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**BUYER'S BEWARE. *Horrible customer service, *horrible return policy (15% restocking fee), *non existent exchange and or replacement options on items delivered damaged and Coleman Furniture have a *VERY high volume of complaints filed through the BBB. I bought a 3,300 dollar bedroom set online from Coleman's a few weeks ago. They called us the day after Thanksgiving and told us it was going to be delivered a 5pm that Sunday. Of course we were out of town for the Holiday weekend and weren't expecting them to deliver for a couple more weeks. We made it a point to be back home by 3pm on Sunday so we were able to clean out a few item from our bedroom and make room for the new furniture. 2.5 hrs before our scheduled delivery time we got a call that they were at our house (which we were still 20 mins away from home). They waited for us to arrive home but were in a big hurry to leave and we had no time to get the rest of the items out of the bedroom so we just told them to leave the bedroom set in the garage and we would haul it in and put it together ourselves. The dressers and night stands were already but together but the headboard, footboard, ect. Were in boxes so we visually couldn't tell if they were damaged at the time of delivery. For some stupid reason the delivery personnel put the headboard on its side instead of upright (so the weight was on the legs of the headboard). When we open up the headboard box we were of course disappointed to find the headboard was damaged. We contacted Coleman's to make them aware of the issue and they *said that they will not replace damage headboard, *will charge us a 15% restocking fee if we return, *and told us to find furniture repair person on our own (which is hard because we live in a very rural area and we sent photo's to a couple and they said damage can not be repaired) and on top of that we have *5 days to return item which gives us no time to try to hunt down someone to see if they can repair. So I just spent 3,300 dollars to receive damaged furniture that I am stuck with, that is CRAZY and a horrible disservice to paying customers. **Recommend purchasing furniture from a store that has better policy's, ethical and moral values and doesn't repeatedly screw over customers (VERY high volume of complaints through the Better Business - see photo)

Beautiful Furniture and Wonderful Shopping and Purchasing Experience!
I ordered a Provence Bedroom set on May 5,2020. I was very hesitant to make this online purchase given some unfavorable reviews I had read; however, given the great deal and coupon offered, and the confines of shopping at a local furniture store due to COVID-19, I opted to give it a chance. It was an amazing experience! Don't let the negative views sway you from purchasing from this company. My furniture was delivered in the time promised, it was in perfect condition, and the white-glove delivery service was amazing! Bonus-Via a phone call, the company made sure that I was satisfied with my purchase (and that the delivery men wore foot coverings and face masks) before the delivery service exited my residence- What a great way to end a positive experience! The only opportunity for growth is for the website to be kept more current with the status of my purchase and delivery. Fortunately, I was able to reach out to Coleman representatives via e-mail to find out the status of my purchase- this experience was also impressive as each time Coleman Furniture answered my e-mail communication within 24 hours. No doubt that I was very apprehensive and nervous about this purchase, but my experience has dispelled all fears of working with them in the future. So much so that I already have a dining room set saved in my Coleman Furniture shopping cart with the intent to purchase soon. Hint: Coleman will authorize a temporary authorization for the cost of your furniture shortly after you make your purchase to make sure you have the money available but it is withdrawn fairly quickly afterward. I was not expecting that and thought my order had been stopped! But when I called Coleman, they explained that it is part of their process and that the charge would not go through until the furniture was ordered and loaded on a truck. That is indeed how it happened. Overall, a fabulous experience.

Bait and Switch
I am building a house, and looking for furnish it. I stumbled upon Coleman furnitures website, and the perfect dining table for my kitchen. Its Memorial Day, so there is a COUPON sale, that if you spend $999 use MDW25 and you get $25 off the order. I was happy to order and save a little bit of money. Upon adding my coupon to my art, the price changed and went to $981. After my order was placed, the order printed as $1006. Later on, I saw a few more pieces I wanted to add to my order, and I also wanted to find out how or when my furniture would be delivered. I called the cs department. The young girl answering let me know that Coleman Furniture wouldnt have a date for delivery until AFTER they ordered it from the vendor... asking MORE questions she finally let me know it would be about 4 weeks min. To get an estimate. If I had oodles of time to wait, I would have, until the question of the weekend sale code. I questioned why my order was the same price that it shows for the table, that there was an error that the discount didnt show. She explained that its already on sale, that it wouldnt apply... however, when I put it in my cart and apply the discount, I see that it DOES apply, taking the $1006 table down to $981. Somehow after the order is placed, the price goes right back to $1006. She refused to honor the discount, and stated it must be a glitch in the system... well HELLO customer service, is that MY error or Coleman furnitures error? She refuesed to accommodate the error. I come from VERY good customer service, and that would not be acceptable in my company.

Im sorry Coleman furniture, you lost a client for good, over pocket change. Moreover you lost $981for $25 on furniture.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY sucks! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered a dining set with 4 chairs from them online. I had to wait 8 weeks to get the set, and then on the day of delivery I had a 4 hour window for delivery from 2-6pm. 6pm came and went and no delivery. I finally get a call from the delivery guy at about 6:30 telling me he is running late. No $#*! sherlock! Ya think you could have called earlier to let me know? The delivery company doesn't arrive until about 7:30-7:45pm, almost 2 hours past my four hour window for delivery. The two guys that show up to deliver and assemble the table look sketchy as hell with neck tats and like Coleman Furniture had a hard night of partying... who knows what they were actually doing and why they were 2 hours late. They then proceed to assemble the table and chairs in the street in front of my house, in the dark. It takes them another 2 hours to do this. So I had to sit around waiting for these jackasses for 8 friggin hours and had to cancel plans I had that evening because they didn't leave my house until almost 10pm! And then they damaged the table in 3 spots. I tell them before they leave to make a note of the damage and point it out to them. I watch the guy write it down. And to top it all off the 4 chairs I ordered are the completely wrong color! I ordered grey chairs and they show up green! WTF?! I point this out to the delivery guy also and he makes a note of it. Shortly after all of this I get an email from Coleman Furniture asking me for feedback. I give them the whole story and let them know how unhappy I am with the whole ordeal and that I did not get what I paid for. Nobody contacts me... so I call them and file a complaint. I send pictures in and have to give my story to at least 3 different people as I get shuffled around from person to person, basically being given the runaround. Upon taking a closer look at the product number of the table and 4 chairs I receive I discover that the numbers DO NOT match up to what I ordered. I assume I got sent the wrong items. In the end, what do they tell me? "Our website has a disclaimer that says the pictures are just a representation and product colors may vary... blah blah blah." The name of the chair has the word GREY in it! How TF do I get green chairs?! I tell them the product numbers don't match up and they tell me too bad you signed for it. WTF was I supposed to do? The guys are in my house at almost 10pm and I am ready for them to get out of my house! So I sign and tell them to note all these things on the paper I signed. Now Coleman Furniture tells me I am stuck with a damaged table, chairs that are the wrong color and they dont give a $#*!... F#@K Coleman Furniture!

And their Facebook page won't allow me to tag it, to leave a review or to message them. Guess they are used to getting complaints!

