, topcashback, etc for YEARSSSSSSSS and no trouble. These other sites typically have much better deals so I am wondering about the incentive to block people so easily. Not sure why coupon cabin feels the need to blow things completely out of proportion... oh wait, CouponCabin KEEP your cashback. They are adept at finding ways to keep you from earning your cash back so they can keep the money you earned. SHADY

There will likely very quickly pop up, as you can see with every other review similar to mine, the same canned response from Coupon Cabin. Sad

Treats their customers like garbage.
I have used CouponCabin for quite some time and never had a problem, until now.

On Sunday, September 2,2018, I received an e-mail from CouponCabin informing me that the first 8 who clicked through would be offered $100 off a $100+ purchase at

I monitored the time closely and at the appropriate time, I clicked through and was successful at obtaining the offer.

I had been looking for a lamp, so after a period of time, but prior to the offer's expiration, I found one that I wished to purchase. I clicked through the link several times to ensure that it was active.

I also read the fine print carefully. Disable ad blockers: check. Make sure cart is empty first: check. Home delivery only, no in-store pick-up: check.

Purchased the lamp and everything seemed fine.

On Tuesday afternoon, September 4,2018, I attempted to login to CouponCabin to ensure that the offer had been processed properly. However, I was unable to login.

When password resets didn't work, I contacted the company. I was very quickly offered the following message, which made zero sense to me.

Hello, Brad.

Our security system has identified your account (******* and multiple computer networks that your account has accessed (including but not limited to Internet Protocol address: as severely violating the terms and conditions of CouponCabin's cash back program. As a result, your account has been permanently closed and the cash back has been forfeited.

I asked for a further explanation but have not received one to date.

Meanwhile the lamp has been ordered and shipped. Not only is CouponCabin reneging on their $100 off of $100 offer, but they've closed my account, confiscated any cash that was in there, and refused (so far) to tell me why this action was taken.

I've recommended CouponCabin to many people, including to my girlfriend at the time that I "qualified" for this offer. Makes me feel kind of dumb for going out of my way to recommend them. Frustrating, annoying embarrassing and unwarranted.

I'll continue to update my experience and hopefully I'll get some resolution. But for now, I've got an expensive lamp on the way that I'm not even sure will be here before I leave for China, and now I have to hassle/fight/argue with CouponCabin and I don't think I did a thing that was wrong.

Let me also add, this is a very poor way to treat established customers. Deactivating their accounts without explanation and reneging on promises. If there's an issue, it should be politely discussed/explained. If there's a legitimate problem, make sure the customer understands the issue. If CouponCabin have a reasonable explanation, be reasonable and understanding. Treating good established customers in this way is a poor business practice, and I suspect that even the principals at CouponCabin would agree with this.

Coupon cabin has accused me of offering insults. I ask, "What insults"? That's completely false. Do I consider their actions to be rude, unwarranted and potentially fradulent? Yes, absolutely.

Let me also add that I am a former police officer. Imagine that you are a good citizen and I arrest you. You ask why you are being arrested and I ignore you for the most part, but then I say, "You have been identified as severely violating the law!". You say, I haven't violated any law! What are you talking about? What law?!" I again reply, "I have identified you as severely violating the law!" When you press further, I say, "Please read the Penal Code. You have severely violated the law!". You say, "But what law? What are you accusing me of? Where do I look?" And I then tape your mouth shut.

That's what you did, in essence by refusing to give me a straight answer to my questions and by blocking my IP address and blocking me from Facebook. Did you consider something really wild like... responding to the questions/concerns in a reasonable way?

Look back at my e-mail messages and you'll see a common theme. I asked, "What did I do? I have no idea what you're talking about". And you'll also see that there was no specific reply by your company. Just ambiguity.

Good customers are hard to find. Good customers who go out of their way to refer you business are even harder to come by. When you have a customer for years, treating them in such a poor way and simply closing their account, without notification or discussion, when they a long-history of using your service without issues, is not an acceptable practice.

A better way to handle it would have been to not close an account and say, "According to our records, your CouponCabin account may have violated our Terms and Conditions for the following reasons. We understand that you might not have been aware of this, but it is important that you not use more than one device (or whatever). Future violations of our Terms and Conditions may result in the suspension or closure of your Coupon Cabin account, and neither one of would want that. We appreciate your patronage and loyalty. Feel free to contact us with further questions or you may simply refer to the link which fully details our Terms and Conditions".

Do you see how that accomplishes the same thing, keeps your customers (mostly) loyal and happy, and doesn't annoy people to the point where they're writing unflattering reviews? Do you see how it completely changes the tone? Not only that, but you actually make more money instead of having to fight with irritated former customers like me.

