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Bad experience; stick with Amazon or other reputable companies
I wanted to try out Cook Store since CookStore had great selection and decent prices online. Buyer beware. I placed an order in June. At other retailers, if your product is not in stock or if there's a shipping delay, they communicate this to you. A few weeks went by and I heard nothing, which was not good. It's 2019! When placing orders online, I expect fast shipping AND at the very least, communication. I received neither.

Finally, after contacting them several times I was offered a different product to replace the original item that "still hadn't come in yet from the manufacturer". Ok great. I was just so happy to have finally gotten a reply/update from them! I expected the product to ship within 5-9 days. So when WEEKS literally went by, I became very frustrated. I agreed to the replacement product. They then shipped me the complete wrong item, in a different colour altogether. Hilarious! So I contacted them. I had to return that wrong item before they'd go any further. It took days to receive the return shipping label from them. It was such a hassle due to their lack of communication. Another few weeks went by...

I followed up weekly with them and now it is September and only now they telling me the item may never be in stock (I finally just got a reply today). I just ended up getting a refund since my product didn't come in, even after 3 months.

Poor communication.
Empty promises. (I was also promised a bonus item for my troubles, but never saw a thing)

I strongly do not recommend this company and would advise Ontario and Canadian consumers to steer clear. It's no wonder Amazon and other big companies are taking over. They understand customer service and communication.

Great Service & Product
I went to every kitchen store in the city and couldn't find the salt/pepper mill combo unit that I was looking for. I even went to specialty restaurant stores. I didn't want the plastic cheaper kind because this is a Christmas gift. So I went on your website and found several but narrowed my search down to two mills that I liked. I used your 'Chat' feature and spoke with Jim and told him how I definitely need this item by December 18 and he helped me choose between the two mills and assured me that I would receive it by my deadline. Needless to say, it arrived in perfect shape and within 3 business days of placing the order! The price was extremely reasonable and impressive too. Next time I'll save time and money by going directly to your website instead of driving all over the city and coming home empty-handed. Well done Cookstore!

Cook Store has surpassed my expectations. I have consistently experienced super fast response times from customer service in handling any questions/issues I've had (even on weekends). CookStore give incentive offers on your first order, have a wide inventory selection of kitchen products at great price points and will additionally price match all competitor prices. When an item in my order was discontinued (the item I most wanted) they offered me a number of options to choose from (including a full refund of course). I ended up choosing the next closest product item to my first choice which was offered to me at the same price even though it was costlier. I also appreciate that even though I couldn't add an item to an existing order, I was offered a SHIP FREE on it. In my opinion, all these things add up to a business earnestly devoted to excellent customer service.
I have received one of my two orders and it was shipped out within the time specified. My second order hasn't shipped because Cook Store is waiting on receipt of two items. I don't fault them for this as I think most online stores operate the same. If I had ordered from any other online kitchen store, I likely
Would have had to wait on the same items. As well and of great importance to me, Cook Store has kept me apprised on the status of my order with email updates.
Also in terms of delays, we must remind ourselves we are living in the midst of a pandemic that creates great uncertainty on the timely delivery of goods when many manufacturers have slowed down production due to staff shortages and social distancing measures in place.
Thus far I am pleased with Cook Store. They have gained my trust in their business and until given a reason to think otherwise I will likely be placing more orders with them in the future.
Lili T, 'satisfied customer'

