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Scammy does not allow you to upload files in the dimensions required in order to print larger scale products at 300 DPI, which is a critical error for what is basically a photo printing company. It is baffling that Collage offer services and make it impossible for their customers to upload high quality files to use those services. When I spoke with their customer services they told me that they did not realize this was an issue, which is even more baffling because they are allegedly a professional photo printing company.

They masquerade "coupons" for products that are initially priced 4-5 times higher than competitor prices to begin with, and then charge you $15+ shipping PER product that you order, which is insane! The shipping is often 25% of the order cost for products that weight a few ounces and would actually cost ~$4-7 in shipping via USPS. What ends up happing is if you order say 8 blankets, then you have to pay $120 in shipping? Competitor websites offer the same shipping for the same number of products for roughly $20 if not free!

I rarely ever feel inclined to review a website, but this overall is so scammy and price gougy I felt that I had to. Look up shutterfly! I ordered the same number of products, on a larger scale, in a higher quality format, for cheeper. If not Shutterfly, then shop around elsewhere

AMAZING customer service and product! NEVER been treated so great!
I have never been on this site before, & only came here today because of this company! Through Groupon I bought some photo fleece blankets for family members at a fraction of the cost and yet, though I made errors on 2 blankets, Collage generously offered to pay not only to reprint the blanket for me, but also COMPLETELY cover the FULL cost of it, AND pay all the shipping and handling too! So I kept the blanket I screwed up on, and for NO COST, a brand new blanket-shipping and handling and all they gave me in return! After the first screw up I offered to pay for the second one, but they declined and gave it to me for free AGAIN-including shipping and handling too! I don't know how they make any money being this gracious & generous and going SO ABOVE & BEYOND, but I can tell you they have won over our business permanently! And they were so fast about it too! Both in responding to my concerns, as well as sending out the product. And the product was gorgeous! They are just incredible on every aspect! I cannot say enough great things about them. I have never been treated so wonderfully by a business ever before! FANTASTIC ON EVERY ASPECT! OVER & ABOVE every time!

Messed up my order THREE times... a nightmare.
This is going to be long. I had ordered 3 woven blankets ( one for my mom, one for my dad, and one for my grandma) over a month ago to be here by Christmas because I always plan ahead so I can make sure all of my gifts will be here on time. The first time Collage shipped my order, it contained nothing I ordered. There were 5 fleece blankets with another family's pictures on them. I contacted them right away and they apologized for their mistake and reshipped my order. The second time I received my order, they only gave me ONE of my woven blankets (my grandma's). By this time, it was a couple days away from Christmas and I was so disappointed because I knew I wasn't going to have the other two blankets to give to my mom or dad on Christmas. I contacted them again and told them they messed up twice already and of course they apologized again and reshipped my order again. I just received the other two blankets yesterday and yet again, they printed them on the WRONG material! They were printed on the cheap fleece blanket when I paid EXTRA to have them printed on the nice woven blankets. As you can imagine, I was furious at this point. How could they have messed up my order 3 times?! I called them this morning and told them my whole story and they offered to send out the blankets again. I did not want to deal with them anymore because I knew they would probably mess up my order again and it was not worth it. So I asked them for a refund and they did. I will never be shopping here again. They made me really sad to not have anything to give to my mom or dad on Christmas. They really need better organization in their manufacturing warehouse because this is not alright for any customer to experience. This was a nightmare.

Rude employee and lost package
I ordered just in time for me to get my mothers day gift just like the website said guaranteed on the 9th. For 4 days its been in the same spot and mothers day is in two days. I contacted an employee two days ago and told her to check on my package or smthing cus i told her its been stuck there. And she proceeds to tell me that i can just ignore the tracking and that im guaranteed delivery on the 9th. I told her how am i supposed to ignore tracking when that is whats used to track the order. She insisted that the tracking was useless and that i will get my order. Fast forward to two days later, today. I talked to another employee and was told my package is lost and when i proceeded to tell her that now im giftless for mothers day and i followed instructions on the website and ordered it the time it said so i would be guaranteed delivery, she clearly had no idea, because she said apparently the website offered no such thing to get it just in time for mothers day (which it did, and apparently this lady was a "supervisor" so how could a supervisor not know this) and then she proceeded to say that now my order wont come until the 15th and that my mom should understand and shouldnt get mad. So she started making conclusions.
So literally i am left giftlesss for my mother for them using a $#*!ty shipping company upsmi which i can not even get a hold of cus Collage dont have a phone number and ups wont answer questions about upsmi, and i also told the employee that its not the fact of my mom being mad or not. Yes shell understand. But the point is that i am left completey giftless with nothing to give her on a day that was supposed to be special. Will not deal with this company any more. Everyone is useless

Like a Dream come True
Here goes my first ever review.

I got married last year and since then I wanted a bright huge picture of ours. Valentine was coming and what's the best time to have a big canvas hanging in your sweet lil room.
I then started my canvas research. I did not had that one single perfect photo so I decided to go for a collage with 6 pictures. I had gone through umpteen number of websites and finally I freezed with because of the following reasons-

High rating on customer reviews
Due to first time sign up Member I got a 60% discount
No size limit on photos to be uploaded (FYI Amazon does have a size limit)
For big canvas Collage have a default depth of 1.25 which is quite good
**My most favorite is they have loads of editing/formatting options which most sites does not have. They even have a option of putting your own handwriting there. You could choose your favorite background, kind of borders you want and other interesting things to make your picture look perfect.

