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Great when it works; abysmal otherwise
For over six months my connectivity had been getting progressively more unreliable. Finally I agreed to try switching to a new modem. It didn't work and the connectivity issues were continuing to worsen. After a small, maybe $20 refund for all my trouble, Comcast said they'd send someone out within 2 weeks. Three weeks later - nothing. So I call again - all the while constantly restarting my modem and not being able to have Zoom meetings or complete anything online unless I used my cell phone as a hotspot. The next appointment time came and went and no one showed. They told me it had been cancelled. So they scheduled a new one. They sent the wrong team - my line cannot be buried - so the lead guy said he'd report it and have them set up a new appointment. Weeks passed and nothing. So I called again. Finally they sent a guy out. It took him all of 10 minutes to adjust the bandwidth outside. I demand a credit. They offered a laughable $40. I demand a month discount ($100). The next bill I see has no discount AND they charged me for the tech visit! He never came in my house!

I was supposed to get an email about the adjustment within 48 hours and it is now the end of day 3 - no word.

Comcast is THE WORST ISP on the planet!

I have to have Comcast due to the fact that they have...
I have to have Comcast due to the fact that Comcast have a monopoly on my town and won't let in other competing businesses. Would love to switch to Verizon! Anyway, I work at home and needed to add phone to my existing internet/cable plan. I call, they set it up for $29.99 a month and will send the equipment. 2 weeks pass, I call and they have cancelled my new phone plan because I didn't fill out a e911 form. So 1) I was never told to do that and 2) why did no one call to tell me it was cancelled? Fine. They set up the phone again. 5 days pass and no equipment. Call again... it was cancelled. This time because the price THEY GAVE ME, wasn't a valid promotion. Once again I had to contact them. Now it's $41 a month and I don't have the original phone number (which is on all my business cards and in my work directory) As soon as Verizon is available here Comcast can go KICK ROCKS. And if this phone equipment doesn't show up in 5 days I will literally tie tin cans to strings and try my luck with that.

Worst company on earth
Comcast has the worst customer support I've ever experienced by far. Their product barely works at best. Last month our service dropped an average of over 50 times per day according to them. We decided to switch from business to residential and Comcast promised us it would be immediate. 2 days max, but almost certainly the same day, we were told. Well they cut us off, and had no intention of sending anyone. We called and they "knew nothing about it." The earliest appointment they'll give us is 7 days away. We made it very clear we HAD to have Internet back by the 15th because it's my sons birthday. Not only did they make the mistake, they just simply don't care. That's on top of the fact that they refuse to properly run and ground our service. We have had 5+ modems burst into flames because of lightning strikes. The best I could finally get is one of their workers snuck and gave me a grounding rod to put in by myself because he isn't allowed. They told me the service needs to be completely rerun. It should be grounded to our main power box. The first guy said they'd do it "at the beginning of next week" (it was a friday) then never came back. The next tech gave every excuse why the service is just fine and is grounded properly. That clearly explains the blue ball of fire that comes out of the modem before it melts, when lightning strikes nearby. That's right. If I don't want my house to be burned down by their product, I have to do it myself. If we had any other option I'd never give them another penny, and I'd tell the world how terrible they are. Unfortunately they are the only ISP available here. (Rural northern virginia) if you have a choice, please save yourself the hassle, and danger to your family, and use the other guy.

Customer service is absolutely useless.
After receiving so many mailings, we decided to try Comcast for land line phone & internet. We could not get helpful service, so we drove to their store. Comcast have reception, but she does nothing, cannot answer anything, but get my name and signal help desk. We can just pick a number like other places. After placing an order, I saw display of new cell phones. I asked her "If I buy the phone, with which carrier will it be activated?" She does not know. I called Comcast Toll free number and asked. A guy said, "We do." I then asked "Comcast now handles wireless service?" He then said, "No, Verizon." Later that afternoon, a guy left a message but he talked awful, we could not hear anything. We heard Comcast. Other than that, we could not hear why he called, nor what number he was asking us to call back. Comcast did not prep properly, so the phone line/internet could not be activated as promised, but issued service transfer prematurely. My internet got disconnected. I called Comcast toll free number asked customer service to ask about status. He said he does not know. I said if it will be more than a few days, we have to go back to previous service provider. He said that he could not find out. He does not care we go back. He simply said "up to you".
We again drove to Xfinity store and learned that it would be over 2 weeks to schedule cable installation.
I can smell nightmare brewing. Each time we need customer service, we will encounter ignorant, irresponsible, lazy customer service? Now, I am back to old internet provider. I am about to cancel COMCAST! Do not consider!

Will not issue refund - Worst customer service I've ever had to deal with!
I have been going through this for a month. I moved from Georgia to Colorado. I scheduled my service to be disconnected at my old address on July 12,2021. My service was disconnected a week early and I had to call Xfinity to have them turn my service back on as I was still working from my home office. I told that agent to reschedule my disconnect date to July 12 again, as it was supposed to be in the first place. Well, That disconnection did not happen as I was told, and I was billed for service at both addresses. I spoke to a customer service agent that told me no disconnect was put in the notes, and that person had to put me on hold to listen to my recorded conversation with the original agent before believing me. I had to then talk to another agent who said I had to print out my bank statements and take them to the Xfinity store to prove that I was charged. I did just that and was told I would get a refund in less that a week. That was 3 weeks ago. I have talked to chat agents several times since that date and have been told that I will get the refund. It has now been brought to my attention that I also have a $200 charge for early termination - I STILL HAVE XFINITY SERVICES! How are you going to charge me? And now on my last chat with Xfinity agents I have been told that "Unfortunately we are not able to accomodate the adjustment, due to out of state move". So you're telling me that XFINITY made a mistake and will continue to try to charge me an early disconnect fee and that you also refuse to give me my refund. I have invested nearly 6 hours of time into trying to get this resolved! What a horrible company. I wish I never used them.

Comcast is inflexible in times are Covid Business Closures
During these hard times for businesses, I would have hoped that Comcast would have made a small attempt to at least make some accommodations for companies that are closing their doors forever during Covid. We are closing our 25 year old business and all of those years, we have had Comcast as our office internet and telephone provider. Comcast require contracts and they are also the only carrier who will serve businesses in our area. We are stuck. We are closing our business with a 1.5 year contract outstanding. Comcast says they are helping customers who are keeping their lines alive, but not ones that are shutting the doors for good. We will not be using their services ~ at all ~ but they will still be charging us for a year and a half of unused service. You can imagine how much that adds up to for a business. Most companies are making some accommodations for suffering clients, but NOT COMCAST. I just want to express my thoughts that COMCAST IS DESPICABLE. THEY ARE PATHETICALLY SELFISH AND BY SAYING THEY ARE ASSISTING CUSTOMERS WHO STAY WITHIN THEIR SYSTEM IS LIKE a kid saying he will only be nice to you if you play in his sand box. He will throw sand at the other box. This is not a way for businesses to move forward in this country.