Products AND service - both are lacking!
All the items I ordered were marked as being ready to ship in "... 5 to 10 days*". Not sure what the * means, can't find the corresponding comments anywhere on the page. My credit card was immediately charged so I assumed the order was being processed and shipped. But 10 days after ordering, I received an email telling me one of my items has been delayed and my order will be shipped ASAP. I tried calling a week after that email, when my credit card bill arrived, but CookStore are not answering the phone (citing the Covid "crisis"). The only way to contact them is via their website (email). They replied to my 2nd order status inquiry with the same song and dance (but now 2 items are delayed!) complete with more promises of shipment sometime in the future. I requested that the charge be removed from my credit card until the order ships, they refused. The email said: "... unfortunately we do process payments immediately after purchase! This is to help reduce fraud charges...". Say what now?!
There is a banner at the top of the website assuring visitors that they are fully functional and shipping during Covid. Based on my experience I tend to disagree. All the emails I've received so far from them point to Covid as being a factor in the delay. If that's the case tell me BEFORE I order so I can decide if I'm prepared to wait. Maybe items marked as in stock and ready to ship are actually sent out in a timely manner, but the 5-10 day ones certainly aren't! I am attempting now to cancel this order failing which I will work with the Fraud Dept. at my credit card company to have the charge reversed after 30 days from order date.

They stole $1,600 from me
I ordered and paid for a brand new a DeLonghi espresso machine for my partner's birthday. I followed up for months. It finally arrived--a broken, refurbished machine that never worked. CookStore are refusing to refund my money unless I buy another one. I said no way, and that I want my money back. So they said to send them the machine and only once it is received will they start the several months process for a refund. My MasterCard told me not to send the machine back but Cookstore is arguing there was no fraud, so I can't get my money back one way or the other. They stole from me and should be in jail. I honestly hope every employee there goes to jail. You can't call them as their phone number isn't working due to COVID--right, cause that makes sense--and they have no in-person store and won't deal with anyone personally. This is a horrible, fraudulent scam.

Never received my order, delayed then out of stock
Bad bad bad experience!

I ordered 2 items, sent an email to customer service after 3 weeks without an update. Been told my order was delayed. Then I've been contacted by the customer service because one of my items was not available anymore. I've been asked to replace it with another one. The one I wanted (supposedly in stock because it was ONLINE) but OH NO! Finally out of stock as well...

And when I asked about my other item, I had to wait again 2 to 4 weeks (!) until CookStore receive it, so maybe it would take again more than a month for me to receive it! So I asked for a full refund.

WOW! I don't know how they're still in business when I read all similar bad reviews! I should have read them first and I really don't recommend buying on this website.

Great products, great service!
I've shopped at many times over the past 5 years. Their selection of high quality cookware is among the best I've seen in Canada. While delivery sometimes takes a little while, CookStore keep me posted and always come through -- and I've found it's worth the wait for excellent products, some which can't be found anywhere else. Recently, they went above and beyond: I had ordered a high-end item that unfortunately had a defect that was revealed on use; when I went to the manufacturer, their customer service was surprisingly and disappointingly inadequate. I contacted and explained the situation, and without any further questions they made it right. Kudos to for being a responsive -- and responsible -- retailer!

5 months later, still waiting...
I ordered an item that was in stock in early December, received an email that said that it would ship within a few days. One week later, I received another email that said that it was now out of stock, that it had been delayed and would ship ASAP. I've contacted them twice, CookStore told me that the item was in back order. I was first told it was expected to ship in late february, now they tell me it was expected to ship in late march/early april. We are now April 10th and no word from my item whatsoever... And of course I've been charged for it when I ordered it... I guess I'll have to write to them AGAIN within a few days... I've often ordered items online on all sorts of websites, and this is the first time I have that much trouble. This is unacceptable (even in Corona times)! Will never order from them ever again!

Unacceptable delivery time!
I ordered a pan June 27 and did not receive it until September 11. Two and a half months!
There were no indications that the order would be delayed. CookStore charge your credit card immediately when you order.
You cannot reach this company by phone, so I opened a number of tickets, asking each time for an ETA, only to get a vague reply each time about delays due to COVID, problems with supplier, etc. From other reviews, I can see that the delivery issues existed long before COVID started.
The price was good but in retrospect, I wish I had ordered from Amazon and paid a little more rather than spending months wondering when/if I would receive my order. If I had not received my order before the end of September, I would have pursued a refund or credit card chargeback... but this of course would have opened a whole new can of worms... and more delays of course.

