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Strictly my opinion. This company will rip you off. I will be talking to my local District Attorney.
I found their advertisement for an Ignition shield and box and cap assembly on their web site for a great price. Went to purchase it and there were two option in their drop down box. One was for a cap and the price matched the advertisement, the other was a box and it was much higher. I confirmed my order that said a box and cover. Received an email that confirmed my order for a box and cover. Receive a cover from corvette connection in the mail. I contacted corvette mod and asked them to send me the box as the advertisement was for a box and cover. CorvetteMods told me everyone hates making a mistake that I only purchased a cover. The only mistake made was trying to buy from them. I told them the cover had poor chrome and very sharp edges making the part unusable and I wanted a return. They said to return the part. I sent it back with tracking and they received it. I filed a complaint with paypal the complaint has been closed with no refund. They have my money and their part and refuse to refund my money. It's my opinion they have stole from me through the United States Postal Service making it a felony and I will be talking to my local District Attorney and demand charges be brought against corvette mods.

*** Beware! Buy Your Product Somewhere Else ***
When receiving my ZR 1 wing for my Corvette Z06, it did not include the mounting hardware. I contacted CorvetteMods customer service to inform them that the hardware was missing and that the rear of my car had been removed and I needed the screws as soon as possible. I asked that CorvetteMods send the hardware express or at the very least, priority shipping. Instead, they acted as if it was my fault that the shipment was incomplete, and, that I was causing them a huge inconvenience. After sending them pictures of the items that I received in the package as requested, they still acted as if I were not telling the truth about the hardware not being included. Finally, I was given a tracking number for the missing hardware package that was to be shipped to me. When checking the tracking number for the shipment 8 days later, it showed that the package label was created but the package had not been picked up for shipping. It took over 2 weeks to receive the missing hardware. When I disputed the charge with my credit card company due to their unwillingness to resolve this issue, they accused me of cyber theft and threatened me with legal action. At the end of the day, once this company has your money, they could care less about you as a customer. If your order is incorrect, incomplete, or damaged, good luck with getting them to work with you to get the issue resolved.

Wrong item no customer service.
Recently purchased a mini mask for my 87 Vette. Checked and double checked that I had chosen the correct one before placing my order. My auto confirmation email from them also clearly stated I ordered the correct item. Shipping was very fast and within 5 days had my item. PROBLEM! Sent me a mask for a 91 Vette. Wrong fit not even close. As vette owners know the front clip/nose changed on the later C4s. Fast foward to the return process and yes it is a process. I called the day I received it to explain the issue and have them ship the correct item out... You know the 1 I ordered... NOPE. No answer. Finally 4 days later a call back. I explain the issue and get directed to submit Forms A thru Z take a picture, explain in detail what the issue is and CorvetteMods will get back to me. Bottom line don't bother with this company. Zero customer service and they expect you to pay to ship back they're mistake before they ship you the item you ordered. I'll just sell this one at a Vette show and get the right one else where. I am printing fliers up to put on every car at the Corvette meets we attend and have already let ALL the members of our club know to steer clear of this company. Corvette Mods if your reading this you just lost a lot of potential customers just by my actions. Your fools.

Never again...
I want to set the stage properly:

Went to their site because I needed a C4 Corvette 1984-1996 Gas Tank Sending Units with Fuel Pump, and CorvetteMods had one. I did my due diligence and was looking for a drop-in system, not one that needed to be assembled. And based on a question that someone had asked May 30,2017, which is what I wanted to ask, on whether or not the unit was ready to be installed, as the picture HERE - - indicated. An Administrator replied on May 30,2017 that indeed they were ready to be installed. So with that, I was ready and made my purchase on June 1,2017.

Now yes, there was/is a sentence that says some assembly may be required, and with that, already believing that it was ready to install, how much assembly would there really be.

It arrived today, June 8,2017 in a heavily abused box and guess what, talk about assembly? Oh yeah. And worst, no instructions to be found anywhere. All the bags, the sending unit itself - NOTHING like the picture, which is what I expected since it was, "ready to install".

So, I called them and this is when it gets worse.

I just want a shipping label to return the merch. They tell me, "nope, no can do", I have to pay the return shipping.

Now, mind you, the part they sent me is nowhere near "ready to install" and yet, I have to pay shipping?

They have now threatened to report me to the credit bureau for keeping their merch. Really, I just want a shipping label and they can have their merch - happily.

THIS is their "customer service".

Additionally, due to my call, they have removed the question and the answer but, I have the screen shot.

