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The ordering process was very easy, from picking out...
The ordering process was very easy, from picking out my contacts to uploading my prescription. I love the free upgrade to 2-day shipping from standard shipping. I hope the rest of the process is as easy as the online purchase. Great prices, too - cheaper than any other supplier for my contacts on this order.

You could make the re-ordering process easier
You could make the re-ordering process easier. When I click "re-order", just order the last thing I bought. Don't make me hunt around for a particular order and then click re-order. Sure, put put a display to confirm this is what I want to re-order just in case it is something different but 99% of the time I'm re-ordering the last thing I purchased.

I love Contact King
I love Contact King. When I first ordered through them, I ordered the wrong base curve. Contact Lens King didn't notice on my prescription either and sent the wrong contacts. They fixed the problem without any extra charge to me, including shipping the wrong contacts back. I will always buy from them for their excellent customer service.

You get cheap prices, and quality service
You get cheap prices, and quality service. This is important for people who need a high quality contact lense brand that are too expensive to continually buy elsewhere. I will say, I don't like having to pay a processing fee all the sudden. Nobody likes paying extra. But i understand, and im just grateful you guys have the integrity to try your best to give us the most affordable prices you can compared to other places.

I really appreciate your upfront honest communication...
I really appreciate your upfront honest communication about the processing fee. I was disgusted by so many other vendors posting misleading prices, and only revealing a processing fee at checkout. I wonder how many consumers did not catch this hidden fee? While I wish your processing fee was lower, your overall price was still the lowest I could find, and I only do business with companies that are up-front and honest.

All good for a few hiccups
All good for a few hiccups. Clicking on "reorder" on the bottom left of my browser does nothing (from a laptop). I have to go to an existing order and "reorder" to modify. It's a little frustrating to have the other reorder link that doesn't work.

It's unclear whether you need my prescription each time or not? I don't see it on file and when I upload it as a png the form doesn't allow me to proceed with my order. I had to click another option and I'll email it to you.

Your website is so much better than others about letting...
Your website is so much better than others about letting you order 1 type of contact for one eye and another type for the other eye. Other sites wouldn't let me progress to purchase because I didn't put in for both eyes the same type of contacts. It could have been made a tad bit more noticeable on how to do that. I guessed to change qty from 1 to zero. Maybe a check box that says "Only 1 eye"? Thanks anyway for being a lot better than other sites with that.

Thank you for your great prices
Thank you for your great prices. My family members and I have been using contacts for many years, probably over 20 years. Thats thousands of dollars. And its very expensive, insurance doesn't do a good job in covering the contact lenses. Thanks to you guys. I can actually pay a reasonable price. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much!

Easy to use and prices much better than our eye doctor
Easy to use and prices much better than our eye doctor. Hoping there will be no problems in the delivery and product so that I can have a new place to give my business!:)

Also, I am VERY impressed that you were upfront with the reason for your processing fees. I'm sorry it had to be that way, but it's understandable!

I have ordered from Contact Lens King for many years...
I have ordered from Contact Lens King for many years and have been extremely happy with the service and the prices. The newer fees being charged get under my skin, though. There is something about a "processing fee because we noticed our competitors are charging it" that is kind of maddening. It may be partly psychological. I might prefer to pay more per box and not have a processing fee charged. I have gone online to order from Contact Lens King several times recently, and I always end up abandoning my cart because the processing fee really annoys me. I normally would rate CLK 5 stars, but the processing fee causes me to take a few stars off my rating.

So far so good
So far so good. I understand the need to do the same "bait and switch" as the other online retailers because Contact Lens King want to make money too, even though I don't like the method. But I DO like CLK's honesty about it. Plus, they are the best prices out there (that I've seen) so unless the prescription comes back wrong or something happens with my order, it's 5-stars from me.

The justification for the extremely high processing...
The justification for the extremely high processing fee is absurd. The fact that you are running online ads has nothing to do with processing an order. If you are paying your employees more money, then great. If not, shame on you and your poor business practices. Either higher someone better equipped at running ads or honor the price for what it is and don't punish the customer by charging made-up fees.

CLK has the best prices on contacts I've seen anywhere...
CLK has the best prices on contacts I've seen anywhere and the service is great! Orders are shipped in a very timely manner, optional reminders for when it's time to re-order is very convenient, and did I mention the great prices? Cause man, Contact Lens King save me so much!

As a first time visitor to your site, my wife and I...
As a first time visitor to your site, my wife and I were very impressed with the upfront explanation of the "taxes and fee" situation. We visited another site to compare and Contact Lens King did not explain this at all and ALSO we did not get to see the fee until after creating an account. Your website informed us of the total and explained it before creating an account. Small things but HIGHLY appreciated!

Worst Contact Lens Sellers. SELLS LENS THAT ARE 3+YEAR OLD.
Price is great, but is it worth damaging your eyes by receiving contact lenses that are 3+ years old? Definitely not.
Reach out to customer service, and Contact Lens King offered to swap 2 out of the 4 boxes I ordered. Why not all 4? Sent them all back with my expense to ship. They end up refunding me partially excluding my initial shipping fee.
Unexceptable business service when I had to waste my expense both ways to receive old contact lenses that were stocked for 3+ years. I have shopped many other lens company and they always provided the most up to date stock.

