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Life Changing!
From the design of the labels, to the scents, to the amazing customer service-Fred's oils are seriously life changing (and Conjuria work!). I use them every day and get compliments about how great I smell! They're also super affordable and a great value. I purchased during the beginning of the pandemic and still received my items in a reasonable amount of time-and they were very communicative throughout the entire process! Definitely recommend.

Great Quality! Excellent Customer Service! Well worth the wait!
I love Ms. Fred's oils. You can tell that she takes the greatest care in preparing, packaging, and shipping her oils. Due to the nature of preparing the oils on her altar, as well as shipping delays due to COVID, and/or weather related events that there may be up to two month delay in receiving your oils. Ms. Fred is clear about providing that information, as well as providing a refund if that is not acceptable to you as a customer.
All I have to say, that it is well worth the wait! I will always continue to get my oils from Ms. Fred :)

Worth the Wait, Always
Fred is the real deal, and the real deal takes time. She's up front that it takes a while for orders to be shipped. I expect to usually wait about 3 months from order to shipping, and even though I'm the most impatient person, her oils are beyond worth waiting for. Conjuria (and she) have changed my life in the best possible way. I highly recommend her products.

Absolutely LOVE these products. It does take her some time to get to orders but, that is because so much time and care go into these small batches. Conjuria are always worth the wait and will most definitely bring magic into your life.

Fred is the truth y'all. Every working I have participated in and every oil I have purchased has been on point and amazing!
There is a longer than normal wait time but that is because Fred takes her time and does it right and really truly puts her energy into everything she does and creates, so it is more than worth the wait! I will never use another oil made by anyone except Fred!

Totally worth the wait!
While it's true that Fredericka's oils take a while to get to you, you must understand her process. Fred hand makes, hand pours, and has her ancestors personally bless every single oil that's produced. These are AUTHENTIC handmade condition oils, not some mass produced concoction. Her oils always arrive right when you need them, Conjuria smell amazing, and most importantly THEY WORK. Yes, you could buy mass produced oils from Amazon and have them arrive the next day... but you would only be getting a watered down version of the real thing. Fred's oils are the real thing! I'm happy to wait for quality, powerful oils. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are Fred's oils. Both are masterpieces worthy of the time it takes to get it right!

Quality is most important for me
Fred's oils and anything that you order from Conjuria is always quality. She goes above and beyond to answer questions. If shipping will be delayed, you know it via the website. I choose to order my hoodoo oils from here only due to the quality and the effort that she puts into her teaching platform in her Facebook group filled with others who buy her oils and have questions.

AMAZING, Frequent buyer
The oils that Conjuria makes are the highest quality oils I have ever purchased, I have 12 so far and an order being shipped. Conjuria all smell amazing and they all really help me with my specific needs. The relationship oils smell amazing and I feel more connected with my partner every time I use them and he LOVES the smell! I use the Rose of Crucifixion and High John daily, I did a working with the Wealthy Way and Algiers and ended up getting a more profitable job. Every oil does its job and even if it isn't for a "working", like, if I just WEAR the oil alone, i still feel like I am manifesting. It takes a while to get the orders, but that is because the owner literally hand makes each oil and then puts the intent into each oil. This isn't some big batch company, the owner works so hard and makes sure each item is perfect before sendind. I love it and will buy my oils from here always.

Wonderful product! Worth the wait!
While it does take a while for orders to be fulfilled, the product is 100% worth it. I have always been 100% satisfied with all of my orders through conjuria. I would say if you're willing to give patience on your order time you will definitely be satisfied with your purchases.

Fred does her best to send out all the orders in a timely fashion since Conjuria are hand made oils, but due to pandemic and other issues the wait is a while. And it is understandable, it also is stated on her website that the wait is very long at times. But the oils are honestly so great. They definitely get the job done! Her products are amazing!

The best oils!
I purchased 15 oils, I use them in all my work and get the results I need. Will definitely be a life long customer and honestly "Fred" is the only person I've ever trusted enough to purchase oils from. She's so authentic and genuine and gives so freely of herself. Her guidance has helped so many. Shop here. You won't be disappointed.