Lousy Customer Service, rip off
I ordered a jacket on 1/29. CorvetteMods sent the wrong size. I jumped through every hoop of their unbelievably bad return process. They told me on 2/25 that it is now on backorder for 3 weeks. I told them to refund me my money. After 6 emails and 34 days I still have no refund. Update, it is now 3/19/16 and still no refund, had to disputed the credit card charge. It's now 3/21 and I gave them another chance to fix before I send in the paperwork to the credit card company. I was told that the warehouse that return went to "didn't do much last week so maybe today" Really? 3/22 still no credit. Stay away!
It is now 4/20/16... after filing with the better business bureau (this somewhat gets their attention) they refunded the credit card company the cost of the item. I still disputed the shipping charges, none of this was my fault! They said it was another over sight on their part and if I "undisputed" the credit card charge they would refund the shipping. I have confirmed with Capital One that the charge is no longer disputed. I called Corvette Mods and asked to speak to Eric who is claiming they will refund the rest of the money or give me an in-store credit. He isn't available, leave a message, I waited 2 days and still no call back. I called again and was told he doesn't have an extension and that I should just email their general sales email. I hope they are happy with keeping my shipping and handling charges as I will not resolve the BBB dispute as "resolved satisfied". They eventually gave me a credit off of my next purchase for shipping charges. It was better than nothing but now I have to find something cheap because I won't take a chance on giving them any of my money.

Terrible service, Terrible reliability, Terrible accountability
Talk about a Triple-T scenario. The first tee of service, when you are trying to figure out about a product and why you have called multiple times and nobody's answered or has directed you to a line that doesn't even work and then you just get hung up on that is already a recipe for the first terrible T. And when the customer service team starts yelling at you and talking back with a sarcastic and rude demeanor it's like give me a break. For the second T of reliability, When you are told that you're supposed to get a gift card for a purchase of over $200 of around $20 and then you are told that is on your account and then you called to ask about it and CorvetteMods send you to the customer service email and the customer service line replies that is ridiculously stupid borderline FALSE CLAIM. The last and final T, When you get a product that is only one make for only your generation and then you get a completely wrong item because they don't know how to ship the right damn product it's like oh my gosh who is the idiot behind the counter working there. I don't write reviews on any company even if I've had bad service but out of all of the companies I've ever been to this is absolutely the worst I've ever had. I will be informing my Corvette club about this terrible customer service and making sure that there is no future purchasing for me or anybody in when you get a product that is only one make for only your generation and then you get a completely wrong item because they don't know how to ship the right damn product is like oh my gosh who is the idiot behind the counter working there. I don't write reviews on any company even if I've had bad service but out of all of the companies I've ever been to this is absolutely the worst I've ever had. I will be informing my Corvette club about this terrible customer service and making sure that there is no future purchasing for me or anybody in my club... goodbye Corvette mods...

Regret buying from them
I bought about $2900 worth of accessories for my C7. Shipping calculated and i placed my order. After that, CorvetteMods contacted me to tell me shipping will cost an extra $450 than was calculated due to parts size and they are losing money too just so they lower the new shipping price for me. Also, they told me packages will take only a week and a half to be delivered. Then they sent me Fedex tracking number to show me they will ship via Fedex and informed me that tracking number will get updated once packages are shipped, so I agreed and paid the extra $450. However, after i paid, their attitude when replaying changed, i felt like i was a begger, thier replys were so rude. Then, the emailed me with tracking numbers, but they were USPS tracking number not fedex, a month passed till now and the packages have not been delivered yet, when i track the packages lately, the staus doesnt change and it is the same for a while, i contacted and again, rude replys telling me to wait becuaee packages are with customs although USPS website show packages were already cleared from customs. So, i contacted them again, they insist that i dont understand a thing and i should read BOTH package status. I decided to track my packages on my own, i found out that the packages were handed to local post for a while and they were waiting for me to contact them to verify my address.
So, i contacted corvettemods to tell them that i was right and i am not stupid, if they just tried contacting USPS they would know what happened and they could notify me. They replied with one word... "Whatever".

Is this how you treat a customer?
Is this how you want to be treated when you pay $2900?
With attitude, with rudeness, with false and misleading information?

If i waited more week or 2, my packages would have sent back or disposed.