I went ahead and made a perfect gallery wrap canvas collage of size 24"x30"(decent size for a 12' x 13' room). I had previewed it and it looked awesome. Finally placed an order.

Though their expected delivery time was 10 days but it arrived in 4 days. My excitement went to clouds. But at the same time I was bit afraid while unpackaging it. What if it's not perfect what if the quality is not good. With all these I finally took it out and it was there - "A Perfect Picture". It was exactly the same as I saw in screen. I loved it and immediately hanged to a wall.

I highly recommend this site and for the price they have Groupon offers too so just check.

Note: Before freezing your canvas size verify on your wall using measurement tape.

Not perfect the first time? They will make it right!
Though I was really impressed with the speed of delivery and the actual quality of the prints themselves knowing that some of the scanned pictures I had were really old, I was really pleased with the sharpness and color quality. What was disappointing was the quality of the blanket itself, the other thing was the fact that while assembling the collage the screen is so small it's hard to see what it will look like for sure.The shuffle functionality is great, but I wish it wouldn't resize other pictures randomly when you move one at a time. In any case after receiving my product I was invited to take a survey and I did share my thoughts and feelings as in my opinion if you don't; you can't really complain to anyone else about it. Give someone a chance to make changes by giving them feedback right? Well REALLY hit it out of the park, I totally didn't expect this but Collage took the time to explain the different options and they let me re-order my blanket to ensure 100% Satisfaction on my part. THANK YOU; this type of customer service is so rare anymore - sometimes you can't help but feel like the guy from the Nationwide commercial, you expect companies to treat you bad after they have your money, its like no one counts on repeat business anymore. Well you can be sure I will spread the word and generate business for you!

Awesome fix for UPS fail
My personalized photo blanket got separated from the packaging at a UPS facility in commerce city. Coincidentally, my nephew worked at that facility, saw the blanket and knew it belong to someone in our family since his photo was on it. He asked if he could try to find out which family member had ordered it and get the blanket to them, but had to follow the UPS policy of sending the blanket to him last articlMy personalized photo blanket got separated from the packaging at a UPS facility in Commerce City, CO. Coincidentally, my nephew works at that facility, saw the blanket and knew it belong to someone in our family since his photo was on it. He asked if he could try to find out which family member had ordered it and get the blanket to them, but was told that he had to follow the UPS policy of sending the blanket to a lost items center in Salt Lake City. After many calls and many hours on the phone with UPS, the blanket had not been seen again. I finally filed a claim with and instantly got a response that Collage would re-send another blanket. The New blanket was already being shipped when UPS sent me a photo of the blanket they thought was mine. I received my new blanket in a couple of days, and still have not received the one they found at UPS and not sure what condition it will be in since it got separated from the packaging. My new blanket was already being shipped when UPS sent me a photo of the blanket they thought was mine. I received my new blanket in a couple of days, and still have not received the one they found at UPS. Not sure what condition it will be in since it got separated from the packaging. Many thanks to for their excellent customer service and quick response for a gift that I was counting on. I will always use this company for my personalized gifts from now on!

Move over, Nordstrom. Move over, Schwab.'s customer service now rivals yours.
First off, I have to say that I am a customer service snob. Over the years I've counseled many companies (both big and small) on how to handle their customers. In my opinion, it's at least as important as the final product when choosing a vendor.

This was my first experience with and it was an important one. We lost Mom in early fall, just right before the holidays. So I planned to make Mom Memorial Blankets for everyone as a surprise!

It was a huge project, and I ended up talking to three support people: Noelle, Kristen, and Shell.

Wow. Just wow. All three of them made me feel so special! Collage spent a long time with me in each phone call, giving me advice and helping me lay out the photos. They gave suggestions. They consoled me about Mom. They added whatever little things they could to help me finish it in time. The bottom line is that they really *cared*.

There were definitely some things about my project that weren't as smooth as could be. I'm not happy with the online software you use to position the pictures. The interface is not user-friendly, and the slightest tweak makes the entire layout jump into new positions and new sizes. That part was horribly frustrating, and it took me much longer than I wanted. I hope they eventually replace it with a new program!

But I'm still awarding five stars. Software can be changed and updated, but it's not easy to find people with the knack of true customer service. I'm hoping that the top brass read this review, so I can tell them: Give these three women raises!

Rather than "trust" that this company tjat was endorsed...
Rather than "trust" that this company tjat was endorsed by The "Today Show", "The Talk" and "Good Morning America", I wish I had taken the time to carefully review this company prior to purchasing. The owner, Dan, does great injustice to the very sponsors promoting his business.

My order was purchased using a my debit card. Immediately after ordering, the correct charge was taken out of my account. While the site clearly said my order "was being processed", upon review, and looking at the "share" photo (which was totally distorted with the "border" being on the extreme left side of the blanket, with no border at all on the other 3 sides), I knew I had to act quickly to remedy this.

I immediately started calling and emailing in an attempt to stop production of "their" error. I spent an entire week waiting for a response. Only after attempting to get the owner's attention by threatening to "cancel" my order, did I receive a response. My prior emails to him went unanswered. Ultimately, I was told by Dan through email to move 2 photos and then move them back? As this made zero sense to me, I asked for clarification and was finally promised a phone call at 4:30 that day.

Dan never did call me. I tried to make sense of his instructions, even reached out to technical expert friends that I know for help. I was clueless as to how Dan's instructions would correct the border problem. That this problem was not evident in the confirmation picture, which appears to be perfect, was very troubling.