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. STAY AWAY! I ordered a dining room table and six chairs and the set was delivered. The delivery company installed the table, put the chairs around the table and went out the door. The last delivery man asked for my signature on a receipt. He said it verified that Coleman Furniture were there to deliver and install and all pieces were accounted for. I approved and they were gone. I was unaware I needed to inspect the pieces in detail for damage. They did not bring in any packaging or boxes, just the pieces uncovered. Several hours later, I discovered there were two large, deep cracks on the side of the wooden table (underneath a lip of the table top). One crack was vertical, the other crack was longer and horizontal. I contacted the Coleman Furniture customer service phone number that same day. Clearly this type damage did not occur after the delivery so I thought the resolution would be self-explanatory and simple. I received an email response from a customer service rep *. She requested photos of the damage. I emailed her the photos and she responded with since the proof of delivery was signed indicating no damage, there is no resolution they could provide. She offered a credit allowance in the amount of $100.00 towards a technician that I would have to hire to repair the damage. Ridiculous. I have never been able to talk to someone from customer service over the phone. I no longer receive email responses back. I have called over 30 times and left over 5 voice mail messages. I also tried to reach out on social media and they DELETED MY COMMENTS because they looked bad!

*Personal information redacted by admin

The delivery company was suppose to arrive between 3-7 yesterday. After waiting all day Coleman Furniture arrived just after 9pm. Due to this, the delivery men were in a hurry. They finished around 930pm. This in turn did not allow me to have time to properly inspect the furniture despite being required to sign a delivery slip. Which I left portions of blank. My delivery was also missing the bed -the most important piece of a bedroom set. (I was notified of this prior to them arriving as they said it was missing a foot. So that was good to at least be told prior to arrival.) I was not given a copy of the delivery slip.

One of the nightstands I received is damaged. It looks as though it was scraped on concrete (the damage is too severe to be caused from a wall). I initially thought that the knobs were meant to have the scratched/rustic look but after comparing to the other pieces realized they are not. That is when I also noticed the scrapes on the wood. My pieces have a rustic look so the damage was not immediately noticed when they delivered with the quick visual inspection I was allowed. I called and spoke with Coleman customer service this morning. I was told by their representative she would send an email right then that I could reply to with pictures attached. That she wasn't sure they could do anything for me since I signed the delivery slip. (Even though I fully explained the extenuating circumstances of the delivery arriving 2 hours past the 4 hour delivery window. This was a disruption to my family's evening and I was not given time to do a full blown inspection with the already rushed delivery team). I never received any email.
I am hoping that maybe I will receive an update with tomorrow being Monday. I had the furniture less than 12 hours at the time the damage was noticed and notified them immediately. I am still awaiting an update as to when I will receive the bed. I am hoping they will replace the damaged nightstand. Overall review- furniture quality seems good and is as pictured. Delivery could use some work. Customer service review- to be determined based on replacement satisfaction. Will update soon.

2 stars is solely based on the unresolved issue of the damaged nightstand and missing bed frame. The furniture seems to be good quality and exactly as described/pictured. Will give 5 stars if nightstand is replaced and bed received timely.

Shop good will first
I thought at first this was going to be a great purchase I was excited, I ordered on 3 July 2019 the site says " quick ship" is also guarantees an entertainment center will be delivered in 1-2 weeks on their Twitter site. So ordered the gabrielle bedroom set. Plus and extra bed and nightstand. I asked if Coleman Furniture serviced military installation and they replied yes. A week later I called and asked about the quick ship as my email stated 6 weeks. They stated it was only for small items, and the tag was in error and they forgive me 15$ off my next purchase. Aug 28th they charged my credit card 2k and still no furniture. I inquired about the delay. I spoken with connie, chaniv, Cierra among other from the company. Forrest from blue truck delivery called to set up delivery in early September. 2 days later I received a call say their " truck " was broken " and they had to reschedule. I assume they have only 1 truck. I again called. Mid September Forrest set up a delivery, 2 drivers show up they couldn't get on post BECAUSE they could pass the back ground check. Lol. Again I call Coleman. I recieved an email saying I would get 100$ off and my delivery would be a priority. 2 weeks later Forrest called to deliver on a Thursday... he has to reschedule for a Friday because his employees could once again NOT pass the background check to get on post. Lol. Finally on September 20, a crew can actually get on post. But it gets worse. The foot board to one bed is destroyed. And the other is damaged. The knob on one nightstand is stripped. You cant leave a review on the Coleman site. They delete them. So I leave them here. I have photos. Text and emails. Ms Cierra called and asked me to change me review because they would have furniture here in a week... if that's possible. Why has it taken a week? They fluff reviews and then a bad review is buried by fake reviews... the furniture is Ashley that has flaws that doesn't meet Ashley standards. That has minor flaws. For instance my headboard has a gap. On the right side. That couldn't be sold. I'm not sure if Ashley would allow their tags left on. Etc. Also. When you correspondent with this company... their signature block says renegade NOT Coleman... so it all seems suspicious... you have to literally stop payment to accomplish anything. If you want a nightmare and wait 3 to 6 months to get something choose this company. If you want criminals that cant pass a simple background check in your home. Choose this company. If you want returns, and warranty to be a nightmare choose this company... if you want a hassle free purchase for relatively the same price most Ashley stores. Which is the same furniture HAVE the same exact pricing without the nightmare on all the major holidays... update 9PM. When you complain. About their substandard customer service they try and threaten you with 15% restocking fees and shipping fees. Look at Coleman furniture Twitter 5 months to get a couch, 7 months for a desk. Remember " Fair credit protection act"... use any company but this... dont allow this company to bully you, these are the same people, that could NOT get on base an asked me to come get my OWN furniture

Horrible Customer Service and Poor Quality Products
I purchased a kitchen table, 6 chairs, and a server on 06/05/2017 from Coleman Furniture and received it on 08/15/2017. Not even a couple months later I noticed that the side of the server warped, both the doors on the server starting bowing, and the paint was coming off the top of the kitchen table. These are in my formal dining area are so are barley used. All of the pieces of furniture I received had "guarantee tags" on them, which I thought Coleman Furniture would honor, but was I wrong! I had been looking several months for an all black dining room set which was hard to find. So I was excited to find this set I bought from Coleman Furniture. It was more than I budgeted to spend, I am a single mom on a budget, but liked it so much I decided to save a few more months so I could afford it. I contacted Coleman Furniture in November of 2017 to make them aware of the poor quality of the materials the dining set was made of and that I was unsatisfied because of the cost of it. (Cheap furniture I have bought for a few hundred dollars from IKEA has lasted longer than this dining set has) The customer service I received was horrendous! I was hung up on, it took me several phone calls to be able to speak to anyone, and it is obvious they respond to their customers with templates when communicating through email. When I asked to speak to a manager they stated they do not have managers there and that they are all their own bosses. After going back and forth with them for several months I filed a complaint with the BBB on 04/16/2018. In May 2018, they agreed to send me replacement parts at no charge to me and I accepted their response. I never heard back from anyone at Coleman Furniture so I called their office in September to get an update and was hung up on. I re-opened my claim with the BBB and they again stated they would send me replacement parts. When I asked for a time frame since they did not honor their first agreement through the BBB process, they never responded which led to the BBB closing the claim due to no response from the business. If you are looking to buy furniture that is great or even good quality and want to buy from a company who values their customers do not buy anything from Coleman Furniture!