P.S. I'm getting these replies from "Good old Sam" over at CouponCabin who falsely stated that I've been sending them "offensive insults". Well, you deserve them, but I don't recall making any. Perhaps you can share them, Sammy? He also states that they "will not provide financial incentives in exchange for removing negative reviews. Not asking for "financial incentives". Just asking them to honor their commitments, communicate effectively and reasonably with their customers, and to treat them with respect. CouponCabin failed on all counts and continues to fail with their ridiculous self-serving replies. Hey Sammy, here's a better idea. Look in the mirror and change your rude, anti-consumer and counterproductive policies.

May work for a time, but they'll eventually ban you and steal the money you've earned
I'm writing an update to my original review.

On Jan. 15th, I received an email telling me that I could no longer receive money via Paypal transfer. CouponCabin detected what they called "unnatural activity," but they could not explain what this was, nor did they determine that it was a violation of their Terms and Conditions. All they would say was that it happened and there was no way to resolve it. Detecting an issue is one thing but saying that it was impossible to ever resolve and therefore I would need to accept payment via paper check from henceforth is another, and it smelled fishy to me. They said their T&C covered this, but I could not locate such a passage, and they wouldn't point me to it or explain it. I accepted their resolution of paper checks, but I also said that this transparency issue concerned me and it may constitute a legal issue. They immediately closed my account. I received this message:

"Given your desire to seek legal action, we feel that the best course is to close your account and issue a final payment for the cash back you have pending. This is usually a ten-day process, but based on your note, I will escalate this to our Chief Financial Officer so we can get a final payment processed within the next 48 hours.


Sydney K.
Customer Success Associate
CouponCabin team member since 2014"

Any further contact with CouponCabin has left me with this message:

"The Customer Success team is no longer able to provide assistance for this issue. For additional information regarding your account or CouponCabin's Terms and Conditions, please contact us in writing at the address below. Please include your return address and allow 30 days for our written response.

CouponCabin LLC
Attn: Legal Department
1319 119th St., 2nd Floor
Whiting, Indiana 46394
You may review CouponCabin's Terms and Conditions by visiting the URL below:

Michaela S.
Vice President of Customer Satisfaction
CouponCabin Team Member since 2015
CouponCabin shareholder since 2016"

Based on my interactions with Sydney K., it is clear that they never viewed anything I did as a violation of their Terms and Conditions prior to mentioning the potential legal issue. It was the mention of a potential legal issue that got my account closed. Sydney K. Even said, after my account was closed, that I was still due the money that I earned while a member. And yet, here it is, Feb. 23rd, and I have yet to receive payment.

It's clear to me that they have decided to not process my payment, which is a violation of their own Terms and Conditions, and want to make it as difficult as possible for me to chase down my own money in the hopes that I won't bother, thus allowing them to keep the money owed to me. This is a devious business practice that, in my opinion, amounts to theft. CouponCabin does have an email address for their legal department (*******, and I have sent multiple requests to them for payment, but my requests have been ignored. Now I will have to spend more time and money sending them a letter via certified mail asking them for the check they should have already sent. And if they ignore that, I will have to wait a bit before filing a suit in Small Claims Court, which they will probably not even bother attending knowing that the judgement will go against them, so they might as well waste my time before sending me the check I'm owed. It seems to me that it is just a matter of time before this company's shady dealings catch up to them. I would not be surprised to read about them being hit with a class action lawsuit sometime in the future. Avoid this company at all costs. It's just not worth it.

If you have had a similar experience with CouponCabin, you might consider filing a consumer complaint. You can do so with the Illinois Attorney General's Office here:

The FTC here:

And the Better Business Bureau here:

I've already filed complaints at all three. If anyone can think of another place to file a complaint, let me know. Also, I'm considering writing letters to the companies that do business with CouponCabin. We click through CouponCabin in order to make a purchase at places such as Target and Walmart, and presumably these merchants provide CouponCabin with a referral payment based on the amount we purchase, a cut of which is supposed to be shared with the people making the purchase. However, if CouponCabin is screwing over the purchasers, the merchants may reconsider doing business with CouponCabin.

Absolutely Rude and Don't Care About Customers
I had used Coupon Cabin before with no issues. Last year for Black Friday I tried to use them for cash back and special instant cash promotions CouponCabin were running. The site is very confusing as you think you're just clipping coupons in order to pick the one that best suits your needs however, that is anything but how it works. For example, they had an instant $35.00 cash promo when you spent $35.00 plus 12.5% cash back at a certain store. There were also several other promos for only the 12.5% cash back, 12.5% cash back and free shipping, etc. After making my purchase I noticed that I was automatically given the plain 12.5% cash back. I immediately sent an email to customer service relaying the error and was told there was no error. It was my fault that I had clicked on multiple coupons. I told customer service that there was no way to unclip them and they said they were aware of that but again, that it wasn't their fault, it was mine. I asked if there was anyway the promo could be changed and was told there was a disclaimer that said you could only pick one promo at a time so I left it up to their discretion when I was "trying to be greedy" by selecting more than one. I assured CS that I was merely trying to get the best deal for myself and tried unclipping any other coupon I wanted. They basically said, oh well. I couldn't believe how rude and short they were being and expressed my displeasure with my treatment. I let them know that I would be letting others know of my treatment so that people would be careful if they DID decide to use Coupon Cabin. The Vice President of Customer Affairs emailed me that people like me were the reason they made the rules so difficult, they do not take threats lightly, and that I was banned from using Coupon Cabin for life. I was speechless and stunned. Never have I been treated so badly by a customer service department, a VP of a company, or any company so blatantly. To this day I read over the emails and cannot believe they came from a VP. If you do use Coupon Cabin, make sure you follow the rules to the 'T' in order to get the promo you really want.