Currently, the Dan has used my debit card 3 times to disburse various amounts of money for my (one) purchase. His final invoice shows an additional $102.00 disbursement from my account IN ADDITION TO THE ORIGINAL $51.96 (price higher than the $35.00 deal, as I opted for 2 day shipping.) Living Social fee that was taken out of my account upon ordering. By no means do I qualify as a math expert, but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that a $51.96 purchase should not show up on your account summary 4 times and total upwards of $350.00. My emails have gone unanswered, the company has a non contact phone system, which is a recording that does not even avail itself to customers to leave a message. Instead, you are directed to email the company and promised a timely response.

I am now forced to initiate a fraud investigation with my bank. I was unable to "stop" the money from being taken out of my account, as I was informed by my bank that when you choose to do business with a company and supply your card information, you are in fact stating that you "trust" them. Collage did, however, agree to a fraud investigation, as multiple charges for the same item is unconscionable.

This entire experience has been a nightmare, consuming an entire week of non stop work attempting to correct a situation that should never have occurred in the first place. In the meantime, I am clueless as to whether or not I will ultimately receive no blanket, a defective blanket or FOUR blankets! As to my expedited shipping charge, an impossibility, I'm sure, as this company cannot even manage to to process this order. NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I RECEIVED 4 INVOICES, WITH 4 SEPARATE INVOICE NUMBERS FOR THE SAME PRODUCT!

As every step of my experience has been documented, I will proceed with the fraud investigation, notify the BBB and send all of my documentation to the 3 reputable sponsors that unknowingly generated business to Dan based on "good" faith.


It pains me to even give one star, but I was unable to submit without doing so.

If you want an awesome product, search no further!
Fabulous site. Received my first order of a fleece blanket, and it will be the first of many. The photos are so clear (there are 37 of them, including vintage ones.) Collage seem to jump off of the page. BEST MOTHER'S DAY PRESENT EVER!

I am a senior and not very computer savvy, but am fearless. The interface to create the blanket is simple to use and has so many options, from predesigned templates, to my favorite, collages where you can have up to 80 pictures. Downloading photos is easy. Any copy machine can change photos into jpeg format for you, and your phone photos transfer easily.

Then you may choose to have pictures flat up against each other, or with spaces between, squared off, ripped edges, etc. Backgrounds include a hundred choices, from colors to patterns. And you can save your work and play with it for days, until you arrange your photos into a shape that pleases you. It is just like arranging flowers. When you are done, you know it!

As for the blanket fabric, if you are looking for a decorative throw, I highly recommend the basic fleece. It is high quality, but it is thin and not much of a blanket. They say up front that the plush fleece does not show off the pictures to their best advantage. I recommend the sherpa for the best of all worlds.

I can't wait to go back for a mug and pillows! And this is one stop gift shopping, with 50 photo laden items. Search google for coupons. Best of all is the no compromise guarantee. And they mean IT.

Just Amazing
My order came in today (perfectly on time by the way) - it's a Sherpa blanket with a picture of my girlfriend's dog that was taken away from her quite traumatically many years ago. She still cries every time she talks about him.

She had old physical photos of him and I secretly snapped a few shots of them with my phone and sent the best one in for printing. When it arrived today I opened it to check the quality and nearly cried myself. The fabric and picture quality are both amazing. I've also seen reviews for other similar services reporting that the printing process leaves a strange smell on the product - this is not the case at all with what I received. This is not the fanciest gift I'm giving her for Christmas but it is by far my favorite and I wholeheartedly believe it will be hers too.

If you're reading this trying to decide between this company and another I recommend you look into their company structure and history as well. Collage have a very progressive and employee-forward structure which has made its way into multiple news publications. They're leading the field in more ways than one and I am happy to support them and even happier after receiving the final product.

Great company, amazing product, 5 stars on all fronts. I will be a returning customer whenever appropriate.

Edit: I'll add that I sent an email to customer service after normal business hours just to express my appreciation and Will responded within minutes. They are on top of it over there.

Best customer service & products EVER!
I have been a repeat customer quite often. I love the products, the quality is exceptional. I have been so pleased with all of my items. I treasure each one of them as do those given as gifts. I would & have highly recommend for any special gift or something special for yourself! Thank you for helping me preserve my precious memories.

I also want to let management know about 2 particular customer service representatives. I have been assisted on numerous occasions by Annie. She is just so kind & eager to help even if it meant staying a little late to assist me. She is so patient & willing to make sure she addresses all of my questions & concerns.
I also want to brag on Annette as well. She helped me today. She too is a very kind, helpful & eager to help representative. She went the extra mile to help me finish my latest project.
I have found 2 representatives that are top notch. You have 2 true winners with these ladies. With both of their names beginning with "A" I have referred to them as the "A" Team. Collage both represent the very best customer service that I have ever experienced. I just thought you would like to know how anazing they are to your customers.
Laura Moore
2030 CR 2260
Mineola, TX 75*******251

Slow shipping, missed dated needed!
I ordered 2 photo books, the first one was great. The second book I was told at check out would be delivered by June 4th, one day before it was needed. However I noticed on the 1st that Collage were not finished with the book. I paid for the expedited shipping. Emailed on the 2nd asking for overnight shipping and did not hear back. Emailed on the 3rd asking for overnight shipping and offering to pay extra. Did not hear back. Was notified on the 4th that it had been shipped and then received an email 15 minutes later saying that there records show that I *should be receiving it on the 4th*. Customer service did nothing more than look at the same website that I had access to. I repeatedly offered to pay extra to make sure I got the book on time. It is now June 7th and I have still not received the book. The book was a graduation gift for family members from all over the country to sign at the party that was held on the 5th. All the family members have now returned, no one was able to sign the book. It does me ZERO good to get the book after everyone has left!
Don't offer a delivery date and express shipping and then follow neither of them!
Order if you don't need the product by a specific date and if you do, give yourself at least a week lead time!