Terrible customer service. TERRIBLE
I haven't had Comcast cable or internet in 4 years and I doubt I will ever go back; I have also filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau over their fraudulent practices. From what I can tell, nothing has changed. I'll tell you up front that Comcast need to give every customer service rep a dictionary so that they can look up "complementary". I was having considerable trouble with my connection (It turned out that there was exposed cable wire lying in a puddle of water after every rain) and when I'd complain customer service would offer some kind of "complementary" upgrade for my "trouble". Well, complementary is supposed to mean free, but I kept getting charged for these supposedly free services. When I would demand a full refund all that they would do offer is a partial refund for that month--which didn't cover the costs I'd already paid in order to keep my account in good standing. This was clearly unacceptable given I never would have accepted those "free" upgrades if I'd known I was going to pay for them. Even worse, some of those upgrades were done without my permission at all. The first I would know about them was when my bill went up. Terrible customer service, and clearly a scam. I never received my full refund, which after a year and a half was considerable. I finally got fed up and refused to pay until I received my refund which never happened despite my attempts to work with the Better Business Bureau. Ironically the BBB closed my last complaint as "resolved" even though it never was. Don't deal with Comcast. They will never change until we boycott their services completely. Most locations offer competitors to Comcast these days ifyou can't live without your cable TV; we need to hit 'em where it hurts: in the wallet. We don't need Comcast; but they need our money.

It's just not the same anymore...
Comcast used to be the go to provider for cable and fun to watch. I don't know what has happened to them but they're just not the same anymore. I remember when Comcast had free movies that were actually FREE. Now free movies are loaded with commercials and you can tell Comcast just throw the commercials in randomly with no rhyme or reason. The movie gets cut off in the middle of a scene where a commercial shouldn't take place. That's not a free movie- that's regular tv. Oh and if your bill is a bit overdue by a lousy couple hundred dollars your services get interrupted or you're threatened to be put on a payment plan with no cable... seriously? You can't make payments over the course of x amount of months and keep your services. Doesn't the length of time that you've been a customer and paid month in and month out count for anything? And lastly, they're overpriced. I've had my bill lowered at least twice due to rates from who the heck knows what but the bill still ends up going right back up again. You pay for the same movies that don't change- and if you record something it's gone by the time you even get to watch or enjoy it. I used to love Comcast. Operative words being "USED TO" not anymore. Now it's all about money rather than a good customer experience. I will be changing at some point. As soon as I get an opportunity to do so. Very soon... I'm just so disappointed.

Waiting in Sandy
We contracted for Internet Service with COMCAST on November 25,2020. We indicated when we were discussing details of the installation of the service that we did not have a cable from the junction box to our home and COMCAST would need to bury a line before we could connect to the service. On December 1,2020 an installation technician came to our home, was on time very curious and of course could not install the service because Comcast had ignored the fact that a line still needed to buried before that could happen. The Installation Technician, called and scheduled a time for us to have the line buried. He indicated that with he Holidays and short schedules it might take 2 weeks for that to happen. A person can to bury a line for us on December 11,2020, no call that he was coming, and if I had not noticed him outside and asked, he would have driven away with out speaking to us. This is where things start to unwind. He indicated that though it was his job to bury the line that he didn't have the equipment to do it. This was a little puzzling to me. If it is what you came to do wouldn't you bring the tools and equipment you needed to actually get it done? He also indicated that only part of the utilities had been marked and so he would com back on Monday, December 14, to bury the line. That Monday, no one showed up, line was not buried and we received no communication about them not showing up and if and when the line would be buried. I made contact with COMCAST and they indicted that we would not have to wait until December 30 to have the line buried (I'm assuming that since it couldn't be accomplished not he 11th our order was placed at the back of the line. On December 29, I received a text message saying that our appointment had been postponed. I called COMCAST and was told that due to ground conditions, it could not be installed that day. There was not snow on the ground and the ground was not frozen. I was told that they would reschedule it and contact me. The next week on the 5th of January 2021, still not having a date for the line to be buried, I called COMCAST again and was told that no one had followed up and scheduled a time for it to be buried and that the next available time would be Monday, January 11,2021. I asked why I was now at the back of the line when it was a ComCast error that caused all the delays, no answer, but basically that's when we have an appointment, do you want it or not (in a very polite way, but same result). He indicated that the appointment was scheduled and promised that under no circumstances would the appointment be cancelled, or moved and we would have the line buried on Monday. Monday, comes no one shows and late in the day, I called COMCAST again, Kenzie talks with me and indicates that the bury order is still open and that someone will be there before 8:00 PM. It gets dark about 6:00 PM here now and so of course no one showed. Kenzie promised to call me back regardless of the outcome to yesterday's show, or no-show, didn't happen. Kenzie also indicated that she had put in a message to expedite the order and that someone should respond to me about it, no response yet. Today I called COMCAST to figure out if there was actually a scheduled date for the line to buried. I talked with Eddy, she indicated that the soonest they could get to me would be Monday, January 18,2021. I again asked why I couldn't get service tomorrow, vs. others on the schedule since I'd been waiting since Nov. 25,2020. She indicated that she could only use the schedule she had. (You will recognize that I am making an assumption here that may or may not be true that is that there isn't anyone in my area that has been waiting to have a line buried longer that we have. If that is not the case I am happy to be behind them in the queue). I asked Eddy if I could talk to a supervisor who might access to better information and perhaps have a little more suasion with the individuals who actually bury the lines for ComCast. She said it might take a while for someone to pick up, I waited for approximately 20 minutes and then the line went dead. I called back and talk with another representative, who put i n a request to 4 different supervisors at the same time to pick up the line. It tick about 7 minutes or so for Andy a supervisor to come on the line. Andy indicated a message to expedite the order had been placed and that I would be getting a call directly form the group that schedules the lines to be buried. After explaining that Kenzie yesterday and done the same thing she indicated that it had been done and that it could take up to 48 hours to respond to an expedited order. If I were a betting man, I go all in on the river card here, and says hat no one will call me tomorrow about an appointment to bury the line. She also indicated without providing specifics that they are others out there in same situation. My question is that same one I have had since November 25,2020 - When am I actually going to be able to get internet service from COMCAST. You may be asking yourself, why are you bothering to follow-up with COMCAST, just choose a different ISP. We own a business and have 2 facilities that use COMCAST as the ISP. The outages have been rare, the bandwidth has been consistent and we rarely have to call technical support fo anything, it just works (That's really how and ISP should function). The experience, seems to tell me that the group who buries the lines for COMCAST is not competent in scheduling and meeting schedules for COMCAST and regardless of what the support personnel say they will do it when they are ready and not before and won't bother communicating one way or there other.