If 0 stars was possible trust that would be the case. This website is terrible to their customers! I made my account last month and redeemed an offer a few days ago successfully. And then I went to visit my aunt and connected to her WiFi and checked my account because I was about to use the coupon cabin cash back link for an order and I couldn't access my account! I've been browsing through deals all month looking for something worth while with no issue. I finally redeemed an offer I liked and successfully and fairly earned my cash back not to mention benefited THEIR WEBSITE with utilizing THEIR link. Literally no warning or anything CouponCabin completely terminated my account just because I was using my aunts WiFi (she has an account as well). It's funny they claim I violated their awful terms but as soon as I use their site and get cash back they want to terminate my account, they already benefited from my support but immediately terminated my account over false unfair claims against me. I explained to them the situation and they responded: "All cash back in your account has been completely forfeited pursuant to those terms and conditions, which you twice agreed to, resulting in your current cash back account balance of $0.00. However, as a one-time courtesy, we are offering to remove the "New Members Only" cash back and reopen your account. Please note that we are under no obligation to extend this offer, and if this is not something that you'd like us to do, then we hereby rescind our offer to adjust your cash back and reopen your account, and your account will remain in its closed status with its current balance of $0.00. CouponCabin waits until customers redeem offers or use their links so that they can collect the commission from purchases, and then they turn around and terminate peoples accounts right after and refuse to reissue the cash back earned, fair and square at that! Can you believe that?!?! SCAM! Don't even bother signing up, go with ebates and retailmenot. A 100x better!

Since we leave in a political correct society: Dishonest and non transparent business practices
I responded via private message, not because I want. I have no choice. I will not change my review. Your business practices are predatory and unethical.___________
I opened my account with Coupon Cabin when CouponCabin initially started; I cannot provide the correct year because they closed my account without a reason. Two days ago, I noticed I could not log in into Coupon Cabin (see attach) and that I had agree two previous time to provide what they demanded without questioning. Often, I had problems because they refused to pay earned discounts. I let go of those funds because they make it extremely time consuming to argue for the monies owed. Now, I am asking what is still unpaid by them to me, and they are stating they are not going to tell them unless I send them a picture of my DL and my personal address. I can see this as a realization they want more of my personal information to sell, and getting rid of people that are too costly to them which it is their prerogative. I just want to know the amount of monies Coupon Cabin owes me. Of course, I will not be using them again. I warn everyone planning to use them or currently using them they may encounter the same outcome in the future and you cannot do a thing about it. Hopefully they do it to enough people so a class action suit can be filed.

I love coupon cabin
First let me say nobody asked me to write this. I have been telling people about this site and now CouponCabin are members who get checks every month. I have been a member for a long time.It is so easy to use. All you have to do is fill out a short form, and you become a member. No credit card asked for like a lot of other companies do. I do a lot of my shopping on line and when i do their icon comes down and tells me how much cash i will get back. You can go on their site and check out what coupons they are offering for shopping. I get a check every month and i use it on myself. It is that easy. No credit card needed. I love this site and you will to. I just love referring people so if you take my advice and check it out, i know you will love it as much as i do. Could you please leave a review letting me know how much you love it too. I want to thank coupon cabin for helping me buy items for myself by sending me my check. I could not be more satisfied the way i have been treated. Your customer service is fantastic. They answered my question within an hour. You are the best. I hope by me writing, i will help some people to be able to buy things for themselves. Thank you so much. From a very satisfied member.

Good Coupons. Cash Payouts Can Take 6+ Months (Years for Travel)
Coupon Cabin has some good coupons, but CouponCabin have crazy qualifications and caps on how much cash back you can earn. In my experience, they take an average of 6-8 months to pay out. I have a verified transaction for a whopping $6.80 from October of 2017 that I still have not been paid for and the site says it not payable until 2/ 2019 - not a typo, the payable date is really in 2019!

The fabulous save $250 on $250 type deals are extremely limited - open only to the first 10 to 25 people who claim it, AND that's only if you haven't used too many other member deals in a rolling 30 day period.

I realize they are a smaller business and are trying to spread around their cash back deals to be fair, I get that. But it makes for a frustrating shopping experience. One that's easy to skip when there are other coupon sites that offer cash back options and also pay promptly.