One of the worst shopping sites

Cyber theft
I've spent around 1600 dollars with Corvette mods and till my last order was completely satisfied with the products have recived now the last orderi recived the wrong seat covers after several pictures of the box it came and the numbers on the box was told i have the right parts and CorvetteMods would not send me a return lable mind you this took 5 emails and several day between emails. Than i took pictures of the seat covers on my seats and you can clearly see that they were wrong. Several days later i got an email with a return lable so i returned them and than they charged my credit for the cost of the order plus 20 dollars and on top of that got threatened with collection whe the had the seat covers and my money sowent to the bank and made a complant. They refunded my money than i got 7 emails stating that they were going to me charged with cyber theft
And sent to collections. Now they have twice the amount and when i call customer service was told to call my bank and hung up on my so this will be the second time i have to go to the bank thank god i got a verification of them reciving the return. Oh and had to prove to them with a return verification. They have not refunded my money for the seat covers. 3 months later. Still no seat covere or my money back this company has no Customer service. Stay away

Buyer Beware!
To be honest, CorvetteMods deserve 0 stars. This was my very first purchase for my very first car restoration. I ordered a $180 sound deadener kit for my vehicle. It was advertised as a dense, closed cell foam (something I would have gladly paid the money for). When the item arrived, I was extremely disappointed as what i received was some flimsy jute padding with a foil backing. Now, the next part is my fault (I blame my excitement of getting my resto under way), I installed the item in my vehicle, thinking that what I received was what I ordered and that I need to do more research before I buy.

Later that evening, I checked out the packaging of what I received and started googling the item number. Come to find out, I was sent an item that sells for $40-$80 (corvette mods sells it for$76.99). Since I installed the item, I knew a refund was going to be out of the question, so I asked that they fix their error and send me the difference between the 2 items. Needless to say, 3 weeks later and there is still no resolution. I only wish I would have checked the reviews before I made the purchase. All I can say is that they definitely lost my business on is going to be an expensive restoration.

Do yourself a favor and spend your money elsewhere. These folks are no good.

Needing new seats for my C5, I purchased a pair of Corbeau racing from Corvettemods. $1,151 dollars.
On February 18th and 19th 2021, I get all the normal emails one should expect from making an online order and get an email saying my order is in processing on the 19th of Feb. My order has not been shipped. Don't even have a tracking number. OK. However, my credit card has been charged of course. No biggy, sounds like everything is running smoothly. However, later on the 20th of February, I get the following email from them:

"In accordance with anti-fraud protection recommendations from our merchant service provider, we have implemented an identity verification measure to help safeguard our customers and ourselves. To help secure your account, we ask that you provide an image of your ID & the front of the credit card used (showing your name and last 4 digits of the card). Alternatively, we can accept a screenshot of your online account statement showing that the amount was authorized. We can use that for verification purposes as well. We take our customer's privacy very seriously and no copies, electronic or otherwise, will be kept after verification. Once we hear from you, we look forward to promptly processing your order."

Well that certainly sounds fishy. Almost scam worthy. I looked up reviews, for Corvette Mods and was disheartened by what I saw. I then called my bank to get a second opinion on the email above for I have NEVER EVER had to do anything similar for ANY other online purchase I have made. For all I know, CorvetteMods meant well and all, but still... it was just odd. I certainly wasn't comfortable going that route, though I did take a snippet/screenshot of my online account info (blacking out the very important personal information of course).

However, my bank also said the email sounded odd and advised me against it. So, I asked for a cancelation of the order and a refund. I can honestly say the company was very professional in handling that matter and settled things straight rather quickly. My order was canceled and I got a refund. A man even contacted me back on phone which was nice.

I didn't do enough "business" with them to come to a harsh conclusion, but you have to admit the email came off as odd. I recommend if you plan on doing business through these guys, just be wary.

Takes your money, doesn't ship product
I ordered a part that was in stock from Corvette Mods. My debit card was immediately debited for the full purchase amount upon completing the transaction. However, one week later, my order had not been processed or shipped. When I contacted through email and the phone, I was told, it would be a week or more before it was processed and shipped. The next day, June 27th, I cancelled the order and requested a refund. I followed up with a phone call to "Richard" at customer service line. He told me it would be sent to the order department and taken care of. Three days later it was still not cancelled nr my money refunded. When I stated I would report it to BBB and TX State Attorney General, CorvetteMods responded and said no need to contact anyone, they are working on getting my order cancelled and money back. Today, July 2,2019, I receive an email that the order is cancelled, but then given a tracking # to track order. I have not received a refund as of yet. Previously, I had encountered a similar situation with Corvette Mods, but they refunded the money without this issue. It seems like a con to debit someone's account without shipping the order. I have not had this happen at any other places I purchase parts for my car. Previous complaint # was 13656319. CorvetteMods had said they processed my refund July 1,2019 and I should have it within 7 days. Today is the 9th, and I still haven't received my refund. It seems Corvettemods will say anything to appear to have resolved a BBB complaint, but they do not follow through and keep their word. They steal from the customers.