I ordered a plush Sherpa 50x60 blanket for my nanas 70th birthday and she loved it! I wanted to get her a gift that she would love and was meaningful to her. I thought of making a collage blanket for her but didnt know who to go through. I did some searching and came across I chose them because of their great reviews. Not only did the photos come out clear and perfect but the blanket is super soft too! I also ordered last minute (I was trying to collect all the photos I wanted to use) and didnt get around to ordering it til Monday the 5th when her party was the 10th! I called and left a voicemail asking if there was anyway Collage could expedite the whole process for me so I could receive it in time for the party. They called me right back that day & said they would try their best. I got an email the very next day saying my order was shipped and I received it Thursday the 8th. My nana opened my gift last and was in total awe of the blanket! She cried and laughed while looking at all the photos which included our entire family! Including wedding photos of her and my grandpa who passed away last year. She absolutely loved it! Everyone at the party was very impressed! I would definitely order from again!

Incredibly disappointed-lost a repeat customer
I wanted to make my husband something special for Christmas and have used before for other memorable gifts. So, this company and its products is the first thing that came to mind.

I was mindful to order by the deadline date to get delivery by Christmas. A week before Christmas, I'd heard nothing about my item shipping, so I reached out to the live chat. I was told that Collage were delayed but still hoping to get things out in time for a December 24th delivery and that my item would be set for overnight shippings. Yesterday, December 21, I still hadn't heard anything, so had to reach back out to inquire. I was told that there was a delay but they were still hoping to get it shipped by December 24th and was offered a full refund, which I appreciated.

I received my shipping tracking number last night and put it in this morning to see when it'd get to me... only to see it's scheduled for Wednesday, December 28. I contacted, AGAIN, a live chat person at and was basically told that I should be grateful for getting a refund and that I was still going to get my product. She also told me to contact UPS about the date because they showed it shipping priority and that they don't have control over 3rd party shipping. So, I got ahold of UPS and was told that it was NOT shipped overnight air. It was shipped something else which was not rush or priority at all. When I told the agent this, she continued to say the same thing and basically called me a liar.

So, not only did I have to continue to reach out to find out what was going on with my product as opposed to being contacted by the company, but I was also told that it would be overnight shipped and it obviously was not. So, now my husband will not have his special gift on Christmas and has lost a repeat customer for good. I appreciate the refund, but when I get customer service like that, it's obvious that they have some organizational problems and I won't trust the special things that I want to give to loved ones with a company tells me one thing and does another.

They saved Christmas!
Collage saved Christmas! I was so skeptical, got 2 deals from Livingsocial (they are horrible), I'd had a credit for over a year, decided to see how to spend it and there it is the photo blanket deal. So here I was back at livingsocial where I swore I'd never return, so I threw down part of my $89 credit on 2 photo blankets - whatever. I figured they'd make good gifts. That was Sept. Then I get around to using the vouchers late Nov... The day after they expired! So I call, not only do they have a phone number but hey actually answer and they honor my vouchers AND they extended the expiration for several more weeks AND I did not have to grovel or beg for mercy. Figured whatever this blanket turned out to be I'd be fine with it.

I get to looking to do one blanket. I start loading pictures. I realize that not only can you use several pictures but you can use 40+ pics. It took me about 15-20 minutes to get the hang of it. I picked the freestyle because I like to do things my own way. This site was so easy to use I made the small blanket from the voucher but at checkout they offered to upgrade to a giant blanket for a bit of an up charge, which I did then I had to go back and rearrange the pictures to the larger size but that was pretty easy too.

I picked the cheapest shipping option and it came within 5 days. ( I so want to use another!).

I open the bag and my jaw dropped. I take the blanket and hold it up to a giant mirror... AMAZING, awesome, fun, unique and a perfectly wonderful gift for anyone, really. Really cool and the pictures are clear and huge.

I immediately text everyone I know, well those NOT getting one, about my awesome creation, then I buy 8, yup, eight more, then I get on the boogie to get pics from anyone I can to get the blankets done for Christmas.

I only do 1 every few nights til they are all done but in the meantime the shipments keep coming. Each and every blanket better than the one before cause I am getting really good. Even still that first one is amazing, after all it is the first.

Thru it all I've had to call 4 times spoke to different people each time. They have all been so helpful and nice AND they are in the USA. No call centers!

I cannot wait to see everyone get them. Dying to try their other stuff, pillows are next.

Run from
I ordered from on 12/31/16 and paid for 2 day shipping in order to get me items by 1/10/17 for an out of state wedding I was leaving for and attending on 1/14/17. I received my confirmation email and all was confirmed to arrive on 1/10/17. On 1/9/17, I received an email advising that my order shipped with the tracking number, however, the tracking number may take up to 48 hrs. To be active. Two days later when my package had not arrived, I went to track the package. The tracking number was still not active. I contacted customer support for and the informed me that a label had been printed but the package never shipped. Collage would resubmit my order and send the updated information once it shipped. I could not understand why they had to resubmit the order. I then received another confirmation email stating my order had been resubmitted and would arrive by 1/20/17. UNACCEPTABLE! I called collage to find out why it had to be resubmitted and they advised that the order must have been mislabeled but the would rush printing and send it overnight so that I would receive it in time. That same day I received ANOTHER shipping notification with the same tracking number. The next day I checked the tracking number and it was not active. So, once again, I contacted customer service and AGAIN, the order had not shipped. Although they refunded me 100%, and will be shipping it to me free of charge, it's not about the money, I wanted the product to give to the bride and groom. Now I will have to ship it to them. Horrible! I have use Mailpix and Printerpix in the past and I received my order within 2 weeks and the products were beautifully done! will NEVER get my business again.