Use Coupon Cabin for their coupons - that really seems to be their niche, but don't hold your breath for a timely cash payout.

Apparently more than one person can't reside in a household
CouponCabin deactivated my mothers account, then my sisters account, then mine stating we violated the rules. Last I heard, we were each individual people and using a new member offer for a completely different being with completely different wants wasn't against the rules. It stated for "new members" so as I am not my sister or mother, I am therefore a new member. Even when I emailed them and got the "you can't get this offer because someone else in your household already received an offer" I
Didn't mind, I thought oh well but the fact that they are so shady they just deactivate your account when you didn't even get the new member cashback they deactivated you for really tells you something. Honestly, stick with Ebates.

Per customer service response, we were never informed of violating any rules. In fact, the only contact I personally had was to see why I did not get the new member offer and I was informed a member in my household previously used an offer so I went on with life. My sister had contact and was informed more than one person in a household could have an account. We were given NO warning at all that we needed to only have one account. I'd love to see the proof you have of when we were given any type of warning regarding the accounts. If we were actually informed to simply use one account, we would have, no problem but you guys are blatantly lying to make this review seem false. I'm glad we were able to see how horrible this site is early on, i'm just sad we gave you any business at all by using you for cashback instead of Ebates.

Customer Support did nothing to help.
When things work, CouponCabin are great. However, I had won a cashback click for $50 back on $50 spent at Columbia. I used it as directed and in the appropriate way (because it is very specific), and then never got my $50 back. I emailed Coupon Cabin customer support and was told in back in forth emails that they would not help me even though the only reason I even bought anything at Columbia was because I won the cashback. They said that someone at Columbia told them that my order was credited to another website...(I only use Coupon Cabin) and they couldn't find out anything else. I informed them that it should not fall on the customer to resolve this sort of issue when the service was not rendered correctly. Also, it was also frustrating because you can't use any other coupon when you are using the cashback through Coupon Cabin. If I knew that I wasn't going to be awarded what I had won, then obviously I would have at least used a coupon code, waited for sale, or not even made the purchase. Again, I was informed that there is no appeal's process at Coupon Cabin and that they would not help me any further because they weren't getting paid for my purchase either. I ended up trying to also call Columbia and spent over an hour with their customer service, but there was nothing they could do either because it was a Coupon Cabin issue. They didn't seem happy that Coupon Cabin tried to put the blame on them. I'm over Coupon Cabin and am very disgusted that this could not be resolved or made right in any way.

Customer Service Reps are taught to close accounts when problems arise. Deceitful company.
I'd steer clear of this company due to transparency issues. CouponCabin flagged my account for what they deemed "unnatural activity," but they could not explain to me what this activity was or why their security flagged it. Additionally, due to this flagging, they would no longer allow me to receive my cashback electronically (through Paypal, for example) and would only send me paper checks. When I inquired about these problems, all they would tell me was that this problem happened and there was no way to ever resolve in. I had to either accept paper checks from henceforth or no longer be a member. They stated that their terms and conditions covered this, but when I asked where the relevant passage in the T&C was, they ignored me. I couldn't find it. I complained about their lack of transparency and stated that I might have to look into whether or not this was a legal issue, and they promptly closed my account and will not respond other than to tell me that I have to write a letter to their legal department, at which point they'd get back to me within 30 days. So, I am left not knowing what this unnatural activity was or whether or not it poses a threat to my system. This company just isn't worth the headaches, especially when there are other companies out there doing the same thing.

Not a scam - just needs to be used carefully.
I've been using CouponCabin since November 2015. It is not a scam website, but does need to be used carefully. I would say that about 1/3 to 1/2 of the transactions I've made online using CouponCabin have needed followup, to either report that I did not receive my cash back, or that the amount was less than expected. However, in every case the customer service representatives have been able to manually fix the issues that arose.

The best advice I received was to first sign into a particular store's website that I want to shop at, load the cart with my purchases, then close out of that window and sign into CouponCabin - only then clicking through CouponCabin's link to the store's website in order to finish my purchase, while making sure that I do not browse or click on any other site until I had finished the purchase.

For the limited time offers that occasionally appear, I've found it useful to save a screenshot of the coupon before clicking through, just in case I need to back up a claim (the coupon's information will not be available after clicking through).

I've used CouponCabin to book hotel rooms and get 1-2% back on those purchases, though in every one of those cases I had to report missing cash back and it took 2+ months before the hotel confirmed to CouponCabin that I had indeed made the purchase through the CouponCabin website. A bit annoying, but at least all the follow-up happens without additional input from me, once I send in the first report.