Bad customer service and poor way to do business!
I ordered an outdoor cover for one of my vehicles in the winter. The cover was strictly used for multi-day car shows, and when I do work inside of my garage. My car gets put away for winter, covered with an indoor cover, and does not move until spring. So... Fast forward to spring, and I was excited to use my outdoor cover. I used the cover a few times, and was extremely disappointed with not only the quality, but the overall fit of the cover in general. I called and spoke to a "customer service" rep, and was told there was nothing CorvetteMods can do, because it was outside their return policy. I did not ask for money back, I didn't even want a refund, I actually wanted to spend an extra $200 on a different cover I researched. All I wanted was an exchange credit towards my new purchase. The "customer service" rep stated there was nothing they could do! So... They lost a customer for ever. I highly recommend "West Coast Corvette" they were much more knowledgeable in my opinion for one, and their customer service was much more friendly. I spoke to WCC about my experience with corvette mods, and... Tried out a new cover they recommended and got a nice discount on it. Not only am I extremely happy with my new cover I purchased. But... I just spent $6100 on parts for my C7 project I'm working on. And, in the last year, I've spent over 11 thousand dollars at WCC on parts for both of my cars! So, unfortinately that 11 grand and all future purchases would have been made with Corvette Mods, but... All because they wouldn't exchange a cover, to make a profit on it anyway, they lost a very good customer for life.

Unauthorized charges by Corvette Mods
Stay away from this company. Ordered an under engine painted cap set for my 2009 Z06 for close to $300.00. Did not receive cap and informed them immediately. Amanda, Scott and Lisa insisted that I did receive the cap and wanted me to pay another $40 to send the cap. I couldn't believe that Scott and Lisa ( who are "upper management") did nothing to resolve this dispute. CorvetteMods didn't even want to split the cost with me. I didn't receive the cap and they want to charge me again for it? I disputed charges through my bank and was able to get a $40 credit and I'm still short a cap to completed set. Now, 3 months later, my credit card gets charged $60.00 with out my authorization from Corvette Mods. I called bank again to dispute charges and the charges are on hold. Called Corvette Mods to question about the unauthorized charges. I am now being charged for the $40 that was in dispute 3 months ago and an extra $20 for services? If my bank does reverse charge, Corvette Mods is going to send it to collections... Really? All over a $40 cap?

Terrible fraudulent company with nonexistent support
I ordered a Targa top for my C6, total was $1600. Before I ordered I called multiple times and noted on my order to not ship it without signature and confirmation upon delivery from me, and to specifically not leave the package as there has been a rash of porch pirates in my neighborhood. I was reassured that my top would not be left and would require signature from me to be delivered. Low and behold, it turns out that it was left without signature and not only that was left under my exposed carport. It was not there when I got home. I contacted corvette mods no less than nine times over the phone and kept getting the runaround as to why my package was left and was not signed for when it was explicitly said and confirmed that it would not be delivered without signature to my hand, or worst case I go pick up from a UPS drop point. At first I was told that I would get refunded, then i was given the runaround on that and I sent multiple emails, left multiple voice mails and talked to countless people. Then CorvetteMods reneged on giving me my refund and said that the package was shipped and what happens after that is not their problem. It is their problem, because it was not supposed to be left and unsigned for. They did not communicate that with UPS. I told them that if this problem was not fixed I would be doing a chargeback with Amex. They still did not respond. I decided to do the chargeback and suddenly not even a day later they send me a nasty threatening email telling me to close my dispute or they're sending it to collections. I was not going to do that. In addition, I had filed a police report about my stolen package but apparently that isn't enough proof either. Stay away from this shady, no good fraudulent company. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing the targa top from these people, that i never even ended up getting. I ended up buying from another corvette merchant and they did as I asked and sent the targa top with signature delivery to my house and had no issues. $1600 of my hard earned money tied up for a month while this incompetent company gave me the runaround. Stay away!

Dishonest, horrible customer service and I don't even have the part yet!
Please know it takes a lot for me to take the time to write reviews but if me writing this can avoid any of my fellow car lovers from going through the same pain then it will be worth it. On 2 September I ordered a part from Corvette Mods. I clearly asked how long will it take for this part to ship and was told about a week and a half. Now I'm a reasonable guy, especially in this current COVID environment, so when it came to be three weeks I called to see what was up. When you pick the customer service option, you will not get Corvette Mods but will be directed to a call center (not in the US) and CorvetteMods will take your order # and tell you that they don't have the details as to where your part is but that "someone will get back to you with 3 business days with an update". To me. This was not acceptable. So I called back and hit the sales option and asked to speak to a manager... I was sent right back to the same call center. They sent me to a "manager" at this call center and was told that it would be another 3-4 weeks for delivery as the were manufacturing the par?. For the record, they charged my card the day I placed the order for the full amount. I am now going through the process of trying to cancel the purchase with my Credit Card. Heed this warning. There sales team will tell you what you need to hear to get your $$$ and there in no recourse when you don't receive it. No one will talk to you from the actual company. No one will call you back. Not having this part delayed being able to paint a customers car for 3 weeks... and counting? As others have said, STAY AWAY!