Buyer Beware
I ordered a sectional sofa from Coleman and it included free "white glove" delivery. I also purchased an extended damage warranty. The first red flag was that on 2 separate occasions Coleman Furniture untruthfully told me that the delivery company had my furniture and that they would be scheduling delivery within 2 days. After 2+ weeks of this, the delivery company did actually receive the furniture. On the day of delivery, there were 2 movers. Both of them began to complain the second they walked in the door about having to place the furniture in my basement. They indicated that they were not aware of that detail and it looked like there might be some corners that were going to be tight. So before they would proceed they stuck a cell phone in my face and said that they would not complete the delivery unless I signed a waiver to "release them from any liability for damage to my walls or door openings". So as a customer excited to get my new furniture, I signed. Well, they didn't damage any of my walls or doors, but they did manage to tear a giant hole in the cushion of the couch. After this happened, I declined the delivery and requested that it be returned for a replacement. After contacting Coleman to discuss what had happened, they abruptly and rudely proceeded to tell me that because I signed the above mentioned waiver, they will not be replacing the furniture. Nor will they be refunding my money. After recovering from my initial shock, they went on to tell me that they would actually issue a refund. BUT ONLY OF 1/2 OF WHAT I PAID FOR THE FURNITURE. They deducted a 15% restocking fee plus an additional $250 in shipping charges. After I objected, they refused to discuss it any further and basically have left me hanging without $500 of what I paid for furniture that I never even got. I even tried to see if the accidental damage coverage I purchased could be used to replace the furniture. They declined that also by relying on the "terms and conditions" line. Apparently, the accidental damage doesn't cover anything until it is actually sitting in the exact spot in your house it was intended. BS!

If you're considering buying from Coleman Furniture (or dealing with their parent organization Renegade Furniture)... do yourself a favor and LOOK ELSEWHERE! Like any experience, it isn't so much about when things go to plan. The true test is when something goes wrong. And I can tell you that I've now seen the true ugliness behind Coleman's glitzy marketing and website. Coleman Furniture will leave you out to dry and treat you to some of the most unethical business practices I've ever seen!

We ordered an expensive bedroom set from them in early December 2018. Their estimated "6-8 week" delivery lead time meant that we were hoping to time this with the move into our brand new home. It's took close to 24 weeks (almost 6 months) before we were able to put this behind us! That's not to say we got all our furniture... or that they graciously agreed to refund us for items we didn't receive. If you want the detail... read on.

It all started with early emails from Coleman (after my order was placed and they took my money) that kept pushing out the estimated delivery date. After the third such email, I called to cancel our order and ask for a refund. At first they said it was ok to process a refund since the goods hadn't shipped yet. But I received a cold email from their customer service manager the very next day saying that (almost magically!) our furniture was on its way and that we would incur a penalty if we cancelled our order. This was 3 months ago! In fact, our first real delivery of the bedroom furniture didn't happen until several weeks later (something about the first "shipment update" going to the wrong delivery depot).

In that first delivery, the "white glove delivery" (that they tout on their website) couldn't put together our bed because it was missing key components. Worst still, our dresser arrived seriously damaged and had to be taken back. So much for their commitment to undertake "thorough inspections at the delivery company to ensure everything is in order PRIOR to delivering to the customer."

By this time, we'd already had several weeks of frustrating email exchanges and phone calls. Their "customer service/support" team seriously lags in 2 key areas (in my opinion): a) they do not understand what "customer service" means given their absolute lack of empathy. And b) they are not empowered to help overcome Coleman's fundamental operational loopholes.

None of their promises to "escalate" our issues or "prioritize" our delivery materialized to anything. Worst still they kept refusing to cancel my order for products not delivered.

Needless to say, I will have NOTHING to do with Coleman Furniture or any of their associated companies... EVER AGAIN! I hope this helps others avoid being treated by Coleman Furniture or Renegade Furniture like we have.

Buyers Beware
Buyers Beware DO NOT GIVE COLEMAN FURNITURE YOUR BUSINESS! I cannot say enough about how difficult and drawn out my experience with Coleman Furniture has been. Long story short, this is a terrible company that is run by dishonest people, and I am stunned that Coleman Furniture are still in business.

Id like to point out that Coleman Furniture is owned by Renegade Furniture Group, which also owns Mazel Tov Furniture. The founder and CEO of the company is *
With regards to my story, I unassumingly placed on order through the Coleman Furniture website

333 Washington Ave, Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Damage: I have purchased a black sectional couch CM6982-SECTIONAL Gatria II Black Reclining Sectional With Console $1794. 00 including two recliners with the warranty. I had called Guardian and I had explain to them what had happen with my sectional. They had informed me to contact you renegade/Coleman furniture, because its still under factory warranty including two recliners. Both recliners have defected metal underneath and do not close. Once we opened the recliner to sit and watch a movie they no longer push in the metal is in the way of closing the chair. It looks like the metal that push back into the recliner is bent/damage on both recliners, Also on one recliner the whole back leather seam in the back of the chair part that you youtr butt sit in is completely apart, where the white inside is sticking out. When u sit on the recliner you can feel the wood sticking in your back. I was satisfied with my purchase then realized it was not made very well. I have a five year warranty and would like a replacement or something done to fix these problems. I had already called the warranty department and they told me that the warranty on my sectional does not start because it falls under the factory warranty and when we contacted the company they told us that The manufacturer has advised that these issues fall under normal wear and tear. I apologize, as they have stated they cannot assist further. We place the order may 25,2017 and it took a month for us to receive our sectional and they delivered it on time, after a few month the sectional started falling a part and we followed all the steps to resolve this matter. I had already contact my lawyer to see what can be done by this company. I was told that they had multiple complaints and they switch there name from Renegade furniture Store to Colemans furniture. I had been in contact with the store via email and Save all the emails. The person that been assistant us is *
Pre- DeliveryAccount Manager Renegade Furniture * we are filling this complaint with bbb to resolve this matter

*Personal information redacted by admin

A Great Shopping Experience
This was my first purchase from Coleman Furniture and I am definitely a satisfied customer!

I purchased a beautiful, solid-wood dining table with 8 chairs made by Kincaid Furniture. I checked the price for this set at a local furniture store (Coleman Furniture priced it at 25% off suggested retail price + an additional 10% off) and Coleman Furniture's price was $508.50 less.

I ordered the table plus 8 chairs, not realizing that Coleman also sold this as a seven-piece set (table with 6 chairs). I found the set the day after placing my order and saw that I should have purchased the set and two additional chairs for a reduced price and still would have ended up with exactly the same order, just a different item name for the set. I called Coleman's Customer Service and explained what I had done and, even though the mistake in the order was entirely my fault, they cheerfully said they understood and credited my credit card with the price difference in ordering the table and chairs separately vs as a set, which was an additional savings of $438. This made my purchase from Coleman Furniture $946.50 less than buying it from the local furniture store. I actually believe strongly in supporting local merchants in my own community, but saving almost $1000 as a retiree is a substantial savings that I had to take.

You cannot beat the Customer Service at Coleman Furniture and furniture made by Kincaid is nationally recognized as very high quality!

Delivery was about 3 weeks earlier than expected and that was a great surprise. Our dining set came with free In-home White Glove Delivery and Set-up. The delivery company for our order was out of Little Rock, Arkansas and they were excellent. They did a great job assembling all 8 chairs and the table, checking thoroughly to be sure that there was no damage to the furniture, that all pieces fit together properly, and that all packaging was removed. The two-man team was very professional.