All in all, it can occasionally be a little bit of a hassle, but I find it enjoyable and worth a little bit of my time. In the last six months I have received $32 from CouponCabin, with cash back claims ranging from 5 cents to $10, for small purchases up to about $50. I have avoided purchasing any of the items that are advertised directly on CouponCabin, so cannot speak to that portion of the site. I've also noticed that a fair number of the deals reported on CouponCabin are merely sales or deals that have nothing to do with CouponCabin itself, so it's important to notice and sort those out when tallying what CouponCabin is going to hand out as cash back. Still, it seems like the majority of online retailers (sans Amazon) that I shop at provide at least 1% cash back if you buy through CouponCabin, so I go ahead and grab my 1% whenever I can!

I Go To CouponCabin When Shopping Online
I have found that CouponCabin gives higher Cash Back percentages + Bonus Cash that is more favorable than any other Cash Back shopping site I have found, including EBates. CouponCabin are also very easy to work with if you should ever need an explanation as to what is happening in your Accrued Cash Back/Bonus Account, such as actually listing the date your Accrued Cash Back becomes available to be returned to you & you can set your pay out threshold as low as at $7, vs other sites that cut checks only quarterly & only if you have met their much higher threshold. The other thing I like is that there are various options you can sign up for to indicate how you would like CouponCabin to pay you: the very popular account (which at times has its own extra bonus if you choose this route), back to your PayPal account, & several other methods, including by check. I also find that CouponCabin is supported by many more stores than the other shopping sites seem to have, which is great to me. The stores that I was previously not acquainted with, example: Fat Brain Toys (where I love to shop for my grandchildren), are of good-high quality stores & the site keeps on top of all the coupons available, not just their own, letting you choose which coupon you think will work best to yield a higher Cash Back + Bonus Cash on your purchase. They also list ALL coupons & tell you how many purchases have been made successfully with each coupon, even telling you if a coupon seems to be expired or is not working. If you haven't tried CouponCabin, you're missing out on not only paying yourself to shop, but also some fabulous deals on the items you're shopping for & the wealth of fantastic stores & products they're associated with.

At first Coupon Cabin works great. I was a customer for a year until my experience with this company convinced me of their untrustworthy business practices. Doing my Christmas shopping, I noticed a promotion on Coupon Cabin for a generous cashback purchase at Eastbay. I clicked on the promotion, which told me I had qualified for one of the few limited promotions, and was led to the site. The promotion warned "select" Nike and Adidas products not included in the promotion. I was careful to choose a pair of Nike basketball shoes for my son that didn't include the phrase "excluded from further discounts or promotions" and purchased those shoes and was even able to apply another coupon to the purchase(which proves these shoes weren't part of the "select" exclusions). When I didn't receive the promised cash back I made an inquiry with customer service. CouponCabin responded back with something like, "We're on your side because if you don't get paid we don't get paid." However, when I pushed customer service to address the facts or perhaps escalate my claim, each time they responded that my purchase was excluded, but didn't explain in detail why; they would say "select" Nike excluded, but didn't specify what that meant. Note, I checked other cashback websites who state something like "excludes Jordan" for example. Finally, I asked customer service to get my concern to a manager or I would contact the BBB. They responded that my bully-like behavior and threats would not be tolerated and canceled my account. I responded back that I had submitted the complaint to the BBB and that calling customer bullies was probably not a good idea. The customer service rep responded back that she'd let her brother, the CEO know about my concerns. So, it doesn't appear I was a victim of bait-and-switch, rather bait-and-switch-off! OK, after going back-and-forth with the BBB and the business responding with empty answers, the BBB closed the case marking it as customer unsatisfied but that the business had responded. Now there is no way for me to know whether Eastbay paid Coupon Cabin for my business. I can only surmise that since the cashback offer was generous, the company perhaps pockets the proceeds, and if the customer complains, the company simply cancels the account. Obviously, this is only an educated guess and my opinion-I can't know for sure. It would appear the company has no fear of negative push back as they respond within the BBB system with stock, empty and non-sequitur answers. There are sufficient positive reviews on this site, BBB site and others to minimize the impact of a single negative review, so they perhaps have no fear of cheating a customer. Do they load this site and others with fake positive reviews? Again, there is no way for me to know and therefore only an opinion and I may very well be wrong. Nonetheless, I urge others with similar experiences to send negative reviews. I wish I had known before developing a relationship with this company it would end-up as an aggravating waste of time. There are other cashback sites I'm sure will be glad to have my business. You should look elsewhere too.

Company policy: Close account for bogus reasons, admit you owe them money, not pay money
This is another update to my previous review. To quickly sum up, in January 2019, I was told that I could no longer receive payouts via Paypal. CouponCabin wouldn't explain why. In the ensuing conversation, they opted to close my account. However, the customer service rep clearly stated that I was still owed money. As was explained, my account had been in good standing, and I earned money legitimately. I was told that it would take 10 or so days to send out my check. Upon further contact, I was told that I had to write and mail a letter to their legal department, and they would get back to me in writing within 30 days.