Terrible return process & terrible customer service
Purchased a jacket, which I received in a reasonable amount of time. It didn't fit so requested a return. This is where dealing with Corvette Mods has become a terrible experience. A simple return has become a 10 week nightmare, where I still have not received a credit. Before you can request a return you have to open an account on there returns web page and request a return there. If you don't return an item in a specific time frame CorvetteMods will only offer a store credit. I was past the time for the full credit so two weeks after my full credit request I received a rejection notice, I was required to submit another request for store credit. Another week passed, then I received approval to return the item. I sent it back immediately, Corvette Mods signed for the return February 22. It's now 8 weeks later, no credit. I have called their customer service several times, and have emailed them, but still no credit. I filed a complaint with the BBB, maybe they can get some results. Unfortunately if I do receive the in store credit, I'll have to buy from them again, but it will be the last time I ever buy from Corvette Mods.

Terrible Service!
Here's how bad CorvetteMods are... I failed to read any reviews about them before ordering parts. Then, after waiting several weeks from ordering my parts that never came I finally did. The reviews on Google were horrendous! I then learned there are plenty of people on the Corvette Forums warning others not to do business with them. So, I called in to see what was going on with my parts. It was quite telling that their first phone option is to 'check status' as it confirms this problem happens a lot. It was only after I encountered their snarky sales rep on the phone to follow up with my order weeks after they were ordered with no response that I mentioned the fact they are getting a terrible reputation online for this exact issue. She didn't seem to care and only became more difficult to work with. So, I went online and posted my own review of my experienc on their Google Business page. A couple more weeks went by without my parts and my body shop just called to tell me they will not sell him the parts unless I take my review down! Obviously we are not doing business with them, but I just went to look for their Google Business page again and I cannot find it. I believe they took it down themselves. I cannot believe any of the positive reviews about them. I do believe they must be fabricated. There are numerous other retailers I am glad would be happy to help you with your corvette part needs. I'd highly recommend seeking out other options.

Stay Away!
I ordered a set of carbon fiber side skirts for my 2019 Corvette Z06. The skirts arrived and had several scratches on them. I immediately called customer service and requested a return/refund request. I received a reply requesting photographs etc. I sent them photographs of the uninstalled items. CorvetteMods responded telling me that scratches are not damage just surface blemishes and if I wanted a refund the restocking fee would be a third of my payment not including the shipping I paid and return shipment. I have been calling and sending emails requesting a method of return. The phone employees are outsourced and of no help. They will not allow you to speak to a manager or the returns department. I asked them if I were to key their car would that be a surface blemish or damage. No response. For three weeks I have not received any answers or responses to my emails. The worst customer service and they will intentionally run the days out on their return policy so that it appears it is the customers fault. Now I am out several hundreds of dollars with damaged items I cannot use. Do NOT BUY from this business! Nothing more than theft. Unethical business is a watered down term for this company. They need to be run out of Texas and out of business! I will upload some pictures. You be the judge. BTW, the folks writing positive 5 star reviews are from their marketing department.

Bottom Dwellers
I ordered 2 items, one from a competitor which came the next day & one from CRAPVETTE MODS. After a couple of days I called CRAPVETTE MODS & CorvetteMods told me the order was still being processed. Called a couple days later they said there was no info because it was still in the shipping dept. Called a few days later & I got a tracking number, I tracked it which gave a delivery date of 3 days later. When I didn't receive it I called them & was told that if it didn't come in another week to call the shipping Co. Well I called them that day & gave them the tracking number & they told me it hadn't been picked up yet. I called CRAPVETTE MODS back & they told me it had been shipped & the my complaint was with the shipping company not them & that I would have to file a claim with them. I called the competitor who also sold the same part but didn't advertise it for my year (unlike CRAPVETTE MODS) because they said it wouldn't fit or line up & it won't follow the body contours, that you would have to do a lot of modifications & it still won't look right. I called CRAPVETTE MODS to cancel but they said they cant cancel because it was already shipped but tracking said otherwise. So called my CC Co to stop payment on something that had not been shipped. OOOO then I got got an threatening email from CRAPVETTE MODS saying that a third party collection agency will be contacted unless I pay or send the part back, I said I cant send something back that has never been shipped. 3 day later when I tracked the package I noticed it has now been picked up & showing movement & this is about a week after they said it was picked up (Liars) & 4 days after it should have been delivered. When packages get picked up the tracking history will show movement(don't believe me, call UPS or FEDEX). So I called the shipping Co gave them the tracking # and told them to cancel & RTS that package. They did & called the cc Co & got the shipping charge taken off as well because I had proof (through the tracking info) that they shipped it days after I canceled the order. Save your money, your time & avoid hassles by not ordering anything from CRAPVETTE MODS.