Everything about this shopping experience was wonderful and I will certainly turn to Coleman Furniture for any future furniture needs. They deserve a 10 Star rating in my book!

Oh, one more thing...
Coleman Furniture included a free Five Year Guardian Protection valued at $199. That was not included by the local Furniture store. So, instead of saving $946.50, my total value difference was $1145. 50.

I am a happy, satisfied customer!

Don't buy from them
My experience buying from Home Gallery Stores was less than ideal. The free installation is not worth it - I bought from them because Coleman Furniture offered free installation, but I wish I had just paid the $50 and gone somewhere else. When the bed was delivered, the box was in complete shambles. I should have turned it away but we had waited months for it and at a first glance it seemed undamaged. The delivery guys had no idea that we were supposed to get assembly but thankfully they were super nice and assembled it for us anyway (I think they are a third party, so if you do buy from here, be prepared for your delivery guys to be unaware of the "free" delivery). I was asked to sign for the delivery by being presented with a cell phone with a signature line, no contract, no explanation of the conditions of the delivery. This ended up being a huge problem, because when we did discover some damage a day later, Coleman insisted that because I had signed that the delivery was in "good condition" they couldn't do anything except offer me $100 to have a local contractor come out and repair it since I was a "valued customer." Considering that part of the damage was a chip in the stone insert piece, I find it unlikely that anyone outside of the manufacturer could fix that. Also, in order to get the $100, I had to pay up front, then send them an invoice with the amount, date of service, and the *logo* of the company.

In my opinion, good customer service would have at least offered to refund me a portion of the purchase price if they weren't going to offer to replace the piece that was damaged. If you are willing to put up with long wait times for the product, boxes arriving in complete disarray, delivery guys who have no idea that assembly is included, and a no-exceptions customer service policy, sure, buy from Home Gallery Stores Otherwise, spend your money and get this bed from literally anywhere else - it might not be better, but it couldn't be worse.

I finally received my bedroom set TWO entire months after placing the order. When asked if order could be canceled the sales rep recited the return policy to me stating that the customer has 24 hours after ordering to cancel the order or the customer will have to pay a 15% restocking fee. So 15% of 1,200. No thank you. Once the bedroom set arrived and was assembled I was not happy with one of the nightstands. In order to exchange the nightstand for the one I wanted I would be charged a 15% restocking fee PLUS shipping ($223) the same amount as the nightstand! No problem, just call corporate office, am I right? Wait, no such thing. And the "supervisor" who is just above the sales rep is the HIGHEST on the chain of command (what I was told). So basically no solutions just disappointment.

Second order:

Purchased a sofa table on 12/19. Today is 2/13 and have yet to receive table in one piece. I was contacted stating that the table had a broken leg and would be delivered once part is replaced. After a few more weeks of waiting I tried to cancel thinking this is a legitimate grounds for cancelling I am in the right I should not have to keep going through this with this company and surely the restocking fee will be waived. NOPE. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was immediately told that he is in a "meeting." Asked to speak to the next person on the totem pole and was told that that person doesn't exist and the supervisor who is in a "meeting" is the only person who can help me with this issue. If unhappy with the supervisors response there is nobody to report it to. I wanted to part ways with this company losing as little money as possible and while not being satisfied I could at least not feel scammed. Instead I am extremely unhappy and out $200, still do not have a table, and stuck with a nightstand I hate.

These guys are thieves. Buyer beware.
I bought a set of Ashley living room furniture from Coleman last summer. I had done a lot of research prior to purchasing, and Coleman appeared to have what I wanted for the best price. Coleman Furniture also had an additional warranty, which I purchased. After all, furniture is a big expenditure, and I wanted to make sure I was covered.

It took almost a month to get my furniture, and the delivery date was not ideal as I was due to leave town the same day, but after they assured me I would be the first delivery of the day, I agreed to stay a little later and have them deliver that day rather than possibly wait another month.

I had been under the impression that "first delivery of the day" was going to be around 7 or 8am. They didn't get there until after 10, and when they did, my furniture was in pieces. They had to take another hour to put it together in my living room. Normally I would be more understanding of something like that, but again, I was supposed to be leaving town and driving 10 hours. So for the delivery people to be 2-3 hours late (without calling), and then take ANOTHER hour of my time for something that should have already been done was rather irritating. The guys were nice, but still!

Fast forward a couple months. My armchair already had a crack in the decorative wood panel on the front, even though it's the least used piece of furniture in the set. Also, my sleeper sofa is badly sagging on one side. Upon further inspection, it's because the piece of OSB (OSB, y'all... not even MDF, let alone solid wood) that held the sleeper frame onto the sofa frame is shattered, making the bed crooked, and the seats sag. It also made the frame twist, which made the wood paneling come loose on the opposite side. Disappointing to say the least, for furniture that's not even a year old.

Oh, but wait! I have a warranty! So I got in contact with the company, who requested pictures of the damage. I obliged, and even labeled them for clarity. And I waited for their response, being relieved that I'd had the foresight to get the warranty in the first place, as even the casual observer can see that this is likely to be a rather pricey repair.

Therefore, it goes without saying that I was completely shocked when they told me they would give me $100. For the entire repair. Seriously? But I know I'm dealing with an insurance company, and never to accept the first offer, especially if it's obviously low-ball. So I emailed back and told them that I didn't think that was going to be near enough, and that I would expect them to up that offer if I got a lot of estimates that were substantially above that. They asked for those estimates, so I did some research, and got estimate from three different companies, the cheapest of which was $450. The guy was even nice enough to email me an invoice so I could show Coleman that I wasn't just blowing smoke. I sent all of this over to them.

The response? Well, read for yourself:

"Hi Myristica,

The manufacture has advised the issues you have reported can be repaired by a local furniture technician. The allotment amount should cover the cost of the repair on both items.

As a courtesy, we can approve up to to $200.00 to have the items brought back to manufacture standards.

Please see below for a technician service in your area.

Furniture Solutions Network
(Link removed)

Have a good day!"

Yeah, a good day it's anything but.

I'm not done fighting this battle, and the outcome may end up being marginally acceptable, at least in regards to the condition of my furniture and what I end up paying for it. If so, I will update my review. But this run-around and refusal to make this right WITHOUT a fight has lost them a customer. And considering the actual quality of this furniture, they've lost Ashley a customer as well. These problems aren't the only ones, they are just the only ones I was trying to actually get the company to repair. The underside of the ottoman was all ripped up, which I discovered when I tilted it to put felt on the feet to protect my floor. The love seat is also sagging way more than it should at less than 1 year old. So I definitely would recommend you save yourself both money and headache, and shop elsewhere. They are only too happy to take your money, but once they have it, you cease to matter to them at all.

ETA: I tried to add photos of the damage but for some reason it's not uploading them. Hopefully I can add them later, but for now, trust me... it's bad!