Well, at the end of February, I sent a letter to their legal department (mailed via certified mail and signed for in early March) detailing the situation. I provided proof that I was owed money and requested that they send me a check. I'm sure that it will surprise no one to learn that I have received no response at all. I contacted customer service again to explain that although I followed their instructions, I did not receive the promised reply. Again, I am sure that it will surprise no one to learn that I have received no reply to that message either.

Clearly, this company has made it their policy to close accounts for various reasons and not pay money that was properly earned. This would be like getting fired or laid off from a job, and your former employer refused to pay the money you earned from your last paycheck until your termination. I expect that they are banking on people giving up trying to collect and not bothering to sue them even if it's clear that they'd win. I expect the merchants CouponCabin refers members to would not be terribly pleased to be associated with this kind of behavior.

I was looking at their app in the Google Play store, and I noticed that a reviewer named Kyle relayed a very similar story to mine at around the same time as my initial experience. I would say that if you've had a similar experience with this company that you should go and write reviews for their apps as that will probably reach a lot more people than web reviews.

A horribly run company
My original review was 5 stars and said I loved coupon cabin and have saved lots of money over the many years I've been a member. That changed last week when CouponCabin notified me that I had violated their rules, that my account is closed, and that I am permanently and irrevocably banned from their website. I was flabbergasted! They responded to enough questions to allow me to know that the rule I apparently violated was that I accessed coupon cabin from the same IP address as another coupon cabin account at some point. We have allowed a few visitors to access the internet from our home WiFi, and I may have accessed coupon from WiFi while I was traveling, so it's possible. They would not investigate further to understand how it happened and they made it clear they really don't care how it happened, even if they are mistaken. Clearly the rule must have originally been put in place to prevent people from having more than one account and claiming more than 1 per month (formerly 2 per month) of the exclusive offers, but anyone who even remotely understands WiFi would know that this would not allow the members to use coupon cabin unless they were home and never let visitors use their WiFi... not reasonable or realistic, or understandable, and it's no wonder there are many complaints about this horribly unfair policy. Besides that the responses to any inquiries about such a notice are very condescending, rude, and unprofessional... a very poor business, and a bit shady too.

Everything was fine when I was receiving a few dollars here and there. Then I was "1 of 8 people" that got the $100 cash back from spending $100 at Kohls. I did exactly what was expected and after a week of my purchase I inquired about my cash back and CouponCabin told me that they had a problem if I could please send my order info. I did immediately and then they said it was under investigation. They told me Kohl's showed multiple orders shipped which doesn't qualify it. I attached the order to my email showing the complete order shipped. Then they told me it would take 30,60 or up to 90 days to receive a response from Kohls (they just told me they did) I already knew they were scamming me because I received the 1% cash back in my account for the $101 that I spent so I knew they had verified that I spent my $100 at Kohl's. After emailing them again, telling them that it's now over 30 days of dealing with this that I would only wait another week for this to be rectified otherwise I would return my order to Kohl's so they wouldn't be able to keep my $100 reward. A week after this last communication I returned products to Kohls, emailed Coupon Cabin and supplied them this info and told them to deactivate my account. They told me they don't operate in this manner and and that they now wouldn't be getting the commission either. When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Account deactivated and all cash back STOLEN by CouponCabin based on lies
I've been a CouponCabin member for more than two years, and I recently tried to log in to my account to make a purchase, only to see that it had been deactivated due to alleged "violations" that I did not commit. When trying to resolve what is obviously some kind of error by CouponCabin, "Shay M. Vice President of Customer Satisfaction" responded to declare that I had "severely violated" terms that, again, I did not violate. I repeatedly tried to tell her that there's obviously been some kind of mistake and requested that she look into it, but she ultimately refused to help me or restore my account and cash back earnings, to which I informed the company that I plan to take legal action. I had a decent amount of cash back in my account, earned honestly and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth by CouponCabin, that the company is attempting to steal from me. And there's no phone number to call to try to get this all sorted out with a real, live person, requiring email exchanges that CouponCabin can, and will, proceed to terminate if you don't accept their judge, jury, and executioner ruling that you're guilty so long as CouponCabin say so! It's basically CouponCabin's word against mine, and based on the responses I can see that CouponCabin has given to many other people on this board who've been similarly falsely accused of "violations," it's obvious that the customer is always wrong at CouponCabin. This company's business model clearly does not involve taking customer service matters seriously. Because of this breach of good faith and attempted theft of my earnings, I plan to pursue the matter to the full extent of the law if it isn't properly resolved, as this company needs to be held accountable for this unlawful behavior. And I strongly encourage anyone else who's experiencing similar inappropriate treatment and/or illegitimate account deactivation to do the same.