Worst company ever! Stay away!
This company cannot complete the simplest of requests and their customer service team does not understand the meaning of customer service. I ordered the wrong part on a Friday evening and tried to stop it before the part shipped out Monday morning. Called them immediately at 9:00 AM their time and there answering service hung up on me due to "high volume of calls". That should have been my first clue. Tried back 10 minutes later got a live person and asked them to stop the original order as well as place the correct order. CorvetteMods told me they would try but they had to email their supplier. Called three more times that day only to find out according to them they could not stop the order. At this point, I believe this is how they make money, because there is no reason for what happened next. I followed their RMA rules and waited for them to send me an RMA authorization. It took abnormally long to get the RMA but I decided to send the part back anyway for a refund. I called 6 times over the next 3 months to make sure they had the part and that they were processing the request. I later found out, like others of us that have had difficulties with the company, Corvette Mods was in a dispute with their supplier. Why that should impact my return I do not know. Finally 3 months and 10+ phone calls after I made my order I received a refund... less the supposed shipping they paid to have my order shipped in the first place. So if your keeping track, I paid $80 for a part I didn't need (shipping was supposedly included at the time because it was part of a larger order) I then returned the item which cost $7 to ship back, and then they refunded me $66 because they had to pay shipping the first time. SMH
PS. I ordered a part from ZIP Corvette during this same time, it didn't work for my application and I returned it. From the time I returned it to the time I had a refund was 1 week, no RMA, no follow up phone calls, and a happy, satisfied customer. Which company should I use in the future?

Avoid doing business
Avoid doing business with this company. From their return policies that seem very shady like returning something that didn't fit and 2 were bought the same size and had to pay for return shipping, then CorvetteMods subtracted $20 for their original shipping which was arbitrarily high and then a restocking fee on top of all that! Restocking fee on a light jacket and $20 removal of shipping and my $12 to return it! What! There's less then half the amount left. Or even something as simple as default settings for a refund on a return being set to "store credit" on a returnable item and then seconds later, after the return request sent, I emailed back to say I wanted the refund, not store credit, and get a response saying no it can't be changed! To the lack of return emails from customer service at all or even in a timely manner of a few days, not weeks. To their "Refer a Friend" program which has made a friend disgusted with her experience as well and not receiving the only 1 item she ordered and no response for 2 weeks to her 2 emails and then had to call them and all she was told was they'll look into it and still no response! Not a company we want to do business with when you're dealing with intelligent people when there are so many other companies out there doing the same type of business. Hope those $$ were worth losing a few very good customers and a host of bad reviews

Very poor response to what seems like a simple situation
I have made several purchases from Corvette Mods over the past year.
My most recent order for 2 pieces of weatherstripping was placed on November 29,2015 and I received the items in question on December 5,2015.
I took my vehicle to a body shop for installation of the weatherstripping and other items, all work was completed with the exception of the weatherstripping and the shop informed me that the weatherstripping parts were incorrect and did not fit my vehicle. At my next opportunity, I attempted to install the weatherstripping and ultimately had the same result, The weatherstripping parts were too long and did not attach in the same manner that was used in the original equipment configuration. I contacted Corvette Mods by phone in mid January to see what needed to be done to exchange the incorrect items for the parts that fit and was directed by "Amanda" to fill out a return form on their website. After submitting the return form on the Corvette Mods website, CorvetteMods asked me to send pictures of the items, which I did immediately. I also talked to Amanda over the phone to explain why and how the parts were incorrect. Several days went by and then the following week I received an email from Amanda stating that "Due to the amount of time that has passed since these were received I am unable to process an exchange, refund, or store credit."
Apparently the Corvette Mods return policy has a 45 day limit and since it had been more than that, they refused to help me in any way.
I was shocked at this outcome and feel like they have exhibited some of the industry's worst customer service that I have experienced in my lifetime.
I would not recommend that anyone do business of any kind with Corvette Mods LLC

Terrible company to do business with. DO NOT USE!
Ordered a power antenna for all original 1978 Corvette. Here is their ad for the item:
These C3/C4 Corvette Flush Mount Power Antennas are designed to work off the radio's power knob and can be used as a direct factory replacement or as an upgrade.

CorvetteMods are manufactured for a to fit your 1968-1989 Corvette and feature a chrome mast.

Now, what does this mean to you? "Direct Factory Replacement" and "Manufactured to fit your 1968 - 1989 Corvette"?

To me, it means it should be a good fit, without modification to my vehicle.