Worse Company in America?
Is this the worst company in America? Possibly. Dishonest, unhelpful, and rude. We have had 4 different people at our home 'trying' to install an aerial line. The first guy said "Oh, I can't do it" and then DIDN'T put in a new work order to send someone else. I had to call Comcast back. The second guy didn't do anything. He lied to us and said "Your city doesn't allow for aerial lines"... Um, we called the city. Comcast do. The third guy actually put in a temporary line so we actually had internet that we were paying for. Then, we get a call from the city saying they have a request TO BURY A LINE. It was supposed to be an aerial line. The fourth guy came today to put in an aerial line. He didn't. The line is still laying across my lawn. And, so I called Comcast Customer Service and guess what?! My "ticket" was marked as "Complete" two minutes after the guy showed up and left. Do your job, Comcast. At this point, I just cancelled. It's not worth it.

This company is a joke. Without their unethical monopoly on the market, they would have no customers. And they know that, so they don't mind treating their customers like crap. I hope fiber runs them out of business. Brian L. Roberts should be ashamed of the way his company is run at a local level. I would be embarrassed by this level of ineptitude and incompetence.

Use ANY service but Comcast.

So, I spent all day yesterday trying to work with them to resolve my issues and not only did Comcast not help but they decided to start ignoring me again. The last I heard from them was at 4:20 pm yesterday. I guess they figured that since a tech came out they would be done with it. Of course, immediately after the tech left my Internet speed dropped to a whopping 2mbps and I'm paying for 75mbps. The tech had even told me that they have been having issues in my area and one of their Supervisors lived in the same complex and he got a maintenance tech to spend several days to locate his issue but now the local supervisor (Nate Yant) refuses to send a maintenance tech out to correct my issue. Their only, and I mean only, option is to use one of their cappy modums. I had one a couple months ago and had the same problem which never got fixed so I spent a ton of money to get a top of the line gigabit modum and router which was 10 times better then what they offer. IT'S JUST ANOTHER WAY FOR THEM TO GET MORE MONEY OUT OF YOU!

This all started on Sunday April 23rd after we had a major storm. They have water seeping in somewhere which is causing connection failures and they don't want to spend the manpower or money to fix it. They are just hoping it drys out which is horrible customer service. I'm still getting no response from customer support.


Horrible All Around
Comcast is a horrible company all around. Their customer service is rude and does not give you all of the information. I had to close my business when my father became sick and needed 24/7 care. I had a year left on contract. Comcast told me to switch it to my home to finish the contract. Ok, sounds reasonable, what isn't reasonable is that I started the original contract in July of 2016, it should have been finished in July 2019, but when Comcast had me move the account to "finish out my original cobtract" they put it under a new 3 year contract in April 2018, no one informed me of this or explained it. I just spent yesterday on the phone with over 8 different people and hours later, where they kept putting me on hold or hanging up on me to get no where. Never get involved with Comcast for any reason. I have done everything they told me to do, and I am still stuck with their bills 3 years after the business has closed. Don't bother calling and trying to get a straight answer, they are either nasty to you or hang up on you so that the next time you call back, you get someone else.

Unfortunately i have too give them 1 star. I'm unable to give them negative rating. Comcast is the worse. I have been so proud of our community businesses when it's come to dealing with the pandemic. So many companies understand people are struggling and put of work through no fault of their own. We are stuck in quarenteen and there is nothing we can do about it. Most utility companies are holding off on payments until this is over. Not Comcast! Their only concern is money. I've never seen a greedier company and will disconnect your tv even though people are stuck at home. There is no thought or concern even for the children who's only source of entertainment is watching a bit of tv. Adults worried and stressed are now forced into even more seclusion. Not even a way to watch the news for updates. Way to go Comcast! Your sense of humanity and community partnership is amazing. I have no choice but to struggle through and stay with Comcast now because i need the internet for my children's online schooling but when this is over you will no longer have my customer loyalty. I will be changing providers and I hope many more customers do the same.

The absolute worse customer service
The absolute worse customer service. I refuse to ever go back to Comcast cable/internet. Comcast will try to screw you over any way they can possible. I've been on hold for hours and been transferred to atleast 7 representatives, and they still couldn't fix the internet problem. How incompetent are their employees? They know how to jack up prices and send you bills or things you did not ask for or purchase, but they can't figure out how to set up their internet correctly, nor can they keep track of cable boxes returned even though I was given receipts I had to sit on the phone on hold for over an hour for them to figure out that we had already returned the cable box, they wanted to charge us 150$ because they couldn't find the fact that we had returned the box. They sent a tech out once when we didn't ask for one, the tech knocked, we said no we don't need anything, he left and the next bill is charged for having the tech come to the house for service! Unbelievable! Had to sit on the phone for almost an hour arguing before they took the service charge off the bill! I would stay away from anything that has to do with comcast!