Update: Sam's canned statement below, stating that "when accounts are identified as trying to get around these rules, we have no choice but to close those accounts," only proves my point, and just goes to show how this company operates and treats its honest customers. Once again, I did NOT violate any terms or conditions, but CouponCabin doesn't even care to investigate the matter or try to make things right. If CouponCabin falsely accuses you of trying to "get around the rules," then you're automatically guilty of these false claims, and the company will proceed to seize your cash back and shut down your account, as you can clearly see here. If this has happened to you, my suggestion is to contact a lawyer and get the authorities involved, as this is criminal behavior. To those who are considering signing up for CouponCabin, don't! There are plenty of other reputable cash back programs out there that won't falsely accuse you of committing "violations," only to mistreat you when you try to get the matter resolved in a civil, decent matter. Do yourself a favor and AVOID CouponCabin like the plague.

Numerous inquiries via their webform as well as *******, received confirmation indicating CouponCabin received my inquiries and that someone would get back to me. Never happened. Previously, I utilized a similar site that offers cash back on purchases as well, if there was an issue, they were on top of it. As long as there was an open visit on the date in question to the store and I could forward the order, they always compensated me. I can't even get couponcabin to respond to me. The only reason I tried them was because there was a store being offered on Coupon Cabin that wasn't offered on the other site I was using. I was making a relatively large (expensive) purchase and wanted to receive cashback. Please don't respond stating to contact *******, for that is the email address I am referencing. I can't believe in this day and age, that a company believes they will actually survive with poor (or perhaps I should say no) customer service. For those reading this, I HIGHLY recommend EBATES and no, I don't work for them, I've saved over $400 dollars in cash back and have always been treated properly.

Read all the "rules," and fine print before making a claim
When I first joined this site, I was extremely happy with it because I was paid quickly for the first $7 I claimed. Since that time, I have discovered more and more "rules" that I was not aware of in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, these rules are printed for you to see, but unless you run into a problem, you do not encounter them. For instance, I had been using the site for a couple of months before I saw the rule that you could not use a cash back from the same store or brand but every 90 days. I did not know until today that there is a date listed among the payable items that can be as much as 100 days plus before the account is credited. Yes, it is there, I just didn't know what the date meant until further examination. I have overpaid for some items thinking I was going to make up the difference with my cash back, but it will be months before I get that payment. I am more than disappointed, but, I can't say it's CC's fault, I just wish all the do's, don'ts, can and can'ts had been more visible.

Didn't Honor Cash Back
I received one of their daily bonus member only coupons from Walmart for
$100. I spent it according to all the rules. Received a confirmation
Email showing I was receiving it so thought all was well. After I
Received my order and had used it I just happened to look at my account
And it showed my coupon had been reversed. No explanation. I followed
All the rules and CouponCabin said they couldn't do anything--it was up to the
Vendor. Couldn't contact vendor themselves or give me the contact
Information to contact them. Meanwhile I'm out a $100 that I didn't
Plan on spending. Don't trust them!

Their response means nothing. I followed EVERYTHING to a T. Even got an acknowledgement that it was accepted and then reversed. I contacted Walmart and they said it was Coupon Cabin. Also since I questioned their integrity my account was deleted on Coupon Cabin. I got a private message from another customer that the very same thing happened to them. Very frustrating!

Best cashback site on the web with great customer support.
I've been a CouponCabin member for a year now, and the only thing I can say about this site is, wow! It's truly the best site to get cash back while doing your everyday online shopping. CouponCabin have best deals and promotions on a daily base, they will keep track of your purchase and update your account on cash back transactions pretty fast. It usually takes two days and if things go south and a transaction is missing their customer support is one of the best. They usually get back to you in less than 24 hours. Recently I had one transaction missing for a cash back, I was supposed to earn $40 from a promotion they had for one of the stores. That store did not get me the money when it was time to pay, instead they paid a percentage of the sale because something went wrong with their tracking. I contacted CouponCabin customer support and in the same hour they responded back to me and asked for verification email of the order. We were back and forth communicating about the information they needed me to provide, and I would email them and in like 5-10 minutes later I would be contacted by their customer support manager to try and resolve the issue. They were successful in tracking the original transaction and posting the right cask back to my account in less than half a day. Remarkable customer support, I mean how often you hear of this great service anywhere these days. And that's not the only time I dealt with their customer service, in fact I had one more transaction lost in the past and I got the same great response and help from their team. I've been a loyal customer for a year and it paid off, since I was able to make about $280 in cash back mainly while redeeming offers like get $30-40 even one offer for $50 dollars from certain stores I usually visit to shop. And every time they paid me on the same exact day they promised to do.
If you are new to cash back offers online I highly recommend signing up to CouponCabin for the great offers they always have daily, and best of all great support of their team when you need it.
I heartedly recommend them and will let all my friends know about this site.
R. S.