Literally the worst customer service ever
I ordered a coffee machine. The website said it was in stock and ready to be shipped. First problems: the website has a phone number but CookStore automated message says they are not taking phone calls during the covid19 pandemic, so you have to put in a request to speak to someone through email. 24 hours after making my order ( they processed my credit card payment instantly) I emailed asking how long the estimated shipping would be. I got an email back saying they did not have the machine in stock. Even through it said online that they had it. I was then told that the coffee machine company is experiencing shipping delays so it may take awhile. Because I didn't want to wait that long and I found the machine at a local store. I asked if they could cancel my order and refund me. I got a reply saying they were sorry about the delays and if I wanted to pick a different machine I could do that, but that if there was nothing I wanted they would be "happy to refund" me. I immediately wrote back "
Please cancel my order and refund me". No reply until the next day. I got an email saying it was not possible to cancel the order or refund me. The machine was already being shipped! After telling me they didn't have it in stock and there would be delays, suddenly 12hours later it's being shipped! What a lie. I told them I don't want it shipped. They said I can refuse the package or ship it back to them but they refuse to pay for the shipping.
Literally the worst customer service: bunch of liars. They have zero desire to make their customers happy. I also asked for someone to call me so I didn't have to keep waiting 4-10 hours for replies. No one has called. Shop anywhere... but at cookstore

Do not buy. Sale the item which do not have
I bought Delogni machine. After 2 week CookStore wrote the item not in store and I have to wait. No time vise...
Will make claim to PayPal for full refund, Do not waste time and money.
Transaction details
Payment sent to Cookstore Inc
December 31,2020 at 12:08:44 AM ESTTransaction ID: 7KM87105JG360352H
Payment status: COMPLETED
Payment type: Checkout
Gross amount
-$1,527.75 CAD
Shipping address

100 Costa Rd
Concord ON L4K 1N2
Order details Quantity Price Subtotal
Item # DEL-DLSC306
FREE - DeLonghi - Machine Care Kit (Milk Cleaner - Descaler - Oil Spray For Ifd - Cleaning Brushes & Cloth) - DLSC306
1 $0.00 CAD
$0.00 CAD
Item # DEL-ECAM44660W
DeLonghi - Eletta Fully Automatic Espresso Cappuccino Machine w/LatteCrema System White - ECAM44660W
1 $1,361.99 CAD
$1,361.99 CAD
Purchase total $1,361.99 CAD

Buyer be Very Aware - Do Not Buy Anything From This Company!
Bought an Omcan, single zone, 192 Bottle Wine Fridge - For Fine Wines. Received my $2500 Wine Fridge and set up in my basement. Tested temperature without any bottles in (just in case) and the digital reader on fridge was off by anywhere from 4 degrees on the bottom to 7 degrees on the top. Tried contacting them and CookStore said they could not take to unit back. I contacted Omcan who agreed to send a technician to the house to test and found the same results in temperature variation but said I would have to go back to Cookstore for refund!. Contacted Cookstore and they have given me the runaround and would charge me 35% restocking fee if I returned it. The unit is faulty and does not operate as advertised nor as a single zone wine fridge should work. Filing a court claim this week. Read all the reviews on this company - buyer definitely beware!

Placed an order for a product May 4,2020. Add claimed delivery of product in 4 to 6 business days. 7 weeks later, no product. Series of emails resulted in a run around. After 30 days we recieved an email offering a refund, we accepted and nothing happened. Enquiries got the response that the offer was made in ERROR. Then CookStore switched to the order was sent to shipping so they can't do a refund. Told tracking info was to be sent shortly. It wasn't. Still waiting for shipping info. Many enquiries were not answered, request to call us were ignored, and they don't answered there phone.
You can only rate this as low as 1 star, I'd have picked minus 3.
I've seen many simular reviews, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS STORE.
Got the same product elsewhere in 4 days, 7 weeks and still waiting on Cook Store.
Sure would like my money back.