I had xfinity internet for a short time while I was in the military, I had to move and canceled the service; paid everything I owed, and returned the equipment. Years later, I received a credit karma notice that I had a collections account posted. I called the collections company and Comcast said it was from Comcast, Comcast had left my account open for months and said I had owed them about $300. I know for a fact I closed everything. I talked to several representatives who said they could see it was a mistake, and that someone else had been living in that location and had service there. Why would I have an account still open without even using the equipment or service?! Unfortunately, not one representative knew how to fix it or what to do, along with several that I talked to from other countries that just read a script and could not understand what I was saying. I would get put on hold for hours and no one would return to the call or they would just hang up. The ones that did give me a number, gave me a number that didn't even work. It was a closed extension. After months of arguing with them and going back and forth with the collections agency, I was able to get ahold of the right department. The fact that they could see it was a mistake by their record, and still wanted me to send them paperwork that showed I wasn't in that location, was pretty ridiculous because they could see that it was a mistake. So I emailed the paperwork and asked for a confirmation email. They sent me a confirmation email. I never heard anything. I called the collections agency and gave them the same paperwork. They got ahold of Comcast, after I had been the middle man the whole time. I finally received a call from Comcast and they said they had not received the email & tried to rush me off the phone. I told them to hold on and pulled up the email and read them the time, date, and the confirmation that I had received. They finally found the email and said they could not accept it because the paperwork did not have my name on it. I again looked at the email and told them "if you look at the paper, in the top left corner it says very clearly in bold lettering "NAME: LAST, FIRST", it is clearly the correct paperwork & I will get my lawyer involved if this continues" They finally agreed that they were wrong, only because I had to push them so hard. I am still waiting for it to clear on my credit report and waiting on the proper paperwork from them. If I didn't try so hard, it would still be on my credit report. Yes, I could have just given them the $300, but I did not want this on my credit when I clearly knew it was a mistake. They have done this to other people I know. It's an easy way for them to make money a couple hundred dollars here and there from people that don't want to deal with it because they make it so difficult. I had to be the person to handle everything and do their jobs because Comcast and the collections company did not communicate, they also had my wrong information the whole time. I do not recommend Comcast/xfinity, or any related companies. They were able to put an inquiry on my credit report EASILY with incorrect information, YET it was so difficult for me to remove it even though it was their mess up. These companies need to be held accountable, along with TransUnion/equifax/collection agencies who allow companies to do this so easily. If you are in this situation, fight it. Do not give them a dime. All they care about is money and not conducting business in a moral manner.

The absolute worst company!
The absolute worst company! Of course, I live in the sticks and there is no other choice due to them monopolizing the entire area.

We own our own modem and router, which Comcast hate. Over the last 6 years have had terrible connection issues, but they blame our equipment and refuse to do anything or help until we are renting their modem.

Cut to last week, a bunch of our WiFi devices could not connect. Every re-boot made it worse. We replaced the router AGAIN. With our own new router, only the hard-wired things were working and the WiFi stuff was no longer accessing any internet or able to talk to anything else in the house even when they were connected to the router.

Finally bit the bullet and went to the xFinity storefront (because due to covid they told me that no one was making indoor installations or service calls, but I needed THEIR modem to have them send someone to check the outside lines). Waited over an hour in line outside in the hot sun. Got a modem/router. Installed it. Activated it. NO INTERNET AT ALL!

Call the automated system and it took over 2 hours and 20 calls to get to a human. The human's only troubleshooting "solution" is to send a re-fresh signal and tell me everything "looks good" on their end. After 2 hours on that call, she finally booked a tech to come out and look at the lines.

Tech arrives at 2:30pm. He gets out of the van and says "I'm showing everything is connected and there's no issues" and I said, "No, there's no internet getting to any of my devices at all"

3 hours of testing and rewiring later, and he claims HIS phone was cruising the internet and his shift ended at 4, so he had done all he could. I have 37 devices and only 3 are actually functioning once connected. I told him this over and over and showed him that the hardwired stuff wasn't even working.

He handed me a 4 plug splitter and a CAT5 cable and said "here, try this" and took off.

Called them and the offices were supposedly closed. Tried to us their chat and immediately asked for a more experienced tech to be sent, and kept getting handed off. Their "support" was also to reboot the modem over and over. Then they told me I needed to call all the manufacturers of all the devices that weren't working. They then said I had a 14-day drop bury appointment (to bury the newly run outside line) and needed to wait for that until I could have a new tech sent for the issues.

So I ask the app for a phone call from billing. Billing listens and hands me off to tech. Tech restarts the modem over and over. They hand me off over and over and each time their "solution" is to restart the modem.

4 HOURS LATER FROM WHEN I STARTED THE CHAT- it's after 9 PM at this point, and I've been at this in total since 2:30pm when the tech showed up, the last guy in tech support says "I'm going to have to schedule a senior tech to come out" and I lost it. I said "I would like you note that I reached out 4 hours ago and my first request is that I wanted a senior tech. I've been at this for FOUR HOURS for that to be fulfilled. I really think I'm due a credit on my bill, this is insane. So he says the best he can do it $15 off my bill.

How is this company allowed to take money from people? This is abhorrent. They have been putting the blame on me for years because I don't rent their (obviously) garbage equipment. Then when I do get their equipment, they still tell me it's my devices not working properly.

I have a brand new iPhone 11 that connects to every WiFi connection I ask it to, but they insist it's my problem when I can't connect to this 1 particular connection.


Xfinity/Comcast should be investigated for price gouging
From my experience, Xfinity/Comcast offered an good price at first to reel you in, then before the contract ends Comcast will slowly increase the monthly bill. It's in small increment that doesn't raise your attention, then boom they slap a huge increase on the last month of your contract. Because of the abnormally monthly charge, I called the listed customer service number. However, I will never reach a live person to dispute the bill, the phone automation eventually sent me a text message of options to my phone to speak with an agent, the option I chose sent me to a chat agent. For the next 45 minutes, I chatted with somebody who said he cares about how I feel and offered a better deal than what I got with a few more dollars monthly. Great I bit it. Then come to find out a week later the deal that chat agent offered never made to my account. So I went to my account page and again I was directed to a chat agent. This chat agent didn't seem to understand my problem but for my inconvenience she offered to fix the charges and said my package is now have better internet speed and more channels. Come to find out her offered has less channels than what I have currently. I asked why, she ended the chat. From what I researched, it seems I am not the only one who Xfinity/Comcast is ripping off and provide subpar customer service. Xfinity/Comcast should be investigated for price gouging, monopolistic with bad customer service that does not offer resolution but continuing further deepening the financial hook.

A morally corrupt company
I have previously described dealings with this company. The last dealings involved Xfinity mobile. When I decided to cease business with this company I tried to get transfer codes from them for many hours. This would have allowed me to keep the same number with my new carrier. At that time I thought that the company was just being awkward because I was leaving. Time has revealed that their reason was far more sinister. When transfer codes are given and used it automatically stops the billing from the previous carrier.
On June 2nd 2021 I contracted mobile services with AT&T, this requiring a new number since Xfinity would not provide transfer codes. At 3pm on that day I closed my A/C with Xfinity mobile.
I prepaid services with Xfinity - the next payment would have been due on June 18th. Since I closed the A/C on June 2nd I was due a refund for the unused 16 days. This did not happen but what did happen was Xfinity continued to bill me for monthly charges for the months of July, August and Sept. (Nearly $50 / month). I have of course disputed those charges.
As for the refund of pre-paid unused days, I will use Fairshake to claim against them. The minimum charge for a successful claim using Fairshake is $20 so I will not gain much but, with admin expenses by Comcast, it will cost them far more than the $24 refund.
It is my hope that Comcast will follow the Dinosaurs into extinction. The world will be a better place.