Well, it is NOT. Even the instructions say you must pull another wire to make the thing operate.

Well, I got an RMA for return. They expected me to pay the returned postage because they "shipped what I ordered". I complained, said it was NOT my fault the antenna was not a fit and I was NOT going to destroy an original car to use their falsely advertised product.

I am still waiting on customer service to call me to advise return postage paid. Ginger, the Customer Service Manager is very difficult to deal with and is not responsive when it comes to providing GOOD customer service

Customer Service said it was advertised as being an "upgrade". I asked them how that solved the problem with the fit and their false advertising. Could not answer.

I advised them I WOULD post a bad rating for them but this had no bearing on trying to keep a potential customer happy. Did not seem to matter.

I talked to Zach in tech support. He told me the antenna is NOT a direct replacement and required additional wiring.

Corvette Mods does not appear to be a reputable company nor do they I will NOT do further business with them. I have three Corvettes. They will not get any of my business nor of any of my friends. Period.

Sales people/return's for refund
I had purchased a Quartz Clock for $169.00, CorvetteMods sent an ELECTRIC CLOCK instead which sells for $79.00. They swore up & down that I purchased the ELECTRIC CLOCK, not the QUARTZ CLOCK. I asked them, how many ELECTRIC CLOCK'S do you sell for $169.00? They still covered each other's back side. And still called me a LIAR. Th invoice was all they needed for a REAL COMP FORMATION, the one that both of us had. I should have never ordered anything from them ever. I found an excellent price on a Bumper Guard. I thought that it was a "Grill Guard" piece. I was not sure, so I asked before purchasing. They assured me that it was what I was looking for. This was on 8-28-19. I received the part on 9-5-19. It was the incorrect part, that their sales person sold to me. Now, they want a picture which I am unable to provide & they also want a 20% restocking fee. It wasn't my mistake, just the one buying from them as corvette *******@least that is what was on the box it was in. THEY DO SUCK, BIG TIME. We all need to go to the CORVETTE FORUM, & let it FLY. Sorry abt my harshness, I am still quite upset with them.

Poor customer service!
I placed an order and paid the price the website advertised for a Christmas gift. Several days later I get an email that the price suddenly went up 23.99 how would I like to proceed in paying this additional charge? I had already paid the original amount and CorvetteMods wanted to gouge me for addition charge really? I called customer service and told them I wanted to keep my original order the way I paid for it and for it to be delivered before Christmas and that it was unacceptable to charge me more now that I have paid for the merchandise. The customer service man had such a thick accent that I could not understand what he was saying most of the time. He told me he understood and would cancel my order, I told him that wasn't what I wanted, I wanted my original order at the price I paid for it and he told me he would pass this information to the shipping department. A couple of hours later I receive an email from the shipping department that my order was canceled and that a refund would be submitted which I still haven't received. This company lost over 240.00 order to be greedy over 24.00 and made Christmas a little more stressful for me. I will NEVER buy from this company ever again... Shame on you and your company... I am still waiting for my refund. Better business bureau is my next stop. The only reason I gave it a one star which it didn't deserve was because I can't submit without it.

I'm giving them a one only because I have to. However, I will NEVER be ordering anything from Corvette Mods again. First of all, it took a month to receive my package. Every time I called them to ask for an update CorvetteMods couldn't tell me anything other than "I'll have to look into it and get back with you."
Fast forward to receiving my delivery. It was BROKEN. Not just once but twice! We sent it back and told them we would like a refund, and they made it seem like that wouldn't be a problem at all. As soon as they received the product back that story changed. We told them we no longer wanted the part numerous times, and they sent me an email stating they were sending me a new one. I made it abundantly clear AGAIN that I just wanted MY money back. If I had just decided to return it I would understand, but it arrived damaged! So now they are trying to tell me they will give me store credit instead, and as I previously stated I don't want a single product from this company ever again. I am literally having to threaten a lawsuit against these people! This has been going on for almost FIVE months.
They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. They only give you solutions that allow them to keep your money. Do yourself a favor and don't ever buy from these people. They are crooks and they have horrible values! If you ever have an issue with them they will not fix it. They'll only screw you over more! Take your money somewhere else!

Zero customer service and lied about what was being sent
What a mistake picking Corvette Mods to buy my C7 curb alert. Pick one of the other competent alternatives for your Corvette needs so that you don't have to tolerate what I went through below.

The product was ordered online on Thursday. I waited until Tuesday simply to get a status report. That is apparently not possible with their "customer service" option during business hours. The responding person informed me that CorvetteMods were actually only an "answering service". Sending e-mails and waiting 24 to 48 hours was the best that they could do. Unfortunately, no one in "shipping" would respond by Thursday and so Friday I just called to cancel the order. Of course, an e-mail arrived 5 hours later that the product had already shipped and so could not be cancelled.