Terrible first experience with Cook Store
I bought a Staub rice cooker in mid May and would like to give a negative rating for my first experience at Cook Store. My credit card was charged on May 21 for delivery between 3-6 days, but the parcel was not even shipped out until Jun 11, and I finally received it on Jun 29. There was absolutely no explanation on where my order was, other than COVID 19 being used as the single excuse in their responses to my follow-up inquiries. I've purchased multiple items from OTHER online stores, including similar Staub products, and I've received all my orders within a couple of days except for this one. This made me wonder why Cook Store seemed to be the ONLY business that was impacted by the pandemic?! In their last response to my request to cancel the order and issue a refund, I was told I have to ship the product back at my own cost and no refund will be issued until seven days after CookStore confirm receipt of the return. I would like to warn other potential customers to think twice before you place order, and that your credit card should only be charged upon shipment (which was 3 weeks after my card was charged in this case). It is definitely the worst online shopping experience I've ever had at anywhere. I will never ever buy anything from Cook Store again.

Three weeks later, order not shipped
I ordered some pans from here on a Black Friday deal (hint: CookStore are not actual black friday deals, just regular deals rebranded during black friday). Placed order on Nov 28, no items were listed as backordered or out of stock. Dec 8, I get an automated message saying, among other things: "We wanted to take a moment to just let you know that we have not forgotten about your order, unfortunately one of the items you purchased has been delayed but we are hard at work with our supplier to get the product delivered ASAP." They also throw out a generic COVID-19 excuse. No other retailer (5+) I have used in the past 3 months had any more shipping delays than usual.

I wrote back by email to demand they send whatever items are in stock, or I will seek a refund for the excessive delays. It is now Dec 21 and I have heard nothing from them. Three weeks later and a human has not reached out, and the items have not shipped.

Ordered a knife so long ago I cannot even remember. Bout a month and a half at least. Don't u just love it when CookStore tell u to call,. Then tell u no humans here,... then send u to chat (that clearly does not work), then email, and email and email,... and nothing. They fully knew they screwed up too many times to count and yet continue to just ignore u. This was from stephanie,. A supervisor that took me so many attempts to get to a human. Been through 3 different people who completely give u wrong answers. The first told me so delightfully,..."it's in shipping". And I would get a notice in days. 3 weeks later NOTHING. Called and tried to chat and emailed too many times to count,... ALL UNANSWERED AFTER SO MANY WEEKS. They state, "FULLY OPERATIONAL" WHEN THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT. Emailed and Emailed again and again NOTHING. After so many attempts I finally got Stephanie on chat. After lots of back and forth guess what? They made a mistake,... BUT HEY,. IT'S IN SHIPPING AGAIN AND TALKED DIRECTLY TO THE SHIPPING MANAGER WHO TOLD HER IT WOULD ABSOLUTELY BE SHIPPED TODAY OR TOMORROW. That was over a week ago. Also got yet another notice,... THE VERY NEXT DAY I TALKED TO THE SUPERVISOR,... and then I get another letter saying,... Item is not available and I must wait for the manufacturer to send it to them. WHY AM I TOLD IT "WAS BEING SENT TWICE" BY A SUPERVISOR AND THE SHIPPING SUPERVISOR,... AND WITHIN 24 HRS I GET THIS LETTER. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH NOTHING BUT CRAP COMING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS. NEVER NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. BUT HEY,... THEY TOOK MY MONEY OVER 5 WEEKS AGO. PATHETIC REALLY. NOW IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TRY TO GET THEM TO CONTACT ME. BBB IS NEXT.
UPDATE-It's very curious my many emails went totally ignored (not so nice emails for sure and they deserve it) but it's really funny,... as soon as I mentioned BBB,. Voila, I get another email offering me two other knives. AGAIN,. I am told (unanswered question again),. And cannot even give a ball park of when and these people (after all this) cannot make a phone call to see if it is even in production. GUESS WHAT,. THEY KNOW FULL WELL THEY DO NOT HAVE THE PRODUCT AND STILL GRAB YOUR MONEY,. KNOWING FULL WELL IT'S IN NEVER NEVER LAND. Now that I've uttered BBB,. They offer me another knife. And the worst part is,...(read the terrible reviews as this appears to be normal business for them),... people say they,..."do not refund and have much difficulty with refunding the money they grabbed months ago". Terrible company. Too bad,. They have some nice stuff.