Alberta Slipshod Reclining Sofa
This sofa is of extremely poor quality. The sofa was delivered on 7/8/20. Within a month of very light use the cushions started to wear and became quite uncomfortable. When two people had the sofa in the reclined position, the sofa became very unstable with very little movement. The sofa would feel like it was going to tip. Upon inspection of the sofa from the underside, I could see that this was made in a very slipshod way and called Coleman to complain on August 5th. I was referred to Coaster and was transferred to several representatives that could not help me. After much run around, Coaster referred me back to Coleman in September. I was only able to start a warranty claim with Coleman. Challenging the quality was not an option. Coleman Furniture falsely advertised that the company Coaster Furniture, is an American manufacturer. The sofa was manufactured in China. Also, the foam is advertised as being memory foam. Through my attempts to settle the above-stated issues with Coleman and Coaster Furniture it was stated that the memory foam is only in the seat. After inspection of the sofa and using it for a short time, I could see that description on the website is very sketchy. During my original discussion with Coleman Furniture when I was considering my purchase, I was assured that this sofa was of very high quality. Coleman passed the issue off as being the manufacturer's fault. Ultimately Coaster, the manufacturer, stated that my complaint is just a case of "buyer's remorse" and did not address any of my quality concerns. I have an email chain that begins on September 23rd to show the claim, the denial, and my rebuttal. My claim included pictures and videos. At this point in time, January 2021, the sofa cushions have broken down and sag and instability is getting worse. This is with very little use because neither me nor my son like to sit on it and definitely do not want to recline in it. The sofa cost over 1500. Anyone would expect the sofa to last past 3 months. The photo of the seat is after 1 month of use.

Horrible Service... Delayed Delivery... Damaged Furniture... Refuse to rectify situation (6008742)
Coleman Furniture needs to replace the damaged furniture that Coleman Furniture delivered and stop nonsense. I would not recommend anyone order anything from them. Don't waste your time! Because you will be wasting alot of your YOUR time! Ordered sectional from them on May 4,2020 that was not delivered until June 26,2020. The day before it was delivered I received a call that the loveseat was damaged and had to be reordered so I was offered $100 off or to have the loveseat replaced. I told them I wanted the loveseat replaced and to deliver everything else. Well, they did deliver everything and brought the loveseat. I told the delivery guys they were not suppose to bring the loveseat so they did not bring it into my home and took it back with them. I never saw it unwrapped and I don't know what was damaged on it b/c Coleman called me and said it was damaged. Once it was everything else was all set up, the wedge was damaged. Everyone said the wedge would be repaired in my home. They would order the parts and send someone to repair it. There were emails of the progress of the wedge materials and that the repair would take place in my home and I questioned the loveseat and they indicated the ETA on the loveseat as if it was ordered... not being repaired, ordered new. The wedge gets repaired and the repairman mentions that he just fixed a loveseat that day somewhere else that matches my set. After he left, I sent an email to the same contact asking if that was my loveseat and crickets, no response. I sent multiple emails asking that question and never had it confirmed nor denied. July 16, the loveseat finally arrives at my home and it arrives damaged just like the wedge. I immediately tell the delivery guys about the staple on the outside of the loveseat and find additional damage on the inside of the seat as trying to sit in it later that evening and place the sliders under the legs. You can feel nails or staples by the pull cord that the movers had to cut some type of cord just so that the chair could recline and under the seat the material hangs like it was not all the way attached. I immediately sent photos and the list of the damages to Coleman. The next day when my mother n law sat in it, where the staple is on the outside, it ripped. Again, I sent photos and explanation to Coleman. So now I have a so-called new furniture set with a rip on the outside as soon you walk in the door where everyone can see it. Sent photos proving it to Coleman and they keep sending me emails that they are following up with the delivery company. I asked Coleman for an update on an ETA and they just state that they are following up and they will let me know so I call the delivery company and they know nothing about the service ticket for the repair. I call Coleman for over an hour and get passed around, told I had to "stay on hold as long as it takes" which was 1 hour long, to give them my ticket number AGAIN and immediately get hung up on as soon as I give my ticket. So they have my ticket order number from where I purchased it, they know who I am to call me back and no one called me back after hanging up on me. That tells me the disconnection was on purpose. Meanwhile, while on hold, I'm getting emails, that they are still saying they are following up with the moving company for updates and I'm saying that is not correct so they take it a step further and say that the repair company said they tried to come out and I refused b/c I had someone else. THIS COMPANY HAS NO MORALS, VALUES OR ETHICS. How dare they lie like that and still not come take care of my damaged furniture. I'm wasting my time trying to track down someone in their company to talk to so that they will come fix this furniture and they want to lie and say I refuse the work! I have called every number they have, I have begged any department to talk to me and asked them to please not put me on hold, let me talk to a supervisor... I'm getting passed around and yet they said "I have to stay on hold as long as it takes" and now they say I refused the repair! They delivered damaged goods and refuse to stand by it and replace it.

Don't Get Scared By Some of the Negative Reviews
I don't typically leave reviews but I wanted to leave one just in case someone was feeling nervous about ordering from Coleman like I was, initially. I had gone to Ashley Furniture previously to shop for this set and had found it for $999 a piece, not including a warranty or delivery, so I wanted to shop around. I came across Coleman, who had the set for $1266, with free delivery and an extended warranty for $100 extra. I had never purchased furniture from an online retailer and was feeling very iffy about it. Having read some of these negative reviews and complaints did not help at all. I started to worry, but when I talked with friends, coworkers and family, Coleman Furniture reminded me that people will always tell when something goes wrong and sometimes when things go exceedingly well, but are not as likely to write when they just had a normal, smooth experience. Further, even with the negative reviews, on each site that I searched, Coleman's reviews were still overwhelmingly more positive, so I decided to not worry and give it a try. Worst come to worst, I'd file complaints and handle the situation as needed. I just made sure that I read all of the policies regarding any of the issues I thought may arise really well and made a mental note to examine my items thoroughly before signing and having the drivers leave, as those seem to the be the root of most people's complaints.

So, I ordered my set in August 27th. On 8/28, I received an email that let me know my order was processed, ordered from the manufacturer and was expected to be delivered in about 2 - 3 weeks. Based on reviews, I expected maybe some delays from the manufacturers or the delivery company and was expecting about 3-5 weeks, despite what the email said. The same day, I received a follow up email from a representative checking up on me, thanking me for my order and offering me information about the option to buy the warranty for accidental damage. A week later, on September 4, I received another email update. My order had been shipped out and was on its way to the local delivery company. The email stated that this next step would take about 1 more week and that when it arrives at the local delivery company, I'd receive another email.

The next day, 9/5, I received a call from Renegade Furniture Group to schedule my delivery! This call was one of the only times where I experienced anything less than stellar. The representative wasn't very personable and seemed very rushed making the call, but nothing to throw a fit about. The ordered was scheduled for 2 days later and I was told I would receive an email with a delivery window and that the drivers would call 30 minutes before their arrival. This was during a bout of inclement weather, Hurricane Dorian, so I did expect some delays there and thought maybe my delivery date would be pushed back a day or so. It was not. My drivers were held up a little before getting to me and didn't call to let me know this until after the window I had been originally told about was over, but again, I expected the delays due to weather, so I had cleared that chunk of time anyway. When they did arrive, about 1 hour later, they were friendly and fast. The white glove delivery (and they really wore white gloves!) included hooking up and placing my reclining loveseat and sofa where I wanted them. They even tested out all of the controls for me. They encouraged me to check out the items before signing for them and wished me a good night. Again, very pleasant, after what had been for them a very long day! I appreciated the positive energy.