"It's a Gimmick, Scam, what ever you want to Call it"
I was just like so many people who made these good reviews but I challenge you all to try to redeem one of their cash back that give $50 dollar in cash back or more off of $50. I PROMISE you your 4 or 5 star will go down to mines or less. This what happened to me I had been with them about 2 years never had any problem until I complained about not getting my $50 cash back offer from Puritans and CouponCabin try to tell me I must ah disable my Ads or something and that's why I didn't get. I challenge them with my proof that I did everything by the book. Next, thing I know my account was terminated just like that. No warning, I just went to log in and it said I was restricted access. The only reason I gave them 2 stars is because they were good to me up until this. Be aware, don't make my mistake those big cashback offers are a scam and if you dare to get one just know, YOU will not get your money and if you challenge them your account will be close with no message or any kind of warning. When you attempt to go on their website it will just state you violated one of their terms. That's the mistake I made. My violation was being proactive with the money that was due to me. If you ask for proof of the violation, they will cut off all contact stating their address that you need to write to their legal aid and they can no longer talk to you through email. I am adding to this this review since Coupon Cabin wants to respond with that statement about threats, profanity, and etc... are never tolerated. I just want you all to know I have never threaten or use any of the allegations they claim. The remark is all lies. I have screen shot this. I give you all permission to put my replies on blast because these statement your agent made are all lies. I'm hurt that you have to justify you actions with lies. Just a underserving advice. You all need to be careful because if you do this to the right person they could sue you all for definition of character.

I submitted an inquiry to customer support about a concern I had with the app downloaded on my smartphone. Their customer care team immediately acknowledged my concerns and prioritized the issue resulting in my total satisfaction. This is the only Cashback app; of many; that I have installed on my phone that actually gives you a decent amount of cashback quickly. I submitted a receipt for a special promo "Bonus Reward" and within less than 24 hours I had $5 in my Cashback earned account. With other cashback apps you get max 90 cents here and there on over $100 purchases. I get annoyed that all cashback apps require online purchases. CouponCabin gives me both redeemable; qualifying In-Store and Online Coupons. As well as a significant amount of earned cashback for submitting an In-Store Receipt. There a millions of these types of "CashBack-Coupon" Apps. However; CouponCabin is ALWAYS my first choice when shopping for Anything. CouponCabin offer value and customer satisfaction as well as guarantee to substantial earnings. If you have an issue and require feedback they go above and beyond for their customers. I will give CouponCabin a 5-Star Rating any day of the week and I don't give that rating to many of these types of apps. My personal opinion is that their competitors cannot match their offers; specials; coupons and quality customer service!

Make account inactive right before cashback release date/Customer Service unreachable
CouponCabin made my account inactive 1 week before rewards were to be paid out. I've emailed 10 times and have gotten 2 generic responses saying terms were violated. I've questioned many times how I violated a policy when I used there service one time and have yet to receive an answer. I can guarantee you this is a scam as I'm a 33 year old female who used there service one time for CallawayPreowned and never violated any terms of the agreement and this is the only cashback program I've tried. Just a warning it's not about the reward it's the principle these crooks making money off the people then saying were the ones corrupt. Shame

Notice how Marcus responds to all claims that Rules were violated but doesn't explain how or why they were violated-What is there to hide CouponCabin? Seems like an easy way to put blame on someone with no explanation. What rules did I go around when I've used your site once for one reward? I click a link that leads to a website were I make a purchase then your suppose to uphold your side of the agreement. Again slowly so you may understand-How did I supposedly violate the terms of the agreement? I will contact CallawayPreowned to let them know your not paying out rewards.

Never got cash back
I used coupon cabin for the first time on February 10,2017. I purchased a camera and lens thru Adorama. I reported a missing transaction a couple weeks later stating I was supposed to get 1.5% cash back. Weeks would pass and CouponCabin would email me updates saying they would try to resolve the transaction issue. They told me to contact the company I made the purchase from. The company Adorama emailed me back and said they have no affiliation with coupon cabin. Coupon cabin then responded and said they have a "marketing" relationship with Adorama but not customer service. After almost 60 days passed I reported them to the BBB. Originally they told me transactions disputes clear within 30-60 days. Coupon Cabin had closed my account because I wrote them they are deceptive and a scam which they took as a so called "threat". Afterwards they told me it may take up to 90 days for the disputed missing transaction to post however cancelled my account. They had made no attempt to contact the company Adorama whom I bought from. I'm waiting to hear back from the BBB in the mean time. Stay away from this company!

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Description: CouponCabin ( is the home of more cash back and faster payments. Think of us as your partner in cash back in that we only get paid when you do. Over 99.8% of all orders are seamlessly paid, but if a store doesn’t pay us for an order, for any reason, we will not be able to credit your cash back. CouponCabin doesn’t have many rules, but the rules we do have are in place to ensure our members get the maximum amount of cash back possible. It’s important to note that only one account per computer network or household may claim offers marked for “Members Only” or “New Members Only.” We are very passionate about saving money, and as shareholders, our team of Customer Success managers is always willing to help in every way possible. Please understand that CouponCabin does not tolerate profanity or threats of any kind and will never provide financial compensation in exchange for the removal of reviews.

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