Delivered as advertised.
I've placed, over the last year, 3 orders on Cookstore.

The good:
Everything that I ordered was received and was exactly as advertised on their website.
All orders received were in original boxes by manufacturers and well packaged, so that there was no damage in shipment

The very good:
I wanted to change the credit card number used for my order, and received a response back from the company within 24 hours.
I also noticed an item on one of my orders, that had not been delivered, had a price drop on their website. I contacted Cookstore and CookStore honoured that price drop even though I had ordered it at a higher price.

The not so good:
On one order of the three, one item was backordered (a knife sharpener), even though the website said it was in-stock. The entire order was held up, but on contact with Cookstore they sent out all items immediately, and later shipped the knife sharpener when it came in-stock.

Delivery times are not amazon like (1-3 days), more like 7 to 10 days. Perhaps a trade-off you make in getting to choose from a wide variety of quality products at decent prices.

All in all, I'm a satisfied customer.

Terrible customer service providing falsifying information.
I requested for a refund. The credit card on file was no longer valid and I had a new one. The customer service rep, Olesya said the refund would automatically be redirected to my new card.

I have called the credit card company and CookStore said the refund was sitting in my old credit card account and it will not be redirected to my new card.

I had to call them to ask them to redirect my funds from my old card to my new card, as they have no way to know that the refund was sitting in my old account.

I waited over 9 business days for nothing to happen. Furthermore, I had to wait an additional 5-10 business days because the credit card company had to actually process it.

Olesya and the company should not provide this kind of information if they are not familiar with the processes of a credit card company, considering they do not work there.

Misleading advertising & terrible customer service
I purchased a "vegetable cutter/slicer" on this website, thinking it was a FULL PRODUCT, rather than an attachment. I was completely misled by the product page which did not clearly represent that the product I was purchasing was only an attachment. The name of the product is stated as a "vegetable cutter/slicer" which I can only assume is a full product and not just an attachment. Simply the word "Attachment" at the end would have been transparent.

As someone that is not familiar with the product, the way it is advertised was completely misleading. When I search other companies that carry the same product such as Amazon or Williams Food Equipment, it specifically states in the name that it is an attachment. If other companies are doing this, why is cookstore not doing this? To deliberately mislead their customers? Laziness?

Not only that, the order took well over a month to get to us... We are also based in Canada... I've had faster shipments from halfway across the world. Then of course, to our surprise, it's not what we expected. So after I realized this, I called the company and spoke to some lady who gave me condescending attitude saying "Ma'am, you purchased the attachment not the full product so you did make the right purchase. Anyone that knows this brand understands that this is an attachment, not the full product". So anyone that knows this brand... are all your customers supposed to know this brand before making a purchase? Ridiculous.

CookStore said they are happy to return the product and when I asked them to cover the shipping costs (since I didn't know what I was buying thanks to their misleading page), they said they couldn't do that because they "sent me what I ordered" - even though I had already told them that I wouldn't have purchased the product if the wording/photo on their product page hadn't been misleading. Then the lady said to send an email with the information and she will pass it on to her seniors. I sent an email - no response. The next time I spoke to the lady to ask why my email hasn't been answered, she said she never got the email but then said in the same breath that I won't get a refund.

Nevertheless, I returned the package and I included a short letter with a receipt for the shipping costs. Of course, the letter was ignored and no one contacted me regarding the topic. Not only that, the page is STILL the same as before, after I complained multiple times. Honestly - does anyone work here?

Long story short - I highly recommend not purchasing from this company. I imagine that you can find the same type of products in a different company with much better customer service, straight forward advertising and seamless communication.