I have been enjoying my new sofa and loveseat and have been checking out Coleman for the end tables that I will get in a few weeks, as well. I didn't experience any issues (aside from the low energy scheduler and a delayed delivery in the aftermath of a Hurricane). I just wanted people to know that there are others who have safely ordered from Coleman with no issues and to not let the bad experiences of others scare you away! I am not saying that those people didn't have bad experiences, I just wanted to share a good one.

Coleman warranty worthless! Buyer beware!
I recently purchased an Ashley signature sectional from Coleman furniture. It was seemingly delivered in proper condition on 5/21/2020. The delivery service provided by need it now Ohio went smoothly The delivery service provided by "Need it Now Ohio" went smoothly. However, after having this sectional for only 14 days, the support beam in the back of the RAF end recliner broke completely in half while my friend was sitting in the chair in a reclined position as it is designed to do. There was no roughhousing, mistreatment, or improper use to cause such damage.
Assuming that such manufacturer defect would be covered by my warranty, I contacted Coleman furniture. Coleman Furniture took my report, sent an email requesting additional photos and information, and told me that my request would be reviewed. After supposedly reviewing the information with the manufacturer, Ashley furniture, Coleman furniture informed me that I would be compensated only $125 for the repairs to be made by a repair service that I had to set up on my own.

I told the representative from Coleman that this was not an acceptable solution and that I wanted to speak with a manager. The representative told me that he had requested a manager to contact me, however that they were simply a go-between for myself and the manufacturer. Included is an excerpt from an email that I received from the representative stating very clearly that Ashley furniture was the deciding party:
"Please be advised that Coleman Furniture is an online retailer and once we deliver the furniture in the condition advertised (brand new, free of damage or defect at the time of delivery) we are not liable thereafter for later issues with the item. When a customer submits a warranty claim, we act as a go-between you and the manufacturer in terms of your coverage. However, we have no control over a final decision the manufacturer makes on a warranty claim regarding one of their products."

A manager, Cierrah, did email me and leave one voicemail. However, I tried multiple times to call her back with no success and got no further communication from her. I had also purchased an extended warranty through Guardian for an additional $99, which I found does not cover anything until the manufacturer warranty expires.

I proceeded with scheduling a professional furniture repair man and waited for his assessment prior to contacting Ashley furniture. Once the repairman disassembled the back of the chair so that we could see the full extent of the damage, I was dismayed to find that the main support beam in the back of the chair is made of OSB woodObviously not ideal. This support board had broken completely in half and will cost $250 to repair with a solid wood board.

I immediately called Ashley furniture. The Ashley representative explained to me that the retailer is solely responsible for the warranty and that they are not involved in that. As you can clearly see above, Coleman had told me the opposite. The Ashley furniture representative also told me that Coleman furniture is notorious for trying to dump their clients back on the manufacturer and that their policy is to simply redirect the client back to Coleman furniture. So, in short, neither company provided quality customer service, nor did they back the products that they make or sell.

Two things I learned: (1)do not deal with Coleman furniture as a secondary retailer, and (2)expect Ashley furniture to be of very poor quality. Despite $2000 being a lot of money to me, it's not that much in the furniture world, and you ultimately get what you pay for.

Awful Business
Was between two sectionals for my living room the one from another furniture place stated it would be 2-3 weeks for delivery which we thought was a little longer than we liked and we liked the sectional from Coleman a little bit better. Boy did we make a big mistake after I ordered I received an email saying it will take 6-7 weeks to be delivered. On May 18th we received an email saying it will be delivered in 4-5 weeks another email on May 21 saying there are delays but since we ordered when we did we would not ya e any issues. A final email came on May 29 saying our couch will we delivered to them for inspection by June 15 and delivered to us 4-5 weeks later. Well these where both big lies because one we were not safe because the time we ordered and two our coach was not gonna be at the warehouse on the 15. I contacted them to see what was going on since it is now 4 days passed the date it was supposed to be at the warehouse well Coleman Furniture inform me it will be shipped in 2-3 weeks. WHAT. So we went from 6-7 weeks(which is already ridiculous) to 10-11 weeks. Also when I contacted them to let them know this is ridiculous and poor customer service they acted like they don't know what I am talking about.

So please beware if you want your couch at a reasonable date.

6-30-20 And the furniture is set for delivery but the only delivery date is two weeks from today. So when they said it really will be only two more weeks that is a lie. This company is a joke.

7-13-20 - it just gets better I was all prepared to receive my sectional on July 14 I watched the trash people crush my old furniture and was all prepared to get new furniture. Well not even 24 hours notice; Coleman contacts me to let me know my sectional will not be delivered tomorrow because it did not pass inspection WTF! Really so when they say they inspect it before they set up delivery that is a LIE. All LIES! A Joke I can not even believe a company operates like this. So now no furniture and no sign of when we will actually get it. No one is calling us back either. Disgusted

Bad customer service (rude treatment and reap off)
VERY BAD RETAIL COMPANY--AVOID THEM AT ALL COST. If I had read all the negative review first, I would not have gotten myself involved with this company. I STRONGLY ADVICE ALL BUYERS TO READ THE REVIEWS ON THIS COMPANY AND STAY AWAY!
I purchased a bedroom set with the understanding of both parties that it will take about two months to build, and, the fact that I was not ready to take delivery because my home was undergoing renovation.
To make this story short, this company seized my delivery and forced a refund to me and deducted $550 from my refund. I begged them to deliver but (*) refused.
Dear *,

I am sick from the draining, exhausting conversation I had with you this afternoon, which lasted approximately 45 minutes. Your unrelenting effort and goal to deny me of the furniture I paid for since 5/29/17. You are human, not God! First, I explained my ordeal with the contractor renovating my home, and how he had disappointed me several times he promised it would be ready, and it fell through.

I begged you not to cancel my furniture, and asked that you deliver it tomorrow, and you refused. I explained to you my situation and begged that you deliver so I WILL FIND A FRIEND TO STORE IN HER GARAGE, AFTER YOU STAMPED IT THAT YOU WOULD NOT DELIVER, AND YOU WILL CANCEL AND SEND A REFUND OUT TO ME. I TOLD YOU THAT I DID NOT WANT REFUND, AND THAT I NEEDED MY FURNITURE.

In the light of the position you took, despite my pleading with you, I don't think I should be responsible for any restocking fees/charges. I did not ask for cancellation, hence I will not be responsible for any restocking fees. Logically, you have used the money I paid you since June, in the amount of $2,972.00, and that has earned you money. I have not asked you to refund my money with interest, all I asked for was the furniture I paid for.

I was humble and nice when I asked you not to cancel my order. I even asked you to give me the opportunity to appeal to your superior for help and you refused.

I explain all of this because I still want my furniture, if you can't find it in your heart to ship my furniture, then don't remove a penny from my money. Reason is because you forced this cancellation against my will, because you have both the furniture and my money. Let me know that you refunding the full amount, then I will give you the address. I am not agreeing to any restocking fee. I now a stress induced headache, thanks to you.