Switched in
My experience with Xfinity has got to be one of the worst service experiences of my life. I cancelled after less than a month. (1) their streaming app has limited functionality and frequent glitches. (2) Comcast aggressively attempt to avoid any live customer interaction with agents (3) I needed to get a technician to my home. It is free if ordered online after an attempt to fix yourself, but I had to order through an agent since their online customer service was experiencing glitches. They said they have to charge me $100 for a visit scheduled through an agent but would refund. They never refunded and refused to, reneging on the verbal agreement. (4) when I called to cancel service, they charged an extra $230 for early cancelation even though sales agent at time of purchase of service claimed I could cancel any time. Supposedly calls with customers are recorded, so they could have checked and confirmed the statements and promises made by their agents, yet they still refuse to refund.

No competition no incentive to care about the customer
Jaymie Roberts here again. I didn't think that I could be even more disappointed in the service I am receiving, but that has happened. Not only has the initial problem not fixed I am charged $100 installation for a technician who install anything or fix the problem. I was told that he needed permission to access my account, but that some how that turned into a permission to charge installation fee and the problem was not created by me Comcast created the problem. I am not paying that fee. The a treatment of loyal customers are just horrible.
Let's revisit the issue at hand. On May 1st 2021 I transferred my internet service from my previous address 174 Nilsson Street apartment number 1, Brockton Massachusetts to my current address 529 Somerset Ave unit 2 North Dighton. July 1st 2021 my in-laws moved into unit 1 (at my house is a duplex). Comcast transferred their service from the previous address in Stoughton Massachusetts. And apparently because move to the 529 Somerset Ave address home triggered the cancellation of my service. A service that I've had without any stoppages for 5 years and not a single missed payment. So my service was canceled without anyone calling me to tell me that my service was being canceled any. I spent two hours on the phone trying to rectify this issue. And the problem was that the previous owner of the house had a business account on unit 2 of the house ( the unit I was now living in). The customer service agent helped me was great. He was able to to realize the problem and fixed it and he was thorough. He explained to me the situation and guided me through the process step by step. We even got disconnected from the call and he left me a detailed message that I have util today. But I was upset at what was going on so I posted on this feedback my situation. So that no one would have to go full when I went through. Later today I got an email from someone in the customer service department saying we apologize for that's happening but there's a billing issue and for this to be fixed a pro technician has to come out. Not knowing that this pro technician coming out with trigger the cancellation of my in-laws account in unit 1. They have to call and got the run around about getting their service back on. As my mother-in-law work from home and needed intern service to be on. Services were set for July 15th to be turned on and technician to visit the home. When the technician came he asked me what unit I was in and I replied unit 2. I explained to him the situation. Then he replied that he was here to service unit 2 which is under my in-law's name. He called into a service line ask my permission to get access to my account. He spoke to someone on the line. After talking to this person he then explain to me that the billing issue was not resolved and my in-laws are listed as unit 2 and I was listed as a unit 1. Which I just couldn't understand after spending hours making sure this problem was fixed and it was not. He the explain that if I try to fix the issue that day we would loss service and my mother-in-law who's working from home wouldn't have internet service so it's best to just leave it as is and then try to solve the issue at a later date. Let's fast forward to August 10th. I got my bill notification in my email I noticed that bill had increased. The total was $233 and some cents. I said to myself that can be true my bill is normally 89.99. So I took a look at my bill I saw that I had $100 insulation fee. And they were 2 months worth of billing. I don't understand that they came by to reconnect my service on July 15th and August I'm going to pay $179 for service. I didn't have service for 2 weeks in July. So I don't understand that. The other issue here is installation fee why am I paying insulation fee I'm not the one that caused the issue that needed a technician to come out. But the immoral issue is when I gave access to my account that was used as permission to Bill me. I know this because I called in to rectify the issue and they told me my charges won't be returned because I gave permission for their technician to work on my home. Anybody with common sense would say this is not a problem caused by the customer. My last feedback I said something I truly mean Comcast has no competition so why the hell do they need to have good customer service. Look at the situation in detail. A situation that was not my fault. I am a loyal customer. My service was turned off without notifying me. I went without service for two weeks I didn't make it a big issue cuz I understand things happen people make mistakes. For Comcast to issue me a bill for insulation is intolerable. I didn't request that and all I wanted was my service reconnected. A loyal customer who has never missed the payment. In fact for five years I've had automatic payment on my account to be treated this way it's horrible. I'll say it again Comcast has no competition so why the hell do they need to care about their customers. There's no incentive to do so. No competition means no incentive to care about the customer

Absolute trash!
We were about to switch internet service, because the service was terrible, then an employee offered us what Comcast called "good deal" as in the same monthly plan but for $10 less... We thought we were getting a good deal... not even a week after that, the wifi went BAD! Like real BAD! Before the "good deal", I could connect to the wifi in my room (about 40ft away), but after the so called "good deal" was made, my iPad constantly disconnect from the wifi. Not because it's broken (I own a brand new iPad not even 2 full year yet) but I sat on my bed, and keep pressing 'refresh' to find the dang wifi. What the F?! Seriously?! They lied! The wifi didn't stay the same, it got WORSE! If it had stayed the same, I wouldn't mind, but this?! Uh uh, gotta go! And now we gotta find a new service provider. Look, they might call me an employee from a rival company or hater (which I am neither). If they do, then I strongly encourage you to go ahead and try it yourself.

Write your review to help others learn about thI signed...
Write your review to help others learn about thI signed up for Comcast in February of 2014. My prices have recently gone up. I contacted customer service because I know it's common for them to run discounted prices for a certain time period and then it changes. When I signed up I wasn't aware of this. If I overlooked something, that happens. My complaint is the fact that when I contact customer service asking about this change in price, she couldn't direct me where in the terms and conditions stated that these prices are subject to change. She kept directing to "" which is the main home screen of the website and telling me that I would have had received and email at sign up explaining the price change. I asked 4 separate times to just show me where the terms were outlined. My question kept being avoided. I finally got the point of wanting to speak to a supervisor. Comcast informed me that I can expect to be contacted in 12 to 24 hours... That is not customer service. I have the chat transcript of this completely unhelpful customer service experience.