Worst online retailer
Absolutely the worst. Most these reviews are about shipping or product quality. I am sure the shipping is sent in a timely manner and I am sure that the products are what you expect. What you don't expect in 2021 is to have your purchase vetted to the point that the order gets cancelled. I placed an order - ship to address is different than billing address. Because of this CookStore needed to talk to me to "confirm the order". Ten emails went back and forth from the same email address I used on the purchase order! But that wasn't good enough, they needed to "speak to me" so I gave them my cell but to limit spam calls my cell sends 800 numbers directly to VM so I offered they should call me form the office number which has a provincial prefix OR I offered to call them - NO that won't work for them (and by the way they never even called me because I had no VM from them. Imagine, I am just trying to buy some $#*!ty pots and pans at $400 - if it were a $3000 copper set then this debacle would make a little more sense. If the card was stolen as seems to be their concern I am not sure a thief would use a stolen card to but pots and pans, further if card was stolen it has nothing to do with them or the purchase, its a card holder / CC company matter. So after offering to call them, after asking they call from a non 800 number, after seeing the order email and the ensuing argument emails back and forth are the same - after all that they cancel the order. Nice one. Good way to treat a customer. Never in my online experience has this happened or that I had to be vetted for my purchase but I guess there's a first for everything. I am sure someone else will appreciate my lousy $400 purchase. I will not be back and will share my experience

This website is fake
Placed two orders three weeks ago and CookStore have still to ship my items. Every four days the just send me an email ( it looks like an automatic bot email) saing: " Hello Andrea,

Hope you are doing well and more importantly keeping well!

We wanted to take a moment to just let you know that we have not forgotten about your order, unfortunately one of the items you purchased has been delayed but we are hard at work with our supplier to get the product delivered ASAP.

As I'm sure you're aware the COVID-19 situation has caused significant delays and we do apologize but rest assured your order will be shipped as soon as our supply arrives.

Thank you for your business and your patience!

Cook Store Staff"

It is a shame. They should hide them self from the earth's face.

Bad product but excellent customer service
The five star rating is because of the level of customer service I received. I was really unhappy with the product I received and CookStore issued a whole refund.

But avoid buying the Weston - Pro 160L 24 Tray 1200 Dehydrator!

See original email below;


Re: Weston - Pro 160L 24 Tray 1200 Dehydrator

I own a small beef jerky company from Montreal. This machine was bought as a backup in case our main dryers broke down and we had to keep producing until they could be services. We decided to give it a test yesterday.

Honestly I don't know where to begin. This product is beyond disappointing, I don't even know how it could be called a dehydrator. To be honest, it should be pulled from your shelves as I truly believe it is flawed by design and can cause serious health problems.

I've attached pictures to show what we've had to deal with. Please note, we did not overload the machine, in fact we reduced the batch amount to see how it would perform. The back 3 spaces as well as the front 4 spaces were left empty, as well as middle gap for the diffuser to maximize air flow. Only 20 or the 24 racks were used.

First off, the racks don't fit the machine properly, they should be flush with the rack holders, not extend past them. The rear part of the racks go right up to the back of the machine, blocking a portion of the air circulation.

The pictures show what we had after 10 hours of drying, half the batch was still raw. We had to rotate the racks 4 times, which completely defeats the point of having so many racks if it doesn't dry everything at once. I honestly don't even trust the digital thermometer built into the machine.

We had to throw out all 25 lbs of the meat because of concern that there may be bacteria accumulation due to the raw portions. Last thing we would want is for a customer to get sick!

I understand that this is not your fault, but a manufacturer issue.

I would like to return the dryer, I don't necessarily need a refund, a store credit would be fine as well.

Look forward to hearing back from you.