*Personal information redacted by admin

Good product... finally
I ordered two bookcases 5.5 months ago and Coleman Furniture finally arrived. After a month of waiting with no word I wrote them asking for an ETA, they promised it would arrive within a month. Things were slow due to COVID and all that. So I wait 6 weeks with no word, and the status page still says 10+ weeks... so I write again... this time they say 2 weeks... So on the good side they do respond within a day. On the bad they lie and make things up. I waited much longer than most people would... I waited about 5 months, emailing them every couple weeks only to get the same canned answer. I finally gave up and told them to cancel it as it was apparent I would never get it. They told me it would be a 15% restocking fee (which would be around 200 bucks), I replied that I knew that because it was mentioned in all the other negative reviews I was seeing, but to cancel it anyway. I waited a week then wrote them back asking for the status of my cancel. They said they needed confirmation from me on the cancel again... but it was a week out (again) but this time they gave me a number for the local delivery service. I called the number and the guy was real nice and said they just got it yesterday and hadnt had a chance to inspect it yet. After inspection they would schedule delivery... two days later it is finally in my house and they look great.

So long story short, good product, it will arrive... eventually... but dont believe a word they say about any ETA and expect to be waiting months and months with no communication unless you start it.

This was supposed to be the start of re-doing my entire office... so after this purchase I like the product, so I looked up the name of it to find it elsewhere... I notice on colemans website these bookcases are now an extra $200 each... due to a "winter sale". Gotta love places that increase the price and call it a sale. I did find the same shelves at a different company for now $300 cheaper each... so I will be going elsewhere...

Poor customer service- shipping takes FOREVER
It took over 8 weeks to get my order! My furniture sat in a local warehouse nearly 3 weeks "being inspected" to ensure nothing was damaged. I called numerous times to ask why it was taking 3 weeks to inspect a headboard footboard side rails and two nightstands?! Always the same lame excuse, it hasn't been checked into the warehouse computer system. Finally (after 3 weeks) Coleman Furniture called to schedule delivery! Truck arrived and first thing they unpack- because obviously nothing had been inspected- was the footboard which was cracked and broken. I called Coleman furniture while the delivery truck was here and they said I needed to send back the footboard so THEY could inspect it and decide if it needed replace or not. I asked to just cancel my
Order and receive a refund which the man said he would do minus a 20% fee, which was OVER $300! So now I sit with a headboard which I can not use until they decide if the footboard should be replaced or not. I am furious! Tired of waiting, tired of not being able to hardly understand what is being said because of the strong accents of everyone I speak with, tired of poor customer service! The delivery driver said he delivers a lot for Coleman and 8 out of 10 deliveries are damaged! He said he feels bad for these people buying from them. I am still waiting for an answer and it has been 3 days! With no estimation on how long it will be according to Coleman furniture. Be smart shop elsewhere! No refunds without them keeping a big chunk of your money! And you have to pay shipping costs bask to them zero stars to this jerk company!

One of the worst major-purchase experiences of my life
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I was buying a sectional as a surprise
Gift and decided on Coleman because of price, policies, and generally
Positive reviews. When I placed the order (Sept. 3rd) the estimated
Delivery date was Sept-18-29th, which was right after the recipients
Birthday. I made sure to put on the purchase order that the recipient
Was not to be contacted to schedule the delivery, as this was meant
To be a surprise. Several days later, when the order was 'processed'
It now bore an estimated delivery date of mid-October. Weeks passed.
Mid-October passed. I finally heard from Coleman on Oct. 25th that the
Item had been received by the local delivery/assembly company, that
It would be inspected, and that Coleman Furniture would contact me within a few
Days to arrange delivery. Two weeks later, I began sending emails and
Phone calls to Coleman inquiring as to status. The first few of those
Did not get answered. Approximately five days later, I received a
Response stating that the corner unit of the sectional had not been
Received when the Oct. 25th notice had been sent to me, but that all
The pieces were now at the local delivery contractor and that I would
Be called within a few days. I contacted customer service to discuss
Why the arrival was now two months beyond the original estimated date
And also to find out why their communication with me had been so
Insufficient. The agents I spoke with were rather unresponsive and
Unsympathetic. Two days later, the local delivery company CONTACTED
THE RECIPIENT regarding delivery, thereby ruining the surprise. I
Spoke again, angrily, to the representative at Coleman I had last
Spoken to and demanded some kind of compensation. Via email, I also
Inquired as to my rights of cancellation. The representative
Responded to my email 36 hours later offering me a measly 4% refund,
Which I found extremely insulting. As it would have cost me 15% to
Cancel the order, I elected to proceed with it, and, after much
Wrangling with the local delivery contractor, had the sectional
Pieces delivered and assembled on Nov. 24th. One of the six pieces
Appears to be a different dye lot than the others; it's noticeable
But not particularly objectionable. I notified Coleman via email of
This, but, as of this writing, they have yet to respond. The
Furniture appears to be well-made, but based on my experiences, I'd
Recommend buying from someone other than Coleman.

Dining table set. Too bad customer service. Can't stand it anymore
I ordered a dining table set since ending December 2020. It has been almost 3 months already yet I have not received my order. First time I called this company, a rep said my order has arrived at the local delivery hub and said that I will be called to schedule a delivery. I have waited for another 2 week. No one contacted me. Second time I call Coleman furniture again, another rep told me the same thing that is my order is at the local deliver hub and is under an inspection. He then said I should be receiving a phone call early this week (which was 2 weeks ago) to schedule for a delivery. Then I just kept waiting and waiting, but no one called at all. Then a week later, I called them back and talked the second rep whom I used to talked at second time, he said that he never said my order has arrived at the local delivery company. Then he put me wait on the phone and said will check with the company. When he came back he said that he will send me an email to confirm with me the delivery date for my order. In that email, he confirmed that my order has arrived which he refused saying that when talking to me on the phone. Then I waited for another 2 week, still no one called me. I decided to call Coleman furniture company back. This time, I talked with a femal rep. She confirmed that I will be called to schedule for a delivery within 24 - 48 hours. However, another 3 days have passed by, I have received nothing. I understand that there might be a delay due to covid-19 pandemic, but it cannot be that too long. I am very disapointed with this service and company. My money for this order has been withdrawn from my bank account. This Customer service is extremely ridiculous. Until today, I have no idea where my order is.

Awful products & even worse customer service
I wouldn't even give this company one star if I didn't have to. I ordered a bedroom set from them. I was told it would take about 3-4 weeks to arrive. After waiting over 2 months for it to come in, the headboard was broken. Coleman Furniture ended up still sending me the broken headboard as my temporary headboard until my new one would come in. The furniture was not as described or pictured like on the website. It was very cheap looking. It looked like someone hand painted the wood very messy. It was very small like child size, and had a bunch of knicks and dents in it, along with the shattered mirrored headboard. It wasn't even remotely close to what was described or pictured on the website. My mistake for ordering offline without seeing it I guess. I immediately sent it back with the delivery company upon delivery because I was so upset at what I received, especially after waiting so long and spending over $1000 on it. It was a hassle trying to get a refund from them. You would think they would have waived either the return or shipping fee after the 2 months or so that I waited for this to come in and for all the inconvienence they put me through. Instead, they took out $300 from my return for "return and shipping fees." The customer service was always extremely rude and the lady Lori who was assigned to my order never would return my calls or emails. She was of no help. I dont know how she even keeps her job because she didnt do anything for me as an account specialist. When I spoke to Ciara and Sheri to complain about my order and get a refund they were both also very rude and hung up on me. Very unprofessional all around. I will make sure that it is known and so that someone else does not go through the nightmare that I had to go through. Dont waste your time or money here! You will be very disappointed!