Amazing power
Although the wait time can be a bit, these oils have amazing powers! I can't say enough about them. I have over 30 of the oils so far and plan to get more. The owner is willing to work with you. Fredericka is amazing business owner!

Powerful oils and an amazing hoodoo teacher
Conjuria is the real deal. Plain and simple. I used to purchase conjure oils from several different places, but never had much luck with my conjure. That's just not the case with Fred's oils. Conjuria work. Yes, it can take a little while to receive your order. Fred is always up front about that. And she always says she'll gladly refund your money if you don't want to wait, because she gets it. But I've never had an order not come through. And these oils are always worth it.

I wouldn't recommend buying from Conjuria if you're in a rush and trying to do work immediately. Why? Well, practically, I can tell you that if you feel you need to do work this weekend, Conjuria simply won't have conjure oil at your doorstep that quickly. But also, Fred teaches so much about what goes into hoodoo and strong conjure, and planning is a huge part of that. So, if you can't plan accordingly to prepare for your conjure, if you're perhaps reacting to a situation and trying to change it immediately, the conjure oil is the last reason you're going to have issues with your work. And it's this sort of hoodoo education that Fred shares FREELY in her Facebook groups. The importance of planning, divination, ancestor veneration, coming into and truly owning your power. Of making hoodoo a practice and not just spellwork. Conjuria oils and honestly, hoodoo as a practice, are simply not going to work for you if you don't want to put in the real work. Because it's a lot more than doing one conjure for a situation and expecting everything to turn out your way because you did a ritual. Conjuria oils are powerful, but only as part of your practice.

What I truly respect and appreciate most is that Fred is here sharing her culture through Conjuria. This is not something that is widely done in hoodoo (exception being there are always appropriators online, but I would be very skeptical of where they get their info because it is so often wrong). Fred shares her ancestral knowledge. She shares time-honored oils, recipes and conjure passed down through the generations by her ancestors, and I am very thankful to learn from her. She created Facebook groups to share most of this knowledge freely, to those who want to learn. You don't have to pay a dime. Yes, you can buy oils, but you don't HAVE to. The Facebook groups have so many recipes shared for free if you want to make a basic oil yourself. You also don't have to hire Fred to do rootwork on your behalf. In fact, it's very expensive to do so, and that's even if she takes on your case. But a big part of that is because she wants people to understand that they don't NEED to hire her. You have the power inside yourself to do conjure. You do. But it takes a lot more than rubbing a candle with a Conjuria oil and calling it a day. And that's why she provides so much information (again, for FREE) so you can come into your own power and do your own rootwork.

I am so, so grateful to have met Fred and become part of her community. If you want to learn real hoodoo, it's hard to find a resource and community as developed as what Fred has created. I have ordered about 20+ oils now over the past year or so and I hope she never stops selling them. Couldn't care less if I have to wait for the oils to arrive. They are always worth it.

Great things take time.
Yes, shipping can take a long time. I've had an order slip through the cracks and go unfulfilled for a while, but once I reached out to Fredricka she expedited shipping and was super helpful in making things right. You have to understand there are hundreds of orders that come in and only so many hands to complete them. Once you receive your order, the time it took to get there means nothing. I've ordered several oils and not once have I been disappointed. Top quality, and potent. What more could I ask for? I'd rather wait a month or two to receive something made with care and intent, than to get something that was rushed. This is a small business, not Amazon. Fred, I appreciate all that you do, thank you for your hard work and for providing such amazing products.

Power in patience
I am someone who found Fred on Facebook& I enjoy her personality. I also have bought a few items from her Conjuria shop. I respect that Fred states that ordering does take time& that is because of the process and care she puts into every order. I've also been apart of rituals and those have worked amazingly for my life. I will order more as time goes on& I love the products she provides, it's like your getting gifts all through out the year.