Product ordered may not be in stock
I ordered an All American Pressure cooker on June 2,2020. On June 5 I revived an email which stated that the product was expected to ship in 3-6 business days. On June 12 i received an email which stated that the product was delayed further and no deliver estimate was given. At this point I emailed CookStore to let them know I was disappointed because I assumed that the product was in stock when I purchased it. I also asked if CookStore had any other models in stock that I could receive sooner but they said it would take longer to redo the order. On June 15 I received a reply which stated that they are waiting on a shipment from a suppler and I would take another 2-9 business days. Today, July 2,2020 I received an email which stated that I had to either have my order refunded or find a substitute. My first and last shopping experience on this website.

Worst service ever!
Ordered a vac master august 10/20. It's now Sept 10/20. Still don't have it. You can't believe a word CookStore say. Furthermore, they won't answer the phone. It's got a bull message excuse for covid to fill out a ticket/email on their site. Says 4 hours tops to get a reply... 8 days later you get a bogus email back it's on it's way. Never answer the question put to them at all. Then ya gotta do it all over again. After 4... 5 tickets, I finally put in a request for a phone call, I did get a call within an hour... after it was labeled for fedex.
The waiting wasn't the problem, the problem is not giving you proper updates after ya laid out $1900 and nobody is answering you.
So in the phone call I said I think I deserve some kind of discount or discount card, she said she'd see what she could do. Seeing it's 2 months later. Haven't seen a thing in my email, I'm sure she was just getting me off the phone. Last time I buy from "the cook". Also tried to get a refund, no way there we're giving me my money back. Shop elsewhere and save your sanity. Phil Watson Thunder Bay Ontario

Caveat Emptor
My story will probably be taken down but. Purchased Baratza Encore Model 485 Conical Burr grinder
After finding out my Breville grinder's burr was not a replacement part and perhaps needed replacing.
Good review on Baratza so thought I would shop Amazon. Then thought maybe try and find a Canadian
Supplier and ended up at Cooks. Great service on the order and delivery side BUT when I compared
Performance between my old Breville and Encore I found the following. Barazata is noisy, takes
2-3 times longer to grind same 18 gms of beans, always a mess to clean up underneath the coffee grind cup
And if you change grind settings you will need to grind small amount of beans as throw away to flush
Machine from previous grind setting. The Baratza does a better grind for the espresso crowd but I
Am not a espresso guy. Pour over grind settings on both machines were very comparable.
Made two cups with Encore then knew it was not what I expected. Me bad.
Yes I should have read the return policy but how would you know if the Encore was for you before
Trying it out? It seems like buying a car before a test drive. This would have gone back if purchased
From Amazon. If you want to be in the Amazon game return policies should be an important review
Consideration. Lesson learned. Caveat emptor.

Brutal - same experience as everybody else... original order from two months ago. CookStore tried to cancel part of it a month ago and I said I'd wait - don't cancel anything. Now it's been two months and it taking too long for the "backordered" items to come in, so I asked for a cancellation today. Their response is that unfortunately since part of the order has been sent to shipping, I can't cancel it. That is BS - suddenly, after two months of nothing, the order happens to be at shipping at the exact same time I ask for a cancellation? They have no way to contact them other than working through their email system. They seem to have only two employees (Chloe M and somebody else). If I check my order online right now, it still says "Processing" and that the items are backordered. Yet, if I search for those same items on their website, they're all listed as available, but part of my order is somehow at "shipping" according to Chloe M who won't cancel and refund me. Do yourself a favor and don't even consider shopping with these folks. Even if something costs twice as much from somebody else, it's worth it.

Very poor customer service
I work in FM at a health care facility. We purchased a food warmer (steam table) that was supposed to include the insert pans. The table was shipped/received but no pans. We can't use the steam table without the pans. We have since been trying for weeks now to get a status on the back order. We have called, emailed, ticketed and get no positive response regarding status. Their call in message claims CookStore are committed to responding within approximately 4 hours. Their customer service staff obviously did not listen to the message.

We are a health care facility that provides food service to our patients, clients and staff. Our staff are currently exposed (not by choice) to the COVID virus on a daily basis to care for our clients. All we want are some pans to offer hot entrees to eat. No too much to ask for where your life is on the line.