We purchased a $6,400.00 new dining room set which was delivered on 10/6. The first item brought into our home was a chair. I sat on the chair and noticed the legs were not leveled. I asked the delivery guy if this could be fixed and was told, "unfortunately, it could not be". Coleman Furniture then brought in the dining table which had 2 leaves that did not line up properly with the table. The delivery guy stated this was a manufacturer defect and could return the table. Needless to say, we had them return the dining set. I had the delivery people notate the defects on their documents. I also contacted Coleman Furniture to inform them of the issue. I reached a voice mail and followed up with them again on 10/8. I have been going back and forth all week with managers to no avail. As of today, 10/12, I received a call back from a manager stating they have a technician from the delivery company that stated they can "restore" the table and chairs. I asked if this was the same delivery company whom informed me the chair could not be leveled? I stated to the manager that we purchased a "new dining set" not refurbished and requested a new set or an exchange. The manager refused both and insisted we agreed to allow them the opportunity to fix the issue. However, their website states they sell new and undamaged furniture. (Which is not the case) This has been a horrible experience dealing with Coleman Furniture. They are not interested in customer service nor customer satisfaction. I wish I had read all of the negative reviews before purchasing. Anyone considering purchasing from Coleman Furniture, read ALL of the negative reviews. I have never seen a company that penalizes the consumer for their mistake. If you decide to cancel your order there is 15% restocking fees + shipping charges. If I cancel the order, I was told the total shipping fees will be $675.00, and the 15% restocking fee will be $970.95. It will cost me $1,645.95 for a set I don't have or I will have to except the refurbished set. Horrible company! Horrible experience! Do yourself a favor and think twice before going with this company.

Coleman provided great customer service with the bed that I ordered and the technician put together shoddily. Even, after my 72 year old Mother signed off on it. However, when I purchased the Meadowtown Brown set and she signed for it, but did not see the bent back metal frame because of how it was placed, it was a different story. She did see the cushions which are orange and the pictures all show a set with brown cushions and nowhere in the description was the word orange or red. The description at the time I ordered did not say anything about the color of the pillows. After I brought this to Coleman's attention and threatened to go to the news media, mysteriously a description Coleman Furniture sent to me from the manufacturer, showed up on their website. I know that no colors were mentioned. Even the day they sent the description from the manufacturer, I checked their website and it was a completely different description WITHOUT the mention of any red or orange cushions with white piping. Unfortunately, I did not take a screen shot until the next day and they had made the change to the description to be the one they sent me from the manufacturer. Initially said that my Mother signed for the set, so nothing could be done. Later they said that the manufacturer was responsible for the bent frame and that in order to get it fixed, I had to sign a ridiculous waiver that signed away your rights to pursue a remedy once the manufacturer gave their response. I sent a picture of the bent back metal frame to Coleman and the manufacturer sent me a roll of plastic wicker. I notified Coleman of what the manufacturer sent and they told me that the manufacturer said that I had to find someone to repair it and that the plastic wicker was to be used for the repair. I reminded Coleman that it was the frame that was bent, not the plastic wicker. They told me I had to find a company to repair. After I asked, they ended up giving me the name of a company to repair. The repair company said that after looking at the picture, they could not repair the bent metal frame. Coleman said that I could find another and that the manufacturer would increase my allotment to repair from $100 to $150. I asked why they could not just provide good customer service and just replace it. They are standing behind the manufacturer's action of sending the roll of plastic wicker and offer of $150 to repair the bent metal frame.

Terrible purchasing experience
The product itself is alright. It is extremely firm which I imagine will become softer overtime, and the pull out sofa is a bit hard to maneuver but that's fine. My purchasing experience with this company however was absolutely horrific. I ordered this product on May 27th and did not receive it until August 8th. That is 10 and a half weeks. If I was made aware that my order was going to take that long I would not have purchased this product. When I placed my order, the cost of the couch was deducted from my bank account to "make sure funds were available", and then again when I was actually charged for the couch. I was never made aware as to when I was actually going to be charged for the couch. I had to have $668 readily available to just randomly come out of my account, twice.

I received weekly email "updates" just simply stating that my product was still with the manufacturer. After several weeks of the same email, and having received no real update, I emailed Coleman customer service to inquire about the actual status of my order. On July 14th I was told that my order was set to ship July 19th. I contacted Coleman customer service again on July 20th to ensure that my order was shipped to which I was told that it hadn't, but was set to be shipped July 23rd. I emailed again on July 23rd to ensure that my order was going to be shipped on that day to which I received a reply, with my name spelled incorrectly (literally the least you people could do is spell your customer's name correctly), that my order was being "prepared" to be shipped and would "probably" ship the next day.

Finally, my order reaches the local delivery company. The local delivery company does not provide options to select for delivery times, Coleman Furniture just tell you when they're coming. My order was set to be delivered August 4th between 1-4. I received a call after 1 PM that they were not coming because they were stuck in a flood. They said I would be contacted to select another delivery time. Again, I was not contacted but instead just told a time that they would be coming. The new delivery time (August 8th) did not work for me, so when I contacted customer service to request another time, they had nothing available until August 18th. Not willing to prolong this horrific experience any further, I had to make several last minute accommodations to ensure that I could have someone home for the August 8th delivery. I was provided a delivery time frame of 1-4. I received a call at 11 AM on August 8th that they would be there in 20-25 minutes. Of course. It gets better though. This "white glove delivery company" could not maneuver the couch into the room it needed to go into. They had no plan B. It was either, sorry your product cannot be put where it needs to go and will sit unassembled in another room of your house, or, your product is going back on the truck.

I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely terrible this experience has been. I would literally never order an item from this company again, or recommend this company to anyone I know.

I recently purchased through Coleman Furniture: Kentwood King Panel Bed with storage rails (MAG-B1475-64H-64F-64B), 2 Kentwood Nightstands (MAG-B1475-01) and Kentwood Double Dresser (MAG-B1475-22) Using the MAG15 discount for a grand total of $2,837.30. It was advertised that the MAG15 discount would expire in under 48 hours and that in order to get these all-time low savings I needed to act now. I went on to check my order status this morning and found that the Presidents Day sale would have brought my total to $3,003.00. To my dismay the MAG15 discount was still active and brought the total down to $2,552.55 this is a $284.75 savings over when I purchased it on February 7th.

Coleman furniture has told me that there is nothing Coleman Furniture can do. I was informed by their update team that they order directly through the manufacture and that I unfortunately will not be receiving the difference or price match on an item that does not even have an ETA to my house.

The practice of the MAG15 discount being a trigger to act now or miss out on savings is just about one of the slimiest tactics I have ever seen in online advertising and selling tactics. I would bet that the MAG15 discount is always there and merely a tool to make people act now thinking they have received a great deal with in fact another "great deal" is right around the corner. Even the Coleman Furniture representative was not able to explain to me how I was told it was expiring but magically is still available to use as a coupon.

Coleman is just a vendor for the brands they carry, hence why you see all these negative reviews complaining about the time it takes to receive the actual furniture. They are a middle man website simply put and they just relay your order to the manufacture.

Stay away from this company for the deceptive (click bait) advertising that it practices, if you think you are getting the best deal you will be disappointed in the end.

- First time and last time customer.

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Description: So you're purchasing furniture online for the first time? While you're very excited, you're probably also a little nervous and apprehensive. You might of heard horror stories about online shopping and high-cost deliveries and are hoping your experience...

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