After an exasperating week of complete ineptitude by Corvette Mods representatives, here is what ultimately played out:

1. The Curb Alert system arrived on Saturday. The paperwork indicated a ship date of Tuesday, and probably by the original BrandMotion manufacturer. Corvette Mods had no idea what was happening in the process after they immediately took my money the night of the order.

2. The pictures on the Corvette Mod web site were absolutely NOT what were sent to me. There was effectively no product installation assistance by Corvette Mods and the wire harness picture was clearly from some other product.

In the end, I should have purchased the same C7 curb alert from Eklers Corvette (fantastic installation video and installation. Pdf), or even Amazon. They are all selling the same thing.

Do yourself a favor. Do not patronize Corvette Mods unless it is your ONLY option!

If you like Auto-reply CorvetteMods is for you!
I ordered year and color specific floor mats '68-'72 red. Received '80 bright red. Called CM's customer service the day of receipt. Amanda requested I take pictures and email same. Took pictures and sent within 30 minutes. I expected a return phone call. Received an Auto Reply email explaining that a reply would be in 48 hours. Called CM's customer service following day. Amanda put me on hold, went somewhere and came back acknowledging the pictures and that the order was wrong. I requested a refund. No you have to return the mats. Amanda says CorvetteMods will reorder. I told her I did not want to do business with CorvetteMods. " You shouldn't fell like that. I'm not going to argue with you " says Amanda. I told her I didn't appreciate the push back and asked to speak to her supervisor. Lisa reiterated their return policy and declined to listen to voice recording of our conversation. Lisa contends they(customer Service) are doing just fine and they are on Inc. 5000. I requested to speak to the owner. Lisa, " no that is not going to happen ". Would not give me owners name. Would not give up owners phone number. I told her I wanted to speak to the owner personally. She said he wasn't there. Lisa said, " she would have him call me ". Needless to say I did not receive a call. I since determined that CorvetteMods placed the order wrong and that Lloyd's filled their order. I've researched the owners name and was told to send him an email@ ******* I received an AOTU REPLY. Apparently the staff reflect the owners attitude. He doesn't care about customer concerns/satisfaction. I returned there floor mats the next day and have not been credited.

Inc. 5000 is not an award. There is an application fee paid by the company owner. It is paid recognition, advertising. Customer Satisfaction is not a factor.

If CorvetteMods would have responded (the same day) after receiving the pictures admitting the error I would have waited for a reorder.

Sir: Your negative reviews out number the positive. As a entrepreneurial leader I would be concerned about my business future.

Be very careful ordering anything from them
I ordered a part for our corvette on april 9,2019. We recieved an order confirmation that mentioned nothing about shipping, but did give us information about back ordered parts. Not sure whether we were being told the order was on back order or not, and since we are on a time constraint, I called on april 11th, to check how quickly we would be getting our part.
After reaching corvette mods, I was told that I would have to wait 24-48 hours to get a return call with the answers to our questions. This did not feel right at all. Who makes you wait that long to answer a simple shipping question? I cancelled the order immediately on the 11th. I then, within a few minutes, called to varify the cancellation and was told I would have to wait 24-48 hours to get confirmation of the cancellation?
On the 12th, I received an email stating that CorvetteMods received my cancellation on the 11th, but since the part was ready for shipping ON THE 12TH, they would still be shipping the part and not refunding my money. If I wanted to ship it back after I received it, I could then do that at my cost for return shipping and a restocking fee.

This company does NOT seem to be professional and use somewhat shady practices. BE AWARE. My advice, use someone else. My rating would be a 0 if it was allowed.

I placed a Christmas order on December 5 and received one of the items. I called to find out where the other order was on December 13th, after I received the one item. I was told it was back-ordered and it wouldn't not arrive until January 20th. NO ONE EVER CONTACTED ME TO TELL THIS TO ME. I said that was unacceptable because it was a Christmas present. He said he would cancel the order but it would take 7-10 business days to get my refund. I told them that was unacceptable and I wanted to talk to owner or manager. It appears that the company is "Employee owned". He said someone would call me on December 13th. NO ONE CALLED ME. I called again on Dec. 14th and explained the whole thing again and was told the same thing. There was NO CONCERN FOR ME, THE CUSTOMER, OR THE POSITION CorvetteMods HAD PUT ME IN. I was told they couldn't return my money until they got it from the manufacturer. These people DO NOT CARE FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS AND DEFINITELY ARE NOT CUSTOMER-ORIENTED. They could have returned my money as quickly as they took it. But, no, they apparently didn't have the money to return $200 to keep a customer satisfied. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

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