Very disappointed with my experience. There are many companies that offer photo memory options. is considerably more expensive but I gave it a shot because Collage have one unique option that I was interested in. I purchased a voucher for a calendar and a mug (the mug was uniue). For registering for the site I was sent a 60% off coupon... it did not work and was listed as invalid. When I paid I had 2 items in my cart... the shipping options was to receive my ITEMS with an S---plural in 2 days for a cost of $17.99 with delivery date by December 24th. I paid the increased shipping. Immediately completed my calender and when I go to pay it is charging me $11.99 for 2 day shipping. I called to question and the young man explained that the $17.99 was the expedited shipping for the cup... since the calender was a voucher. HERE IS THE SCAM WITH VOUCHERS... if my calendar was complete I still would have paid $17.99 for the expedited shipping for both items. Instead I was forced to pay another $11.99. I read all of these great customer reviews... I would really like to see make this correct. They can review my order and see that at the very least that the full priced mug was not redduced 60% with the code I was emailed *******23105. When you pay for shipping and it only covers one item in the cart then please 1) indicate which item that is covering ---Amazon does this all the time and 2) don't use "S" as it give the illusion that both items are covered... especially when there are only 2. Right now you get 1 star because. How addresses this will determine if that changes.

Customer services was lousy!
I attempted to order several products from your website today. The Fleece 50x60 blanket is advertised as being $45. I spent several hours uploading photos and designing the blanket. When I try to place my order it comes up as $134.99 (granted there is $25 extra added for the backside, but that should come to $60, not $135.) I contacted customer service through the "Chat with us!" button and was directed to Sutanya. Twice I had to tell Sutanya what my problem was. Sutanya then asked to view my screen. I copied and pasted my screen into the chat box. Sutanya again asked to view my screen. I told her I had already copied it into the chat, and she began to argue with me. At that point I asked to be transferred to someone in the US who could speak english. Again, she became argumentative. When I told her that I do not wish to speak with her any longer, she gave me a phone number to call. I found her to be extremely unhelpful and difficult to deal with. I was prepared to spend several hundred dollars for Christmas gifts with your company. But due to the false advertisements on your website and her unprofessionalism, I will be taking my money to a competitor.

I want to Thank from the bottom of my heart! This company has went above and beyond the call of duty for me! My three kids and I lost the most important person in our lives this past June (6 months ago). My husband and the father to our three children passed away from Metastatic Malignant Melanoma cancer that had spread to his brain while on treatment at the age of 45. He was a very loving and active person in our lives and it's been incredibly hard learning how to live without him on a daily basis. I ordered five collage pillows from for Christmas. One for each one of my three kids and one for each of my husband's two sisters who were very close to their older brother and who miss him dearly too. I had misunderstood the vouchers and wasn't exactly sure how to redeem them and so I emailed the company AFTER I had placed my order. I was unclear also if I would be receiving my order before Christmas or not, which wasn't a big deal, but it would've been nice to get it before Christmas. I spoke with a person named Shell by email who was the most pleasant person to speak to! This person even refunded me $25 on my order, which I wasn't expecting AT ALL, just for my confusion! Also, because I wasn't sure if I'd be receiving my order before Christmas, which I was informed that I wouldn't. Well, much to my surprise... I received my order on Christmas Eve afternoon at my doorstep! I'm not sure who exactly was responsible for that happening... but I'm going to say had everything to do with that! It made my three kids Christmas and my sister-in-laws also! When my kids opened up their gifts and saw the pictures of their Dad and special moments Collage had shared with their Dad printed on these BEAUTIFUL pillows... they burst out into tears and held onto them like their Dad himself had walked into the room! I have a daughter who just turned 21, a son who turned 18 in Aug. And another son who turned 16 on his Dad's birthday and who followed his Daddy everywhere he went before his passing! They are all at very influential ages and ages that they all need their father! So, to get these pillows with important pictures of their Dad on them (and plus it gives them something they can hug and hang on to when they are missing him the most) for Christmas... and for me to see how much each and every one of them loved them... made me feel like this mom did something right! And believe me, every decision made about our kids, no matter how major or minor, my husband and I made together, so it's not been easy on this mom to make decisions on my own and I'm constantly questioning if I make the right decisions or not! So, I owe a lot of this happiness and tears my kids have felt and shed to! They honestly have helped me and my kids this Christmas more than they realize! I will always do business with this company and I will definitely be spreading the word! You can't go wrong when doing business with! Thank you so very much to for making a very difficult Christmas this year a much brighter one! You all are awesome and you have awesome products with excellent pricing! There just aren't companies like yours out there anymore and it's nice to know it's not always about money to you all but about making people's lives a little bit brighter! You definitely have made ours much brighter! Thank you so very much!