I always use CLK over other internet contact lens sellers...
I always use CLK over other internet contact lens sellers as their prices are usually a tiny bit & have always given me great service. Also, my order usually arrives within a few days after ordering... prior to covid, that is, not sure if that will affect shipping now. Highly recommend CLK.

So far, easy enough to place order
So far, easy enough to place order. Customer service responded in the chat pretty quickly. However, a bit misleading about promo codes. Promo suggest you get a discount but then customer service says if item is already on sale, there is no promo. I did compare prices between this site and another site and even without promo code, this site is still $200 less.

Yours was the best price I could find
Yours was the best price I could find. I really hate how none of the contact companies will tell you the REAL price upfront... you have to go through the hassle of putting them in your cart, then seeing what kind of crazy PROCESSING FEE Contact Lens King slap on ( added on a $50 processing fee, so I didn't use them.) I prefer transparency instead of trickery.

I don't know how I never heard of this company before
I don't know how I never heard of this company before. The other guys out there are not bad, but their prices are not always competitive and their shipment and customer service is not good. Based on my previous experiences, Contact Lens King is a game changer: easy to order, lots of brands to choose from, unbeatable prices, lightning fast shipment and excellent customer service. I made a mistake placing my order and Contact Lens King contacted me right away and fixed it for me, they even contacted me to check if I had received my order. I'm impressed, thank you!

Excellent, Friendly and Fast!

Give a consistent price instead of bumping up the price...
Give a consistent price instead of bumping up the price for existing customer. I got price of $55 initially for my purchase when I logged into my account then I came from Google and got the same item for $20. You should give the same discount to existing customers. Otherwise, Contact Lens King will shop somewhere else just like I was about to. This is the biggest mistake most of the companies like yours do. I can provide a couple of more constructive suggestions to your CEO. Please ask him/her to contact me.

I feel duped by the pricing since the processing fee...
I feel duped by the pricing since the processing fee alone turns out to be $15/box. Also, because the contacts were on "sale", Contact Lens King were ineligible for the 10% discount that was generated as a result of me subscribing via email & text... Let's see if the shipment comes in quickly as I paid for Next Day & uploaded my prescription along with the order...

Fast quick and easy
Fast quick and easy. HOWEVER, my husband who is a repeat customer of ALOT longer then myself was going to order these for me and his charge was $70.00. Before he can order, off to my computer screen, I see an advertisement while he is still in the screen for these same contacts $20.00 less AND with shipping... We found that very odd as I am a repeat customer but only of 1 time. So I guess the longer you stay the more you pay?

The site is not clear about if, and when, the prescription...
The site is not clear about if, and when, the prescription can be uploaded. It took me a lot longer to place the order than I expected or would have hoped.
I was also unable to get through to your 800 #. When I select an option from the greeting, it thanked me and then looped back to the same greeting with options. If I selected an option again, it just looped around again. When I did not select an option, the call was disconnected. :(

I feel bad about the forced promo price to keep up...
I feel bad about the forced promo price to keep up with the competition, you should mention this in your advertising. I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that as a customer I appreciate your upfront honesty about this! I tell all my friends who wear contacts to buy from you guys

Contact Lens King offered straight forward and great...
Contact Lens King offered straight forward and great pricing for my recent order!
I can't stand other websites that advertise a certain "low" price, only to find out at checkout that there are additional mystery fees and/or the advertised "low" price is contingent on rebates.
When I see underhanded tacticts like that, I immediately move on to the next site.

I really like ordering my contacts from this website
I really like ordering my contacts from this website. I have an account that keeps track of my recent orders, so when it's time to reorder, all of my information is already saved, including a photo of my prescription. I just go to my recent orders and click, "reorder" and boom, I have a 6 month supply of contacts in 3 days. Love it. Thanks guys, don't stop being you.

Wish the extra charge of 31.92 would have been more...
Wish the extra charge of 31.92 would have been more upfront instead of the pop up "!" near end of process. Yes, I agree with the explanation, however, CLK could have been more upfront on main page of website. Or at least offer free shipping to help compensate. Have been a long-time customer and not ready to change at this point because I've always had good service and ontime delivery in the past years. Thank you.

I would prefer to see one price that is inclusive of...
I would prefer to see one price that is inclusive of everything when I open up your advertisement on the Internet (so I can easily compare your price to other sellers), than see more additional expenses as I proceed through the purchase process (processing fees, shipping costs, etc.). Also, I received emails giving me an additional discount. I did not utilize any additional discount when I purchased contacts from Contact Lens King. If I am owed a discount that I did not receive, please refund to me the overpayment.

Maybe you can make the terms and conditions box easier...
Maybe you can make the terms and conditions box easier to see, right by the "Place order" button. I had to go back and re-enter my credit card info because I didn't see it. I'm a returning customer and I really appreciate you guys. I do appreciate that you keep the prescription on file. And the prices are usually very good.

Great. Easy and nice sales. Contact Lens King keep prescriptions in system so you can just buy them when you need to replenish your contacts. Fantastic service too from the customer service team.

Great customer service team. Helped me cancel an order when I didn’t need them at the moment and responsive.

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