Top quality and customer service
I love every product I've ordered from Conjuria. Be prepared to wait approximately 4-6 weeks including actual shipping for the hand crafted oils. The wait is due to multiple factors; the items ordered to make the product, the time it takes to make the product, the detail and work put into the product, and issues with delivery times through USPS. The owner is transparent with wait times and I believe the exceptional quality is worth it. I have always received my orders, packaged with care and in tact. Excellent customer service and communication. The stores owner has gotten back to me within same day for any questions/concerns I've had, professional and friendly.

Worth the wait. Period
Pre Covid orders were shipped and delivered in a timely manner. As was listed on Etsy shipped within 2 weeks. All of my orders were received within a month of ordering without fail.

If there is a problem Mrs. Fred has had it listed and has stated to contact her and she will resolve the matter. She understands, knowing that in NOLA the mail is still not great and as result delivery is slower. She has repeatedly stated she completely understands not wanting to wait and she will refund promptly.

I've had 1 issue in 2-3 years of ordering products. 1... and I reached out with pictures of what I received vs what I ordered. She apologized and immediately sent the missing item.

All of the products have their own energy and most smell amazing. I've never been disappointed in the quality of product and have recommended Conjuria to many people.

It's understandable if you don't want to wait lengthy periods of time but just an added thought, how can you effectively practice Magick or conjure with lacking patience?

Conjure Queen
I've been more than satisfied with everything that I've order from Conjuria-which is mainly the Conjure Oils. I never have to worry about quality. Fredericka is always upfront and honest when it comes to her products, shipping time, etc. When there is a delay is shipping, she always communicates this information upfront (openly and freely) and willingly offers refunds. I believe the pricing and shipping cost to be extremely reasonable, especially for the level of quality and work that is put into the product. 100% would recommend to anyone.

Amazing results
I've shoped with conjuria on many occasions. I'm humbled and greatful that I have disordered conjuria. Fred is the most supportive kindest seller. If you have any questions or issues Fred will go out of her way to help or resolve any problems

I LOVE these oils!
I ordered from after joining Fred's group on Facebook and hearing all the great things said about them. I was hesitant about ordering due to the LONG wait times but decided to give it a try. I ordered my first set of oils in December and when Conjuria came in February, I was not disappointed. Fred kept me updated through the group that there were issues with her bottles not coming in on time, so no problems there. I was presently surprised when I received my oils and to say they smell MAGICAL is an understatement. They smell AMAZING and have long wear time. I have since placed a few other orders with and now don't even question how long it takes because I know when the come it will be well worth it!

Wait time may be long but the quality is great
I seen the 1 star review and yes the wait time since covid has been longer but she is super honest and if you don't want to wait she is quick to refund you your money. I was an Etsy customer and still a Conjuria customer. I like that her oils are made with care and not just mass production. I know when I order I'll be waiting. But once her oils come I'm so happy with my results.

Exceptional Products Exceptional Service
I have purchased products countless times now over the years from Conjuria and have been beyond pleased every single time. Miss Fredricka's customer service is also way above par! She uses USPS which I VERY much support as well... her products are worth waiting for!

Fred's Oils are THE truth
I have ordered from Fred quite a few times and I have been beyond satisfied each time. Her oils are handmade and blessed upon her altar which can make shipping a little lengthy but it is definitely worth the wait. Her oils are fairly priced and she has an excellent variety, I will continue to buy from her.

The best
Conjuria is the only place i buy my oils from. Yes the wait is long but she's very straightforward about that. She blesses all the oils and makes them all herself. If there's ever a problem she has great communication and customer service. I have been a loyal customer for over a year now and very happy with my products.

The very best oils!
Although it does take a while (NOT 6 months, but once 2 1/2 months) to get oils from Conjuria, it is well worth the wait. And Fred is totally honest that it WILL be that long, before you order! She offers an immediate refund of you feel you've waited longer than you want to. I can wait a bit for the real deal!

Conjure takes TIME!
Yes, wait times for orders are a little insane however... Fred runs this shop almost entirely alone. She makes everything herself and takes her time to make them right. Intention has a lot to do with these products, this isn't just some quick and easy metaphysical shop for the spiritual witchy/conjure types who want instant gratification. Conjure takes time and energy, a lot of it. I'll tell you one thing that matters the most: these products effing WORK! I don't care if wait times are long (maybe that can be worked on) because the products speak for themselves.