I bought some Groupons for multiple photo websites to make different types of collages and canvas prints for family members for the holidays. This was by FAR the most consumer-friendly focused website. Collage allow editing within the site (so I can crop photos differently based on the collage I want to make instead of committing to a crop before uploading into the site). The customer support was so helpful at odd hours of the night with every problem I had while working on several projects. I can say that I won't be using any other site after the great service and flexibility this business has shown me. I'm not just a source of money for them. I'm a friend. I'm family. I'm a person with a life that they not only understand and respect, but also accommodate. I also like that my photos are of highest quality on the canvas even when other sites said the quality would be too poor that they wouldn't accept my photo. Some people could ask Van Gogh what paintbrush he used or canvas he bought, but they wouldn't be able to create the same quality. The same can be said for websites transforming photos into canvas art and will help you become the Van Gogh of your own life.

Customer Experience Makes The Difference turned what could have been a poster-sized nightmare into a great customer experience. We ordered a poster for my son's senior soccer team dinner. It was a rush job and we paid a hefty premium for overnight shipping to get our order as quickly as possible. And fast it was. We received the package 4 days early. Unfortunately, printed the wrong version of our poster. I'd been playing around on the site with several Projects and it's still unclear to me how Collage processed something different than the version I'd intended. That said, when we received the wrong poster I immediately called and talked to Mike in customer service. Mike found the right version and set up a new order with rush delivery. What's more, my wife found a problem with my "correct" version. I called Mike back and asked if he could update the order with the correct "correct" version and he took care of it right away.

Honestly, this is how seriously we all hope folks that work in customer service will handle our issues. Problems happen. Collage do, despite everyone's best intentions. The difference is how issues get addressed. And for that I give Five Starts! And Mike gets top marks, too. Thanks again.

Incredbile customer service with passionate and extremely competent employees
I had the most wonderful experience with this website- to the point that I just HAD to take the time to write a positive review so other potential customers can deciefer which website is best to print with. I loved working with first, bc the website is easy to navigate, second, because their promotions/discount offers are very generous and allow me to get more for my money! The beautiful quality of my poster prints and canvas' that I ordered were beyond what I expected (especailly bc i was warned by the website that my photos (uploaded from my iphone, were a medium to low quality to begin with). I knew that i was taking a big chance that Collage would come out well and thanks to the amazing customer service- we were able to thoroughly anaylze together whether each print would be worth enlarging and to what size. I spoke several times with the very kind, pleasant and EXTREMELY PATIENT Annie! She is amazing! She was not only totally versed in the ins and outs of the company, but she was above and beyond knowledgable and helpful. Over the phone, we discussed (in-length), each photo and what would be best for it's printing quality and style. She also was patient enough for me to have to conintuously send her new uploads as we attempted to get the best quality and option we could based on the photos I needed to use. She could've passed me off or told me that she couldn't help me- but she remained calm, happy and helpful as we went over my purchase. 100% stands by the quality of its prints and I recommend using their chat option to check on any printing question before making your final purchase- this way, you have no excuse to no Love it when it arrives.
THANK U to ANNIE for such a satisfying ABOVE & BEYOND printing/customer service experience and thank you to this great company for offering nice quality and generous discount promotions!

Absolutely Awful!
I would not take the time to write such a detailed review and include so many photos if my experience had been anything but horrible. However, I felt it important to let others know in detail exactly what this company is about and what poor quality its products are.

I've used several photo-product sites for about 15 yrs. And been pleased but decided to try to make some fleece blankets. Collage were more expensive than the sites I'd used, but their web site was attractive and easy to use, and they had tons of excellent reviews. (I now suspect a great many are compensated reviews.) Although the prices are inflated so that their "sales" look like great deals (for example, a "50% discount" on a supposedly $100 blanket that's really only a $50 blanket, which the company never expects to sell for $100), I still bought 2 vouchers to make 2 more blankets at the "discount" price in the future.

I was so pleased to have found this site and chose the upgrade from smooth fleece to "cozy" fleece be sure they would be gift-giving quality. I was so excited to see my blankets when they arrived! However, I was truly shocked at what I received. They were a HUGE disappointment... not at ALL what I paid for! The blankets themselves were cheap. At one glance, it was obvious they were made in China, despite the company's misleading ads stating that their products are "100% Michigan based" and "printed in the USA." (Implication: "Made in America," which they are not. Nor is the USA printing anything to crow about... it's as bad as the Chinese blanket.)

While the photos came out well, the quality of the blankets themselves was extremely poor... very thin (not at all the "cozy" upgrade I paid for; I'd hate to see what the standard "smooth" is like) and poorly printed with white spots and streaks on both front and back (for which there's an additional color fee even if you put no photos on it), as well as poorly stitched hemming. On one, the white inside of the hem was hanging out on one corner.

When the nap is rubbed one direction, it's not bad (except for the spots and streaks), but because the printed color does not go through to the bottom of the fleece, rubbing the nap the other direction makes ugly white "tire tracks." I thought perhaps the first blanket was a fluke, but the second was even worse. Definitely NOT the gift-giving quality I expected or paid for! Even on "sale," these were expensive blankets that looked and felt cheap.

I complained and had both blankets remade. When they arrived, I was totally disgusted. They were just as bad as the first! I wasn't expecting anything superior from the beginning. I envisioned something similar to the $10 kind you can buy in a drug store... nothing special, but they're attractive, fuzzy, printed all the way through, and enough to keep the chill off while reading or watching TV. The blankets weren't even of the $10 quality. I own several of the drugstore cheapies, and they are FAR nicer than these! Two of the blankets were so poor that I didn't even give them to the intended recipients because I'd have been embarrased to give such a poor quality gift. For the two I did give, I wrote notes to the recipients explaining that these were NOT the quality I had expected or intended to give. (I didn't want the recipients to think I'd purposely chosen cheap-o, shoddy gifts for them.)