I would give -5 if possible
Xfinity is a NIGHTMARE do not use them for your own mental health.
I had them for a year at my previous residence because Comcast were my only option. I was paying 183 for a 140 plan, when I questioned it I was informed the extra 63 was for "taxes and fees". I was paying for a "gigablast" and at best would get 40, my internet went out daily and would freeze my t. V. I LITERALLY moved to get rid of them.
Low and behold I move and the only "good" option is Xfinity for internet. So I set up an appointment for last Tuesday, tech shows up but won't come inside. I tell him I work from home and NEED internet in the back room, he tells me they aren't coming inside because of Covid, mind you my new T. V. provider did and the internet company I had hoped to use would, but not Xfinity, but let him see what he could do. A few minutes later he says he has his supervisor on the phone and he approved the drop and the tech will be here Friday between 2-3. Of course that was a lie, he stood there maskless, looked me in the eye and lied. We called that evening and the agent was so sorry and sent out a tech the very next day. So today the tech gets here spends maybe 10 minutes and says " I can't do it, if you have a drill, drill a hole in the wall and then tell your landlord it was there when you moved in." Now I've been lied to and advised to lie by Xfinity in less than 3 days. After the tech left I spent my whole lunch hour and my husband spent 3 hours and the phone with different agents, techs, and supervisors being told several different things, lie number 3 was a supervisor would call back in an hour and never did. So here I sit, trying really hard to work from a card table in a corner of my living room dealing with a company that tries really hard to NOT do their job and provide the worst customer service in the world.

Worst services ever!
Xfinity Logo

I was supposed to be refunded for services but only received partial refund
Can you please help with this situation?
Transaction Details
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You are now chatting with Sumit
Hi Audriana, thank you for contacting Xfinity Chat Support. My name is Sumit.
Sumit 10:33:07 AM
Let me check and help you with this
Sumit 10:33:23 AM
Before we get started, I just want to let you know that if you minimize or click the back or refresh button, I may lose you. So please keep this window open.
Sumit 10:33:26 AM
For account verification, may I please have your full name and complete service address along with the zip code?
Sumit 10:33:28 AM
Since your account security is important to us, so we are making sure that we have pulled up the right account details. I would request you to please provide the below information. 1. Your Full Name 2. Complete address along with the zip code 3. Registered Phone Number 4. Account Number OR Last 4 of SSN
Thank you for this detail.
Sumit 10:36:09 AM
Please give me couple of minutes to pull up your account information.
Sumit 10:36:12 AM
No problem thank you
Audriana 10:36:31 AM
Thank you for waiting.
Sumit 10:40:15 AM
No problem take your time
Audriana 10:40:46 AM
As I have checked your account there is no payment made on your account
Sumit 10:42:31 AM
I was supposed to be refunded for services my account was closed
Audriana 10:43:50 AM
May I know when you have cancelled the services?
Sumit 10:44:15 AM
Details@ top of chat
Audriana 10:44:49 AM
Audriana 10:45:26 AM

Sumit 10:45:37 AM

Sumit 10:45:52 AM
Just for the confirmation May I have your Comcast account number?
Sumit 10:46:05 AM
I will have to try logging into my account I don't know it
Audriana 10:47:37 AM

Sumit 10:49:01 AM
I would request you to please login your online account and help me with the account number so that I can check the correct amount for you
Sumit 10:50:25 AM
I will standby for you.
Sumit 10:50:33 AM
Hi Audriana!

Account Information
Xfinity User
Audriana 10:51:52 AM
Thank you for this detail.
Sumit 10:53:48 AM
Let me check that for you.
Sumit 10:53:52 AM
It doesn't have a account number my problem was the internet the supervisor I spoke with was supposed to cancel both I couldn't watch my streaming channels with my roku because of the internet service this is the first time I have logged into my account since it was cancelled but it's showing she only disconnected my television account which makes no sense
Audriana 10:55:53 AM
Incompetence is what this is
Audriana 10:56:45 AM
Channel Packages:
Prepaid Instant TV
Service Expired/Thursday, July 12
View Channels
Prepaid Entertainment
Service Expired/Thursday, July 12
View Channels
Prepaid Kids and Family
Service Expired/Thursday, July 12
Audriana 10:57:17 AM
I apologize for the inconvenience to you as I have checked your account is prepaid account and you need to contact our concern team so that Comcast will help you with this issue
Sumit 10:57:52 AM
Prepaid Internet
In Service
Device Serial # CCRBU4CB1523453
MAC Address # 00:1D: D5: D5:8A: 72
Having trouble connecting? RESET DEVICE

Audriana 10:57:53 AM
Let me provide you the phone number
Sumit 10:58:00 AM
I haven't used it since it was supposed to be deactivated because my network name didn't appear on any device and when it did I always got a message saying will connect when service quality improves
Audriana 11:00:10 AM
You can contact them at 1-855-75-PREPAID.
Sumit 11:01:02 AM
The business hours for the concerned team is Monday to Sunday 8:00 AM - Midnight ET
Sumit 11:01:04 AM
How is that supposed to help me
Audriana 11:01:46 AM
You can contact them and ask them to help you with the refund
Sumit 11:02:23 AM
I think this company is full of $#*! worst service ever and they don't need to have prepaid the supervisor s are no good either I have been getting the run around since the 4th of this month when services started to act up worked for one day smh
Audriana 11:06:23 AM
If you want I can connect your chat to my supervisor
Sumit 11:06:57 AM
No disrespect to you thanks anyway y'all keep the 45 dollars but I promise to make so many reviews I hope no one uses this services thanks again be blessed
Audriana 11:08:15 AM
I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you however we are here to help you post
Sumit 11:09:54 AM
However I am taking this as a feedback and I will raise this issue on higher management as well.
Sumit 11:10:24 AM
And yes please send it but I don't see how that will help when I called I talked with a supervisor she was the one handling the situation she didn't do a good job the company did a awful job hiring!
Audriana 11:10:41 AM
Thank you.
Audriana 11:10:59 AM
Have a wonderful day
Audriana 11:11:09 AM
I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you however from my end I am trying to help you in best possible way
Sumit 11:11:18 AM
You are now chatting with SumitHi Audriana, thank you for contacting Xfinity Chat Support. My name is Sumit. Let me check and help you with thisBefore we get started, I just want to let you know that if you minimize or click the back or refresh button, I may lose you. So please keep this window open. For account verification, may I please have your full name and complete service address along with the zip code? Since your account security is important to us, so we are making sure that we have pulled up the right account details. I would request you to please provide the below information. 1. Your Full Name 2. Complete address along with the zip code 3. Registered Phone Number 4. Account Number OR Last 4 of SSNThank you for this detail. Please give me couple of minutes to pull up your account information. Thank you for waiting.As I have checked your account there is no payment made on your account May I know when you have cancelled account on your nameAll have the balance that you needs to pay on the account Just for the confirmation May request you to please login your online account and help me with the account number so that I can check the correct amount for youI will standby for you. Thank you for this detail. Let me check that for you. I apologize for the inconvenience to you as I have checked your account is prepaid account and you need to contact our concern team so that they will help you with this issueLet me provide you the phone numberYou can contact them at 1-855-75-PREPAID.The business hours for the concerned team is Monday to Sunday 8:00 AM - Midnight ETYou can contact them and ask them to help you with the refundIf you want I can connect your chat to my supervisorI apologize for the inconvenience caused to you however we are here to help you post paid customers onlyHowever I am taking this as a feedback and I will raise this issue on higher management as well. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you however from my end I am trying to help you in best possible way