Worth It!
I've made plenty of purchases through Conjuria and have had no issue. The products are all top notch! And let me tell you Conjuria all work. I just placed an order last week and can't wait to get it! Yea wait times are a little longer, but they let you know that before placing any orders. Give them a shot, and thank me later

Never Rush Your Rootworker!
Yes, I was anxious to receive my order but I waited. When I inquired on the status of my order it was addressed quickly and with a tracking number. Having studied this tradition for years now one must be patient when ordering hand made products. This is not an assembly line. Without giving away too much information some things are made during certain phases of the moon. This is where your patience pays off. You get the best bang for your buck. I love how Fred will provide her group with free education when others try charging an arm and a leg for something Conjuria got on Google. This is the real deal here. Do I agree with everything I see in her group? No I don't, but that is the beauty of things. I can chose to ignore what I don't like and still learn from her and others. I stay in my lane, get more education on the tradition and purchase products when I can.

Not impressed anymore
I made the mistake of ordering again from here. Being told the shipping issues had been fixed. I also found it amusing that the owner was asking all of her follow to leave reviews. Check the date of most of the reviews and Conjuria are all around the same time. She has some scary followers on Facebook that are almost militant in their responses. If you don't love Fred, her shop, oils, posts they come after you. I find it amusing all of the people with raving reviews do admit the shipping time is longer with her than other shops but claim it is because of the work she is putting into it. That in itself is crap. I ordered several orders from her Etsy shop that came within normal shipping times. Same oils, same process, same everything. Then I had I think 3 or 4 orders with Etsy that just never shipped. On her Facebook page she claimed she no longer had access to her account. I have had an Etsy seller account and I received an email on every item sold. So my question is, did she just not keep those? She was asking people to email one of her admins on her Facebook page (that was extremely rude, aggressive, and hateful) with info about orders. Someone had mentioned that not everyone was in Facebook, Fred said they would eventually get a refund then. That is horrible customer service. It isn't the customers responsibility after ordering and paying to keep updating the seller. WOW. So I tried the new shop and again long shipping times but at least this time they shipped. But again, not until after having to contact the seller more than once about the orders. It was indicated that it was taking so much time due to the oils having to be on Fred's alter for a month then issues with the post office. Explain then how with the Etsy shop I received 3 orders within 3 weeks of ordering one of those came in 2. That tells me either that is a total lie, or the business is too big for her to handle and can't keep up with the orders. Otherwise why can't it be on the altar for a month before it is even placed on the site to order? Explain why crystals take just as long to be received. She doesn't have to do anything with those but package and ship. After all of this I ordered again. Again after two months no order. Had to send an email, low and behold as soon as I sent an email I received a notice that my order had been shipped. I guess if you want to spend time emailing to check up in your order you might be OK. I don't have time for that. On top of that she yells at people on her Facebook page about not paying their invoices. What about people who have paid for orders and are waiting over 2 months for them. I am not impressed with the company. Customer service is lacking. They keep getting kicked off platforms and in my opinion it's because money is being taken but orders not being shipped. It's like ordering from WISH. I like the oils and I have many of them but it has become more of a hassle than anything. I found a local place to go to and if they are out of something they actually contact me with where else I can buy it or when they will get it in. Way better customer service.
So the product itself is good but everything else surrounding it makes it bad.

Products worth the wait!
The pandemic has been hard on many businesses for various reasons as I'm sure we're all aware. Some of this can't be helped to be honest. However, the owner of Conjuria has been very communicative with her customers and hasn't left anyone in the dark. She strives to make sure everyone is aware of delays due to varying factors, any issues with orders, restocks and updates on new products(limited edition and permanent). Her website is very easy to navigate and she is very easy to get in contact with regarding orders. Overall, I would definitely recommend purchasing products from her as Conjuria are higher quality than you may find elsewhere!

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