I had already ordered a third blanket before the first two arrived. After waiting and waiting for it to arrive, I contacted them only to find out that they'd LOST my order! In addition, although it APPEARED that they compensated me generously for the first two, they tried to charge me for shipping on the third (for which I used a voucher), for which I had already paid! (The vouchers were clearly advertised as including free shipping.) They did this not once, but twice! Their customer copies of order are not itemized such that one can see exactly what was paid for and what cost how much. During my TWENTY-ONE email communications (excluding dozens of auto-emails they send) with them, they threw so many numbers at me (with terms different from what they use on their web site) that I had no idea exactly which blankets or which charges they were compensating me for, nor how much. (There's a charge for the blanket, an extra charge for the back, shipping, voucher charges, supposed discounts, etc. There is also no order information included with the blanket.) Because their orders are not adequately itemized, it was impossible for me to go back and see exactly what they were/were not discounting or still charging for. There was so much back-and-forth rigmarole and several different so-called discounts/compensations that in the end, I have no idea exactly what I paid (I'll know when my credit card bill comes) or whether I was compensated fairly. I was just so sick and tired of dealing with this company that I threw up my hands just to be done with them.

I had intended on making 3 more blankets, having come up with designs I loved and was excited about giving as gifts. After receiving 4 crappy blankets, however, I abandoned the next 3 altogether and had to come up with different gifts. (I did consider several other sites, but by that time, they wouldn't have arrived before Christmas.'s turnaround is very slow. Their shipping statements are very misleading: They state the no. Of day for shipping [e.g., 3-5 for standard] but don't tell you that production takes substantially longer. It took approx. 15-18 days to receive my blankets.)

To their credit, they did not question my claims about the blanket quality nor demand photos (which I was unable to send at the time... phone was lost). Perhaps that was because they already knew the poor quality/printing/finishing I was complaining about and needed no proof. Their customer-service people were polite (we communicated via email, as I'm heard of hearing), and they did compensate me without giving me a hard time.

Perhaps their non-blanket products are better, but having had excellent experiences with several other companies over many years, I won't use again, and I strongly recommend against using them for any products at all.

Disappointing quality
I ordered four of the same 8.5x11.5 hardback photo book. If I had paid full price I would be very upset. At 60% off, I'm just a little upset and mostly disappointed. There are little white sticky things all over the covers of two of them and on some of the pages of all of them. There are grey scuffs on the back cover of all of them. The binding of all of them feels flimsy, looks cheap, and looks significantly different on two of them. Like Collage were bound on a different setting of the same machine. I accidentally scratched one of the pages and some of the color of the picture scraped off! Some of the pages of two of the books have rough edges, like they were cut with a dull blade. The edges of these pages were stuck together. The pictures look mostly fine, except they're noticably poorer quality in one of the books. The editing process was pretty simple and intuitive and my only complaint about that is that I wish we could more accurately see how the pictures will look once printed. There are a few that were not high enough resolution to be blown up as much as they were. Obviously, the poor resolution is my fault, I just wish there was a way to see that before printing so I could make those pictures smaller. Shipping and customer service were great. I won't ask for new books unless they offer, but I will not be ordering photo books from this company again. Sidenote, Blurb is my favorite.

Fair quality of products, yet worst customer service ever and deceitful shipping cost
I bought two customized iPhone cases for Valentine day's gift for myself and my girlfriend. After putting long time to customize my items, I found that the shipping cost is charged twice towards the total. Since I had to hurry up to get my stuffs on time before Valentine's day, I placed the order anyways. I thought Collage would come in one package, so I didn't understand why I had to pay two "shipping" fees. Thinking that they might come in a separate box, I contacted the customer service team via email. All they said was refer to the shipping policy, and then I read all the shipping policy. They state they charge $6 for additional item, but never specify why the cost doubles. I requested a refund for one shipping fee, and if they can't, I'd expect a reasonable explanation for why the shipping cost double, when an item is very light so there is no difference between shipping one or two cases. The customer team's attitude was condescending, patronizing, disrespectful, unprofessional and very disappointing. I felt as though they treat me like an ignorant as they said they are sorry I am unaware of their shipping policy. Honestly speaking, my tone was aggressive, but their attitude was not much different than mine. However, they are working as a customer service where customer's satisfaction and feedback matters most. The way they talked made me so furious enough to write this review. Also, I will take more actions and find all possible means to correct their system for shipping and make them acknowledge their deceitful shipping policy and apologize for malpractice. Honestly, I believe what they do in shipping like collect money as shipping when it is not actually used for it constitutes fraud, but no one has enough motivation to step up and raise a question because a couple of tens dollars doesn't motivate people enough to do something needed to be done, taking much efforts and time. But I'm furious and triggered enough by the worst service of their customer service, so I'm on it. I hope the justice be brought to this business and they spit out all profits made by fraudulent and dishonest shipping fees. I believe it is very little amount for individuals, but when they get stacked together, it should be enormous amount. Further, if all wrongful profits businesses like this made out of normal people like us are combined together, it might cost us hundreds of millions or possibly billions. So I felt like I had to do something, and writing this review is the first step. I call people's attentions to this issue and urge to take actions. By the way, I received the package today and as I expected they came together in a small paper bag. I am satisfied with the quality, but whenever I see this phone case the worst experience will come up in my mind.