Come on people where are your priorities?

Take your money, send you nothing, don't respond to email
I ordered (and paid for) something on Dec 2, and a week later still no email to notify me it had been shipped. So, I phoned customer service. After a long wait, I was politely told CookStore were a bit backed up because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and that my order would be shipped in the next 1-2 business days. It wasn't. An email sent to them a week ago asking about the status of my order has garnered no response, either. NOT a good customer experience. Will never order from them again, not worth the aggravation. I'd rather have the item I ordered, but at this point I'm just hoping I can get my money back. UPDATE - Dec 19th, tried Live Chat to see what was going on as there was never a response to my email. Was told they were waiting on a shipment from supplier and would send my item when it arrived. This means that they are selling things they don't even have in stock - this seems very shady to me, unethical.

Absolutely HORRENDOUS service.

Firstly, CookStore sent me the wrong pan. Frustrating, but OK. I contact customer service, they say they need pictures and details to confirm they sent me the wrong pan. (Can't you easily tell you sent me the wrong pan by comparing my order to what you shipped out?) So after some back and forth, providing more details and pictures (I'm getting increasingly annoyed), they say, "oh yes, you seem to have been shipped this pan instead" YES THANK YOU I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT. And then, "would you accept a $30 coupon to keep the item?". No apology given, no information on how they would be covering return shipping, and only a $30 coupon offerd, and even then only if I keep the wrong pan.

All this, when the pan I paid for is more than $100.

So I say, no, I would like the pan I paid for, and ask that they cover return shipping costs. So they provide me a return shipping label, alongside a long list of instructions and requirements for how to return the pan. One of these is, "the item must be shipped in another box, not just the original packaging". Still no apology, no offer of a coupon or anything for how long and frustrating this process has been, and the time it will take to package and ship the pan back. All to fix their mistake. At this point I've lost my patience, and I detail how frustrating this has been, how further annoyed I am that no one has yet apologized for their mistake, request that my issue be escalated further up the chain, and I tell them they didn't ship it to me in a separate box, so if they want it in a separate box they can send me one.

The reply was that if it wasn't sent in a separate box then I can just wrap it in plastic. Still no apology, no offer of a coupon or anything, just a "thank you for shopping with us" at the end.

Safe to say I am beyond infuriated with This is the most abysmal customer service/return process I've ever had to endure, and I've bought stuff from cheap Chinese websites with notoriously dodgy customer service/return processes.

It's been weeks since I shipped back to them the wrong pan they sent me, and they never confirmed that they received the return, nor have they provided any update as to when they'll be shipping me the correct pan.


Very misleading website
Website is misleading. Says in store and ready to ship but the product I ordered was not despite me making a call to ensure that this was the case. Only get back to you if you harangue them although CookStore claim they'll be in touch. Admitted that they were waiting to receive product and kept telling me it would be a couple of days and it wasn't. Then shipped the wrong product and I had to take it to Canada Post to return after bugging them for a couple of days for the return postage sheet. Then someone told me that my product had arrived and would be shipped as soon as processed and then someone said it would be early the following week which it wasn't. Still hadn't even been received by the company by today (more than two weeks later) and they admitted they couldn't guarantee Christmas delivery. I had only ordered from them because I needed it quickly and they claimed it was in stock and would ship soon (usually ships in a couple of days if in stock). I hope I can trust them to refund this order. Usually refunds are automatic but they need to go through some long process of contacting shipping apparently as I guess their system is not updated or accessible? I feel sorry for staff because they have no idea when things will be received and customers have been misled into thinking the product is in stock. Don't be fooled by low prices. Will keep you posted on whether or not I get my refund as they claim they have to confirm that the order they sent me in error has been received by them. Canada Post says it has. I really question the positive reviews many of which are posted in clusters on the same day or two days. If I don't receive the refund, I will have to contact Visa and possibly the better business bureau about misleading advertising. Julie

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