Comcast is nothing but trash and money hungry
There boxes never work there WiFi internet box never works I've had dial-up in my time and it was way better. $#*! these people a large on demand selection my ass of all the same $#*! that's on cable everyday it's called reruns Xfinity. Plus your stuck with a contract. I currently have boxes with internet and phone service let's see my phone never works I've went out and bought many different phones I plugged them in my phone always says in use therefore I never have calls coming in then on top of everything the price for the four boxes home phone and internet bundle which is under contract is costing me 234.34 a month RIGHT... his company is nothing but a money-hungry scam all Comcast care about is getting to the customer's home on time they don't care about their service who the hell cares about getting to us on time they need to focus on the service that is provided through their company which is terrible Plus for that amount of money I forgot to mention that I only have about a hundred and fifty six channels with on demand which is no point of having because everything played on these hundred and 56 channels is the same stuff played on their so-called on demand. The Wi-Fi is even worse I can only walk 15 feet from my box and then lose service. If you get this cable service have your lawyer on standby

Beware of comcast
This is for anyone considering having Comcast Cable installed in your home or business. Please think again. Please first read all the complaints about Comcast Cable throughout the Internet and also listen to my experience.
After having enough of Comcast terrible service, and their God awful customer service, and rising rates, I called and cancelled my service after 7-8 years. Firstly, Comcast put you on hold for 45 minutes as soon as you say you would like to cancel. Then, a customer retention specialists gets on and attempts to coax you into staying. This is where you have to be very careful. (I had also tried to cancel in November 2016. Keep this In your mind as it will come up later)
You are treated like a dog if you do cancel and told you have 7 days to get your equipment back to them or they will bill you for it and mess up your credit. I did get their equipment back to them within 4 days and so far so good right?
I then received a bill for $150. This bill is for what they say is early termination. Hmmm, Ive been with them7-8 years and know that I only signed a 2 year agreement when I signed up. Aha, this is where they trick you. When I went to quit them in November, the customer service retention specialists said if I stay, we can offer you a discounted price. Thats it. No, you just have to agree to a two year contract or well it would be only if you start a new contract.
No no. They say theyll lower your rates but this somehow, magically makes you agree to a new two year contract, without being told this. Is that what you call a silent contract? Because I sure an hell wouldnt have agreed to it
So. When I complain, I get told five times. Five (5), that a supervisor will call me back. Nope. Never called back. All I heard was crickets. I even told my wife on the last two calls that no one was ever going to call me back. She owes me a steak dinner now.
So I complain to the FCC. Whallaa, I magically get a call back from Comcast Corporate, whoa. Patricia Carroll of Comcast Executive offers me to pay half and they will credit half. Now why would I do that. Patricia, I Owe you NOTHING fool! She also stated that she had a recording of me agreeing to it. I said if you can produce that tape, I will pay and even add a bonus in for Comcast. She stated I had to write to the legal department requesting it. I did and still sit here waiting.
So, I write again to FCC. Guess what. A week later I got a response from them stating that Comcast responded and the case is closed. Huh? They say wait for their response in the mail, but case closed.
So I get the response in the mail. Its a type written letter, on a form paper, stating my name and address and that I agreed to it. Hahahahah. I $#*! you not. Someone wrote a letter simply stating I agreed to it, and the FCC considers the case closed. Here, dont believe me? Ive enclosed it at the bottom of this letter.
I, Comcast Cable, owe Robert Hearn $250,000. Theres my letter back.
So they have an agreement with me. But no signature. They have an agreement with me. But no email proof that they sent it to me. They have an agreement with me. But cant supply the tape recording of me saying I agree.
So now I wrote to the BBB, FCC again, attorney General, pa state commission, and many other outlets I can think of. Do not, I repeat DO NOT quit Comcast if you are with them. You are stuck there for life or they will make you pay.
Its been 3 weeks and thus far I find Verizon fios twice as fast, no black screens which Comcast said was my four tvs, (yes all 4 went at once same problem), better phone service, internet speed that Comcast could only dream about matching, no rude customer service reps, and my bill went down $75 for same service.
I will update this as I find out

Rob Hearn

Please change your policy Xfinity
Xfinity was great for me until decided to downgrade- a bit expensive but reliable. I have had TV and Internet for many years with them and recently had to remove TV service for financial reasons.

I spoke with the first representative who was very polite and explained the all I had to do to get the TV service removed is to drop off the 2 cable boxes at the UPS store and Comcast would send them in for me. This was great! UPS actually sent an email with the serial numbers as a receipt. I told her that I wanted to keep the internet and explicitly told her I wanted the same speed. I made sure she was fully aware of my financial issues right now as well so she understood the importance of keeping things the same. I also made sure that she confirmed that we were keeping the same speed before I clicked the 'review my order' link because I cant waist money right now (I have a family to feed). She sent the email with the 'review my order' to confirm that I was keeping the internet and I 'e-signed' the agreement and to be honest, I did not read the agreement (and how many of us actually do this step). The next day I went into my account to verify the changes because I have had many billing problems in the past with xfinity that were 'mistakes' on their part. Somehow, I never seem to get the full amount of money back after their 'mistakes' but that's the price I pay to have service, right? But I digress. When I went back into my account, I found out that my account shows that the internet package is now 'extreme' and not 'blast' as I explicitly stated and repeated with the representative. I called xfinity to get this fixed and this new representative was obliging. She changed the internet back to 'blast'. Done, right? I just went back into the account today and found the internet was corrected. Great! However, now there is a TV box listed on my account that does not belong to me and is not one of the 2 I returned last week. I know this because the serial numbers are listed. I just called xfinity to attempt to fix this issue. However, there is no longer a way for me to speak with a live person. I also tried to chat through my account. This did not work either. They redirected me to something completely unrelated to my current issue and will not let me chat with a representative. I looked for an email address so I could email them and could not find one. What are my options here? I figure posting this review in several places may get someones attention at xfinity who may be able to come up with a new business model for their customer service because this one stinks. I have been with xfinity for a long time and I have noticed the more times you call, the less responsive they become. How much time and money will I need to waist before they they fix this 'mistake'? I have already come to terms with the fact that I am going to loose money on this but at what point does this business practice cross the line from padding their profits to unacceptable?