I have been meaning to leave this review since January. Life just happens ya know? Anyway, I ordered 6 collage blankets for my family for Christmas, all identical, all with a beautiful mixture of pictures of my brother spanning through the entirety of his cut all too short 32 years of life on this planet. This was the first holiday season we were to be without him, so I felt that this blanket would be symbolic of a source of comfort we could each surround ourselves with individually whenever any of us felt sad. I asked for a lot of guidance along the way through's live chat feature (WHICH IS AMAZING BTW) and even if it was after hours someone would always get back to me as soon as possible with answers or suggestions. Anyway, I ordered all 6 to have writing on the back side of the blanket and also ordered expedited service to arrive before Christmas. Well, due to a family member of mine being old and not understanding that taking a picture of a picture with a camera phone wouldn't be sufficient photographic gold for a collage blanket, collecting some pics took a bit longer than I expected lol. So, at no fault of, my order was set to arrive one business day later than Christmas. I nearly had a panic attack. Collage offered to help me as much as possible, reaching out to shippers, and always getting back to me, even with answers that were't so great. Anyway, I made each family member a card w a photo of the collage explaining that the gift would have to be give after Christmas. Finally the shipment arrived and we had Christmas #2. The anticipation was killing us all! When we all opened them up, only ONE had the writing on the back. I checked and I had paid for writing for all. I was SO upset, given the whole experience and the circumstances it was one thing after another. I reached out to and let me tell you something, they were more than accommodating and apologetic. I have been in customer service for 20 years, I know how hard customers can be and I also know how tough bosses or corporations can be with satisfying customers when they mess up. It is hard for many to accept responsibility for when they make mistakes. Hey, we all make mistakes! has definitely mastered the art of how to keep customers, take responsibility and in turn, get routine business. They offered to send out 6 more blankets the correct way, for FREE as well as keep the other 6 blankets that were sent originally. I am not sure how you would feel, but if that was not the best solution to the issue, I am not sure what was. They were so amazing in the handling, professional and sympathetic to my family's situation. It was truly touching. I will definitely be referring their services to anyone I know, yes, even thought there was a mistake and a pretty big one, their handling of it changes everything. It was truly appreciated by my family and I. Thank you again!

A Long Distance Grandma's Special Memories
I live in Ohio, and my only grandchildren Jack and Addie live in Colorado. I only see them 3 or 4 times a year. I miss then beyond words. I forget how I discovered But once I did, I purchased a voucher to create a blanket of memories of my little ones to help keep them close. Each time I visited them, I took lots of sweet pictures. But I always wanted to make one more visit and take more pictures before I completed my blanket. Finally, I decided to not only create my blanket, but I also created a blanket for each child, plus a pillow of pictures of each of them with me as part of their Christmas gifts this year. Now Collage can wrap up in Grandma's pictures and hopefully feel close to me, even when I'm so far away. I just can't wait to share these precious memories with them!

I got a bit overwhelmed trying to make these items "just right". But I ended up speaking with Annette. Oh my goodness, she was truly wonderful! She was so sweet and personable. She really knew so much about the whole process and instantly made everything so much easier. She was very patient with me and guided me along with all 5 items, rechecking them as we went along and taking care of everything for me. She really took good care of me. She never once made me feel I was bothering her by taking too long. I now have such a nice memory of creating my beautiful gifts for my grandchildren.
I really appreciate her genuine concern for helping me. What a super employee you have at! She went above and beyond and made this grandma so happy!

I ended up ordering another voucher to create a beautiful blanket for my mother who will turn 80 in January. I will have pictures of each of us 3 kids, her 6 grandchildren and her only 2 great grand children, (my Jack and Addie) put on her most special family blanket to keep her warm!

THANKS for your wonderful company... and for having such caring, considerate employees like Annette to help people like me create long lasting memories of love!

"Grandma Debbie" McCurry

Beautiful Product and Wonderful Customer Service
Making a framed photo collage for my parents' 45th anniversary, I was very nervous because I usually struggle with creative AND tech projects, but their website is seriously SO easy (and fun!) to use! You can grab photos from FB, IGram, Text messages and Collage import easily. Then you can use their design tools to perfect your layout. I loved that the interface let you edit the images on the layout, and also warned you if a certain pic was too low resolution to be blown up.

My collage unfortunately had some damage during transit and the frame got cracked, I contacted by email and they sent me a free replacement and even upgraded my shipping as I was on a tight travel schedule. I don't think I've ever had an easier issue resolution with any company, ever. Everyone I chatted with via email was kind and helpful.

My parents were THRILLED with their gift. I was able to easily share the link to the collage for folks who wanted to but their own copy. The framing and print quality are top notch, and I am already looking at additional items I can put my favorite pictures on through the site. Thanks for a great product and wonderful customer service.

If you would like to receive shoddy quality items AND...
If you would like to receive shoddy quality items AND be ignored for over a month with no response, have I got the company for you! is a shining example of how NOT to run a business.
I have not received such terrible customer service in ages... Being flag out ignored is beyond infuriating. 2 of my 3 blanket orders came with very noticeable printing errors (pictures double exposed over each other, and black ink smudged and bleeding into the lighter surrounding sections) the third blanket is decent quality. Aka good enough. Would hope for WAY better quality but considering it didnt bleed or have double exposure i can handle the semi blurry and over exposed shots (all of the pics were high resolution and professional quality prints, so thats not the reason)
I regret having already purchased an extra blanket where i am forced to deal with these people again at some point in the future.
Of course I use the term "deal with" loosely seeing as since December 7th i have yet to get ANY contact from the company other than automatic form letter replies.

If YOU are having trouble or received the wrong order check Face book there is a page called "is this your blanket?"

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