I want to analyze this a little to uncover what seems to be part of the business model of xfinity. I would like to acknowledge that people make mistakes and I can understand that. When it becomes a pattern and across multiple people it is obvious that it is a not a mistake and more likely intentional (this is simple common sense). This is the underlying policy that seems to exist:
1. Try to upsell the packages. If it doesn't work, just do it anyway. If the customer doesn't notice, who is it really hurting? It increases revenue.
2. If the customer notices and complains, do your best to make it look like you fixed it. If there customer seems like they may follow-up, create a new problem such as adding a cable box to their account that they dont own. This will create some additional revenue until its 'fixed'.
3. Create a telephone and chat loop if the customer calls more than 3 times so that they have no way to speak to someone to fix the third problem that was intentionally created by xfinity.
4. I don't know this step yet (I will have to post the resolution)

Are these 'mistakes' intentional? I think its obvious, but why does it have to be this way xfinity? Why do I have to spend 5 hours of my time over multiple days verifying things in my account and talking to representatives about this silly nonsense? And now I have to deal with a new problem. When does this cycle end? How many hours of my and xfinity representative time do I have to waste before I can simply move on. This is so disappointing. Xfinity does have great internet but the customer service policy is absolutely ridiculous. Xfinity, raise your prices if you need to increase your profits! Dont play these games and waist my time! Would you rather me spend my time dealing with this nonesense or would you rather me spend my time researching Covid-19 so I can save your family member when they come to the ED. There are only 24 hours in a day!

Scam Company
Long story short, we cancelled service because Comcast didn't provide services to my new house (although they did provide service to nearby homes). There was a lot of confusion over the phone so I went into a Comcast service center to cancel. I did not sign anything, and it took ten minutes to cancel. She said
"okay you are cancelled and good to go". No mention of any charges. Again, I signed nothing at that date, and got a receipt that showed NO CHARGES. Then a couple weeks later I got a charged $130 for early termination. Called to discuss. First lady just hung up on me because she didn't want to deal with it. Second guy had me on hold for more than 45 minutes while he "discussed with his service team to figure out a way to help me". Then said "I am still working on it. I will call you back personally tonight or tomorrow." Half a week later, and still haven't got a call back. Seriously, will NEVER use again. DON'T recommend. Stay as far away from this backwards scam business as you can.

Don't Use This Company
Any option for any service Comcast provide is a better choice. Comcast has gone through changes on the store fronts and claims to be taking a more customer service approach to business...

I had the hardest time even getting service set up, not appointment times, literally getting my information in and the package I wanted online. I tried online the site wouldn't finish the order. First call was 45 minutes and they couldn't offer me what I saw online. I gave up scouted other providers decided I wanted to try this fast internet deal, so I gave them one more shot. The guy got it set up with no problem but the 54.99 deal was suddenly 59.99 and I gave up and said okay and did self install pick up for Longmont Service Center that online showed open 1-5 on Sundays and the agent confirmed that.

Sunday came and Longmont Service Center was closed, so I had to drive to the next city, Boulder just to pick up my self install kit. I get pitched by the agent there for a deal with phone service that would still get me fast internet, don't have to hook up the phone. I say okay, let's do it.

Go home, line isn't hooked up right so I have to get an installation. I ask the lady on the phone if I get charged the difference between a self install and the person coming. "I can; t speak to any charges." I was shocked that they can't give me any idea, so I said I am not paying any additional then because I can cancel and go with someone else. She had no solution.

I received an email next day showing $0 on the appointment reminder, I called and asked again, Agent states she does not see that there will be a charge. Great. They come installation guy doesn't state any fees or have me sign anything. We do not activate any phone line.

Get my first bill, it is an almost $100 plan, $12 internet boost fee, $35 internet install fee, $35 voice install fee, $29.99 activation fee... Woah! Almost a $200 first bill. I call, the girl has no idea what she is talking about in explaining the bill and keeps me on the phone for over 30 minutes, I gave up and told her I had to go and I need a call back. I knew this wouldn't happen (and it never did) and went straight online to chat. Again, agent is telling me things I have never heard and I at this point have no idea what they signed me up for. I get escalated to a loyalty agent, he says he is going to take care of everything, I get my internet for the price I want and he will remove the installation charges BUT I have to call and confirm it for legal reasons. I save a copy of the transcript and call it good.

I call a couple hours later and have to start explaining AGAIN, I told him I was suppose to tell you to refer to the notes and it would get taken care of. He starts questioning the resolution because what I have currently is better. He was going to look into the installation charges and I got placed on hold and my phone dropped the call... Finally, something they didn't do wrong but at this point, I am not calling again.

Long story short, I am going to switch services and take advantage of their 30 day guarantee. If you are considering them this, I guarantee you this, miscommunication and not worth the pain.

The Absolute worst service for a 'public utiiity'
We moved to Naples FL. In July. I was given the equiptment I needed. I spent over an hour taliking to some country in Asia. I was told that someone had to set this up as there was no signal. Received a date 4 days later. Took time off from work. NO SHOW. I argued with South America - try to call a local comcast store or get an American to talk to. Set up another date. I was told no elictrical acess in attic. First there is, I checked; 2nd the tech ran an extensiion cord from a room in the house to one TV. Very safe... The same moron left his tools in he house. Reschedule, could not get anyone from Comcast after 5 PM for another 3 days. Fixed. 2 months later... no longer connected. I hired someone privately to take care of it after Asia again. Billed for 3 tech visits by Comcast. My online bill has always been different than my postal bill. Calling about money? Now you get an American. I'm going to break what is considered to be a Comcast Contract - JOKE. STAY AWAY FROM COMCAST Comcast ARE POORLY RUN, EXPENSIVE, AND COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!

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